Demio Pricing: How Much Does Each Plan Cost?

Demio Pricing

The major hike of funnel usage recently has resulted in the sudden request for Demio Pricing.

Since a lot of marketers have started seeing the benefit of using sales funnels.

They believe it is quite the best time to start making use of better ways to convert their funnels the more.

And since it is no more news that customers tend to convert more with videos because they feel entrusted to it.

That is the major reason why a lot of marketers have started using Webinars to close a lot of sales.

And this is where Demio comes in – because it makes selling easier when things are already automated.

With the Demio Pricing plan – you can easily know the type of plan you should go for and which one will suit your taste.

Demio is a webinar tool that makes it easy for anyone to go live with an Audience with all its scheduled tools.

It is also a tool that makes it easy for anyone to have a pre-recorded video readily available that can convert customers to buy.

It will just be as if you are going live with them but everything is already pre-recorded for each register to watch at their Content.

Below Are The Things We Will Be Discussing In This Guide:

In this guide, we will be looking at the different plans of Demio Pricing.


Demio Pricing Plans

  1. Free Trial.
  2. Starter Plan “$49/month. 
  3. Growth Plan “$99/month. 
  4. Premium Plan (Bargain With The Support For Price). 



Pricing Plans Of Demio

The first plan which we will discuss in this guide is the Free 14 Days plan which is made available for everyone.

With this free 14 days plan…You can easily get back money which you can use to continue and upgrade to other paid plans.

The 14 days free trial is made available on the Demio Website where you have access to enjoy premium access.

You can easily select the Growth plan and just enjoy the 14 day free trial for that plan.

A registered member of the free trial for the Growth plan stands a chance to enjoy all the features and benefits of that growth plan.

Just that such person will only be limited to 20 attendees and a 1-hour session of video.

What this means is that only 20 people will be able to attend your Live or Pre-recorded webinar and nothing more than that.

Also, any session that is more than 1 hour will not be allowed as you are only limited to 1 Hour Live session.

If you are cool with all these… you can easily go ahead and register for the 14 day free trial of the growth plan.

After the 14 days elapse… you will only be allowed to purchase the Growth Plan for you to continue enjoying the features.



Starters Plan - Demio Pricing

The first paid plan on Demio is the Starters plan which is made available for Small Business enterprises.

It is made available for beginners and intermediate internet marketers who are just getting started with webinars.

Something that they can easily integrate to get a lot of people to their funnel and convert them with webinars.

The cost of the Starter’s plan is $49 if you are to be paying it monthly.

While if you are to be paid annually, you are going to be paying $34 for those months which you have paid for.

Let us Immediately glance through the features that you stand to enjoy with the Starter’s Plan.

  1. 50 Attendee Room.
  2. Single Host.
  3. Standard features.
  4. 3-Hour Session Limit.
  5. Live and Event Series.
  6. Standard Support.


1. 50 Attendee Room:

The highest number of attendees which you can have in a single room of any webinar is 50 people.

Anything more than 50 attendees will not be allowed as this is only limited to the starter’s plan.

This plan is made available for people who are just getting started majorly just like you can see.

Because if someone like Tony Robbins is to use this type of plan – then something funny is going to happen.

Just a single live call on his Twitter page alone will bring thousands of attendees to that webinar.

But for someone who has a little audience and he’s just getting started with webinars and funnels.

Then, there is no cause for alarm because such a person still has less audience.

So, if you are someone who is still having only 50 attendees in your funnel.

Then you can rest assured be using the Starters Plan but if you are someone who has more than this.

Then you will want to consider checking out the Growth plan instead.


2. Single Host:

When using the standard plan of Demio. Only one host is allowed to anchor any live event.

You cannot have more than one host for any event as this is not allowed in the starter’s plan.

What this means is that, if you are trying to bring several other people to join you in anchoring your webinar.

Then that will not be allowed as you are the only person who can anchor the event all by yourself.

Only a single host is allowed in the handling of any event in the Starters Plan.


3. Standard features:

You also have access to a lot of standard features with the Starters plan.

Features range from tools that you can use while you are anchoring your live event.

Some automation tools inside Demio which you can easily use to schedule and bring out the best from your live event.

Also, you have access to some features which you can work with and will always bring out the best from your webinar.

It is more like when you are in the kitchen preparing that delicious recipe.

