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Hi, I am Maverick Opeyemi From Digitalproductsmonk.

Thank you for taking the bold step into looking at the story behind the dude managing this website.

Just like everybody else – I wanted to live a financially free life that can make me control money easily.

Although during my university days – I have started trying several online businesses that can make me money online.

Maverick Ope - Online Marketer

Maverick Opeyemi Jacobs

I thought about this when I wasn’t part of the best students during my first year.

I started my first online business as an Instagram publicist who help online brands to build their Instagram followers.

Shortly after making money from this method – Everything turned out worst when Mark Zuckerberg bought Instagram.

So, the tool I was using got useless and I had to find a real way to make money that wouldn’t cost me another loss.

I decided to start selling other people’s products and making money through that means.

But the main reason that birthed this website was that I had a lot of ups and downs that would have made me quit…

All these rollercoasters made me decide to launch this website and share my journey with my readers.

My aim – is for my readers NOT to experience what I have experienced – so I decided to start writing guides on this website…

…so that my readers can make money and build their online business within the shortest period.

If you are new to online business – you can always rely on the information given on this website without needing to buy any online course.

If you are an intermediate – you can always come to this website to look for more advance information that can help you build your online business.

Also, if you need my assistance with anything concerning your online business.

You can always reach out to me on [email protected]

I will reply immediately after I check my inbox – just give me time as I might be busy if I haven’t replied.

Thank you for your time.

Maverick Ope.

You can always follow me on Facebook.


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