99Designs Alternatives: Top 11 Best 99designs Competitors

99designs Alternatives

There are now a lot of 99designs alternatives which many graphics and visual designers don’t want to talk about.

Any reputable brand should never joke with the graphics aspect of his or her business.

The reason is that people are now getting glued to adverts or content that comes with a lot of catchy graphics.

Look at the top online brands today and tell me that they don’t have very good and catchy designs on their social media and web pages.

The reason is that more and more people are always with the motive of easily getting attracted to flashy things.

That is the reason why graphics designing is now part and parcel of every reputable brand out there.

Although, it’s no news that 99designs has one of the best professional graphic designers that will give you the best.

Also, with the custom graphics and other designs which you can plug and place on any of your brands.

A lot of freelancers and business owners come to 99designs to look for solutions to their design problems.

But it doesn’t mean that you should limit yourself to only 99designs because there are a lot of alternatives out there.

Some people always prefer to have several options which they can use in case any flop happens.

Someone like me doesn’t like to rely on one platform because that can limit me to several things.

But once you have several options to choose from – you would have finished a project when others are still struggling.

And in this guide… I am going to be discussing with you the several alternatives that you can use.

And the majority of these alternatives are offering what 99designs is also offering.

Some are even doing more than what 99designs can do and some might not be able to do more than what 99designs can do.

But they are sure to help you in your business career since they are all focused on graphics and visual designing.

Below Are The Things We Will Be Discussing In This Guide;

Let us Immediately go through the several 99designs Alternatives which you can easily start making use of.


99designs Alternatives For Freelancers or Graphics Designers

  1.  Kimp.io.
  2.  Crowd Spring.
  3.  Canva.
  4.  Fiverr.
  5.  Logo Contest.
  6.  Design Contest.
  7. Upwork.
  8. Design Crowd.
  9.  Tailor Brands.
  10.  Design Pickle.
  11.  Render Forest.


1. Kimp.io:kimp.io


Kimp is a graphic design platform that is also like the 99design platform where any designer can penetrate to get their work done.

Just on the kimp platform…You will get access to some custom graphics which you can easily make use of.

And these graphics are prebuilt for you to make use of for your customers as a graphics designer or a freelancer.

Also, if you are also into video marketing or you are into video designing for your customers.

They have some custom video templates which you can use Immediately and easily import for your use.

Kimp is a platform that you can make use of without needing to rely on 99designs almost all the time.

If you have a website like kimp around your corner to always come to your aid when the need arises.

You would have finished completing your job while others are still struggling to come up with any awesome design.

The kimp pricing plan ranges from the basic plan of $119 to a standard plan of $449 per month.

You have a lot to enjoy on this platform as someone who is into graphics designing.

And another thing is that you have access to unlimited custom graphics when you purchase a plan.

If you are just a small business person or a graphics designer with fewer work gigs per month.

You can go for the basic plan.

But if you are someone with a lot of customers or a marketer and designer for a big brand.

Then you should go for the standard plan as that will give you more beautiful designs to use daily.

  • Price: $119 – $449
  • Close 99design Alternative? YES
  • Recommended For? Beginners, Intermediate and Expert.

>>> Click here to Access Kimp


2. Crowdspring:


Another alternative to 99designs which a lot of people don’t know about is Crowdspring.

Crowdspring is a platform where a lot of professional designers from all over the world are queuing with expertise.

So, all that you need to do is to post a job just like a contest and state everything that you need.

And you will get a lot of finished projects from several designers which you will easily select the one you prefer from them.

The reason why Crowdspring is very much good is that you don’t have to stress yourself much with what you want.

Also, you will get a lot of designers who will create something good than what you expected for the contest you post.

You are now the one who will select the one you love out of the graphics that are being delivered to you from the contest.

This is more like the battle for the best because everyone will want to do something unique and spectacular.

This is how many big firms out there get the best design for their company and you feel wowed about it.

They come to platforms like Crowdspring to post contests and they get a lot of great designs they can choose from to use.

