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10 Secrets About Facebook Ads For Amazon Affiliate

Facebook Ads Amazon Affiliate

Amazon Affiliate Marketing is one of the best ways to earn money online by selling amazon products through Facebook.

Earning money from Amazon is a total assurance that has taken many people from the point of needy to the point of giving.

Although some restrictions are involved when trying to sell Amazon products through your Affiliate Link on Facebook.

You cannot just go ahead and past Amazon Affiliate Link on your Facebook wall or any Facebook group.

You will immediately be blocked and even if you try to find a cunning way to drop it on Facebook.

If Amazon finds out that your traffic is coming directly from Facebook. You will be blocked.

The best way to market Amazon affiliate products is through Facebook ads because it gives you quick results.

All you have to do is to involve in some technical analysis and start earning a considerable amount of money online.

In case you don’t understand how to run a profitable Facebook-sponsored advert.

Kindly watch the video below and it will tutor you on how to run a profitable Facebook-sponsored advert for Amazon Affiliate.

Below Is What Will Be Discussed In This Content;

Now, let us go deeper into the reasons why people make use of Facebook ads for Amazon Affiliate Marketing.

Reasons for Facebook Ads For Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Reasons for Facebook Ads For Amazon Affiliate Marketing

  1. Quick Result.
  2. Target Market.
  3. Rapid Analysis.


1. Quick Result:

The first reason why the Facebook ad is a perfect solution for anyone trying to promote Amazon products is the fast result rate.

When you are promoting Amazon products as an affiliate and you are looking for a way which you can start seeing sales.

Facebook ads are the best because you are running the advert to those who are familiar with the product.

If you are promoting a shoe for example and you run your advert to the audience who will buy it.

They already know what a shoe is and know why they want to have it.

You don’t have to promise them heaven and Earth concerning the shoe.

It is something that they already like and maybe they have once used it and want to buy for a relative.

So, extra effort is not needed and your rate of getting quick results will be rapid because they already know about it.

That is why most physical products are majorly promoted on Facebook because a cold audience can buy.

Even if they don’t need it for themselves – they can buy it for their relatives.

Amazon Affiliate is majorly filled with physical products which you can promote.

Although there is much other stuff that you can also promote on Amazon which might be digital.

But one thing I know is that whatever anyone is trying to promote on Amazon – people already know about it.

So, you don’t need extra effort or keep waiting for the result because you will get them fast.


2. Target Market:

Just like we said earlier, Facebook is filled with your target market. People who are in the blue ocean where you can penetrate.

They are scrolling online and having fun with friends and family.

They are catching fun and watching comedy movies, memes, and replying to posts on their Facebook wall.

So, all you need is to put a little bit more effort into your marketing approach and they are all yours.

Although, other channels like Google is also very cool. But it will cost you a little bit more.

The reason because those who went to Google went in search of organic content for Amazon products.

So, your return on investment for those types of the targeted market will be low in products like this.

But if they are just scrolling and you interrupt them with your ad and showing them that it is from amazon.

You have won their trust because Amazon is a household name that many people know about.

You don’t need to keep explaining much about anything you want to offer them.

Also, your age range can be selected and also the type of people you want your ads to be shown to.

Another factor is the location – you can choose the location where you want your ads to display.

This is another reason why Facebook ads are very good for doing Amazon Affiliate Marketing.


3. Rapid Analysis:

Rapid Analysis is another reason why you should consider using Facebook ads for your Amazon Affiliate.

It helps you to know the exact estimate that you can consider spending on other types of adverts.

Also, this helps you know if the Amazon Affiliate product that you are promoting has a high conversion rate.

This helps a lot even when you want to consider using Google SEO to promote the affiliate product.

Also, unlike waiting for slow methods like Google SEO that will take you many months before you can start seeing results.

Facebook ads will quickly let you start seeing your Affiliate stats and how much you are earning from your website.

Unlike spending a lot of time to bring people into your website while relying on the free method that many people are using.

If you watch the video recommended above in this guide to learn how to run profitable sponsored Facebook adverts.

You have no problem anymore with conversion because you can easily make a lot of gains just from a single advert campaign.

The Facebook advert will help you a lot to attain quick results if you are the kind that cannot wait for months before you can start seeing results.

Also, newbies thinking of what type of proceeds they can make use of to get quick affiliate sales in their Amazon dashboard.

Facebook ads are a solution for you and will help you get a quick result from getting affiliate sales.

Wrong Way To Promote Amazon Affiliate Link on Facebook

This article will not be complete if we don’t talk about the wrongs ways that many people use to promote affiliate links on Facebook.

You need to know the wrong ways before you can decide to do the right way correctly.

