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7 Funnel Hacking Secrets – Become A Funnel Hacker

7 Funnel Hacking Secrets - Become A Funnel Hacker

Many years ago, there was nothing like a funnel – not to talk of Funnel Hacking.

We all relied on a normal traditional website to sell our products where we list all our products on one page.

It is either you list your product on one page or split it into several pages with each page having different products.

What happens is that this leads to wastage of money on ads because the visitors get both bombarded with a lot of products and they lost interest in what they should purchase.

The marketers of those days who are wise will just sell one product to the visitor and sell them the remaining products in the email.

That was how it was going on before funnels came into existence and marketers start multiplying their profits with little ads spent.

Part of those who brought funnel into existence and create tools that make funnel easy for marketers to use is “RUSSELL BRUNSON“.

He is the Co-founder of Clickfunnels – A funnel building software that can create and build converting and Profit-Generating Funnels for marketers with ease.

Part of the program of this man called Russell Brunson is called Funnel Hacking Live.

It is an event that has been taking people from the level of a novice to the level of expertise in marketing.

Let us go deep and look into the meaning of Funnel Hacking, the processes involved, the importance, and some other stuff.

What is Funnel Hacking?

What is Funnel Hacking?

Funnel Hacking is the process of researching and remodeling what your competitors are doing and have done in the sales design market.

Funnel Hacking involves a little dedication and thorough research on your competitors’ websites and knowing what is working for them.

This is what many internet marketers have been doing and using to see their products without involving in several trials and errors.

That is why the Funnel Hacking Live being organized and anchored by Russell Brunson is the go-to program for doing effective funnel Hacking.

This program involves a community of people that are also in the process together with you…

…also Russell Brunson and the Clickfunnels team will join you in the process and lead you in searching for other people’s sales pages and modeling what is working perfectly.

Let us look at some of the processes involved in funnel Hacking.

Processes of Funnel Hacking

Processes of Funnel Hacking

There are many processes involved in the accomplishment of good funnel Hacking.

It will majorly require you to leave your comfort zone and roam around the internet looking for what others have done.

If you are not comfortable will leaving where you are comfortable – then Funnel Hacking will be difficult for you to do.

Because you need to involve in many processes just to become a top Funnel Hacker in your industry.

Below are the processes involved in Funnel Hacking:

  1. Make a List of Your Competitors.
  2. Join Their Email List.
  3. Follow Them On Their Social Media.
  4. Check their Funnel Strategies.
  5. Have a Copy of Every Page.
  6. Buy from the Competitors.
  7. Re-build Your Funnel Tactics.


#1. Make a List of Your Competitors:

The first thing you have to take note of when doing your funnel Hacking strategies is making a list of your competitors.

Many people always try to avoid their competitors and don’t want to have anything to do with them.

Those are the people that struggle a lot in their industry – because they are afraid of their Competitors.

I was also like that once – I always try to ignore my competitors and don’t even want to see their stuff.

But the thing is that I lost a lot. Because what I should have learned from them would have been much.

But I lost everything.

That is why Funnel Hacking is a different approach – the approach is majorly about stalking your Competitors.

Now when I am talking about Competitors – I don’t mean those who are struggling.

I mean those who are making much money more than you in your marketplace.

For example, if you are in the real estate niche – you might want to list Grant Cardone as one of your Competitors.

That is the first thing you want to do here – you want to list them out on a notepad or write them out.

Then you will study their moves after. To know those who you will list out in your industry…

…you can easily check on the search box on Facebook and type your industry.

You will get some recommendations. Also, you can use YouTube and Google for your search.

You will get over 50 Influencers who are having a good sales page and funnel in your marketplace within few hours.


#2. Join Their Email List:

Now, after you might have listed them out. Look into their website and you will see that majority of them have an opt-in form on their website.

Just opt in quickly with your email. Although you might want to create a separate email address for this because of too many emails.

These people always send emails every day – so, you can just sign-up for a new email by going to

So, once you sign up and join their email list. You will be receiving emails from them.

Now, the fun part about this is that – you will be getting quick access to any of their funnels.

Because immediately they want to launch a new product – you will be among those who will get quick access to their website and see their new offer.

This is also what Russell Brunson and other funnel hackers are doing. They have a lot of influencers in their niche.