Also, the Crowdspring pricing plan starts from $299 to $1000 per month depending on the one you wish to use.

You should start with the basic plan of $299 if you even want to upgrade later.

This is very important to test things out and see for yourself what exactly is popping and going on.

Crowdspring is a great platform for all your logos, printing, and also many other designs for your brand.

And if you are a freelancer who is willing to work on other freelance platforms as a designer but a novice.

You can be using this platform to easily execute all your client’s works.

  • Price: $299 – $1000
  • Close 99design Alternative? YES
  • Recommended For? Beginners, Intermediate and Expert.

>>> Click here to Access Crowdspring


3. Canva:


Canva is another 99design alternative that has a lot of inbuilt templates that you can use to start creating graphics.

I make use of canva to do all the designs for my website and also for my business.

The reason is that there are a lot of templates that you can easily make use of even as a novice.

These templates are already there and all you have to do is to click on the part you want to edit and get it to your taste.

You will see logos, fliers, and printing designs that are already available for you to use easily.

You don’t have to stress yourself much since they are already available for your usage.

Although to enjoy more of canva… you will need to purchase the Pro Plan as that is where you get access to thousands of templates.

I use the Pro Plan for my business and also for some clients’ work when any design job comes my way.

You can also decide to just stick with the free plan if you don’t want to go extreme.

But the Pro plan of $10 per month will give you more solid works and also make you get access to the best tools in their library.

Canva is a very solid alternative to 99Design which is still affordable and also very beginner-friendly for new designers.

You should try them out today and see for yourself.

  • Price: $12.99 per monthly.
  • Close 99design Alternative? Partially
  • Recommended For? Beginners, Intermediate and Expert.

>>> Click here to Access Canva 


4. Fiverr:


Fiverr is a freelance platform where you will see a lot of works and graphics which you will be looking for on 99designs.

This freelance platform is very user-friendly with a lot of professionals who are good and excellent in their field.

Fiverr is one of the top Best freelance platforms in the world where a lot of people come together to perform service for customers.

There are a lot of services that people offer on Fiverr ranging from website design to video marketing and graphic design.

You will see thousands of graphics designers who have done thousands of work on Fiverr.

A lot of people prefer to go to Fiverr to get all their logos and fliers and easily get themselves easy for work.

This platform is very useful for anyone thinking of executing any graphics work without having to look any further.

Also just like Crowdspring…You can easily post bids and you will see a lot of graphics designers who will show interest.

Just post a bid of what you want and the budget that you have at hand.

And a lot of designers who are also very good at what they are doing will surely show interest within a few minutes.

Before the next 2 minutes, you would have seen 5 Designers who would have lined up on your dashboard.

It’s just always funny beautiful their just a lot of hustlers who are just willing to make money terrifically on the Internet.

Also, the price range of Fiverr ranges from $10 to $250 if you want to do any graphic design job.

Previously, you will get as little as $5 job for a very good graphic design job.

But these days Fiverr has increased to majorly all their gigs being $10 minimum.

And you can still get a beautiful design even from someone who posts a gig of $10.

But you can just work based on your budget as someone with a $250 design gig will surely have a lot to offer.

Also, you can join the Fiverr pro plan for you to have access to professionals who will be dedicated to you.

If you want to be treated as a special customer and want to be using Fiverr very frequently.

Then the Fiverr pro plan is what you should just aim for without any hesitation.

  • Price: $10 – $250 Per Design
  • Close 99design Alternative? Partially.
  • Recommended For? Beginners.

>>> Click here to Access Fiverr


5. Logo Contest:

Logo Contest

Logo Contest is more and similar to Designcrowd and Crowdspring where people submit jobs for review.

Just like the way you post several contests on places like Crowdspring and you will have a lot of designers come up for your contest.

That is also the same in a Logo contest or tournament where you will get a lot of designers for your logo.

Just like Crowdspring as we have stated… you only have to make a post or contest about what type of logo you want exactly.

And you will see a lot of graphic designers come up with several designs for you which you will select from.

