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How many followers do you need to be an Amazon affiliate

How many followers do you need to be an Amazon affiliate

How many followers do you need to be an Amazon affiliate?

This same question has been asked by several beginner affiliates who are aiming to make sales by promoting amazon products.

But the major thing that you need to know is that Amazon rarely approves affiliates who don’t have a website.

This means if you do not have a website or a blog where you post and drop content a lot.

Amazon will find it very hard to approve you except if you have a YouTube Channel where you upload video content.

Amazon Associates is very much strict with their policy and they value affiliates who know what they are doing.

They are not ready for some affiliates who are just learning and relying on social media to make a single sale.

Also, because they do not want their Affiliate Link getting spammed on the internet. They won’t allow you to use social media primarily for promotions.

Anyway, the major reason why you are here today is to know the number of followers you need for Amazon Affiliate Marketing.

First, let us take a look at what Amazon Associates is all about.


What Is Amazon Affiliate?

Amazon Affiliate is a part of Amazon Inc that pays affiliate commission for promoting any of the millions of products on their website or store.

A lot of people have made several million just from promoting products on Amazon and using these products to solve people’s problems.

Amazon is not just an ordinary brand. Almost every citizen in the Tier 1 country knows Amazon as a reputable and stable brand.

So, by promoting their affiliate products. You stand a chance to earn a commission from their products.

It is just very important for you to know that Amazon’s commission rate can be relatively low compared to other Affiliates.

And the affiliate program has a strict policy that will terminate your account if you fail to make any sale within 3 months.

So, Amazon Associates is here for the lazy marketers who are looking to keep littering their affiliate links anyhow online.

They are only available for the promising Affiliates who are ready to build an audience that can buy from them.

So, if you don’t have any prior audience or any website where you are going to promote their products to.

It is not advisable your register on Amazon because they always try to verify you and what you are capable of doing.


Do you need followers?

If you’re talking about the audience with respect to followers. Then I will say Yes, you need an audience to make sales on Amazon products.

But you do not need an audience or follower to become an affiliate on Amazon because they also have concerns for newbies.

What you need to become an Amazon Affiliate is a website or a YouTube channel where you have subscribers.

If you have a website. Even if you do not have any traffic to your website yet. Then you can still get approval.

Amazon just needs Affiliates who will not be spamming their links on social media anyhow.

So, relying on your Instagram or Tiktok followers as a means of getting approval is not reliable.

You will not be accepted with that method because amazon doesn’t want you to promote their links on social media.

What you need is a website or a blog where you have authority and you can keep promoting them.

Where you can rank your content and keep helping them to sell their products easily without any doubt.

Once you have a live website that is up and running for any type of content relating to a niche.

Then you will get yourself involved in the league of ranking and getting Affiliate sales.


Requirements to sell a lot of Amazon products

Let us take a little bit of a look at the requirements that you need to sell a lot of Amazon products.

These requirements are very much needed if you plan to make a lot of money as an Amazon Associates.

1. A Niche

It is very important that you first choose a niche that you will focus on before you go fully into Amazon Affiliate Marketing.

A marketer without a niche is a marketer with no product that he or she is promoting.

Because it is when you have a niche that people will trust your recommendation and know that you’re valuable in what you’re promoting.

If you land on some Affiliate platform. You will even be confused as to what exactly they are specialized in.

Why? Because you will see them promoting health, making money, fashion, and even security products.

This is not the best way to promote affiliate marketing. Although, I talked extensively about this here.

You can check it out to see where I went live on a video to explain the 3 main necessities for running a successful affiliate marketing business in a few minutes.

Just know that having a niche is very important because that is what will make you earn more.

When they know you for a niche. You will earn more from that niche because they will see you as a specialist in it.

2. An Audience

You also need an audience that will trust you and believe in whatever that you are recommending.

The only way that you can get to build and nurture this audience is when you are in a certain niche.

It is only these audiences that will buy from you. Because without them. You will make no sales.

Oh yes, if you plan on making many sales. Then you need to build your audience and nurture them very well.

In the next aspect, we are going to discuss the sources where you can milk and nurture the audience.

But you should know that audience is people and people are money.

Without them, there will be nobody to click on your affiliate link or even buy your affiliate products.

So, you need to respect and serve your audience with enough value to progress.

3. A Platform

The next on the line is the platform where you want to milk this traffic and nurture them.

People always have the mindset – most especially the newbie affiliate marketers on Amazon.

They believe that they can just keep spamming their links everywhere on the internet.

And with time, they will get one lucky person to just click on their link and make that purchase.

It doesn’t work that way. I also get several spammers who come to my blog’s comment to spam links.

They just keep littering my blog with bad links and Affiliate links that will cause them to get paid.

I do not know the tutor who taught them this process of doing affiliate marketing.

But if you have such a mindset. You should change because it is not favorable.

You should find a platform. Either Google, YouTube, or social media and build your audience around it.

Once you have a platform and an audience – then you are already close to making enough affiliate sales.

4. Your Geo

Your Geography also matters in the way that you promote your affiliate products.

You should always try to focus on Geographics that are tier 1 countries to earn well with Amazon Associates.

When you focus on the countries that have a high purchasing power. Then you will be able to earn well in a considerable amount.

This brings us to the end of this guide. And I hope it has been very helpful?

If you are looking to get followers before you join Amazon Affiliate. Then you don’t necessarily need that.

With all I have explained in this guide. You should be good to understand what you need.

Also, you should be able to know how you can promote Amazon products the right way.

Do you have any questions? Use the comment box below.

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