Affiliate marketing passive income

How To Make $5k Passive Monthly Income In Affiliate Marketing

How To Make $5k Passive Monthly Income In Affiliate Marketing

Doing Affiliate marketing has been a dream come true for many internet marketers.

Many people have gone from broke to rich just from doing Affiliate Marketing.

But the question remains – is affiliate marketing okay enough to make someone a passive income?

Either yes or no! You are going to fully understand by the time you are almost done with this guide.

But if your question is to ask whether affiliate marketing is the best business to make passive income online.

Then, my answer is that you should keep calm and flow with me along as we discuss what affiliate marketing in the aspect of passive income is about.

Below Is What Will Be Discussed In This Content;


Before we move further – let us quickly look at what passive income and affiliate marketing mean.

What is Passive income

What is Passive income?

Passive income is the ability to make money and a considerable amount of money without the presence of further effort of an entrepreneur.

This means that for any business you are doing and you only need to wake up in the morning to see credit alerts on your phone.

Or maybe a business that you are doing and you only need to wake up to see a sales message email on your phone notification.

That is the major reason why people have been wondering if they can do affiliate marketing and make passive income with it.

Many online marketers are making a lot of passive income online and that is what we call a real business.

If your business needs your presence all the time before it can thrive – then you will need to work throughout your life.

Also, money is something that we should control and serve us. 

You are the one that is supposed to control money and not money controlling you.

That is why Warren Buffett said that: If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleepyou will work until you die

Now, let us quickly move to what affiliate marketing means and how it can refer to affiliate marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is the process of selling other people’s products on a commission basis.

Affiliate Marketing doesn’t request that you have a product before you can make any sale.

All it requests from you is to find other people’s ready-made products which they have produced and sell them through your affiliate link and you will receive your commission.

Now, if you are to be earning passive income through affiliate marketing. 

It means that you will keep selling other people’s products and make sales even while you are sleeping.

Or you can keep making money from that affiliate product even while you are on vacation without writing any further sales pitch.

Can one truly make passive income with affiliate marketing

Can one truly make passive income with affiliate marketing?

The question we get asked is if it’s possible to make passive income through affiliate marketing. 

The answer is that it depends on your approach because that is what will determine your success online.

Also, it is this approach that will make you know whether you can make passive income from affiliate marketing.

If you are only relying on a process that doesn’t bring new views to your affiliate sales pitch every day.

You will find it very hard to thrive for a  long time in affiliate marketing. 

But are you telling me that you truly have a means of reaching a new audience daily?

Then YES you can keep making passive income from affiliate marketing without any stress.

Let us quickly look at some ways through which you can start making passive income with Affiliate marketing.

Ways to make passive income with Affiliate Marketing

Ways to make passive income with Affiliate Marketing?

There are several ways that you can use to make passive income with affiliate marketing.

Below, we will discuss some ways and methods through which one can make money with passive income.

Make sure that you implement them immediately and put them into use. 

These methods will help you make money from affiliate marketing even while you are sleeping.

Let’s get deeper into them:

  1. Start A Blog.
  2. Start A YouTube Channel.
  3. Use Email Automation.
  4. Use Chatbot.


1. Start A Blog:

The first method that is profitable to make passive income is by starting a blog of your own.

When you start a blog of your own and start writing about things that you find passion in.

Google will start to help you rank your content on their SEO pages and you will start getting visitors to enter your website.

Although, it takes a little while before you will start seeing conversions and people entering your website.

But it is something that will bring you enough passive income because you don’t need to keep doing it again.

Although, you can decide to update your content if you wish it is not compulsory as it will still keep ranking on Google.

So, you can just join an affiliate program in your niche and put the link on your website and you collect your pay.

These ways, you will keep earning passive income even while you are sleeping and your presence is not there.

Blogging is what I find very interesting like an investment that doesn’t need any further effort from you.

It’s something you can upload and forget and once it keeps ranking – you will even be earning passive income from an article you published 9 years previously.


2. Start A YouTube Channel:

Another way that won’t cost you any penny to start is by launching your youtube channel and start posting content.

What do you find easy and interesting to do all the time and you have grown expertise in it?

If you have become used to something – why not just start a YouTube channel on it and start publishing video content.

Although, many people claim that they are camera shy – but what you have to know is that you might not necessarily need to start with your face.

