6 Evergreen Funnel Secrets That Millionaire Marketers Are Using

6 Evergreen Funnel Secrets That Millionaire Marketers Are Using

If you are wondering how millionaire online marketers are building a 6 figure or 7 figure business just from the internet.

The secret is in their Evergreen Funnel because that is the secret that they have been using for a long time to make money.

Sometimes, when I see some courses saying that a marketer will reveal a secret that they have been using to make money online…

…there is no much secret to anything. Why don’t you look at how they are promoting their courses.

That is the secret they will also reveal to you in building a successful empire.

It is just like me telling you the secret to writing content – why don’t you just look at my content and know how I write it?

That is why the main thing I can pay for on the internet is mentorship and not just some crappy courses out there.

But that is not the purpose of this guide – the purpose is to teach you how you can also create an evergreen funnel for your product or services.

Let us quickly look at what an Evergreen Funnel means.

What Is An Evergreen Funnel?

What Is An Evergreen Funnel?

An evergreen funnel is a stage that you take a prospect to – from the point of novice to the point of purchase, primarily through the use of email.

This means that when you launch your evergreen funnel – you are trying to create some email sequences that take a prospect from being a stranger to being a buyer.

There are many approaches through which your Evergreen Funnel can kickstart.

It can be that you run a paid advert and you give out free resources just to get people’s email addresses.

Or you have a website where you give out a free lead magnet where you get people’s email addresses.

Also, it can be other methods that you are using – maybe you give out a book but charge them money to pay for the shipping.

They are all part of the processes to start your Evergreen Funnel.

But how can you take a prospect from this certain point in their lives when they don’t know about your product to the point of purchase.

Let us look at the steps involved below for you to launch a successful Evergreen Funnel.

I am sure that you already know the requirements that are needed for you to launch your successful Evergreen Funnel?

If you don’t know them – kindly click here to navigate to the section.

Evergreen Funnel Steps That Works

Evergreen Funnel Steps That Works

  • Giving Out A Free Resource.
  • Send Your Introduction Note.
  • Launching The Welcome Series.
  • Showing Proof of Previous Testimonials.
  • Pitch.


# Giving Out A Free Resource:

Before someone can ever join your evergreen funnel and become a hot prospect.

They have to join the process and follow along with you. You cannot want to launch an Evergreen Funnel and rely heavily on running ads.

That is not an ideal way of running a successful Evergreen Funnel. You have to collect their email address.

So, this involves giving out a freebie – just like I stated earlier. You can run an advert for a freebie.

Once you run an advert to a freebie – you will make them give you their email address before they can receive the freebie.

But always make sure that you put enough energy on the landing page that you will be creating for the freebie.

Don’t believe it because you are giving it out for free – then you wouldn’t have to put enough copywriting skill in it.

Always try your best to write a good copy because you are also running an advert for it.

So, once you finish it up – you will collect their email address and give them their freebie.

What thing you can do is that you can decide to put the freebie in your first email in their inbox.

This will make them first open your email and this will give a positive note to Gmail that this person is interested in your emails.

Or you can decide to just create a “Thank You Page” for the freebie and show it once they finish submitting their email.

But I prefer the download email approach – since we are using email for the Evergreen Funnel process.

Why shouldn’t we just make use of email straight away?


# Send Your Introduction Note:

After the download email has been sent to them as a means for them to open your first email.

The next thing you need to do is to send them your introductory note telling them about who you are.

This is the email that will follow few hours after you have sent out your first email – which is the download email.

The introductory note has to tell them about who you are and what you have experienced in the business.

Always make sure that your introductory note sounds real and plain – always try to bring out the pains you have experienced.

What many marketers don’t know is that people enjoy it when they see that you have also experienced pains.

The internet has made us believe that everything came out cool for everybody who is making a lot of money online.

Little did many people know that most successful people have been struggling for a long time before they became famously known.

But not everyone wants to talk about their struggling days. Also, because you are just starting with your funnel.

You might feel that what will the essence of your rollercoaster moment be about. But the truth is that you have also experienced some failures…

…those are the things that you will use as your struggling moment even if it was only once.

