Clickbank Vs Maxbounty

Clickbank vs MaxBounty [Here’s Our Winner]

Clickbank Vs MaxBounty

Having trouble choosing when it comes to Clickbank Vs Maxbounty? 

MaxBounty and Clickbank are platforms where affiliate marketers can get products to promote and earn a commission. Before I break down each step, here’s a quick overview of the difference between Clickbank and MaxBounty.

Here are the main differences between the two – Clickbank majorly offers Cost Per Sales Offers While MaxBounty offers both Cost Per Action offers and Cost Per Sale Offers. On Clickbank, you only earn when you make a sale. While on MaxBounty, you earn while you make someone perform a task (e.g submission of email address or Zip Code).

Both Clickbank and Maxbounty are reputable affiliate networks with a lot of affiliates under them. But Clickbank still has a more solid reputation than MaxBounty. Although you tend to earn more from several opportunities on Maxbounty than Clickbank.

And also, Clickbank has been existing for a long time before MaxBounty came into existence. But MaxBounty still has more features than Clickbank.

Wait, are you confused here?

Like, you are just wondering which exactly you should choose from between the two.

The fact is that you need to know enough about whatever you want to get yourself into my friend.

So, grab a cup of coffee with me and let me walk you through this journey.

But before we go further. Here is a little difference between MaxBounty and Clickbank.

MaxBounty Clickbank
1. More Earning Opportunities From Different Offers. 1. Less Earning Opportunities From Same Type Of Offers.
2. Less Favorable Reputation Than Clickbank. 2. More Favorable Reputation Than MaxBounty.
3.Difficult Approval Method. 3. Easy Approval Method If Your Country Is Not Blacklisted.
4. Great Support From Account Manager. 4. No Account Manager Except For Platinum Members.
5. Can’t Give Financial Freedom. Just For Online Hustlers. 5. Good For Financial Freedom Since The Commission Rates Are High.

Why Use Platforms Like Maxbounty and Clickbank?

Several reasons are involved when it comes to using these two platforms as a means of earning a substantial amount of money online.

Below are some of the reasons why you might want to consider using either or both the two affiliate networking platform.

For Vendors

Quick Conversion

You get quick conversion when you consider making use of these affiliate networking platforms.

Since there are a lot of affiliates that are registering every day just to promote a product on the platform.

Conversion is likely assured for you. Also, if you are using a platform like MaxBounty for example. You can launch a campaign just to get leads.

Which means it doesn’t always have to be about making sales on MaxBounty. You can create a campaign where affiliates can help you get leads.

It is what is being referred to as Cost Per Acquisition or Action in the MaxBounty Network.

So, several opportunities are just here where you can either get affiliates to make you sales, get you leads, or get them to find people to perform a task.

Less Traffic Budget

When it comes to getting conversion with affiliates. You will not need to spend huge money on Advertising.

The reason because you have less amount to spend here since you are getting them for relatively free.

Although if you are to be doing cost per acquisition through the use of MaxBounty. You will have to pay because the platform has to pay Affiliates.

But on ClickBank, you don’t have to pay huge to list your product over there – you will only be charged a percentage of your total sales revenue.

So, you see that you are literally spending less or none. Even MaxBounty will only charge you a few cents per lead or action.

Compared to if you are to run a paid advert on Google or Social media where you might be spending $1 per action or leads.


For Affiliates

Several reasons are also involved as to why affiliates should join any of these affiliate networks.

Below are a couple of reasons why:

Easy Commission With Less Stress

Earning huge commissions with less stress is one of the reasons why these two platforms are great.

If you are to consider MaxBounty on its own. You see that you do not even need to start building an audience to buy from you.

All you need if for people to perform a free task that won’t cost them any money and you get paid.

You can even get access to some email leads that are scrapped on the internet and blast emails to them.

A lot of their top affiliates are doing this and they are using it to earn a lot of money since they are not selling.

They are only making people do a task with a promise of a freebie in return. Can you imagine that?

Making money by offering something for free without needing to make them purchase anything.


So, this is the opportunity that you get to enjoy here because just imagine you shoot out emails to 100,000 people.

You can easily make $500 just from them performing a certain type of task. This is the method we use to crush MaxBounty offers.

Sell Without Launching A Product

The ability to sell without you needing to write a single line of code or without facing the camera talking for hours.

That is what affiliate marketing is offering a lot of people and which makes a lot of money in the long run.

