Is Zyia A Scam: Read This Important Information

Is Zyia A Scam

A lot of questions have been popping up considering whether Zyia is a scam or not.

In this guide, I am going to be giving you all the information and details about the Zyia MLM Program.

So, if you are a female network and internet marketer asking if zyia is a scam. Then read what I am about to reveal here.

  • Founded by:  Erin Bradley
  • Niche: Yoga Wears
  • Business: Multi-Level Marketing
  • Price: $295 and above
  • Ranks/Level: 11 Ranks
  • Ways To Earn: Recruit Or Sell Activewear
  • Founded: 2017.


First of all,

Zyia Activewear MLM Network

What is Zyia and How Did It Come To Inception?

Zyia is an activewear clothing brand that sells its product through multi level marketing techniques.

It is owned and founded in February 2017 by Erin Bradley and has her husband Jeremiah Bradley as the chairman of the boards.

Zyia is said to be a family running company that has majorly all the Bradleys as the top directors of the company.

Zyia is also fully targeted at only women in the fitness niche and doesn’t involve men in its operation.

Erin’s conclusion and first inception about creating and launching Zyia came into existence during a hiking trip with friends.

She went on a snowy hiking trip with friends and just from what Erin stated in her talk.

She said the thought of Zyia came when she was at the back of the women and saw the way the moon shined on them.

So, she thought about creating something that will uplift women and empower them.

She believes through the launching of Zyia. Then women will be self-employed and won’t need to work as an employee for a company.

Also, she believes that through the launching of Zyia, women will be able to support one another and become independent.

But is this what Zyia is truly achieving for the women that are under it?

Also, Is Zyia A Scam that people are calling it?

Well, you will understand fully well what Zyia is all about and conclude as to whether or not it is a scam after we are done with this guide.


Is Zyia A Scam? More About It

Well, Zyia is a multi level marketing business scheme that produces and sells activewear and fitness clothes.

Although, the major way through which they sell their products is through women who register for the program and become a reseller.

The 4 Pillars of Zyia are Light, Activity, Community, and Uplift.

This is what Zyia believes to achieve for its members who register under them and become a Zyia representatives.

The company launches new fabrics every week just to stay up to date with the weekly routine of exercise.

The Zyia MLM Program is focused to help women stay fit and active.

And just like every network marketing form out there. Zyia is also focused on activewear.

Since all MLM Brands do have a certain product that they will specialize in and focus on.

The common ones that we know about are always in the Health and Beauty Niche.

Well, maybe because Zyia is among the first to be in the weight loss and fitness niche.

It is then able to grow a rapid audience base because it focuses on women in specific.

It can quickly tap into the interest of every woman who heard about it – since women like to feel special (which is cool).

You can become your boss selling Zyia’s product and they have 11 ranks under the program.

The ranks range from representative to Zyia Presidential (which is the highest level you can reach).


Joining Zyia MLM

Joining Zyia is not free and you will have to pay a fee before you can be considered a registered member.

Although, we cannot really blame Erin or Zyia as a whole for this because it’s a network marketing firm.

Assuming it is an affiliate marketing firm that bases majorly on giving commission.

Then it would have been more considered a scam approach using affiliate marketing as camouflage.

But since it’s fully focused on MLM, then most MLM requires a registration fee for any registered member.

And the amount that you will have to pay to become a member is ranging from $295 to 384 Canadian dollars.

Well, a little bit on the high side though. But you will be given a lot of activewear which you can sell on your own.

I will just call this, trying to launch a mini online store of activewear to their members.

But does this even guarantee your success?

Does this mean you will make automatic money from any of this Investment?

Well, Maybe Not – because success is not guaranteed for anyone.

But what do I even know, let’s continue with the gist, my friend

Is Zyia A Pyramid Scheme

Making Money With Zyia Activewear MLM Brand

You will always earn money in two ways through this MLM program.

You either refer people to join the program through your unique referral link.

Or you sell their products being given to you and earn 20% to 33% commission on each sale.

You have to know that these depend on your rank among the 11 ranks of Zyia.

If you are a starter, you will only be eligible for 20%. But the more you keep making progress in your ranking.

The money you keep increasing your commission and the more your eligibility to earn more.

Another thing you have to know is that you need to refer people to your team to make more money.

Selling of activewear is money on its own. But you need to bring more people to join your team for you to earn more.

