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5 Outstanding Affiliate Marketing Tracking Software

5 Outstanding Affiliate Marketing Tracking Software

Tracking In Affiliate Marketing is very essential for the success of any affiliate marketing business.

This is majorly important for those doing affiliate programs to connect affiliate marketers with their services.

It is also an essential tool for any affiliate marketer that does a lot of affiliate sales online.

If you are someone that controls a lot of track from your online presence and you find it difficult to track all your affiliate stats.

This is important for you because it will take you high above the level that you never knew was possible.

Tracking is very important when it comes to doing affiliate marketing – because you just have to know where your prospects are coming from the most.

This will also make you focus more on where you should target the most when it comes to getting traffic.

You might be wondering how you can start tracking your affiliate marketing journey and how best you are performing.

But the thing is that if you register with an affiliate network or an affiliate program – you can easily know where your clicks are coming from.

They already have some inbuilt tool in their system which they make use of to track all affiliate links.

Although, we will review some of the tools that these affiliate companies that do affiliate marketing programs use.

So, in case you want to go in-depth in your affiliate marketing and track enough sales.

You can easily know where it is coming from and you just target your focus on the traffic platform.

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What is Tracking In Affiliate Marketing?

Even though we have discussed a little bit about how affiliate marketing tracking helps sustain a business.

We also have to know what affiliate marketing tracking implies.

Affiliate Marketing tracking is the act of tracking all affiliate clicks that are coming from each referral.

This is the way that affiliate programs know their top-performing affiliate marketers and how best people are performing.

This is how affiliate programs like Amazon know that your clicks are coming directly from email or Facebook and gently ban your account.

It is not just magic, it is because they already have the necessary tools that are set in place to track all your affiliate clicks.

So, let us quickly look start some affiliate tracking softwares that you can consider when trying to track your Affiliate Marketing Business.

Although, kindly know that this is very important for those who are into affiliate programs.

If you are an intermediate affiliate marketer who has only a few sales.

You don’t need to bother much because your affiliate program will do all the tracking for you.

But if you are an expert affiliate marketer who has a lot of traffic coming into several affiliate links that you have.

You can make use of these tools for your affiliate marketing business.


1. Cake Affiliate Tracking:

Cake Tracking Software

The cake affiliate tracking software is one of the best alternatives for anyone thinking of doing an affiliate program.

This affiliate tracking will help in tracking all the affiliate stats of every affiliate marketer or partner of the program.

Tracking affiliate stats will be very easy for anyone trying to do affiliate programs that have their affiliate partners.

Every click that is coming into an affiliate program will first pass through the CAKE affiliate link.

Once it passes through CAKE – they will track all the stats and keep a record for the exact affiliate program.

The CAKE affiliate tracking software has a cookie domain that they designate for their users.

It is this Cookies domain that their users will use to build separate affiliate links for their affiliates.

The CAKE affiliate tracking software is very okay for anyone thinking of doing link tracking and you should make use of it.

Although, we also recommend more alternatives for you below which you can read about and study.

The CAKE Affiliate Link Tracking is worth just $ which you can pay and start enjoying a lot of nice features.

The price is a little bit high because of the features it offers its users who make use of it regularly.

That is why it is suggested for affiliate programs that have affiliates who promote their products.

Or affiliate networks that link affiliate marketers with product vendors and need a lot of affiliate links.


2. Afftrack:


Afftrack is an affiliate link tracking software that is being used by a lot of affiliate programs for over 10 years now.

This is software that helps to monitor links and all the performances that are happening through a tracked link.

You don’t have to keep panicking about the number of traffic that your website offers is having anymore.

Everything has now become very easy with the use of Afftrack because it makes it very cool for affiliate marketers to track links very well.

Even though the feature might not be as compared to that of CAKE – it also offers some amazing features that an affiliate program can make use of.

You will only have to pay $199 every month for all the clicks that you are getting from your website.

Mind you, you enjoy a lot of unlimited click trackings which you don’t have to bother about whether you have a reach.

You can always track a lot of links coming from affiliate sales through your website and track them in an unlimited way.

The reason why this affiliate tracking software is very cool is that it gives free trials to its users.

So, if you are using this affiliate and conversion tracking tool on your website – you are going to enjoy a 1-month free trial.

Just one month of the free trial can convince you well into whether you should purchase more plans or just find another alternative.

This tracking software has the feature which they use to eliminate low or spammy links from damaging a website reputation.

So, you can always feel free to make use of this affiliate link tracker and start generating a lot of conversion for your website.


3. OSI Affiliate Software:

OSI Affiliate Tracking Software

The OSI Affiliate Software is a tool that makes it easy for affiliate programs and networks to get affiliates to promote their products.

Also if you are someone who has a paid course which you charge a lot of money to teach and want to recruit some affiliates for it.

Then this affiliate tracking tool is your best bet to get enough conversions and records of affiliate sales.

Many people have because of affiliate tracking and link generation to go and launch products on networks.

And the majority of these ad networks charge them money before they can be able to post their products.

Even those that don’t charge them money for registration will be collecting some percentage from every sale made.

In which they can just easily create their unique affiliate tracking link with OSI Affiliate Software and began to track links easily.

You can also assign your affiliate link to be sharable on social media like Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms.

Also, OSI Affiliate Software gives you the ability to give pre-written content that your affiliates.

This means that those who don’t know much about how to write converting copies can easily use the affiliate copy that you have written for them to get sales.

Depending on the statistics and visitors that you are getting from your affiliates.

You can select between either the $47 plan or the $97 plan to use for your affiliate tracking.

The stats different from each other and how high the rate of visitors you get on your website.

Also, you can use the recurring commissions’ affiliate marketing be{Link} feature if you are using the $97 plan.


4. Post Affiliate Pro:

Post Affiliate Pro

Another affiliate software tracking machine that affiliate programs and networks make use of is the post affiliate pro software.

This software will do all the works that you need for your affiliate tracking without doing it yourself.

You can easily integrate this software Into any website shopping cart.

It is also very effective for e-commerce owners.

This software offers a 14-day free trial for its audience and gives them the chance to test their service.

So, if you like the service that they are offering and you decide to renew. You can easily renew.

Or you can just cancel your subscription before it elapses and forget about ever using the software.

When you register with the $97 plan for this software – you have access to 1million link tracking.

So, if you have a lot of visitors to your website – you can track many links as high as 1 million link clicks.

You can join the list of top affiliate programs and networks that make use of this affiliate tracking software and start tracking a lot of affiliate clicks.

This type of affiliate software is not bad for small business owners and starters who are just starting with affiliate marketing.

So, if you are thinking of just starting a new affiliate program or network and worried about link stats.

This is your go-to solution – just register with a free trial and start enjoying unlimited access to link monitoring features.


5. AffiliateWP:

Affiliate WP

AffiliateWP is a WordPress plugin that you can make use of to track your affiliate stats.

It is very essential to have for any affiliate marketing program out there because it helps solve tracking problems.

With this software, it can be easy to track all the sales of affiliates and also give them their unique affiliate link.

AffiliateWP will help you bring more traffic to your website because of the level of tracking.

Once you can see the result of what you are aiming for – you will get motivated to do more affiliate sales.

launching your affiliate program will be very easy with this affiliate tracking tool because you can always monitor every progress.

Also, when an affiliate makes any sale – it can be easy for you to know which ones are performing best.

Affiliate Marketing Tracking

So, have you used any affiliate marketing tracking tool before? Hit the comment box below to tell us about your experience.