Audiobook Income Academy 2.0 Review: 10 Exposed Secrets

Audiobook Income Academy 2.0 Review

In today’s guide, we will be discussing the Audiobook Income Academy 2.0 Review owned by the Mikkelsen Twins.

AIA is all about teaching you everything you need concerning launching a successful Audiobook business on Audible.

Audible is a platform where content creators and coaches upload their audio files in form of tutorials.

Just like the way we have E-books that people consume on Amazon Kindle and read online.

Or the way we have Video tutorials that people watch online by paying for on a platform like Udemy.

That is also the way we have Audible where people listen to audios online in respect of gaining knowledge.

Amazon is the brand who owns Audible and It is part of the arms that Amazon is controlling for content creators and coaches.

And so, the Mikkelsen Twins sees this as another opportunity to penetrate a target market.

And since there are fewer courses about Audiobooks. It is really a great niche for them to target.

That is why in this guide, we will be reviewing their course on AIA 2.0.

So, let us dive deep into what it is all about.

AIA 2.0 Review

  • Course Creator: Mikkelsen Twins
  • Course Price: $1497
  • Course Niche: Audiobook Selling
  • Recommended: Readers’ Discretion after reading this review


What Is Audiobook Income Academy All About?

Audiobook Income Academy (AIA) 2.0 is a system that teaches people how to start selling knowledge through the use of Audible.

Although the system that the Mikkelsen Twins use in this course is the Ghost Audio approach.

They realize that not many people are bold or even fluent enough to record audio for sale.

So, they channel their sales copy towards using the ghost audio approach through the use of hiring freelancers.

It is these freelancers that will do all the recording of the tutorials and also even upload on audible through ACX.

All that will be needed is just for you to drive traffic to these finished courses and make sales.

The course also teaches how to use both free and paid forms of methods of advertising to drive traffic.

It is also important for you to know that this course is a 40 hours course with weekly group coaching.

Where questions and several Important information can be shared with knowledge spilled out.

The AIA 40 hours course also comes with a Facebook Community where interaction among paid members is ongoing.


The Mikkelsen Twins, Who Are They?

The Mikkelsen Twins consist of Rasmus and Christian from the Mikkelsen Family.

Who claimed to have sold millions of their courses from audible and decide to also teach other people how to.

They have a youtube channel with over 54,000 subscribers at the time of writing this guide.

Youtube Channel of Mikkelsen Twins

With their Facebook group where they have over 13,000 members who are active on their page.

Facebook Group - Audiobook Income Academy Review

They have sold several of their courses in the Audiobook niche.

If you are online a lot, you will see their adverts pop up on YouTube and they majorly Target tie 1 country.

That is what I know about them for now, if there is any further information, I will update this post in the future.


What Are The Requirements To Join Audiobook Income Academy?

Joining the AIA 2.0 course is not free and there is no free trial of any kind for anybody at the time of writing this guide.

Although there is a refund policy after 180 days if you didn’t see any result from the program.

To join the program. You will pay a total sum of $1497 for you to become an approved member/student.

Or you can pay a 3 times Installment of $797 if you cannot pay at once.

You don’t need any serious requirement for you to join except you making payment.

After all, everybody is all about the money. It is also when you make a payment that the Mikkelsen Twins will also make money.

So, they will make everything very easy for you when you are trying to become a member.

It is after you join that you now see the true color of how everything is.


The Audio Income Academy Consist Of What?

Some tutorials are inside this course which you are going to learn from.

The details about the course are also in audio format, which makes it show real proof of what you also will be replicating.

Although, what I don’t know is maybe the AIA course is also outsourced to some other freelancers.

Since the main slang of the course is Ghost Audio through the use of freelancers.

Maybe they are also using that same method and might not directly be the ones who created the course.

Let us look at the things you stand to learn from buying this course.

Module 1: Millionaire Mindset.

Some of the high ticket courses that start from $1000 and above do commence with their TedX talk.

They try to wash your mind and make you think and reason like a millionaire and not an ordinary person.

The ability to reason at first and not just be the person who is on the internet looking for the next shiny object.

Is what always brings out the best from anyone who is considering becoming a true millionaire online.

So, this is the first thing that you will be hearing when you buy the course.

You will first be washed and rinsed in the proper way to make maximum use and get the result from the course.

This is also where they will let you know that success always comes with a cost (which is hard work).

Although, when you are about to buy the course.

They will tell you that you can start making money within the next 30 days.

But later on, you get to see that it is not easy and they will also use a technique to tell you in this millionaire mindset.

Which is the first module which you will be hearing.

Module 2: Picking Your Niche.

The second module will be teaching you the type of niche that you can go into.

In this aspect, you will learn about the reason why it is very bad to just enter into several niches.

Or just trying to stay in a broad niche that a lot of people are already talking and discussing.

