Blind Dropshipping: 5 Importance and How To Do It

Blind Dropshipping

Blind Dropshipping is an important aspect for anyone doing Dropshipping as a business.

And that is why I advise any of my readers who are Dropshippers to always make sure that they make use of Suppliers that will Dropshipping blindly for them.

There is a lot of importance and benefit in this type of Dropshipping which always favors Dropshipers.

Below Is What Will Be Discussed In This Content;

Let us immediately look at what Blind Dropshipping means and the importance it offers alongside how to go about it.


What is Blind Dropshipping?

Blind Dropshipping is the process by which the supply and distribution of a product are being carried out in the name and details of the Dropshippers.

This means that when a supplier receives an order from the Dropshippers for a new order that just arrived.

The supplier process and sends the product in the name, address, and details of the Dropshipper and not the supplier.

This way, enough validity is assured because it makes the customer have a belief that the product comes from the store where he or she had ordered from.

This is the reason why Blind Dropshipping must be done and internet marketers who are into Dropshipping must mandate it for any supplier that they are using.


Why Blind Dropshipping is Important.

  1.  Shows Authenticity.
  2. Build Brand Loyalty.
  3. Bring Customers Back.
  4. Take All The Glory.
  5. Encourage Continuity.

1. Shows Authenticity:

The first importance of Blind Dropshipping is that it shows authenticity of what the customer is expecting.

Just imagine if a customer orders through your store name “fashion hunt(dot)com” and bought a shoe for $75.

And when the product was delivered to him or her – it was written on the details that it comes from “Fidel(dot)com” and the price is $35.

How do you think the customer will feel? And even if you are the customer – how will you feel?

Because in Dropshipping – you are not the owner of the product that you are promoting.

You are only promoting other people’s products and selling on their behalf by adding your fee.

So, proper care needs to be taken so that the customer doesn’t even know that the product is coming from another brand but for your store.

This is the power of authenticity and that is the reason why you have to add it into your Dropshipping strategy.

Or else, you will lose your authenticity and your customers will keep getting scared of buying from you.

Once there is no adding of Blind Dropshipping to your Dropshipping brand…

…struggling continues. And that is why you see some people complaining about not seeing results.

Some are even using suppliers who don’t change the name and details on the package.

This will hurt conversions a lot.


2. Build Brand Loyalty:

In every business that one is doing – your first aim is to build Brand Loyalty by endorsing brand advocates.

And who are the ones who will become your brand advocate? They are your customers!

They are the ones who will keep telling others about your store and why they should buy from your store.

And the only way this can be possible is – if they know that all your activities are authentic just like I have stated.

If you are not careful in your delivery and all the. details of your supplier are written on the product packaging

That will hurt your loyalty and no customer will be ready to become your brand advocate since you are not authentic with them.

You need to know the importance of brand advocacy that Blind Dropshipping offers to Dropshippers.

So, try and make sure that you make use of a supplier that is using this method for their delivery.

So, that your customers can be loyal to you because they know that your products come directly from you.

Even though it is from another brand and not your product – the fact that the package is written that it comes from you – that’s the goal.


3. Bring Customers Back:

The magic is that – you start seeing customers coming back for more most especially if they enjoy what they bought.

You start getting a lot of orders and they will even start contacting you directly without any stress.

Your contact details and other things will be on the details of your website – so, it makes selling easier for you.

When your details are clearly and boldly written in the description and details of the sender.

They start knowing that the parcel comes from you and enough trust will keep them coming back for more.

Some detailed guides explains the ways through which customers can keep coming guide.

But this is one of the best ways for a customer to keep coming back in Dropshipping.

So, make sure that you confirm this Blind Dropshipping very well from your supplier before even thinking of using them.

Because if your details are not Included – aside from the fact that you lost the Loyalty.

It is your supplier that they will be calling for more orders instead of you and all the future gain keeps going to your supplier.

So, Instead of you gaining more from your effort…You will keep working for your supplier.

All the money spent on ads will keep getting more expensive and you will keep spending more.


4. Take All The Glory:

The fantastic thing is that all the glory comes to you because you are the one whose name is written on the delivery.

If they have any cocomplaints they come to you and if your website pops up on their phone…They will view.

This is just a way of succeeding and this is how you see some Dropshippers making enough money and having fame.

It is because they are aware of the power of this Blind Dropshipping. It is just a way to blind the eye of the customer from know where the product comes from.

I am sure you might have bought a product from the internet that was Blind Dropshipped to you.

But you were not aware and you just keep going back to that website for more because you enjoyed the product.

The majority of the eCommerce store online and Dropshipping stores and not directly the owner of their products.

But because they know the power of Blind Dropshipping – all the glory keeps coming back to them.

And they keep progressing and succeeding in their Dropshipping store.

This is a way of easily making it quick on the internet and generating a lot of profit and getting all the glory.

So, make sure that your supplier is doing Blind Dropshipping so that all the glory can become yours.


5. Encourage Continuity:

Blind Dropshipping encourages continuity for Dropshippers because this way, you will be able to continue what you are doing.

Since many customers will keep coming back and calling you for more questions and answering.

And also, some giving you complaints and telling you a reason and the other – continuity will be encouraged.

Now, compare yourself to someone who is not making use of Blind Dropshipping but doing it normally.

Such a person will be losing a lot of customers who have entered and bought from the website.

Because at first – they will be disappointed that it is not the amount they paid for – that was met in the product description.

Also, once they come back or see an advert relating to that website – there will be a lot of negative comments.

Which will keep hurting the continuity and reputation of that website in the long run.