You can just decide to record your screen alone or use some slides to explain what you are saying.

We have many YouTubers on YouTube that have over 100,000 subscribers and didn’t show their faces.

Some of them don’t even use their real voice – they will use a voice-over bot to create their videos and serve as audio.

So, it doesn’t matter – just make sure that you don’t have any complaints concerning starting your YouTube channel.

YouTube is also a very good way to earn a passive income because all your videos will keep ranking even without any further promotion.

Although when you are starting – you will want to upload some video content to grow more engagement on your channel.

Then, you can just keep promoting it your local way to show YouTube that you are also making efforts.

After that, you will keep seeing YouTube promoting your videos for you, and once you get to 1000plus subscribers and enough watch views.

You will monetize your channel and you will also add your affiliate link to some video reviews that you are making.


3. Use Email Automation:

Another way that you can also earn passive income from affiliate marketing is through the use of email automation.

Although, this cannot be for a long time like Blogging and Youtubing because you only have to automate things down.

Once it gets to a level – your automation will stop and you will have to schedule another automation for your affiliate promotions.

But it is also working very well because you are sending emails to your subscribers and emails convert a lot very well.

People read emails every day – so, if you can create enough engagement with your email subscribers, they will buy from you.

You only need to create a very good email copy that will make them buy.

Also, you need to first provide value to your subscribers and make them trust you very well.

After that, you can now start to promote affiliate products to them and make them keep buying.

But just automating your emails can make you passive income online even while you are sleeping.

Because you don’t have to be there before a sale can be made – just normal automation and you wake up to earn your affiliate commissions.


4. Use Chatbot:

Another way you can make passive income with affiliate marketing is the use of Chatbot.

A chatbot is also like doing email marketing and using email automation to automate your marketing process.

Although, the way you can use Chatbot for Marketing cannot be compared to the level at which you can make a consistent amount with Chatbot.

The reason is that Chatbots are strictly monitored by Facebook and to start using Chatbot.

Just go to and you will be able to start sending automated messages to Facebook users.

The way chatbox works are that you will make Facebook users subscribe to your Facebook page Messenger Messages.

So, instead of you sending them messages all the time. You can easily automate things and start making use of Chatbots.

You will just be sending them emails on autopilot like using email automation without your presence always needed.

The reason why you cannot compare affiliate marketing with this process is that:

You cannot send affiliate links directly.

You cannot keep pitching all the time.

So, this means that to use this process to make passive income – you have to be cloaking your affiliate links.

This means that you will cloak your affiliate link in a way the Facebook will not know that you are sending people to your affiliate sales page.

Also, you have to reduce the way you send people links all the time.

The people receiving your messages are your Chatbot subscribers – so, you need to reduce the way you pitch.

You have to make your value to be more than pitching – if you pitch all the time.

You will get your Chatbot account blocked and Facebook and it will affect you a whole lot.

Requirements to make passive income with affiliate marketing

Requirements to make passive income with affiliate marketing

There are certain requirements needed for you to start making passive income with Affiliate Marketing.

Even though you can see the ways and methods that you can implement to start earning passively with affiliate marketing.

There are some secret tips that not many people will tell you – but when you have it at the back of your mind…

…you will easily grow success in your affiliate marketing journey and earn passively later on.

Make sure that you keep these things in mind because they are what will contribute to your success in affiliate marketing.

Without them – you won’t go far and you will later quit and jump to another shiny object on the internet.

Below is the list of things you should have at the back of your mind:

  1. Patience.
  2. Value.
  3. Consistency.
  4. Stats Follow-up.
  5. Capital.


1. Patience:

The first thing that not everyone has about online money-making opportunities most especially in the aspect of affiliate marketing is patience.

You need to inculcate the attitude of having patience and keeping calm when it comes 

Making passive income.

You have to know that things like this take time and it doesn’t happen very quickly most especially stuff that will serve you for a long time.

If you are to make a passive income with affiliate marketing through blogging.

You need to provide articles on your blog that people will read and also make many references to.

You cannot just start blogging today and expect your blog to start ranking at the top page the following day.

That is not possible – you have to be patient and keep writing more articles that people can read.

It is when you have a lot of articles on your blog and your blog reach a few months of existence that Google or Bing will consider ranking your website.

That is also when you can consider starting to make money and getting a lot of traffic from Google.

