English Article Writing: 21 Things You Should Know.

English Article Writing: 21 Things You Should Know.

One of the best skills to possess is the ability to write good English article writing.

There are thousands of article writers out there who have been writing for a newspaper and other printed mediums out there to get their message conveyed to thousands of audiences.

Many people have turned their passion into money by writing articles.

It’s a lucrative skill that can be turned into a business for the sole purpose of making a living.

This day, article writing is now Integrated online into news blogs.

Previously, writing articles needs a lot of physical appearances before one can publish an article on newspaper prints.

But with the use of email these days – it’s easy to get access to a magazine or newspaper print and publish your passion on their website.

Since all these magazines and newspapers have an online appearance apart from the physical spot that people can read their news.

This is the opportunity you have to even reach more of their audience both online and offline to get your passion out there to a segment of the whole world.

Is this what you want? Is this your passion? Do you have something you love and can talk about 24/7 without getting tired?

Then, start writing articles for other news Brands. You can write on Sports, Fashion, Nature, Farming, Business, Technology, or whatever you have a passion for.

But the problem you might be having now is how you can kick start.

You don’t even understand what article writing means properly and you don’t even know the format in which you can write to become an acceptable article.

If that’s why you’re here. Then, I am going to try my best and get you ready to turn your skill or passion into money.

Why don’t we look at what article writing is?


What is article writing?

Article Writing Is the process of writing text or written words that convey a message to a segment of

interested people in a group through the use of a newspaper or magazine and reaching a large audience in that segment.

Since we have talked about what article writing is.

Let’s look at the format you will use to write your articles.

Even though you have this passion for something and you want to write your thoughts on it.

You have to follow the format and write according to it so that your audience can resonate with you and build your audience from these printings.

Format of article writing
Format of article writing

What is the format of English Article Writing?

1. Headline/Title:

The first aspect of every article is the title or headline. This is what will grasp the attention of the reader to concentrate on your article.

If your headline is not catchy or doesn’t show curiosity. Then nobody will bother to show interest.

You have to know that there are tons of news in any newspaper or magazine you are writing on.

So, it’s what catches the reader’s attention that enough time will be devoted to.

This is also how people get to know you more.

These days, it’s now easy for magazines and newspapers to track the articles that convert the most because of technology.

Once you publish an article on any medium and it’s uploaded on their website.

They will promote it to their blog audience on social media, email, and other means.

It will be very easy for them to track the Click-through-rates and see how people respond to the article.

This is the first thing that will grab a readers’ attention before even reading what’s inside the content.

Back in the days before technology, it can be a little bit hard for the prints to know if your titles are clickbait.

But these days, it’s easy to know from the number of clicks they when people click to check out the article.

So, always make sure to invest a little bit of time in your headline and make it very catchy.

Something like a clickbait that will grab someone’s attention and curiosity to check what’s inside the content.

I know your next question is how you can write clickbait titles or headlines that can grab someone’s attention to check out your article.

You can join some blog pages on social media which are related to your niche.

Depending on the platform you’re very active.

Follow the pages that are posting things that you have a passion for.

After doing that, every day. Look at the posts that have a lot of engagements.

Maybe most of the post on the page has 500 likes and 200 comments.

But you notice some posts that have 4000 likes and 1000 comments.

Those kinds of posts will be very scarce… You have to go for the latter kind of posts that has a lot of engagements.

Write out the headline/titles. Because that’s what you’re going to replicate when writing your articles.

That’s how I get a headline for any project I want to work on. The truth is that nobody is perfect.

If you’re to hire a Copywriter to do it for you. They won’t do it up to the standard of when you do it yourself.

So, just devote your time and look at what’s working through the advantage that technology has given to you and me.

That’s how you craft a catchy and clickbait headline/title that will make your article get people that will read them.

So, I believe you got that right.


2. Writers’ Name:

This doesn’t have much paparazzi. This is the name that will show at the top of the post.

You have to make sure your name shows at the top of your articles so that people can know you.

You can also include your picture if it’s possible in this section.

It’s just that it’s not majorly available in some magazines or newspaper.

But you can try to do this so that your name can start building a brand for you and you can start to get recognition.

