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Funnelytics Pricing Plan: Must Read For Funnel Builders

Funnelytics Pricing

Mapping out your funnels in a way that will keep you more engaging and knowledgeable is the goal.

A lot of marketers are now using sales funnels to bring out the best from all their products.

And that is the reason for the sudden hype of Funnelytics and why a lot of newbies and intermediate marketers are asking for the Pricing plan.

In short paragraphs. The Funnelytics Pricing Plans are:

  1. Starter Plan Which is “Free Forever“.
  2. Marketers Plan Which is “$490/year or $49/Month“.
  3. Pro Plan Which is “$790/year“.

These are the respective Funnelytics Pricing Plan which I believe you should know of.

But because you are here to get more information about the Funnelytics Pricing Plan and what it entails.

Below Are The Things We Will Be Discussing In This Guide;

Sit back and hang on tight with your coffee or beer and let me be your driver throughout this journey.


Funnelytics Pricing Plans

Let us quickly go on a brief explanation of what each of the plans entails.


Starter Plan

The first plan which you will see on the left side of your computer is the starter plan which is the free plan.

The starter plan is majorly for those who have not used Funnelytics before and just want to start using it.

So, to test things out…They are given the privilege to look at what Funnelytics is capable of doing.

And also, for those who are just starting with funnels and don’t have much budget to go for the premium plans.

Funnelytics has made the starters plan to be free Forever to use – to also stay happy funneling.


Below are the respective features that you stand to benefit from when you register for the starters plan on Funnelytics.


1. One Workspace:

The first feature which you stand to enjoy in this starters plan is that you have a workspace for all your funnels.

A workspace is just like your dashboard where all your funnels are being mapped out and tracked.

It is just like office space in an organization where all the business transactions are being carried out.

And because you are in the free plan… you are only limited to one Workspace on your Funnelytics account.

If you want more workspace where more funnels can be mapped. You can easily upgrade.

The reason why this is important is that you won’t be limiting yourself to just only one type of product.

Except if you are only promoting only one product or funnel and using only one funnel.

That is the only way this free plan can serve you for life.

But if you have more funnels to promote. Then you will need more workspaces.


2. Three Canvases:

Canvases are the diagram and representation that explains what your funnel is doing and how it’s performing.

They are all brought out on a canvas and the more funnel you keep building. The more the canvas.

So, when you build your funnels and now install the funneling script on your landing page and funnels.

You will have to create Multiple canvases to track each funnel and see how well they are performing.

So, with the free plan of Funnelytics. You will be having access to 3 canvases which you will use for your mapping.


3. Seventy-Five And More Marketing Icons:

You need marketing icons for your funnels and this is how you can easily recognize what’s working and what’s not working.

Icons are very much useful when you have several things going on in our funnel.

Funnelytics is more like you are building a funnel. But just that you are building the tracking of your funnels.

And so, because there are a lot of activities going on in your funnels. You need to identify them with marketing icons.

It is these icons that will differentiate the activity that a customer takes on a funnel from what such customers take on another funnel.

Also, when a customer views a video… you can easily recognize that a customer watched a video with the icon.

Also, if a link is being clicked but action hasn’t been taken yet. You can easily get to know.

Icons are very much okay to easily comprehend what’s going on in your funnels.

And you have access to 75+ Marketing Icons in the starter plan. Which you can use for the success of your mapping.


4. Six Free Funnel Templates Or Funnel Vaults:

You also have access to 6 free funnel templates which you can make use of for your mapping.

The thing about funneling is that it can be a little bit difficult to come up with something converting.

You might want to set up a funnel now and don’t even know what to do.

Or even know the best way to structure your funnel in a way that will bring out the best conversion for your brand.

This is a question that many newbie funnel hackers always try to ask a majority of the time.

And I believe that is the reason why Funnelytics makes ready-made Templates available for their customers to use as reference.

These templates are proven to work and have been used by top internet marketers who make use of funnels for their products.

And you will be having access to 6 of the templates that are available on Funnelytics.

Although you will need to upgrade to a higher plan to have access to more Templates.

But I am sure that your funnels can also convert if you make use of the 6 templates available in the free plan.


5. Share Funnels Between Accounts:

In the free plan, you also can share your funnels between several accounts.

Since you will be making your website as a landing page or a third-party funnel design tool like Clickfunnels for example.

It is always very okay to share Funnels between several accounts or pages for you to know what’s working.

And that is another feature which you will benefit from using Funnelytics and the advantage you stand to gain.

This way, sharing of funnels becomes a faster way to know what’s working in an account and the other.

Also, if you lost access to the previous account which you are using.

Because you have the data and script still ready on your Funnelytics.

You have no problem as you can easily migrate and share it on your new account.


6. Export to PNG:

The ability to expert your funnels in a PNG format is also a great way to show proof to people.

Also, you can easily save this on your drive to easily access them in the future in case the need arises.

This is something that you can barely do… if you are to be manually giving a record of all your funnel activities.

But because you are making use of Funnelytics. Everything is already available for you to export.

You only have to export them as a PNG image file which you can save up for future purposes.

Also, if you are trying to sell a product related to funnel and you want something as a reference.

Then this is very much useful and serves you a lot of purposes.

This is a feature that you enjoy in the free plan and it’s the last feature at the time of writing this guide.

If you want to have access to more features. Then you will need to upgrade to the Marketer or Pro Plan.

Depending on what you want exactly.


Marketer Plan

If you have any plan for having a team to also help you in handling your funnels.

