Coursera Affiliate Program: Some Experts Don’t Know This

Coursera Affiliate Program

The ability to increase the likelihood of employment and decrease unemployment is one of the major reasons why Coursera Affiliate should be promoted.

These days, there is a greater need to have a skill – because without a skill. It can become very difficult for a college graduate to secure a job.

But with the set of skills available to learn on an e-learning platform like Coursera.

It becomes very easy for anyone around the world to learn any skill that they desire and start using such a skill to make money.

There reduces the rate of unemployment in the world at large.

But the main purpose of this guide is not even to talk about what Coursera is all about or their goals to mankind.

The major purpose of this guide is to discuss the Coursera affiliate to internet marketers who would love to join the program and promote their products.

So, if you have been looking for more information about what the Coursera affiliate is all about…

…and so how you can start promoting the Products in this affiliate program and start making enough money for yourself.

Then stick with me in this guide as we will be covering a whole lot of things when it comes to the Coursera Affiliate.

Below Are The Things We Will Be Discussing In This Guide;


Details About Coursera Affiliate

  • Brand Name: Coursera
  • Founders: Andrew Ng and Daphne Koller
  • Number of Users: 77 million+ and counting.
  • Country Founded: Mountain View, California, United States.
  • Company Purpose: For Education.
  • Niche: Electronic Learning
  • Product Type: Tutoring
    Affiliate Program
  • Registration Link: Coursera Affiliate Program
  • Affiliate Partner: Linkshare Affiliate Network
  • Commission Rate: 10% to 45%
  • Payment Process: PayPal, Bank Transfer
  • Cookie Period: 90 Days


Coursera Affiliate Program Commission

A whole lot is happening in the Coursera affiliate program as many people are earning a lot of commission.

The commission rate of the Coursera affiliate program starts from the range of 10% to 45% depending on grade level.

If you are new to the platform and you’re just making your first sale on this affiliate platform.

You will be eligible for a 10% commission. Although it depends on the type of product that you are promoting.

If the Course that you are promoting is of a high ticket price level. Then you will be eligible for more commissions rate.

Also, you will start earning a 45% commission on over 4000+ courses on this affiliate platform.

Another amazing thing about the Coursera Affiliate program is that you are eligible for a weekly newsletter.

This newsletter gets you updated on the happenings in this Affiliate program and how you should perform better.

If this commission is something that interests you – which I am quite sure it should.

Then you shouldn’t slack in not joining the Coursera affiliate program and start promoting the courses and products inside.


How to Make Money with the Program

  1. Become An Educator.
  2. Learn From Coursera Courses.
  3. Talk About The Tutor.
  4. Partake In A Newbie Community.


1. Become An Educator:

The first way that you can easily make money with the Coursera Affiliate Program which we will discuss here is to become an educator.

Now, the way that being an educator can help you make money with this affiliate program is that you already have an audience.

Coursera is an electronic learning platform that makes it possible for anyone to learn a better skill and gain knowledge.

You can easily start Upselling more affiliate products just with the privilege of being an educator.

Places, where you can be an educator, can be on platforms like YouTube where you are teaching people to live.

Let us say you are an English teacher for example and you teach people how to speak U.S English.

You are making it possible for many foreigners who are not in the United States to learn U.S English.

You can easily be directing them to Coursera to also learn more about their pronunciation and know more on that topic.

And because you already make yourself visible and readily available for more tutorials.

You have made it possible for them to trust you as an educator which you are.


2. Learn From Coursera Courses:

If you previously don’t know much about affiliate marketing and how you can start earning from it.

You can also learn affiliate marketing on Coursera through some free courses on the platform.

I am sure there will be so many newbie affiliate marketers who will just be joining the Affiliate marketing world.

So, you must learn more through the free affiliate courses on Coursera.

Oh yes, there are free courses there also which you can learn on anything on the internet.

And before you can easily be successful in Affiliate Marketing on the internet – you need to learn it.

So, if you are a novice – start learning affiliate marketing on this platform and continue crushing the leaderboard.

You cannot just start making money with this affiliate program as a novice.

Just go to the Coursera platform after you are done registering as an affiliate and type affiliate marketing on the search box.

You will see a lot of recommendations and you can enroll for the free Affiliate Marketing courses on it.


3. Talk About The Tutor:

Another thing about ways to make money with this type of affiliate marketing which many people use to make money is that…

…they just indirectly mention the author of the course on forums or maybe on their private network.

Then someone will just ask to know more about the tutor and from there… they will just direct them to the tutors’ course.

So, in this case – had it been they have known more about affiliate marketing and joined the Affiliate platform that such a person’s course is.

They would have also made money from such a person.

You will see some people giving testimonials about a certain tutor and how such a person’s course has changed the person’s life.

But what they do wrong is by tagging such a person to go straight to meet the person.

Just because you already got a result from such a course – it is a testimonial on its own which you can use to make back the money you paid for the course.

So, instead of just giving testimonials and just sending them directly to the person.

Send them through your affiliate link. And you can first ask the course owner if there is an affiliate program for the course.

