Is Affiliate Marketing Dead? 10 Reasons It’s NOT Dead

Many people have been asking whether affiliate marketing is dead or not. This question has been hindering some people from joining this business.

Some believe that joining affiliate marketing is now a waste of time and other resources and one should just focus on other business.

But the truth is is that affiliate marketing is alive and well – and will continue to stay alive in as much as there are people on this planet.

Many course creators are out there creating another course to launch in the marketplace.

And many customers are searching online to search for reviews for their products.

Immediately they search for the review and got what they needed. The next step is to think about how they can get the product.

And how can they get it? Will they need to keep searching online to look for how they can get access to the course?

No! The person or affiliate marketer who reviewed the product must give them access to get the product.

So, you see that affiliate marketing can never be dead because people’s search for reviews online is getting wider every day.

Internet is booming and many people are trying hard to learn more about affiliate marketing.

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Many people are also going online to learn more about internet marketing and how it can also make them quit their 9 to 5 energy-consuming jobs.

So, you cannot decide that affiliate marketing is dead. Affiliate marketing is not dead and there are some reasons why it is not dead.

Let us quickly dive deeper into the reasons why affiliate marketing cannot be dead and why it will keep existing for a lifetime

  • New Affiliate Networks Are Rising.
  • Competition in the Industry
  • Affiliate Blogs.
  • Affiliate YouTube Channels.
  • Affiliate Disclosure On Social Media Bio.
  • Vendors need more sales.
  • People’s Need for Money With Less Stress.
  • Creating Product Without Relying On Ads.
  • New Daily Premium.
  • Training On Affiliate Marketing.
  • New Enrollees Paying To Learn Affiliate Marketing.


1. New Affiliate Networks Are Rising:

The first thing you have to know is that new affiliate Networks are rising every day and are coming up to serve more people.

Many people are thinking about founding a new affiliate network where product launchers can connect with affiliate marketers.

The new affiliate Networks are coming up to create an everlasting solution to the problem people are encountering with affiliate marketing.

So, if affiliate marketing is supposed to be dead. Why would people be thinking of creating more affiliate Networks?

After all, it cost them a lot of money to found an affiliate network and they should not have bothered doing this.

Affiliate marketing is said to have a lot of new investors that are always coming into the market and having a goal of connection.

Their goal of connection is creating networks to make more people enjoy the affiliate marketing business.

They are also the one founding affiliate programs that can serve many people and make newbies enjoy the process.

So, affiliate marketing is not dead because new people are investing in the affiliate network and are ready to serve more people.

So, don’t panic – you are in the right niche and the right family.


2. Competition in the Industry:

There is a lot of competition in the affiliate marketing niche because of its wide growth.

Many affiliates are now trying hard to dominate the top leaderboard of their affiliate network.

They are trying hard to also be known in their domain and easily gain recognition from people.

If you go on top JVs or Affiliates social media pages – you will see the way vendors list affiliate marketers who give them sales based on their ranking.

You will see them acknowledging the affiliate marketer that gives them a lot of sales in their launch.

So, this makes affiliate marketers keep building more momentum and growing big in their network.

Affiliate marketers are also looking forward to being tagged a super affiliates and also giving many vendors a lot of sales.

This is because the affiliate marketing niche is alive and growing higher and higher and people are joining it.

If top Affiliate marketers are not careful – they will just see that the new affiliate marketers have already superseded them.

And nobody wants to be superseded – we all want to be growing higher and higher.

That’s why the competition in this niche is too much.

And if something is supposed to be dead – then competition shouldn’t be much.

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3. Affiliate Blogs:

There are so many affiliate blogs out there that promote affiliate products and they talk about affiliate products.

One of them is Digitalproductsmonk which you are reading this guide from.

We affiliate blogs talk about affiliate marketing and also recommend affiliate products because it is the best way for us to monetize our blog.

And since our readers are not paying extra money to purchase any product we recommend it.

Why shouldn’t we promote affiliate products? All we have to do is to make sure that we give them the best product that can solve their problems.

We will try our best to do something spectacular and review good products that they will cherish for a lifetime.

Now, if affiliate marketing is growing dead – are e going to think about doing affiliate marketing?

No! We will all flee and move to another business – but affiliate marketing is growing stronger.

Also, new affiliates are entering the marketplace every day and they are hungry for success.

New affiliate blogs are being founded and people are getting hungry for success.

If you type a product on Google and add review to the front {product review}.

You will see a lot of products that affiliates are reviewing from their blogs and they are happy doing it for a lifetime.

Why? Because they are earning a lot of money from doing with without hurting their visitors.


4. Affiliate YouTube Channels:

Aside from several affiliate blogs out there – many new people are also creating affiliate marketing channels.

They already have YouTube channels that are dedicated to reviewing affiliate products and they keep increasing day by day.

