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3 Best Freelance Copywriter Website To Get Copywriting Talents

3 Best Freelance Copywriter Website To Get Copywriting Talents

The need for the sales increase in every online brand is the main reason why freelance Copywriter Websites are in vast need.


Thousands of Marketing brands are displaying their expertise in the field of copywriting and online sellers are always in search of them.


In this guide, I will be teaching you on how best you can get good copywriters and websites where they display their Portfolio as a freelancer.


But the main problem with the term “COPYWRITER” is that most people do tag COPYWRITERS as a CONTENT WRITER.


They are not the same – although they might be a little bit close they are not the same.


If the purpose of reading this guide is only to get websites where you can get freelance Copywriters.


Kindly click here to be navigated to that section.


But if you want to know the difference between a copywriter and a content writer.


Then hang on tight and take a cup of coffee/beer with me.


What is Copywriting?


Copywriting is the act of writing articles that are primarily to sell an offer and convert the reader into an ultimate buyer.


This means that to call oneself a Copywriter or to look for characteristics of a copywriter…


…their article must be aimed towards making sales.


So, if you are reading someone’s post on your social media and you e joy reading the article and at the end…


…you see that it is driven towards you purchasing a product and that enjoyment made you click on the link in the article and you bought.


The writer is primarily a Copywriter because the main aim of that article is to make sales.


That is why if you read the posts written by Copywriters on their profile wall. It will majorly lead to buying something.


Also, if you land on the website and see some words trying to pitch you to do something.


It is a sales copy and it is being curated by a Copywriter. It is primarily written for you to take an action.


Can you see what we are implying here? 


Because to become a Copywriter – one has to have a lot of experience in writing copies that are making sales.


A Copywriter writes copies that make sales or bring conversion for a brand. 


They can start their article with a story or anything to grab your attention – but their primary aim is to lead you to something.


It is to take you on a journey and not to just excite you or tutor you and wish you goodbye.

What Is Content Writing?

What Is Content Writing?


Content Writing can be done by literally anyone. It doesn’t require much professionalism.


It doesn’t require one to enroll for a course and still learn how to write – although some people still go to enroll for it.


But content writing is like this blog post for example. The primary aim is to teach you and enlighten you on a topic called “Freelance Copywriter Websites”.


It is not primarily aimed at selling you something – any kind of selling initiated in this article is just to buttress the article.


Content writing is what you read majorly on other people’s posts on social media.


When they just write content and enlighten you on a topic that is looking confusing to other people.


So, the aim is not to sell you anything. The aim is to build followers and also solve people’s problems through their writing.


The aim is to be a teacher and not a seller. That is what content writing is all about.


So, you can see why calling a Copywriter a content writer is absurd and not cool?


Because they are different skills that one possesses and not the same.


I have seen much content online and questions, where someone is asking about topics related to content writing, and some people, will be replying with a Copywriting kinda answer.


They are both different and not the same. Also, I have seen some blog articles that are talking about this topic and are recommending websites that are primarily for content writers.


So, you have to be careful about which information you digest online.


I believe this is well explained?


Let us quickly jump into websites that you can enter to fish out Copywriters that can write a very good sales copy for you.


Also, these websites have content writers – but since our primary focus is on Copywriters…


…I will be focusing on copywriting and not websites doing content writing.



#1. Upwork:


The first website I will gladly talk about is Upwork. There are tons of Copywriters on this website.


Upwork is a freelance platform that serves as a network between people who have skills and clients.


The thing about Upwork is that most freelancers on other Platforms come to this website to give work to their freelancers.


Just like when you book a gig on another freelance platform and the freelancer tells you that they will deliver.


Those freelancers will also come to Upwork to pay another freelancer and get the job done and give it to you.


Although, not all of them do that – but some do this kind of stuff.


So, going to Upwork directly to look for Copywriters is the best thing you can do.


