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Free Autoresponder For Affiliate Marketing

Free Autoresponder For Affiliate Marketing

A lot of internet marketers have been asking for the best Autoresponder For Affiliate Marketing.

And that is what you and I will discuss in this guide because we just have to put justice to this aspect of affiliate marketing.


Or what do you think!? After all, the money is on the list right? And for us to get this money, we need an autoresponder to create our email list.

But the money doesn’t just come from the list. Aside from the relationship you build with the list…

…You also have to sell something to the list to be able to generate money from the list.

Because all you will keep hearing and seeing is “Thank you very much!”, “This has been impactful”.

And if you don’t sell to them – nothing will happen and the best way for you to easily sell to these people without needing to launch your product is through Affiliate Marketing.

While the combination of affiliate marketing with email marketing is the way to mint money all the time. 

Below Is What Will Be Discussed In This Content;

So, to mint money from affiliate marketing and email marketing, you have to quickly go deep into the things you will learn in this guide and study them:


What is Autoresponder?

An autoresponder is an automated tool or software that is programmed to gather email lists of other people and help you send out messages to them for a result-oriented reason.

That means that without an autoresponder, email marketing would have been difficult to do.

Because it will become too impossible or rigorous to message hundreds to thousands of people at once.

This is what an email autoresponder will do for you – but not all email autoresponder supports the promotion of affiliate products.

And that is why we want to look at autoresponders that support the promotion of Affiliate Marketing.

Let us immediately go through them below.


Best Free Autoresponder Tools For Affiliate Marketing in 2021

  1. GetResponse 
  2. Drip 
  3. AWeber 



When it comes to affiliate marketing – GetResponse is very good email deliverability.

The fact is that when you are doing email marketing for affiliate marketing – your deliverability might be below.

But when you make use of tools like GetResponse – you will still get solid deliverability instead of your messages going to the spam box.

Although, I always tell people their deliverability depends solely on how well they understand the Gmail algorithm.

It is not about just relying fully on the deliverability of this autoresponder but you will just be assured to get good deliverability than others.

That’s where the GetResponse autoresponder comes in to create a good email marketing system for their customers.

And who are their customers? It’s we email marketers!

The majority of the users of GetResponse are affiliate marketers who are assured enough that they can input their affiliate link in their email campaigns or messages.

Also, GetResponse has some beautiful templates which you can also use to design your emails.

They also have automation which you can make use of to send out emails even when you are not there clicking all the time.

The GetResponse autoresponder tool for affiliate marketing is free for 30 days.


2. Drip:

Another active and very user-friendly Autoresponder For Affiliate Marketing is the Drip Email Automation tool.

Although, it is only free for 14 days.

This autoresponder is also very effective for anything relating to affiliate links.

They accept affiliate links and you can easily promote any affiliate offer just from any email campaign that you send.

Although, the majority of the new affiliate marketers don’t make use of drip anymore compared to the likes of GetResponse and Aweber.

There was a time that Drip was raining and almost every new affiliate will jump straight to register an account with them.

The major reason is that the pricing plan is a little bit high compared to the likes of GetResponse or Aweber.

Also, people are so strictly focused on Deliverability and as of the time of writing this guide – affiliate email marketers are still saying GetResponse has good deliverability for campaigns with affiliate links.

So, the argument depends on how best the campaigns are being structured.

But that shouldn’t chase you away from drip – it’s a nice autoresponder tool that you can also be making use of.

With drip, you can easily automate all your affiliate marketing campaigns and keep selling high.


3. AWeber:

Aweber is just what many new affiliates are running to of recent and it’s because of the new features that it has.

The free plan that Aweber just introduced has made it a talk of the Town among every affiliate email marketer.

Just with the free plaẞn – you can automate your email campaigns to send out even while you are not there.

You can also schedule your broadcasts to send anytime and any day whenever you set it.

I make use of Aweber for my email autoresponder and I have to say that their deliverability is also very fantastic.

It’s just that people don’t just understand how the aspect of deliverability works.

I have seen a lot of articles online that will tell people to make their email short, not use sales words, not do this, and that.

I have tried all these things and I have to tell you that it’s all crap… even if you are as plain as possible…

…if you don’t know how well you are good with the algorithm – not all your email lists will receive your email campaigns.

So, you have to study how the algorithm favors you and subscribe to the internet marketer’s email list.

If I want to do this – I won’t subscribe to internet marketers that make use of a lot of third-party tools.

I will subscribe to real email marketers who handle their campaigns.

People like “Ben Settle” is a real email marketer that I read his emails and I also follow the way he sends email.

His Deliverability is authentic and he understands how the algorithm works.

I am Using Aweber because of him for all my campaigns – both affiliate campaigns and normal campaigns and my deliverability is very good and authentic.

So, study what the top people in email marketing are doing by subscribing to this email list.

Aweber had a free plan that will serve you till you reach 500 Email Subscribers.

You will have to upgrade to their paid plans of $29.99 Immediately you exceed that limit.


Ways to set up an Autoresponder for Affiliate Marketing

When it comes to setting up an autoresponder for your affiliate marketing.

There is some email autoresponder that has a very good deliverability level but the only problem is that they don’t support affiliate marketing.

And you can start making use of them also but you just have to be very careful.

Now, there are several ways through which you can make use of them for your affiliate marketing journey.

But just like I stated earlier…You need to be careful because if they should get you. They will block your account.

But a lot of top affiliate marketers that I know are making use of them and they are profiting from it.

And they are using them safely without the autoresponders knowing that they are promoting affiliate offers.

Examples of autoresponders like this who don’t support affiliate marketing are; ConvertKit, MailChimp, SendinBlue and so more.

