Sales Page Copywriting: Beginners’ No-Nonsense Guide

Sales Page Copywriting

One of the fastest, easiest and scalable ways to sell both physical and digital products is to make use of Sales Page Copywriting.

It is a way through which you can get Conversion and Sales without having to chat with customers all the time.

Everything that is needed would have already been written on the sales page and so you don’t need to give yourself any further stress.

There are so many things to note about sales page Copywriting which we will discuss more in this guide.

But if you are selling anything online ranging from products to services – you can always create a sales page for your products.

This way, you can easily be selling even when you are not available or when you are busy having fun with your family.

There are so many things that you can learn about Sales Page Copywriting and I will try as much as possible to make this guide to be as detailed as possible.

Below are the things you will learn from this guide:

Roll up your sleeves and let’s dive deep into learning and working.


What is Sale Page Copywriting?

A sales page copywriting is a professional skill to sell a product through a one-page website without needing the presence of the seller.

Copywriting is anything – it can be a video, a text or audio, or the combination of everything in a single page.

The purpose and end goal of it is to make sales and convert total strangers into customers.

And if this can be achievable, it is said that the copywriting is of good conversion and the copy works well.

So, being a Sales Page Copywriter is a major skill and a scalable skill that you can use to sell your products online.

You don’t need many theories to be able to sell your products online. You are good just with a sales page.

Let us immediately dive deeper into the steps which you should create to design a good sales page with copywriting.


7 steps to create a sales page that truly sells

  1. Your White Background.
  2. Your Headline.
  3. Subheadline.
  4. Image or Video  
  5. Body.
  6. Proof (if any).
  7. Call to action.

1. Your White Background:

As a copywriter – you need to be color literate for you to combine several colors on a sales page.

Have you ever entered any sales page by clicking on the advert link and your eyes couldn’t grab a single word on the page?

Because it is just too jampacked with several colors that don’t even complement one another.

You will enter some sales page and you will see Colors Red, Yellow, Black, Pink, Purple, Orange, Blue, White, Indigo – as if they want to restructure the RAINBOW color.

This is a very bad way and the first step when doing your sales page.

Because this will only be chasing people out from your sales page and they will easily get frustrated as to what they should read.

Everything is just too difficult to read for them and they will just bounce and move to another shiny object.

But you will go to some people’s websites and they will mix it with several colors in a more reasonable way.

They can make use of 4 colors and blend them in a way that the visitors will understand and be compelled to buy.

But what if you are someone like me who doesn’t have time to blend colors?

Or maybe you don’t even know how to blend colors and you have not seen yourself doing any designing before?

My dear, just make use of a total plain white background (It Works Like MAGIC!!).

White background with black text will still be the most converting background in the history of sales pages.

The reason is that people are used to white backgrounds with black text.

On their social media pages – it is filled with White Background with black text.

You are reading this guide with black text on a white background. Just imagine if I send you to a sales page that looks like tetracycline from here.

How will you feel? You will immediately bounce off. So, just make use of a white background.

You can just make your headline to be Red Color with Black and make the body of the copy to be black.

If you like, you can just make everything black – trust me, it will convert very well and you will be surprised with the result.


2. Your Headline:

The other time, I talked about making your headline to be Red with a touch of Black.

Your headline is very important because that is what will grab the attention of your readers.

It is the headline that they will read that will make them want to get enticed into reading more of your sales copy.

If your headline is not well structured but only looks poor – they won’t give you the attention and they will bounce.

Or maybe your headline is filled with a lot of different colors which doesn’t comprehend their view.

They will just skim and scam the sales copy without taking anything valuable from the page.

And once they keep skimming and scamming – they won’t put much focus into it and just bounce.

So, you always have to hook them with your headline – which is the first thing that you must have in mind.

So, depending on how good you like the headline of your sales copy to be – you can just make it pure black or a mix with red.

You can make use of some headline generator like (Miss) to create a headline and test the score.

Always make sure that your headline goes straight into their pain point because that is what will grab their attention.

You can also make use of some magazine headlines to restructure your deadline.


3. sub-headline

The sub-headline is the next thing that will take out the beauty of everything and convert your visitors 

It is the subheadline that the visitor will see which will complement the feature of the headline.

When they finish reading the headline and see that it truly works with what they are looking for.

The next aspect that their eyes will catch is the Subheadline which is what they will look at next.

So, your subheadings must always buttress what the title or headline is talking about.

It will be the focus keywords that will convert them into reading more on the sales page.

It will talk a little about the benefit that they will derive from reading more on the sales page and also buying the product.

It is just like a preselling stage where they are already been converted into falling in love with the product.

So this is a very important aspect to also take note of and you should also know that it must still be on the same white background.

You can just make use of pure black text with your subheadline since it’s just a buttress to the headline.


4. Image or Video:

The next aspect of your sales page should be an image or video that will complement what you are trying to pass across.

The majority of the online marketers who are making waves online are making use of video for their sales pages.

I would also advise that you make use of a video for your sales page because it converts prospects more.

It makes them see what you are trying to pass across without needing to waste more time on the page.

The reason why videos are converting very much is that some people don’t have much patience to read a whole sales page.

They are always in a hurry to see the result and what they will stand to gain from using that particular product.

So, that’s what makes internet marketers use videos because it makes them get results immediately from busy people.

Some people might even want to read the sales page and digest what is inside of it…

…but because they don’t have much time and can easily get distracted with other stuff around them.

You might just lose out on them and won’t be able to get back to them again.

So, with a video as a sales tool in this area, you stand the chance to easily convert your visitors into customers.

That doesn’t also mean that images are bad though! You can also make use of an image or images for your sales page.

But the best aspect where images should be used is in the aspect of testimonials and product mockups.

That’s where you should be making use of images or an image.

But for the explanation aspect – it’s good to use video just to buttress everything you have said on the sales page.


5. Body:

The next in line is the body of your sales page – this is what will bring enough money for you because it contains the functional aspect of your sales page.

This is where all your stories, logic, and action happens where people will be converted into leads or buyers.

You always have put much attention into this aspect because this is what will determine your success in it.

With the body of the sales letter – enough dedication should be maintained here to easily win over your visitor.

The body is where the decision stage happens – even if they watch the video… they will still want to read the body.

The reason is that it is majorly in the body that proofs and facts happen and are shown to the visitors.

It is in this aspect that they will conclude to make that buying decision and not just bounce.

Make sure that your body contains Your story, logic (to differentiate you from other fake gurus), and the solution that you are trying to create for their problem.

This is just the way the movies we watch always look like… it is a story buy the story will always have a problem with a solution.