It is very close to that what the design Contest is also doing where you will get a lot of samples from different people.

Although, I can vividly say this should only be limited to logo designs for you.

Although, it is majorly rare for anyone who can design a logo not to be able to design other types of graphics.

But you can easily use design contests or Crowdspring for other types of designs for your brand or clients.

While you can use a logo contest or tournament for your logo designs.

Just for you to be on a safer and more secure side compared to other risks.

Also, the pricing plan for the logo contest is $275 with unlimited contest downloads which are readily available for you.

You can easily navigate to the logo contest website now and immediately start ordering for contests.

  • Price: $275 Per Month
  • Close 99design Alternative? YES
  • Recommended For? Begin a and Expert.

>>> Click here to Access Logo Contest


6. Design Contest:

Design Contest

You might have been seeing me type about design contest and you have been wondering what’s it about.

Well, the design contest is just like the siblings of Crowdspring and Logo contest where people post contests for design samples.

Everything synonymous with logo contest is also what you will get in a design contest.

It is very synonymous that I do even think maybe it’s the same person who owns both.

Nevertheless, this is a great opportunity for you to easily be creating a lot of designs as you like.

The only difference between a design contest and a logo contest is that you have access to a lot more designs.

This means that if you have prints that you want to design or some other types of designs.

Then you can rely on a design contest for the major output that will give you the perfect output.

The pricing plan for the design contest is ranging from $445 to $595 per month with unlimited designs available for you.

Just plug and play and you will get countless designs that will be posted to your board.

  • Price: $445 to $595
  • Closely 99designs Alternative: YES
  • Recommended For: Beginner and Expert

>>> Click here to Access Design Contest


7. Upwork:


Another freelance platform just like Fiverr which we also have to discuss in this guide is Upwork.

With Upwork, you can easily hire some graphics designers that will help you with your logo and other designs.

Upwork consists of professionals who are very good at what they are doing and will help you execute any graphics work.

Just like Fiverr, Upwork consist of several professionals in the internet marketing field.

And graphic design is a month the skills that people are selling as a service on this platform called Upwork.

We can indirectly say that Upwork is also like 99design because you can also post bids for people to show interest.

Upwork is a great platform and a lot of people are penetrating this platform to execute all their design jobs.

Although, Upwork’s price is a little bit higher than that of Fiverr because more people with a lot of experience are on this platform.

Every newbie who is just buying new courses on freelancing is all heading to Fiverr.

Maybe because they feel like the activation and approval process on this platform is a little bit difficult.

But it is not compared to Fiverr… I will majorly advise anyone who wants to do more technical designing jobs to penetrate Upwork rather than Fiverr.

Although, that is if you have enough budget at hand which you are ready to spend for the best work.

If you don’t have much budget – you should easily just focus on Fiverr for all your designs.

The price of Upwork ranges from $70 to as high as $1000 for any design works.

So, Upwork is what you should try out if you plan to get the best Design.

  • Price: $70 – $1000 Per Design
  • Close 99design Alternative? Partially
  • Recommended For? Beginners.

>>> Click here to Access Upwork


8. Design Crowd:

Design Crowd

Design crowd is also like Crowdspring where you post content for work because you also need a design.

Design crowd – just from the name of the brand. You can easily see that it’s filled with designers.

All you have to do is to post the nature of work that you want and you will see a lot of designers queue with their samples.

I like to use design crowd sometimes just because they have useful designs that anyone could use.

I wouldn’t try to explain much on design crowd because it also has a little feature and is kinda synonymous with what Crowdspring is doing.

so, you can just easily go to their website and check out whatever you want to execute.

Have it in mind that they have professionals that will surely give you exactly what you need.
And in case you have read the aspect of Crowdspring.

You can easily use this to post design contests and get a lot of designers that will show samples of what they’ve got.

The design crowd pricing is ranging from

  • Price: $109 Per Design
  • Close 99design Alternative? YES
  • Recommended For? Intermediate and Expert.

