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10× Guide To Lead Generation Chatbot

Lead Generation Chatbot

In a world where we have a lot of activities going on and busy schedules – a Chatbot is what can represent us.

Chatbots are programmed to convert a prospective audience from a stranger to a customer.

The fact that such a person is a customer doesn’t mean that he or she might have bought from you.

But in as much as such a person has passed through your Chatbot and complete the necessary process.

Such as person is your customer and there is a high tendency that you can easily convert such person to your buyer.

I just hope you understand the way I portrayed the “Customer” word in the aspect of this guide right?

Below Is What Will Be Discussed In This Content;

Let us quickly jump deep into what Lead Generation Chatbot is all about and more on why you need it.


What is a lead generation Chatbot?

A lead generation Chatbot is a tool or software that is designed to work on behalf of a brand to close a prospect from the point of unknown to the point of action.

There are so many ways where Chatbots can be used and the fact that you are using them for lead generation purposes.

Your main aim here is to either build your email list, your many chat list, or your social media followings.

Anyway, it’s still taking your prospects to the point where they will pull out their credit card and purchase from you.

Let us quickly look into why you need Lead Generation Chatbot.


Why do you need a lead generation chatbot?

There are several reasons why you need a Lead Generation Chatbot for your business.

  1.  Reduce Time Wastage.
  2.  Encourage Fast Engagement.
  3. Maintains Company Dignity.


1. Reduce Time Wastage:

Just as the adage states that “Time Is Money“. You cannot afford to waste much time on something that can be controlled.

Your focus should be on the money middle where the revenue and profits are coming in.

That is why Chatbots are very effective and will help you reduce the time you should be wasting on chatting with customers.

They will easily be converted just with the Chatbot and become a customer who is ready to buy from you.

Enough time can be available for other activities and life starts getting easy for you.


2. Encourage Fast Engagement:

It is now getting very easy to lose people to other shiny objects that will cause distractions online.

That is why one must be making use of Chatbots for lead engagements.

Because immediately they show an interest in whatever that you are offering.

They are immediately ready to be converted and want to see the next process and step to take.

So, if you are not available at that specific time to respond to your customers or prospects… you will lose out on them.

And you have no one to blame because there are too many distractions going on online.

The way to maximize the best use of every visitor who lands on your website or comes into your dashboard is to use Chatbots.

Because that is what will easily make them follow the process and go to the next step.


3. Maintains Company Dignity:

Your company dignity stays maintain and engagement becomes rapid.

You won’t see anyone complaining of low engagement on your website or saying you don’t respond fast.

Since people like you to give them maximum attention – life becomes easy and you will easily start making enough Recognitions.

Your dignity and respect will always stay intact because you understand what it means by engaging customers.

You are fast to easily respond to them and hear their complaints and you are also fast to quickly bring them into your brand.

Your Chatbot is just like the receptionist of your company and if you don’t have active… you are missing out on a lot.


Top lead generation Strategies

Some lead generation strategies are very effective for the upgrade and success of a firm.

So, let us quickly look at some strategies that you can use for lead generation and why it is very relevant with the use of Chatbot.

  1. Email follow-up.
  2. Live chat.
  3. Social media contest.
  4. Customer Cart and Checkout.


1. Email follows up:

One of the first methods that are very effective and efficient for the conversion of lead generation is email follow-up.

Email follow-up is very effective because email is still one of the best ways to get first-class access to a prospect.

With email, you can easily send them enough numbers of messages in a day because this is what you own.

Your email list belongs to you and you can rest assured that every message you put out will reach all your audience.

So, with the email follow-up in place – you can easily convert a visitor from a stranger to a buyer.

Human beings are now getting wiser – you can expect them to always buy at the first glance of your promotion.

Most especially now that almost everyone now sees a Facebook advert on their news feed every day.

Even if they should go to YouTube to watch their favorite comedy video or normal show… they will first be greeted with adverts.

So, the best way for you to make sure to convert them is by first collecting their email addresses.