These are the ones I know that have good deliverability and support but they don’t allow affiliate links in their emails.

So, how can you use them to do Affiliate Marketing without them knowing that you are doing affiliate marketing?

  1. Create a Bridge Page.
  2. Click the link.
  3. Don’t use Affiliate Words in Email Copy.


1. Create a Bridge Page:

The first thing that you should have in mind is to create a bridge page between your autoresponder and your affiliate link.

This is how these affiliate marketers do theirs because they know that it will be impossible for them to just put the affiliate link in their campaigns.

So, they will design a very good landing page for the affiliate offer that they are promoting and they will insert the affiliate link in a button on the landing page.

It is just like a landing page but the reason why it is called a bridge page in this aspect is that it is like the path that you create to lead your subscribers to come through your route.

Doing it like this, you will only need to insert the link of your bridge page or landing page in your email campaigns.

So, once your subscribers click on it – they will pass through that to click on your affiliate link.

But always make sure to write a good Sales Page Copy to make them click on your Affiliate Link.

This way, ConvertKit, MailChimp, or any other email marketing autoresponder that doesn’t support affiliate marketing won’t detect you are promoting affiliate products.


2. Cloak the link:

Another fantastic way to do Email Marketing with any autoresponder is by making use of Link Clockers.

Link Clockers are very good for pretending and showing that you are not doing affiliate marketing at all.

It will embed affiliate links in between the links and make it be a redirected link that will pass through few links before it goes to the affiliate sales page.

This is how the top affiliates are doing their affiliate marketing when making use of autoresponders that are not supporting affiliate marketing.

This way, they don’t majorly need to use a bridge page for this type of process because the link is already embedded.

Your affiliate link is already embedded in the cloaked link and so you don’t need to stress yourself over whether it will be approved or not.

This way, affiliate marketing becomes very easy and you can send out your campaigns freely without any problem.

Although, just be careful of the affiliate link Cloakers that you use and make sure you read the review.

Although, a link Cloaker like Thirsty Affiliates is still very okay to use and rely on – rather than other types of link Cloakers that might not be valid.


3. Don’t use Affiliate Words in Email Copy:

Don’t misunderstand me in this aspect where I wrote that you should not use affiliate words.

I am trying to imply autoresponders that don’t allow affiliate marketing email campaigns in their system.

If you are making use of an autoresponder that allows using of affiliate links in your campaigns them you don’t have to worry.

But if the autoresponder that you wish to be using doesn’t support affiliate marketing – then you have to be careful with your affiliate copies.

It has to look friendly and not sales. It has to be like you are writing to your friend and not to a customer or a stranger.

You should also reduce the way you use sales words like “Bonus”, “Affiliate Links” and some other words related to affiliate marketing.

Also, another strategy that can be used is by rewriting the way you write out the words.

An example is something like “B0nus” instead of “Bonus”. By using Figure zero instead of O.

Also, if you are trying to write Affiliate Link or anything affiliate-related words. You can give gaps or add “-‘ in between them.

It can be something like “Aff-late L-ink” instead of “Affiliate Link”. This way, the system won’t get you.

It’s just a normal internet Marketing strategy that we make use of to just escape the affiliate marketing cell.


Why do you need an Autoresponder Email Service for Affiliate Marketing

  1. It helps you keep reminding your audience till they buy.
  2. It helps you convert a stranger to a buyer.
  3. It is more of a communication tool.
  4. Can be used for Educating Customers about Coupon Codes and products.
  5. Some Affiliate Marketers use Autoresponder as their Bonus Page.


1. It helps you keep reminding your audience till they buy:

One of the major reasons why you need an autoresponder service for your Affiliate Marketing is the fact that you can keep reminding your audience till they buy.

If you are to be making use of social media for your affiliate marketing – reminding will be a little bit difficult.

Because they have to be online before they can see your reminder and before they can even decide to buy.

But with an autoresponder for your email marketing – you can keep reminding them to buy a product until they make the final decision.

This is how top internet marketers are making money from the online world.

They will run an advert to offer a free resource to people and grab their email addresses with an autoresponder.

Once the addresses have been gotten – they will offer an upsell of a product immediately after they give out the free resource.

Some of them will buy the product but the majority will not buy it instantly because of several personal reasons.

So, marketers already know about this and that is why they always collect their email addresses before giving them the free resource.

So, after that – they will easily keep reminding the prospect to buy the product until the final decision is made.

That is the work of an autoresponder to make sure that your audience purchases leaving them.


2. It helps you convert a stranger to a buyer:

You can easily convert a visitor to a buyer with an autoresponder.

Just imagine when someone comes into your website and reads your blog post and everything.

Then it now comes to the aspect of where you should sell to them and you are not able to get in touch with them.

That is more a waste of time and that is the reason why it is always important that you get their email addresses.

So, with this ability to grab access to them – you can now easily be selling more affiliate products to them.

With an affiliate product – it is very easy for you to sell with autoresponders because you don’t have to keep thinking about how to launch your product.

A stranger can easily be converted into a buyer just with a mere relationship that is being built with them.

People like it when you build a relationship with them – they will forever love to hear from you and buy your recommendations.

That is the power that an autoresponder will invest in you because it will make you keep building a relationship with them.

And the more you keep building it – the more you will be able to sell more of your affiliate products.


3. It is more of a communication tool:

People use email to chat with family and also work internally in an organization.

So, email is nothing new when it comes to being a means of communication between two people.

Google and some other email platforms found this to make it easy for people to communicate with each other.

But marketers see this as a better way and approach to get in touch with people and make them buy without needing to use social media.