And most tutors have their courses on Coursera which people can enroll in and start promoting.

So, this is another way for you to be making money from the Coursera affiliate program easily.

Just from mentioning a tutor and telling them about your success in that niche. You have the privilege to make more money from Coursera Affiliate.


4. Partake In A Newbie Community:

Don’t underestimate the power of newbie communities because they have huge potential for making more money for you.

The internet itself is still filled with a lot of newbies who don’t know much or know nothing about making money online or having a skill online.

Many still believe that they have to attend physical training or meet tutors physically before they can learn something.

All you need to do is to flow with these people and keep interacting and providing value to these communities.

There are several communities on Reddit that have a lot of newbies in them which you can join.

Even Facebook communities are not exceptional when it comes to grabbing the attention of newbies.

Newbies have a lot of potentials to make you enough money in the Coursera affiliate program.

Because all you need to do is to provide value for them and teach them the little that you know.

A lot of people ask questions a lot in a certain community.

It might be someone who knows little or just getting to know about something.

You can easily go on Google or Youtube and type that question and learn about it.

Then go on your Coursera and see if there is any person who has created a course on that question.

Then give them a solid answer to the question and just direct them to your affiliate link.

I will advise that you don’t just post your affiliate link directly on these platforms because they don’t allow affiliate links.

So, another thing you can do is to Cloak the link with Link Cloaker like Thirstyaffiliates Tool.

I believe this is very clear!?


Having A Better Structure

I always make sure to talk about the reason for having your structure before doing affiliate marketing.

When you have a structure that you use to promote products – you will be very unique and you will make sales.

One of the ways to make money when you have a unique structure like this can be by offering bonuses.

You can easily go to the Free Private Label Rights website like and get free bonuses.

You will see eBooks, video courses, software that you can use to promote any affiliate course.

You have everything ready as you don’t need to create them from the scratch and they are free for you to use.

Just make sure that you look at their relevance with whatever you are promoting.

Make sure that what you’re offering as a bonus is also about the Coursera course that you are promoting.

This is how you structure yourself and become different when you’re doing affiliate marketing.

The Coursera affiliate program also has a lot of affiliates that are promoting the courses and products inside of it.

So, you need to be unique.


Join Coursera Affiliate Program Alternatives

One of the best things you can do to make enough money with this affiliate program is to promote it alongside other related affiliate programs.

Now, here is what I am trying to imply here!

Instead of just promoting the products inside the program alone.

You can do a comparison with another product on another program like Udemy Affiliate Program.

This way, it will be very easy and much option wise for people to choose from the one they like most.

Some people are already used to enrolling in courses that are in the Udemy affiliate program.

While some are not that familiar with Coursera and will need much convincing for them to fall for the program.

So, these are the things that you need to have in mind when you are trying to promote this affiliate program.

It is always mandatory that you have a strategy to compare courses together sometimes.

And you can penetrate other affiliate programs like Udemy affiliate to do that easily.


How To Promote Coursera Affiliates

Let us Immediately look at how you can promote Coursera Courses and become a top leader on the platform.

You have been seeing a lot of Coursera affiliate marketers talking and posting about their wins in affiliate marketing.

You have also been wondering when it’s your time and how well you can promote the Coursera affiliate program.

Let us Immediately look at some ways you can promote the products in this program.

  1. Paid Ads.
  2. Influence.
  3. SEO.


1. Paid Ads:

One of the best ways you can promote the Coursera affiliate program is by using paid adverts for your promotion.

But if I have to be frank with you – it will be worst of you to just run your advert directly to your affiliate link.

Or maybe just running a paid advert to a landing page that is promoting the affiliate course that you are promoting.

That is the wrong way of you doing your promotion with paid adverts because you will later run at loss.

The best way for you to promote this with the paid advert is by giving them a freebie and getting their details in a channel.

What I am implying here is that… you can create a landing page where you are giving them a freebie for their contact.

What many marketers do in this aspect is to offer a freebie for an email address.

So, you can offer them an E-Book or a Video Course in exchange for their email address.

You will just input your opt-in form on the landing page and whenever they input their email address… you offer them the freebie.

Another thing you can do is that you can just add them to a Facebook group where you can be getting in touch with them.

Then after you have done this… you can easily upsell all affiliate courses that you want to sell to them easily.

You are only doing this paid promoting to get access to more people without paying any extra dime.

So, instead of running advert and they. pass through your affiliate link and you still have to pay again to get access to them.

You now have them at your fingertip and can even promote more affiliate products in Coursera to them.

This way, you are using one stone to catch two birds because those who don’t buy now can buy later.

Just know that the best channel you should prioritize is email marketing because the list belongs to you.


2. Influence:

If you also have some influencer people around you that can also help in the promotion of your affiliate products – don’t hesitate to use them.

A lot of people have the opportunity to get to a lot of people with just a little amount spent but they keep doubting.

The fact is that you need more eyeballs for whatever that you are trying to promote.

So, using influencers to also promote whatever that you will be promoting is another better alternative.