Use that as one of your struggling moments and tell them in your introductory email.

State your name clearly and what you are an expert in – because this will make them know if you’re going to be their leader.

Then, make sure to always make them anticipate your next email by telling them what you will be sending them tomorrow.

Always give them a reason to open your next email because that is how they can follow your nurturing series.


# Launching The Welcome/Nurturing Series:

After you are done with the introduction and telling them who you are – you are required to involve in some other steps.

You will need to show them more and tell them more about who you are and what you are capable of.

That is what the nurturing series of your evergreen funnel is going to comprise.

So, let us look at some other steps and tricks that your email should comprise of when sending out your nurturing series.


Where did you come from?

One of the first things that should be in your email is where you come from.

When we talk about where you come from – it doesn’t necessarily need to be what city you come from.

Although, you can add that to it – but if you don’t want to include that – it is fine and no problem.

But where you come from in this aspect is when we talk about where you come from in the internet business.

Since when have you been existing and when did you ever thought about starting the business that made you who you are.

This is about telling them stories of when you started. You know in the welcome email – you told them about your rollercoaster.

But because it is very short and you don’t have the chance to explain yourself very well – this is where you will buttress more.

Your subscribers want to know if it’s not that you just wake up from somewhere and start a business.

These days – people are now learning online marketing and starting to teach people stuff the next day.

That is why you will see an internet coach teaching you how to coach other people – it is more of selling courses to teach other people to sell courses and earn.

So, you need to look different in your approach and let them know where you come from in this online journey.

But always make sure that they anticipate the next email by telling them what you will be sending them next.


What did you do?

Now, don’t get confused. But you should know that when you were talking about where you come from.

You would be explaining more about when you started and how the journey has been for you.

That is what you were talking about in the previous aspect of your Evergreen Funnel.

But you still haven’t told them what you did to change your story and get the answers to the questions you have been looking for.

Remember, don’t tell them how you got the answer yet. Don’t tell them the process of getting the answer.

You will only make them know that after you have been struggling for a long time – you finally got the answer.

After getting the answer – you will make them know how you felt and what changed in you.

This is just a way of making them wish to hear more from you and know how you got the answer.

Now, once they keep reading your email – they will be expecting you to reveal the way you got the answer.

But what happens? You will promise to tell them that in the next email which they need to anticipate and read.

I believe you can see how your email sequence keeps going? It is just to build a relationship with them and keep them engaged.


How did you do it?

This is now where you will reveal to them how you did it and finally got an answer to your questions.

They need an answer – so, you will give it to them by telling them how you got the answer.

It is more like revealing to them the bridges that you crossed to be able to be where you are.

Look, when you are writing this – you don’t have to lie. Okay? Always keep it plain and truthful.

Even though you don’t rank million dollars yet – you are truly earning something.

And what you are quietly earning now is what other people wish that they earn also.

So, you will tell them the process through which you got the answer that you have been searching for.

Tell them the platform through wish you got it and even the name of the scholar who gave you the secret.

You can see how easy it is? This is what you will put in your email. It doesn’t look easier than this.

Always make sure to write in a friendly tone that talks directly to your subscribers and not in a tone that looks business.

You can study the way I am writing this guide and using “You” to also write your emails.


# Showing Proof of Previous Testimonials:

Now, one thing you have to always take note of is that you always need to help others for free.

The need for gathering Testimonials is very important when it comes to doing Evergreen Funnel and using it to make millions.

Many people need proof – think about the course that you bought. I am very sure you bought it because you saw a proof.

That is why it is always necessary that you help people out by testing out your knowledge with someone for free.

You can decide to put just 5 people in a group and teach them your methods for free and once they got an excellent result from the knowledge collect testimonials.

Just request testimonials from them as a payback – they will do that because you have helped them for free and you are collecting only their review.

If I were you – I will prefer that they make It a video recording of how they feel about the product.

So, once you already have enough testimonials – then the emails below will start going out.


Who did you do it for?

After you have shown and told them how you did it and become who you are at your present moment.

You will now tell them about whom you have done it for and they have seen results from your knowledge.