Also, doing this wrong way stuff and not knowing that it is wrong from the early start is what has lead to many people’s account ban.

So, for you not to make the same mistakes and just stay safe on Facebook with your Amazon Affiliate Marketing process.

Try to read the section below and know the wrong ways many people promote affiliate links on Facebook.

  1. Posting links on Facebook wall.
  2. Spamming Links on groups.
  3. Private Messaging With Affiliate Links.
  4. Using Your Direct Affiliate Link In Your Facebook Ads.


1. Posting links on a Facebook wall:

The first mistake myself and many other did when we were starting Amazon Affiliate and some other type of Affiliate marketing is pasting affiliate links on our wall.

It is the worst approach and will get you quickly banned and blocked from Facebook.

Facebook already has an algorithm that can quickly detect affiliate links like Amazon links and quickly ban you.

So, if you have a lot of followers or friends on Facebook and you feel that they can buy your offer.

Don’t even think about dropping your Affiliate Link directly in your Facebook profile because it won’t work.

If you post it and you see Facebook warning you never to do it. You still have luck because the algorithm likes you. Haha…

But if you post your Amazon Affiliate Link on Facebook and it went successfully.

Just know that you are out of luck because immediately you come back to log in.

Don’t be surprised that you couldn’t log in anymore to your Facebook account because it would have been blocked.

So, the best way is to make use of a bridge page where you will send them to before they will click on your affiliate link.

We will talk about the bridge page below in the next section of this guide – so watch out for it.

But just have it in mind never to promote affiliate links directly on your Facebook wall.


2. Spamming Links on Groups:

One thing you will start to first consider when you are starting to promote amazon affiliate links on Facebook is to spam groups.

What we did when we first started was to create a fake or dummy account and keep spamming links on Facebook groups.

But did it work? No! Because you will still be banned most especially if the account is new and looks fake.

You will just realize that you are not allowed to log in as usual.

Also, groups, where you can get a good result and see people click on your affiliate links, will not allow you to post links.

They are mostly private groups that don’t allow people to post links except for the ones that they approve.

So, going to post amazon affiliate links on this group is just a no-no situation for anybody because it won’t work.

You will be tagged a spammer but another thing is that you won’t even be allowed.

Also, public groups that accept links are filled with spammers who are there to promote their links.

So, even if you create a bridge page and follow this process. It still won’t work because public groups and filled with spammers.

And private groups are filled with buyers but you won’t be allowed to post links on their groups except on several occasions which don’t work out well.


3. Private Messaging With Affiliate Links:

Another silly mistake I see a lot of Amazon Affiliate Marketers make is to private message people and selling to them.

Although, you might feel that some will decide to buy because it is a product that they know about.

But you will easily get your account blocked with this method and you will easily be tagged a spammer.

Amazon associates don’t even support doing your Affiliate marketing through this method.

They see it as a wrong approach and if there is any spam coming through your Affiliate Link directly from Facebook.

You can easily lose your Amazon Affiliate account and just pray to God that you don’t have some funds inside your account already.

Many Facebook users will just keep reporting your account and Facebook will block your account.

Also, those who click on your Link will signal Amazon that your link is from a Facebook signal and will block your account.

You lose in 2 ways without any gain and this is frustration on its own.

So, don’t ever try to send your Amazon Affiliate Link to people on Facebook messenger thinking that they will buy.

Just make use of a proper method that real people will make use of.

I receive a lot of messages in my messenger from people who are pitching me their amazon affiliate product just because I am inside a group.

Once they get someone’s account through that group – they will start pitching people.


4. Using Your Direct Affiliate Link In Your Facebook Ads:

If you are ever thinking of just posting your Affiliate Link directly on Facebook ads without any bridge page.

You are only disturbing yourself because Facebook will keep disapproving of your adverts.

Facebook doesn’t even want to see anything related to affiliate links on their platform and will disapprove of it.

So, if you are running Facebook ads and you want to send your traffic directly to your Affiliate Link.

It won’t work – sometimes if you even put the affiliate link on the first landing page of the advert.

Let us say you create a bridge page like a landing page and you just put the affiliate link directly on the first page people will land on.

Your advert is likely to be disapproved.

So, you have to do it in a way that Facebook will not even know that you are promoting any affiliate product.

So, you can see that you cannot send people directly from Facebook to your Affiliate Link and you cannot just put your Affiliate Link on a landing page.

When you are running your Facebook advert – you have to be careful and know how you can post affiliate Link.

Or else they will just block your Facebook ad account and might also block your full Facebook manager account.

Right Way To Promote Amazon Affiliate Links Through Facebook Ad

Since we are done with the wrong ways that you can promote amazon affiliate products on Facebook.