Most especially if these influencers have audiences that are very targeted to whatever you are promoting.

Just always make sure that you get their details and gather them to your channel or community.

Just like I have stated in the paid advert aspect. Don’t just drive new people to the affiliate product that you are promoting.

You can first drive them to a private Facebook group or you can just collect their email addresses through opt-in forms.

This way, you have higher chances and influencer marketing is always targeting.

This means you are dealing with people who are fully Interested in whatever you’re giving out and promoting.


3. SEO:

I see no competitor that favors marketers like SEO – simply because that is what I use to promote my business.

SEO has made it available and very favorable for any random person to just keep making sales even while sleeping.

Or even spending another extra time to get access to a lot of targeted audience and buyers.

So, you can easily optimize your content for SEO and start getting a lot of Affiliate clicks to your Coursera affiliate products.

Now, there are a lot of things involved in this type of promotion.

Some people are very good at Video content and can create content with video publishing.

While some people are camera shy or couldn’t even speak verbally and would prefer to type.

It depends on the type of process which you want to use to be making your affiliate commission.

If you know that you can write content very well – then you will want to consider opening a website and optimizing it for Google SEO.

And if it’s a video that you will like to use to be giving out your value and promote your affiliate products.

Then you can easily open a YouTube channel and start optimizing your video content for YouTube SEO.


The Benefits Of The Coursera Affiliate Program

Several benefits are associated with the Coursera Affiliate Program which we will discuss below.

So, in case you are even having the thoughts of whether this is the best solution to your making money online problems.

Then, let us Immediately review the benefits that you stand to enjoy from joining this affiliate program and earning money online.

  1. You Grow More Knowledgeable.
  2. You Get Higher Commissions.
  3. You Have More Upsell Moolah.
  4. Ready-Made Materials To Promote.


1. You Grow More Knowledgeable:

In the other aspect of this guide… I talked about your ability to easily learn affiliate marketing from the free courses on Coursera.

Oh yeah! That alone gives you the ability to grow more knowledgeable in whatever that you are doing.

Because if you are a novice to the affiliate marketing Industry – you can easily learn one or two things about affiliate marketing.

Also, from this – you have already grown more knowledgeable and can keep moving forward.

Another fantastic thing here is that there are even more free courses that are on Coursera which you can learn from.

Also, from the ability to keep selling other people’s products – you can also learn how to sell your products. This means you can now easily be learning about selling even while you are selling other products.

I believe you grow from anything that you are doing and with time… you will keep learning new things.


2. You Get Higher Commissions:

Because Coursera is a course platform where people come to learn new skills and stuff from all over the world.

The products are a little bit on the high side which makes it up to the fact that the courses are majorly hundred to thousands of dollars.

So, this is not like selling software services for maybe $20 in a month or $79 for life purposes.

This is something that is of high value which will always make every sweat that you make on it count.

And because the majority of these courses would have already sold themselves for you because of their Testimonials…

…that makes you be on a more favorable side and not just stick to having to stress all the time.

You will always see testimonials from their students concerning how well they perceive the course.

Also, a  majority will write about how the course has changed their lives and why they also recommend it to others.

This is something spectacular that makes you make more money even while you are promoting.

So, you are always bound to make more money with this affiliate program. Give your dedication and you will reap the reward graciously.


3. You Have More Upsell Moolah:

Another thing about this platform is that there are a lot of upsells of other products that your customers or referrals can buy.

These upsells will give you more money than you will make just from the extra purchase of Your Referrals.

What you have to know is that not all your referrals who purchase the exact product you recommend will buy the upsells.

In fact, among 15 people – it might only be 1 that will buy an upsell.

But just imagine if someone bought a course worth $1000 just from the upsell on your affiliate referral?

That’s a huge win for you because you have easily started booming and increasing your commission percentage.

It also makes it easy for you to start earning more money just from the upsells on these products.

So this is another benefit that you enjoy from joining the Coursera affiliate program.


4. Ready-Made Materials To Promote:

There are already ready-made materials for you to promote courses on Coursera.

Another thing about this is that you don’t even need to convince much of Coursera Products.

Since Coursera is from a trusted service which a lot of people have already joined and enrolled for.

So, the materials are already made for you and you only need to work more towards making more people see what’s up.

You don’t need to convince too much about the trust level on Coursera.

Your only convincing will be on whether the products or course that they are about to buy is of their best interest.

Making them see that they will get a lot of value from the course on Coursera which they will buy.


Should You Join the Coursera Affiliate Program?

Joining the Coursera affiliate program is in your best interest since they have a lot of courses to promote.

Also, you have to know that there are a lot of other affiliates who are also promoting this affiliate program.

They also have courses which they are promoting to their audience and because of this…

…you must make sure that you promote the courses very well.

You must also make sure that you have a good way to bring new eyeballs to the products.

Don’t just relax on one way to get more people into seeing your affiliate offers.

This is something that you must have in mind if you plan to grow more successful in Coursera Affiliate Program.

I Love You.