If you should write an article another time on the newspaper or magazine and the reader has once enjoyed your former article.

He/She will spend more time reading this your new article because you gave them a lot of value the previous time.

This is the benefit of adding your name below the title.

It’s just a one-line paragraph that doesn’t take that much work.

I’m sure you have a name you want to use already. You can use your real name or your brand name.

Anyone, just make sure you have a link to your about page where people can connect with you on social media.

And if it’s on the magazine or newspaper prints and not online.

You can include your social media handles at the bottom of the article for readers to connect with you.

It’s as simple as that.


3. Body:

The third aspect is the body of the article. This is where people dedicate their attention to reading what’s inside what they click to or open to.

If you decide to get them to click or open your page without giving out enough information in the short paragraph.

You will lose them the next time and people will bounce off.

This is the problem many article writer has. Fine, I can teach you how to write a good headline or title.

But writing a good body of an article is up to you because you have to give your readers a piece of detailed information concerning what you’re talking about.

Don’t let the title be about ABC and the body is talking about XYZ.

This will piss your readers off and they might decide not to even Concentrate on your future articles.

So, try to give the best. Don’t give out false information about your topic and research well before writing on anything.

If there’s anything that you know on – but it’s not concrete enough. Don’t just start to write blasphemy.

Do your research and write well on the topic before ever publishing it.

Also, make sure your writings are properly edited.

Because no newspaper or magazine wants a writer with a lot of errors in his or her writings.

Make sure you check all spellings and correct every mistake that’s in your article.

You can give a close fellow of yours to help you proofread before publishing your article.

Just like I said earlier, once you provide enough value and information.

Your readers will note your name and be ready to read more of your articles.

The amount of time that a user stayed on your article is also paramount because it shows a

positive signal to the medium printing brand that your writings entice their audience.

So, they will give you more opportunities to write to their audience and pass your message across to them.

This is how you keep growing your ranking with their brand while building your brand and making money from writing.

You have to know that it’s not a day job. It requires practice. So, practice becoming perfect in your article body.


4. Sub Headlines:

Many people might not tell you about this but it’s important. You need to include subheadings within the body of your content.

It gives the reader enough knowledge about what’s happening next.

This is where you can add the kinds of [topic], Types of [Topic], or anything that’s under the topic.

Don’t just squeeze everything inside the content. Try to Segment them – so that your readers can take note of them.

It also makes reading easy instead of being tedious.

Sometimes you will read some articles that are too strenuous to read because everything looked jam-packed.

You have to structure your article in a way that it had subheadings that will compliment the main headline or title.

Things link H2, H3, H4 are all subheadings that you should include in your articles.

When you do this, it can give your readers a positive insight towards coming back to read your article.

Sharing your article and telling others about a statement or paragraph in the article will also be easy for them.

Although, most of the time. The magazine or newspaper you want to write for would have done a proper restructuring before even going to publish your article.

But it’s better if you do it yourself because this shows how professional you are.

Don’t leave everything for the newspaper or magazine to do for you. It can’t cost you your job to another person.

And I am sure you’re not ready to lose something that is paying you for your passion.

So, always structure your headlines and let them complement the main topic or title.


5. Conclusion:

The conclusion is the wrap-up of your article. This is where you bring everything to an end and remind them of why they are on your article.

Many of your readers who enjoy your article will get to this level of your article and want to finish reading it.

So, give it time to write a nice conclusion. You can also give them advice on what to do next.

Maybe you want them to watch out for the other articles that you wrote on XYZ or follow you on your social media page.

What I like to do most is head the thoughts of my readers. So, if it’s on a blog page of the newspaper or magazine.

I try to get their (my readers) thoughts by telling them to comment below and I will be more than happy to reply to their thoughts.

Whatever you wish to tell them to do. Tell them so that you won’t easily them to other writers in your circle.

You need to make sure that you find a means to get them to always watch out for your next articles and read them without any doubt.

So this is how a format of an article looks like. You can use this format for the success of your article/s.

Don’t try to overcomplicate things. Just do it the normal way but make sure you write in your voice.

Make it personal with your reader through the usage of “You and I” terms.

Let it be as if you’re talking to them and they will appreciate your effort and dedicate more time to reading your future articles.