>>> Click here to Access Design Crowd


9. Tailor Brands:

Tailor Brands

Another fantastic process that you can use to design your graphics which is more synonymous with that of 99designs is using Tailor brands.

Tailor brands is an AI tool that you can use to design your graphics and which has an inbuilt design.

With a tailor brand… you don’t have to pay a lot of money to any designer to execute all your graphics design jobs.

Because this is a tool that is being built to tailor every design and serve you up anytime and any day.

With the tailor brands AI tool, you can just input your brand name to the space bar on the tool.

And Immediately you input that, you will get a lot of designs and beautiful crafts that the tool will generate for you.

The reason why this tool is very useful and a very good alternative to 99design is because you don’t have to stress yourself waiting for designers.

Everything is easy and you can easily design all your graphics just within a few minutes.

You already have them prebuilt for you and you only need to input the brand name that you need.

Also, if you have any short descriptions that you want to add to your logo.

You can easily add it to it and it will generate a fantastic output.

It is an Artificial Intelligence tool that is built majorly for newbies who don’t know much about designs.

Those who cannot even design a single-letter logo do not talk of designing fliers.

So, this is a very useful tool which I believe every person must know of and not just rely only on 99designs.

Also, the price you will pay for this tool will be minimal to that of other platforms where you will be doing your designs.

You pay as you download your design which also makes it more reasonable.

  • Price: $10 – $50 Per Month
  • Close 99design Alternative? NO
  • Recommended For? Beginners.

>>> Click here to Access Tailor Brands


10. Design Pickle:

Design Pickle

Design pickle is also another alternative to 99design which we will discuss in this guide.

It is also just like other platforms like design contests and logo contests where you post jobs.

You can easily pick from the relative designs that are given to you and you enjoy the unlimited privilege.

Although, the price of a design pickle can also be a little bit high just like that of design contests and others.

But they are worth their price because they will even do the picking for you automatically.

It is just like having a personal assistant who is on behalf of all your designs and visuals.

So, this is a fantastic platform that will make you proud of any cent or dollar that you have spent on their platform.

You can easily check out the design pickle and see for yourself what’s going on.

The pricing plan of the design pickle starts from $499 to $950 per month from basic to a standard plan.

It depends on the one that your budget goes with and suits.

You can select from any one of them and kickstart your graphics design journey.

  • Price: $499 – $950
  • Close 99design Alternative? YES
  • Recommended For? Intermediate and Expert.

>>> Click here to Access Design Pickle


11. Renderforest:


Renderforest is a platform that I have been using for several years even before I decide to start this blog.

I have used it for several client jobs and also several jobs of mine which I have done previously.

Although, I don’t focus more on renderforest these days because I have developed my design skills with canva.

So, any video or graphics that I want to do is always through my Canva Pro because I have a lot of features in It.

But if you are a beginner who doesn’t know much about design and want to earn from graphics design just like I was a few years back.

Then you should consider using renderforest because it is also an Artificial Intelligence tool like Tailor Brands.

All you have to do is to keep inputting your brand texts in the required boxes and you will be good to go.

You can design catchy output and visuals with renderforest that you won’t even imagine the outcome.

I recommend them with my full chest because they are very professional and good in their dealings.

So, if you are a graphics designer or a newbie who wants to design graphics for yourself or clients.

Don’t look any further than Renderforest because they are very good and have beautiful and awesome templates.

  • Price: $7 – $40 Per Month
  • Close 99design Alternative? NO
  • Recommended For? Beginners and Intermediate.

>>> Click here to Access Crowdspring


Final Thoughts On 99designs Alternatives

I believe this guide has been impactful?

If you are looking for the best 99designs alternatives – then here you have them all for yourself.

You don’t have to look any further because all the platforms and tools listed here are all from personal experience.

If you have any further questions, you can use the comment box below and I will be more than ready to assist.

Also, have you used any of these alternatives previously? Let me know in the comment box.

You might also want to read this guide on a side hustle for graphic designers.

It might be just what you need to read for you to elevate your graphic design.

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