It will also talk about how the actor strives and later got the victory at the end and the actor will always face some point where things will be very difficult.

But the actor did not give up and continue to strive even with everything.

This is also how your body will go in the aspect of your story because you want your audience to know that you have once been in their shoes. More on this below…


6. Proof (if any):

Do you have any proof at hand!? I know the majority of new internet marketers don’t have any proof that you can make use of.

But my best advice is that you don’t make use of fake proof to build your portfolio.

No matter what it is, the reason is that you want to serve the best interest of your buyers.

If you make use of fake proof and the people get to know that all your proofs are fake and scammy.

You will quickly lose trust and those who are supposed to follow your footsteps and everything you are saying will lose interest.

So, don’t even try or have the mindset of making use of make proof to build your sales page.

Make use of real proof because that is what will give you enough conversion to your sales page.

“Copywriting is all about being plain truthful by flowing along your path where people will also follow along for a fee.”

So, to get proof for your sales page – you can do free service for some top brands in your industry or around you.

There are a lot of brands out there who will be happy if you can do free service for them.

All you will just ask from them is a testimonial of how well they see your service and what others should do.

You can make it a video Testimonial and also have a text testimonial of them – so that they can easily be convinced.

Testimonials and proofs get started this way, by doing free service for people.

Also, if you are a coach – you can teach few people your skill and mentor them till they get a result.

Immediately after getting the result – you will ask for a video on text testimonial from them.


7. Call to action:

The call to action is what will take your visitors from “what is this all about?” to “So, how can I buy?”.

Since you have done all the necessary things that are needed – you need to have a strong call to action.

It is this call to action that will make them click and make that purchase that you want them to make.

One thing I will always advise is that you have 2 or 3 calls to action based on how long your sales page is.

When doing Sales Page Copywriting – always make sure that there is a call to action immediately the video at the top of the page.

Immediately under the video or image at the top of the page below the Subheadline.

…make sure to a call to action below it.

And call to action can be anything like “Buy Now, Watch This Video, Input Your Card Here”… and so on.

Also, if your sales page Copywriting is very long and not a short sales page – you can put another call to action in the middle.

Don’t be afraid of putting it – just don’t let it be very aggressive because if it is – they will bounce and think you are only about the money.

So, you have to put it politely- in a way that you are only doing it just to make things very easy for them.

And also at the last part of the page which is very important and that is what will make them make the purchase.

I don’t even know why anyone would want to forget to add a call to action in their sales copy.

Like, it is very important because that is what determines your profit and revenue at the end of each month.

Also, make sure that your call to action is very clear by making use of a button.

A big button that will differentiate a call to action from an ordinary text. Don’t just put it in between a sentence.

No! It must be clearly shown – so that they can immediately take the final decision.


Sales Page Copywriting Tips

There are some copywriting tips on the sales page that we also have to take note of and point out.

These tips are very important for the successful designing and creation of your sales pages.

Now, let us Immediately look at them and explain them a little bit.

  1. Create a value proposition for your offer. 
  2. Set up your pricing. 
  3. Set up a thoughtful design.
  4. Write fascinating copy. 
  5. Know your audience.


1. Create a value proposition for your offer:

The first thing to take note of is the value that you want to offer your audience.

It is from this value that you will offer that you can ever start to experience sales in your copy.

I always tell my readers to focus more on the value that you will be offering their customers because this is what will make them take any action that you want them to take.

Sometimes I will read a sales copy and I will be shocked by the way the copy is being Designed.

It will all be jampacked with the features of the product and what the product is made of.

This is majorly for those selling eCommerce products which are physical products that need to be shipped.

For the digital product like courses or software- you will see it jampacked with the achievement of the tutor.

Like, this is part of the sales copy but it should not be that prioritized.

Even though proofs are very good for a successful sales copy – they must not also be overused.

It must be used in an aspect that is more reasonable and will only comprehend the value that the sales page is offering.

So, how can you provide value with your sales page copy – it is by telling them the benefits they stand to gain.

They have to see the benefit that stands to gain and if their problems will be solved with the product.

It is when they see all these that will make them ask within themselves they have even done this and seen the result.

That is when the proof will now come in where you will show them proof which we will talk about below.


2. Set up your pricing:

The next aspect that you have to put enough focus on is also the price of your product which you will be advertising.

The price depends on the process through which you are selling your product and also the quality of the product.

If you are someone trying to sell a low ticket product from $5 to $500. You can still make use of an ordinary sales page.

But if you are trying to sell high ticket products that are very much higher in price from $500 and above.

It is better to make use of a webinar for that kind of product because it is of a very high value.

So, making use of an ordinary sales page is not proper.

Also, in setting up your price – you need to see and make sure that the value of what you are giving is worth the price.

I have seen a lot of people call out some Gooroos online for selling products that the answers can easily be searched for on Google.

Well, does that mean that Google’s answers are not correct!? No!

The majority of the courses out there can be found if you can just take time to Google search.

The quality of content I load on this website daily is what other course creators and Gooroos charge a high amount to teach other people.

But the reason why I always advise people to buy a course is for mentorship and following someone’s path.

So, if you are charging an exorbitant amount just to manipulate people into buying.

They will later call you out for selling an easy find material and start calling you all sorts of names.

Well, some will tell you not to care about that – it’s normal to get critics but not in a negative way.


3. Set up a thoughtful design:

Make sure that your design is very thoughtful and has a very good user experience.

I have talked a little about this at the top of this guide and I will also like to repeat more about it here because I know you might have forgotten.

I even expect you to be jotting down these things to be able to remember easily when you want to start designing your sales page copywriting.

You need to make sure that the user experience is your top priority because that is what will entice them into taking any action.

If your sales page looks crappy with a lot of colors and imperfect images and graphics.

It is not going to convert and you will keep wondering what is wrong with my advert.

I can never forget my first time starting internet Marketing – I was dead broke by that time.

And I was able to stumble on email marketing and how I can start using email to make a profit.

Since the money is on the list – I decided that I should also give it a trial.

But the problem I had was that I don’t have much money for Google advert and I also cannot cope with the ban rate of Facebook.

So, I decided to do solo ads (where I will contact someone who has a huge email list and I will buy from his or her email list).

And so I decided to do solo ads – but as at this time, I was willing to make use of a sales page builder also.

But I don’t have much budget to get one and so, I looked at a page that a pro tool has done and decided to replicate it with a free page builder like Elementor.

But what happened was that the conversion was very low and I got no signup

Then, I angrily told the solo ad vendor to stop and make me redo another page.

