William Hill Affiliates: Earn Up To $1500 Weekly

Are you a sports lover in the Casino, Poker, or Bingo game and do you want more ways to make money through affiliate marketing?

Or maybe you’re an independent online hustle who got in touch with William Hill Affiliates.

And you are thinking of how you can also join the affiliate program and start making money for yourself.

Well, the William Hill Program is accommodating to anyone who wishes to join.

But the only thing left is for you to know one or two things about it before joining.

And because you have landed in this guide today. I am going to take you on a journey that will amaze you.

You are going to learn everything you need to know about the William Hill Affiliates program.

Also, you are going to learn how you can start promoting it and making money with it.

It’s no news that a lot of people love to gamble and make money with less amount of stress.

This is an opportunity for you to also make money by introducing them to the William Hill betting site.

The moment they start investing for more greener pastures. You are also earning your affiliate commissions in return.

Enough of all this mate.

Let us get straight into it.

Also, below are the guidelines for this guide which you can easily use to navigate to any part of this guide.

Although, I suggest you take time to read all through and understand fully what you want to get into.

This way, you can easily grab all the full scope of this Affiliate program from A to Z.


What Is William Hill Affiliates?

William Hill Affiliates gives its partners the ability to earn money from every referral that plays sport betting on their platform.

William Hill is available in multiple countries where they operate.

And this makes it more useful to affiliate partners to easily bring a lot of players from several countries.

Oh yes, every referral that you bring into William Hill through your affiliate link will become a player.

They are referred to as a Player and any time they make a deposit to bet on either Poker or Casino Or Soccer.

Whichever one they are betting on. You will be earning a commission for that.

William Hill renders a lot of services and creates products in over 20 languages just like they stated on their website.

So, there are a lot of opportunities in this affiliate program that lies underneath the online atmosphere.

It’s not left for you to easily grab it or still doubt. Let’s do more deeper though.


William Hill Affiliates Review

  • Commission Rate: 30%.
  • Commission Process: Recurring and Fixed.
  • Cookie Duration: 7 days.
  • Payment Process: PayPal, Wire Transfer, Neteller, and more.
  • Payment Threshold: $200 for Wire Transfer and $5 For Neteller and the rest.
  • Approval Duration: 24 Hours.
  • Product Type: Gambling
    Affiliate Program.
  • Registration Link: William Hill Affiliate. 
  • Affiliate Network Partner: William Hill Affiliate Programme.


William Hill Brand Details

  • Brand Name: William Hill Limited.
  • Founder: William Hill.
  • Country Founded: the United Kingdom, 1934.
  • Company Purpose: Profit
  • Niche: Betting.


How Do The William Hill Affiliates Work?

The William Hill Affiliates have two models that they use to pay its affiliates.

Unlike other affiliate programs that will only state the certain percentage that they will offer their affiliates.

And just make it a single mode of earning commission which can either be One-time or recurring.

The William Hill Affiliates is far from that. It offers the affiliate partner two ways to earn a commission.

Now, it’s left for you to select which mode of commission you want to select between both when becoming an affiliate.

The two modes are Revenue Shares and CPA.

To be frank, the majority of new affiliates go with the revenue shares and it’s also what I advise my readers to go with.

The reason is that you will earn up to a 30% recurring commission on every bet that your players make.

This means whenever you player makes a bet with William Hill from different games.

Even if it’s not a single game that the bet comes from. You will always earn your revenue share as commission.

Although this depends on the amount staked and also the type of game that a player decides to bet on.

For example… if your player bets on poker. Your revenue will be generated from the Rakes and tournament fees minus Bonuses.

There are ways they calculate your revenue for other types of games.

It only depends on the one your player is playing which doesn’t concern you much since you’re earning your commission.

While the second mode of commission is the CPA.

Some affiliates also go with this though but I don’t fancy it that much.

The reason is that it is just a single mode of payment when your player makes a deposit.

It is a one-time payment that is being calculated by the William Hill team and given to you.