MaxBounty and Clickbank offer this type of service and that is what they are specialized in.

The stress of even going all the way to create a product either digital or physical is much.

But when you already have other people who have done the stress for you and offering you a 50% commission or more.

That is easy money to me – without you needing to launch anything.

Earning From Multiple Choices

A platform like MaxBounty will offer you a lot of choices to choose from like CPA, CPL, or CPS.

Which means you can either earn from Cost Per Action, Cost Per Lead, or Cost Per Sale.

You have several offers to choose from and earn from either you make someone just sign up with their email address or you make someone input their zip code or you make some purchase a product.

Now, you see the number of earning opportunities that surround you are a lot and give you more earning power.

You don’t even have to settle for less in this type of case because the opportunity to earn is just enormous.


Clickbank Vs. Maxweb for Affiliates

Let us look at some of the differences between these two platforms and how one looks superior to the other.

Earning Opportunities

There are several offers that you can promote when it comes to promotion on MaxBounty. Compared to Clickbank where you only have to promote for sale.

Meaning you always have to promote to make sales on ClickBank or you won’t earn anything in return.

But with MaxBounty, you do not necessarily need to promote only products where you have to make sales.

You have offers where you can promote and just get people to sign up with their emails or input their zip code.

And you will still earn money from this method. What you just have to know is that your commission cannot be compared to affiliate sales.

Commission for Cost Per Action on MaxBounty is always in cents compared to affiliate offers on ClickBank that are in dollars.

But the ability to have several options of what to products is a great benefit for online hustlers. (MaxBounty Wins)

Good Reputation

Look, MaxBounty might have several products and offers that are of different motives.

But when it comes to reputation, Clickbank has more reputation than MaxBounty.

Checking out Trustpilot alone. You will get to see that Clickbank has more positive customer reviews than MaxBounty.

Clickbank Review

MaxBounty Review

And this is what you stand to enjoy when you join Clickbank. I have seen a lot of affiliates who have earned millions of dollars from Clickbank.

But it’s very rare to see millionaire affiliates from MaxBounty because they majorly focus on Cost Per Action and their pays are majorly in Cents.

Just imagine how many people you need to refer for you to earn even $100.

So, Clickbank still has a good reputation. (Clickbank Wins)

Approval Method

The approval method on ClickBank is easier so far your country is not blacklisted.

You can easily sign up and within a few minutes to hours – you will get your affiliate approval email.

But when it comes to MaxBounty, they don’t approve affiliates or users easily without any strict approval.

After you have dropped all your details and revealed how you plan to promote their offers. You will still be contacted by their representative.

A MaxBounty representative will still contact you to ask more about you and your traffic source.

Also, they will ask about long you have been on the internet hustling and all that.

The thing is that they might even not call you – because you have to pass through the verification before you will be approved.(Clickbank Wins)

Payment Method

Several payment methods are available on MaxBounty compared to Clickbank.

You can even receive your earnings in Cryptocurrency with MaxBounty which you cannot see on ClickBank at the time of writing this guide.

So, at the time of writing this guide. MaxBounty still has more withdrawal processes and you can withdraw weekly.

Although you can also withdraw weekly on ClickBank as you get to withdraw every Friday.

But you still cannot compare to MaxBounty which has so maybe payment methods including PayPal, Bank Transfer, Crypto, ACH, Wire, and a few others.(MaxBounty Wins)


The support system for MaxBounty is greater than that of Clickbank. What I mean here is that with MaxBounty – you get support as a beginner.

The moment you sign up and get approved to become a MaxBounty affiliate. You get access to your account manager.

MaxBounty will give you a dedicated account manager. While Clickbank requires you to be a platinum member before you get an account manager.

The reason and benefit of an account manager is that they assist you in any challenge you might be facing.

So, even if you are a beginner. They can help you out with whatever challenges you are facing and the best product to promote.

You won’t get this feature easily if you are a Clickbank affiliate.(MaxBounty Wins)

Earning Potential

Just from the negativity of MaxBounty, it is very obvious that making maximum earnings will be difficult.

If you check out some reviews about MaxBounty. You will get to see some of their users complaining about getting a stable commission.

Which means majority of MaxBounty promoters are always cheated whenever they promote any offer on the platform.

While Clickbank is not like this. You are going to earn your fixed and stable amount and that is why your earning potential is solid with Clickbank.

You still have more chances of earning higher and higher with Clickbank compared to MaxBounty which might not be trustworthy. (Clickbank Wins)


The commission rate on ClickBank is very much higher when it comes to that of MaxBounty.