It is when these people invest in the business that your team will grow and you also make more money.

That is why, as a team leader or an upline. You have more profits when your downlines are bringing people.

And the more you and your downlines (those who are under you in the team) bring more people.

The more you continue to earn and the more your team continues to grow in profit.

This is how network marketing works though, so you don’t have to be surprised about that.

One thing you have to put into consideration is that you need to make at least $600 in sales every month.

It’s either you bring someone to invest as a member ad make up to $600 or you sell activewear up to $600 in sales revenue.

Failure to meet this demand every month. You will have to pay a $15 renewal every month for you to access your dashboard.

That is the website fee for anyone who is not able to make up to $600 for the team every month.

I believe this is being done to encourage more team members to work hard towards improving their team.

Just my idea though.

Also, for you to rank very well. You have to recruit more – just like I have stated earlier.

And as a team leader. You get between 1% – 10% of the team sales.

This depends on your rank in the team though. But the least rank gets 1% while the highest rank gets 10%.

This is based on your team sales and not the general company sales.

MLM works based on team and you recruit more. So, the larger the team, the more money for both uplines and downlines.


Benefits and What I Like About Zyia Pyramid Scheme

Let us look into some of the benefits of the Zyia Activewear Program.


1. Building Women’s Self Esteem:

First among the reason why Zyia can be more beneficial is that it helps build women’s self-esteem.

Normally, women are classed to be second in almost anything just because of their status rate.

But Erin believes that by launching something that is fully targeted at women.

This will help to build more women to believe in themselves and also see women being leaders.

In a situation where there are mixed in this type of program. You will get to realize that Men might tend to dominate more.

But since it’s filled with women. Then women will be the ones dominating the program without any competition from the opposite gender.


2. $100 gift card when you sign up with extra clothing pieces:

You will be earning more gift cards in $100 if you sign up as a member.

You will also have more extra clothing pieces which you can resell on your own as a member.

This Gift card can be used to renew and make some purchases on other websites for whatever you like.

But what Zyia is trying to do here is to allow your first promotion online.

Through the gift card, you can make an online paid promotion on a website or platform to get more people into your team.

Or you can just sell more of the activewear to bring more sales to your team and the company.

Remember that you have to keep promoting your team for you to also earn more money from this program.

So, a $100 gift card and extra activewear clothing pieces are what you stand to achieve more.


3. 25% off on the zyia clothing after you sign up:

Unlike any other person that wants to buy activewear in the Zyia online store without being a member.

They buy at the normal price without having access to any kind of discount except for a certain period.

But as a member who is fully into the program of Zyia MLM. Then you have access to a 25% discount on Zyia Clothing.

Can you still say Zyia is a scam with this?

Well, let’s continue.

But we tend to see that they are giving more room for people to join with this huge discount.

I mean, 25% off on their clothes which you can resell and make back just from that discount.

Since one can easily compare the price to that of their store and easily start making more sales.

This is another benefit that I see will also go a long way in the reigning of Zyia.


Shortcomings and What I don’t Like About Zyia Activewear Pyramid Scheme

Everything that has an advantage will surely have its disadvantage. And to be frank, Zyia has a lot of disadvantages.

Although, MLM tends to have a lot of disadvantages that we online marketers usually focus on to disregard many.

But I want you to know that I am revealing this to you, not to spoil the brand name or make you feel discouraged.

I am revealing this to you so that you can make the best decision on whether or not to invest in Zyia Or whether it’s Zyia is a Scam.

Below are the Cons of the Zyia Multi-Level Marketing Brand.


1. Too Many Ranks:

What I see about Zyia is the load of rank that the program tends to offer its members.

I see this as too much compared to several other MLM programs that are out there.

Because this is just a way to do extorting more money from members and make them feel ranked.

Yes, because normally. A rank of 5-6 is considered to be okay for me.

But when someone joins as a representative and tries to make more money for the team.

That means, the money being realized will have to keep going back to the company in the name of buying more higher plans.

And people like to improve ranking a lot. Because you will get to see high leaders earning more commission.

You will also be intimidated to earn more like them and so the money you realize will keep going back for years if not careful.

This is the first shortcoming that I see – although if you don’t see anything bad in it and still consider it cool.

Then it’s fine, you can go ahead and read more below.


2. Not Free To Join:

Although maybe because I might be used to the affiliate kind of lifestyle in the online space.