What are the things that you need to make it delicious? This is what this standard feature is about.

It includes the things that you need to put in place for your live event or webinar to turn the best.


4. 3-Hour Session Limit:

With the Starters plan, you are only limited to 3 hours per session and nothing more than that.

That means that if you are trying to anchor an event that will last more than 3 hours – then you have to go for the Growth plan.

The starter’s plan of Demio Pricing only gives the chance to have a session that is 3 hours.

Although, if you are starting… I will say that 3 hours is also okay except if you are shooting a physical location live.

Like maybe there is a Live physical event that is being held and you are trying to shoot it live.

If you are not doing anything like that – then you don’t need to stress yourself much with stuff like this.

Because even a 2-hour session is count to be a stress to most people and find it difficult to stay with camera for 2 hours.

Even someone like me will find it very difficult to be in a live or pre-recorded session for 3 straight hours.

So, you can just schedule anything you are doing to fix the exact minute that you want it to.

3 hours is the maximum limit which you have for the Starters Plan and so – it’s very okay to work for any new marketer or small business.

It’s not advisable for large businesses because there are a lot of activities that go on within an event of large businesses.


5. Live and Event Series:

Oh yes! This is something normal because the major reason why you are using Demio is to anchor an event virtually.

And so, you are chanced to shoot an event live and go visual with your Audience and convert sales.

Also, the live event is not the only thing that you are limited to.

You also have the chance to shoot a webinar that is pre-recorded for anybody to access at any time.

This is made available so that those who are not available during the live event can also have access to the recordings.

And this is where many people make money because they just sell the webinar for others to gain.


6. Standard Support:

You also have access to standard Support from the Demio team in case you encounter any difficulty.

It is normal to experience some problems while you are making use of any tool.

But this is where many tools out there get the problem arising because they always have a bad support system.

But when you have a support system too is intact…Such a product will continue to grow and thrive hard.

So, this is a feature that Demio has because they have a very good support system made available for their users.

And this support is available in the Starters plan of Demio Pricing which you can easily enjoy.



Growth Plan - Demio Pricing

The growth plan is very much best for marketers or companies who have a lot of audiences.

If you are within the intermediate and expert level marketer that has a lot of means of generating traffic to your funnel.

Then the growth plan is very much okay for you because you have a lot of privileges to enjoy in this plan.

This room is bigger than the starters plan and you have the opportunity to accommodate more attendees.

The price for this plan is $99 per month if you are paying it every month.

And $69 per month if you are paying annually which you get a discount on all the months.

Let us Immediately discuss a little about the growth plan and why you should invest in it:

  1. 150 Attendee.
  2. Up to 5 hosts per account.
  3. Everything from Starter.
  4. 8-Hour Session Limit.
    Custom Room and
  5. Email Branding.
  6. Custom Form Fields.
  7. Automated Events.
  8. Registration Source Tracking.


1. 150 Attendees:

In the growth plan, whenever you are anchoring an event and making use of Demio.

You will only be limited to 150 attendees in your live event because that is the limit of a Growth plan.

So, if you are running funnel ads and you intend to have more than 150 people in a live session.

Then you have to move up to other plans because the only limit here is 150 people.

Although, this is a little bit cool as you can also shuffle timeframe among your attendees.

You can decide to give a separate timeframe to different people and get them to come for the live event at a separate time.

Although, the amazing thing about this is that it would have already been prerecorded for you.

So, you can easily give a timeframe with your Evergreen Funnel and make them log in to see each separate time.

But just have it at the back of your mind that this is only a limited 150 attendees.


2. Up to 5 hosts Per Account:

This plan makes it easy to have 5 hosts per account.

This means that instead of the starters plan where you will always have to be the only host of your events.

You can easily bring more hosts into your live sessions and get them all live at once.

This can easily be effective for companies that will always have a virtual meeting with their investors and some other employees.

They can easily have up to 5 Anchors in their session who will maintain and coordinate the control of that event.

Although, this can also be limited to companies with less workforce and investors.

If there are a lot of investors and a workforce in the company – then this growth plan might not be that suitable.

You can see that Even though the number of attendees is not a problem here. But the number of hosts for the event.

Although, the growth plan is still a suitable plan to manage in terms of hosts.


3. Everything From Starter:

You get everything that is available in the Starters plan in the Growth plan of Demio Pricing.

