Free Autoresponder For Affiliate Marketing

Free Autoresponder For Affiliate Marketing

A lot of internet marketers have been asking for the best Autoresponder For Affiliate Marketing.

And that is what you and I will discuss in this guide because we just have to put justice to this aspect of affiliate marketing.


Or what do you think!? After all, the money is on the list right? And for us to get this money, we need an autoresponder to create our email list.

But the money doesn’t just come from the list. Aside from the relationship you build with the list…

…You also have to sell something to the list to be able to generate money from the list.

Because all you will keep hearing and seeing is “Thank you very much!”, “This has been impactful”.

And if you don’t sell to them – nothing will happen and the best way for you to easily sell to these people without needing to launch your product is through Affiliate Marketing.

While the combination of affiliate marketing with email marketing is the way to mint money all the time. 

Below Is What Will Be Discussed In This Content;

So, to mint money from affiliate marketing and email marketing, you have to quickly go deep into the things you will learn in this guide and study them:


What is Autoresponder?

An autoresponder is an automated tool or software that is programmed to gather email lists of other people and help you send out messages to them for a result-oriented reason.

That means that without an autoresponder, email marketing would have been difficult to do.

Because it will become too impossible or rigorous to message hundreds to thousands of people at once.

This is what an email autoresponder will do for you – but not all email autoresponder supports the promotion of affiliate products.

And that is why we want to look at autoresponders that support the promotion of Affiliate Marketing.

Let us immediately go through them below.


Best Free Autoresponder Tools For Affiliate Marketing in 2021

  1. GetResponse 
  2. Drip 
  3. AWeber 



When it comes to affiliate marketing – GetResponse is very good email deliverability.

The fact is that when you are doing email marketing for affiliate marketing – your deliverability might be below.

But when you make use of tools like GetResponse – you will still get solid deliverability instead of your messages going to the spam box.

Although, I always tell people their deliverability depends solely on how well they understand the Gmail algorithm.

It is not about just relying fully on the deliverability of this autoresponder but you will just be assured to get good deliverability than others.

That’s where the GetResponse autoresponder comes in to create a good email marketing system for their customers.

And who are their customers? It’s we email marketers!

The majority of the users of GetResponse are affiliate marketers who are assured enough that they can input their affiliate link in their email campaigns or messages.

Also, GetResponse has some beautiful templates which you can also use to design your emails.

They also have automation which you can make use of to send out emails even when you are not there clicking all the time.

The GetResponse autoresponder tool for affiliate marketing is free for 30 days.


2. Drip:

Another active and very user-friendly Autoresponder For Affiliate Marketing is the Drip Email Automation tool.

Although, it is only free for 14 days.

This autoresponder is also very effective for anything relating to affiliate links.

They accept affiliate links and you can easily promote any affiliate offer just from any email campaign that you send.

Although, the majority of the new affiliate marketers don’t make use of drip anymore compared to the likes of GetResponse and Aweber.

There was a time that Drip was raining and almost every new affiliate will jump straight to register an account with them.

The major reason is that the pricing plan is a little bit high compared to the likes of GetResponse or Aweber.

Also, people are so strictly focused on Deliverability and as of the time of writing this guide – affiliate email marketers are still saying GetResponse has good deliverability for campaigns with affiliate links.

So, the argument depends on how best the campaigns are being structured.

But that shouldn’t chase you away from drip – it’s a nice autoresponder tool that you can also be making use of.

With drip, you can easily automate all your affiliate marketing campaigns and keep selling high.


3. AWeber:

Aweber is just what many new affiliates are running to of recent and it’s because of the new features that it has.

The free plan that Aweber just introduced has made it a talk of the Town among every affiliate email marketer.

Just with the free plaẞn – you can automate your email campaigns to send out even while you are not there.

You can also schedule your broadcasts to send anytime and any day whenever you set it.

I make use of Aweber for my email autoresponder and I have to say that their deliverability is also very fantastic.

It’s just that people don’t just understand how the aspect of deliverability works.

I have seen a lot of articles online that will tell people to make their email short, not use sales words, not do this, and that.

I have tried all these things and I have to tell you that it’s all crap… even if you are as plain as possible…

…if you don’t know how well you are good with the algorithm – not all your email lists will receive your email campaigns.