Just because of my frustrations- I just made use of a plain white background with a black text and a blue call to action.

And guess what happened!? The conversion skyrocket and I were even surprised that a simple page can perform that much.

So, that means that the pro or premium page builder I was trying to replicate is not even converting the way we thought would.

Wow! Simplicity is very good! Go for it and forget all the distractions online.


4. Write fascinating copy:

You have to write a fascinating copy that will hold the attention of your visitors and stick them till the end.

I even tell people that you don’t even need to sell them at the end of your copy.

Your selling must have started from the top of your sales page copy because there is not much time for wastage.

People are always in a hurry and so – you should have sold them even before the end of the copy.

Since you will be writing all your copy on a very plain background – it becomes very easy for your visitors to see your work. 

Your sales copy should be well structured and avoid using different colors just like I stated earlier.

Also, your sales copy must be simply put in a way that your audience will understand vividly.

Their some sales copy that you will be reading and you will be seeing a lot of big Grammars in it.

I wonder if they are selling for Professors in the college…They are selling for someone who is not that literate.

And they expect to make a lot of sales with big Grammars written in their sales copy.

I just always laugh when I see such types of copy because they are not even trying to talk to their audience.

They are trying to form to their audience and you should not be like that – always make your sales copy to be easy to read.


5. Know your audience:

You must know your audience because that is how you can speak to them.

If you don’t know your audience – it will be difficult a little bit.

Just imagine me writing this guide without knowing exactly who I am speaking with.

If you are reading it, how would it sound!? It will sound bad as if I am speaking to a third-party audience.

That is why you must know exactly who you will be serving and those who will be reading your sales copy.

Sometimes, you will see someone run an advert and there will be a lot of positive results from that advert.

Majorly all the time – it is not because of the targeting and the ability to reach your exact audience.

You have to know that social media or any form of advert that you are running are only serving you based on their programmed algorithm.

And another thing that you have to know is that no matter how poor your advert is converting…

…they will always make sure that you spend up to your daily budget because that is how they survive.

So, it is very important to take note of these things when it comes to creating a very good sales page.

When you know your audience – any advert that you run will be very profitable because you are speaking directly to them.

You have to know the words that they are using in their post and also some slang they use in their niche.

Just like if I write Autoresponder – a solid email marketer will already know what I am trying to imply.

That is what knowing your audience means and how you should talk to them depends on how well you know and research on them is.


Basic Elements Of A Sales Page

  1. Strong headline. 
  2. Video. 
  3. Story (Pain Point). 
  4.  Logic.
  5. Testimonials.

Once again, let me immediately tell your the basic elements of your sales copy and how it must be structured.


1. Strong headline:

This is the first thing that will grab their attention and make them listen to you.


2. Video:

What will stick them to staying with you and always want to read more of what you have to offer?


3. Story (Pain Point):

The story of your experience and tell them how you went from having many problems to getting a lot of solutions and also telling them why you want to teach them.


4. Logic:

The reason why your sales copy alongside the product you are trying to promote is very different from others and why you are not trying to scam or just manipulate them of their money.


5. Solution:

Making them know that your product is the solution to their problem and making them fall in love with buying it.


6. Testimonials:

Showing them proof of people who have once used the product and have gotten a solution to their problems with the product – and why it is more beneficial to buy now.



When designing a good Sales Page Copywriting – you have to follow through with the things that have been stated in this guide.

This guide is enough for you to understand through your how a very good sales page should look like.

Also, try to follow through and implement in selling your products (either digital or physical products)).

Or maybe you are someone trying to sell your clients’ products – these are the things to follow through.

If this guide has been very helpful – don’t forget to share it with your friends on social media by clicking any of the social media icons below.

Also, don’t forget to comment your thoughts below in the comment section – I will be glad to feel your thoughts.

Cold Email Copywriting: 8 Cold Email Best Practices

Cold Email Copywriting: 8 Cold Email Best Practices

Many people have been talking about the reason why Cold Email Copywriting is bad but not everyone likes to talk about the good aspect of Cold Emailing.

Cold Emails are also a cool way to easily and rapidly make money online with Zero amount spend on adverts.

After all, we can easily walk up to a stranger and ask for their friendship and convert them to a customer.

So, why must everyone keep condemning cold emailing since walking up to someone is not taboo.

In this guide, we will discuss in detail what Cold Email Copywriting is – so that you can start to create catchy and profit-generating cold email campaigns.

You don’t necessarily need to be a guru to craft this – all you need is the right strategy and technique to start writing a good Cold Email Campaign.

Below Is What Will Be Discussed In This Content;

But before we go deep into cold emailing – let us quickly look at the meaning of Cold Email Copywriting.


What is Cold Email Copywriting?

Cold Email Copywriting is the process of crafting a meaningful email that converts an audience that doesn’t know about your brand into paying customers.

That is the simple way to define what Cold email Copywriting means and we can see more about how to craft these meaningful copies in the other sections of this guide.

You have to know what works and what doesn’t work before you can craft your meaningful copies.

It takes a little bit of calmness and feedbacks to know whether what you are doing is right or wrong.

But let us quickly look at the tips that you can have in mind when trying to craft a good copy for your cold email.

As you know that these people are strangers and don’t know who you are – your approach to them must not be too salesy.

You need to work out your plan very well before thinking of crafting that copy.


Best Practices For Cold Email Copywriting

These Tips and Practices Are Needed To Design A Very Good Cold Email Copywriting Campaign

These tips are what you can make use of literally all the time to craft a very good cold email copy.

Just like I said, you don’t have to be tech-savvy or a guru in copywriting to become very good.

You only need to understand some fundamentals parts and walk them step by step in order for you to get it right.

Now, let us go deep into the tips that you should include in your cold email copywriting templates/Campaigns.

  1. Don’t Be Spammy In Your Writings.
  2. Create A Clickable Subject Line.
  3. Customize Your Email.
    Give Value.
  4. Write To The Recipient.
  5. Make It Short.
  6. Add Social Proof.
  7. Always Follow Up.


1. Don’t Be Spammy In Your Writings:

Is it legal to send cold emails?

The first thing that you have to consider is not being Spammy in your email.

Sometimes, I read some cold emails in my spam box which I haven’t opted in to get and they look Spammy.

They even use the identity of big firms to lure recipients into some kind of fraudulent websites and pages.

I will just read and ignore because they don’t even freak or resonate with me since I am not a newbie on the internet.

I will sometimes see some Headline titled: “You just won a $500 Amazon Gift Card“.

These are Spammy since they don’t even portray a good side of your business and people are getting wiser now.

