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Cold Email Copywriting: 8 Cold Email Best Practices

Cold Email Copywriting: 8 Cold Email Best Practices

Many people have been talking about the reason why Cold Email Copywriting is bad but not everyone likes to talk about the good aspect of Cold Emailing.

Cold Emails are also a cool way to easily and rapidly make money online with Zero amount spend on adverts.

After all, we can easily walk up to a stranger and ask for their friendship and convert them to a customer.

So, why must everyone keep condemning cold emailing since walking up to someone is not taboo.

In this guide, we will discuss in detail what Cold Email Copywriting is – so that you can start to create catchy and profit-generating cold email campaigns.

You don’t necessarily need to be a guru to craft this – all you need is the right strategy and technique to start writing a good Cold Email Campaign.

Below Is What Will Be Discussed In This Content;

But before we go deep into cold emailing – let us quickly look at the meaning of Cold Email Copywriting.


What is Cold Email Copywriting?

Cold Email Copywriting is the process of crafting a meaningful email that converts an audience that doesn’t know about your brand into paying customers.

That is the simple way to define what Cold email Copywriting means and we can see more about how to craft these meaningful copies in the other sections of this guide.

You have to know what works and what doesn’t work before you can craft your meaningful copies.

It takes a little bit of calmness and feedbacks to know whether what you are doing is right or wrong.

But let us quickly look at the tips that you can have in mind when trying to craft a good copy for your cold email.

As you know that these people are strangers and don’t know who you are – your approach to them must not be too salesy.

You need to work out your plan very well before thinking of crafting that copy.


Best Practices For Cold Email Copywriting

These Tips and Practices Are Needed To Design A Very Good Cold Email Copywriting Campaign

These tips are what you can make use of literally all the time to craft a very good cold email copy.

Just like I said, you don’t have to be tech-savvy or a guru in copywriting to become very good.

You only need to understand some fundamentals parts and walk them step by step in order for you to get it right.

Now, let us go deep into the tips that you should include in your cold email copywriting templates/Campaigns.

  1. Don’t Be Spammy In Your Writings.
  2. Create A Clickable Subject Line.
  3. Customize Your Email.
    Give Value.
  4. Write To The Recipient.
  5. Make It Short.
  6. Add Social Proof.
  7. Always Follow Up.


1. Don’t Be Spammy In Your Writings:

Is it legal to send cold emails?

The first thing that you have to consider is not being Spammy in your email.

Sometimes, I read some cold emails in my spam box which I haven’t opted in to get and they look Spammy.

They even use the identity of big firms to lure recipients into some kind of fraudulent websites and pages.

I will just read and ignore because they don’t even freak or resonate with me since I am not a newbie on the internet.

I will sometimes see some Headline titled: “You just won a $500 Amazon Gift Card“.

These are Spammy since they don’t even portray a good side of your business and people are getting wiser now.

Also, those who are not wise but read your email and click on your link will later find out that you are lying.

And guess what, what happens? Your senders’ reputation will start reducing because they will start reporting you as spam.

And because Google and other mailing servers want to protect the privacy and right of their users – they will start dropping your emails in junks.

That’s why you see that majority of the emails like that are ending in the spam folder just because Google already sees them as spammers.

So, even if your intention is right and you are only doing the cold emailing to build a good audience and paying clients.

You have to do it in a way that talks like you are real and not manipulating people into clicking on your link.

Even though these spammy headlines and content are good for open rates – you will immediately get blacklisted.

Because you will get a lot of spam compliant on your IP address and you will keep struggling.

Although, we will talk about the type of headline and copy that you can use very soon but I just decide to let you know this even before starting your cold emailing.

Be a Problem Solver & Not a Spammer.


2. Create A Clickable Subject Line:

How do you write a cold email for copywriting?


Now, what you have to know next is that your subject line matters a lot because it is what will make your audience see what is inside your cold email.

If you send out a blind subject line thinking that the recipients will open – you are just wasting your time.

The first reason is that these people don’t even know you or know anything about who you are.

They didn’t sign up for your email – so emailing them about what you have to offer without a clickable subject line is a no-go area.

You have to make them feel you and resonate with you through your subject line at first before any further movement.

Your subject line must grab their attention and it can be from using their name with something related to what they have an interest in.

If you are doing cold emailing for a group of people – where you got those contact forms must already be known.

So, you have to include something related to what they have interest in before there can be an increase in your open rate.

If I am writing a cold email copy to a group of cold recipients who are interested in weight loss and have shown interest in it.

It can go like this: “Hi Rose, Burn Some Calories Today?

This is something that will make them open the email because it is what will resonate with them and make them click.

Kindly know that you have to be careful with the emails you buy as they must be targeted.

If the emails you buy are filled with internet marketers and you send “weight loss” emails to them. You are not gonna convert.

So, your email must be targeted to the right audience – once it’s targeted to them…

…you can easily control them and make them glued to your emails.


3. Customize Your Email:

What do you say in a cold email?


Just like you can see in the email subject example I composed above. It is also important to customize your emails.

A study has said that it is a good way to get your recipient to be more curious to know what you are offering in your email.

When you customize your email and mention the name of your recipient – they will want to open your email.

Just like when you are walking down the street and you hear someone call your name.

You will want to look and see who the person is and what the person has to say to you.

When you customize the email to match with the recipient – they tend to engage more with your email copy.

Also, because they are feeling human, this makes them engage more because they feel connected with you.

Some email marketers even go the extra mile to customize the location that the recipients are staying.

Although, this can only be done if you have the location of the recipients when getting their cold emails online.

You can customize their location for them to know that you know where they are reading from and you feel them.