So, you have to study how the algorithm favors you and subscribe to the internet marketer’s email list.

If I want to do this – I won’t subscribe to internet marketers that make use of a lot of third-party tools.

I will subscribe to real email marketers who handle their campaigns.

People like “Ben Settle” is a real email marketer that I read his emails and I also follow the way he sends email.

His Deliverability is authentic and he understands how the algorithm works.

I am Using Aweber because of him for all my campaigns – both affiliate campaigns and normal campaigns and my deliverability is very good and authentic.

So, study what the top people in email marketing are doing by subscribing to this email list.

Aweber had a free plan that will serve you till you reach 500 Email Subscribers.

You will have to upgrade to their paid plans of $29.99 Immediately you exceed that limit.


Ways to set up an Autoresponder for Affiliate Marketing

When it comes to setting up an autoresponder for your affiliate marketing.

There is some email autoresponder that has a very good deliverability level but the only problem is that they don’t support affiliate marketing.

And you can start making use of them also but you just have to be very careful.

Now, there are several ways through which you can make use of them for your affiliate marketing journey.

But just like I stated earlier…You need to be careful because if they should get you. They will block your account.

But a lot of top affiliate marketers that I know are making use of them and they are profiting from it.

And they are using them safely without the autoresponders knowing that they are promoting affiliate offers.

Examples of autoresponders like this who don’t support affiliate marketing are; ConvertKit, MailChimp, SendinBlue and so more.

These are the ones I know that have good deliverability and support but they don’t allow affiliate links in their emails.

So, how can you use them to do Affiliate Marketing without them knowing that you are doing affiliate marketing?

  1. Create a Bridge Page.
  2. Click the link.
  3. Don’t use Affiliate Words in Email Copy.


1. Create a Bridge Page:

The first thing that you should have in mind is to create a bridge page between your autoresponder and your affiliate link.

This is how these affiliate marketers do theirs because they know that it will be impossible for them to just put the affiliate link in their campaigns.

So, they will design a very good landing page for the affiliate offer that they are promoting and they will insert the affiliate link in a button on the landing page.

It is just like a landing page but the reason why it is called a bridge page in this aspect is that it is like the path that you create to lead your subscribers to come through your route.

Doing it like this, you will only need to insert the link of your bridge page or landing page in your email campaigns.

So, once your subscribers click on it – they will pass through that to click on your affiliate link.

But always make sure to write a good Sales Page Copy to make them click on your Affiliate Link.

This way, ConvertKit, MailChimp, or any other email marketing autoresponder that doesn’t support affiliate marketing won’t detect you are promoting affiliate products.


2. Cloak the link:

Another fantastic way to do Email Marketing with any autoresponder is by making use of Link Clockers.

Link Clockers are very good for pretending and showing that you are not doing affiliate marketing at all.

It will embed affiliate links in between the links and make it be a redirected link that will pass through few links before it goes to the affiliate sales page.

This is how the top affiliates are doing their affiliate marketing when making use of autoresponders that are not supporting affiliate marketing.

This way, they don’t majorly need to use a bridge page for this type of process because the link is already embedded.

Your affiliate link is already embedded in the cloaked link and so you don’t need to stress yourself over whether it will be approved or not.

This way, affiliate marketing becomes very easy and you can send out your campaigns freely without any problem.

Although, just be careful of the affiliate link Cloakers that you use and make sure you read the review.

Although, a link Cloaker like Thirsty Affiliates is still very okay to use and rely on – rather than other types of link Cloakers that might not be valid.


3. Don’t use Affiliate Words in Email Copy:

Don’t misunderstand me in this aspect where I wrote that you should not use affiliate words.

I am trying to imply autoresponders that don’t allow affiliate marketing email campaigns in their system.

If you are making use of an autoresponder that allows using of affiliate links in your campaigns them you don’t have to worry.

But if the autoresponder that you wish to be using doesn’t support affiliate marketing – then you have to be careful with your affiliate copies.

It has to look friendly and not sales. It has to be like you are writing to your friend and not to a customer or a stranger.

You should also reduce the way you use sales words like “Bonus”, “Affiliate Links” and some other words related to affiliate marketing.