This way, you already have access to them and you won’t lose them again except if they decide to leave you.

Then you can keep converting and following up with them with an email follow-up series.

There are several emails follow-up series that you can adapt and use in your email marketing approach.

I already wrote a detailed guide here on Evergreen Funnel which you can read and understand how to do email follow-up.


2. Live chat:

Live Chat is another useful tool that many online brands use to get complaints from customers.

This is to support email because the majority of the time – it becomes difficult to wait for an email response.

Someone like me prefers to use Live chats almost all the time.

And one thing that you need to know is that before a representative will ever come to respond to you…

…you will first be welcomed by a Chatbot that will inform you to wait a little bit and you will get a response within few minutes.

This is the power that Chatbot has because they are just like the receptionist of the company or website.

This is another lead generation strategy that will convert your customers a lot and turn them into buyers.

People like it when they are shown attention and they will always show appreciation to brands that take them first.

Just imagine entering a Live chat and you want to speak with customer care but you saw nothing.

You will be lost as to what to do right? But the Live chat will inform you what to do.

It’s the Live chat that will tell you if the representative is busy or doing one thing or the other.

That is the power that it possesses and you get an answer to your complaint immediately after the representative arrives.

So, the internet is more like when you walk up to a company or an organization and you get welcomed by the receptionist or the people in the organization.

You immediately turn a lead and a customer.


3. Social media contest:

Social Media contest is another internet Marketing ingredient that I have seen a lot of people use to build their leads.

Kindly know that all these are still within the use of bots to automate their process.

How this is possible is that – people like challenges a lot.

You will see some content that states “90 Days Content Writing Challenge“.

And because people even find it difficult to continue something all by themselves.

They will prefer to keep joining contests to be able to use other people’s motivation for their strength.

They know that if they are relenting and see another person who has done more than them – they will pick up.

This is what internet marketers and brands are realizing and they are making use of it for their lead generation.

And the truthful fact about this is that social media contest is very effective for lead generation because you will be staying with them for a lot of time.

People like it when you are with them for a long while because they will feel secure that they are on the right path.

That is why social media contest is very effective for lead generation and we internet marketers are using it.

It’s a Lead Generation Chatbot strategy that can be used to convert people from strangers to buyers.

Immediately they join the contest and keep progressing – you can keep introducing more offers to them in the middle.


4. Customer Cart and Checkout:

A lot of eCommerce websites generate their leads from this aspect of the bot in the lead generation space.

The cart is where customers add to the cart in their dashboard anytime they want to purchase a product.

And the person gets redirected to the checkout page where his or her details will be collected.

There is always a lot of details gotten here and eCommerce stores use this to collect their email addresses and phone numbers.

It is a more detailed lead generation strategy that they use to easily sell more to any customer that once bought on their website.

They know how fast their customers will want to buy from them once they can collect their contacts the first time.

So, if there is an E-commerce store that is not adding the “Email address and Mobile Number” field in their checkout stage.

If it’s yours, you need to immediately go and add it because that is what will give you access to generate them as a lead.

If you are someone who runs paid adverts or you use organic searches from Google or other search engines.

You have to start making use of your checkout page for your lead generation.


Lead Generation Chatbot tactics to boost sales

There are some tactics in lead generation that you can make use of just to boost your sales with Chatbot.

Below are some of them:

  1.  Make interactive content
  2. Consider the end goal first
  3. Define your target audience
  4.  Invest in targeted PPC Ads
  5. Show social proof and testimonials
  6.  Promote your brand with the contest


1. Make interactive content:

You need to make sure that your content is interactive and engaging enough for your prospects to flow with.

Interactive content is always beneficial because people can easily go ahead and take an action.

If you are making use of the Facebook lead generation strategy for example and you decide to use Manychat as your lead generation tool.

You can easily give them an offer that is free on your page and get them to comment on something and they will get a message in their inbox.

Dan Lok always makes use of this strategy to get people from his normal Facebook page to his lead list.

He will write very long and compelling content that will give a lot of value to the audience.