If there is any new product that is just coming out in the market. It is these affiliate marketers that will be promoting them.

They are doing this because they see the potential in affiliate marketing and they can see that it is where the future lies.

They keep working hard every day to book their YouTube channel to rank very well on the top page of YouTube.

Even those who have a lot of YouTube subscribers have affiliate products they promote in their videos.

You will see some YouTubers already have default Links to Amazon affiliate products like camera, Ringlight, and others which they are using to record their YouTube videos.

You will also see some that are promoting other people’s courses on their YouTube. This is what affiliate marketing is all about.

And is it growing or dead? It will be growing and the number of people doing it is increasing day by day.

That is why it is also good for you to have your YouTube channel where you can review more affiliate products.

That will take you to another level without spending any extra money on a domain.


5. Affiliate Disclosure On Social Media Bio:

With the way affiliate marketing is booming in the online marketplace. You will see many affiliate marketers displaying their affiliate badge on their social media Bio.

They will tell people that they are an affiliate marketer and they work for Clickbanks or JVzoo.

It’s just because they see this business as a nice business that has taken many people from the bottom to the top.

That is why they are displaying their badge and it is favoring them because people look at them with high self-esteem.

Now tell me, if affiliate marketing is dead. Will these people be displaying their badges on their social media bios.

They won’t because they will not want to tarnish their image. But because it will always be around for life.

They see it as a proud means of money-making online and they are glad to call themselves an affiliate marketer.

So, if you are also an affiliate marketer – you can also display your expertise on social media Bio.

Even if it is not working out now for you – just be calm and consistent. It will surely work out best for you.

Because affiliate marketing is alive and healthy and many people are making millions to billions from it already.


6. Vendors need for more sales:

Who doesn’t want more sales in life? Everyone wants to keep making sales no matter the circumstance.

Also, if there is a way someone can keep making sales without running paid adverts all the time.

People will love it and won’t bother relying heavily on spending money on social media platforms to run adverts.

Because of this – vendors or product creators who are launching products every day need more sales and they are going to launch on affiliate networking platforms.

So, affiliate marketing can never be dead because most vendors are looking for more sales.

They are always trying hard to launch new products on affiliate networking platforms just to make more money and sales.

Sales are something that doesn’t contend anyone – it is something that we need all the time.

So, affiliate marketing is not going to be dead since people who are launching products need sales.

And because they need more sales – they will prefer to go for an affiliate network to get more affiliate marketers.

If you go on platforms like ClickBank and JVzoo – you will see people launching new products every day.

They are always there to become top vendors who will make more sales.


7. People’s Need for Money With Less Stress:

Affiliate Marketing is said to give people money without making any stress of creating a product from scratch.

If you know the stress of creating products by yourself – then you will know that affiliate marketing is a savior for many internet marketers.

With affiliate marketing – all you need is to join an affiliate network or any affiliate program and just promote other people’s products.

Products that took many months to plan and produce – but you are enjoying it easily.

Another thing about affiliate marketing is that even in some affiliate programs – the affiliate commission is mostly 40-50%.

This means that you are sharing the same percentage with the owner of the product.

Just by recommending the product to people and they buy – without having to contribute to the launching of the product.

And you are thinking if affiliate marketing will be dead? When people are making money without any stress.

This is because of the easy money-making that makes you enjoy the same commission even with the person who owns the product.


8. Creating Product Without Relying On Ads:

Launching of products can be straightforward if there is less need for running paid ads.

The problem with many people – which stops them from turning their ideas into knowledge is the lack of quality funds to run paid ads.

Imagine launching a product that you don’t have enough capital to make it reach a wide number of people.

But what about you launching the product and sharing the percentage with other people who will help you make it reach thousands of other people?

That’s the benefit that affiliate marketing is giving many people – because they can launch their products.

Then after launching – they can easily get money to run paid adverts from the sales you have made through other affiliate marketers.

The method of affiliate marketing is making it easy for many people not to care about adverts.

Because you already have the complacent mind that you will make sales from your product.

If your product is problem-solving and good enough – what will stop you from moving forward?

Affiliates will recommend your products and many people will be glad about it and also recommend it to many other people.

It is a better solution for many people and that is why affiliate marketing is giving many people financial freedom.


9. New Daily Premium Training On Affiliate Marketing:

If you go on YouTube – you will see a lot of free affiliate marketing tutorials online.

Also, you will see some other recommended training that is done on affiliate marketing.

I have even bought courses on affiliate marketing just to learn the fundamentals and tactics of affiliate marketing.

This is because it is the new and future way of making consistent money online with less stress.

Most of the traffic super affiliates that have earned a reasonable amount of money online have also gone to teach other people.

They are also having students who are making money from the affiliate program and also teaching other people.

This teaching is also another way of making money for themselves through the usage of affiliate marketing.

They are also making money because even aside from promoting other people’s products.

