How to Setup The Squarespace Google Analytics | A-Z Guide

How To Setup Squarespace Google Analytics A-Z Guide

The Squarespace Google Analytics on a website is the best way to track and monitor progress – That is why questions have been going on about how to add Google Analytics to a Squarespace Website.

If you’re looking for how a way to access your Squarespace Analytics and want to know more about what the tools your Squarespace Analytics stands for.

Then, you can click here to read this Squarespace Analytics guide before proceeding to read this article.

Now, the Squarespace Google Analytics is a vital part of your website progress because running an online brand without any sign of checking up on your progress is detrimental.

Before we go, let us quickly look at how you can add the Google Analytics code to your Squarespace account.


Setting Up Your Google Analytics Account.

Let me assume that you don’t have a Google Analytics account yet.

If you don’t have a Google Analytics account set up yet. Just click here to connect your email address and you will be ready to rock.

Once you have connected your email address, you will be on the Google analytics setup page.

Squarespace Google Analytics

Click on “Start” to get redirected to the other page where you will connect your website.

You can decide to read the guidelines and policy that Google wrote but you can be like me and go ahead with your mission.

Once you’re on the setup page… You will see the…
Account Setup

Google AnalyticsJust input the name of your business or your website name in that field. 

You can also input your real name if you like.

Just make sure that it’s a name you will remember and will never forget in case of future needs.

After inputting that, you will see your account data. You can decide to uncheck some of the data and leave some as checked.

It depends on what exactly your business is targeted towards. If your business provides one or all of the services listed.

You can leave checked. But if it provides none of it. Just uncheck till you’re clear that the setup is on the right path.

After you are done with this aspect. Click on “Next“.

Then we move to the…
Property Setup

This is the aspect that tells the details of your business and what it represents and where it is located in the world.

What is Squarespace Google Analytics

Just click on the property name box and “Input Your Website Name“.

Select the time frame of your country. Make sure to input the correct details of your location since Google knows if you are truthful.

So, being truthful is more favorable than acting fake.

Then, select your currency. That’s the currency of your country and this is very useful when you want to register for Google AdSense.

It makes it easy to calculate your earnings in your currency and earn in your currency.

After that, click on the “Show more advance option“.

This is where you will input your Website URL.

Most people miss this part because previously, Google makes the website URL option to be below the property name.

But only they know why they shift it to the advance option tab. So, just click on the “drop-down button” and input your URL and click on “Next“.

Next is the
Business Setup“.

This is where you tell Google what your business does. The goal and services that your business will render to the internet users.

Squarespace GA

First, select your industry category and tell Google where your business belongs. This will be helpful when users search for a related Keyword in your industry.

You will now look at the “Business Size” and select the number of employees in your business.

If you’re the only one operating your website or have a staff of less than 11. Just select small 1 – 10.

If you’re 11 and above to like 100. Select the medium size.

If you’re 101 up to 500. This is for the biggest brands out there that have a lot of employees. Select the Large size.

While if you are 500+ and above of your business. Select the Very Large size.

This is for google to know how many people will be handling your Squarespace website.

Then you will move to the “How you want to use Google Analytics“.

Just check the options that you feel your business best represents.

Select the reason why you want to use Google analytics and what you want Google analytics to do for you.

I believe Google is doing this to know the mind of their users and also know more about what their users truly want.

Just a sign of showing curiosity and serving their audience better.


Since you are done with setting up your analytics account. We are going to stream your data.

So, we will set up your data stream to collect data on your website.

Squarespace Google Analytics 7.1

For your Squarespace website purpose. Click “WEB“.

Squarespace Google Tag Manager

In the “Website Url” – input your Squarespace Website address.

Choose whether it’s HTTP or HTTPS.


In the “Stream Name” – input your Website Name. Input the domain name without data.

E.g Digitalproductsmonk

Click on “Create Stream“.

Once you do that… Google Analytics will create a stream page for your website where it views data in a report.

Google Tag Manager

Click on the “Tagging Instruction

Click on “Add New on-page tag

Click the “Global Site Tag (gtag.js) drop-down.

Google Analytics Squarespace

And Copy the Code in that box.

You can just click on the copy icon at the top right of the section.

Or you can just tap on the code and copy it.

Make sure not to joke with it because just a digit or line missing from the code will render your effort useless.

So, just copy and go back to your Squarespace Dashboard.

Inputting the Google analytics code on your website.