Or without needing to keep making cold calls that will later burn the bridge and lead to a lot of bills.

That is why email marketing get detected and it became a marketing platform for making sales.

While the autoresponder is a communication tool in email marketing that is used to communicate with a large audience who have an email address.

So, affiliate marketing with an autoresponder will make it easy for you to communicate with a large number of people.

You can easily blast out an affiliate offer to a large number of people without sending it one by one.

And you will rest assured that you will have a lot of positive results from these people.

In as much as they sign up themselves to receive emails from you – then you are always free to message them.


4. Can be used for Educating Customers about Coupon Codes and products:

There are a lot of customers that will wish to buy an affiliate offer from you but would need much explanation about the product or more discount.

With autoresponder alongside email marketing – you can use this process to keep getting in touch with them.

You can keep messaging them Daily about the reason why the affiliate offer is the best for them.

Now, when doing this – I advise you have good Copywriting skills.

Because you are not supposed to make sales when doing this as your email should always be informal (friendly).

If it is looking too formal sales) – then your subscribers will only be seeing you as the salesman.

You need to make them see you as a helper who is trying to give them a solution.

I just thought I should make mention of that because you must know about this.

So with the use of an autoresponder – your affiliate marketing is fully secured and ready for profiting.

Because you can keep reminding them about the product and also teaching them a little bit about the coupon.

This is how they can stay related and buy affiliate products.


5. Some Affiliate Marketers use Autoresponder as their Bonus Page:

Oh yes, I am even among those that also like to use Autoresponder as a bonus page for my affiliate offers.

The reason is that it also saves the stress of some people who find it hard to still click on bonus links.

So, if you cloak your link or have an autoresponder that accepts affiliate links in your email campaigns.

You can make use of your autoresponder and the campaigns sent through it as a bonus page.

So, this way, you would have already listed all your bonuses in your email which people read.

Top affiliates confirm that this is one of the best ways to sell a lot of affiliate offers because it is very straightforward.

People don’t have to click on bridge pages or landing pages before they can see your bonuses to entice them to buy more.

They will easily see your affiliate offer and be convinced to buy because everything is stated to them in the email.

So, this is another way through which autoresponder is very compulsory for affiliate marketing.

So, try and consider using it very well for your affiliate marketing and start crushing your leaderboard.


Things To Note When Choosing An Autoresponder For Affiliate Marketing

There are some things to take note of when choosing an autoresponder for your Affiliate Marketing business.

Let us quickly look at them very quickly because they are very important for you to know.

Also, you might be pitched about an autoresponder which you should use aside from the ones stated here.

So, if you know about them – it will be easy for you to identify and know if you can use them.

  1. Deliverability.
  2. Years of existence.
  3. Support.


1. Deliverability:

The first one that we will discuss here is the deliverability of your emails – because that is what will determine your success.

So, you must know the deliverability level of the autoresponder that you will be using.

When you know the deliverability level of the autoresponder – it becomes very easy for you to know your success rate.

There are some autoresponder that has very poor deliverability and if you are not careful…

…almost all your emails will be landing in the spam folder which is very bad for your domain reputation.

Your autoresponder must always have a very good deliverability level because this is what you should be aiming towards.

Also, you should try to test things out yourself and see how good the autoresponder is.

Some people claim that Aweber doesn’t have a good deliverability rate.

But I use Aweber and my flow of campaign flow with the deliverability level of my expertise.

So, I have been enjoying Aweber so far because the deliverability level works very well for me.

So, always make sure to study the deliverability level of any autoresponder before you even think of promoting any affiliate offer with it.


2. Years of existence:

It is not majorly about the years of experience that the autoresponder has in sending email campaigns.

It is about the years of experience that the founder/s of the autoresponder had in email marketing.

If you see any new autoresponder that just launched in the marketplace and you are wondering whether to buy or not.

You must know the experience level of your autoresponder founder before trying to make use of it.

Because the experience matters in whether the autoresponder will be very good for your business or not.

Although, this is only for people who are getting exposed to new tools every day and are considered to use a new autoresponder for their affiliate marketing.

You must have the fundamental idea of whether an autoresponder has experience or not.

The majority of the autoresponders out there are only launching because of their greedy deeds.

And not because they are really serious about the deliverability of their customers.

Also, the deliverability level of the autoresponder is based on how well the autoresponder founder has experience.

So, always make sure that you choose an autoresponder that is founded by an experienced person.

Or that has been in existence for a little while before you decide to use it because it already has a lot of experience in its aspect.


3. Support:

Look at the support system of the autoresponder that you want to make use of.

How well is their support system helping their customers and are they always ready to give valid help?

I remember me using siteground some years back and when I had just a little problem that they can solve…

…they decided to redirect me to another firm that will charge me hundreds of dollars just to fix a little issue.

And as broke as I was back then – I just had to jeopardize the value of the website and stay broke.

So that experience alone always makes me do enough research before I will ever get into using any firm for my business.

You have to see this as a business and not a hustle because it’s something that is making millions for many people.

Affiliate marketing is not just some joke and with an autoresponder – you are very good to kickstart.

So, make sure that you do enough research on your autoresponder service before thinking of making use of them.

You can first message them through email or live chat to see how well they responded to you.

If their response is quick and active – then you know that you can entrust your email list with them.



We have discussed a lot about free autoresponders that you can use for affiliate marketing in this guide.

We have also discussed how autoresponders are very good for affiliate marketing.

So, if this is interesting to you – don’t forget to click the social media icon below and share with friends.

Don’t forget to comment your thoughts below in the comment box.

Lead Generation For Email: 10 Methods for Unlimited Leads

Lead Generation For Email: 10 Methods for Unlimited Leads

Have you started generating leads for your business? If Not, then you need to start having email lead generation in mind.