Also, those who are not wise but read your email and click on your link will later find out that you are lying.

And guess what, what happens? Your senders’ reputation will start reducing because they will start reporting you as spam.

And because Google and other mailing servers want to protect the privacy and right of their users – they will start dropping your emails in junks.

That’s why you see that majority of the emails like that are ending in the spam folder just because Google already sees them as spammers.

So, even if your intention is right and you are only doing the cold emailing to build a good audience and paying clients.

You have to do it in a way that talks like you are real and not manipulating people into clicking on your link.

Even though these spammy headlines and content are good for open rates – you will immediately get blacklisted.

Because you will get a lot of spam compliant on your IP address and you will keep struggling.

Although, we will talk about the type of headline and copy that you can use very soon but I just decide to let you know this even before starting your cold emailing.

Be a Problem Solver & Not a Spammer.


2. Create A Clickable Subject Line:

How do you write a cold email for copywriting?


Now, what you have to know next is that your subject line matters a lot because it is what will make your audience see what is inside your cold email.

If you send out a blind subject line thinking that the recipients will open – you are just wasting your time.

The first reason is that these people don’t even know you or know anything about who you are.

They didn’t sign up for your email – so emailing them about what you have to offer without a clickable subject line is a no-go area.

You have to make them feel you and resonate with you through your subject line at first before any further movement.

Your subject line must grab their attention and it can be from using their name with something related to what they have an interest in.

If you are doing cold emailing for a group of people – where you got those contact forms must already be known.

So, you have to include something related to what they have interest in before there can be an increase in your open rate.

If I am writing a cold email copy to a group of cold recipients who are interested in weight loss and have shown interest in it.

It can go like this: “Hi Rose, Burn Some Calories Today?

This is something that will make them open the email because it is what will resonate with them and make them click.

Kindly know that you have to be careful with the emails you buy as they must be targeted.

If the emails you buy are filled with internet marketers and you send “weight loss” emails to them. You are not gonna convert.

So, your email must be targeted to the right audience – once it’s targeted to them…

…you can easily control them and make them glued to your emails.


3. Customize Your Email:

What do you say in a cold email?


Just like you can see in the email subject example I composed above. It is also important to customize your emails.

A study has said that it is a good way to get your recipient to be more curious to know what you are offering in your email.

When you customize your email and mention the name of your recipient – they will want to open your email.

Just like when you are walking down the street and you hear someone call your name.

You will want to look and see who the person is and what the person has to say to you.

When you customize the email to match with the recipient – they tend to engage more with your email copy.

Also, because they are feeling human, this makes them engage more because they feel connected with you.

Some email marketers even go the extra mile to customize the location that the recipients are staying.

Although, this can only be done if you have the location of the recipients when getting their cold emails online.

You can customize their location for them to know that you know where they are reading from and you feel them.

All these are just for you to get their engagement and also, Google also tends to increase the deliverability of customized emails.

It makes them know they the person is someone you know and since they are cold.

You want your emails to get delivered to the recipient inbox and not the promotion or spam folder.

So, this can also increase your deliverability by 20% increase compared to sending out a cold email without customization.


4. Give Value:

Does cold emailing still work?

Your cold email should be about giving value and not trying to sell something quickly.

No matter how good you customize and make your emails land in the inbox – you should not sell Immediately.

You can easily walk up to someone by the road and offer them something for free and they will be obliged to use it.

But if you walk up to them quickly and start pitching them about your product – they will offer you less attention.

The same thing is applicable when you are doing cold emailing because this is the first time that they are hearing from you.

So, going straight to pitch them about your product will only lead to a lot of spam complaints.

So, your first 3 emails should be about offering them value and making them fall in love with you.

The truth is that – not all of them will easily like you – just a few percent will resonate with you.

For some people, it takes them many weeks or months before they will start to resonate with you.

While some, just within the first or second email or connection – they will already start flowing with you.

So, human beings are dynamic and you should expect this along your journey to success.

But the way to easily start setting these goals and plans and making them work out is by offering value.

It can be to a video yourself teaching something or giving out a free Ebook that is very short.

Make sure that whatever you are giving out is short and precise – if it’s an ebook – it should not be more than 20 Pages.

If it’s a video – just a 12minutes video is okay. And make sure that you go directly to their pain point and provide a solution immediately.


5. Write To The Recipient:

Cold outreach email

When you are doing Copywriting – no matter the level at which you are doing it.

You must always personalize the copy to match your readers.

That is why when you are writing your cold emails – you should always make use of words like “You”.

The highest number of a specific word in your email copy should be the word “You”.

This is what will make them flow with you and keep engaging with what you are giving to them.

If you are writing an email copy and you keep using “We or Them”. That will only scare them away.

Nobody is interested in what other people are experiencing – they only want to follow someone who cares about what they are feeling.

So, if you are writing your cold email and you start using third-party words that don’t concern your recipients.

You will lose their interest and they will quickly close your email and open their social media to check something.

The moment they check something – they are not coming back and the email tab will be closed.

So, you always have to make the cold email copy to be personalized and specific to your recipients.

That is how you keep winning in your cold email copywriting campaigns and templates.


6. Make It Short:

How long is a cold email?

Another important tip that you always have to be conscious of is the briefness of your cold email.

You have to make sure that your cold email is very brief and explains everything that you want to convey.

Although you will see some Copywriters telling you that long-form copies perform better than short-form copies.

But because you are strange to them and they don’t know anything about you – you have to make it short.

Also, if you are doing cold outreach to brands in case you are doing business to business cold email.

They don’t have much time to read long-form emails – so, only short form email content will convert them.

The same is also applicable to business to customers – you have to make it very short and brief.

It can be just 250 words or between 250 – 400 Words at most. Make sure that you get straight to the point.

They can start reading more once they click on the link that you have given to them.

Or through the resource, you have given to them to download. This is the best way to easily convert your audience.

So, making sure that things are very brief is a good way to easily connect with a cold audience.

But later on, once they keep flowing with your email and turn a warn audience. You can start to make long email copies.

This is another important tip that you should take note of when doing your cold email outreach.

Make sure that everything we are discussing here is included – but make it short and straight to the point.


7. Add Social Proof:

What is cold email copywriting?

Adding social proof in your email is also another way to make them easily convert and commit.

You might be wondering that if you add images – won’t be a little long? Oh yes, but people like to view the proof.

So, if you can back up your copy with proof – you will gain a lot of attention and easily close them.

But if I am to advise you on the best way to show them proof. Let it be Inside the freebie that you give them.