How can I create an article?

Some questions get asked all the time about how to create an article because most people have something in them but they don’t realize it.


What do you know?

You have to start with what you know. There is some knowledge you have after everything you’ve experienced in life.

It might be from the knowledge you gained from something you do every day.

These are what you can write on. You can write an article on these things and you will get people who will appreciate your effort.

You only have to write out your thoughts and get yourself ready.

You won’t be perfect from the first writings but with time. You will get perfect.

Also, this will give you more knowledge in this field.

Stuff like this includes writing on recipes or cooking.

Maybe you’re a lady and you know a lot about some foods and can talk about them.

There are some foods you know and can cook but you might not be eating them. If you can write about it. It’s going to be a great move for you.


what can you learn quickly and master enough to teach?

You might not be good at something but you can decide to learn and move a step ahead of others.

A guru once said that if you are in chapter 2 of a book. You’re far more ahead of those in chapter one.

So, you can write about some things you are learning presently.

You don’t necessarily have to be an expert in the field. Just keep learning and keep writing articles on what you know.

With time, you will keep improving, and the more you learn and improve. The more you know in that niche.

So, you can quickly learn about a topic and write on it and with time… You become a master in it.


What are you passionate about?

There are some topics that we are passionate about. Someone like me is passionate about business talks.

Every day that I wake up… It’s about an online marketing idea that can improve my business and get me ahead of my competitors.

And because this is my passion… It makes it easy for me to write about online marketing and Internet business at large.

Writing it becomes very easy for me because I don’t have to hire anyone to do it for me.

I am very sure that there’s also something you are passionate about and you can write on.

This is the best article writing creation because it can serve you for a long time.

Since it’s your passion.

Some people love to sport a lot and can write about it. You might be someone that can talk a lot about sport anytime and any day.

You follow all the matches going on in the football league that you support and can name every player in your league.

You can write articles on this and get started. That’s a good way to start.


What do you want to share?

Sometimes you might not have passion for something and it might not require you to learn about something.

Also, it might be something you have been doing for a long time or since when you were born.

It might just be a normal day-to-day occurrence happening in your country or locality that you want to share with people.

Things like this are celebrity news you see on your social media pages or newspaper and magazines.

You can start following celebrities and noticing what’s going on in their day-to-day lives and write on it.

It’s all about sharing your thoughts and getting people to read them.

It might not be only celebrity news. Many things happen.

Politics, Natures, and others are things that you can share without needing to have primary knowledge about it.

Article writing practice
Article writing practice. Credit: pixabay

Article writing practices

• Make sure that the headline is short and clear enough for people to quickly know what you’re talking about.

If your headline is too long, readers will skip over it and never make meaning from it and just skip over to the next topic that grabs their attention.

So that makes you lose out on them. So, always make the title of your article to be at short and not long like 3 paragraphs.


· Talk to the audience and make your message go directly towards them.

Don’t talk as if you’re talking to a stranger. Talk as if you’re talking to a friend.

You can’t address someone you want to turn your loyal reader as “Hi Stranger”.

You will address them as “Hi Friend” and you must know how they feel.

Addressing them as a friend. Gives you the privilege to get into their head and get them to focus on your article.


· Make Use of proper punctuation’s in your articles so that they can be easy for your readers to digest.

Imagine if you’re talking to someone and you keep talking without any stop.

What will happen? The person will lose interest and find it difficult to comprehend you.

But what about if you stop and sigh a little. What happens? The person will understand you and like to hear more from you.

Think about you listening to someone and he or she keeps talking without any stop. You will get tired and walk away to someone normal.

Haha… Oh yeah, man. You will feel like the person is not normal.

That’s what happens when you’re writing also. Make sure your writing has a full stop and comma in your writings to make everything easy for your readers.

You have to make them follow you along and not get lost on the way.


· Make sure your articles are properly written in different paragraphs.

Writing a lot of articles in one paragraph will never make you get their attention even if you have enough punctuations inside.

I was reading a book a few days ago about blogging and I just couldn’t pass the first 5 chapters of the book.

Why? Because the Paragraphs are very long and tiring for me to read. I’m sure some people will say they can read it.

