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Best Top 5 Affiliate Directories | Plus Other Alternatives

Best Top 5 Affiliate Directories

Going online to search for Affiliate products that are profiting others can be tiring. That’s why Affiliate Directories are existing to make life easy Affiliate Programs, Product Launchers, and Affiliate Marketers.

Affiliate Directories make it easy for Affiliate programs to display their expertise and products displayed by several vendors in their niche.

It makes it easy for Product Launchers to quickly detect Affiliate Programs in their niche and sell their products on a particular profit-generating platform.

It also makes life easy for Affiliate publishers to get products they can promote to the audience in their niche without being the owner of the products.

These are exactly the services that Affiliate Directories offers in the Affiliate Marketplace.

It’s like the headquarters of Affiliate activities even before a prospect clicks on an affiliate link.

So, before an affiliate publisher gets access to an affiliate link.

It’s able to come into existence because of the services of AFFILIATE DIRECTORIES.

Now, there’s something you have to know before we go deeper into what you’re here for.

The recommendations I’m making here might not be active in 10 years.

Who knows maybe some of the Affiliate Directories listed might not be active next year or five years.

Because it’s really common. Some Directories have been active in the past before this guide and they’re no more today.

So, aside from listing out the Affiliate Directories you can join and display your Affiliate programs or go in search of promotion.

I will give you another alternative to display your Affiliate programs without ever losing out of options on the best way to promote your new program.

Also, if you’re a product launcher… I will give you an alternative that you can also use to get Affiliate Programs for your new launch.

Before we process, let me explain what Affiliate Directories Means.

What Are Affiliate Directories?

Affiliate Directories are online websites where Affiliate programs can display their services for product launchers to find which niche…

…they can display their products and also for Affiliate marketers to know where they can find products to promote.

List Of Affiliate Program Finders.

There are several Affiliate Program Finders out there that top affiliate marketers are using to grow success in their Affiliate Marketplace.

And today we’re going to talk about the best Affiliate Directory websites.


This Affiliate Directory was Launched as far back as 2004 and they are still in existence the time of me writing this guide.

This makes them trustworthy and can still be relied on for a longer period.

With their over 16 years plus in the field of Affiliate Directories.

It’s easy for any Affiliate Marketer or Product launcher to find and compare the best growing Affiliate programs in

their niche and plug their socket into their system for a business boom.

Some of the business categories you will find in this directory includes

Affiliate Networks, Ad Networks, Datafeeds, Pay Per Lead, Residual Income, And Others.

If you’re also a site owner who owns an affiliate program and you’re looking for a secured platform hat can grow your Affiliate Marketing business even without your presence.

Then you can upload them on this Website because they’re your go-to person in the field of Affiliate Directory.

Also on this website, you will find some helpful articles that can help you in your field and make you learn more about new strategies.

Articles categorized in this Affiliate program Directory includes:

Affiliate Marketing, Business, SEO & Promotion, Ecommerce, Working At Home Marketing, Sales, Web Designing, Webmasters, Hosting, Affiliate Glossary, Other Articles.



I’ve once heard about the existence of this Affiliate Program Directory even before knowing the function of Affiliate Directories.

AWIN had 20 years of experience in their field and they will be categorized 2nd in this listing.

They have a global community that is equipped with technology updates, business intelligence, and people who are professionals and experts in their field of expertise.

If you need different services, tools, and partners for a project you’re just founding or the existing one.

You’re assured to find a helping hand in AWIN and get a solution to your problems.

AWIN is the platform for everyday growth and solutions for your Affiliate business.

They have over 211,000 contributing publishers and 15,200 advertisers as of this day… Who is contributing towards the success of many other Affiliate Businesses on this website?

They connect Business with millions of customers around the world in the telecommunication, finance, travels, and tourist areas.

AWIN is a partner of Axel Springer and United Groups.

Also with ShareASale and Commission Factory.

This tells you how trustworthy this Affiliate Directory is. AWIN has 15 offices worldwide that perform the smooth functioning of this brand.

AWIN publishers and advertisers are generating a lot of revenue that will WOW anybody.