All the things that I have explained including all the features are what you are going to enjoy in this growth plan.

And you will also enjoy more than what is available on the starters plan which I will still explain further.

So, still, sit back with your cup of coffee and still walk along this amazing journey with my fam.

If this growth plan is something that you will enjoy and you feel like it can solve your problem.

Then it might be because the growth plan gives you all and more than what the starters are enjoying.


4. 8-Hour Session Limit:

Unlike the starters plan that you will only be limited to a 1-hour session limit.

That is not so in the Growth plan of Demio Pricing. In this growth plan, you will be having access to the 8-hours live session limit.

Wow! I think this is amazing for big events that can occur for a long period.

If you have any event that will be in existence for a long period – then you should get the Growth plan of Demio.

Because you have access to 8 hours of a live session with your attendees.

People who will benefit a lot with this growth plan are high ticket online coaches.

Some coaching programs last for weeks in their live session and you just have to keep watching.

They are courses that range from $25,000 and above.

And trust me, people are enrolling for it because it is just worth it.

So, if you have any coaching program that lasts this long up to 8 hours – the Growth Plan of Demio Pricing is your best vehicle to carry you on that journey.


5. Custom Room and Email Branding:

You can easily customize your room with this growth plan and also enjoy email branding as usual.

Email marketing is said to be the mother of all direct selling.

Since there is money in the list and a lot of marketers find email more profitable than their social media accounts.

Then, if you can use email to work more on your live sessions. You will profit a lot in your business.

And you are not just left alone to do all these by yourself. With the Growth plan of Demio Pricing.

You can easily brand and customize all your emails to suit the conversion of your audience.

You will have access to all the templates and email tools that you need to brand your emails.

These tools will help you convert your audience more into attending your live sessions and webinars.

This is another feature that you will enjoy in this growth plan.


6. Custom Form Fields:

Do you want your registration to be unique and not be like others?

Then you have this feature in the growth plan of Demio with the customs form field feature.

You can integrate more fields into your Opt-in or registration form that will boost your conversions easily.

These features are just too terrific because it makes your conversion skyrocket.

After all for anyone to join your live session. They have to register for it and become an invitee.

But the thing about this is that your conversion can go low if you don’t have an amazing customer field.

It is through this custom field that you can easily get a lot of conversions and have a lot of attendees in your event.

Most especially if you are even running paid adverts to your live session.

This is a fantastic feature that will serve you a lot and you won’t regret it. You stand to enjoy this in the Growth Plan of Demio Pricing.


7. Automated Events:

You can see me mentioning recorded webinars since and you might have been wondering what that is.

An automated event is just like a recorded webinar that is already automated and will keep bringing results all the time.

Some marketers have webinars that are recorded 2 years ago and still making millions for them today.

This automated event is majorly used by internet marketers who are trying to sell more of their courses.

So, they have this automated webinar that is recorded and they can keep selling to their audience as if they are with them live.

Just with the power of email and some other useful funnel tools.

They will follow up with the audience to join the webinar as if they are life.

And the person will also attend the automated webinar and you watch a recording that you have done for years.

It will just be as if you are with them at that moment and it’s all recorded automatically.

Also, this is something that you can just set and forget with Demio – but only if you are using the Growth plan of this tool.

It’s another fantastic feature that you stand to enjoy when you are using the growth plan of Demio Pricing.


8. Registration Source Tracking:

Even if you are not using Funnelytics to track your Registration in any funnel you are building.

You automatically have an inbuilt feature in Demio which you can use to track every source of your Event registration.

This is available for you to use even if you are not that much a professional in internet marketing.

You will see where your attendees and watching from and also what process they pass through to register.

This is an important feature because it makes you focus more on that aspect of people.

You can easily know what they are interested in and move your advert more to those set of people.

This is another feature that you stand to enjoy in the Growth Plan of Demio Pricing.



Premium Plan - Demio Pricing

The third and final plan in the Demio Pricing is the premium plan which is made available for top professionals and experts in any field.

Although, the premium plan doesn’t have any specific price as you will need to message the admin for your quota.

Also, kindly know that the payment process for the premium plan is annually or yearly and not monthly.

Let us quickly review the features that the Premium plan has.

  1. 500 or 1,000 Attendee Room.
  2. No limit on hosts per account.
  3. Everything from Growth.
  4. 10-Hour Session Limit.
    Priority Support.
  5. Custom Domains.
  6. Concierge Onboarding.
  7. Dedicated Account Manager.
  8. Premium Integrations.