This is what this email will comprise of and you should try and add a screenshot to your emails.

Show screenshots of what others whom you have helped are saying about your knowledge and the product that they bought.

It is all these positive notes that will convince them into buying your program without showing panic.

Also, if you don’t have enough knowledge in email deliverability and you are struggling with it.

You can just make it a link containing the email and share it in your email to them.

The reason is that – most of the time when your email comprises many images.

It will always go to the promotion folder which is not good for email deliverability.

So, this is how you can handle this aspect of the email.


How could you do it for them?

Their next question which they will be asking in their mind when they read your email concerning those who have gotten a good result from your knowledge is “How can he/she do it for me?”.

That is when your next email will be about helping them achieve the knowledge that you are about to give them.

What you should do is not just sell directly. You can decide to give them the tactics of the knowledge and sell the strategy.

What I am saying is that – your next email will be about telling them how they will benefit from your knowledge just like other people did.

You will remind them of the previous email you sent to them and those who have seen the result and are still seeing the result from your knowledge.

Then, you will inform them that you want to do a free webinar.

I will advise that you do a webinar because it makes them come live with you and see you on screen.

You can use Facebook Live or Instagram Live Or YouTube Streaming for this.

You don’t necessarily need to use a webinar tool for this. Since you already follow the evergreen email sequence.

Facebook Live or anything is fine with this.

So, you can just set aside a date where you will go Live and share the secret for free on how they can make ABC results.

In the free webinar, make sure you only share the framework and the tactics on how they can do it.

Then, you will now sell the implementation.

It will be something like teaching them the hard way and selling them the easy way of doing it.

Or you can just brush through how they can do it and sell them the strategy of how they can do it.

More on this below in the next aspect.


# Pitch:

When it comes to pitching your prospects. You always have to provide value ahead before expecting something in return.

The internet world is now filled with many pitchers who shout “Buy” at the top of their voices all the time.

So, you have to be different and the way you can be different is by providing value ahead before pitching.

That is why I talked about doing a live webinar with them and make them come in attendance.

But one thing you need to have in mind is that when you inform them about the webinar in the previous email.

Your next emails before the webinar date should always be reminding them about the webinar.

Because if you fix a date and thinking they will remember – you like because they would have forgotten.

So, you have to keep sending reminder emails to keep them updated and remind them of not forgetting the date.

Also, on the day of the webinar – make sure you remind them in the morning and immediately when the webinar starts.

Just copy the link of the platform that you are going Live and send it to them in your email for them to join you live.

So, make sure to provide value to them in the webinar by giving them the framework.

Just brush through some main aspects of what you will be teaching them and make them hungry for more.

Also, during the webinar – always make sure that they respond by telling them to type in the comment box.

Make it a very friendly and responsive live class that looks like you are chatting and speaking with your friend on a video call.

This is how perfectly you can then pitch them your product as a solution to make things easy for them.

You should also make them know that it helps them to work with you.

People like it when they want to work with a superior in their field because they will feel safe and secured.

Tools Needed For A Successful Evergreen Funnel

Tools Needed For A Successful Evergreen Funnel

You will be needing some tools and platforms to run a successful Evergreen Funnel that makes you money.

Doing this depends on how buoyant you are with cash because there are many tools out there that are designed for funnels.

So you can just make use of anyone. But I will be talking about a few here and explain how you can use them and grow successfully.

But one thing I like a lot is doing things on autopilot and making it work for you every during your absence.

So, below are some requirements that are effective for a successful Evergreen Funnel.


#1. Email Marketing Machine:

Doing an Evergreen Funnel without an email marketing machine will cost you a lot of money.

Marketing is 98% retargeting which means that you need to follow up with your prospects all the time before they can buy.

That is why an evergreen funnel is initiated to make things very easy for marketers in closing prospects.

So, you need email automation software like ConvertKit, Getresponse, Active Campaign, and some others out there.

They are what you will use to automate and follow back with your prospects in sending all the emails stated above.

You need email automation software to send your Evergreen Funnel emails because that is what will help you send the emails.