They have a lot of Copywriters that are top class and professional in the field of Copywriting.


They have written copies for top brands and companies and if you look at their reviews…


…you will see a lot of positive reviews from people.


Just go and hire those that have good reviews from previous clients.


#2. Fiverr:


Another freelance website where you can get Copywriters who will write a very good copy for you is Fiverr.


When this website came into existence – most of the skills on it can be hired for majorly $5.


Most of the works and skills listed on the website are always $5 and less than other prices like $10 and above.


Although, you have to be very careful when using this website. Because you might get to realize that there are people who are not professionals as they came.


It is majorly filled with Freelancers from third world countries and you can still get cheap skills here.


It is filled with Freelancers who will always be within your budget and be ready to work for you.


Unlike Upwork that is filled with people from Tier 1 countries – so, their prices might be a little bit high.


So, going to Fiverr to look for freelancers is also a very good idea, and try to do your research.


Make sure to look at their review very well and see if they are worth hiring for the skill.


In cases like copywriting – try to look for freelancers who have a little bit high priced.


They will deliver a more perfect job than those who have a very cheap price.


The reason is that those who are cheap will get a lot of orders even if they are not good at writing copies.


Also, because of this – they won’t have time to write good copies.


While those who have a little price know their worth and will get fewer orders. So, your order will still get a lot of attention compared to other cheap freelancers.


#3. PeoplePerHour:


This website has been in existence for the past 13 years and it is a freelance website where you can get Copywriters.


The website is openly situated in the United Kingdom and most of its freelancers are from the United kingdom.


It is very obvious just from looking at the website – the people who list their skills and expertise are from the United Kingdom.


So, if you are based in the UK and you would like to work with people who are in your locality.


Give them a trial and search for Copywriters in the gig search aspect. They will recommend you a lot of them


This website is a trusted Website where people who are professionals in their field are displaying what they can do.


It is filled with adults who have spent many years in their field of knowledge and professionalism.


Unlike Fiverr for example where many teenagers are also freelancing and listing expertise that they are not good at.


It is not like that on this website because it is dedicated to professionals.


So, you can go there and search for Copywriters. You will get a lot of them that will help you write a very good sales copy.

Other Websites To Get Copywriters

Other Websites To Get Copywriters


Aside from using the freelance Websites that are listed above. 


You can also use some normal websites and social media websites to get good Copywriters that can write your sales pitch.


These are websites that you are familiar with and they are having thousands of Copywriters using them.


They are all engaging and scrolling on this platform and all you need to do is to fetch them out and get your work done.


Examples of websites like that are LinkedIn & Facebook and some others which we will talk about in this article.


Follow me along and let us look into each one of them briefly.


#1. LinkedIn:


If you go to LinkedIn, you can search for Copywriters in the search box and you will see some recommendations.


You know that in Linkdeln – people do list their area of expertise since it is primarily a business platform.


So, you will see suggestions and recommendations that LinkedIn will give to you which you can hire from.


But when checking out these recommendations and suggestions. 


Always make sure that you look at their level of seniority. You will see many newbies who will also list themselves as Copywriters.


Just like I stated at the beginning of this guide – many people don’t know the difference between a Copywriter and a content writer.


So, they will also go on LinkedIn and list themselves as a Copywriter whereas they are a content writer.


So, you have to be careful. Look at their level of seniority and they engage on their profile.


Engagements matter a lot – if someone should tag himself or herself as a professional in his or her field.


Then he or she has to talk about it all the time and go crazy about it. 


So, always make sure to check it out and look very well before you slide into their DM to hire them.


#2. Facebook:


Another platform that you will get a lot of Copywriters who write good copy is on Facebook.


Although I have to be frank with you – you cannot just easily get Copywriters by searching on Facebook.


Unlike LinkedIn that will bring you direct recommendations. Facebook will only be beating around the bush for you.


But if you are calm enough and can look at the posts when you search. If you can just filter only the posts in the search.


