Dropshipping Jewelry: Number 1 Beginners’ Guide To Jewelry Dropshipping

1688 Dropshipping: 10× Guide To A Profitabile Dropshipping

Dropshipping Jewelry is part of a niche in the Dropshipping world and a lot of people are moving towards it.

A lot of suggestions and thoughts have been rolling on social media about how Jewelry Dropshipping shouldn’t be what any newbie should enter.

Some saying that it is too saturated and just a lot of people are already struggling in this Dropshipping niche.

But does that mean that it is not possible for one to also profit from this niche?

No! It is very possible to profit from this niche and also be earning your cool cash easily.

You only need to know the plans and marketing strategies that you should use for your Dropshipping brand.

Below Is What Will Be Discussed In This Content;

Let us quickly go deeper into Jewelry Dropshipping and how you can easily market and run your brand Successfully.


Is Dropshipping Jewelry Profitable?

Dropshipping Jewelry just for money’s sake will not lead you to a successful destination – but Dropshipping Jewelry for ultimate satisfaction is what will lead you to a successful destination.

You need to have a goal and strategy in place that will create ultimate satisfaction for your customers.

Because if they are not satisfied – it will be very difficult for you to continue whatever you have plans for.

Dropshipping of Jewelries should also be what you have passion for because if you don’t have passion for it and don’t know much about Jewelry…

…you won’t know the exact types that customers will like best and the best quality of them all.

So, doing your jewelry Dropshipping should be from passion and what you have an interest in.

Because in promoting your Jewelry Dropshipping store – you will have to work more on your marketing strategies…

…and for you to be successful in doing your marketing strategies – you need to have passion for it.

Because if you don’t have passion for it and you are busy doing it – you will later get tired and move to another shiny object online.


How To Dropship Jewelry

Let us quickly move into how you can start Dropshipping Jewelry from the comfort of your home.

How you can easily do your Dropshipping easily without any stress and grow it to a higher brand.

  1. Find A Unique Jewelry Type.
  2. Source For A Good Dropshipping E-marketplace.
  3. Get A Good Dropshipping Agent or Supplier
  4. Promote Your Brand.


1. Find A Unique Jewelry Type:

How much do jewelry dropshippers make?

The first step you need to take note of is finding a unique jewelry type that you want to focus on.

If you are interested in doing only hand or neck or early jewelry – you can channel your energy on just one of them.

Most of my friends and readers of my blogs who are more closer to me know about the value I place on focusing on one sub-niche.

Because it makes life easy for you and also gives you the ability to concentrate fully as a one-man effort.

So, you can fully focus on one which you know will be very profitable for you.

Another thing I like to do is to do some research about what works and if the niche is very profitable.

Research online and look at some highly successful people who have been profitable in that niche.

Are they truly making enough money and what is their experience in just the “Hand Jewelry Niche”?

These are the things that you should focus on – Don’t act hastily about it.

Try and give your research a little time and see what works before even thinking of joining it.

It is always easy to quickly think about an idea and jump on it – but it is kinda difficult to continue.

But once you have those that you look up to in that niche – you will keep moving forward and profiting.


2. Source For A Good Dropshipping E-marketplace:

Dropshipping jewelry ads

You need to source for a very good Jewelry Dropshipping Marketplace where you will be buying your products.

I suggest that you make use of 1688, Alibaba, or AliExpress.

If you can also afford to be making use of Shopify or Amazon – it is also very cool.

But just to buy cheaply as someone who is just starting and profiting heavily from your products.

I advise that you focus more on Chinese websites where they can sell cheaply to you and you make enough gains.

Dropshipping can be very easy and China is a good country for producing nice Jewelry that will be of a nice look.

You rest assured that you will see a lot of quality jewelry to Dropship on and the rest stated above.

They have a lot of jewelry suppliers and manufacturers who are passionate about serving you.

You can even message them and have them imprint your brand name on the jewelry to start your Private Labeling 

They will surely help you do it and you will start having high success in Dropshipping Jewelry.

This is the second step that you should focus on in this aspect to make enough gain.

If you make use of a cheaper E-marketplace – you can easily get products you will see on Amazon or Shopify for $80 at $40.

And you can make it $100 and get enough gains because they are cheaper than other stores.


3. Get A Good Dropshipping Agent or Supplier:

Dropshipping jewelry USA

Another step you need to focus on is getting a Dropshipping agent that will be helping you clearly and ship this jewelry to your customers.

When you have a very good agent that will be doing your clearing and forwarding for you.

Life is becoming easier and you can just focus and concentrate more on the marketing aspect.

I will recommend Printful for your agent as they are good at helping you do your Dropshipping.

They will save the products in their warehouse and anytime you have any order – they will send them straight to your customers.

This is how Dropshipping works if you don’t know – but just make sure that your supplier is someone who accesses countries you want to Dropship to.

I suggest you Dropship to European countries – so that your profit can be enormous.

Although if you want to Dropship locally maybe to people within your locality – then you can just find a trusted agent for that.

But Dropshipping to tier 1 countries should be your first aim even if you are not from there.

This is how to profitably Dropship and keep living a cool and Profitable life with Dropshipping Jewelry.


4. Promote Your Brand:

Dropshipping gold jewelry


Your next requirement is to promote your brand and start getting a lot of orders into your store.

I have given a more concrete and detailed guide on how you can easily promote your Jewelry Dropshipping business in the next aspect of this guide.