It is when you have traffic (people coming into your website) that you can start making passive income.

So, try and be patient with things in any aspect of passive income you want to involve and you will see yourself at the top.

So don’t let anyone distract you or intimidate you from running away from whatever you are doing.

Just get consistent and you will be able to start making passive income online.


2. Value:

Providing a lot of value is what you have to know when you are starting your affiliate marketing business.

To make passive income – you have to be providing a lot of value before people can trust you.

You cannot expect people to trust you without you providing any value in advance.

Before people can start thinking of buying affiliate products on your website or your YouTube channel or email.

You have to provide value for them to show interest in whatever that you are offering because that is what will make them buy.

If all you do on your website all the time is to keep pitching them with products all the time.

You won’t make any passive income because people will find it very hard to trust you.

You will look salesy and people will only think that you are all about the money.

So, by giving value – teach people things that are confusing to them and let them enjoy your content to the fullest.

Let them feel complacent enough that you are a specialist in whatever you are doing because that is how they can trust your recommendations in affiliate marketing.

Also, this way – once you are getting traffic into your website and people are enjoying your content.

Immediately you keep solving a problem for them – they will keep enjoying you and buying from you.

That is how you keep making passive income in affiliate marketing even while you are sleeping.


3. Consistency:

In everything that you are doing – make sure that consistency is among it and everyday medicine for you.

When you are consistent with your YouTube channel or blog or email or messenger bot which you are using to reach your audience.

Always make sure that you do it every day and go crazy about it because this is what will determine your success.

I know about a few email marketers that email their subscribers every day and give value.

Now, I am not even talking about those who automated their email process copied from other marketers.

I mean these people are using email to communicate with their audience and talk about anything happening to them.

Instead of using social media for their channel of distribution and engagement.

They are using email to engage with the audience and selling their affiliate products with email marketing.

But the thing is that these people are very consistent with their email marketing to make passive income.

Once there is no consistency in whatever that you are doing – it is going to be difficult because people won’t value you.

So, make sure that consistency is your key Paramount in any process you want to be using for affiliate marketing.


4. Stats Follow-up:

Always make sure that you check your statistics and monitor your progress.

Although when you are starting – it won’t look cool because it might be discouraging from the start.

I have even once seen a top internet marketer saying that it is better not to check a stat for the first year.

It is also very true but sometimes it is very good to monitor your progress to know where you are at.

Also, platforms like Google or YouTube need you to do some stuff that you might not know about if you are not monitoring them.

That is why it is very good to monitor your stats and get active about what you are doing right or wrong.

If things are going right – that is how you will know that you are progressing and continue working.

But if things are also going wrong – you can easily know by monitoring your stats.

Imagine if you don’t monitor it – you will keep doing the same thing and repeating the same process without ever knowing.

So, you must know about what you are doing and start monitoring your statistics.

Any platform that you are leveraging – make sure that it’s your top priority and follow up with your stats to make passive income with affiliate marketing.


5. Capital:

Have you considered having capital before you can kickstart affiliate marketing and earn passive income?

Oh yes, you will need capital. Even if it’s less than $50 – you need to have something.

Don’t just start empty-handed thinking that everything will quickly work out well for you.

You need to invest little money in some aspects of your affiliate marketing that will help you boost your result.

Let us say you are doing email marketing and you want to be sending out newsletters to your subscribers.

It won’t be okay to rely on a normal “Gmail” account.

It is always advisable to use a professional or corporate email address like [email protected]

This will help you reach more audiences and also look classy. Even though classy is not all.

It is also very important because it will help you a lot.

conclusion on affiliate marketing passive income


This brings us to the conclusion of this article. I believe you have been able to know the methods and requirements of affiliate marketing.

You can make passive income with affiliate marketing – but it depends on the strategy that you are using for your affiliate marketing approach.

Some people want to make passive income with affiliate marketing and they want to be relying fully on social media like Facebook.

How do you intend to keep making passive income for a long time on another platform that is primarily meant for social fun?

You will see some people make a post and later get it removed because they claim it doesn’t comply with their rules.

So, friend – follow the methods listed in this guide to start earning a reasonable amount of money in affiliate marketing for a long time.

If you are earning passive income from affiliate marketing already – don’t forget to hit the comment box below and tell us your experience.

I will be glad to reply and don’t forget to share this guide with your friends by clicking any of the social media buttons below.