Then he will give them something for Free and make them join his Manychat bot list.

This is also very possible with email lists – you can easily create valuable content around a topic.

Then get them to download the free resource from your squeeze page which they will be eager to do.

It is just a matter of making sure that you create an engagement with them and they will always interact.


2. Consider the end goal first:

What is the end goal of any lead generation you want to involve in?

Before you can consider starting making use of a chatbot for all your lead generation Campaigns.

You need to have a goal that must be in place because that is what will make you get success in it.

With an end goal in place – you can easily talk directly to your target audience.

You can make them know exactly what you have in place for them in the value you are offering them.

You are making them move towards your plan but in line with the goal that you have set aside.

You need to have a candid reason that will later turn into a cash flow for you.

You are not just generating leads just to become the leader or controller of a community.

You are generating leads for you to have enough money and cash flow flowing on.

So, it is necessary to make sure that enough consideration is dedicated to this aspect.

With the proper knowledge of your goal and who you are serving…you will build a list filled with the people of your interest just with Chatbots.

Also, your Chatbots are programmed and they must move and work towards your destination.


3. Define your target audience:

Who is your target audience – because that is how you can easily know who you will serve.

With Chatbot – lead generation is very much easy for you since you have everything already automated.

But you need to have a means through which what you are doing and achieving is exactly how you have planned it.

And the only way this can be possible is by you defining who exactly you are trying to serve.

You cannot afford to have everyone on your lead list – in whichever way you are trying to gather leads.

The people that should be in your tribe must be the exact people that you are trying to serve.

Because without that – it will become a little bit difficult to even know if you are at the right place.

A chatbot is something that is already automated by you or your team member.

So, it must be talking directly to the audience that is answering everything it’s answering.

And the questions and flow that this Chatbot is doing must always flow with the thinking of the audience.

That is why understanding your target leads are important because that is the only way to speak directly to them with Chatbot.


4. Invest in targeted PPC Ads:

Many people are afraid of doing paid ads and this is what is making so many people struggling in their internet marketing life.

If you ever thought of doing lead generation  – then you need to be doing pay-per-click adverts.

Because this way, you can start seeing immediate results compared to waiting for organic traffic.

Organic traffic is cool but you also need a system that can make you the result and test things out before it organically starts working.

And pay-per-click ads always work closely and firmly with Chatbots because you can easily generate leads with that.

The combinations are always fantastic and that is why you see a lot of internet marketers making use of PPC and Chatbots for Lead Generation.

They are fantastic tactics that are always important to work with.

Although, if you are on a very tight budget and you are thinking maybe this will be something difficult for you.

You can always rely on organic and free traffic methods – but PPC with Chatbot will also give you immediate results in your lead generation.

So, if you haven’t started considering PPC with a combination of Chatbot for your lead generation.

Then you need to start considering it because of the fast result – just make sure you know your target audience.


5. Show social proof and testimonials:

Social Proof and testimonials are very effective lead generation strategies for brand growth.

Forget the fact that people are giving you their email address or Facebook account details for FREE.

They also value whatever they give you as if they are offering money in return for what you are giving them.

Just like you should have known by now that you have to offer value for anybody to become your lead.

So, giving up themselves as a leader is sometimes a hard decision for many people.

Most especially those who want to follow the right mentor or scholar in the niche they are interested in.

So, if you don’t show social proof of what you have done previously or testimonials.

They will somehow find it difficult to follow you and the PPC ads that you are running will not convert more than someone who is using social proof.

Now, what if you don’t have any social proof to automate in your Lead Generation Chatbot?

You can easily work for free for some individuals or your family member and give them a result.

Oh yes! It is these result/s that you will use as social proof for people who are just getting to know you.

Try and work for 3-5 people and tell them the result you wish to achieve for them but with a catch.

Just tell them that you will need a video Testimonial from them if you help them a have a result.

And since you are moving them forward and making them happy – they will surely give you Testimonials you will use.

This is how top marketers started and they now have a lot of leads who are ready to buy whatever they are selling.


