13 Best Luxury Affiliate Programs With Huge Commissions

Luxury Affiliate Programs

The same effort you will spend on promoting Low ticket or Low Price programs is also the same effort you will use to promote Luxury Affiliate Programs.

That is why many marketers don’t even want to bother promoting programs that are less than $1000.

And in this guide. We will discuss the luxury Affiliate Programs which you can start promoting to earn a huge amount of commission.

Below Are The Things We Will Be Discussing In This Guide;

Sit back, grab a cup of coffee or beer and join me to walk you through the process.


Luxury Affiliate Programs

  1. Blue Nile.
  2. Bobswatches.
  3. Watchwarehouse.
  4. Ashford.
  5. Angara.
  6. Jared.
  7. Villersjets.
  8. Oceanscapeyatchs.
  9. Travelpayouts.
  10. Sandals.
  11. Nike.
  12. Etsy.
  13. MVMT.


1. The Blue Nile:

Blue Nile Affiliate Program

The Blue Nile is your number one brand when it comes to diamonds and beautiful Jewelry for both men and women.

They have been in existence for over 20 years and they are still waiting strong every day.

The Blue Nile is a Forbes feature luxury brand that also has an affiliate program specially designed for people who want to promote their products.

The years of experience of this brand is what will make their service suit your best because they are not just new.

Also, as an affiliate of the Blue Nile Luxury Affiliate program. You get some expert advice from their team.

A dedicated team is always readily available to support you in every step you decide to take on this affiliate program.

Also, because Blue Nile Affiliate Program offers 30 days Cookie. It becomes more profitable for you to earn even from future purchases.

This means that even if your audience doesn’t buy now through your affiliate link. You can still cajole them to buy later before the next 30 days.

Any purchase made during that period – then the high earning will all be yours.

Also, they ship to anywhere your customers might be from as delivery is never a problem for the Blue Nile.

  • Commission Rate: 5%per sales
  • Cookie Duration: 30days
  • Payment Process: Paypal
  • Registration Link: Bluenile 
  • Affiliate Program Channel: Impact Radius

You have to know that these luxury brands specialize in high-cost products and don’t just sell craps.

So, give it the best and you will get the best reward even from the low effort put into it.


2. Bobswatches:

Bobswatches Affiliate Program

Bobswatches Affiliate Program is one of the best paying affiliate programs out there that is also in the luxury affiliate program niche.

The Bobswatches brand sells quality watches that your customers or referrals will be wowed about.

Bobswatches provides enough room for trial and they have a good online inventory layout to convert your customers to buyers.

Any referral you bring to this affiliate program will earn you enough money since they are house for several big brand watches.

Watches like Rolex and more other luxury watches can be found on Bobswatches which your customers will love.

  • Commission Rate: 5%
  • Cookie Duration: 14days
  • Payment Process: Paypal
  • Registration Link: Bobswatches 
  • Affiliate Program Channel: Bobs Watches Affiliate Network

Although You earn a 5% commission on sales made on Bobswatches – just compare it when you sell a high-quality watch.

Also, the approval process of Bobswatches is not that quick, unlike other affiliates.

They always make sure to review the approval process of all their affiliates before approving.

It takes 3 business days for Bobswatches affiliate program to review any affiliate request.

What I love about Bobswatches Luxury affiliate program is that they provide you with things that you need to make enough money.

They already have banners and text links that you can easily integrate into your website to make enough Commission.

Also, your unique URL will be available for only you to use on any platform.

Bobswatches is an affiliate program in the luxury niche that you should try out and earn a reasonable commission.


3. Watchwarehouse:

Watchwarehouse Affiliate Program

Watchwarehouse Affiliate Program is another luxury affiliate program in the watch niche.

If you are a watch lover who fancies wearing designer watches and you want to make more money from your hobby.

Then the watchwarehouse Affiliate Program is something you should join as soon as possible.

Or if you have a website that sells watches and you just want to make some more promotions for Luxury watches.

The Watchwarehouse Brand is also offering more opportunities and welcoming more affiliates to their program.

  • Commission Rate: 8%
  • Cookie Duration: 30days
  • Payment Process: PayPal
  • Registration Link: Thewatchwarehouse 
  • Affiliate Program Channel: ShareASale Affiliate Network

What you just have to know is that you need to have a website to be able to get approved for this affiliate program.