Lead generation is a crucial part of every successful business out there.

Have you always wondered how you look at some online marketers’ brands on social media and you see that have little or no engagement?

And you keep wondering how they are raking 7 to 8 figures every month? It’s because of the energy built on lead generation.

Lead generation email marketing is important and you need to put a full focus on making it your number one priority.

Once you generate email leads – you can have access to them… anytime and any day without further payment.

Lead generation is the only way you can turn a stranger into a buyer without spending any future fees on ads.

So, to make this clear to you – let us dive deeper into what lead generation email marketing is about.

Why Lead Generation For Email Marketing?

Why Lead Generation For Email Marketing?

Lead generation doesn’t necessarily have to be in the email marketing aspect – lead generation is a topic on its own.

If you are someone who builds a Facebook group from Zero to Hundred to Thousands – you are also generating leads.

You can generate lead into a group or you can collect people’s number and you are also generating leads.

Any process that involves you collecting people’s data into a means where you can get access to them easily…

…it’s called lead generation. But whenever it involves email marketing and collecting the email addresses of people.

Then, you are doing lead generation for email marketing purposes only.

Lead generation involves several methods to collect the email address of people.

You cannot just wish to have lead generation emails and you can have them without making any move.

You need to involve in some methods to collect lead generation for your business and start using email marketing to scale up.

Methods of Lead Generation

Methods of Lead Generation

There are two methods that we can use to generate email leads online and we will discuss briefly on the two shortly.

What you need to know about these two methods is that – it is not sided to a certain method.

You can decide to make use of both the free and paid methods at the same time. It’s cool.

Because if you get to one side of this method thinking that the other is not good. You will be wasting a lot of time and losing more on leads.

That’s why I laugh when I see some online gurus claim that they prefer the Free method more than paid Method.

Or they prefer Paid method more than the Free method. No one is supposed to be sided.

Both methods must be using and we will discuss them below.

The first method is the Free method and it comes with some sub-niches.

Free method of generation email

1. Free Method:

The first method that many markers and brands use to generate email leads for themselves is through Free methods.

The free method involves the ways wish email marketers and brands use to generate emails without spending a dime.

They got it free of charge and they keep building thousands and thousands of email addresses with this method.

Below is the list of Free Methods that you can use to generate leads for your brand:

  • Google.
  • Facebook.
  • Instagram.
  • Forums.
  • YouTube.


A. Google:

Google is the king of email lead generation that gives you a lot of email addresses even from sources you never knew of.

If you have a website where you upload content and it ranks on Google pages with people coming into your website.

Once you have a lot of people coming into your website – you can put a lead magnet on your website where you collect email addresses.

There are a lot of freebies you can give out to visitors to generate their email leads and get access to them without spending any extra fee on ads.

Just make sure that the freebie that you are giving comprehends the content on your website.

Just like this guide which you are reading – I can decide to turn all the content into a cheat sheet that people can download to access again.

It’s part of a lead magnet because it will summarize all the things that are being talked about in this guide.

Also, I can decide to have a short video guide or an ebook that I can give out to people to gain from.

This is what we mean by generating leads on your website and you only need an email autoresponder shortcode to place on your website to generate the emails.

This is the first free method that works best even when you are not there.

Many brands are even generating email leads from a page they have worked on 5 years ago without going back to it.


B. Facebook:

Since everything that I will be listed here is a direct approach and straight to the point – then Facebook is a fantastic aspect of the free method.

Facebook is still the leading social media platform that has a lot of daily users on its platform.

They have a lot of daily users that make use of the platform every day just to catch fun and do business.

So, if you are still on Facebook and you haven’t thought of generating email leads through Facebook…

…you are only affecting your brand because you need to start making use of this platform to generate a lot of leads.

To do this – all you have to do is to give value to this platform. You can join some groups in your niche and give value to them.

So, after giving value to those groups that are in your niche – you can create authority by making them join your group.

What I even notice is that once you are doing what other people are not doing and giving value.

People will start following you and trying to follow in your footsteps.

So, the next thing you can do is to give them the link to your email subscription page and get them to join your email list.

This way, they will join easily because they have seen you as a leader in your field of expertise.

Even emailing them will be easy because they know who you are and what you are capable of doing.


C. Instagram:

Instagram is another free platform from where you can always generate leads from.

Although, I have not tried using it to generate leads myself I have seen a lot of success stories concerning using Instagram to make sales.

Some people have claimed that it is their best method of getting a lot of free leads without spending any money.

Although, you might not be able to include links in your Instagram posts because they have no chance for clickable links.

But you can always direct them to your Instagram Bio for them to click on any link in Bio.

I like Instagram a lot because you can just leverage the use of hashtags to boost your visibility.

Even those who are not your friends but are searching for a hashtag can stumble on your post and become your follower.

But you should always make sure to have a good Bio that states your area of expertise and knowledge.

Let them know that you have a piece of vast knowledge in a certain field.

After that – put the link to a freebie in your Bio by telling them to download maybe a Free eBook or Cheat-Sheet.

Once they pass through the link – they will land on your squeeze page where you collect their email address.

It’s a win-win situation but you are always limited to only your Instagram Bio to add links.

Or if you have up to 10,000 followers – you can always add links to your Instagram story.


D. Forums:

Forums are a fantastic platform where you can also generate a lot of leads for email marketing.

I like forums a lot because you have access to many people who share common knowledge with you and are also in our niche.

All you need to do is always link back to your website whenever you answer questions on a forum.

Although, most forums will not allow you to link to a squeeze page or a sign-up page.