6. Promote your brand with contests:

I thought we discussed content earlier – it is important to know that people like to contest a lot.

They want to be in an environment that is very challenging where they see others who started with them getting results.

They don’t want to care if their other colleagues have been doing it for a while and just using the contest as a stepping stone.


They just want to do a challenge that can make them grow their self-esteem and get motivated.

That is why lead generation with contests is now an easy way to convert any random person to lead these days.

Because they will easily provide their information provided that there is enough room for them.

So, automating this with Chatbot will give you a lot of upper hands in whichever process you want to take.

Just with an automated email series or a Facebook bot response.

You can keep sending them more info about how the contest will be fantastic and keep reminding them when it will be starting.

This way, your leads will keep knowing that you have them in mind and you will also be in their mind.

Since people get distracted with so many things on the internet – if you don’t hold them right and keep sending more info.

They will forget they ever registered any contest with you.


Advantages Of Lead Generation Chatbot

In this aspect, we will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of lead generation Chatbot.

Using Chatbot for lead generation serves as a pro and a con in so many aspects and that is why you need to know.

  1.  They Enable You to Collect Leads at Any Time.
  2. They’re Extremely Cost-Effective.
  3.  They Take Out Wait Times.
  4. They Encourage More Engagement.
  5.  They Free Up Your Sales Team for More Complex Needs.


1. They Enable You to Collect Leads at Any Time:

Just imagine trying to collect leads all by yourself if you are doing something like pay per click or PPC ads.

How difficult will that be for you and you will need to keep awaiting the next lead that will enter in your notification??

This is time-consuming and you will keep wasting a lot of time on stuff that can be outsourced.

Lead Generation is not what you should spend the majority of your time on because it is not yet a sale.

You are only generating leads to convert them into customers and that process should be handled by a Chatbot.

It is the Chatbot that will convert them and make them turn into your lead before you start to make them buy.

This way you can easily focus on the money middle and keep making your business move.

You will also have more time to do other things for yourself while you only come to your dashboard to check your stats.

This is a fantastic way to live the free laptop lifestyle that you see the Gooroos using in their sales copy.

So, using Chatbot for lead generation is a perfect way to help you collect leads at any time even while you are not there.


2. They’re Extremely Cost-Effective:

Chatbots are cost-effective and something that you can easily start now.

If you are trying to do social media marketing – you can make use of Facebook for your Chatbot platform.

And Manychat  (A Chatbot automation software/website) is what you can use to automate your lead generation.

Or if you are doing email marketing – there are a lot of Chatbots and email automating software that you can make use of.

Some of them are ConvertKit, Aweber, and MailChimp.

Those I have listed have their Free plans which you can start with to test out their service.

You will also enjoy a lot of benefits from using them because you already have everything automated for you.

Also, the Manychat Bot has its Free plan which you can start with for your lead generation.

Just go to their website and you will be directed on the right path to take in collecting leads.

They also have a paid plan which you can maximize the usage if you decide to upgrade and enjoy more benefits.


3. They Take Out Wait Times:

The time you would have wasted and lost some of your leads… you will maximize the usage with Chatbot.

Because it will quickly be responding to your prospect and quickly win them over before they sign out.

If you are someone who is trying to grab the details of a prospect and you are asking questions manually.

You might want to quickly go to check up on something or maybe your kid poo in his pant.

You might quickly have something to check up on and that can make you lose out on that lead.

Because they also have a lot of distractions that are surrounding them.

So, if you don’t know the best way to quickly hold them… they will be gone.

And the best way to quickly hold them is through the use of Chatbot for your lead generation.


4. They Encourage More Engagement:

You will see your engagement rise and conversion will start skyrocketing for your business.

People always like when a brand shows them attention because they only care about themselves.

So, if you can easily show them attention – they will reward you with a lot of engagements.

And that is what Chatbot tries to achieve for you when it comes to lead generation.

You will see a lot of engagement just from doing Lead Generation with Chatbot.

