16 Best Recurring Affiliate Programs With Lifetime Income

16 Best Recurring Affiliate Programs With Lifetime Income

Having a source of making money anytime you are not around is one of the best ways to make money online.

That is why Recurring Affiliate Marketing is what the majority of online marketers like to adopt to make money online.

Most times, you don’t have to be available before you should make money online.

You can just decide to do all the stress at once and be rest assured that you can keep making money without your presence.

That is why you will see many entrepreneurs go on vacation and don’t even check on their business.

Why? Because they know that money is surely flowing in from their past activities without any stress.

But what the majority of these online entrepreneurs do is to involve in Recurring income.

They involve in Recurring income as a source of earning passively online without further work.

In this guide, we will discuss in detail what passive income is about and also platforms that offer the best recurring affiliate programs on the internet.

Below Is What Will Be Discussed In This Content;

But before we move further – let us look at what Recurring income implies and why is it important for many affiliate marketers to do.


What is Recurring Income?

What Is Recurring Income?

Recurring income is the money that comes into your account just from the affiliate recommendations you made in the past.

What this means is that – the affiliate recommendations you made in the past (maybe one month ago) and the person who bought the product.

Now, because such product needed to be renewed every month or maybe yearly.

Once the affiliate referrals renew their plan to continue using that product (which is mostly digital products).

You will keep earning money whenever such person keeps renewing their plans and your commission will keep coming into your wallet.

What this means is that you don’t have to stress yourself to make sales all the time.

You can easily find means to get 10 people to purchase a digital product plan through your affiliate link.

And after the people have purchased a plan – you can rest assured that the 5 among them will keep renewing their plans because they enjoy the product.

But you should always make sure that you join recurring affiliate programs that are offering good services.

You don’t have to panic about that because I will talk about the best recurring affiliate programs that you can join in this guide.

But what should stop us from also explaining what Recurring Affiliate Programs mean? Let’s explain it.


What are Recurring Affiliate Programs?

What Are Recurring Affiliate Programs?

Recurring Affiliate Programs are the platforms that offer a commission to affiliate marketers who bring a customer to them by offering them a unique affiliate ID.

But they don’t just stop there – they will keep paying the affiliate marketer a recurring income anytime their referrals keeps renewing their plans.

Let us quickly talk about recurring Affiliate Programs that you can join and start earning money consistently in affiliate marketing.


List of the Best Recurring Affiliate Programs

List Of The Best Recurring Affiliate Programs

  1. Recurring Affiliate Programs For Email Marketers 
  2. Recurring Affiliate Programs For Landing Page Builders 
  3. Recurring Affiliate Programs For Search Engine Optimization 
  4. Recurring Affiliate Program For Web Hosting 
  5. Recurring Affiliate Commission For Social Media Management 
  6. Recurring Affiliate Program For Website Themes 
  7. Recurring Affiliate Program For Course Hosting 


1. Recurring Affiliate Programs For Email Marketers

Recurring Affiliate Programs For Email Marketers

Below is the list of Recurring Affiliate Programs that offers email marketing services for email marketers which you can join and start promoting to those who are interested in email marketing.


A. Aweber Recurring Affiliate Program:

Aweber is the first Recurring Affiliate Marketing program we will talk about which is in the aspect of email marketing.

You can easily recommend Aweber to newbie email marketers and inform them about the benefit they can enjoy from using Aweber.

When you join the Aweber affiliate program and someone subscribes to one of Aweber’s plans – you will earn 30% per referral.

Joining the Aweber Recurring Affiliate Program is free and you won’t be charged any money to sign up.

In case you have a blogging website or a YouTube channel and you are thinking about monetizing.

Aweber is the best destination to start earning money passively with recurring Commission.

Also, you will be shown the stats of affiliate sales that you have earned from your recommendations.

Aweber will reveal everything to you and show you the clicks and sales which will help you more in your affiliate marketing business.

You will easily see the number of people who have clicked but have not bought any of Aweber’s plans.

Also, you will see those who have bought – this will make it easy for you to motivate yourself the more into working harder.

Aweber affiliate program is your best bet to earn money even while you are not there.

Also, Aweber’s Commission is a monthly payment that you can easily receive on your PayPal or bank.

Join the Aweber Affiliate Program today and begin to earn money easily with recurring income affiliate marketing.


B. ConvertKit Affiliate Program:

ConvertKit is another Recurring Affiliate Marketing program that will make you money easily.