Instead of just focusing on a narrow niche that you can become an expert in and grow your audience.

This is what the second module is all about.

Also, I believe choosing a niche is very important and it is not only applicable to launching your course on Audible.

It is also applicable to affiliate marketing (selling another person’s course or products).

Or Dropshipping (which is reselling other people’s physical products without holding inventory).

Here, you will decide on the niche that you want to go further into.

Module 3: Creating Your Book.

In this module, you will learn how to Create your Audiobook.

This is where you will outsource all your recordings and publishing if you cannot do it yourself.

They will also teach you how you can get the best freelancers for this kind of work.

The Mikkelsen Twins also have freelancers which they will recommend you to. I am very sure they will also have their own share from that.

Because we all know how things work in the internet world. They will make money from selling their course.

And also make money by telling people that they can outsource all the processing of the course.

By also collecting their share from the freelancers who will be doing the work on people’s behalf.

After all, we humans do not like stress – most especially if we have the money at hand and we are given fake promises of getting it back.

Module 4: Growing Your Audience.

It is important for you to know that without traffic, there won’t be any sales that will be made.

So, in module 4 of this course. You are going to learn how you can grow your audience.

They will teach you how to use both free and paid methods to grow your audience.

They will also teach you the best ways to quickly make use of Facebook to grow your community very fast.

Although, when you are about to join the course. You will only be told that you can quickly build your audience very fast.

But it is when you get deeper into the course that you will realize that it’s not that easy.

Because building an audience with free or organic traffic takes several months for you to see results.

It doesn’t and will never get easier as you were told.

So, these are some of the gimmicks and tricks that online gurus use to lure people into buying their courses.

You just have to be careful as regards the things you listen to in any sales copy.

Module 5: Launch Week.

Hitting the publish Icon is another lesson in the Audiobook Income Academy program.

Although, not everyone has the mindset to always hit the publish Icon all the time.

That is why they have also decided to guide their students on how they can launch their audiobooks successfully.

Although they claim to help students launch books successfully. But how many people are truly Successful?

Here, you will be getting what you need to publish or get those to hire for publishing your books.

Module 6: Ads On Audiobooks.

In week 6 of the AIA program. You will be taught how you can run paid Amazon adverts to your book.

It is important for to know that you always need to run paid adverts to your content on Amazon.

You cannot always fully rely on organic reach on Amazon because there are too many competitors.

If you are to rely fully on the Amazon SEO and awaiting people to just search and see your Audiobook at the top.

This might take a little while before you will be able to achieve that.

So, running paid adverts on Amazon is something that you should learn.

And they (Mikkelsen Twins) will be teaching you how you can do this.

Just know that when you are about to enter – you won’t know about this.

You will only be sugar-coated on how everything is very easy and won’t even stress you at all.

It is when you now get inside the course that you will get to realize how difficult the course is truly.

You will get to see that you will have to struggle and also pay extra for adverts on Amazon for you to even get fast traffic.

Module 7: Next Level Publishing.

All the paraphrasing of everything that you have been taught and how you can take everything to maximum use will be taught here.

You will see and get the first hand information that you need in publishing and profiting from audiobooks.

The next level publishing of AIA is all about that.


Added Bonuses

You will also be given some tools and resources which you will need for your online success.

This is the bonus that is included in the course for the members.

Also, you will be given access to join their community and start getting an immediate result from other people’s success stories.

Although they do update the things inside their bonus resource from time to time.

So, by the time you recheck. You might have seen more updated things inside your dashboard.


Are the Mikkelsen Twins scams or legit?

I will not call them a scam because they deliver what they promise to their students which is the course.

Had it been they did not deliver the course or add their members to any mentorship group.

We can tag them as a scam. But the fact that they will surely deliver the course and make it consumable for their students.

Then they are not a scam. And anybody that did not see a result after following the course should have that stigma on themselves.

Oh yes, because a majority of the people on the internet are busy looking for what will get them right quickly.

It doesn’t and wouldn’t work that way. And even if they promise to outsource everything for you.

They know that is what will make people join easily because people are always lazy to work.

They just want everything to be easy for them without putting any effort into an online business or hustle.

So, others might tag them scams but I won’t. I only see them as another bright students who have enrolled for someone else’s course in the past.

And they were taught that the best way to make money is to also sell their course by teaching others how to sell their course.

That is how the majority of the make money cycle now works on the internet and it is not new.

You only have to be wise concerning joining a program or course like this which you will find the majority of the information inside on YouTube.

So, I don’t blame the Mikkelsen Twins, I blame those who are joining because of greed.


Is this course worth it’s price of $1497?

If you are asking whether the course is even worth the amount it is. It is surely worth it.


Because many people now listen to audiobooks because of the ease of consuming.

Also, because 40 hours of lecture with a lot of modules which are being treated weekly is no joke.

Had it been it is just a 1hour lecture. We might have said it is nothing to be proud of.