You cannot compare this to Revenue shares where you will always be earning whenever your player bets.

Revenue Shares is a continuous commission mode while the CPA is a one-time commission mode.

Although, you don’t have to worry much about whether or not you should select one or not.

The moment your affiliate registration has been approved.

You will be delighted by an affiliate account manager that will help monitor the progress of your account.

They are not only there to monitor your progress but to also be your best friend on the other side.

This means that if you have any questions on William Hill Affiliates and how to earn more.

You can easily buzz him or her and you will get clearance to your confusion.

Also, your affiliate manager will help you choose whether you’re are fit for the Revenue Shares or the CPA mode of commission.

I will advise you to speak or chat with your Account Manager about this and don’t just make conclusions on your own.

They are there to always assist and they are fully dedicated since they know it’s a win-win situation.

The more they help you bring more Players to use William Hill. The more money they are making also.

So, feel free to ask them any questions as they are your close pal.


How Do You Become A William Hill Affiliates Partner?

Joining the William Hill Affiliate can be relatively simple as to when you are opening a social media account.

William Hill is free to join for anyone interested in also bringing more players and earning with them.

This affiliate program doesn’t charge a single dime for anyone who wishes to join.

Also, you will need certain requirements for your approval of this affiliate program if you are serious about joining.

You don’t necessarily need to be a player under William Hill before you can be approved to this affiliate program.

It’s open for anyone and everyone to join.

Also, when choosing your currency…All your earnings and payment will be recorded in the currency that you choose.


William Hill Affiliates Requirements

Below are the things that you will be needing for you to get approved to the William Hilla affiliate program.

Let us quickly go over each one of them for you to know exactly what you are in for

But before you should even consider doing or registering for this affiliate program.

You should know that you will be passing two processes for the registration of your account.

You will first fill in your requirements which will comprise all the details about you as a partner.

While the second page when you click “Next” comprises your payment details where you will receive your affiliate earnings.


1. Username: 

The first thing you have to consider is your username which you will use. You have to make it unique and not what another person has used. You can include a figure at the back of your username in case the one you used is taken.


2. Password:

Make sure that you set up a very strong password that will be hard for hackers to break into.
You can make use of the combination of some Capital letters, Small Letters, #, numbers, and some other symbols.


3. Email Address: 

You will also need an email address for the registration. If you don’t have an email address.

You can head over to to create one for free within a few minutes.


4. Name: 

Your real names will also be needed when you are registering and make sure it’s correct in case of affiliate payment.


5. Company Name:

This is only if you choose a company account. You might not need this if you decide to create a personal account.


6. Company Registration Number: 

Your company registration number is also needed. Remember, only if you choose a company account.


7. VAT:

Also your Value Added Tax Code will be needed only if you choose a company account. Not needed if you are only registering as an individual.


8. Contact Phone: 

You always have to include your contact number in case of future verification.


9. IM name:

Your IM name is also needed for easy identification and linking.


10. Skype Name:

If you’re not on Skype, you can skip this. But it’s a way of easily getting access to your account manager and chatting directly.
You can easily download Skype and create a free account if you need one.


11. Address 1:

Your address or a nearby firm in your neighborhood can fix this aspect.


12. City:

Reveal the city where you come from in this space.


13. State: 

Also, the state where you come from should be input here.


14. Zip: 

The zip code of your state should be here. If you don’t know it. Just head over to and type “{state}zip code” and you will get your zip code.


15. Country: 

Lastly, your country where you come from will be asked.

Once you finish filling all these and it went successfully. You will be directed to the payment tab.

Where you will choose the payment processor method which you will prefer.

And also input your details where you will be receiving your affiliate commission into.


William Hill Affiliates Payment Methods And Affiliate Commission

William Hill Affiliates pays a 30% commission on each revenue share that you earn from each of the players you refer.

And you can easily withdraw all your earnings in the next calendar month of any payment account.

You’re the one to decide when best you want to be receiving all your affiliate commissions.