The reason is that proofs can easily be manipulated online – so, even if it will convert a little of them.

The majority of them will want to portray you as a scammer. And might even report you.

The reason is because – that might want to be leading to an aggressive form of advertising yourself.

So, don’t add the proof to your first cold email quickly – you can add it to the freebie you give to them.

This way, it becomes very easy for them to convert and fall in love with working more with you.

So, don’t even try to be too pushy or aggressive in your cold outreach in your copy.

But you just have to know that showing proof is a confirmed way of closing people easily.

People love proof a lot and I am one of them. So, you can easily integrate it into your cold email campaign.

Although you can easily add proof to the third cold email you will be sending out.

That way, the majority of them will have seen your first email and now want to resonate more with you.

Unlike just sending proof quickly from the first or second email.


8. Always Follow Up:

Best cold emails

In anything that you do – follow-up is very important. Because that is what will make you attain victory.

If you don’t follow up with people – they won’t take you seriously and just think you are the hit and run kinda person.

You always have to follow up with your cold outreach since it will take a little while for them to flow with you.

Don’t expect quick conversions from the first set of cold emails that you will be sending out.

They won’t easily convert – except if you are doing business-to-business outreach. But what you also have to know is that many businesses won’t convert easily.

So, you have to keep following up with them before they might consider working with you.

The same also goes for cold emails that are customers to you – they won’t quickly convert just as you wish.

It will take time and you have to keep sending follow-up emails for them to consider you.

A marketing study states that “It takes a prospect to convert into a customer until when they see your advert the 7th time“.

So you have to schedule more than 10 emails for you to start expecting a result from your cold email campaign.

So, this is the way you can easily attain glory with your cold email outreach with your copies.

With these tips – you can easily start seeing the result with your cold email Copywriting.

This way, they can easily flow with you and you will experience less failure in your cold email outreach.

That brings us to the end of this guide.

If this guide resonates with you and gives a solution to your current problem.

Kindly give me a nice review below in the comment box.



Email Copywriting: 11 Email Copywriting Practices and Etiquettes

Having an Email Copywriting skill is something that can earn you a lot of money if properly done well.

You wouldn’t have to keep hiring freelancers to help you write your email copies.

Email marketing is the best way to reach your audience over and over again with less amount of money spent.

But for your audience to enjoy reading your emails and ever taking any action you command them to do.

You need to have good email copywriting skills which will make you snap your fingers and can get the result that you want.

Do you want them to buy your product? Or you want them to register for an offer? Or maybe you want them to check something out on your website…

….it all boils down to have a good email copy that will convert them into doing whatever you want them to do.

Many people are out there who claim to be good in email marketing but their copywriting sucks.

You have to know that there are human beings behind those email addresses on your list.

So, you need to understand the things that will move them into doing whatever you want them to do.

Also, you have to know how and when you can email them so that your best subscribers won’t unsubscribe from your list.

These and many more are the things that I have planned to cover in this guide.


What is Email Copywriting?

Email Copywriting is the act of writing short and long-form email marketing content that pulls a subscriber into anticipating future emails and also taking any action in the email.

So, if you are someone who sends an email a lot and you have been able to make people convert.

Then you are a very good email Copywriter – and that is what will determine either you can keep continuing.

Or you can stop and learn more about email copywriting in case you are finding it difficult to control.

Since we are a little bit done with the first aspect of this guide – let us look into some skills and tactics that you should have to turn a good Email Copywriter.


Email Copywriting Best Practices and Etiquettes

  1. Email automation software.
  2. Email Audience.
  3. Good English Skill.
  4. Storytelling.
  5. Subject Line.
  6. Paragraphs.
  7. Sending Time.
  8. Unsubscribe Option.
  9. Senders’ Address Reputation.
  10. Links.
  11. Segmentizing Email Copies. 


1. Email automation software:

One of the first requirements that every email copywriters need to put in mind is their channel of sending emails.

As you know that you have a lot of email addresses that you want to send your emails to.

You would have already generated your email addresses and be ready to pitch them one thing or the other.

But what you have to know is that your channel of sending your email must be solid and accurate.

This involves the email automation software that you are using to send out your emails to your email subscribers.

No matter how good and catchy your email copy looks – if your emails are not landing in their inbox.

You are only wasting your time and someone who is not even good at writing good emails will convert more than you.

That is why the channel through which you are sending out your email copy must be solid.

So, you have to choose an autoresponder email software or find a very good email blaster which you will be using to blast out your emails.

This will save you a lot of headaches and will make you adjust your emails into making them perfect for engagement.

Some email sending channels already have a bad reputation that if you pass through them…

…you will only be wasting your time – so, it is better to have a very good email delivery channel.


2. Email Audience:

So, you have selected the channel through which you will be sending your emails.

Now, it is time to know about your audience and who you are sending your emails to.

This depends greatly on the kind of client you might be getting or maybe it is your work.

Because you have to know if audience and cold, warm or hot audience before you can just decide to email them.

If you are sending emails to a cold audience – you need to know that they don’t know who you are.

They didn’t sign-up for your emails and because of this – their email approach must be direct.

The emails you will be sending to a cold audience is supposed to be a direct email that tells them about a free opportunity which they shouldn’t miss.

If you just go straight to pitch a cold audience who don’t know about you – you will get your email address into trouble.

So, your email copy to the cold audience must be to offer a freebie which you will now upsell them in your sales funnel.

Also, if you are into Business-To-Business or B2B kind of cold email outreach.

Then, it must show proof of works that you have done and how you intend to make them enjoy your service.

But if your email is filled with a warm or hot audience who have signed up to receive your emails.

You can go ahead and pitch them on whatever you like since they cannot report you for spamming.

But for the cold audience – your motive must be to create a friendly tone that will make them not see you as a spammer but a friend.


3. Good English Skill:

Although, I come from a country that has English as our second language – I have not seen a native email before.

We write in English most of the time and our emails are mostly in the English language.

So, we have to develop our English language into something that will make our readers understand fully.

It becomes very difficult for people to easily write good English most especially if it is not your first language.

But you need to develop your English writing skill because of the email spam filter.

Some words will be fished out whereas it is supposed to land you in the inbox tab.

But because it looks spammy with the way you have constructed it – it got you landed in the promotion tab.

Also, you want to have as many people from all over the world to join your email subscribers list.

So, you must have a good English writing skills.

Your customers (if you are a copywriter who charges money) might also come from Tier 1 countries.

So, you need to know more about the English language which is their major language to work for them.

You cannot want to write a good email copy to their Audience and you are writing in your native language.