Try them out and see for yourself.



If you’ve been finding it difficult for a long time how you can grow a successful Affiliate Marketing business.

Then, CLICKSURE is your helping hand.

They will make you make the perfect decision in your marketplace.

They are perfect for Newbies or intermediate or expert marketers who are confused as to which Affiliate program can suit them well.

By guiding you through which one can help you scale through.

Clicksure has arranged an explanatory list of the most successful Affiliate Programs on the internet.

From health, Marketing, business, forex, cryptocurrency, betting, entertainment, and others.

The easy browsing interface of Clicksure can make you expand your knowledge in the Affiliate Marketing Industry.

You will also be able to ask some right questions that can help you and

guide you towards your way to earning high Revenue without being charged.

Clicksure is just like other recommendations I made in this article.

They will never make you sign-up for programs that won’t correlate with your needs just to exploit you.

They’re very transparent and trustworthy in their dealings.

Even though it’s kinda a new directory… They’re one of the best Affiliate Directories out there.



Just like other directories listed in this article.

100 best Affiliate programs don’t charge their users any money for having access to their Affiliate Directory and other information on their website.

They have tutorials that will how to do internet marketing even if you’re a newbie or Beginner Affiliate.

This site helps Affiliate management Brand like internet based Businesses to review their Affiliate management software and commence their Affiliate program.

Once you have your website set up and fully ready to earn online.

You can just go to this website and compare and search for Affiliate programs that can make you money in your niche.

You will be placed with a tracking ID that is dedicated to you.

With their 6 years and counting as an internet scholar.

They are uncovering the source of making wealth on the internet.

Also, they are working hard towards making life easy for many Internet marketers by living a financially free life.

There are many resources on this platform that can help new affiliate marketers skyrocket their business.

Also, their platform can help intermediate marketers to launch a successful affiliate program and make the most use of their website.

This directory is what you should check out if you need where to list your program/s.



If you’re looking for one of the oldest and still functioning directories on this planet Earth.

Oh… Lemme say. On this internet planet. Haha…

Well, the Affiliate guide is the one.

They have been in existence since 1998 (Wow!)… And they’re still existing up until the time of writing this article.

This directory is part of the Main Pty Limited Group.

They have become one of the most popular web directories on the internet.

This platform is available for Affiliate programs from countries like Australia, Canada, India, and the UK.

This platform is even suitable for listing an affiliate program because you can easily advertise your program through/on this platform to reach more audiences.

They also provide consulting, management, and marketing services for Affiliate programs for the smooth running of an online business.

Here is the list of Affiliate services and pieces of information that you can catapult from this website directory.

Affiliate Directory, Affiliate Management, Adult, Art, Autos, Bitcoin, Books, Cards, Classifieds, Clothing, Computers, COVID-19
Credit Card, Education, Fitness, Flowers, Food & Wine, Fundraising, Gambling, Games, Health, Herbal, Home Business, Insurance, Internet TV & Video, Jewelry, Legal, Magazines, Marketing, Matchmaking, Miscellaneous, Mobile, Money & Finance, Music, Pay per Install, Pharmacy, Perfume, Poker, Real Estate, Residual Income, Retail & Malls, Search PPC & SEO, Security, Software, Sports, Supplements, Surveys, Telephone, Tickets, Travel, Web, Web Hosting.

Try out the Affiliate Guide Directory and see how good they are in solving your Affiliate marketing problems.

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Many Affiliate Programs out there didn’t bother to join any Affiliate Directories from the onset.

Because what’s the benefit of joining one now and you’re not sure if they will be in existence 5 years later.

Also, why depend on something that’s kinda looking more obsolete.

Why can’t one just find other means to display your Affiliate program and get tons of new and existing product launchers to bombard your newly founded Affiliate program.

Best Top 5 Affiliate Directories

Affiliate Directory. Photo credit: Pixabay

Let’s discuss the ways to promote your affiliate programs even if you can’t find suitable Affiliate Directories in the future.