Also, William Hill Affiliates pay their Affiliates through several payment methods including PayPal, wire transfer, Neteller, MoneyBookers, and operator account.

Although you have to know that if you are going to be making use of wire transfer to make a withdrawal.

That is if you want to send your funds directly to your bank account. You will need to have a minimum of $200 in your affiliate account.

This means your earnings must not be less than $200. If you have less than that, you will not be able to process your withdrawal.

But if you are trying to withdrawal through MoneyBookers or Neteller. You will only need to have $5.

If you have more than or equal to $5 in your affiliate account.

You can easily withdraw with these options.

But wire transfer requires nothing less than $200.

So keep that at the back of your mind.

Also, note that you can change your payment method from your back end if you wish.

Just go to your account manager and you will be able to change from either Wire Transfer to Neteller.

Or from a payment method you already set for yourself to another payment method you currently want to be using.


Can I Make Money On William Hill Affiliates?

  1. Start Giving Betting Tips.
  2. Create a Poker Community.
  3. Use Network Ads.
  4. YouTube Search Is Less Competitive.


1. Start Giving Betting Tips:

What kind of game or sport are you best good at and you know a lot of people will be doing to gain from.

You can easily start a betting prediction community where you start predicting games for people.

You just have to know that not all your predictions will come through.

But this is something you can put in your disclaimer for anyone to read before joining your community.

There are a lot of platforms where you can start a community of people to gather.

You can make use of Twitter to build followers of people that will always retweet your posts.

Or you can make use of telegram where you have a lot of people that are already on the platform.

There are a lot of telegram groups out there that you can pay the admin to run paid ads on the platform.

Just make sure that the telegram group has thousands of members that are interactive and responsive.

Also, make sure that the group is also synonymous with your sports betting.

You can go with Cryptocurrency groups where people are already used to making money.

Network marketing (MLM) or Ponzi Scheme groups are also cool for you to penetrate.

This way, you can start game prediction and you make sure that new members can start making use of William Hill.

You make them know the benefits of using William Hill for betting and let than pass through your affiliate link.

Once they register through your affiliate link. You will be earning commission from their bettings.


2. Create a Poker Community:

Creating a poker community will earn you a lot of revenue and a great reputation.

Although, this might also be synonymous with the method above where you create a betting community.

But this one is not about your prediction games for people.

It is just you being an admin of that community and making sure that people interact.

A lot of people are out there looking for ways through which they can earn more money with Poker.

Also, they are looking for a Poker community where they can interact with one another.

All you need to do is to dedicate just a few months or a few hours daily to create engagement in the group.

Give tips and just make sure that people are interacting.

It will first start with 1 or 2 people in the group that will be commenting.

Later on, they will start increasing and bringing more people to the group.

Before you know it. Those who don’t comment will also start commenting and you start building a huge brand.

I have been in a community where I don’t interact for months.

But I just had to become one of the top engaging members later on because I see a lot of people interacting.



3. Use Network Ads:

Another awesome way that you can easily promote your affiliate link is by using network ads.

Oh yes, Network Ads are like banner adverts or link adverts that you see on websites.

Sometimes, you go on a website to download something and you will see several ads pop up.

Or you land on some website and you will see View more Ads at their widget area.

These are network advert run by many people out there and are making a killing from it.

Network adverts are considered one of the best-paid ways to run any betting business.

The reason is that you won’t get your advert declined unlike you trying to run social media adverts.

Another reason is that you can easily target your advert to some specific platforms.

The majority of the top platforms out there allow advert on their website.

All you have to do is to find a sports forum on Google. Just make sure that it’s dedicated to Pokers and Casino.

That is, look for forums on Google that are dedicated to Poker and Casino and advertise on the platform.

You can also decide to interact on the platform and post your link.

But the majority of these platforms don’t allow affiliate links or any fishy links on their platform.

So, just pay them to run a network advert for you.

You can first go to and look at the amount of traffic that the website gets monthly.