It is now important for us to know the right ways that you can promote your Amazon Affiliate Links and get sales from Facebook ads.

Let us quickly dive deeper into the section of that guide below.

  1. Creating A Bridge.
  2. Creating Your Facebook Group.
  3. Showing Review.


1. Creating A Bridge:

The first way to promote your Affiliate on Facebook through the right process is to create a bridge page.

There are many Affiliate softwares online that will help you create Affiliate pages to which you can send prospects before sending them through your affiliate link.

The reason for this bridge page is that – aside from staying safe from using Facebook to do your marketing.

It also helps you to wash a prospect before sending them directly to your Affiliate Link.

On this bridge page – you can offer them bonuses that they will get when they buy an Amazon Affiliate product through your link.

This alone will make you stand out from your competitors and give you higher hand in your affiliate leaderboard.

Unlike just sending people directly to your Affiliate Link without any proper prospecting.

That is why you see a lot of affiliate marketers have many traffic of people to an affiliate product but zero sales.

But if they have created a bridge page that explains further on the product and maybe also offers some bonuses.

They would have made more sales from the number of traffic that has to give them zero sales.

A bridge page can also be a landing page and you can use several landing page builders to create it.

You can also make use of Elementor Pro to create awesome landing pages for your Amazon Affiliate referral through Facebook.

So, if you are running your advert and you send them directly to your bridge page – it will convert them to keep you safe from Facebook Jail.

So, making use of this method is a nice approach that will make you a lot of Amazon Affiliate sales through the Facebook ad.


2. Creating Your Facebook Group:

Another way you can use Facebook ads to promote your Affiliate Link is by sending traffic to Facebook groups.

This will also help you get access to them once again in case you are not good at email marketing.

You will just send your ads to a private Facebook group where they can join to purchase affiliate products from you.

This way, you don’t have to keep spending money on Facebook adverts all the time when you want to sell your products.

You will always be having people who are interested in what you have to offer in terms of Amazon Affiliate Marketing.

Also, because you are running adverts and directing them to your Facebook group. You will also see people joining your group out of recommendation.

Facebook will be recommending your Amazon Affiliate group to people who will be interested in what you have to offer.

Also, you can give chance for people to promote their product on your page but make sure that you monitor it and don’t make them spam your group.

This is what will make you a lot of sales because you now have a chance of reaching people even without spending money on ads.

This is a strategy that I and my team use for our affiliate marketing business which is worth thousands of dollars in value which I just shared with you.

So, make sure to act on it and start using it to promote your Amazon Affiliate products and start making enough sales.


3. Showing Review on Pages:

Since you will be running paid ads for your Amazon Affiliate Marketing almost all the time.

You will also have people who will like your Facebook page automatically without needing to add them yourself.

One thing you can do is to invite those who like the advert and Facebook will notify them to like your page.

Although, the conversion rate of Facebook pages is not that compared to that of groups and profiles.

But you can always show product reviews on your Facebook page to those who like your Facebook page.

You can do a product review on your website or YouTube and be showing it to those who like your page.

Now, the amazing thing is that if your page is interactive and always getting updated with posts.

Facebook will also keep recommending your page to many people who will like your Facebook page.

Now, this is you getting a lot of traffic even without running ads to them.

Facebook will keep recommending your page to people who have close interest with those who already like your page.

This is you killing two birds with a stone and you will also get a lot of affiliate sales just from running a single Facebook ad campaign.

So, you can make use of this strategy and start making enough Amazon Affiliate sales from a Facebook ad campaign.

I will also advise that you keep running your Facebook ad and also put effort into Facebook groups’ affiliates.

Combining all these will help you to achieve a quick result with the little amount of money spent on ads.

10 Secrets About Facebook Ads For Amazon Affiliate


Facebook advert for Amazon Affiliate is a nice strategy that helps you make a lot of sales as an affiliate marketer.

This should stop you from also applying other forms of making affiliate sales on Amazon like Google SEO, YouTube SEO, Quora, and others.

As those methods will also help you the more in making a lot of Affiliate sales and get you topping the chart.

One reason why I like this method is that Facebook is filled with a lot of people who will buy from you.

Since Amazon products are the low ticket that comes with cheap prices as low as $10.

You can rest assured that you will make sales because the products are cheap and it’s something they are familiar with.

Imagine promoting a Watch – who doesn’t know what a Watch is meant for?

They only need a proper explanation of what the Watch can do which is different from what they know previously.

If you enjoy this guide and it solves your problem concerning how you can use a Facebook advert to promote amazon products the right way.

Then, share it with your friends on social media by clicking any of the social media buttons below.

Also, if you are already doing Amazon Affiliate – tell me your experience below in the comment box.

I will be happy to reply.

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