A question and answer forum like Quora will not give you the chance to link to a squeeze page where you can collect email leads.

They will only allow you to link to a blog post that explains more on the answer you have on their platform.

This way – they can monitor their users and also serve their users with a lot of knowledge.

But we also have some forums like Warriorforum that allow users to have a signature.

This signature will always be at the bottom of every question you answer on their platform.

So, all you need to do is to add your squeeze page link in the signature and anytime you answer questions on Warriorforum.

Your answers will always have a link that is linking to your squeeze or landing page that will help you collect more leads.


D. YouTube:

YouTube is a platform that makes it possible for anybody to get leads without adding any extra effort into previous uploads.

The majority of the videos uploaded on YouTube are done years back and are still ranking on YouTube.

Just choosing a topic and a niche where you will be producing content is all you need to excel.

Just create a video on stuff that you find interesting which you know about.

Then, after each of your videos,- you can just tell the viewer to check the description under the video and click on any link to download an ebook or cheat,-sheet for the video.

This is the strategy that top YouTubers are using to get a lot of leads every day from posting on YouTube.

You don’t need to upload videos every day on YouTube – you can decide to limit yourself to 1 or 2 emails per week.

And with time – you can keep upgrading yourself. But just make sure that you are building value in a niche you want to grow leads.

Any video that you want to release must be exactly what you planned for and where you want your leads to come from.

So, always make sure that your videos are targeted to your leads.


E. Tiktok:

Tiktok is a new platform that is racing and growing tremendously all over the world.

Many people who are unknown previously in their field of expertise are now turning great Influencers just with the use of TikTok.

They have been producing great content and videos every day in the field of TikTok and growing their followers every day.

Tiktok is a platform that can make you a lot of money and a lot of followers just within a short period.

Other platforms will need you to have followers who will need to check out your content before they will rank your posts.

But Tiktok makes it easy for everybody to grow even with 0 followers. I remember the first day I installed the Tiktok app on my phone.

Mere checking inside without creating an account – I have already seen a lot of short videos on my screen.

I was like “Wow!” this is amazing because it automatically means that your content will always get to those who are not following you yet.

What does this mean for some like you? It means you can leverage this platform and start creating content.

Although you will be limited to 59Seconds video once you first create your account and upload your first 10 videos.

Immediately after that – you will have access to a lot of video duration like 5 to 10 minutes longer.

It is a gradual process but it is worth and to easily build your email list with less amount of strength.

Building lead generation with TikTok will only take you few minutes to produce every day and edit immediately.

So, you can make use of TikTok to get a lot of lead generation for your email marketing.

Paid methods of Generation email

2. Paid Method:

Aside from the usage of free lead generation email – we also have the paid method of generating email leads.

This is a fast and cool method that is also important that you make use of when doing your lead generation.

Below is the list of paid methods that you can make use of when generating leads for your business in email marketing.

  • Influencer Marketing.
  • Social Media Ads.
  • Forum Ads.
  • SEO Ads.
  • Solo Ads.
  • JV.


A. Influencer Marketing:

One of the best ways to get access to a targeted group of people is by making use of influencers.

The reason is that majority of the paid ads experts who run ads on platforms also make use of influencers in their targeting.

So, if you can make use of influencers who already have a lot of followers in our niche to generate leads.

It will be worth it because all you need is the endorsement of this influencer in your niche to help promote your lead magnet.

You only need to send him or her your lead magnet squeeze page and copy which you want to use to capture the email address of his or her followers.

Although, some influencers will charge you base on the quality of their followers.

You will get charged based on how active they flow with their followers and I always like to go straight to influencers.

Some influencing platforms list influencers who are in a niche and serves as a network between influencers and platforms.

But most of the influencers in those platforms are not always having active followers like that.

So you should try to search Instagram and Facebook yourself to see good influencers in your niche and private message them for business.

Or you can go to any influencer marketing network platform and look at some influencers listed there and then go straight to their page to check their engagement rates.

Just with an influencer endorsement for your lead generation – you will build a lot of email lists.


B. Social Media Ads:

Social Media adverts are also very effective because it gives you the key to access the door of multiple numbers of people on their platform.

There are a lot of free tutorials on YouTube that you can watch – which will teach you a little about running social media ads.

Popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter all have their paid adverts package.

You can just go straight to their platform and you will be directed to the aspect where you can run your paid adverts.

Although, I advise that you go to watch tutorials on YouTube concerning paid adverts.

This will help you understand how their processes work and how to get successful with them.

Running social media adverts is one of the best ways to get access to a large number of people who will be interested in joining your email list.

They will help you run adverts to the targeted people in your advert and get you to have a lot of leads in your email list.

Social Media ads might cost you a little amount of money to run compared to influencer marketing.

But it is also worth it since you are paying access to the whole of a platform instead of paying an influencer who owns a small segment of the platform.

It depends on your goal though – if you are very good at running paid ads. You can make use of social media ads.

But if you are not that good – you can make use of an influencer on the platform to get access to the audience in your niche.


C. Forum Ads:

Another form of getting a lot of leads is through forum ads. You can use the forum ad to generate leads even on autopilot.

Forums are filled with people who are in the same niche as you and will be interested in what you have to offer.

The reason why I like forum ads is that it is majorly Target and goes straight to those who will be interested in your offer.

For example, as an internet marketer – I am a member of the Warriorforum and I can easily run ads on the platform.

Reason being that it is filled with people who are interested in internet marketing.

Running ads on this platform will bring for me a lot of targeted internet marketers who are interested in my freebie.

Also, these same people are filled with a warm audience who have heard about my offer and freebie.