1. 500 or 1,000 Attendee Room:

In the premium plan, Demio gives room for 500 or 1000 attendees in a room.

This means that depending on the price quote that you go for – you have the opportunity to have 500 or 1000 attendees in your room.

I believe this is a great development and will also help any big brand that has a lot of audiences.

Big influencers who have a huge audience and also have a show they shoot in a year.

Maybe a show or event like “One funnel away by the Clickfunnels team” can be something that fits into this.

Because a lot of people are always interested in that event since it comes up every year.

So, this is a feature that you stand to enjoy in this plan.


2. No limit on hosts per account:

Unlike the Growth or Starters plan where you are only limited to 5 or 1 host respectively.

That is not so in the premium plan as you have access to a lot of hosts who can anchor an event.

This is another advantage of the premium plan. Although this is not needed for single marketers.

It is majorly for a big organization that is anchoring an event of its own.

So, if this is something that flows with you and you want to have an unlimited number of hosts for an event.

Then this plan is majorly for you since you can have up to 6 hosts and above in unlimited.

So this is another feature that the premium plan has a lot.


3. Everything from Growth:

Also, you stand a chance to enjoy every feature that is made available in the Growth Plan in the premium plan.

All the features and benefits that I have listed in the Growth plan are what you will enjoy in the premium plan.

Also, you should know that it also includes all the features that are in the Starters plan.

So, this is what you should know because I see a lot of people asking more about this in several groups.

Well, I thought no successful brand should even think of not adding the features of the lower plans to the higher plans.

Although you have the chance to enjoy this in the premium plan.


4. 10-Hour Session Limit:

In the Starters and Growth plan – you have access to 1 hour and 8 hours session limits respectively.

But in the premium plan – you have an additional 2-hour limit to make it 10 hours session for you.

This means that you can go live in your event for as much as 10 hours with your attendees.

This is majorly for high events that are filled with a lot of people who will be in existence.

And also for high ticket sales that will last for several weeks before it can be completed.

So, start enjoying your 8 hours limit with the premium plan of Demio Pricing.


5. Priority Support:

You have first-class access to a support system that will always be ready to listen to your complaints.

In case you want more technical help while you are handling your live events.

You will be given special attention in any of your events from the Demio team directly.

I think this is more like recognizing their special customer unlike those using growth or starters plan.

This doesn’t mean that they don’t support their growth or starters plan users.

It’s just that there might be some more technical issues related to big things.

And so, a more personal assistant is needed in this case.


6. Custom Domains:

Having a custom domain is very much beneficial most especially if you are even trying to do email campaigns.

It will make your deliverability have higher chances than when you are using the normal domain.

With a custom domain – you have a unique URL that is being dedicated to all your ads campaigns.

This is something that will easily make you stand out from your competitors.

Also, aside from that – you also have more chances to convert your audience the more with a unique URL.


7. Dedicated Account Manager:

You will have your separate account management that will always help you to manage all your live events.

The thing you have to know about progress is that – the more the plan and reach…the more the problem.

So, a dedicated account manager is needed for this plan and that is why Demio is giving their customers using this plan their account manager.

This person will be the one to oversee all the activities that are happening in the account.

So, this is another amazing feature of this premium plan and it’s making sense.


8. Premium Integrations:

You have more privilege to add other products to your account.

Some other premium tools like zapier and marketo are made available to be added to your account.

Although, this is only made available for those who are using the premium plan just like you might have known.

With this feature – it becomes easier to keep having other premium tools added to your live events.

You can easily kill two birds with a stone because you have everything already working hand in hand for you.

So, this is another amazing benefit that you stand to enjoy when you are using the Premium plan of Demio Pricing.


Final Thoughts On Demio Pricing

I believe this guide has given you all the detailed information you need on Demio Pricing.

Normally, if you are just an independent marketer or entrepreneur…then the Growth plan is very much okay to deliver the best result for you.

Although, you can first start with the starters plan to test things out before upgrading.

If this is something that interests you – I am aware that you will be building more funnels to convert your live events the more.

If you are already into funnels, you might want to read this guide on Funnelytics Pricing that our readers have been talking about. 

See for yourself and bless the day you see this blog.

To your online success.
I Love You.

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