The reason why I love ConvertKit is that their service is too superb and trustworthy.

Almost every email marketer who has used ConvertKit can testify to it as a very good email marketing software.

So, you can easily recommend ConvertKit in one of your content on any channel you are using to get traffic.

The ConvertKit affiliate program also offers a 30% commission to its affiliates every time a referral renews its plans.

You don’t necessarily need to be a ConvertKit user to be able to promote ConvertKit.

You only need to register on their platform as an affiliate and you can commence promoting ConvertKit to your audience.

One thing I like about ConvertKit aside from the fantastic service they offer to their customers is that they support their affiliates.

So, in case you are new and don’t know much about affiliate marketing.

They have created some training that will help you get started with affiliate marketing and how you can earn money with it.

A top affiliate marketer like Pat Flynn was featured to help create tutorial affiliate marketing.

Also, you will have some materials and necessary tools that you will need to earn a good income from ConvertKit.

So, you can register as a ConvertKit affiliate marketer when you join their affiliate program.

You will keep earning 30% anytime the referral keeps renewing their plan.

Even if they upgrade their plan – you will earn double. So, you can continue to follow up with your referrals.

Join the ConvertKit affiliate program today and start making money with Recurring Affiliate Marketing.


C. Active Campaign Affiliate Program:

Another Email Marketing tool that offers services to email marketers is an active campaign.

This is very effective majorly for email marketers who have a lot of subscribers on their email list.

So, you can recommend Active Campaign to them and earn 20% commission from every affiliate referral.

Content creators who are promoting active campaign as an affiliate are earning a lot of commission from promoting this digital product.

Also, signing up on this website is free of charge and you don’t have to panic about paying money to join.

Also, when your referral renews their plan and makes more purchases – you will be earning more than 20% commission from the sale.

You can easily join an active campaign and start earning a lot of commission from every affiliate referral.

Also, you will be provided some marketing tools that you can use to promote an active campaign to your audience.

Active campaign is an effective email marketing tool that marketers use a lot.

So, don’t be concerned about promoting it and your referrals not wanting to purchase a subscription through your affiliate link.

Just go to the active campaign affiliate website and join the affiliate program with your email address and enjoy earning.


D. GetResponse Affiliate Program:

GetResponse affiliate program is another fantastic affiliate recurring program that pays its affiliates very well.

It is the exact affiliate solution for business owners and small email marketers to promote and earns.

Normally, if you are using GetResponse as your email marketing software- they will automatically register you for their affiliate program.

And anytime you send emails through GetResponse – their banner will always be below your emails.

Anytime any of your subscribers click on that banner and land on a page to purchase a plan and purchase.

You will earn a commission from that affiliate referral which you didn’t even have to write any long-form copy about.

Now, another thing is that you can decide not to use GetResponse but just become an affiliate for them.

GetResponse pays a 30% Commission for every affiliate referral made through their affiliate link.

So if you put their affiliate link in your email or on your channels of generating traffic.

You will earn a 30% commission just like that of Aweber and ConvertKit.

GetResponse makes use of cookies to track where an affiliate referral comes from just like other programs.

Also, they help you track your analytics and statistics and show you your progress as you are going.

Also, this is how you know if you are progressing as an affiliate marketing in the GetResponse affiliate program.

Join the GetResponse affiliate program today and start earning enough recurring income from your affiliate practices.


Recurring Affiliate Programs For Landing Page Builders

2. Recurring Affiliate Programs For Landing Page Builders


A. Clickfunnels Affiliate Program:

Clickfunnels is another digital product that offers recurring income for its affiliate on the internet.

A lot of online marketers have raked millions in commission just from the use of Clickfunnels and recommending it to other funnel builders.

Clickfunnels also has an easy affiliate program that will make a marketer keep earning as long as their referrals keep renewing their plan.

The reason why the Clickfunnels affiliate program is a fantastic program to join is that you will not only be promoting the Clickfunnels software alone.

You will be given some other affiliate offers which the Co-founder of Clickfunnels @ Russell Branson Wrote for many internet marketers out there.

The book is called Secret Trilogy which contains “Traffic Secret, Expert Secret & Domain Secret”.

These books are worth a lot in value and you can also promote them to other people alongside the Clickfunnels software.

You will earn a 40% commission just from the sales of all these books.

Clickfunnels is a landing page and funnels builders software that you can promote to your audience and get them on board.

You will earn up to 20% monthly recurring commission once your referrals keep renewing their Clickfunnels plan.