Forums are always filled with warm traffic who knows about what you are about to offer for them to join your email list.

Although, they might not get the solution they know that there is a particular problem that needs a solution.

Also, most of them have not been experiencing the problem but they have the mindset to know more about it.

For example, if I offer a free ebook on how to build your first 1000 subscribers.

They will join and download the book – it might not be their current requirement.

But because they know that such a problem exists and they have been hearing that there is money on the list.

They will also want to give it a trial and join my email list to know more about email marketing.

That’s why I like the forum a lot.


D. SEO Ads:

SEO ads are stuff like Google and YouTube ads that are targeted to a hot audience.

If you are trying to build email leads – you shouldn’t stay far away from this type of email lead generation method.

Because they are targeted towards the hot audience who are searching for a particular solution to their problem.

And if you are running Google ads for example – the moment someone searches for your keyword.

They will be shown your advert because they are searching for the keyword that you are using in your advert.

If someone searches for how to grow their email list to 1000 subscribers and I run a Google advert targeting that keyword.

My advert will be shown to them and they will pass through that to join my email list.

Now, these people are targeted and are in dire need of a solution. That is why they are searching.

Just like when you search for “Lead generation email” and you got access to this guide.

That means you are in dire need of knowing more about lead generation for email marketing.

So, Search Engine Optimization Adverts are very effective if targeted right because they will give you a lot of positive ROI.


E. Solo Ads:

Solo Ads is a pay per click method that is the direct source to generating a lot of email leads for your business.

This means that you will find an email marketer in your niche who has a lot of email subscribers.

Then, you will message him or her about your intention to pay for a portion of his or her email leads that joins your email list.

They mostly charge per cent but some email marketers who have a very good quality email list — most especially those who have a lot of Tier 1 country email leads can charge as high as $1 per email lead.

What you will do is that you will write a good Email Copywriting and link to your squeeze page in the copy.

It is this email copy that you will send to the email marketer (which can also be called an email vendor).

They will now blast your email to their list and charge you per the number of emails leads you to get on your website landing page.

It’s very effective because it eliminated the stress of Facebook or Google disapproving your adverts.

Although, to find a good email marketing vendor in your niche. You can go on YouTube and search for them.

You can simply type “{Nice} Email List Vendors” and you will get some suggestions.

Always make sure that you do your assignment and check their social media presence.

Does the email vendor has an online presence and does he or she has a live website.

This is what you should look for – also, you can make use of Udimi to get an email vendor in your niche.

But the majority of the vendors on Udimi are fake and their emails are not always responsive.

But it depends on your goal – the ball is in your court.


F. JV:

JV means Joint Venture and it’s the process where a person launches a product and gets affiliates to help promote it.

This is also another effective way to build your email list because it is always filled with buyer leads.

You can launch a product on an affiliate platform like Jvzoo or Clickbank and have affiliates promote it.

Any affiliate who promotes the product and gets sales for you – aside from making sales for you.

They are also giving you a buyer email lists that are ready to buy and not just freebie seekers.

So, you are earning enough from both angles and it becomes a win-win situation for you.

Many people are launching products on affiliate platforms like ClickBank and they had no email leads.

But the more they keep launching digital products on this platform.

The more they realize the impact of launching products and enjoy a lot of email leads from affiliates.

That’s why you see that some people launching digital products a lot – it is for them to enjoy more list building.

You can launch softwares, video courses, or eBooks on these platforms and get some affiliate sales.

You will get some affiliates that will request to promote your product and give you sales.

The more the sales from them – the more your email keeps increasing.

Conclusion On Lead Generation For Email

Conclusion On Lead Generation For Email

This comes to the end of this guide – we have been able to discuss the method that you can use to grow lead generation for email marketing.

You can use all the gist discussed to scale your lead generation and grow to the top level.

Always make sure you generate email leads because there is money in the list.

So, don’t sleep on it and embark on thorough digging.

If you enjoy this guide, make sure to share it with friends and family members on your social media.

Also, don’t forget to hit the comment box below to tell us your experience with email lead generation.

I will be more than glad to reply and discuss this with you.


Email Copywriting: 11 Email Copywriting Practices and Etiquettes

Having an Email Copywriting skill is something that can earn you a lot of money if properly done well.

You wouldn’t have to keep hiring freelancers to help you write your email copies.

Email marketing is the best way to reach your audience over and over again with less amount of money spent.

But for your audience to enjoy reading your emails and ever taking any action you command them to do.

You need to have good email copywriting skills which will make you snap your fingers and can get the result that you want.

Do you want them to buy your product? Or you want them to register for an offer? Or maybe you want them to check something out on your website…

….it all boils down to have a good email copy that will convert them into doing whatever you want them to do.

Many people are out there who claim to be good in email marketing but their copywriting sucks.

You have to know that there are human beings behind those email addresses on your list.

So, you need to understand the things that will move them into doing whatever you want them to do.

Also, you have to know how and when you can email them so that your best subscribers won’t unsubscribe from your list.

These and many more are the things that I have planned to cover in this guide.


What is Email Copywriting?

Email Copywriting is the act of writing short and long-form email marketing content that pulls a subscriber into anticipating future emails and also taking any action in the email.

So, if you are someone who sends an email a lot and you have been able to make people convert.

Then you are a very good email Copywriter – and that is what will determine either you can keep continuing.

Or you can stop and learn more about email copywriting in case you are finding it difficult to control.

Since we are a little bit done with the first aspect of this guide – let us look into some skills and tactics that you should have to turn a good Email Copywriter.