1. Using Influencers In Your Niche:

The main reason why you are displaying your Affiliate programs on Directories is to get Affiliate Publishers…

… and Launchers to found your platform and promote products on your platform.

But do you think people now have time to go in search of programs or networks to join on directories when they’re easily influenced through their social media?

As an internet marketer in the internet marketing niche… I didn’t bother to go directories to get affiliate programs to join.

Just from the top marketers, I follow in my niche, I was influenced and got exposed to the programs I joined today.

I knew ClickBanks from influencers in my niche.

So, don’t you think this method will favor you a lot?

Whichever niche you are… You can just find an influencer that can help you promote your affiliate programs and you’re sure to have tons of product launchers who will display their products on your platform.

Now, I know the questions you’re asking me now is how you can get them to promote your Affiliate program.

First, if you have a budget – you can pay them to help you promote your program to their Audience.

This is a fast means because money is involved and who doesn’t like money.

Another means/ slow method is working for them (A top influencer around your marketplace).

You have to be their follower and let them notice you.

From there you can assist them and help them solve a problem they are wishing to get.

You have to know that, they have money and can outsource to anybody and pay.

But we all like free things… So, this is the opportunity you have to penetrate their audience.

This will take a while and it’s not easy and fast. But it’s worth it at last.


2. Running Paid Ads:

This also involves money, but it’s very well worth it also.

You can just set aside a budget and run paid ads. It can be social media ads or SEO ads.

Whichever one is cool. But I will advise that you go with SEO ads and

Target Product launchers who are searching for programs like Clickbanks or CJ Affiliates.

So, once they search… Your program can just pop-up and entice them with your ad copy.

This is very much cool, unlike social media ads that might take a while before you start seeing a result.

It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try it… Always TEST! TEST!! & TEST!!!

You can also try other paid ad methods.

But I prefer SEO because it’s more targeted and you can get it straightened to your ideal prospect.

Also, you can outsource this task to someone who can run paid ads so that you can focus your attention on other important tasks.

You only have to give it all it takes to make it successful.

Adding this method to the first method will give you a good and befitting result with your Affiliate Programs.


3. Using YouTube Approach:

There are millions of YouTube channels out there and hundred to thousands of successful ones.

You only have to make parole with them and get them to feel your new idea.

You can partner with them and let them know the quality your new program has over others.

They will even be the ones to become your brand advocate and also introduce it to other YouTube channel owners in your industry.

It’s another means to get a public eye on the internet.


How to Find Affiliate Programs To Launch Your Product As A Product Launcher.


1. Groups & Forums:

You can easily go to groups and forums in your niche and see what people are talking about.

What I do most of the time when I’m in a group. For example Facebook.

I will enter the group and become a member and now go to the search bar inside the group and type a keyword of what I’m looking for.

You can also use this method. What you will notice is that posts related to what you typed in the search bar will be shown to you.

And it will be filtered based on date.

This means you will see suggested posts that are just published 2 hours ago Or 1 day ago.

If you’re asking how to do this.

You will just join a group in your niche.

Go to the search bar of the group and type “{Niche} Affiliate Programs”.

If you’re in the internet marketing niche… You can just type “internet marketing Affiliate Programs” and you will get some suggestions.

Please note: I didn’t approve this… It’s base on the group and forums you join and how people are truly engaging in the group.


2. Google SEO:

Another method you can use is Google SEO.

You can use the search box to find a relevant niche for your product.

But you’re not going to search like the normal way you search.

Instead of putting Internet Making Affiliate Program.

You should put “Internet Marketing Affiliate Program

Put it in quotes so that Google can give you the specific programs for your niche.

It works well.


A Wrap-Up on Best Affiliate Directories.

I believe you’ve been able to get some ideas concerning which directory you can use.

Also, I believe I’ve been able to give you some other ideas that you can use without the need for Affiliate Directories.

If you have any questions that you’d like to ask. Drop them in the comment box.

Also, if there’s any contribution or an affiliate directory that you think I should have included in this article.

Kindly drop the name in the comment box and I will check it out to see if it’s relevant for other readers to enjoy many benefits from.

I will see you around in other articles.