You can still find offers that are around 70% commission and even low as 25% commission on Clickbank.

But MaxBounty is all about earning in cents or even when you earn up to $5 on it – you will get happy.

But what you need to know is that it is the same amount of energy you used to promote offers that their commission is in cents that you will also promote the one with high commission.

So, instead of settling for less and spending money, energy, or time on stipends or low commission offers.

It is more beneficial to go for one with a high commission rate – which makes you earn more.(Clickbank Wins)


With Clickbank, you can keep building your email list and making your audience list keep growing higher.

Even if you sell a product, you can integrate your email autoresponder into making sure that you get back your affiliate customers back to your email list.

But on MaxBounty, you are just selling out your audience to other companies.

You have no Longevity in this because you will always have to promote offers for life.

Also, there are still some offers on ClickBank that are recurring – where you don’t have to promote all the time.

This will make your ad spend reduce later on instead of spending a lot on advert all the time.

CPA marketers on MaxBounty still run paid ads. So, that tells you what you should expect later on. (Clickbank Wins)


Clickbank Vs. MaxBounty for Vendors

Clickbank and MaxBounty also have their differences when it comes to favoring vendors who are on their platforms.

Let us take a look at the different ways they favor vendors who are promoting on their platform.

Reputable Brand

When it comes to launching a reputable brand. Then you still have more chances to grow your reputation with Clickbank.

Clickbank still has a good reputation than MaxBounty when it comes to the view of several other affiliates.

It is not like MaxBounty also doesn’t have a good reputation that can also make you have sales.

But if you are aiming to sell your product and it’s not like your offer is in the lead generation or zip code choice.

It is very much advisable that you follow the path of Clickbank so that you can be able to still earn more.

Also, you will still have reputable affiliates to help you promote your products. (Clickbank wins)

Support System

MaxBounty has a very good support system just like you already know. Either you are new or existing.

MaxBounty will give you a dedicated account manager that will be assigned to you and help you in your doings.

This is something that you won’t get as a beginner on ClickBank. You will always be on your own.

Aside from the video training that Clickbank will offer you as a member of their platform who is aiming to promote.

You have access to nothing else. And there is nothing like having someone’s shoulder to lay on when you are in trouble.

This is something you get to enjoy on MaxBounty because they have a good support system even for beginner merchants or vendors. (Maxbounty Wins)

Result Opportunities

There are a lot of opportunities that are available in the maxbounty platform than in Clickbank.

In MaxBounty, you will get to see several aspects where you can take opportunities from and get affiliates to promote.

You can decide to launch an offer that will pay a few cents per email sign-ups or zip code sign-ups.

This is an offer that is available on MaxBounty and has a lot of affiliates who are promoting it.

Since many people know that it does take them a lot of convincing to make someone buy an affiliate product.

Affiliates prefer to promote CPA offers that will only need their audience to sign up even though they get paid in cents.

On MaxBounty, you have access to listing your offer among these kinds of offers that will help you see affiliates jump on board.(MaxBounty Wins)

Approval Process

Clickbank approval process is very much easy for vendors rather than that of MaxBounty.

Just as the way it is very difficult to get approval as an affiliate where you always get asked a lot of questions.

That is also the same way it is very difficult to get approval on MaxBounty as a vendor.

It is very stressful and not straightforward and quick like that of Clickbank.

You won’t have problems getting approved on ClickBank so far you are not from a blacklisted country on the ClickBank platform. (Clickbank Wins)


Maxweb Vs Clickbank — Who Wins?

Our vote goes to Clickbank. 

This doesn’t mean that MaxBounty is not a good affiliate networking platform to get good products. But Clickbank has a more positive reputation than MaxBounty. Also, sometimes it’s better to you’re focused on a certain type of affiliate marketing than just hustling around.

MaxBounty is for hustlers who just want to make a couple of hundred dollars monthly by selling details to other companies. While Clickbank is for affiliates who are willing to make thousands of dollars in 5 or 6 figures from promoting other people’s products.

Clickbank can give you lifetime money you can use to retire and live a laptop lifestyle. While MaxBounty can just fetch you that pizza money kinda earnings.

So, that is why Clickbank will still be our top choice. The decision is now yours to make based on what we have explained detailedly to you in this guide.

If this guide has been helpful, or if you have any questions concerning what we have discussed.

Kindly feel free to use the comment box below.