The Watchwarehouse affiliate program is a luxury on its own and wouldn’t want its affiliate links to be listed on the internet.

Even though the Watchwarehouse Affiliate Program makes use of a third-party affiliate network called ShareASale to monitor its affiliate program.

You still enjoy a lot of benefits because their affiliate program is a 30 days Cookie duration just like the Blue Nile.

You should take that bold step to start promoting this luxury affiliate program today and earn more.

It doesn’t get easier than this since you only need to same energy you use to promote low ticket products from Luxury products also.


4. Ashfod:

Ashford Affiliate Program

Ashford Online Luxury is one of the oldest luxury retailers in the whole world that have been in existence since 1997.

Just imagine what you stand to enjoy here because you will be promoting affiliate Products from brands of top quality.

Ashford Affiliate program is also meant for those who want to make more money in the Affiliate program.

Ashford sells luxuries that range from Jewelry to sunglasses and some other accessories.

Also, their products are top quality and luxury and not just some low-quality products that you find everywhere on the internet.

That is why if you have a website that sells accessories – this is a great opportunity for you to earn more.

Even every advert that you run to your e-commerce store can count because of the conversion you get from Ashford.

Ashford affiliate program has already provided promotional materials and tools for their affiliate.

That has banners and some other promotional graphic tools which you can easily use to earn more.

That means that even if you don’t know much about graphics design and can’t create a catchy design.

You already have them available and they are always assured convert better because of their expertise.

Also, ready-made coupon codes are available for you to use since customers love coupons a lot.

These are all available for you to make selling more easier for you and increase your conversions.

So, the Ashford affiliate program is what you should join today and start earning a reasonable amount of coming daily.

  • Commission Rate: 6%
  • Cookie Duration: 45days
  • Payment Process: PayPal
  • Registration Link: Ashford 
  • Affiliate Program Channel: Commission Junction 

They have a partnership with the commission junction affiliate network to monitor their affiliate program with 45 days Cookie period.


5. Angara:

Angara Affiliate Program

If you debut that you have not heard about the angara affiliate program – then I might not argue much.

The reason is that they have been low-key paying affiliates a reasonable amount of awesome commission.

Angara is an online luxury store that specializes in the selling of gemstones and expensive jewelry.

They have thousands of products that are in this store which include diamonds, emerald, ruby, and many more.

They sell necklaces, earrings, necklaces, and more Jewelry that dazzles just from the sight of a long-range.

Why am I telling you all this? It’s majorly for you to know about the affiliate program that you want to sign up for.

The affiliate network that controls the Angara affiliate program is the Linkshare affiliate network and they are on behalf of this activity.

Also, the Angara Affiliate program pays an 8% commission on any affiliate sale that you bring to the store.

  • Commission Rate: 8%
  • Cookie Duration: 30days
  • Payment Process: Paypal
  • Registration Link:  Angara
  • Affiliate Program Channel: Linkshare Affiliate Network

Whenever someone buys jewelry from the store through your affiliate link – then you earn a reasonable amount of commission.

Also, you enjoy a 30 Days Cookie period which makes it very easy for you to earn money even while your referral didn’t buy quickly.

Although you will need a website to be able to request an affiliate partnership on the Angara affiliate program.

And you will be contacted within 24 hours if your approval is granted or not through your email.


6. Jared:

Jared Affiliate Program

Jared is another jewelry brand that is also like the other affiliate programs that we have been discussing earlier.

Jared Affiliate Program is also a luxury brand that offers Affiliate partnerships to any person who can bring them more sales.

So, joining the Jared affiliate program is never a bad idea because you can also earn more money from them.

They sell products that are in the jewelry niche which ranges from several earrings to necklaces and other luxuries.

Jared has a very good customer experience that makes it easy to convert your customers to paying buyers.

  • Commission Rate: 7%
  • CookieDuration: 30days
  • Payment Process: PayPal
  • Registration Link:  Jared
  • Affiliate Program Channel: Offer Flex and Commission Junction

Jared Affiliate Program offers a 7% commission on their Affiliate program per sale that you bring.

So, if you bring any customer to buy a watch or Jewelry from Jared. You earn 7% from this affiliate program.

And just imagine you selling a watch as high as $14,000 at the Jared luxury store.

That is a $980 commission just for you without even doing much selling.