4. Storytelling:

It is said that those who sell a lot are those who are good at storytelling.

Those who can create a scenario from a piece of unreasonable news and turn it into a fantastic storyline that will evoke engagement.

People love to read stories because we have been brought up to always listen to stories and watch movies.

All the movies we watch are all storylines that we want to watch till the end and know what ends it.

So, if you can evoke people’s minds and make them follow along with a very good storyline.

You will see people engaging with your emails all the time because they can see a story to read.

And the thing is that people like to follow along with a story and read till the end and take action.

The way email copywriters make use of stories to make people take action is by telling them a story and now using their offer as a solution.

They will create a storyline of how a situation took someone from the point of struggling to the point of success.

They will now use their offers as the solution which can solve their problem and bring a permanent answer to their questions.


5. Subject Line:

Is your subject line one that will make people quickly click to know what is going on?

You need to have a good email subject line skill that will get people to be curious to open.

The thing is that if you don’t put curiosity in your email subject line – people will not open your email.

The best way to know how to craft a very good email subject line is by looking at news headlines.

Even on Facebook, if you like some magazine pages and follow them to receive their updates.

You will see the headlines that are performing very well and will arouse people’s emotions.

Some of the things you will study are the headlines that have a lot of LIKES and COMMENTS.

The ones that make people show the mind and comment no matter what. It can be controversial but it’s worth it.

Many people will tell you to make use of some headline analyzer and some other tools.

But this is by far the best way because online tools are programmed by someone to give you a score.

But newspaper headlines are practical stuff that you are seeing the result by yourself and not someone telling you.

That’s why I like to use this method a lot and you will come back to thank me concerning your open rate when you use it.

Unlike you using a headline analyzer tool that will only be telling you the theory.

You can first go to the newspaper and grab a headline and now later use the headline analyzer tool to analyze it – if it’s worth using.


6. Paragraphs:

When writing your emails – don’t write as if you are talking to your enemy or as if you are angry.

You know when you are angry and you are talking – you will be talking uncontrollably.

And it is said that a good email Copywriter must always write as if he is speaking to a friend.

That is the best way to write because it makes your voice to be known and separate.

But when writing as if you are talking. You must always make sure that you make use of paragraphs.

You don’t even need to think more beyond this because if you are reading this article – it is having a lot of paragraphs.

Because you will be writing emails and not a long-form article like a blog post.

You can write just two line or three lines at most – so that your readers can easily get what you are writing.

You need to write for skimmers and not readers – because the majority of your audience will skim your emails.

Not all of them will read everything all through – that is why you need to write for skimmers.

People that will keep skipping what you are writing and still understand what you are trying to pass across.

That’s the best way to write your emails and get access to their intentions and actions.


7. Sending Time:

The sending Time is always important when sending your email copies because most people have been asking when the best time is to send emails.

There is no best time because you have to study your subscribers and look at when best that they engage with your emails.

Do you notice that they do reply and open your emails a lot during the day or the night?

This is what you will use to conclude on when best to send out your emails.

And if you are a freelancer working for a client and you are told to write a good copy for them and also send it to their subscribers.

Most especially if the emails are being given to you – because some people do this job on Fiverr.

They will help you compose an email and blast to the email that you give to them.

If you are someone doing that kind of work on Fiverr or any other freelance websites.

You need to always ask them when is the time that their subscribers interact with their emails the most.

Although, this will only be answered by someone who gave you a warm audience that subscribes by themselves.

But if it’s a cold audience that was just bought online – email addresses that we’re scrapped on the internet.

Then this type of stuff won’t be effective because they won’t even know the best time to email them.

But in case you are just starting – it is important to know that you have to study your subscribers to know when best to send your emails.


8. Unsubscribe Option:

As a professional email copywriter – your email must always have the unsubscribe button or option below your emails.

This will make it easy for people to unsubscribe from your email list and both parties will be free.

Many email Copywriters always panic about getting unsubscribers because they don’t want to lose anybody.

But the truth is that not everyone will like you because you don’t like everybody also.

Just because you are writing something that is in someone’s niche or because they sign-up to join your email list.

Doesn’t mean that all of them will enjoy you – a time will come where they won’t have the time to listen to you.

Oh yes, you will hear them saying “I don’t have time” even when they were doing nothing.

So, it is normal for you to give the exit door in your emails to give room for those who will be interested in your emails.

This is part of the email copywriting etiquette which you should have because it will also improve your email deliverability.

Even aside from that, do you want to keep spending money on your email autoresponder without any result?

Imagine have 1000 email subscribers and only 400 are active among them and you keep paying a fee for the 600 that are inactive.

Just give them a room to leave so that your email autoresponder fee will reduce and you will know where you are spending money and receiving money from.

Don’t just decide to send emails without adding the unsubscribe button in your emails because Gmail likes it and it’s part of email marketing practices.


9. Senders’ Address Reputation:

Which kind of sender address are you using to send your emails? Although, I have seen people make use of the normal email address to send their emails.

I receive emails from some people and their sender email is something like [email protected].

But if you plan to use this kind of email for your email Copywriting journey.

Then the majority of your emails will be landing in the spam box the moment you start having a lot of email subscribers.

You can still enjoy the process when your email is less and is not too much.

Also, if you send emails occasionally and not all the time – this will still serve you for a little while.

But the moment you start sending emails every day and you start having a lot of email subscribers.

This will not last you anymore and you will be needing a professional email sender address.

You will need a corporate email address like [email protected] or [email protected].

These are professional emails that will give you good deliverability and the reason is that…

…you are the only one using this IP Address for the domain email.

Unlike Gmail that is being used by billions of other people in the world to send emails and receive emails.

So, the moment you join millions or billions of other people sending out emails at that particular time.

Your EDM will find it difficult to deliver to your subscribers’ inbox and get straight to the spam folder.

So, you can just buy a domain email on GoDaddy for something less than $12 and start enjoying a good sender’s reputation.


10. Links:

“So, how about links? Can I add as many links as possible in my email copies?”

The truth is that Links don’t affect the deliverability of an email. Oh yes, I know you might have seen many articles that say links affect email deliverability.

Google doesn’t use Links to judge as much as the link is very valid and not blacklisted.

I have written an email which I have 7 links in it and it went straight to my subscribers’ inbox.

I have also seen email Copywriters that write an email containing almost all their blog posts and it went straight to the inbox.

They keep listing their blog post and adding the link to check it out in the blog and it keeps getting to our inboxes.

So, how does link now affect email deliverability? It doesn’t.

In case your email is not delivering to the right tab and going to the inbox or spam folder.