Also, another strategy that can be used is by rewriting the way you write out the words.

An example is something like “B0nus” instead of “Bonus”. By using Figure zero instead of O.

Also, if you are trying to write Affiliate Link or anything affiliate-related words. You can give gaps or add “-‘ in between them.

It can be something like “Aff-late L-ink” instead of “Affiliate Link”. This way, the system won’t get you.

It’s just a normal internet Marketing strategy that we make use of to just escape the affiliate marketing cell.


Why do you need an Autoresponder Email Service for Affiliate Marketing

  1. It helps you keep reminding your audience till they buy.
  2. It helps you convert a stranger to a buyer.
  3. It is more of a communication tool.
  4. Can be used for Educating Customers about Coupon Codes and products.
  5. Some Affiliate Marketers use Autoresponder as their Bonus Page.


1. It helps you keep reminding your audience till they buy:

One of the major reasons why you need an autoresponder service for your Affiliate Marketing is the fact that you can keep reminding your audience till they buy.

If you are to be making use of social media for your affiliate marketing – reminding will be a little bit difficult.

Because they have to be online before they can see your reminder and before they can even decide to buy.

But with an autoresponder for your email marketing – you can keep reminding them to buy a product until they make the final decision.

This is how top internet marketers are making money from the online world.

They will run an advert to offer a free resource to people and grab their email addresses with an autoresponder.

Once the addresses have been gotten – they will offer an upsell of a product immediately after they give out the free resource.

Some of them will buy the product but the majority will not buy it instantly because of several personal reasons.

So, marketers already know about this and that is why they always collect their email addresses before giving them the free resource.

So, after that – they will easily keep reminding the prospect to buy the product until the final decision is made.

That is the work of an autoresponder to make sure that your audience purchases leaving them.


2. It helps you convert a stranger to a buyer:

You can easily convert a visitor to a buyer with an autoresponder.

Just imagine when someone comes into your website and reads your blog post and everything.

Then it now comes to the aspect of where you should sell to them and you are not able to get in touch with them.

That is more a waste of time and that is the reason why it is always important that you get their email addresses.

So, with this ability to grab access to them – you can now easily be selling more affiliate products to them.

With an affiliate product – it is very easy for you to sell with autoresponders because you don’t have to keep thinking about how to launch your product.

A stranger can easily be converted into a buyer just with a mere relationship that is being built with them.

People like it when you build a relationship with them – they will forever love to hear from you and buy your recommendations.

That is the power that an autoresponder will invest in you because it will make you keep building a relationship with them.

And the more you keep building it – the more you will be able to sell more of your affiliate products.


3. It is more of a communication tool:

People use email to chat with family and also work internally in an organization.

So, email is nothing new when it comes to being a means of communication between two people.

Google and some other email platforms found this to make it easy for people to communicate with each other.

But marketers see this as a better way and approach to get in touch with people and make them buy without needing to use social media.

Or without needing to keep making cold calls that will later burn the bridge and lead to a lot of bills.

That is why email marketing get detected and it became a marketing platform for making sales.

While the autoresponder is a communication tool in email marketing that is used to communicate with a large audience who have an email address.

So, affiliate marketing with an autoresponder will make it easy for you to communicate with a large number of people.

You can easily blast out an affiliate offer to a large number of people without sending it one by one.

And you will rest assured that you will have a lot of positive results from these people.

In as much as they sign up themselves to receive emails from you – then you are always free to message them.


4. Can be used for Educating Customers about Coupon Codes and products:

There are a lot of customers that will wish to buy an affiliate offer from you but would need much explanation about the product or more discount.

With autoresponder alongside email marketing – you can use this process to keep getting in touch with them.

You can keep messaging them Daily about the reason why the affiliate offer is the best for them.

Now, when doing this – I advise you have good Copywriting skills.

Because you are not supposed to make sales when doing this as your email should always be informal (friendly).

If it is looking too formal sales) – then your subscribers will only be seeing you as the salesman.

You need to make them see you as a helper who is trying to give them a solution.

I just thought I should make mention of that because you must know about this.

So with the use of an autoresponder – your affiliate marketing is fully secured and ready for profiting.

Because you can keep reminding them about the product and also teaching them a little bit about the coupon.