And when there is a lot of engagement on a Brand’s network – the sales will keep skyrocketing.

You can easily upsell something just with a Chatbot immediately after you finish getting them as a lead.

This is another proper way to monetize and keep running pay-per-click adverts.


5. They Free Up Your Sales Team for More Complex Needs:

A lot of people lost their job just with the introduction of Chatbot because some online companies see no need for their services.

But even though it serves as a disadvantage to those people who lost their job.

It is a very big advantage to companies because they don’t have to hire a lot of sales teams.

Instead of hiring 5 or 10 sales teams to attend to customers and collect them as a lead.

They can easily hire just 2-3 people and handle the remaining task where the Chatbot ends.

So, this also relief online companies and sales team a lot of stress that they should have been involved in.

Because immediately a visitor enters their website or platform – the Chatbot will be the one to welcome and make them enter their details.

The Chatbot will also be the one to send them information regarding what they should do next.

Also, give them an indication of whether to purchase any further offer among the products of the company.

So the only thing that is just left for the sales team is just to monitor the progress of the company and do the human effort aspect.


The disadvantage of lead generation Chatbot

Chatbot also has its disadvantages which you will experience when using it for your lead generation.

These days, many people now know about what Chatbot is all about and they can flow with it.

They already see that it is already automated and prefer to flow with a real person from the other end.

People don’t want to be controlled by a not but with a real human.

So, when using Chatbot – just make it be at the beginner stage of your lead generation.

Don’t rely too much on its usage – always try and delegate the remaining aspect to your team.

Most especially the sales aspect of your brand where money will be coming in.

So, always make sure that you don’t continue to use it on one prospect or lead for a long time.

It should only be during the welcome aspect because they know what they are flowing with a bot.

Although, they will first flow along during the welcome stage but later decide to need a real human response.



Using Chatbot for lead generation is a fantastic way to easily build a better brand.

That is why many companies have decided to start automating their process just to quickly grab a new prospect.

You have to know that people get distracted easily by so many things on the internet.

So, you have to make sure that you grab them with the little time that you have.

That is why Lead Generation Chatbot is very important to build your email list, Chatbot List, and Social Media Followers.

I believe this guide is impactful, share it with your friends on social media if you enjoy it by clicking on any of the social media icons below.

If you have any contribution to this, hit the comment box below and let me feel you.

3 Outstanding Ways to Do Affiliate Marketing Lead Generation

3 Outstanding Ways to Do Affiliate Marketing Lead Generation

Generating leads for affiliate marketing is good and a confirmed way to make money consistently while others are struggling.

It can be a little bit difficult for someone who has not generated enough quality leads to survive in the affiliate world.

If you are not generating leads for your affiliate marketing – you will easily fail within a short time.

Because come to think of it – how much money do you want to keep spending on an advert to survive.

You will have to keep spending money all the time on paid adverts which will keep collecting back your profit.

But when you build your leads and find a way to have people who will always hear from you all the time without spending a dime.

This can be building your leads on a platform where you will always have access to them any day and any time.

So, building lead generation is important and this is what will make you keep staying top at the top of the affiliate leaderboard.

So, do you want to become a top affiliate and keep earning well from affiliate marketing?

Then, you need to build your affiliate lead and generate a lot of leads.

So, how can you generate leads for your affiliate marketing business?

That is what we will discuss in this guide for you to fully understand how to keep earning consistently.

Now let us quickly check out what affiliate lead generation is all about and also the methods that you can use to generate leads.

Below Is What Will Be Discussed In This Content;

I am certain that by the time you are done with this guide – you will understand fully how lead generation works.

Why Lead Generation For Affiliate Marketing?

Why Lead Generation For Affiliate Marketing?

We have discussed a little about why lead generation is very important for affiliate marketing.

Newbie, intermediate, and expert affiliate marketers need to know that lead generation is important.

How do you even plan to survive without growing a solid list of people who are always ready to hear from you?

Just imagine someone who posts today about making some affiliate sales and by tomorrow they are nowhere to be found.