All these are just for you to get their engagement and also, Google also tends to increase the deliverability of customized emails.

It makes them know they the person is someone you know and since they are cold.

You want your emails to get delivered to the recipient inbox and not the promotion or spam folder.

So, this can also increase your deliverability by 20% increase compared to sending out a cold email without customization.


4. Give Value:

Does cold emailing still work?

Your cold email should be about giving value and not trying to sell something quickly.

No matter how good you customize and make your emails land in the inbox – you should not sell Immediately.

You can easily walk up to someone by the road and offer them something for free and they will be obliged to use it.

But if you walk up to them quickly and start pitching them about your product – they will offer you less attention.

The same thing is applicable when you are doing cold emailing because this is the first time that they are hearing from you.

So, going straight to pitch them about your product will only lead to a lot of spam complaints.

So, your first 3 emails should be about offering them value and making them fall in love with you.

The truth is that – not all of them will easily like you – just a few percent will resonate with you.

For some people, it takes them many weeks or months before they will start to resonate with you.

While some, just within the first or second email or connection – they will already start flowing with you.

So, human beings are dynamic and you should expect this along your journey to success.

But the way to easily start setting these goals and plans and making them work out is by offering value.

It can be to a video yourself teaching something or giving out a free Ebook that is very short.

Make sure that whatever you are giving out is short and precise – if it’s an ebook – it should not be more than 20 Pages.

If it’s a video – just a 12minutes video is okay. And make sure that you go directly to their pain point and provide a solution immediately.


5. Write To The Recipient:

Cold outreach email

When you are doing Copywriting – no matter the level at which you are doing it.

You must always personalize the copy to match your readers.

That is why when you are writing your cold emails – you should always make use of words like “You”.

The highest number of a specific word in your email copy should be the word “You”.

This is what will make them flow with you and keep engaging with what you are giving to them.

If you are writing an email copy and you keep using “We or Them”. That will only scare them away.

Nobody is interested in what other people are experiencing – they only want to follow someone who cares about what they are feeling.

So, if you are writing your cold email and you start using third-party words that don’t concern your recipients.

You will lose their interest and they will quickly close your email and open their social media to check something.

The moment they check something – they are not coming back and the email tab will be closed.

So, you always have to make the cold email copy to be personalized and specific to your recipients.

That is how you keep winning in your cold email copywriting campaigns and templates.


6. Make It Short:

How long is a cold email?

Another important tip that you always have to be conscious of is the briefness of your cold email.

You have to make sure that your cold email is very brief and explains everything that you want to convey.

Although you will see some Copywriters telling you that long-form copies perform better than short-form copies.

But because you are strange to them and they don’t know anything about you – you have to make it short.

Also, if you are doing cold outreach to brands in case you are doing business to business cold email.

They don’t have much time to read long-form emails – so, only short form email content will convert them.

The same is also applicable to business to customers – you have to make it very short and brief.

It can be just 250 words or between 250 – 400 Words at most. Make sure that you get straight to the point.

They can start reading more once they click on the link that you have given to them.

Or through the resource, you have given to them to download. This is the best way to easily convert your audience.

So, making sure that things are very brief is a good way to easily connect with a cold audience.

But later on, once they keep flowing with your email and turn a warn audience. You can start to make long email copies.

This is another important tip that you should take note of when doing your cold email outreach.

Make sure that everything we are discussing here is included – but make it short and straight to the point.


7. Add Social Proof:

What is cold email copywriting?

Adding social proof in your email is also another way to make them easily convert and commit.

You might be wondering that if you add images – won’t be a little long? Oh yes, but people like to view the proof.

So, if you can back up your copy with proof – you will gain a lot of attention and easily close them.

But if I am to advise you on the best way to show them proof. Let it be Inside the freebie that you give them.

The reason is that proofs can easily be manipulated online – so, even if it will convert a little of them.

The majority of them will want to portray you as a scammer. And might even report you.

The reason is because – that might want to be leading to an aggressive form of advertising yourself.

So, don’t add the proof to your first cold email quickly – you can add it to the freebie you give to them.

This way, it becomes very easy for them to convert and fall in love with working more with you.

So, don’t even try to be too pushy or aggressive in your cold outreach in your copy.

But you just have to know that showing proof is a confirmed way of closing people easily.

People love proof a lot and I am one of them. So, you can easily integrate it into your cold email campaign.

Although you can easily add proof to the third cold email you will be sending out.

That way, the majority of them will have seen your first email and now want to resonate more with you.

Unlike just sending proof quickly from the first or second email.


8. Always Follow Up:

Best cold emails

In anything that you do – follow-up is very important. Because that is what will make you attain victory.

If you don’t follow up with people – they won’t take you seriously and just think you are the hit and run kinda person.

You always have to follow up with your cold outreach since it will take a little while for them to flow with you.

Don’t expect quick conversions from the first set of cold emails that you will be sending out.

They won’t easily convert – except if you are doing business-to-business outreach. But what you also have to know is that many businesses won’t convert easily.

So, you have to keep following up with them before they might consider working with you.

The same also goes for cold emails that are customers to you – they won’t quickly convert just as you wish.

It will take time and you have to keep sending follow-up emails for them to consider you.

A marketing study states that “It takes a prospect to convert into a customer until when they see your advert the 7th time“.

So you have to schedule more than 10 emails for you to start expecting a result from your cold email campaign.

So, this is the way you can easily attain glory with your cold email outreach with your copies.

With these tips – you can easily start seeing the result with your cold email Copywriting.

This way, they can easily flow with you and you will experience less failure in your cold email outreach.

That brings us to the end of this guide.

If this guide resonates with you and gives a solution to your current problem.

Kindly give me a nice review below in the comment box.