Is Affiliate Marketing On Pinterest Worth It?

Doing affiliate marketing on Pinterest and trying to know where it is worth it can be very tricky.

Because everything on the internet takes a little bit of time before you might even consider seeing the result.

But that still brings us back to the question that we are about to treat in this guide.

If it is worth doing Affiliate Marketing On Pinterest.

Is Affiliate Marketing On Pinterest Worth It?

Oh Yes, Affiliate Marketing is worth every of your effort on pinterest provided you do the right thing.

Acccording to Similarweb, Pinterest has a monthly visitor of 980 Million Users. So if you can find a means to get the Pinterest algorithm to favor you.

You will keep milking out affiliate commission and having the ching-chang sound of earnings from your email notification.

There are a few things to be discussed in this guide and I know you have many questions in your mind, right now.

And that is what will bring us to the first question that will buttress the main reason why you are here.


Is it possible to make money with affiliate marketing on Pinterest?

Making money on Pinterest through affiliate marketing is very much possible.

You just have to know the kind of niche that you will be in – for you to consider making enough affiliate commission.

You have to know that the majority of the audience that is on Pinterest are females.

Which means, the highest percentage of active users who are likely to view your content are females.

And these females are married women who are also looking for ways to ease their stress.

So, when you try to look at the present statistics on Pinterest.

You will see that the most popular influencers are Food, Fashion, and Women Affairs boards.

If you are also in the blogging niche where you talk and discuss how to grow a successful blog.

You can also survive on Pinterest and get more traffic quickly to your affiliate link.

But if you are someone who creates or promotes SAAS products like softwares.

Pinterest might not be the best platform for you because these women are majorly novices in the aspect of internet marketing.

But if you Affiliate Marketing surrounds foods, fashion, or any other things that are women like.

You have a high chance of quickly getting more traffic and earning money from affiliate marketing through Pinterest.

Although that doesn’t mean even if you are from other niches – you can also get traffic.

But you just can’t be compared to others.


Does Pinterest Block affiliate links or not?

A lot of people have been asking whether Pinterest supports the use of affiliate links on their platform.

Previously before affiliate marketing got saturated with a lot of spammers who are splashing links on the net.

Pinterest allowed the use of affiliate links then – just to be pinned directly to boards.

But ever since everyone on the net now wants to get rich quick by just spamming affiliate Links everywhere.

If you decide to post your affiliate link directly to a pin without even using another external source.

Your account will be banned and you will not be able to access your Pinterest account anymore.

I was once banned like that on Pinterest and I was unable to access that Pinterest accounts up till today.

If you are someone promoting or considering promoting Amazon products on pinterest.

That is awesome as you can easily promote a lot of ladies’ materials and products to Pinterest users.

You will get a lot of affiliate commission because you are going straight to the bulk of the audience.

But you should not consider just pinning your Amazon Associates link directly to your board.

Failure to relate to this will always make you use your account very fast.

The same also applies to ClickBank products. Most especially those selling health products on ClickBank.

I have seen people asking the question “Does Pinterest Accepts ClickBank Links?“.

Pinterest does not allow ClickBank links on its platform. And you will get flagged easily if you decide to keep posting affiliate links nakedly.

Although there is a way in which you can post your affiliate links without getting caught.

And that is what I will be explaining in the next part of this guide. So, stick with me.


Doing Affiliate Marketing Without A Blog On Pinterest

Doing affiliate marketing without a blog is possible.

There are a lot of people earning millions of affiliate commissions even without a blog.

And the reason for this question is because. If you decide to start promoting other people’s products on Pinterest.

You need to have a blog where you can send people to.

But you do not necessarily need to do all these. You can find another way to do this.

Also, the majority of those who do not have a blog – are those who always wonder if they can post affiliate links directly on Pinterest.

But if you have a blog of yours. You can write a short post and just interlink your affiliate link on the post.

While you PIN the blog post link on Pinterest which will make your affiliate promotions to be worth it.

But if you are wondering how possible you can start affiliate promotions without a blog.

And also considering how you can send traffic to your affiliate link through Pinterest by posting your affiliate links directly.

Check out the 2 methods I am about to reveal below.


Using Link Cloaker

When using a link Cloaker, you can make use of a third-party tool like Thirsty affiliates.

It has a free and premium plan which you can use to satisfy your needs.

I prefer to use this because it makes it difficult for any platform to know that you are posting an affiliate link.

All you have to do is get over and paste your affiliate link in Thirsty affiliates software and it will generate an external link for you.

It is this link you will post on your Pinterest and whenever someone clicks on it – they get redirected to your Affiliate link.

Doing affiliate marketing this way will surely be worth it – since you don’t have to stress much.


Using Bridge Pages

When using bridge pages. You can also call it a landing page where you send people to.

Although, there are several tools on the net that you can use to create bridge pages for your affiliate promotions.

You can use a tool like Leadpages or Clickfunnels to create bridge pages for your affiliate promotion on Pinterest.

You can just include the pictures, more details, write-ups about the product.

and then include your affiliate link in the top, middle, and ending of the page.

This way, it is even much better because it helps you to wash the brain of the audience.

Instead of just sending them directly to your affiliate link through link cloaking (although that’s the lazy method).

This way, you will only copy the link of your bridge page and PIN on Pinterest.

So, Pinterest users will first click and land on your bridge page before they click on your affiliate link.


Does one need followers on Pinterest for affiliate marketing?

You do not necessarily need followers on Pinterest before you can get traffic to your affiliate links.

Pinterest is a search engine optimization platform just like Google and YouTube.

Users also go there to search for the solution to their problems – just that they get bombarded with images (called PINS).

It is when they click on your PIN that they see more of your other pins and they get redirected to your affiliate funnel.

Although the user can now decide to follow you or even save your PIN for future purposes.

It is also good to have followers on Pinterest though.

That way, you can have people ready to see your new posts/pins immediately after you publish them.

But you don’t necessarily need followers to make Pinterest Worth your affiliate marketing effort.


How beginners can do Pin Affiliate Links On Pinterest 

If you are a beginner and you are wondering whether to use affiliate marketing as an extra source of income on Pinterest.

Or you are not new to Affiliate Marketing but considering doing affiliate marketing to drive traffic from Pinterest.

Your determination is surely authentic. But you just have to consider your niche – just like I have stated.

Pinterest is unlike many other social media platforms where you can promote just anything.

They are majorly filled with mothers who are seeking a solution to their family problems.

If you are to promote any kind of products that are not related to fashion, food, family affairs, travels…

Then you will want to send them to a bridge page where you will explain to them how the product will help them.

Most especially those who are in the software niche that helps to automate online marketing.

If you don’t send them to a bridge page.

But you just cloak your link and send them straight to the affiliate sales page.

Then you might equally be wasting a lot of your energy on the wrong set of campaigns.

This brings us to the conclusion on How to use Pinterest for affiliate marketing.

Also, with this guide… you should have been able to conclude whether affiliate marketing on Pinterest is worth it or not.

Consider reading this guide on How Long It Take For Affiliate Marketing To Work for more understanding.


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