The reason is that they don’t have enough leads (people who are their die-hard fans).

They don’t have people who will love to hear from them all the time and be ready to make that affiliate purchase.

That is why you need to also generate leads for your affiliate marketing business and it can be something like having Social Media followers, YouTube Subscribers, or Building your email list.

You might be wondering how YouTube subscribers can also be classified as a lead.

Oh yes, they can be classified as lead generation because anytime you post on your channel.

Those who subscribe to your channel will receive a notification that you just dropped a video.

So, the moment they can get reached anytime you post a new video is proof that they are your lead.

And you can always make a lot of affiliate sales anytime you drop a new video regarding an affiliate product.

You only need to keep making them subscribe. The same thing is also applicable to building your email list and social media followers.

When you post on your social media page or send emails – your leads will be notified immediately.

If you notice – you will see that you are not paying a penny for all these to happen?

It is because you have generated them as a lead and these are the audience that you own by yourself.

Let us quickly look at the methods you can use to generate leads for your affiliate marketing.

Methods of Lead Generation For Affiliate Marketing

Methods of Lead Generation For Affiliate Marketing

There might be some other methods that can be used to generate leads for affiliate marketing.

But we will just talk about the 3 methods that are very essential and can go a long way into helping you make a lot of money in affiliate marketing.

Now, let us dive deeper into the methods for you to know how it works:

  1. Free Methods
  2. Paid Methods
  3. Work Methods

1. Free Methods:

The first method that we will talk about in this guide is the free method to generate your leads.

This can start with your social media followers. Let us say you are someone who spends a lot of time on Facebook.

You can start giving out value on your Facebook page and start buying followers of people.

Also, Tiktok influencing is now a very cool way of generating a lot of leads these days.

All you need is just to create video content on TikTok every day or often and be rest assured to have a lot of engagement.

Although what you have to know about the free method is that it takes time before you can start seeing results.

Don’t expect a quick result like posting for 1 week and expecting to see a quick boom in your effort.

Forget about all the shiny objects that are flowing on the internet because they are just a way of pitching you.

When you are on the run of trying to make this work for yourself and build a good affiliate marketing brand for yourself.

You will see another person pitching you about E-commerce and how you can start to make money from it.

It is all cool but you just have to take it a step at a time – it wouldn’t get good from the onset.

So, always make sure that you are cool with the way you handle this.

Also, the free method can include a YouTube channel. You can use this to also generate your leads.


2. Paid Methods:

Another method that is very effective for generating leads is the paid method.

To be frank, this is by far the best method because it gives you immediate results, unlike the free method.

You can easily run a paid advert for just a few days and be expecting results because you pay to reach a wide number of people within a short period.

You can as well use this to generate leads – I will advise that you run your paid adverts on the platform that you are most active.

The reason is that this will make it easier for you to keep turning them (Your prospects) into a hot audience.

Let us say you are running your paid advert on Facebook and you have a Facebook page where you are running it.

Some of these people will not click on your link to check out what you are offering them as a lead magnet on your website.

You should know that you have to offer a lead magnet for them to join your email list through your website.

You can read this guide => for more knowledge about how to create a lead magnet.

So, once you have this knowledge – you are cool to create a lead magnet to generate leads into your email account.

Also, you should know how to send emails to your subscribers.

If you don’t know yet => read this guide to understand how to send emails to your Subscribers.

But what I just want you to know is that – when you are generating email lead with paid adverts.

Some people will just want to follow you – some will check out your social media page to see what you are posting.

So, if you are giving value already – you can get free leads without them clicking your link to get charged.

Some will just check out your page and follow you for more updates without joining your email list.

So, this is another cool benefit that you enjoy from using one stone to kill two birds.

Unlike you doing paid adverts on a platform that you are not current on. It will also be okay but you will lose some benefits.


3. Work Methods:

The work method is just like a cooked method which I thought to use the word “Work” for.

Work Method refers to finding your way into working with top influencers in your niche and getting sponsors from them.