You can try to scroll through and look at the stuff and post related to why copywriting is being mentioned.


In most cases, it might be because someone is shouting out a Copywriter whom they believe to be very good.


And the way you can confirm is by checking on the person’s profile and look at how he or she writes.


Look at the posts on his or her page – are they always direct to someone taking an action.


It must not be just an ordinary post that says funny things or give only value all through. 


A good Copywriter will always pitch people even after giving out the value or writing funny kinds of stuff.


It is always part of their normal activity and it is inside their blood. Their posts will always lead to a pitch.


That is what you should look out for when trying to hire a Copywriter. 


This method is very good and should be considered by anybody looking for Copywriters.


#3. Agency Websites:


Some companies truly make writing copies as their daily activity and business.


If you type “copywriting agency” on Google – you will find a lot of them that are good at writing good copy.


Although, you also have to do your due diligence as to whether they are legit companies.


A company can open a new website last month and quickly register their business on Google map just to show to people in their location.


So, always be careful.


#4. Craigslist:


Even though Craigslist is not a freelance platform. It’s just a listing platform where people can sell anything.


Oh… it made me remember when Gary Veynerchuck talked about going to grab free products on Craigslist and sell on Facebook or eBay.


Craigslist is a platform that you will see many things and be amazed and people go to this website to display their expertise.


It is just like. Marketplace filled with people who share different ideas and beliefs.


Many people go to Craiglist to display their copywriting skills for offers.


Some people believe that this website is meant to get local clients who don’t know freelancers exist.


Many people who are a bit new to the online world and just knew about the requirements of some skills do go to this website.


That is why Copywriters don’t stand back from listing their expertise on this website and get paid.


You can go straight to this website and search base on your country or whatever you desire.


Sometimes, I even like to hire someone who is in my country. Who knows – we could hang out and grab a cup of coffee or beer together.


It depends on your requirements though but you will see a lot of people who will display expertise on this platform.


But please, when using this platform – always make sure to check their websites and social media pages.


Because unlike freelance websites where you will see some reviews from previous clients.


Craigslist is not like that and it is only a classified website where people list anything just to get clients and customers.


So, when you see their profile and see what they list – use that to check them out on their social media and website.


Before you ever contact them for any job – remember anyone can just go to the platform and list themselves as a Copywriter.


So, be mindful of whom you give your sales copies.


#5. Local Communities:


An example of local Communities is WhatsApp and some local group that you might be a member of.


There are some local groups on WhatsApp that were created and you might be a member of such group.


If the group is filled with people who are in the internet marketing space. 


Then you will find some Copywriters in the group. Although they might not be that active and showcase themselves.


But you can just post on the group and ask if there is any Copywriter in the group.


Although, this type of group is majorly about someone adding you to the group for engagements.


So, you cannot just go to your church WhatsApp group or school WhatsApp group and be looking for Copywriters.


It would not work out well that way. 

Also, make sure that even after checking to message them after signifying.


Try and do your due diligence and look at their social media profile to see how good they are.


You can also tell them to send your proof of copies they have written – so that you can analyze and know whether they are for the job.


Conclusion On Freelance Copywriting Website

Conclusion On Freelance Copywriting Website


I believe this article has been very helpful and lot? 


Getting Websites where you can get Copywriters is not difficult as you can see. 


But just be careful about those who are content writers but tagging themselves a Copywriters on freelance copywriting websites.


They majorly believe that since they can write content – they can equally write sales copy.


But that is a blatant lie because they are separate and not the same.


Anyway, if you didn’t read through on the difference between the Copywriter and Content writer which I explained at the top.


Then, find it good to click here and read it so that you won’t give the job to a content writer thinking a Copywriter is writing for you.


How do you get a very good Copywriter to hire? Drop your answer below in the comment box.


Also, do not forget to share this guide with your friends on social media by clicking on any of the social media buttons below.