You can see how amazing selling luxury products can be – because you will keep making more money even with less effort.

You will also get some dedicated Affiliate managers of yourself to make life easier.

And in case you have questions that you want to ask concerning your affiliate journey.

You can easily consult your Affiliate manager and easily resolve everything.


7. Villersjets:

Villersjets Affiliate Program

Villersjets is another awesome luxury affiliate program that caters private jets to Villiers.

They are a high brand company that rents out a private jet to big personalities and people to travel to other parts of the world.

And this is something that Villersjets have been doing for a long time as a successful brand.

Without hesitating a little…they have also decided to launch their affiliate program for anyone capable of bringing them more customers.

The Villersjets website is where the booking will happen and you will always earn $1000 per booking you bring.

Villersjets Brand has a total of 10,000 and still counts private Jets and also touches as much as 40,000 and more destinations.

So, that tells you they are not just a small brand or newbie in this field that will come and go.

They are a Luxury brand and such – I have to include them in this guide because I wouldn’t want you to miss the opportunity.

If you are someone who has been thinking about how you make a lot of money just from a few referrals.

  • Commission Rate: $1000 Per Booking
  • Cookie Duration: 365days
  • Payment Process: PayPay
  • Registration Link:  Villersjets 
  • Affiliate Program Channel: Villersjets Affiliate Network

Then this is your best bet because you are automatically going to earn even from the small effort.

Just imagine bringing 10 people in a month to also make a booking with them.

You automatically earn $10,000 on a pure level with the same amount of stress that those selling low tickets will also incur.

The payment process of Villersjets is through wire transfer or PayPal.

According to Villersjets – a lot of their affiliates are earning a high amount of money monthly.

While they also have some who are not earning because they don’t have a good marketing strategy.


8. Oceanscapeyatchs:

Oceanscapeyatchs Affiliate Program

Oceanscapeyatchs is more also like that of Villersjets but it’s just that they don’t involve in jets.

You might have seen a lot of people renting yachts to cruise on an island which they want to have fun.

This majorly happens during the festive period when many people want to take their family on vacation.

And yatch is their best bet because they just want to cruise on water also catch a lot of fun in return.

Also, a lot of programs and shows do happen on yachts where they just try to change the look of things.

Musical videos also happen in the yachts just to make more audience and also catch some fun instead.

So, there are a lot of opportunities here where you can make your easy money with less stress.

This might not be like Villersjets because that one is majorly for traveling from one place to the other.

But Yachts are majorly for cruising and entertainment – which makes it more interesting for you to make money.

The Oceanscapeyatchs Affiliate program is also something that a lot of marketers have to make money from.

This affiliate program involves a 72 hours review period for them to ever approve an affiliate request.

You can always be rest assured that you will have your customer’s link which you will be using to get more targeted traffic.

You will be able to track your stats and also see what’s working and what exactly is not working.

The affiliate program gives you earnings from $1,250 per booking because their booking is on the high side.

Also, you earn an extra $500 for any affiliate referral that you bring to the premium package of Oceanscapeyatchs.

So, if you are an event planner or content creator… your chance is here.

  • Commission Rate: 5%
  • Cookie Duration: 30days
  • Payment Process: PayPal
  • Registration Link:  Oceanscapeyatchs 
  • Affiliate Program Channel: Oceanscapeyatchs Affiliate Network

This is an awesome affiliate program to join and start banking a lot of affiliate commissions to your PayPal or bank account.


9. Travelpayouts:

Travelpayouts Affliate Program

Travelspayouts is a traveling Affiliate Network in the Travelling and tourists CPA niche.

The reason why travelspayouts is kinda different from the luxury affiliate programs we have been mentioning here is that…

the travelspayouts program is a network that also brings in the services of other traveling Affiliate programs.

This means that they are not really into the traveling service. But they are the network for other traveling affiliate programs.

Just like the way commission junction or ShareASale is an affiliate network to a lot of affiliate programs out there.

But travelspayouts is an affiliate network for other traveling affiliate programs and because they also need more customers.

They have also decided a little while ago to launch their affiliate program which they pay a commission for every referral.

The Travelspayouts affiliate program is one of the luxury affiliate programs mainly because they have a package of top Hotels and travel brands at hand.

They have services in hotels, flights, yachts, car rentals, and many more in the travel Niche.