Also, does this mean a 40 hours lecture will be more informational and educative than 1 hour lecture?

Absolutely Not! In fact, the majority of the 40 hours lecture is always filled with tras*h.

But that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t glorify their effort towards creating such a time range course.

And since people see this as another method to learn even while they are busy with house chores.

Most especially mothers who do not have the time to always read.

It’s another method for them to learn and also use the same method to sell their courses.


Is Audiobook Income Academy 2.0 Scam or Legit?

The course might be a scam because not everyone who enrolls will succeed or even make back the money invested.

In fact, among 100 who register or buy the course with their credit card.

It might only be 5 that would have seen a little bit of result or even make back the money invested.

Also, if they are very proud of their course. They shouldn’t have offered a money back guarantee of $5000 if the result is not seen in 180 days.

I see a money back guarantee as just a way for their buyers to feel the relief of investing in their course.

After all, it is part of the copywriting gimmicks out there.

Because when they make every prospect believe that there will be money back if they don’t see any result.

Then, such a prospect will have something to rely on. In which, that is even logic of sales.

The majority won’t even think of collecting their money back. Because they will feel the fault comes majorly from them.

In which, the fault comes from both coaches who already promised heaven and earth from their sales copy.


Pros of AIA 2.0

This course has some advantages which I find interesting for anyone who wishes to join.

1. Audiobooks the new level:

An audiobook is a new way for anyone to sell knowledge without buyers thinking of how to consume it.

These days, it becomes very difficult for people to read 100 or even 200 pages of E-book without complaining.

Because no one can be cooking or clearing the chores and be reading E-book.

But it is very possible for someone to be doing house chores and still be listening to tutorials.

Sales page of AIA

That is why many people just prefer to make use of audiobooks by publishing courses on Audibles.

Because this way, they will be able to get into the minds of their prospects and get them to make a purchase.

So, Rasmus and Christian tried and consider a good niche for them to penetrate into.

Because even without selling a course now, I have been able to convince you on how best audiobooks work well than others methods.

2. Money back guarantee:

They have a money back guarantee technique which I find very much advantageous to desperate students.

For anyone who is very much strict and really cares about every amount of dollars, they have spent.

Or someone who has spent and wasted a lot of money on several tutorials in the past without any result.

They already have something to rely on as a backbone in case they don’t see the result they were promised.

This cannot be compared to other courses that maybe don’t offer anything.

In case you don’t know, you have access to claim $5000 if you don’t see back any result or progress within 180 days.

Although, I am certain that not all … in fact, the majority of those who joined won’t see the early results.

So, are they refunded their money at all?

Who knows… because nobody will know if the money back is even true or not. But it is an added advantage.

3. Ability to connect with members of the group:

From my experience on the internet, I have been able to notice that when one is in the midst of like-minded people.

You get to learn more and also feel motivated towards the progress of other people.

That is why this course is also Advantageous because it makes it easy for one to be among people you share the same ideas with.

Also, this is where you will see those who are seeing a little progress.

Even though there will only be a few people who will be seeing the progress.

But people won’t know because they are just busy chasing shiny objects on the internet.


Cons of AIA 2.0

Even with the available pros that we have discussed above.

It is also important for you to know the cons of this program, which I believe a lot of people don’t know about.

1. Expensive:

This course is very much expensive, to be frank. Because the majority of what they claim to teach can be found on YouTube.

There are even several youtube videos that will teach more than what they claim to teach in this course.

So, it is very expensive in the $1497 approach. Or let us just roughly call it $1500.

It is expensive and since it is not everyone who is even getting the result that they promised.

I find it very much rather go to learn from YouTube from what they promised to teach.

You will get videos on how to launch a book on Audible online.

Videos on how to run Amazon adverts for audible and even learn free methods to drive traffic.

Since they also rely on an advert to sell their courses by using YouTube, Google and others.

You can also channel down their funnel to also sell your courses on audible instead of spending that much.

Such money can be channeled into running paid adverts.

2. Extortive in approach:

It is no news that the majority of online tutors are just here to extort people.

The same people are going to keep posting their results of how they sold several copies of their products online.

Selling courses and creating an awesome sales funnel is all about posting drips online.

And also shows how they just crossed their new comma club of millions of dollars.

That is why they extort people with their high ticket courses and keep balling and making banks.

So, it all boils down to competition among the rich marketers who are aiming for more cash.


Final Thought, Should You Join?

Joining Audiobook Income Academy 2.0 depends on your discretion and nobody can decide for you.

But just be very much prepared for anything that will happen on your way to success.

And never think that it is going to be very much easy at first – just because you read or listen to their sales copy.

They will always make everything look easy when you want to enroll in their program.

It is after you finish joining that you now see how difficult it was.

You will also get to know that it also took them years for them to get Success.

So, be careful.

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