So, they join their email list and see what they have to offer.

Because these people will first send out emails to their subscribers about their new offer even before posting on their social media.

Before they run ads – the first place that they will get traffic from is their email lists and subscribers.

That is why you will always get fresh access to their new funnel with this method.

Unlike still looking for a tool that will help you monitor and keep tabbing on your Competitors’ adverts.

That will take you a long time – although you can also use tools to look for their funnels which they have been running an advert on for a long time.

But getting access to their new funnel will also help you very well in having access to hundreds of funnels in your database.

So, that will be your next process. After you have listed them out.

Check on their websites and join their email subscriber through an Opt-in form that you see.

If an influencer in your niche doesn’t have an opt-in form on his or her website. I will advise that you cancel them from your list.


#3. Follow Them On Their Social Media:

Another process that your funnel Hacking must involve is following these people on their social media handles.

The thing is that when it comes to knowing when they will launch a new offer and set up a new funnel.

It is through their email you will get the first access to their funnel. But what about the result of this funnel?

They might also post a little about the result that they are getting from their new funnel in their email but it won’t be detailed.

The best place you can get to know how effective their new funnel is working is through their social media handles.

Now, the thing is that they won’t post on their social media that their funnel is working?

No! If you are waiting for that – then you will wait for a long time.

They won’t do that – they will only post results of people who have already bought their course or pass through their funnel.

This is how you will know that the funnel is truly converting enough.

You will see them post a screenshot from people who have enrolled in their product and enjoyed it.

This is the function of their social media – also there might be some kind of event they want to anchor quickly.

They sometimes make use of social media – something like when they want to quickly go Live on the platform.

You might also want to because of that and follow them on social media because they will eventually upsell something.

And once they upsell something after going Live – they will take you through a funnel which you can study and add your database.


#4. Check their Funnel Strategies:

So, after you have joined their Subscribers list and follow them on their social media handles.

It is now time to keep digging deeper to work. You have to start following their Funnel strategies.

You have to know how they begin their funnel and how they are ending it.

Sometimes, if they decide to offer something for free – Don’t just look at the front-end and bounce because you have subscribed already.

No! Opt-in with your email address and take a look at what is happening on their next page.

Always make sure that you are in the note of these things because that is also what you will replicate for your funnels.

Once you input your email – you will see the next thing that they are offering.

And if they didn’t include anything but just only a “Thank You Page” – then you have to know that is where that funnel ends.

You can see that this is a practical format unlike you enrolling for a course and still doing trial and error.

You just only have to keep tabbing on your Competitors who are already rich in your industry.

And you will start checking their funnel strategies and looking at what they are doing.

Are they always Using Blue in their BUTTONS or there is a particular font that they all use in common.

These are the things that you should take note of because for them to be doing that – it means they have done several trials and see that to be the best.

I remember while I was doing a product review. I wanted to give a call to action.

But I got confused about whether I should make it a button or just an ordinary text.

I decided to go look at what people like Been Settle are doing and some other Copywriters who review Products are doing and replicated them.

I decide to use both because I see them using both text and button Call to action in their Funnel.


#5. Have a Copy of Every Page:

Yoooo…So after you have studied your Competitors and monitor how their strategies work.

What is next? You have to keep a record of those pages that you are entering.

You cannot know everything off-hand. Don’t say you already understand it because you have seen how they work.

You have to be screenshotting the web pages you are entering as you are entering them.

This is how the “funnel hacker live” also works. They keep a record of all the pages that they are researching.

Another reason why you have no choice but to keep a record of these pages is that you cannot just easily get back to them.

If you decide to just go back to the website – you will still have to involve in several processes.

Remember you still have many more tasks that you still need to accomplish?

So, going back to something you have already done is a problem.

Even some Competitors might have programmed their opt-in form for one entry.

This means if you try to opt-in again with the same email address and the same address…

…you will be redirected to another page that is not the page you should have been redirected to.

So, trying to screenshot and keep records of those pages is important.


#6. Buy from the Competitors:

Most of the time, you cannot rely on free things. You need to work more and invest more.

That is why you also have to buy from your competitors to know more about their sales Funnel.

There is a difference between landing on a squeeze page and then get redirected to the first sales page where you might be pitched a low-ticket Product.

What happens when you get here?

