Affiliate Marketing Negative Reputation

Why Does Affiliate Marketing Have A Negative Reputation

Why does affiliate marketing have a negative reputation

There have been several arguments concerning why the reputation of affiliate marketing has been hurt.

Questions from so many newbies who are just thinking about joining this business but trying to play safe.

There are several reasons for it and in this guide. You and I are going to be on this short journey.

As I explain and put justice to the reason why affiliate marketing has a negative reputation and also the high failure rate.

If you are worried about why affiliate marketing has so many false believe.

Or why there is so much failure rate in affiliate marketing.

A general statistic by a random person stated that “Affiliate Marketing is filled with 95% Failure and 5% Success”.

Well, the researcher was never wrong because it is something obvious.

If you should look into any Affiliate Network that is popular in the world…

Clickbank, JVZoo, Digistore24, Amazon Associates, and several others are out there.

You will get to realize that only a small portion of the affiliates who registered under these networks are truly making a killing and crushing it online.

The rest are total failures that are saying affiliate marketing is hard.

While affiliate marketing is making the few in these programs rich.

Without much talk. Let us look into why most people fail at affiliate marketing and the downside it has on others.


Reason Why Affiliate Marketing Has Negative Reputation

Below is the outline of the reasons I will be discussing in this guide.

  1. Anyone can sign up easily.
  2. Crappy Products.
  3. Bling Bling Experts.
  4. Online Spamming.
  5. Fake Courses.
  6. Shiny object syndrome.


1. Anyone Can Sign Up Easily:

Affiliate marketing would have been 100% legit and not filled with null if it doesn’t guarantee just anyone to sign up.

I mean, you can easily just land on the registration page of any affiliate network of your choice.

And sign you to be an affiliate without any need for further exploring.

Although, some affiliate programs and networks out there do try as much as possible to verify affiliates very well.

They always try to know if an affiliate has a blog, a channel, or a platform where they have authority.

But the fact is that many affiliates out there use fake proofs to get themselves approved on these platforms.

This is the stage where they easily make use of another person’s blog or channel and call it theirs.

So, it is very impossible to bring in better and authentic affiliates 100% into the affiliate marketing system.

It is always filled with newbies who are expecting to make their first $100k within the next 30 days.

Although, many of us also started with this mindset and notion.

But if there is a way to curb this. Then affiliate marketing’s wrong impacts on people will be curbed.

Because it is just too open for anybody even a kid to register and start spamming affiliate links on the internet.

So, after they do this and do not make money. They give affiliate marketing a bad review and tag it hard.

Also, they give it a bad impression that one cannot make money with it. Just because they are not doing it right.


2. Crappy Products:

There are several platforms out there that are filled with craps that they call products.

To be frank, the majority of these product creators (most especially software) cannot even use their products.

They are just all about the money and what’s in it for them – just because they want to live largely.

And because affiliate marketers see this as something cool with good money in form of commission.

They don’t care about the safety of their followers – they just push out these crappy products to them just because of a commission basis.

This is something that will always make affiliate marketing have a bad review.

Because this is even very much applicable to the top Affiliates who are earning millions in commission.

They already have associates that they both promote one another’s products irrespective of what’s up.

They are fully into reciprocating one another.

Once I launch my product…You will help me promote mine and I will also reciprocate back once you launch your product.

Do you see how that works?

Now, this is not bad if the products are good and are for the customers’ best benefit.

But many of these products are bad and most even clone back the feature of an existing product that they have launched back a few years ago.

So, a customer might even buy separate products that are reading the same services and features.

Do you see why the believe on affiliate marketing is shrinking? 

Also, can you see why affiliate marketing will majorly be tagged bad and not seen as the future by some people?

This is how it works and most of the products being promoted on the net are crap.


3. Bling Bling Experts:

The Major problem that even cause the bad reviews that affiliate marketing is experiencing presently are the Bling Experts.

The Fake Gurus on the net keep intimidating the newbies with their earnings.

Telling them about the new whip they just bought from just promoting a single product.

And the newbies tend to forget that these gurus already have an audience to who they can promote.

They already have a YouTube channel filled with thousands or millions of subscribers.

Also, these gurus have an email list that is filled with millions of subscribers who are always receiving their emails.

They are on social media and they have thousands and millions of followers that are awaiting their response.

So, just imagine if they send out a single promotion. Can’t they easily make $10k in a day?

But they don’t tell the newbies about this. They will not tell them about the years they have spent building their audience.

They do all this to promote their shiny product which they just release on the market.

Also, they know the best way they can promote their products and sell fast is by showing them all these blessings.

And the moment they can sell this. They will also use this product proof to show in their social media as another Bling proof.

So, after the newbie purchases their product. They won’t be able to make exactly what they expected.