For how long can a Dropshipping company keep running paid adverts without retaining the ones who have bought from them.

That is why it is important to always keep customers and the best way to do this in Dropshipping is by doing Blind Dropshipping.

Because even if the customer call to complain and give you a lot of excuses – but you can easily handle the complaint with care.

There is a lot of chances that you will make money again from such customers because they will keep promoting your website to other people.

It takes a lot of effort for a customer to promote you the more – but it is very easy for a brands’ reputation to get damaged.

So, that is why you must make sure to maintain the reputation of your brand by doing Blind Dropshipping.


How To Do Blind Dropshipping

Let us quickly move to how you can do Blind Dropshipping and start making a lot of good reputation like the Big Boys in the Dropshipping industry.

It is not just about making money alone – it is about growing your reputation and you will see the money keeps coming in.

So, we have to look at the ways on how you can do Bling Dropshipping.

Let’s go!

  1. Customer Places An Order.
  2.  Supplier Changes Their Name.
  3. Your Information Will Be Given To The Consignee.
  4. The Product Got Sent To Your Customer In Your Name.
  5. All Parties Are Happy.


1. Customer Places An Order:

The first thing is that a customer will place an order on your website – I am sure you have already created a Dropshipping website and you already have a place where you will be getting goods to Dropship?

If you don’t have that yet – you can “read this guide on 1688 Dropshipping where you will learn how to do Dropshipping.

It will give you more Enlightenment and detail about how you can do your Dropshipping easily.

So, once a customer orders from your website – you will now take your processing to your supplier.

But you have to make sure that there is enough conversion with your sales page.

This way, your conversion can skyrocket and you can easily start getting a lot of orders.

So, once the order comes – you will message your supplier or you can place an order on their website if you are making use of an international brand.


2. Supplier Changes Their Name:

The next thing is that once the supplier places your order and your order processing starts.

They have to change their brand name to yours – this is why you must make use of a supplier that will be doing Blind Dropshipping for you.

I will respect AliExpress Suppliers  for this as they do Blind Dropshipping and can easily help you Dropship in your name.

So, once they change your name – they will send your product to the logistics that will help you send it to the customer.

The majority of the suppliers don’t have a logistics firm – they make use of third-party logistics to send to customers.

But the ordering from E-commerce brands and helping you do the “Private Labeling of necessarily will be done by them.

So, when they order from the manufacturing firm on your behalf – it is their brand name and details that will be there as the receiver.

But once they receive the product in their warehouse on your behalf – they will have to change the details of the product…

…and add your brand name as the sender and also include your price and every necessary detail concerning you in it before sending it.

This way, it looks authentic that the product is coming from your website and not from a manufacturer.

It doesn’t look like you are doing Dropshipping – whereas you are doing Dropshipping.


3. Your Information Will Be Given To The logistics:

So, once the processing is going on and the product is being given to the logistics brand or if the supplier also has their logistics (cool!).

They will also give your brand name and details alongside – to be on the authentic line.

This way, if there is any detail concerning the sender of the product that will be needed maybe during clearing at the Port.

Your name and the website name will be the details included and everything can keep going smoothly.

Also if ththeirareany details concerning the product that will be asked – it is you that will be called.

Now don’t panic concerning that – most of the time – nobody will give you a call except for your customer – thanking you for the quick delivery…

…or lambasting and blaming you for the slow delivery or the unsatisfactory rate they got from the product.

Now that is up to you to do your due diligence and keeping calm to research well on the manufacturer that you will be patronizing for supply.

Because if the product is bad – you are the one that will be called and if it is good – you will also take all the glory.

So make sure that you look at the review that each manufacturer have and how long they have been in business.

That is how you can easily skyrocket and keep Dropshipping blindly for your customers without notice.


4. The Product Got Sent To Your Customer In Your Name:

The next aspect is that you see your product got sent to your customer through the logistics brand.

You always have to monitor your progress and see how well the product is moving.

You are the one who is in dire need of a returning customer here and you need them to keep coming back.

Their coming back depends on how well your delivery is very fast – oh yes! Customers enjoy fast delivery.

If you are someone who makes use of AliExpress a lot – if you read the customers’ review – you will see a lot of them will give a review based on the delivery time.

So, this is another reason for you to make sure that you deliver early and that is by monitoring the order.

Your delivery supplier or logistics company will not put much effort into it as you should.

Because they will already have other companies that they are working for.

So, make sure that you work hard towards entailing that your product gets to the customers on time.


5. All Parties Are Happy:

The Last Phase is that all the parties are happy with the successful transaction the moment it got to the final consumer.

From the manufacturers’ warehouse to the supplier and passing through the logistics to the final consumer.

The transaction is completed and you already have enough gain just from your Dropshipping.

This is also where you know if the customer llikesthe product that was delivered to him or her.

Also, this is the phase at which you are complacent that you got the final result which you deserve.

So, happy Blind Dropshipping!



A lot of Dropshippers are into the Dropshipping business but don’t even know about Blind Dropshipping.

All they do is just find a supplier and keep Dropshipping on their own without any proper knowledge of it.

Some forgot and some didn’t know about the benefit that they will enjoy from doing this type of Dropshipping.

That is why you must find a supplier that can be doing Blind Dropshipping for you.

You have to make sure that everything is corrected to your name – so, as to make life easy for you.

Also, this way – you can keep getting recurring income from customers’ recommendations.

If you have any further contributions on Blind Dropshipping and what we have discussed here.

Kindly use the comment box below as I will be glad to feel from you.

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