The majority of the network marketing brands are not always free to join though.

But I feel this is just a way to rip people off their hard-earned money.

Because there should be some free plans for people who are very good at salesmanship.

Not that someone will be forced to pay a huge amount without any guarantee of earning back that money.

I mean, many of the registered members do not always earn back their money because they are poor at networking.

So, I feel – the company keeps making money even without caring about the safety of their members.

After all, we are all online to make money – so if Zyia is a scam like many people were claiming it to be.

You and I should be able to conclude after the end of this guide.


3. Having to pay $15 every month:

Another thing I detest is the attitude of paying $15 every month just to stay active on the website.

Although, this might be a policy just to make sure that the team members are getting active towards working.

Because some might easily get relentless. But I still see this as a way of ripping people off their money.

Why should one need to pay that sum to still stay active on a website?

So, that means if you work consistently for months and you can earn $600 from sales.

You will be denied access to your dashboard the next time you want to access it because you couldn’t meet up with that.

I mean, this is not cool for me.  Not all MLM firms do this though.

They are majorly focused on the product and the team – not generally the company on its own.

But I think Zyia Activewear really focuses on the revenue of the company. So, they stay strict with their rules.


4. Only a Few Make Money:

This is just how things work online. A lot of people will join a problem – but only a few will make money from it.

The reason is that whenever you are trying to join an MLM brand.

You will be confused with the earth. I mean, the upline or member trying to make you invest might even promise to come to clean your house.

They will promise you all the gold in the world just to make you make that investment by joining their team.

But what happens after you join?

You get neglected and they focus on looking for another person to invite to the team.

They have already gained profit from you and they need more money – since money doesn’t satisfy.

Although, I am not trying to castigate any MLM brand here. But do you have what it takes to recruit new people?

Do you have the ability to bring more people in?

If not, you might start calling Zyia a scam in the next 3 months of joining.


5. Expensive Active Wear:

To be frank, I think the Zyia Activewear and yoga wears are just kinda expensive to me.

Because from my research which I made on a subreddit group. I got to realize that they are not directly manufacturing these products.

Another thing is that they are sharing the same manufacturer with another clothing brand.

And they are only doing white label E-commerce for their products.

Where they have a manufacturer that helps them produce the product in bulk and resell it to people at expensive rates.

This is what I get to realize and I feel a lot of people do not know about this.

Also, if you check out some of these products on other brand stores.

You will find it more cheaper and affordable than the majority of the products Zyia is selling.

But since they are an MLM company. It becomes easy for them to sell.

Because they try to camouflage the selling of their products in the form of MLM. Which is a nice business strategy.


Final Thought About If Zyia Is A Scam

I think Zyia is majorly trying to market their Activewear clothes by also recruiting people to help them sell.

And it is also an opportunity for those who don’t have a job to become a saleswoman and start earning from bringing people to the business also.

If you are someone who has what it takes to bring people to your team by recruiting.

And you can also sell more of Products which you are looking for a way to even have something to sell previously.

Then joining Zyia is a good approach.

If you still want to ask me, “Is Zyia Pyramid Scheme A Scam?“.

Then, I won’t call it a scam. Since people are also there making money.

But you just have to consider what I have written to make your personal decision.

If it’s something you can do and will favor you. You can go ahead.

But if it can’t, then you can consider another business like Affiliate Marketing.



FAQ About If Zyia Is A Scam


Is Zyia A Pyramid Scheme?

Yes, Zyia is a pyramid scheme because it has ranks that people try to attain and reach.

Joining Zyia Active wear, It is Worth it?

This is only if you can recruit more people to the business. If you can't do networking. You should consider doing other business and not MLM.

Is Zyia’s Brand Reputable?

Yes, it's a reputable brand and I think they can achieve more during a short period.

Are The Zyia’s Activewear Quality?

Yes, they are activewear made with good and strong fabrics.

In recap, you might also want to consider checking out some other MLM companies to compare with Zyia.

Doing more comparisons will help you to know exactly what type of company you should join or not.

You can also decide to start affiliate marketing since you don’t even have to purchase anything.

As an affiliate, you only need to bring people to buy a product and you earn a commission without any inventory being held.

There are so many opportunities in the online space that you don’t have to be restricted with one business.

Opportunities are many and they are fully available.

If you have any questions concerning all these we have discussed.

Try and use the comment box below and I will be glad to reply.


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