Once you reach $1000 in your affiliate commission for Clickfunnels – you will be upgraded to receive a 30% affiliate commission.

Also, once you can have an active Clickfunnels member of 40 that keeps renewing their Clickfunnels plan every month.

Your commission is going to increase to 40% which you will be earning every month inside your affiliate dashboard.

Also, if you promote the “One Funnel Away” program – you will earn a $100 commission for every sale made.

So, this is just like multiple ways of earning money just from joining a single program.

Join the Clickfunnels affiliate program and start earning commission every time.


B. Leadpages Affiliate Partner Program:

Leadpages is also a landing page builder that offers an affiliate program for publishers and content creators.

Many email marketers and online entrepreneurs make use of Leadpages to get leads for their businesses.

And almost everyone who works on the internet and has been there for a while knows that “The money is always on the list”.

So, you only need to recommend Leadpages to them as a way of generating more email leads and they will acknowledge it.

You will only direct them to pass through your unique Leadpages affiliate link just for you to earn cash.

The impact is the platform that is controlling the Leadpages affiliate program and it’s the one that will send you the verification link which you have to verify yourself before you can be allowed to proceed.

You also enjoy 30 days Cookies period when a person clicks on your affiliate link and you can still earn even if they didn’t purchase immediately.

Although, that is only if they didn’t click on any other Leadpages affiliate link from someone else.

The Leadpages affiliate program offers a 10% commission to its affiliates from every affiliate referral that turns into sales.

Also, you shouldn’t get discouraged because the affiliate commission is a little less compared to others.

You can earn as high as 45% affiliate commission once you keep referring and bringing new people into buying a plan on lead pages.

Your upgrade depends on how many customers or sales you can bring per month.

You can join the Leadpages affiliate program and start earning easily from the comfort of your home.


C. Landingi Affiliate Program:

Landingi is another page builder which is created by Neil Patel who owns Neilpatel.com.

Landingi also has it’s an affiliate program that is open for many affiliate marketers to earn recurring income from their affiliate program.

Joining the Landingi affiliate program is free and won’t cost you any penny. Also, you earn 25% from every affiliate sale you bring to Landingi.

Just from the comfort of your home – you can keep earning your affiliate commission very easily.

Landingi is software that is easy and can be used by newbies in the world of landing page and website designing.

The Landingi recurring affiliate program has offered their affiliate marketer enough affiliate promotional materials which they can use to generate enough sales.

So, this means that you are not left behind when trying to promote Landingi because you will surely make enough commission.

Also, you have a 90 Days Cookie period when you use Landingi which makes it easy for you to earn money many days later even if the referral didn’t make a purchase immediately.

You need to have a minimum balance of $25 before you can withdraw your money from the Landingi affiliate dashboard.

Also, you can withdraw your commission straight into your PayPal account easily without any stress.

If you are okay with that – you can join the Landingi affiliate program immediately and enjoy earning a recurring commission.


Recurring Affiliate Programs For Search Engine Optimization

3. Recurring Affiliate Programs For Search Engine Optimization


A. Berush Recurring Affiliate Program:

Berush is the affiliate program for SemRush and it is also a recurring affiliate commission program.

Impact radius is the affiliate platform that is controlling the BeRush affiliate program for SemRush.

Joining this affiliate program is free of charge and you don’t have to pay any penny before you can join.

You always earn from every process made on the BeRush affiliate program coordinated by SemRush.

You will earn a commission of $200 when you bring a new sale for SemRush through a purchase of SemRush plan by your referral.

Also, if your referral only performs a trial and not a sale. You will earn $10 from every affiliate referral that performs a trial.

Also, when someone signs up through your affiliate link – you will earn $0.01 just from that sign-up.

Although, the $0.01 looks like nothing but it is also something compared to when you have a lot of people who can sign-up.

The sign-up process on SemRush is not something hard because it is free and they are also a reigning SEO tool.

There is nobody you will refer SemRush to and they won’t enjoy the software because it performs many SEO functions.

So, be rest assured that you are promoting the right type of tool to people.

Also, you should be calm enough to know that SemRush offers a $50 minimum withdrawal.

Which means you need to have nothing less than $50 in your BeRush dashboard before you can withdraw your earning.

You can join the BeRush Recurring Affiliate Program today and start earning anytime your referrals keep renewing their subscriptions.


B. Long Tail Pro Affiliate Program:

Long Tail Pro is another SEO tool that you can recommend to website owners out there to rank for long-tail keywords on Google SEO.