They are using their products in the line of affiliate marketing to make money for themselves online.

So, affiliate marketing is broad, and making money through it is from different sources and angles.

So, you can see that affiliate marketing is Hale and Hearty and will always be for life.

You are safe and free to join the winning team and stay safe.


10. New Enrollee Paying To Learn Affiliate Marketing:

As there are new tutors teaching people and selling courses on affiliate marketing every day.

So, many new enrollees are getting desperate to become profitable in affiliate marketing.

That’s why the majority is going to stay under a tutor who they believe already has enough experience in the field of affiliate marketing.

They are doing everything possible to make sure that they also become a very good Affiliate marketer.

As these affiliate marketing courses are launching – so is many people are enrolling for the courses.

Just to become someone great in life and also earn enough money from affiliate marketing.

So, I believe if affiliate marketing is supposed to be getting down and showing a sign of death.

Then people shouldn’t stay up waving their credit cards to enroll for new courses and old courses on affiliate marketing.

I believe affiliate marketing is here to stay and we have some new affiliate marketers who will soon turn a super affiliate and sell courses very soon.

Will Affiliate Marketing Ever Die? And Why?

Will Affiliate Marketing Ever Die? And Why?

We talked about if affiliate marketing is dead in the top section. But it will also be reasonable if we discuss it is sure that affiliate marketing will die in the future.

I think we should discuss it a little and understand why.

  • People Are Launching More Products.
  • Newbies are the majority of those trying to earn online.
  • Affiliate Networks are looking for more strategy to survive.
  • The Need For Money Increases the more someone earns.


1. People Are Launching More Products:

Just like we have been saying – as much as people are producing new products and launching new products every day…

… affiliate marketing can never die because affiliate marketing involves the selling of other people’s products.

Also, in terms of services – many people are offering and learning new skills every day.

They are striving hard to make more money for themselves and the best way they know to get more clients is through affiliate marketing.

Look buddy, the blessings that affiliate marketing is offering are just too much for people to handle.

So the mentality that it will die is just what anyone or everyone should zero and forget about.

If you go on social media – you will see a lot of people launching new products.

What the majority of those who are a novice with affiliate marketing don’t know about is the act of selling.

They keep launching products and selling by themselves – very soon – they will all be launching on an affiliate platform instead of by themselves.

This is what they will enjoy once affiliate marketing grows up to another level.


2. Newbies are the majority of those trying to earn online:

The majority of those trying to earn online are newbies who are looking for the right and fast path to victory.

They are struggling hard to quickly make money online just from the intimidation they experience with other top-earning marketers.

What most of the top-earning marketers don’t tell them is the struggles they face before becoming a top earner.

Most especially those who are in the coaching or any other niche aside from affiliate marketing.

But with affiliate marketing – you can easily make money online as a newbie and that’s a problem to solve.

Many newbies are looking online and they are seeing the results that people are getting with affiliate marketing.

So, they have no choice but to join this niche and they will keep joining as the world of internet marketing keeps growing.

This is why affiliate marketing cannot die.


3. Affiliate Networks are looking for more strategy to survive:

As affiliate marketing keeps getting more people to engage and make money online.

Affiliate networking websites are also striving hard to get more strategies that can sustain them in the marketplace.

They are looking for ways that they can also create more opportunities in the marketplace by bringing more value.

They can see the hunger in the eyes of people and they hope to serve more people by making transactions easy.

They are trying to make product vendors launch a successful product and Affiliate marketers to sell products and earn.

This goal alone is worth millions of thanks and praise to come from anyone involve or aiming to become an affiliate marketer.

So anyone still saying Affiliate marketing will be dead doesn’t know what they are saying.

It is never going to die and it will continue to exist for a long period. So, don’t slack on it.


4. The Need For Money Increases the More Someone Earns:

We can never be contented in life and the need for money keeps growing in our mind.

No matter how much you make today – you will surely desire to make another money which is more than that.

It is just something that is inside of us which can never run dry but keep getting us thirsty.

So, because of this – people keep launching more products for the marketplace and they keep striving.

Also, affiliate marketers keep trying to promote more products just to make money online.

So, it’s just a situation that makes everyone to be willing to earn more money.

So, if people are still growing thirst for money – then the need for affiliate marketing will keep improving.

conclusion about if affiliate marketing will die


Affiliate Marketing can never be dead and everyone asking whether “Is affiliate marketing dead?” Shouldn’t bother to ask.

They should just go straight to register with an affiliate program and start making money for themselves.

Because it doesn’t cost them any stress or money before they can start making money without any stress.

Also, with the 14 points given in this guide – you can rest assured that you are inside a safe niche called affiliate marketing.

If you are an Affiliate Marketer – you can hit the comment box below to tell us what you feel about affiliate marketing.

If you are about to join the affiliate marketing Industry – comment below why you want to join.

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