Benefits of affiliate marketing for publishers

Benefits of affiliate marketing for publishers

Benefits of affiliate marketing for publishers

There have been several benefits of affiliate marketing for publishers that a lot don’t know.

Affiliate marketing has been the house where publishers earn huge amounts of money daily and regularly.

With the existence of this. There are several advantages of affiliate marketing that any content creator stands to gain.

Let us dive a little bit deep into what publishers are willing to gain from promoting other people’s products.


What is publisher affiliate marketing?

A publisher affiliate marketing is a mechanism where content creators can monetize their platform by promoting other people’s products.

This is majorly applicable to Bloggers and YouTubers who have a platform where they drop content regularly on.

Once a unique affiliate link or id is given out to these content creators.

It makes it very easy for them to promote anything and earn commission in return for it.

Affiliate Marketing is one of the major ways through which content creators make money.

One cannot rely fully on AdSense or wait for a long time to create own’s products.

But when affiliate marketing is involved.

Promotion can continue to keep going on and affiliate commission can continue to roll in.


How much money does a publisher make through affiliate marketing?

Another question that flows online is about how much a publisher makes through affiliate marketing.

But this fully depends on the work rate and the ability of the publisher to build more audience and traffic.

Because if you cannot bring traffic into any affiliate link that you are promoting.

Then it will be difficult to make any money from affiliate marketing.

You can easily make from as little as $5 to $100,000 in a month with affiliate marketing.

Although, this depends on your dedication and how well you are working hard on your platform.

This means that, if you are a YouTuber – you must endeavor to keep getting consistent with creating video content.

Also, if you are a blogger who writes content. You must be consistent with your blog and make sure to rank on Google.

This is what will determine how much you will earn as a publisher.

This is also how affiliate marketing can benefit you effectively as a publisher.


What Are The Main Advantages of Affiliate Marketing For Publishers?

There are several advantages of affiliate marketing that you stand to enjoy as a publisher.

Among these advantages are:

Ability To Earn Money At Own’s Will:

Which gives you the ability to make money whenever you decide because of the ease of selling.

When you have products that are ready to sell. You do not have to stress much in the creation of a product.

It is a thing that you can easily call a webinar or make a post and get something to promote to your audience.

Ability To Create More Connection:

Aside from working or selling products of top brands like Amazon.

If you are selling products of vendors on places like Clickbank or JVZoo.

You will easily build your network and also get access to the trust of others in your field.

You can also get to reciprocate back to any of the product launches that you will be revealed in the future.

There are also several other advantages that you can read in this guide.


What Is The Difference Between Affiliate and Publisher?

The difference between affiliate and publisher is quite similar – but separate with a little gap.

As an affiliate, you can be someone who just uses the word of mouth to make someone buy through your affiliate link.

The moment you sign up for an affiliate program and you are given your unique affiliate link.

You are automatically an affiliate for that product and you are given a link to promote.

So, you can even use email marketing to get people into clicking on your link and making a purchase.

But when it comes to being a publisher.

You have to be a content creator who has an audience on a platform where you drop value always.

And a typical example of that is a blogger who drops content on his or her website.

Or a YouTuber who creates content and publishes links on his or her youtube channel.

You have to be a content creator where you have a platform to paste your affiliate link.


What Is The Difference Between Advertisers And Publishers?

There is a big difference between an advertiser and a publisher.

It is the advertiser that owns the product or service that the publisher is promoting.

So, if you are someone who goes to YouTube and runs any paid advert on YouTube.

While the advert keeps showing on someone’s YouTube channel whenever someone clicks on a video to watch.

You are the advertiser while the person whose advert is being shown on his platform is the publisher.

There are a lot of platforms that serve as an intermediary between advertisers and publishers.

Among them are, PropellerAds, Revcontent, Google AdSense, and many others.

So the advertiser is the owner of the goods or services being promoted.

While the publisher is the one promoting the goods or services on his or her platform.

I hope it’s well explained?


What are examples of publishers?

Examples of publishers are Youtube channels that are Monetizing their content through YouTube Adsense.


Youtube Advert Screenshot - Benefitd of affiliatw marketing for publishers

Another example of publishers are websites that are showing sponsored posts inside their content

…and also showing at the widget area of their website.
Blog Adsense - Benefits of affiliate marketing for publishersThose are the examples of publishers I can point out.

Several other publishers are in the forums and social media platforms.


How do you become a publisher?

If you have a platform where you believe to bring a lot of traffic.

You become a publisher by joining some of the Networking Advertising Platforms like, Ezoic, Google AdSense, and several others.