This is how they can stay related and buy affiliate products.


5. Some Affiliate Marketers use Autoresponder as their Bonus Page:

Oh yes, I am even among those that also like to use Autoresponder as a bonus page for my affiliate offers.

The reason is that it also saves the stress of some people who find it hard to still click on bonus links.

So, if you cloak your link or have an autoresponder that accepts affiliate links in your email campaigns.

You can make use of your autoresponder and the campaigns sent through it as a bonus page.

So, this way, you would have already listed all your bonuses in your email which people read.

Top affiliates confirm that this is one of the best ways to sell a lot of affiliate offers because it is very straightforward.

People don’t have to click on bridge pages or landing pages before they can see your bonuses to entice them to buy more.

They will easily see your affiliate offer and be convinced to buy because everything is stated to them in the email.

So, this is another way through which autoresponder is very compulsory for affiliate marketing.

So, try and consider using it very well for your affiliate marketing and start crushing your leaderboard.


Things To Note When Choosing An Autoresponder For Affiliate Marketing

There are some things to take note of when choosing an autoresponder for your Affiliate Marketing business.

Let us quickly look at them very quickly because they are very important for you to know.

Also, you might be pitched about an autoresponder which you should use aside from the ones stated here.

So, if you know about them – it will be easy for you to identify and know if you can use them.

  1. Deliverability.
  2. Years of existence.
  3. Support.


1. Deliverability:

The first one that we will discuss here is the deliverability of your emails – because that is what will determine your success.

So, you must know the deliverability level of the autoresponder that you will be using.

When you know the deliverability level of the autoresponder – it becomes very easy for you to know your success rate.

There are some autoresponder that has very poor deliverability and if you are not careful…

…almost all your emails will be landing in the spam folder which is very bad for your domain reputation.

Your autoresponder must always have a very good deliverability level because this is what you should be aiming towards.

Also, you should try to test things out yourself and see how good the autoresponder is.

Some people claim that Aweber doesn’t have a good deliverability rate.

But I use Aweber and my flow of campaign flow with the deliverability level of my expertise.

So, I have been enjoying Aweber so far because the deliverability level works very well for me.

So, always make sure to study the deliverability level of any autoresponder before you even think of promoting any affiliate offer with it.


2. Years of existence:

It is not majorly about the years of experience that the autoresponder has in sending email campaigns.

It is about the years of experience that the founder/s of the autoresponder had in email marketing.

If you see any new autoresponder that just launched in the marketplace and you are wondering whether to buy or not.

You must know the experience level of your autoresponder founder before trying to make use of it.

Because the experience matters in whether the autoresponder will be very good for your business or not.

Although, this is only for people who are getting exposed to new tools every day and are considered to use a new autoresponder for their affiliate marketing.

You must have the fundamental idea of whether an autoresponder has experience or not.

The majority of the autoresponders out there are only launching because of their greedy deeds.

And not because they are really serious about the deliverability of their customers.

Also, the deliverability level of the autoresponder is based on how well the autoresponder founder has experience.

So, always make sure that you choose an autoresponder that is founded by an experienced person.

Or that has been in existence for a little while before you decide to use it because it already has a lot of experience in its aspect.


3. Support:

Look at the support system of the autoresponder that you want to make use of.

How well is their support system helping their customers and are they always ready to give valid help?

I remember me using siteground some years back and when I had just a little problem that they can solve…

…they decided to redirect me to another firm that will charge me hundreds of dollars just to fix a little issue.

And as broke as I was back then – I just had to jeopardize the value of the website and stay broke.

So that experience alone always makes me do enough research before I will ever get into using any firm for my business.

You have to see this as a business and not a hustle because it’s something that is making millions for many people.

Affiliate marketing is not just some joke and with an autoresponder – you are very good to kickstart.

So, make sure that you do enough research on your autoresponder service before thinking of making use of them.

You can first message them through email or live chat to see how well they responded to you.

If their response is quick and active – then you know that you can entrust your email list with them.



We have discussed a lot about free autoresponders that you can use for affiliate marketing in this guide.

We have also discussed how autoresponders are very good for affiliate marketing.

So, if this is interesting to you – don’t forget to click the social media icon below and share with friends.

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