Also, to collect the emails of these prospects and follow up with them. You need to use email marketing software to collect it.

It is this software that will give you a code that you will put on the landing page where they will input their email address.

Without this software – you will have to keep emailing your leads(prospects) manually which will be very tiring for you.

So, go now and get an email software machine like the ones I stated above. Just with something around $30 every month.

You will be able to register an account after your 30-Days free trial.

Once you have this software – all you have to do is to load all your automated emails into the software.

They are web applications that don’t need you to install on your computer but just your browser.


#2. Landing Page Builder:

You will not only need the email marketing software to make things work out very well.

You need a landing page builder where you will be creating all your funnels and squeeze pages.

Because to create a squeeze page and also input your email autoresponder code where you will put opt-in form.

It is through the opt-in form that you will gather the email of people but you will also have to launch in on a platform.

And the platform is a landing page that you will build through a landing page builder.

Also, you will need to drive people to a landing page because that is where they will see what you are offering.

Also, if you are to pitch them with your product after you are done with your webinar.
It is through the landing page.

It is the landing page link of your product that you will share with them where they will purchase your product.

There are many things involved in having a landing page. To create a landing page – all your need is a website and a page builder like Thrive Architect.

Also, some platforms can help you create landing pages and host your website on the platform.

This means you don’t need to have a website anymore – you can just create your landing page on their platform and share the link.

So, even if you are not techy and don’t know anything about creating a website. Just use a platform like “Clickfunnels” to create a page without having a website.

You can also use Clickfunnels for creating all your Funnels – which you can check out this article on the webinar funnel.


#3. Social Media Account:

Oh yeah…So, what else? You need a social media account.

Just like I stated above – you don’t necessarily need to use an automated webinar tool for your webinars.

Although, that is also cool because it makes it automated and you can keep earning even while not there.

So, if you want easy stuff and you have enough budget. You can use webinar tools like “”.

But if you don’t have much budget and you are looking for a free and easy means to go live with people and pitch.

Then your social media pages are already cool and ready for you to quickly start earning from webinars.

Kinds of Stuff like Facebook Live, Instagram Reels, YouTube Streams are cool tools that can help you go live.

Also, you can decide to just save the webinar and make it accessible for those who are not online to watch.

To be frank with you, the best thing you can do in this situation is to open a Facebook group and gather them there.

It is a cool way of going live in a gathering. You can open a free Facebook account and go live on the group.

This way, you can still keep sending people to this group to watch the videos because you have already recorded them there.

If you just go live on your Facebook account – it won’t be professional because you would have posted more stuff.

Also, the other content on your page can distract them from the value that you are about to give.

Also, if you should use a Facebook page – your reach will be less and not encouraging compared to a Facebook group.

But the Facebook group is just like the landing page and specially designed for the value you are about to give.

Who Is Evergreen Funnel Useful For?

Who Is Evergreen Funnel Useful For?

The main question you might be having in mind is if this Evergreen Funnel will be a perfect fit for your business.

The truth is that it is a perfect fit for every online business. It requires you to know a little bit about email marketing.

But email marketing is needed in every business on the internet because it gives you the ability to reach your customers without spending any further money on ads.

So, if you have any business that sells any product on the internet. You need the Evergreen Funnel to market and sell your products.

It is a more reliable method of selling your products or services without having to shout “Buy! Buy!!” all the time.

So, if your business is selling anything ranging from E-commerce products, Courses, Software, and anything that involves selling.

Then, you need this strategy of selling products online because this is also what the top marketers on the internet do.

Final Thought On Evergreen Funnel

Final Thought On Evergreen Funnel

I believe this guide has been impactful – you can make use of all the strategies and tools I revealed in this guide.

Some tools can help you automated all your webinars and create a perfect evergreen funnel for you which I mentioned in the guide.

So, you can always come back to study this guide once more to understand and get in-depth knowledge about Evergreen Funnel.

If you are using an Evergreen Funnel for your business – kindly drop your experience about it below.

Also, if you learn one or two things from this guide – don’t forget to share your thoughts below.

Share this guide with your friends on social media to help friends.

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