affiliate marketing as a career

Can Affiliate Marketing Be A Career

Can Affiliate Marketing Be A Career

If the internet marketing world is something new to you. Then you might have been asking yourself whether affiliate marketing can be a career at all.

This is something spectacular – but Yes, affiliate marketing can be a career.

Also, affiliate marketing can give you the financial freedom that you need because it makes life easy for you.

A Statistic by MediaKix revealed that more than 80% of brands have affiliate programs.

This means almost every brand out there is also looking for someone to promote for them.

I mean, imagine a situation whereby you don’t even have to bother about customer support

…or bother about closing a sale all by yourself and you are just making your money.

You see a lot of online millionaires on the internet making money and cruising on their yachts.

And you wonder how come they are truly making this money without spending almost all their time in the office.

It is through the benefit that affiliate marketing has given to each and every one of them.

Affiliate Marketing As A Career

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a mechanism where an influencer or promoter sells another person’s product for a commission.

This mechanism works in a way whereby an affiliate link is being given to the influencer or promoter known as an affiliate marketer to promote a product.

It is this affiliate Marketer that will now promote the product and get prospects to click through his or her affiliate link for purchase.

And this affiliate link is always tracked by the mechanism to know where the clicks come from.

If affiliate marketing can make someone a millionaire. It is through the affiliate links of that person.


Who Is An Affiliate Marketer?

An affiliate marketer is an influencer or promoter that registers to promote a product belonging to an affiliate program or a seller.

The moment you see anyone endorsing a product or service and telling you to pass through his or her link to purchase or register for that product.

Such a person is an affiliate marketer and they are making a good living from affiliate marketing.

They have seen affiliate marketing as the future and they are doing everything possible to become a millionaire through it.

Although, before you can consider yourself earning from affiliate marketing.

Or before affiliate marketing can be considered a source of living for you.

Question About Whether Affiliate Marketing Can Be Seen As A Career

There are some things that you need to have in mind first. Before you can even start earning from affiliate marketing.

And below are some of the considerations.

  1. Mindset.
  2. Patience.
  3. Investment.
  4. Tools.
  5. Mentor.
  6. Skills Needed.
  7. Niche Down.
  8. Give Value.
  9. Recurring.
  10. Quality and Not Quantity.

Let us try to explain each one of them one after the other.


1. Mindset:

Affiliate marketing is a good business but only if you have a good mindset towards affiliate marketing and embrace it with full passion.

Many beginners and small businesses see affiliate marketing as something they can start today and start earning a lot in a few days.

Affiliate marketing is a business and because of that.

You must always perceive and outlook it as a real business which you must take proper care of.

It is just like you marrying a wife and getting her pregnant.

And you are expecting her to give birth within the next few days or 3 months.

It cannot happen that way. This is also how you must look at affiliate marketing if you want to make millions with it.

If you want to see a future in it. Then your mindset towards it must be of good interest.

You must take it as a real business (as a wife) and not as a mere hustle (as a side chick).


2. Patience:

Affiliate marketing is not hard. It is just that many people lack the patience to make it work.

Affiliate Marketing is something that can be a full-time job if you have the patience to make it work out for you.

Many people are always in a hurry because they feel it is a get rich quick scheme.

I wouldn’t blame them though. I will only blame the course Copywriters out there who write enticing headlines to lure purchasing.

Also, I will blame this same copywriter for composing a story on how affiliate marketing made them a millionaire within 30 days.

The moment a newbie reads this. They will also believe they can easily make quick money from affiliate marketing.

They will have the belief that affiliate marketing will also make them a millionaire within a few days.

After they finish purchasing and start implementing whatever they have learned.

They get to realize that it is not as easy as they were told. They now see it as something hard and not a career.

Affiliate marketing can be a breakthrough for you. You just have to embrace it with a patient mind.


3. Investment:

As part of seeing affiliate marketing as a money source and business. You also have to invest in affiliate marketing.

It is either you invest your time in it or you invest your money in it.

I will try to explain this to you briefly now.

Normally, you are supposed to invest both your time and money in affiliate marketing.

But that can happen more when you already start seeing results in affiliate marketing.

Majorly every starter does not have money. They don’t have the capital to run paid adverts.

And so, because of this. They even get confused as the what to do next.

The thing is that if you are broke when starting Affiliate Marketing. Then you have to invest your time.

This means you have to find ways to build a community where you will get traffic.

Because without traffic, you have no means of getting people to click on your Affiliate Link.

It is only when you have a means of getting traffics that you can have people click on your affiliate link.

This can be through the use of Blogs, Social Media, Forums, etc.

Likewise, if you are starting and you have money but don’t have time.

You can invest your money by running paid adverts to build your email list and start your affiliate marketing quickly through that.

You can see how that works.

It’s just that when you have money. You can quickly move faster than someone who doesn’t have any money but time.

So, if you don’t have money. You need to have time. Because it is this time that you will use to build your audience.

But many of the newbies don’t have money and they also claim not to have time and they want to make money.

So, they start spamming their affiliate links on any platform they get to. It won’t work out that way.

It has never made anyone millions and it won’t make anyone a millionaire in Affiliate Marketing.


4. Tools:

You also need to have some necessary tools to kickstart any affiliate marketing journey.

If you are to build an email list through paid methods or even through organic methods.

You need a tool to build your squeeze page where you will send people to.

Also, you need a tool like an email autoresponder that will collect these email addresses on your behalf.

Because you are not the one that will be asking them manually by sending them direct messages.

Also, even if you are not even involved in email marketing here.

You have to build landing pages for your promotions – to first wash your leads (prospects) before sending them through your affiliate link.

You need to make them see the benefit of whatever you are offering them at first.