Will you just close the page because you don’t want to buy?

You have to buy – so that you can see how the funnel looks like in the back end.

This is not just some guesswork – this is how it happens in Russell Brunson’s funnel Hacking program.

You have to buy from your Competitors to know how their sales Funnel truely looks like.

That is how you keep studying their value ladder and see how they keep pitching their prospects.

Also, this is how you will see how their Website Copywriting sales page looks like.

You will see how they write compelling web copies and what is unique differences among them.

It is that uniqueness that you need to answer your call and also build a profitable funnel


#7. Re-brand Your Funnel Tactics:

Once you are done doing all your findings and researching what is working good for your competitors.

You are supposed to always rebrand your funnel tactics once in a while to stay updated.

Don’t just research and perform wonders on a funnel and leave it hanging.

Always make sure to make some changes on your funnel because what seems to work many years or months ago – might have changed this year already.

This little change can be a rapid increase in your sales conversion.

I remember while I was doing solo ads and I was trying to build more of my email list for a certain project.

I decided to use a page that I build years back for the project. Although, the result was cool but not up to expected.

So, I decided to do another research and made some little changes in the Call to action just from what my competitors are doing.

And it started converting much better than the previous one I used.

So, that is the true power of rebranding everything you have done.

Rebranding is not only relevant in the field of Funnel Hacking – it is relevant in almost every field in life.

What you have done might have gone outdated and you might need to make certain changes?

For example, again – most Funnel Hackers of today will prefer to use “7” as the final digit of their product price.

But who knows maybe in the next few months or a year – your prospects might decide not to fall for odd numbers like “7”.

Instead of “$97” – customers might grow interested in “$95” or maybe even prefer even numbers.

Importance of Funnel Hacking

Importance of Funnel Hacking

There is much importance that follows the implementation of being a Funnel Hacker.

People don’t just decide to join this movement because of the funnel or hacking reason.

It is because of the benefit they see in it – that is why marketers have decided to become funnel hackers.

Also, not only have they decided that – they have decided to showcase it everywhere they go – Thanks to the Funnel Hacker Leader “Russell Brunson”.

Below is the importance of the Funnel Hacking Strategy:

  1. Less Trial And Error.
  2. Rapid Result.
  3. Solid Application.
  4. Profitable Community.
  5. Overnight Expertise.


#1. Less Trial And Error:

Building a good sales website or landing page will take you through a lot of trial and error.

Forget the fact that you just bought a new course that someone said he or she just made $1million from learning what is inside.

If you are a newbie who is just starting to build a sales page and also starting to learn the basics of copywriting.

Then, you will find it a little bit difficult in the beginning and you will keep struggling from rollercoaster before you will get it right.

You will have to be a tester and you will keep testing out pages and many other write-ups before you can get it right.

But with being a funnel Hacker – you will save yourself from trial and error and get straight to the result.

The reason is that you are researching sales pages and funnels that are already working.

And the internet has made it free for almost everyone to see what is at the back end of your Competitors without going to their physical office.

From the practices listed above – you can see that tabbing on your Competitors is made easy.

So, you only need to give it a little dedication and funnel out what your competitors are doing and using it for yours.

Even if you are a newbie – this wouldn’t take you long to achieve because you are only remodeling what has proven to work.


#2. Rapid Result:

If you are in any funnel Hacking group or a group filled with internet marketers who are using funnels for their businesses.

Then, you will know that many people have made a lot of money from funnel hacking just within a short time.

Some will say they started as a Funnel Hacker last 2 years and they are already in millions this year.

Some will say they started hacking funnels a few months ago and they are already making 5 or 6 figures the new month.

It is just a fun thing to see because of their rapid growth.

Although, I am not trying to promise you that – you might see exactly the result they are seeing.

But your success rate is certain to be rapid when hacking funnels to design all your sales and landing pages and funnels.

Then you trying to do everything afresh and from your head.

That will prolong your success rate and make you pass through many hurdles until you get to the finish line if only you are strong.

So, getting rapid Results is assured in Funnel Hacking, and imagine seeing others who are like you making money.

What happens to you? You become very motivated and continue to apply the practices listed above.


#3. Solid Application:

I remember when reading a book titled COPYWRITING SECRET by “Jim Edwards”. He is a Copywriter for Clickfunnels owned by Russell.