Check the link if it is valid and not blacklisted – if it is not blacklisted and it is a valid link.

You don’t have any problem with as many links you put in your email since it’s a pure text email.

To check the validity of a website link – you can check out mxtoolbox and you will see if the link is not blacklisted.

You just have to work on other things in your email once you see that your link is in good condition.

Most of the people that write about links affecting emails online are non Copywriters but just content writers.

But I am telling you from my experience that links don’t affect email and you can add as many as 7 depending on how long the email copy is.


11. Segmentizing Email Copies:

Are you segmentizing your email copies? Because you need to know that you should send emails depending on audience interest.

Some subscribers joined your email list through the “Facebook Practice Guide” while another joined through the “Linkdeln Practice Guide”.

It will be very wrong to keep sending the same type of emails to these audiences because they signed up for separate things.

You should write content that is specific to each audience’s interest and segmenting your content.

Also, if you are in a purchased email where you want your subscribers to purchase your new product.

The emails that you will send to those who have purchased must be different from the emails that will be sent to those who haven’t purchased.

You have to segment them because you can’t keep sending reminder emails to subscribers who have bought – that will be frustrating.

Segmentizing email copies is a fantastic idea that leads to a lot of email marketing success in the copywriting industry.



Is This Guide Helpful? Because I believe you have been able to learn the 11 Best Email Copywriting Etiquettes that will increase your sales record.

The details given here are intact and to the point – so, just make use of them to your best knowledge.

Also, if you are using any of the Etiquettes listed above – hit the comment box below to state the one that you like best.

If you like this guide, you might also want to read a guide on EDM Emails which talks about the theory of Electronic Direct Mail.



3 Best Freelance Copywriter Website To Get Copywriting Talents

3 Best Freelance Copywriter Website To Get Copywriting Talents

The need for the sales increase in every online brand is the main reason why freelance Copywriter Websites are in vast need.


Thousands of Marketing brands are displaying their expertise in the field of copywriting and online sellers are always in search of them.


In this guide, I will be teaching you on how best you can get good copywriters and websites where they display their Portfolio as a freelancer.


But the main problem with the term “COPYWRITER” is that most people do tag COPYWRITERS as a CONTENT WRITER.


They are not the same – although they might be a little bit close they are not the same.


If the purpose of reading this guide is only to get websites where you can get freelance Copywriters.


Kindly click here to be navigated to that section.


But if you want to know the difference between a copywriter and a content writer.


Then hang on tight and take a cup of coffee/beer with me.


What is Copywriting?


Copywriting is the act of writing articles that are primarily to sell an offer and convert the reader into an ultimate buyer.


This means that to call oneself a Copywriter or to look for characteristics of a copywriter…


…their article must be aimed towards making sales.


So, if you are reading someone’s post on your social media and you e joy reading the article and at the end…


…you see that it is driven towards you purchasing a product and that enjoyment made you click on the link in the article and you bought.


The writer is primarily a Copywriter because the main aim of that article is to make sales.


That is why if you read the posts written by Copywriters on their profile wall. It will majorly lead to buying something.


Also, if you land on the website and see some words trying to pitch you to do something.


It is a sales copy and it is being curated by a Copywriter. It is primarily written for you to take an action.


Can you see what we are implying here? 


Because to become a Copywriter – one has to have a lot of experience in writing copies that are making sales.


A Copywriter writes copies that make sales or bring conversion for a brand. 


They can start their article with a story or anything to grab your attention – but their primary aim is to lead you to something.


It is to take you on a journey and not to just excite you or tutor you and wish you goodbye.

What Is Content Writing?

What Is Content Writing?


Content Writing can be done by literally anyone. It doesn’t require much professionalism.


It doesn’t require one to enroll for a course and still learn how to write – although some people still go to enroll for it.


But content writing is like this blog post for example. The primary aim is to teach you and enlighten you on a topic called “Freelance Copywriter Websites”.


It is not primarily aimed at selling you something – any kind of selling initiated in this article is just to buttress the article.


Content writing is what you read majorly on other people’s posts on social media.


When they just write content and enlighten you on a topic that is looking confusing to other people.


So, the aim is not to sell you anything. The aim is to build followers and also solve people’s problems through their writing.


The aim is to be a teacher and not a seller. That is what content writing is all about.


So, you can see why calling a Copywriter a content writer is absurd and not cool?


Because they are different skills that one possesses and not the same.


I have seen much content online and questions, where someone is asking about topics related to content writing, and some people, will be replying with a Copywriting kinda answer.


They are both different and not the same. Also, I have seen some blog articles that are talking about this topic and are recommending websites that are primarily for content writers.


So, you have to be careful about which information you digest online.


I believe this is well explained?


Let us quickly jump into websites that you can enter to fish out Copywriters that can write a very good sales copy for you.


Also, these websites have content writers – but since our primary focus is on Copywriters…


…I will be focusing on copywriting and not websites doing content writing.



#1. Upwork:


The first website I will gladly talk about is Upwork. There are tons of Copywriters on this website.


Upwork is a freelance platform that serves as a network between people who have skills and clients.


The thing about Upwork is that most freelancers on other Platforms come to this website to give work to their freelancers.


Just like when you book a gig on another freelance platform and the freelancer tells you that they will deliver.


Those freelancers will also come to Upwork to pay another freelancer and get the job done and give it to you.


Although, not all of them do that – but some do this kind of stuff.


So, going to Upwork directly to look for Copywriters is the best thing you can do.


They have a lot of Copywriters that are top class and professional in the field of Copywriting.


They have written copies for top brands and companies and if you look at their reviews…


…you will see a lot of positive reviews from people.


Just go and hire those that have good reviews from previous clients.


#2. Fiverr:


Another freelance website where you can get Copywriters who will write a very good copy for you is Fiverr.


When this website came into existence – most of the skills on it can be hired for majorly $5.


Most of the works and skills listed on the website are always $5 and less than other prices like $10 and above.


Although, you have to be very careful when using this website. Because you might get to realize that there are people who are not professionals as they came.


It is majorly filled with Freelancers from third world countries and you can still get cheap skills here.


It is filled with Freelancers who will always be within your budget and be ready to work for you.


Unlike Upwork that is filled with people from Tier 1 countries – so, their prices might be a little bit high.


So, going to Fiverr to look for freelancers is also a very good idea, and try to do your research.


Make sure to look at their review very well and see if they are worth hiring for the skill.


In cases like copywriting – try to look for freelancers who have a little bit high priced.


They will deliver a more perfect job than those who have a very cheap price.