You want a website/sports forum with millions of monthly visitors and not a website with thousands of visitors.

Also, make sure that your banner is very easy and user-friendly. So that you can get more clicks.

You can easily look at what other advertisers have done on the website to replicate yours.


4. YouTube Search Is Less Competitive

As at the time of writing this guide. I tried searching about William Hill on YouTube and you know what I found?

Fewer Results!

This means this program is less talked about by other people on YouTube.

There are fewer results shown and I can see thousands of searches concerning the program.

What I am trying to denote is that you can also create a YouTube channel that is focused on this.

You can easily start talking about William Hill on YouTube and start promoting through there.

I tell you that it won’t take months for your videos to start ranking.

I mean, why would It take that when maybe only 3 or 5 people are talking about it.

And because your content is fresh, it will take quickly at the top of youtube.

Most of the few videos that are even talking about it are from years back.

But if you can start a YouTube channel on it now. You will quickly start getting traffic.

And at the description of each of your videos. You can easily input your affiliate link there.

Don’t worry, YouTube accepted the use of affiliate links on their platform.

Also, you can try and optimize your YouTube videos well for good ranking.

Like, put the Keyword in your tags and descriptions.


Benefits Of William Hill Affiliates

Let us quickly look at some of the benefits of the William Hill Affiliate Program.

This guide might not be complete if you don’t even know the good side of what you are about to get into.

  1. More Rewards.
  2. Recurring Income.


1. More Rewards:

The moment you join this affiliate program. You start standing the chances of earning more rewards.

There are a lot of incentives that await you when you start bringing enough players through your affiliate links.

The major reason why I like the William Hill Affiliates is the fact that they recognize their affiliate partners.

I think maybe it’s because they might not be that popular like many other affiliate programs out there.

But they value their affiliate partners and give credit to anyone that tries to promote their services more.

Also, because there are fewer competitors unlike some other types of affiliate programs.

The William Hill Affiliates have more than enough to satisfy their hardworking partners.

All you have to do is to keep bringing more players and you have a lot to earn.

Even from the revenue shares method of payment alone. You can see that they wish the best for their hardworking affiliate partners.

So, just keep giving in your best interest promoting your affiliate link effectively.

And you stand more chances of getting more and more rewards from this affiliate program.


2. Recurring Income:

I am sure you already know that William Hill Affiliates operates both fixed and recurring income methods.

And if you go with the recurring income method by choosing the revenue shares.

You know that this is you earning money even from an affiliate that you refer 3 years back.

That is why you see some people resting and they just keep making and earning money without any further effort.

It is through recurring income that they are earning thousands of commission in dollars every month.

They already have affiliate players that are already registered with William Hill through their affiliate link.

And the moment this person keeps getting any time and any day. They are earning commissions for themselves.

This is the major reason why I like William Hill and even betting affiliate programs generally compared to others.

You stand the chances of always making money from past efforts even if you stop or pause for a certain period.


Shortcomings Of William Hill Affiliates

Although, William Hill has a benefit through the recurring affiliate method.

But there is just a lot of spam in the betting niche which is affecting the effort of hardworking Affiliates.

The spamming of links on sites and just anywhere necessary can easily make someone frustrated

This might not fully be targeted towards the William Hill Affiliates.

But it is targeted towards the sports betting affiliate programs generally.

And this is a major problem that is causing some people to  frustrated and just leaves the sports betting referral business.


This affiliate program is a major contributor to a lot of sport betting for a long time.

And so, William Hill Affiliates is a trustworthy affiliate program that gives you enough earning through their Revenue Shares and CPA.

It’s now left with you to choose the one that best suits your current need from the two.

Also, you have a dedicated account manager that will oversee all the performance of your account.

With several payment methods including PayPal and Wire Transfer for you to easily withdraw your commission.

If you enjoy this guide on William Hill Affiliates, then you might want to check out this guide on 1xbet Affiliate.

It’s also a sports betting program that can make you earn more money from sports betting when combined.