He talked about using copy written by top companies like Amazon, Walmart and some other big companies.

That means even top page builders like Clickfunnels also use this process for their sales copy.

Oh yes! They are not only teaching it – but they also apply it to their everyday activities.

Because the moment you start to hack funnels and apply the strategies and all the copies that top companies like Amazon are using…

…then you have easily won your battle.

Do you know how much brands like Amazon pays their writers to write a solid copy for them?

They hire millionaire Copywriters to write their copies and they have money to test out what is working and what is not working.

That is why if I am to write a copy and I try to model what companies like Amazon are doing.

They use “Is” and I thought it is supposed to be “was”. I will prefer to go ahead and use their “Is”.

Reason being that these companies have spent millions of dollars to test out these copy and see if it is working.

Who am I to argue with them? I cannot compare the money I can use to test out funnels to that of Amazon.

Amazon is a billionaire brand and can spend millions easily on testing.

I can only vouch to spent thousands on testing and the difference is very clear.

So, let me just keep my money and follow what these big companies are doing without stressing myself or wasting my money.

Let me put my money in dogecoin – haha, just kidding – I am not advising you to invest in any coin.

By the way, I believe that is well understood – let us move to the next Importance.


#4. Profitable Community:

Aside from all the importance listed above. The greatest among them is the community of people you can surround yourself with.

You can go on Reddit and join the funnel hackers community and flow with people who already have experience in this niche.

You can also join the Clickfunnels Community on Facebook and see top markets.

Joining the Clickfunnels Community on Facebook is one of the best approaches for me because I see those who are showing their ads on my feed.

I was able to see YouTubers who have hundreds of thousands of subscribers on their channel and top influencers.

It made me see how they share their stories and show their rollercoaster on the platform.

There are also some of the things you will see when you join a funnel hacking community.

You will see Newbies who will ask questions and intermediates who will also give replies with experts who will give a solid reply.

Being in a community is what I love best about becoming a marketer in this century.

So, this is another benefit that you enjoy for being a funnel hacker because you are not left alone.

You are surrounded by people who share the same belief and mindset as you and funnel builders.


#5. Overnight Expertise:

I can tag the rate of expertise in being a funnel hacker to be overnight.

You can start building reputable and mouth-opening funnels within a short period.

It gives rooms for newbies to turn experts within the shortest period.

Just like I mentioned in the first importance – many people have gone from broke to millionaire through funnel Hacking rapidly.

The way they share their testimonies makes me also have a belief that many of my readers will also be at that level of making many digits.

It is just a matter of dedication and you will just see your results coming overnight like magic.

Think about it, this is just like you copying in the Exam Hall without preparing for the exam.

But this is easy because no supervisor will disturb you from copying – so, you have the freedom to look at what you are copying if it is correct.

Isn’t this amazing?

Let us quickly look at the tools and skills needed for you to become a good funnel hacker.

It is important to know these things because they will contribute to your success in building funnels.

Tools & Skills Needed To Hack Funnel

Tools & Skills Needed To Hack Funnel

Since we are done with the importance and principles of what funnel hacking truely means.

Let us look at the tools that you will need to build a successful Funnel.

Also, the little skills that you might need to have to build a good funnel.

The essence of funnel Hacking is to build a very good and profitable Funnel right? So, let us look at the tools needed.


#1. Website/Platform:

The first thing that you are going to need is a website or platform where you can host your funnels.

You cannot host or build a funnel on your social media platform. It has to be on a website or platform that is owned and controlled by you.

Although, there are many page builders out there that have their dashboard for their members without needing to own a website.

You can use those page builders – but if your main focus is to create a funnel which is then your main reason for reading this guide.

Then… I will advise you to get a plan on Clickfunnels. Clickfunnels is just $97/month.

You can get it and use it to build your funnels easily. The software is created to build funnels for you.

You only need to have other people’s funnel and look at their strategy and just easily replicate it on Clickfunnels.

You don’t need to start everything from scratch and keep building like other page builders.

It is left to you – whichever one you would like to use. But for easy funnel building – just use Clickfunnels.


#2. Email Machine:

You will also need an email automation tool that will help you automate your email marketing processes.

The thing is that you cannot rely on running paid ads all the time.