The reason is that those who are cheap will get a lot of orders even if they are not good at writing copies.


Also, because of this – they won’t have time to write good copies.


While those who have a little price know their worth and will get fewer orders. So, your order will still get a lot of attention compared to other cheap freelancers.


#3. PeoplePerHour:


This website has been in existence for the past 13 years and it is a freelance website where you can get Copywriters.


The website is openly situated in the United Kingdom and most of its freelancers are from the United kingdom.


It is very obvious just from looking at the website – the people who list their skills and expertise are from the United Kingdom.


So, if you are based in the UK and you would like to work with people who are in your locality.


Give them a trial and search for Copywriters in the gig search aspect. They will recommend you a lot of them


This website is a trusted Website where people who are professionals in their field are displaying what they can do.


It is filled with adults who have spent many years in their field of knowledge and professionalism.


Unlike Fiverr for example where many teenagers are also freelancing and listing expertise that they are not good at.


It is not like that on this website because it is dedicated to professionals.


So, you can go there and search for Copywriters. You will get a lot of them that will help you write a very good sales copy.

Other Websites To Get Copywriters

Other Websites To Get Copywriters


Aside from using the freelance Websites that are listed above. 


You can also use some normal websites and social media websites to get good Copywriters that can write your sales pitch.


These are websites that you are familiar with and they are having thousands of Copywriters using them.


They are all engaging and scrolling on this platform and all you need to do is to fetch them out and get your work done.


Examples of websites like that are LinkedIn & Facebook and some others which we will talk about in this article.


Follow me along and let us look into each one of them briefly.


#1. LinkedIn:


If you go to LinkedIn, you can search for Copywriters in the search box and you will see some recommendations.


You know that in Linkdeln – people do list their area of expertise since it is primarily a business platform.


So, you will see suggestions and recommendations that LinkedIn will give to you which you can hire from.


But when checking out these recommendations and suggestions. 


Always make sure that you look at their level of seniority. You will see many newbies who will also list themselves as Copywriters.


Just like I stated at the beginning of this guide – many people don’t know the difference between a Copywriter and a content writer.


So, they will also go on LinkedIn and list themselves as a Copywriter whereas they are a content writer.


So, you have to be careful. Look at their level of seniority and they engage on their profile.


Engagements matter a lot – if someone should tag himself or herself as a professional in his or her field.


Then he or she has to talk about it all the time and go crazy about it. 


So, always make sure to check it out and look very well before you slide into their DM to hire them.


#2. Facebook:


Another platform that you will get a lot of Copywriters who write good copy is on Facebook.


Although I have to be frank with you – you cannot just easily get Copywriters by searching on Facebook.


Unlike LinkedIn that will bring you direct recommendations. Facebook will only be beating around the bush for you.


But if you are calm enough and can look at the posts when you search. If you can just filter only the posts in the search.


You can try to scroll through and look at the stuff and post related to why copywriting is being mentioned.


In most cases, it might be because someone is shouting out a Copywriter whom they believe to be very good.


And the way you can confirm is by checking on the person’s profile and look at how he or she writes.


Look at the posts on his or her page – are they always direct to someone taking an action.


It must not be just an ordinary post that says funny things or give only value all through. 


A good Copywriter will always pitch people even after giving out the value or writing funny kinds of stuff.


It is always part of their normal activity and it is inside their blood. Their posts will always lead to a pitch.


That is what you should look out for when trying to hire a Copywriter. 


This method is very good and should be considered by anybody looking for Copywriters.


#3. Agency Websites:


Some companies truly make writing copies as their daily activity and business.


If you type “copywriting agency” on Google – you will find a lot of them that are good at writing good copy.


Although, you also have to do your due diligence as to whether they are legit companies.


A company can open a new website last month and quickly register their business on Google map just to show to people in their location.


So, always be careful.


#4. Craigslist:


Even though Craigslist is not a freelance platform. It’s just a listing platform where people can sell anything.


Oh… it made me remember when Gary Veynerchuck talked about going to grab free products on Craigslist and sell on Facebook or eBay.


Craigslist is a platform that you will see many things and be amazed and people go to this website to display their expertise.


It is just like. Marketplace filled with people who share different ideas and beliefs.


Many people go to Craiglist to display their copywriting skills for offers.


Some people believe that this website is meant to get local clients who don’t know freelancers exist.


Many people who are a bit new to the online world and just knew about the requirements of some skills do go to this website.


That is why Copywriters don’t stand back from listing their expertise on this website and get paid.


You can go straight to this website and search base on your country or whatever you desire.


Sometimes, I even like to hire someone who is in my country. Who knows – we could hang out and grab a cup of coffee or beer together.


It depends on your requirements though but you will see a lot of people who will display expertise on this platform.


But please, when using this platform – always make sure to check their websites and social media pages.


Because unlike freelance websites where you will see some reviews from previous clients.


Craigslist is not like that and it is only a classified website where people list anything just to get clients and customers.


So, when you see their profile and see what they list – use that to check them out on their social media and website.


Before you ever contact them for any job – remember anyone can just go to the platform and list themselves as a Copywriter.


So, be mindful of whom you give your sales copies.


#5. Local Communities:


An example of local Communities is WhatsApp and some local group that you might be a member of.


There are some local groups on WhatsApp that were created and you might be a member of such group.


If the group is filled with people who are in the internet marketing space. 


Then you will find some Copywriters in the group. Although they might not be that active and showcase themselves.


But you can just post on the group and ask if there is any Copywriter in the group.


Although, this type of group is majorly about someone adding you to the group for engagements.


So, you cannot just go to your church WhatsApp group or school WhatsApp group and be looking for Copywriters.


It would not work out well that way. 

Also, make sure that even after checking to message them after signifying.


Try and do your due diligence and look at their social media profile to see how good they are.


You can also tell them to send your proof of copies they have written – so that you can analyze and know whether they are for the job.


Conclusion On Freelance Copywriting Website

Conclusion On Freelance Copywriting Website


I believe this article has been very helpful and lot? 


Getting Websites where you can get Copywriters is not difficult as you can see. 


But just be careful about those who are content writers but tagging themselves a Copywriters on freelance copywriting websites.


They majorly believe that since they can write content – they can equally write sales copy.


But that is a blatant lie because they are separate and not the same.


Anyway, if you didn’t read through on the difference between the Copywriter and Content writer which I explained at the top.


Then, find it good to click here and read it so that you won’t give the job to a content writer thinking a Copywriter is writing for you.


How do you get a very good Copywriter to hire? Drop your answer below in the comment box.


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