It is also a little bit synonymous with the free method because you won’t be paying any money like that.

Although you might pay little money to get access to stuff like this though but it doesn’t require much money per se.

You can just work for top Influencers or big people in your niche that you know are very buoyant and you look forward to.

It’s a real secret that Russell Branson shared in this secret book called “Traffic Secret“.

But inside that book – he used the term “Dream 100” for it and tag it that people can look for top influencers and make rapport with them.

That is also the way this work method works.

You would have seen some top influencers in your niche that will endorse many people’s posts.

They will help others to reshare their content and also help them post in one way or the other.

That is because the person whom they are helping to promote has worked silently in secret with them.

The person cannot just go directly and tell them to help him or her to do any promotion.

They won’t take such a person seriously and just forgo him or her like those who come to beg on their DM.

So, making use of this method to also build your email list is very cool.

You will only need to work in advance and In return – you can get leads from those who are bigger than you in your industry.

Wrong Methods of Lead Generation For Affiliate Marketing

Wrong Methods of Lead Generation For Affiliate Marketing

There are also some wrong methods that you can use to generate email leads.

Although, we will talk about how this wrong method cannot be fully classified as a wrong method most especially for another type of business.

But we will discuss why it’s not cool for anything kinda like the common affiliate marketing.

So, grab a cup of beer or coffee and let us flow along this journey a little bit.

  1. Bought Leads
  2. Underground Solo Ad Vendors
  3. Scrapped Leads


1. Bought Leads:

The first wrong way to do affiliate marketing through lead generation is by making use of bought leads.

This is a wrong way of doing Affiliate marketing because of so many reasons.

Just imagine you are scrolling on your Facebook DM and you see an anonymous person just pitching you an affiliate product out of nowhere.

Or you got an email from an anonymous person that you don’t know just pitching you about a product.

That is a wrong approach and you will quickly bounce the person from ever sending you another message.

That is the reason why doing affiliate marketing this way is very wrong because it brings the wrong impression to the leads.

They didn’t follow you on your social media nor did they subscribe to your email list for them to be receiving emails from you.

But you just went on Google and you see some people who told you that they are selling an email list to which you can just blast a message to them.

Also, this can lead to bad deliverability for your coming messages because you will easily be tagged as a spammer.

Even if we are tagged as a spammer and we make enough sales – wouldn’t that even be okay?

The problem is that I have not seen a single successful online marketer that claims that he or she made enough money from bought leads.

The reason is even that they are just leads gotten from several places on the internet.

They are just leads that are scrapped on several places on social media with the use of third-party tools.

And because the person wants to sell their leads – you will be cajoled that it is a good lead list.

And that you should purchase it and quickly blast and start making a lot of affiliate sales.

This is something I have done – but is it worth it? Is this something that can make you a lot of affiliate sales?

No! The best thing is just to use the right methods that we listed above when doing lead generation for your affiliate marketing.


2. Underground Solo Ad Vendors:

Solo Ads are good because I know some top marketers that are raking millions from using solo ads to generate leads for their products and affiliate products.

But I have to use the term underground for some solo ads which you shouldn’t purchase.

Because the majority of those who claim to sell solo ads are not people who generated the leads by themselves.

Just think about it – can you do enough stress to get leads for years and now decide to be selling it for stipends?

It is not possible – that is why I don’t recommend solo ad vendors on Udimi to any affiliate marketer.

I know some might want to tackle me with this but this is my blog and I can tell my audience what is right and what is wrong.

Solo ads are something that I have done and I don’t see any most real in the leads that were given to me.

Even if a little percentage of these people are real people – they get a lot of emails all the time.

So, trying to compete for attention with this type of lead is very difficult because they get pitched every single day.

Also, the majority of those who claim to be solo ad vendors don’t have a good social media presence.

They are absent on social media, absent on YouTube, absent on Google and they claim to be selling leads.

I have seen some tutorials that teach people how to start a solo ads vendor business.

So, that tells you that there is also a strategy they use to generate fake emails and sell to people.