You can easily join the long Tail Pro affiliate program and be earning from each referral that joins through your affiliate link.

You are entitled to earn a 30% commission from every affiliate sale that comes from your affiliate link.

You can easily create content and place the long Tail Pro affiliate link on your site and get visitors to come from your site.

Although always make sure that you are careful with the way you link it with the SemRush affiliate program.

Because if you are posting the Long Tail Pro Affiliate Program and BeRush Affiliate Program in the same content – people can get confused.

This will be very effective for people who are just new and thinking of creating content to rank on Google.

Also, the Long Tail Pro affiliate program stands the same as anyone who subscribes through your affiliate link and keeps renewing their plans will keep earning you 30%.

It means that there is no reduction because you will keep earning the same commission from your affiliate sales.

Post Pro Affiliate is the one powering the long Tail Pro affiliate program and your registration is through them.

You also get a dedicated affiliate manager that guides you throughout your affiliate journey in this program.

Join the Long Tail Pro affiliate program and keep earning recurring affiliate commissions freely and easily.


C. Mangools Affiliate Program:

If you are someone who loves SEO a lot and want to rank on Google – you should like this product.

That is also the feature that many people out there need which you can offer to them as a solution.

You can offer this product to them and make them pass through your affiliate link to purchase a plan.

Many people want to rank on Google and all you need is to teach them how they can use this product and start ranking on Google.

The Mangools affiliate program also offers recurring commission to its affiliates and make them earn consistently every month.


D. SpyFu Affiliate Program:

SpyFu is another online software that has its Affiliate program that many affiliate marketers can register for and earn money with.

You will earn a 40% commission from every affiliate referral you direct to SpyFu.

The SpyFu affiliate link is very easy and straightforward as it involves links that are not too spammy.

Just send people straight to SpyFu with your affiliate link and you will get affiliate commissions easily from your affiliate sales.

SpyFu is has a fantastic affiliate program that doesn’t only give you a 40% commission from your affiliate referrals.

It also gives you 1 year cookie period which you can enjoy as an affiliate – that is why SpyFu affiliate marketers earn money even without working.

Because aside from the Recurring commission that they will be making from their online marketing.

They would have recommended it to a customer many months ago and the person will just be making a purchase.

And the thing is that – since the person didn’t pass through another person’s link during that period.

You will still earn money after those several months and you will just wonder where the new commission comes from.

You can cash out your commission twice every month and be rest assured that you will keep earning.

You can easily post the SpyFu affiliate link on your YouTube and websites or use the shortner listed in your dashboard to list on your social media pages.


Recurring Affiliate Program For Web Hosting

4. Recurring Affiliate Program For Web Hosting


A. Kinsta Affiliate Program:

Kinsta is a hosting platform that people launch their websites on.

There over 1 billion websites on the internet and these websites are launched on a hosting platform.

Another thing is that the rate at which new websites are getting launched every day is increasing.

People are joining the league of owning a website every day and all you need to do is to let them know the benefits.

That is why Kinsta is also having its affiliate program for bloggers and content creators to earn money with their affiliate program.

Joining this affiliate program is free for everybody and you are not going to be asked for a dime for joining.

Also, you enjoy a 10% continuous recurring income whenever your affiliate referrals keep coming back to renew their plan.

Also, Kinsta has a 60 days Cookie period for its affiliates to enjoy in case a referral didn’t purchase immediately.

Affiliate income is sent directly to your PayPal account immediately you request for your Affiliate earning.

Also, you will be given some promotional materials which you can use to promote your affiliate link and get sales.

The Kinsta tracking ID is also very accurate in that it will get and know where sales come from, so you don’t have to panic.

You can go straight to join the Kinsta affiliate program today and start earning 10% recurring earnings.

This earning doesn’t need you to keep showing up all the time.

Once your referral keeps renewing their plans – you will continue to earn easily.


Recurring Affiliate Commission For Social Media Management

5. Recurring Affiliate Commission For Social Media Management


A. ContentStudio Affiliate Program:

Becoming a ContentStudio affiliate is another advantage you have as a social media manager or an internet marketer.

When you join the ContentStudio affiliate program today and start bringing more people to subscribe to a plan.

You will earn a 30% commission for every affiliate sale that you bring to the ContentStudio platform.

All you have to do is to join the ContentStudio affiliate program for free without any stress.