And all these require tools which you will be using to make all these things.

There are even some tools that can help you automate your social media marketing life.

Even if you are to be doing a blog or YouTube review. You need tools that will help you with ranking your content.

These tools can either be Free or Paid – whichever way you can get them

But just know that it is important to know that you need a tool if you want a good affiliate marketing career.


5. Mentor:

Although if you want to kickstart affiliate marketing all by yourself. You can do this all by yourself.

But getting a mentor will make the long journey short for you.

This is more like you are on a journey that you have never been on before.

And you just decide to get on the road all by yourself and start driving.

You have the belief that you can just keep asking for the way from people as you are on the journey.

But the truth is that you will pass through some route that you are not supposed to pass.

Which will require you to reverse back to where you have left already.

Just because you are not going through the right path.

So, a journey that is supposed to take you 5 hours might even take you 2 days if you are not careful.

Compared to when you have a driver that knows the way and is passing through the road every day or week.

You know that you will easily get to your destination within a few hours.

This is also applicable to Affiliate Marketing. If you want it to be a career for you where you want to make a future with it.

Try and get a good mentor that has already been where you desire to be.

Buy their course and join their community. This way, you will meet like minds that you will both be on the road.

You can easily ask questions that are doubting your mind concerning the right path to take.

This is something important to take note of – so that it can cut short your journey of trial and error.


6. Skills Needed:

Although, you might not necessarily need to learn any skill if you have the money to kickstart.

But if you don’t have any capital and you cannot hire people.

Then you have to learn some petty skills that you will be needing to run a successful affiliate marketing business.

Skills like Website Design, Graphic Design, and Social media management are things you should know.

You should be able to easily design a WordPress website and buy a hosting and domain name.

You can use Bluehost for your hosting and domain and also install WordPress with it.

There are several free tutorials on the internet that can help you kickstart this and launch a good website.

Also, you should be able to use tools like CANVA to design awesome graphics for your promotions.

With a good graphic…You will be able to command respect from people easily.

Also, you will be able to make someone stay glued to whatever you are talking about.

Or if you are to be doing product reviews on YouTube. You should be able to design thumbnails for your videos.

This is something that you must consider if you want to run a successful affiliate marketing business.

Even with your social media management skills. You will also be able to manage your social accounts.

Affiliate Marketing is not hard. You just have to do it the right way.


7. Niche Down:

You have to always make sure to niche down when doing affiliate marketing.

You cannot afford to be everywhere thinking you will make money through that method.

For example. You will see some people talk about finance today on their platform.

Talk about marketing tomorrow on their platform.

Next tomorrow, talk about relationships on their platform.

You cannot afford to be everywhere. You have to stay focused and just talk about what you know best.

And focus on just that aspect alone.

Do not be everywhere. Even if you are talking about relationships all the time on whatever platform you are using.

You will surely get courses on Udemy or even Clickbank that you can promote and earn a commission.

So, just stay focused and niche down on whatever aspect you want to focus on.

When you niche down and stay focused. You will quickly be able to scale more earlier and make a career with affiliate marketing.


8. Give Value:

A statement by Napoleon Hill denotes that “The more you give, the more comes back to you”.

This means you can give and provide value to a lot of people.

They will also appreciate and give back to you even more than what you planned for.

The truth about many promoters or affiliate marketers out there is that they tend to hard sell.

They just only care about someone just bringing out their credit card and purchasing through their affiliate link.

It doesn’t work that way and that is why they complain that affiliate marketing is hard all the time.

You are not supposed to hard sell as someone who is just getting to the Affiliate Marketing world.

You are supposed to give value and it is inside this giving value that you recommend any product to your audience.

If you are promoting an email marketing tool for example which can help people build an email list.

Instead of hard selling and yelling “Buy! Buy!! Buy!!!”

Why don’t you start by providing value on ways through which they can get traffic to build the email list?

Give them value on how they can get traffic into this tool before it even works.

This way, you are serving them a meal and handing them the spoon.

You have already given them a reason to buy your recommendation – instead of you just telling them to buy all the time.


9. Recurring:

Although affiliate marketing is all about promotion. But I always advise going for recurring products.

This means products that you only have to bring a customer and you can keep earning from that customer.

The benefit of this type of affiliate commission. Is that you don’t have to bring new people all the time before you can earn.

All you have to do is bring someone and anyone that person keeps renewing their subscription.

You will always be earning from such a person.

This is how you see millionaire affiliate marketers having fun with their yacht and making millions monthly.

Because they already have thousands of people that are renewing plans and passing through their affiliate link.

This way, it is more okay than an affiliate product that is a one-time purchase and you keep having to look for the next customer to buy.


10. Quality and Not Quantity:

Make sure that you are promoting products that are top quality and not just promoting craps.

Remember that your prospect believes in you…That is why they are buying through you.

So, if you recommend a bad product just because you are only interested in the money.

They will surely come under your comment box on whichever Platform you are using and spoil your name.

Also, they will talk bad about you and nearly hate you forever recommending a bad product for them to buy.

Also, remember that a good name is difficult to build. But a bad name is very easy to get.

So, this also can make other people that read that negative review have a doubting mindset.

Which can hurt your future affiliate promotions and make you earn less.

So, be careful to value Quality Products over Quantity.


Final Thought On Can Affiliate Marketing Be A Career

If you want affiliate marketing to give you financial freedom and make it a plan for the future.

You have to do it the right way through the secrets that I have shared in this guide.

Affiliate marketing is not a hard job and you can make millions even as a small business in affiliate marketing.

You can make it a full-time job if you are serious about it and not just a side hustle.

If you have any further questions concerning affiliate marketing. Let me know in the comment below.

Take Care and Happy Affiliating.