They have more than 80 Travelling affiliate programs in their affiliate platform which they promote.

And as an affiliate, you will have access to a lot of promotional materials which will be given to you.

You can easily use these promotional materials to bring more conversions and affiliate sales to the program.

And you will be rewarded graciously with a commission which will be paid to your account.

  • Commission Rate: 5%
  • Cookie Duration: 30%
  • Payment Process: PayPal
  • Registration Link:  Travelpayout 
  • Affiliate Program Channel: Travelpayouts Affiliate Network

10. Sandals:

Sandals Affiliate Program

If you are looking for one of the best affiliate programs for Caribbean Vacation.

Then Sandals Affiliate Program is what you should consider making a lot of affiliate commissions.

Sandals and beach is a vacation and travel brand that offers a lot of services to many people.

So, this affiliate program is not what you should not join because there are a lot of benefits attached.

You will be enjoying a lot of goodies just from joining this affiliate program.

  • Commission Rate: 4%
  • Cookie Duration: 60days
  • Payment Process: PayPal
  • Registration Link:  Sandals 
  • Affiliate Program Channel: Commission Junction Affiliate Network

The sandals and beach Affiliate program offers 4% commission and more on all their luxury travel plans and also suites.

Their commission starts from 4% and many more for any other services that customers book for.

So this is another fantastic opportunity for bloggers, vloggers, and any event planners out there.

Also, they have made promotional materials to be readily available for anyone who wants to grow serious with this.

You can even win free trips and many more incentives with the Sandal affiliate program.

They have partnered with the commission junction affiliate network to give you 60 days cookie Duration for your referrals.

You have a lot to enjoy in the sandals affiliate program and so…You should endeavor to join it.


11. Nike:

Nike Affiliate Program

Nike Affiliate Program is another program in the luxury niche that sells some high-level products.

When it comes to designer footwear and clothes in the world. We all know that Nike is one of the inceptions.

Even though Nike sells some low-cost products that might not be as much as you think.

They also have some collections of designers that are worth thousands of dollars.

And these figures are nothing but 5 figures in worth which many people also buy for their benefits.

A lot of affiliates are promoting Nike’s affiliate product and that is the reason why new affiliates are also willing to join the moving train

  • Commission Rate: 11%
  • Cookie Duration: 30days
  • Payment Process: PayPal
  • Registration Link: Nike
  • Affiliate Program Channel: Awin Affiliate Network

Nike’s Affiliate program is very easy to join – although they do try to review their affiliate program thoroughly.

And the main reason is that there are a lot of people who are not even worth the way they hype themselves.

And the majority will keep spamming the links on the internet with the sole intent of making a profit.

Whereas they are doing it the wrong way. So, if you are someone who also has the cool mindset of joining Nike.

Then you should make sure that you have a website that you can rely on because that is what can make your approval process easy.

You might not be able to learn more in detail about Nike’s Affiliate program here.

But I already have another guide which you can read to learn more about it.

Click here to learn more about Nike’s Affiliate program.


12. Etsy:

Etsy Affiliate Program

The Etsy Affiliate Program is kinda similar to what the Shopify affiliate program is doing.

And that is why being an Etsy Affiliate will also give you more money on the other end.

You shouldn’t toy with this affiliate program because it is one of the top Best luxury affiliate programs that pay handsomely.

If you are someone who has a shop on Etsy where you display your goods and services for sale.

Etsy has also given website owners and those who have a personal blog the opportunity to showcase other shops on their website.

So, if you know you have a personal website of yours where you also upload stuff aside from a store on Etsy.

You can join the Etsy affiliate program and easily start banking commissions just from listing shops.

You can list some seller’s shops on your website and when any click leads to the sale. You earn commissions.

  • Commission Rate: 4%
  • Cookie Duration: 30days
  • Payment Process: PayPal
  • Registration Link: Esty 
  • Affiliate Program Channel: Awin Affiliate Network

It’s one of the best luxury affiliate programs also in the goods niche and also accessories.

Your affiliate link will always earn you a commission when you bring sales and you will withdraw your money after the next 30 days.

You also have to know that not all websites will be approved by Etsy Affiliate Program.

So you can first read their affiliate terms and conditions even before thinking of registering as an affiliate.


13. MVMT:

MVMT Affiliate Program

MVMT is another luxurious package brand that also has a Luxury affiliate program which many can join.