But the fact is that, among 10 readers who stumble on your article. You will lose 7 or 8 of them to your Competitors.

If you’re reading this guide up to this level. Think about how easy it is for you to read.

So, always make sure that your Paragraphs are at most 4-5 Paragraphs long.

Make it very short so that your readers can find it easy to read.

Don’t stuff everything inside like you’re stuffing clothes inside a traveling box.

Make it free and sense-making.


° Let your article be sense-making by not including things that are not relevant.

If your article is about plumbing services. Let it focus fully on plumbing services.

Don’t divert into another thing. It will make it look messy and confusing for your readers.

This will make them focus more and enjoy your writings.


• Make sure not to copy another person’s article and make as yours.

It will ruin your reputation and once the company you are writing for gets to know that you did this.

They will fire you and this will cost you a lot. Even aside from working for other companies.

It’s not ideal for your business – you should not copy another person’s article.

You shouldn’t even copy and respin with any machine.

I’m sure you would have seen articles out there or someone telling you to buy software that will help you spin your articles.

This is a bad approach and you shouldn’t involve in it. Make sure your articles are written by you or hire someone to help you write.

Don’t copy or spin another person’s article. Trust me, it’s worth it in the long run when you write by yourself.


• Another way to get good at your writings is writing daily. Always make sure to write every day.

Also, make sure you read your writings aloud just to get used to your writings.

When you read out your writings out and loud – you will feel your voice in your writing and this is how your writing will compel your readers to read more of your articles.


• Another way to get into the head of your reader is by sounding more like a storyteller instead of sounding like a writer.

When you write as if you are narrating a story. It sounds more personal to your reader to resonate with your writings.

So, make your writings look written by a storyteller and not like someone just speaking in parables.


• Also, make your articles stay with you for few days before you publish in any magazine or newspaper.

If you’re writing for your blog or business. You don’t necessarily need to wait for days.

Although, if you can – it’s also cool. But it’s better to publish as you post if you want to boom your business.

But if you’re writing for other brands. Try to wait for few days so that It can look afresh to you.

After that, you can now read and fetch out the mistakes from the writings.

Don’t just go ahead and publish your article in a newspaper or magazine without any fresh reading.

Article Writing
Article Writing. Credit: pixabay

How to write an article in PDF?

Writing an article on PDF is quite easy and it should be an everyday thing for someone who gives out ebooks.

But if you’re wondering how to convert your article into PDF.

Just use Google doc. Go to doc.google.com and write your articles on the page.

After that, save your article as a PDF and you will be good to go.

You can share your article anywhere and get yourself readers who will have your article files saved on their phone.


Article writing topics

Choosing a topic to write about is the most difficult aspect of any business.

If you have a blog you want to write for or you want to write for a newspaper or magazine.

You have to know that others have written what you already want to write about.

But the best thing to start with is niching down on what you want to write on.

Always try to niche down on topics that the top writers have not written on.

Don’t go with the broad topics yet. Don’t go with the general topics.

If you are in the weight loss niche.

Instead of writing on “Weight Loss” generally. You should write on stuff like this:

– Weight loss for pregnant women under 5 months.
– Weight loss for retired Nurse.
– Weight loss for Grandma and Grandpa.

I wouldn’t want to spend too much time here but you should understand what I meant already.

Doing that will make it easy for you to niche down and get straight to your audience as quickly as possible.

There are also tools like keywords everywhere and Google keyword planner that you can use to search for keywords in your niche.

So many other tools are out there that can also serve you better.

But I would recommend a tool from the company that has access to the record of people’s thoughts.

Since billions of people go on Google to search for their thoughts every month. Then, they know what people are searching for.

That’s the best way to know your audience and look at the low competitive niches.

What is the example of article?

An example of an article is the one you’re reading.

It’s just that there are different kinds.

We have a REVIEW ARTICLE where you can review something for people to know if they should either show concern about a topic or not.

We also have a NEWS ARTICLE where you talk about something currently happening.

There’s also an EDUCATIONAL ARTICLE that teaches how to do something and get success from it.

It’s left to you and it depends on the article you chose to write.

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Conclusion on English Article Writing

Did you find this guide about English Article Writing very impactful?

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