So, just scroll down a little and you will be there at the juncture.

But you have to go crazy on your promotion and don’t just take it with a cold mind.

Always try to promote your Dropshipping business as many times as possible because if you don’t…

…another person will promote theirs and you will keep struggling and finding yourself struggling.

You don’t have to move to any other shiny objects online – just try to promote yourself and your brand.

Also, know your audience and where they are congregating – to be able to penetrate their domain.

Promotion is necessary for anything that we are doing and we must take it very seriously.

With promotion – you can easily achieve your daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly Dropshipping target.

So, let us immediately go deep into how to promote your Jewelry Dropshipping store.


Marketing Strategies To Run A Successful Jewelry Dropshipping

Some strategies are needed for you to profitably be a Dropshipping Jewelry.

Let us go deep into them now so that everything can become smooth and easy for you. 

  1. Run Facebook Ads.
  2.  Start A YouTube Channel.
  3. Create Your Website.
  4. Use Influencers.


1. Run Facebook Ads:

Is jewelry dropshipping profitable?

The first aspect that you can channel your energy on is to run a profitable Facebook advert.

Running a Facebook advert is necessary for any Dropshipping store that is dealing with physical fashion products.

When you run Facebook adverts – you can easily interrupt people with your advert and get the focus.

Although, it takes a little bit of consistency with the Facebook advert for it to work out very well.

But Facebook has billions of monthly users that come into the platform to have fun and cruise online.

Some coming to show off their new whips and some coming to check out new updates.

These people have their businesses and are living a financially free life without any hardback.

Among these people are those who are interested in jewelry and find it very attractive.

They make use of it when going to work or any occasion and some even go as much as using it in their home.

But these people don’t usually go to search engines – they only penetrate Facebook and bounce.

So, if you can grab their attention and easily make them see what you – you will make a profit.

Also, there is an aspect in your Facebook advert dashboard where you can easily target these people.

You can niche down your target to penetrate these people and get them into your store.


2. Start A YouTube Channel:

Is jewelry good for dropshipping

Another way through which you can promote and market your brand is to start a YouTube channel.

Although, I like to say that it is only possible if you are not camera shy.

But trust me, there are a lot of people who are shooting Youtube videos easily even though they were once camera shy.

So, don’t let being camera shy stop you from starting your YouTube channel because it won’t profit you.

You need to start your YouTube channel so that you can easily start tapping from the oil of youtube traffic.

The way you can make use of youtube is by giving them valuable tips about how Jewelry is important.

Some people also go to YouTube to see the comparison of some jewelry – just to know if one is cooler than the other.

You can easily show them the comparison and tell them which one is better and why you think it is better.

There is a lot of juice and strategies that you can use to keep launching new videos on your YouTube channel.

You only need to be consistent with whatever you are doing because you won’t immediately see results.

This is not a Facebook advert where you will run an advert today and you will start profiting tomorrow.

No! YouTube channel is organic and organic Marketing takes time before it will start profiting you.

So, give it enough time and just keep uploading your videos – with time you will see profit in Dropshipping Jewelry.

To start a YouTube Channel – click here by opening the page with your laptop or computer.


3. Create Your Website:

Is jewelry dropshipping profitable?

You need to have a website where you can call home for all your jewelry Dropshipping services.

You cannot afford to be doing g Dropshipping without having a website – it’s possible but will be difficult.

You will have to keep displaying your products on other people’s channels and people won’t have any place to connect with you.

When you have a website that you can call yours – there is a lot of pride in it because people can connect easily with you on it.

Also, you can easily integrate some features that will make shopping to be very easy for your customers.

So, even if you have a youtube channel or you are running a Facebook advert – it has to lead them into someplace.

You need to have a destination where you will send your visitors to and not just send them into any random place.

So, your website is your home and you must make sure to design it very well to make it very Captivating and converting.

You can easily create a simple Dropshipping or E-commerce website with the help of some YouTube videos.

Or you can easily hire some experts from freelance websites like Upwork to help you build your website.


4. Use Influencers:

Is jewelry dropshipping profitable?

Another fantastic way to promote your Jewelry Drop shipping is the use of influencers.

Oh yes, many people don’t know about the benefits that they will gain from advertising with influencers.

Influencers are people who already have your audience and you will only have to pay them to help you advertise to their audience.

Now, since these audiences is in love and follows the influencers – they will be more eager to purchase anything that the influencer recommends.

That is the reason why you see a lot of big brands paying millions of dollars to influencers just to endorse them.

They know that once they have access to these Influencers – they will also have access to their audience.

Because this audience will always follow the recommendations that their celebrities give.

They already see them as a small god who is successful and knows the right way ahead of them.

So, any recommendation is fantastic and right in their view and won’t argue.

So, you only have to niche down and look for Influencers who have content related to Jewelry.

Look for Influencers on Instagram or Facebook or Twitter and see if they post fashion content.

Then pay them to advertise to their audience and make your sales because you already endorse them for a few minutes.



Doing jewelry Dropshipping is easy and much profitable when done very correctly.

You just have to be focused and know what you are doing right and go hard on it.

Also, make sure that it is something that you have passion for – because that is the only way you can be consistent.

Dropshipping Jewelry has turned many people from broke to wealthy just from taking it as a passion.

So, follow every recommendations and suggestion that I have given in this guide and take your business to the top.

Don’t forget to drop your thoughts or any further suggestions in the comment box below, I will be glad to reply.

Also, don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family on social media.