You need to have an email marketing process that you will use to collect email leads and follow up with them.

No matter how beautiful, attractive, and converting your Funnel is.

No matter how best you do your research and write a very compelling copy that gets sales

You can never win all your prospects – the majority of them will not buy instantly.

Even if some of them pass through the sales funnel process and bought the front end…

…you still have to make them buy your high ticket offers.

And the best way to do this is by following up with them and providing them value through email.

Immediately they join your email list – you should already have some automated series that will be working.

You cannot just rely on running paid ads to retarget your audience.

That is why email marketing is important and that is the function of having an email machine that you will need.

You can use tools that have free plans like Aweber, MailChimp & ConvertKit.

You can also decide to upgrade to their paid plans. The choice is yours.


#3. Webinar Machine:

Although funnel builders like Clickfunnels already have some inbuilt tools that can help you set up a webinar.

But you might also need to create a webinar funnel separately in case you are not using Clickfunnels.

And a tool like Webinarjam is the best bet for you. You can just go Straight to sign up on their page and start using it.

The webinar will help you win clients easily through video explanation.

You can automate the video process and make sales even while you are not there.

The webinar would have been recorded by you and automated.

All they have to do is to sign up for the webinar funnel and set up the time that they can attend it.


#4. Copywriting Skill:

You also need a Copywriting skill as a funnel builder and hacker. You need to be able to write good copy.

Because even though you will be modeling what others are doing on their platform and is working.

Their product is different from you and even though it might be similar.

But there will be some slight changes that will make your product unique from your competitors’ product.

So, you cannot just directly duplicate what they are doing into your funnel.

You are to remodel and not duplicate other people’s funnel. Doing that is tagged plagiarize.

So, you need to have a good Copywriting skill that can make you remodel what you are Hacking into your taste.

That way, it doesn’t even look like you are copying your Competitors.

Even if your Competitors check your funnel – they might even want to copy you.

Not knowing that you copied theirs but only remodel it.

So, that is how it works.

Now that we are done with the tools. I will complete this guide by looking at what Funnel Script means.

It is also a nice tool that can help you with your Copywriting. In case you don’t have a good Copywriting skill.

Then funnel script is your solution – let us take a brief look at what this awesome software is all about.

What is Funnel Script and Is Funnel Script Worth It?

What is Funnel Script and Is Funnel Script Worth It?

Funnel Script is digital software that helps you compose a sales copy that you can use on any platform.

If you are part of those who join the “One funnel away challenge” – then this will not be new to you.

The software is created by Jim Edwards and Russell Brunson to make life easy for those who cannot write good copy.

Even if you are good at Copywriting – it will also be favorable to have this software to automate things for you.

All you might only need to do is to confirm and restructure to a come palatable format.

Also, concerning if this software is worth it. It is surely worth it at the price of $500 per year.

You will only pay $500 to use this software and renew your subscription every year.

The thing is that you don’t even need to panic about the renewal because you will surely make back your money from using this tool.

It has been used by thousands of funnel hackers and internet marketers out there and they are still using it.

Many people are using it for email marketing, social media marketing, and other types of website marketing.

So, give it a trial and make life easy for yourself.

You don’t have to keep brainstorming on what to write to your email subscribers or what to write on your sales page.

The Funnel Script is the Go-To solution for all your Copywriting nightmares.

You can click here to get access to this software today.

Final Thought On Funnel Hacking

Final Thought On Funnel Hacking

This brings us to the end of this guide. If you are still wondering whether to become a funnel hacker.

Don’t think too much – every internet marketers out there remodel what is working.

Don’t bother to reinvent the wheel – just apply what is working and make money from it.

Remember, everything said in this guide is to keep you updated and teach you what funnel hacking is all about.

I will also advise you to join the “One Funnel Away Program” or the “Funnel Hacking Live Program”.

It is a better way to understand how to funnel hacking works and also be in a paid community of people who share the same belief as you.

But if you can’t join – then this guide is enough for you. Just go straight and start implementing.

Also, if you enjoy this guide – don’t forget to share it with your friends.

If something concerning sales is what you like – then you might want to read this article on Sales Professionalism and how you can become a professional salesman.

It’s part of what a good funnel hacker does – having a good sales idea.

Are you a funnel hacker or planning to be one? Let me know in the comment box below.