Email Copywriting Best Practices and Etiquettes

  1. Email automation software.
  2. Email Audience.
  3. Good English Skill.
  4. Storytelling.
  5. Subject Line.
  6. Paragraphs.
  7. Sending Time.
  8. Unsubscribe Option.
  9. Senders’ Address Reputation.
  10. Links.
  11. Segmentizing Email Copies. 


1. Email automation software:

One of the first requirements that every email copywriters need to put in mind is their channel of sending emails.

As you know that you have a lot of email addresses that you want to send your emails to.

You would have already generated your email addresses and be ready to pitch them one thing or the other.

But what you have to know is that your channel of sending your email must be solid and accurate.

This involves the email automation software that you are using to send out your emails to your email subscribers.

No matter how good and catchy your email copy looks – if your emails are not landing in their inbox.

You are only wasting your time and someone who is not even good at writing good emails will convert more than you.

That is why the channel through which you are sending out your email copy must be solid.

So, you have to choose an autoresponder email software or find a very good email blaster which you will be using to blast out your emails.

This will save you a lot of headaches and will make you adjust your emails into making them perfect for engagement.

Some email sending channels already have a bad reputation that if you pass through them…

…you will only be wasting your time – so, it is better to have a very good email delivery channel.


2. Email Audience:

So, you have selected the channel through which you will be sending your emails.

Now, it is time to know about your audience and who you are sending your emails to.

This depends greatly on the kind of client you might be getting or maybe it is your work.

Because you have to know if audience and cold, warm or hot audience before you can just decide to email them.

If you are sending emails to a cold audience – you need to know that they don’t know who you are.

They didn’t sign-up for your emails and because of this – their email approach must be direct.

The emails you will be sending to a cold audience is supposed to be a direct email that tells them about a free opportunity which they shouldn’t miss.

If you just go straight to pitch a cold audience who don’t know about you – you will get your email address into trouble.

So, your email copy to the cold audience must be to offer a freebie which you will now upsell them in your sales funnel.

Also, if you are into Business-To-Business or B2B kind of cold email outreach.

Then, it must show proof of works that you have done and how you intend to make them enjoy your service.

But if your email is filled with a warm or hot audience who have signed up to receive your emails.

You can go ahead and pitch them on whatever you like since they cannot report you for spamming.

But for the cold audience – your motive must be to create a friendly tone that will make them not see you as a spammer but a friend.


3. Good English Skill:

Although, I come from a country that has English as our second language – I have not seen a native email before.

We write in English most of the time and our emails are mostly in the English language.

So, we have to develop our English language into something that will make our readers understand fully.

It becomes very difficult for people to easily write good English most especially if it is not your first language.

But you need to develop your English writing skill because of the email spam filter.

Some words will be fished out whereas it is supposed to land you in the inbox tab.

But because it looks spammy with the way you have constructed it – it got you landed in the promotion tab.

Also, you want to have as many people from all over the world to join your email subscribers list.

So, you must have a good English writing skills.

Your customers (if you are a copywriter who charges money) might also come from Tier 1 countries.

So, you need to know more about the English language which is their major language to work for them.

You cannot want to write a good email copy to their Audience and you are writing in your native language.


4. Storytelling:

It is said that those who sell a lot are those who are good at storytelling.

Those who can create a scenario from a piece of unreasonable news and turn it into a fantastic storyline that will evoke engagement.

People love to read stories because we have been brought up to always listen to stories and watch movies.

All the movies we watch are all storylines that we want to watch till the end and know what ends it.

So, if you can evoke people’s minds and make them follow along with a very good storyline.

You will see people engaging with your emails all the time because they can see a story to read.

And the thing is that people like to follow along with a story and read till the end and take action.

The way email copywriters make use of stories to make people take action is by telling them a story and now using their offer as a solution.

They will create a storyline of how a situation took someone from the point of struggling to the point of success.

They will now use their offers as the solution which can solve their problem and bring a permanent answer to their questions.


5. Subject Line:

Is your subject line one that will make people quickly click to know what is going on?

You need to have a good email subject line skill that will get people to be curious to open.

The thing is that if you don’t put curiosity in your email subject line – people will not open your email.

The best way to know how to craft a very good email subject line is by looking at news headlines.

Even on Facebook, if you like some magazine pages and follow them to receive their updates.

You will see the headlines that are performing very well and will arouse people’s emotions.

Some of the things you will study are the headlines that have a lot of LIKES and COMMENTS.

The ones that make people show the mind and comment no matter what. It can be controversial but it’s worth it.

Many people will tell you to make use of some headline analyzer and some other tools.

But this is by far the best way because online tools are programmed by someone to give you a score.

But newspaper headlines are practical stuff that you are seeing the result by yourself and not someone telling you.

That’s why I like to use this method a lot and you will come back to thank me concerning your open rate when you use it.

Unlike you using a headline analyzer tool that will only be telling you the theory.

You can first go to the newspaper and grab a headline and now later use the headline analyzer tool to analyze it – if it’s worth using.


6. Paragraphs:

When writing your emails – don’t write as if you are talking to your enemy or as if you are angry.

You know when you are angry and you are talking – you will be talking uncontrollably.

And it is said that a good email Copywriter must always write as if he is speaking to a friend.

That is the best way to write because it makes your voice to be known and separate.

But when writing as if you are talking. You must always make sure that you make use of paragraphs.

You don’t even need to think more beyond this because if you are reading this article – it is having a lot of paragraphs.

Because you will be writing emails and not a long-form article like a blog post.

You can write just two line or three lines at most – so that your readers can easily get what you are writing.

You need to write for skimmers and not readers – because the majority of your audience will skim your emails.

Not all of them will read everything all through – that is why you need to write for skimmers.

People that will keep skipping what you are writing and still understand what you are trying to pass across.