And start enjoying 30% commission from every renewing and this 30% is recurring for affiliates.

Also, concerning your pay and how you can receive all the commissions you have earned in a month.

It will be deposited into your PayPal account after 45 days of being requested by you.

Just like I said earlier – you will get your affiliate earnings credited into your PayPal account easily.

So, you can go straight to join the ContentStudio affiliate program today and start earning your recurring affiliate commission.


B. Tailwind Affiliate program:

Tailwind also has its affiliate program for any Pinterest lovers who have been using their service and want to recommend it to others.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to be a Pinterest lover or user for you to be able to promote this affiliate program.

You can also be an Instagram user for you to promote Tailwind because they also offer Instagram services.

You can also recommend Tailwind to your Instagram followers and get them to use it for automating their content.

But what is important here is that your target audience for this product is Pinterest users.

Because the tailwind software is meant to automate pins on Pinterest to make life very easy for Pinterest Content Creators.

The Tailwind affiliate program pays a recurring affiliate commission of 25% per referral.

Also, you will keep earning this the more your referral keeps renewing their plan on tailwind.

Although the affiliate commission starts from Silver plan to Platinum membership.

The silver plan is where you keep earning 15% commission up until you get to the Platinum group where you earn 25%.

So, it’s also a gradual process that keeps taking you up just like the Leadpages affiliate program.

Also, if you are a content creator – there are a lot of bonuses that tailwind is offering content creators.

Join the tailwind affiliate program and start helping people easily automate their content and keep earning money for yourself.


Recurring Affiliate Program For Website Themes

6. Recurring Affiliate Program For Website Themes


A. Thrive Themes Affiliate Program:

Another affiliate program that also offers website building services just like Leadpages is Thrive themes.

They are software that serves as a plug-in for website owners to help create a catchy and fantastic website view.

The Thrive Themes also have an affiliate program for website owners and content creators out there.

If you are someone thinking of promoting the thrive themes product by joining their affiliate program.

Then you have to know that your target audience will be website owners and people who would love to have more websites.

The thrive themes affiliate program is free to join for everybody without any extra money.

Also, you will earn a 25% recurring commission from joining the thrive themes affiliate program anytime your referral keeps renewing their subscription.

The thing about this kind of affiliate program is that your referrals will always renew because their website is also like an office.

So the only way they might want to feel like not to renew is if they got another fantastic alternative.

But if they are still cool with the features that thrive themes keeps offering them – they won’t bother but continue using it.

Also, from the first sale that you make for thrive themes – you will earn a 35% commission rate.

This means that when a visitor passes through your affiliate link and make their first purchase – you will earn a 35% commission from or sale.

So, when they now keep renewing their subscription the more – you keep earning 25% commission from the Recurring fee.

You will have to fill a little quiz before you can be accepted to the thrive themes affiliate program.

Once you are eligible – you will be sent a confirmation email that will state your approval.

You are required to have just $20 in your threshold for you to be able to withdraw your earning.

You can easily withdraw into your PayPal account once you reach that amount of money in your dashboard.


Recurring Affiliate Program For Course Hosting

7. Recurring Affiliate Program For Course Hosting


A. Thinkific Affiliate Program:

THINKIFIC is another digital software that offers recurring affiliate commissions to its affiliates.

Thinkific already has the necessary resources that one needs to run a successful affiliate campaign.

You can join the thinking affiliate program and be rest assured that you will earn money from their program.

Thinkific is a course creation platform where coaches and students come together to meet for Learning purposes.

Thinkific pays its affiliate commission based on the number of people and sales you bring to the platform.

If you are to promote the Thinkific affiliate program – you can make use of your website or youtube.

If you have a YouTube channel – it is a nice process to make enough sales for the Thinkific affiliate program.

The commission rate is quite okay and reasonable for any affiliate to get encouraged to continue working harder.

You can join the Thinkific affiliate program today and start enjoying enough affiliate commission in your dashboard.



I believe we have been able to put justice to the best recurring affiliate programs that you can join and earn money.

As an affiliate marketer – things had become very easy for you to make money from because you don’t need any further stress.

Just plug your socket and keep earning money easily from your website or your video content.

If you have been earning from either of the recurring affiliate programs listed in this guide.

Kindly hit the comment below and tell us your best program that you enjoy working with the most

Also, if you are yet to join any recurring affiliate program – tell us your reason for what’s stopping you from joining.

Don’t also forget to share this article with your friends and family on social media through the social media button below.

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