Once you are on your Squarespace website. Make sure your “MENU” rollout.

Click on “Settings” after clicking on settings. Some subsections will roll out.

What You Should Know About Squarespace Analytics

Click on “Advanced” after clicking on Advanced, you will see some options.

Google Code Injection

Click on “Code Injection“.

Once you click on Code Injection… A page will show consisting of where you can input the code either on the HEADER or FOOTER of all pages on your website.

know this about Squarespace Google Analytics

But you will be pasting the code you copied from Google Analytics inside the HEADER.

So, paste it inside the HEADER and click on “SAVE“.

With this method… Google will track all the activities going on inside all the pages on your website and you stay ahead of your competitors.

Before you decide to leave, why not look at the difference between Google Analytics and Squarespace Analytics.

I’m sure you don’t want to miss it because many online webmasters have been lagging because of the ignorance of not knowing the difference.

Since we are done with how you can add your Google analytics. Let us look at what each one stands for.


Google Analytics vs Squarespace Analytics


1. The Detailed Visitor’s Status:

Even though Squarespace analytics will tell you that the number of people comes into your website.

And also tell you that they are using such a browser and all that. Squarespace cannot reveal their age and gender to you.

That’s why you cannot just rely alone on Squarespace Analytics. You need Google Analytics to get a more in-depth analysis of who your visitors are.

Something like the age and gender of your audience is very good for more Knowledgeable information concerning who your website is targeting.

If for example you have a baby care store and you write content majorly on how to take care of a baby to have fantastic growth.

You must know if your visitors are majorly women and their age range.

Just telling you that your visitors come from a particular place is not enough.

Digging deep is the work and you need this for the success of your brand.

It can even make you complacent enough to show your stats about who your visitors are.

So, age and gender are what Squarespace analytics doesn’t have which Google analytics has and will show you.

2. Audience Interest:

Another aspect where Google analytics is important in the area of audience Interest.

It becomes very difficult to know the interest that your visitors have when you are using only Squarespace Analytics.

But with Google Analytics, you can know exactly what interests your audience a whole lot and which area they spend their money on.

This is very important for you when you have a project on launching your digital product.

Because this will give you an edge over others in your circle. This is how some top Marketers come about the idea of launching a profitable digital product.

You might have a head that the money is not in how beautiful your product is.

But in how the marketer values in. And for the market to value whatever you’re offering them.

It has to solve their problem. So, Google Analytics helps you solve the problem of doing multiple research of what your audience spends money on.

Because the tool shows you what they show enough interest in and what they will value the more if you can create more content on it.


3. Exact Time Of Activity:

When you use Squarespace Analytics. You will have access to the activity log that shows you how your visitors are moving as a whole.

It shows you the trend at which they engage on your website which is very good and favorable for their audience.

But this is not enough for detailed targeting. How about if you can have the means to know exactly when they engage on a website the most.

One of the Importance of this is for some of us who do Email Marketing.

When you have the Google Analytics set up on your Squarespace website.

It can become very easy for you to know the exact time that your audience comes to your website the most.

Now, as you know that it among this audience that you build your email list.

This will make you know when exactly is the right time to send email campaigns to these people.

Because you already know when they have time to read whatever is going on online.

I have been seeing questions roaming on the internet about when best to send out email campaigns.

Well, for someone who’s using his or her blog to build email subscribers.

Google Analytics will tell you when your subscribers come online the most and when you can message them.

This is good for Affiliate launches if you are doing Affiliate Marketing With Email.

Or if you are just launching your digital or physical product and you already set up your Email Templates for blasting.

You don’t have to keep roaming on the internet asking for questions you won’t find answers to.

Or buying a tool that will help you determine when your audience is mostly online.

Just use your Google analytics and this is the advantage it has over Squarespace Analytics.


4. Visitors’ Location:

If you read the article I wrote on Squarespace Analytics. I wrote that Squarespace gives details of the location of your audience.

But you will notice I didn’t put the detailed location. I only referenced “Country”.

Because that’s what they could monitor. But this is less favorable for someone who is doing local business.

If your website is about local business – like a service that renders physical services within the people in your locality.

Let’s say you are living in a part of Australia and your analytics is telling you that your audiences are from Australia.

How would you know those directly from your locality?

It becomes difficult and that is why you cannot rely on Squarespace Analytics alone.

You have to install the Google analytics on your Squarespace website so that you can get the exact location that the majority of your visitors are coming from.