MVMT affiliate program makes it possible for almost anyone who wants to start earning money immediately to achieve it.

  • Commission Rate: 15%
  • Cookie Duration: 15days
  • Payment Process: PayPal
  • Registration Link:  MVMT 
  • Affiliate Program Channels: Impact Radius Affiliate Network

They are specialists in fashion accessories and high-quality products which top customers buy.

They sell eyeglasses, watches, jewelry, and among others which a lot of affiliates are joining to promote.

This affiliate program is easy to join although every affiliate registration will go through a thorough review.

This guide won’t be complete if we don’t add the MVMT affiliate program to it since they also sell high-quality accessories.

You shouldn’t slack in the promotion of this affiliate program by selling its products.

It would be much okay for anyone who has a store already but wants to promote more of high price products.

So, if you are doing Dropshipping for example or you are into any form of accessories selling.

You should start promoting the MVMT affiliate program now and start banking money for yourself.


How To Promote Luxury Affiliate Programs

There are several ways that you can use to promote any Luxury affiliate product of your choice.

Although you can also endeavor to do more research and updates on your own. But I will give you a little of what you can do.

Below are the (3) respective ways through which you can promote luxury affiliate programs.

  1. Attend Events
  2. Upsell On Your Store
  3. Do Television Adverts.


1. Attend Events:

One thing you have to know about people who can afford to buy luxuries is that they don’t have much free time.

And one of the best places where you can get to meet them is events and clubs maybe.

Although this will be very useful for someone who is an extrovert and loves going out a lot.

If you are an introvert – then this might not be the perfect solution for you as you might not be able to endure for long.

But attending events is said to be profitable because a lot of people are already testing this out and it’s working for them.

They will use the opportunity to meet big and wealthy people and easily introduce them to what they are selling.

Let us use the Oceanscapeyatchs Affiliate program in this type of example.

You can easily flow with them and make the conversion lead to vacation and also fun with the family.

And you can easily introduce Oceanscapeyatchs to them as the best in that aspect.

You can easily slide your phone and show them some proofs from the website and make them see what’s up.

Also, you must collect their details to follow up much with them because you will lose them if you don’t follow up with them.

And Immediately they need such service…They can have direct access to you.

This might and might not give you immediate results… but it works great for a big price high ticket affiliate program.


2. Upsell On Your Store:

You can always upsell these affiliate programs on your store or website…

…depending on what that store or website specializes on. This is said to work out always.

Because someone can easily come to your website and see what you have got.

Mainly because they are just in immediate need of a fashion accessory for a new occasion or event.

Along with scrolling… you can easily put a catchy banner of that awesome accessory on your website.

Then they can easily click on it and they will be redirected through your Affiliate Link to make a purchase.

Although this can be risky if you are in an affiliate program that doesn’t pay for another product that’s not paid directly.

Like, let’s say someone clicks on a watch on your website and they get redirected through your affiliate link.

And such a person didn’t buy that watch directly but bought another watch in the store may be due to a lot of preferences.

You might lose money if the affiliate program doesn’t have a package for stuff like this – for you to earn on any navigation from your affiliate link.

Always make sure that you confirm this very well before trying out this process on your store or website.

So, as not to lose a big customer that comes to your website to another website.

Because you will only keep working for them without any pay and valid reason.

I believe this is understandable?


3. Do Television Adverts:

This is for someone who has money to run paid adverts – but if you can’t afford it. Then you can do those above.

Television adverts are also very effective mainly because wealthy people always watch some TV programs.

So, you can always make research on the program that wealthy people watch and you know they will see what you’ve got.

Although if you are doing something like this… I won’t suggest that you do fashion items in this.

You can promote the traveling and tourist affiliate programs that I discussed in this guide.

And always make sure that you rename it to your name and can just create a new website for it.

You can easily go on namecheap to purchase a new domain for less than $10 to use for this project.

So, when they see your website on TV…They will easily type on their phone and get in contact with you.

Always make sure to create a new project because that is only what will bring you the money.

If you put the website of the affiliate program… you have wasted money.

But when it’s a website of yours and you create a catchy landing page for everything with your affiliate link embedded.

That is what will bring you cash when they land on your website.

I believe this is very understandable? You might want to read more on other affiliate programs here.

To your affiliate marketing success.

I Love You.

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