That’s the best way to write your emails and get access to their intentions and actions.


7. Sending Time:

The sending Time is always important when sending your email copies because most people have been asking when the best time is to send emails.

There is no best time because you have to study your subscribers and look at when best that they engage with your emails.

Do you notice that they do reply and open your emails a lot during the day or the night?

This is what you will use to conclude on when best to send out your emails.

And if you are a freelancer working for a client and you are told to write a good copy for them and also send it to their subscribers.

Most especially if the emails are being given to you – because some people do this job on Fiverr.

They will help you compose an email and blast to the email that you give to them.

If you are someone doing that kind of work on Fiverr or any other freelance websites.

You need to always ask them when is the time that their subscribers interact with their emails the most.

Although, this will only be answered by someone who gave you a warm audience that subscribes by themselves.

But if it’s a cold audience that was just bought online – email addresses that we’re scrapped on the internet.

Then this type of stuff won’t be effective because they won’t even know the best time to email them.

But in case you are just starting – it is important to know that you have to study your subscribers to know when best to send your emails.


8. Unsubscribe Option:

As a professional email copywriter – your email must always have the unsubscribe button or option below your emails.

This will make it easy for people to unsubscribe from your email list and both parties will be free.

Many email Copywriters always panic about getting unsubscribers because they don’t want to lose anybody.

But the truth is that not everyone will like you because you don’t like everybody also.

Just because you are writing something that is in someone’s niche or because they sign-up to join your email list.

Doesn’t mean that all of them will enjoy you – a time will come where they won’t have the time to listen to you.

Oh yes, you will hear them saying “I don’t have time” even when they were doing nothing.

So, it is normal for you to give the exit door in your emails to give room for those who will be interested in your emails.

This is part of the email copywriting etiquette which you should have because it will also improve your email deliverability.

Even aside from that, do you want to keep spending money on your email autoresponder without any result?

Imagine have 1000 email subscribers and only 400 are active among them and you keep paying a fee for the 600 that are inactive.

Just give them a room to leave so that your email autoresponder fee will reduce and you will know where you are spending money and receiving money from.

Don’t just decide to send emails without adding the unsubscribe button in your emails because Gmail likes it and it’s part of email marketing practices.


9. Senders’ Address Reputation:

Which kind of sender address are you using to send your emails? Although, I have seen people make use of the normal email address to send their emails.

I receive emails from some people and their sender email is something like [email protected].

But if you plan to use this kind of email for your email Copywriting journey.

Then the majority of your emails will be landing in the spam box the moment you start having a lot of email subscribers.

You can still enjoy the process when your email is less and is not too much.

Also, if you send emails occasionally and not all the time – this will still serve you for a little while.

But the moment you start sending emails every day and you start having a lot of email subscribers.

This will not last you anymore and you will be needing a professional email sender address.

You will need a corporate email address like [email protected] or [email protected].

These are professional emails that will give you good deliverability and the reason is that…

…you are the only one using this IP Address for the domain email.

Unlike Gmail that is being used by billions of other people in the world to send emails and receive emails.

So, the moment you join millions or billions of other people sending out emails at that particular time.

Your EDM will find it difficult to deliver to your subscribers’ inbox and get straight to the spam folder.

So, you can just buy a domain email on GoDaddy for something less than $12 and start enjoying a good sender’s reputation.


10. Links:

“So, how about links? Can I add as many links as possible in my email copies?”

The truth is that Links don’t affect the deliverability of an email. Oh yes, I know you might have seen many articles that say links affect email deliverability.

Google doesn’t use Links to judge as much as the link is very valid and not blacklisted.

I have written an email which I have 7 links in it and it went straight to my subscribers’ inbox.

I have also seen email Copywriters that write an email containing almost all their blog posts and it went straight to the inbox.

They keep listing their blog post and adding the link to check it out in the blog and it keeps getting to our inboxes.

So, how does link now affect email deliverability? It doesn’t.

In case your email is not delivering to the right tab and going to the inbox or spam folder.

Check the link if it is valid and not blacklisted – if it is not blacklisted and it is a valid link.

You don’t have any problem with as many links you put in your email since it’s a pure text email.

To check the validity of a website link – you can check out mxtoolbox and you will see if the link is not blacklisted.

You just have to work on other things in your email once you see that your link is in good condition.

Most of the people that write about links affecting emails online are non Copywriters but just content writers.

But I am telling you from my experience that links don’t affect email and you can add as many as 7 depending on how long the email copy is.


11. Segmentizing Email Copies:

Are you segmentizing your email copies? Because you need to know that you should send emails depending on audience interest.

Some subscribers joined your email list through the “Facebook Practice Guide” while another joined through the “Linkdeln Practice Guide”.

It will be very wrong to keep sending the same type of emails to these audiences because they signed up for separate things.

You should write content that is specific to each audience’s interest and segmenting your content.

Also, if you are in a purchased email where you want your subscribers to purchase your new product.

The emails that you will send to those who have purchased must be different from the emails that will be sent to those who haven’t purchased.

You have to segment them because you can’t keep sending reminder emails to subscribers who have bought – that will be frustrating.

Segmentizing email copies is a fantastic idea that leads to a lot of email marketing success in the copywriting industry.



Is This Guide Helpful? Because I believe you have been able to learn the 11 Best Email Copywriting Etiquettes that will increase your sales record.

The details given here are intact and to the point – so, just make use of them to your best knowledge.

Also, if you are using any of the Etiquettes listed above – hit the comment box below to state the one that you like best.

If you like this guide, you might also want to read a guide on EDM Emails which talks about the theory of Electronic Direct Mail.