After all, what they need is just approval from the solo ad networks.

So, if you are to buy solo ads – try and buy from quality people who have enough social media presence.

This can be someone who has a YouTube channel with thousands of followers, a website with a lot of visitors, and many more.

This is how you get to know that you are dealing with the right people and want to buy solo ads from them.

Don’t buy leads from underground vendors because they are not authentic.


3. Scrapped Leads:

Another wrong way to do affiliate marketing with your lead generation is using scrapped leads.

Going online on Facebook, Instagram and many other social media networks or even Google to scrap email leads are not cool.

Well, you might feel it’s okay but it is not something that can last you a long time and even generate enough sales for you.

Although, if you are someone selling high ticket offers to people. This might be a cool solution.

After all, you can walk up to someone and speak to them concerning something. It is normal.

You can also do this with email because it is free to message someone and get feedback.

But it is effective for high ticket sales because you can find your time to convince the lead.

Imagine promoting a product that is worth $5,000 with a 50% commission of $2,500.

It is fine because you only need one person among hundreds to make enough money that can still sustain you.

But the majority of those who are doing affiliate marketing are into low ticket offers that need many sales.

That is why I advise them not to make use of this method because you need enough follow-ups.

Can you be doing cold-calling for a $20 product? It is just too insane and tiring.

Because even if you scrap the leads on the net with a mindset that they are targeted enough.

The problem of getting sales and engagement is what you will expect.

Also, the majority of the Email Autoresponders online don’t allow scrapped email leads.

This means you need a lot of budgets to subscribe to email autoresponders that accept scrapped lists.

So, don’t just go for it and just follow the right way of lead generation to save you a lot of stress.

Aspect to Where Wrong Methods Can Work In Affiliate Marketing

Aspect to Where Wrong Methods Can Work In Affiliate Marketing

Just like I made mention in a section of the guide above – you can still make use of the wrong methods listed for affiliate marketing.

And that is the promotion of high ticket affiliate products in the use of wrong methods.

You can do this because if you are promoting high ticket products and you make use of scrapped leads.

You don’t need a lot of sales before you can make enough money from your affiliate message.

You might only need 5 people among 1000 scrapped leads for you to make $10,000 – if you are promoting a high ticket product.

So, this is a little bit effective because you can easily close them in a one-on-one situation.

Unlike someone relying on selling low ticket affiliate products with this method.

You will only get tired because the low-ticket prospects will be too careful in purchasing from a stranger.

This doesn’t also mean that customers who buy high ticket offers are not careful.

It is just that they don’t complain a lot and if what you are promoting to them is something they need urgently.

They can easily follow your recommendations with just a little push from you and make the final purchase.

Lead Generation Affiliate Programs

Lead Generation Affiliate Programs

There are so many lead generation affiliate programs that you can also join to start earning money with affiliate marketing.

You can decide to start generating leads for people to make money online from lead generation.

You can join lead generation affiliate programs like Bluehost, Fiverr, Shopify for you to start making money from lead generation affiliate programs.

Or you can easily read this guide to understand more about lead generation affiliate programs.

This is another way you can make money with affiliate marketing in case you don’t want to promote affiliate products.

Just join some affiliate program websites and start giving them leads.

You can even use the wrong method approach by scrapping email leads online and just blast messages to them.

All they need is just sign up and you generate leads for these programs and you will be paid for doing this.

So, the lead generation affiliate programs listed above are what you can consider starting raking money from generating leads in affiliate marketing.



Generating leads for affiliate marketing is a nice strategy that will make you a lot of money and keep you ahead of your competitors.

Also, this will make you command money anytime you are in need because you can easily research an affiliate offer and promote it to your audience.

Also, always try to stick to the right method which I made mention in this guide.

That is what can serve you for a long time in the affiliate marketing niche and get you earning all the time.

If you are already generating leads for affiliate marketing – kindly comment below on how you generate your leads.

I will be glad to read your thoughts and also reply to your comment on this discussion.