This will help you know if your efforts are really working well or you still have to make some changes.

If for example you are doing Google SEO and your keywords are targeted towards a town or city in your Country.

The majority of your audience should be coming from that locality that your keyword is targeting.

And not from other states or cities that will be very far to give you work.

That’s why it’s also good for you to register your Google my business account.

This will help you place your office address on the Google map and anyone who searches for a keyword related to your business online…

…your local business website will pop up and you win the client. It’s all part of the Google analytics benefit.


Squarespace Google Analytics Benefits


1. Ranking Factor:

Using Squarespace GA on your website makes it easy for you to know where you stand on the Search Engine.

Just writing content without having proper knowledge of where your content is can get you confused as to whether you are doing the right or wrong thing.

Sometimes when you check your GA, you will realize that some pages are not ranking well.

And you might have done all the necessary things to make it rank on the first page of Google.

But there might be something important that you are lacking. This can make you quickly know exactly what you should do next.

Look, everybody likes to rank well on Google but not everybody is ready to face the consequences.

So, you have to be ready to face yours because you will write some content and it won’t rank.

And the only thing that can save you from standing on the fence is to make use of Google Analytics on your Squarespace website.

Also, because you know the page you are on Google. You can decide to upgrade more and overpower your Competitors.

That’s how it works and you can consider that to be your secret weapon.


2. Studying Competition:

Oh yeah! Even though when you are on your social media page or your tribe.

You will hear your custodian tell you not to panic about your competitors.

They tell you that you are your greatest Competitor and nobody is competing with you.

Well, that’s kinda right. You are your innermost competitor.

But you have to know that you have tons of Outermost Competitors out there that you have to study.

When you study your Outermost Competitors. You can quickly use their weak point to your advantage.

That’s true, you have to work towards it and with Google analytics. You can use the advanced version of Google analytics and study your Competitors.

Know their weak points… Work towards doing what they haven’t done.

Clear the bad Bridges and build a new bridge for your audience and get them to be your audience.

This is how you can outrank your competitors.

So, if you are a Squarespace user. You have to start using this tool that Google has given to you for free to start monitoring your competitors.

And after monitoring, use it as a means to outrank them and make that money online.


3. Social Media Understanding:

Wow… I love this benefit a lot because it talks deeply to those who are doing social media marketing.

If you have some traffic to your posts coming come from a particular social media platform.

This is a great sign of relief for you because you can just spend some more money to drive more people to your offer from that platform.

Although to make this work well for you… It will be very good if you have some social sharing tools on your website.

So, when visitors read your article. They can share with their friends on the social media that they are best active on.

Once the keep sharing and you keep getting more people to come from that platform.

It triggers a sign to you that your audience is much on that platform.

And you can just work more towards leveraging that platform for more views and traffic into your offer.

If you have a cash budget, you can even go the extra mile to run some paid ads to these content or some offers.

This is very possible with the usage of the Squarespace Google Analytics on your website.

Because you have the data of where exactly your prospects are coming from and where they engage the most.

Also, for them to share your content… They might have as well joined your email list.

So, at the footer of your emails. You would have linked your social media pages for your subscribers to follow you.

Always make sure that it’s on the platform that your traffic is coming from the most.


4. Page Indexing:

This might be something you think you know but you might not know it.

The page Indexing is important for monitoring the bounce rate on your website.

You have to study the pages that have the highest percentage of bounce rate because it can affect your Google authority.

In case you don’t know, Google values it when visitors stay a lot on your website.

That’s why you see some people work towards building a good website but they lack the techniques of keeping visitors stay longer.

Some people’s website is just too poor that they use different types of colors that are not compatible.

Al these will chase visitors away. So, you have to make sure that you keep your visitors.

You might not know actually, you cannot be perfect in everything.

But with Google Analytics, you can easily detect the pages that are having a lot of bounce rate that is chasing visitors away.

And quickly fix the issue it has because Google will first decrease its page authority.

After that, it can lead to a decrease in the domain authority and it will keep affecting your website in general.

So, checking on your page and reducing the bounce rate is another benefit of the GA which you enjoy on your Squarespace website.

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I believe you enjoy this guide and can not integrate your google analytics inside your Squarespace Account.

If you have any questions or trouble while doing this. Don’t hesitate to hit the comment box below and I will reply within 24 hours.

If you enjoy this guide. Do good by sharing it with your friends.

See you around.

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