The majority will not even make a single penny just because they don’t have an audience already.

Among 100 people. You will hardly see 6 that will make back the money they invested in purchasing their fake courses.

And so, these same newbies who bought the courses and don’t make money

…will be the same people coming out to give a bad and negative review concerning affiliate marketing.

Just because they are looking for the next thing that will make them $10k within 2 weeks without any experience.


4. Online Spamming:

Too much spam on the internet. Most times I even get tired of the comment notification I get on this blog.

Because they are always filled with spam messages of people promoting their affiliate links.

The same thing is also applicable almost everywhere.

The majority of the newbies are just doing it wrongly by blindly promoting their affiliate links just anywhere.

They just feel anyone will pull out their credit card to just buy anything they promote through spam.

Like, it doesn’t work that way!

But the problem is just that the majority do not know about this and they just keep spamming.

This is tiring and it keeps painting the affiliate marketing world black.

Other people start seeing it as a Fraud and even many people are now finding it very easy to detect Affiliate links.

The online world is so much filled with spam which is tiring.

And aside from Ponzi Schemes which many people find attractive and feel will make them financially stable.

The next is an affiliate link because it is the same people who just left Ponzi Schemes that also decide to try out affiliate marketing.


5. Fake Courses:

There are just a lot of fake courses on the net that are promising the unimaginable.

Just because they want to sell their products and make an outstanding amount of money at the end of the month.

The problem is not even about the course. The problem is with the offer that surrounds the course.

I mean, you can hardly even buy a course and just see the real truth behind everything concerning the course.

The majority of the affiliate marketing courses are filled with Copywriting gimmicks that are being used to make people buy.

There are even some readymade templates that course creators use to create their sales page.

They fabricate all the lies just to make people buy their affiliate marketing course by promising them early success.

And at the end of the day, after they might have bought the course with their last card.

They tend to see that it is not what they thought it was.

Some of these courses even suggest that the free method of earning commission is spamming Links on Facebook groups.

Or going to forums to just be spamming their affiliate links.

All these are giving affiliate marketing a negative reputation which is killing the affiliate’s dreams a lot.


6. Shiny Object Syndrome:

Just like I have denoted earlier. If you study affiliate marketing very well and look at the people trying to join.

You will see that they are people who just left Ponzi Scheme and now promise to be serious with life.

Even though their self-proclaimed seriousness is still all about making that $10k within the next 30 days.

So, they just decide to join affiliate marketing instead of sticking to one source of getting income.

They keep jumping from one niche to another.

They are also the ones that jump from one product to another by just promoting anything they see.

The shiny object syndrome in them will never make them feel calm to stay focused in one niche.

They just want to see Affiliate Marketing as a hustle that can just make money for them easily.

And after a month of doing Affiliate Marketing with not a single penny being earned as commission.

They start saying affiliate marketing is bad and not something to serve as a career.

Or claim false facts about why they can’t see affiliate marketing as the future.



What are some of the necessary solutions that must be added to affiliate marketing for the negative reviews to reduce?

  1.  Affiliate Approval Reviewing. 
  2.  Best Products Review.
  3.  Banning spamming links on the net.


1. Affiliate Approval Reviewing:

I think every affiliate network and program out there should do thorough screening on approving affiliates.

The reputation of affiliate marketing will continue to linger if affiliate networks and programs and not monitoring affiliate approval.

If they just keep accepting anyone that doesn’t even have any form of getting traffic to their platform.

Then, the issue of spamming affiliate links on the net will never cease to exist.

I know that affiliate networks are trying to make it easy for beginners to get started.

But at least, let them have a platform where they have already built an authority before getting approved.


2. Best Products Review:

Also, affiliate marketers should endeavor to start promoting products that are truly in the best interest of their audience.

They should eliminate the idea of reciprocating because one has promoted the others’ products.

Because this will only continue to bring about the promotion of bad products just because an affiliate wants to appreciate back a favor being done.

And this is making several affiliates create and launch digital products that they cannot even use by themselves.

But they launch it anyway. Since they know that they will get several affiliates to help them promote it.

Affiliates should start considering promoting products that are in the best interest of their audience and not just all about the money.


3. Banning spamming links on the net:

I believe several social media platforms and even forums are taking strict measures into this aspect.

Several years back. One can keep spamming affiliate links on social media anyhow.

But now, proper measures are being taken to take down spamming of affiliate links anyhow on the internet.

Although, not all online media platforms have started showing strict measures on this.

But those who have started are taking good measures and we also employ other online platforms to take adequate care of this.

This Guide had given even more detail concerning why affiliate marketing is getting inappropriate reviews on the net.

If you have any further contributions and questions concerning what I have discussed here.

Kindly use the comment box below to share your mind.