You only need to receive an HTML code from these platforms which you will embed on your website.

Although, if you are just starting out without a website. Or even any platform where you have traffics coming in.

I won’t suggest you become a publisher early. I will suggest you first go to build your audience before thinking of starting publishing.


5 Benefits of affiliate marketing for publishers

1. Earn While Creating Content:

Just imagine how boring it would have been – if you are to be writing out content without having to sell something personally.

Because even the morale to continue writing will be reduced gradually till one becomes exhausted.

There are several niches out there in the internet marketing space with less deliverability.

What I mean is that it will be very difficult to even decide to launch a product in such a niche.

Among such niches can be the entertainment niche where bloggers or publishers are majorly dependent on AdSense.

But for how long will one continue to rely on that. When one can decide to promote other people’s products.

This is something that affiliate marketing brings to the table because you can even place links at suitable places on your website.

So, the benefit of Affiliate Marketing for a publisher is the ability to earn even without you creating products.

You are easily making money while writing or even creating content for your blog.

And you just recommend a product within the content which you believe will help people in their business life.

This is the first major advantage of affiliate marketing to publishers which a lot of people are enjoying.


2. Another Source of Income:

Being a publisher is an extra source of income for anyone who wants to monetize their skills.

I mean, someone like me with writing skills can easily start creating content and know that I will have something to sell.

The thing is that not everyone has everything or even a single eagerness to create a product.

But with the help and ability that affiliate marketing has created and offered to a lot of people.

It becomes much easier for them to promote something and have another way to make income online.

It can sometimes be tiring to just rely on one method.

For example, trying to rely only on AdSense as a source of getting a commission as a blogger.

A lot of bloggers are faced with the issue of having their AdSense account banned due to one reason or the other.

This is something that comes with a lot of experience.

But it is majorly affected by those who fully rely on one source of income.

If you have affiliate marketing included by promoting other people’s products alongside AdSense on your website.

You won’t be affected much and won’t go back to square zero at where you come from.

This is another added benefit of affiliate marketing to publishers.


3. Income Without Huge Effort:

You only need to join any of the affiliate networking platforms that I listed at the beginning of this guide.

Joining them is free and you will see a lot of products that you can sell easily on the platform.

The thing is that 80% of online brands have an affiliate program that they offer.

But another major problem that might want to arise when you join and promote might be in the aspect of handling tracking and remuneration.

That is why they prefer to make affiliate networks handle their affiliate program effectively.

And joining these affiliate networks. You have thousands or even millions of products to promote in any niche.

You have products that can you place on your website, channels, or even groups.

Products in any niche which you do not have to recreate but just sell with a commission.

You do not even need to hire a funnel builder or still pay huge money to use any website designer.

Everything is done for you. Promoting other people’s products can also earn you more commission.

Some products are 50% commission where you share the same commission with the product vendor.

Products like these are very much popular on JVZoo and Warrior+ Platform.


4. Relieve From AdSense Approval/Ban:

There are so many affiliate marketing websites that are making thousands of dollars monthly.

And how is this possible for them to make?

It is through the promotion of other people’s products on their platform without having to await AdSense.

Even if you have a youtube channel. You do not necessarily need to wait for YouTube to approve your monetization before you earn.

You can easily input Affiliate links in your video descriptions and get people to click on them.

Just in the description of your video. You can keep making enough commission by promoting other people’s products.

This benefit of affiliate marketing to publishers is also very much unique.


5. Extra Way To Build Quality Audience:

You cannot afford to keep making everything free for your audience if you want to be taken seriously.

The easiest thing for people to give you is “Thank You“.

It is always difficult to see the alert debit without any reason for them to buy.

Normally, giving outstanding value on your platform is very much okay and there is nothing bad in it.

But you cannot just fully focus all the time on you creating value without seeing anything in return.

Because it is when this money keeps coming in that you will also be much more motivated to continue.

But anything that you are doing without any money coming in – in return will kinda turn you obsolete.

That is why affiliate marketing is always there and ready to convert your audience to a money-making machine.

So, with every audience, that lands on your website. You are sure to also make money in return.

This is the power and tool that affiliate marketing is always offering partners.

An added advantage to this is that your audience will also respect and buy more from you.

But if you are making them get used to free things too much – almost all the time.

Then you will be finding it very difficult to survive in terms of promotion.

And it is normal, the creation of a product is very tedious and stressful which would have hindered you from selling.

But when Affiliate Marketing is involved. You get all this covered and you can promote easily.

This takes us to the end of this guide. If you have any further questions to ask.

Happy Affiliating.