Or you already have a team that is handling your funnel and you want them to have access to the mapping of your funnel.

Then the free or Starter plan will not be okay for you to rely on.

The Marketers’ plan is the exact solution that you need to such a problem.

The Pricing is $490/year or $49/month and below are some of the features of the Marketers’ plan which you will enjoy.


1. Everything In Starter Plan:

The first thing you enjoy with the marketers’ plan – the moment you upgrade to this plan…

…is that you enjoy all the features that are all in the starters plan aside from the additional features awaiting you.

All the features that we have discussed above in the starters plan are all that you will have access to.

Another thing is now that you will have more access to the developed plans that those in the free or starters plan won’t enjoy.

And since I have already discussed everything you might need to know about the Starter’s plan.

Let’s head over to other benefits that are in the Marketers’ plan.


2. Two Workspace:

As you can see in the Starter’s plan… you only have access to just only workspace to carry out your funnel mapping.

That is not so in the Marketers Plan because you will be having access to an extra workspace.

The reason for this is that a lot of activities will be carried out on your dashboard.

And because of this – you need more workspace to do some more extra work and cannot rely only on one.

That is why the additional workspace in the Marketers plan is available and it is surely worth the availability.

So, if you need extra workspace and you are thinking of how you can get it.

You can easily upgrade to the Marketers plan.

Also, from the Funnelytics Pricing tab… it is written that each workspace costs $9 per month.

So, even if you are using the Marketers plan and you would love to have extra workspace without upgrading more.

You can easily message their support team to assist you with adding additional workspace for you.

You only have to pay an extra $9 to get access to another workspace.

Although I am not sure that this will be available for the starter plan. Only in the Marketers Plan.


3. Unlimited Canvases:

When you upgrade your Funnelytics account. You will have access to a lot of Canvases.

The canvases in the Marketers plan are unlimited which you can continue to use for a long period.

Unlimited canvases will make it easy for you to keep track of several funnels even if you have a lot of funnels.

The reason why this is very much advantageous is that if you are running several landing pages.

Or maybe you have a lot of funnels that you handle for several products or clients.

This plan is what you need exactly for all your jobs.

If you are a freelancer who does a lot of client jobs and you have been thinking on ways to also work on several clients funnels at the same time.

Just with the Marketers plan, you have a lot of privileges and more chance to keep working at once.

This is what you stand to enjoy in the Marketers plan since the canvases are unlimited for you to use.


4. Add Unlimited Clients And Team Members:

Another advantage that you stand to enjoy with the Marketers’ plan is that you can add more team members.

If you are using only the Starter’s Plan – you will only be limited to yourself and won’t be able to add more team members.

Except if you now go ahead and share your login details with your team members.

It is more preferable to have a more stable way to get more people to work for you without opening all the access to your account.

Anything can happen anytime and you might lose access to that account if you are not careful.

But if you can include them in the account all by yourself and restrict them to some functions on your account.

That is the proper way that you can secure your account without any problem arising in the future.

So, this is a feature that you enjoy in the Marketers’ plan which is not available in the Starter’s plan.


5. Forecast Conversions, Revenue, And Profit:

Another benefit that you stand to enjoy in the Marketers’ Plan is the ability to forecast conversions, revenue, and profit.

Now, this can be possible when you have access to multiple templates for your funnels.

Funnelytics already go extreme to get you templates that have proven to work from top marketers.

These templates have already worked and will continue to work.

It is more like funnel hacking where the best team in Funnelytics goes on research to look for the best performing funnels on the internet.

And just from integrating a single template to your canvases. You will have seen the full information about the template.

So, this makes it very easy for you to forecast the future and see exactly how your funnel with performing.

Because you already have some ready-made Templates that have made $XYZ and there is a high probability that if you replicate them…

…you will also get the same result that they have gotten provided your offer is what they want.


Pro Plan

The Funnelytics Pricing For Pro Plan is very unique that makes it easy for you to visualize all your funnels.

The pro plan is also among the plans that Funnelytics show us.

The Funnelytics Plan for the pro is $790 per year. Below are the benefits that you stand to enjoy on the Pro Plan.


1. Everything In The Marketing Plan:

The first thing that you stand to enjoy is that all the features and benefits that we discussed in the Starter’s and Marketers’ plan will all be yours.

You will even enjoy it more than the way those subscribers are using it because you are paying more.

The Pro Plan is the third plan and because of that…You are bound to enjoy the majority of the privilege.

Let’s check more other benefits.


2. Three workspaces:

In the Pro Plan, you will enjoy additional workspace that those in the Marketers’ plan have enjoyed.

Also, instead of a single and double workspace that others in the previous plans have.

You will have access to 3 workspaces which you can be used to carry out mapping on several funnels.

Although, I have to be frank that this will only be fit for big firms that run several kinds of funnels.

Some firms run nothing less than 10 funnels all at once and they need more space for more room.

These are the people that I can suggest can go extra mile for something like this.

If you are just a single person or a freelancer who does funneling for other brands.

The Marketers’ plan is very cool for you to use. Nevertheless, Pro Plan is also superior.

The pro plan makes your workspace to be much. I have already explained what a workspace is in the previous aspect of this guide.

That’s where I talked about it being like an office space in your firm where you carry out business transactions.

That’s where all your Funnelytics Vaults and canvases can keep being carried out efficiently.

Also, if you want to decide to have more workspace for yourself even after the 3 workspaces.

You can pay an additional $9 every month and you will be opened to another workspace to carry out your funneling.


3. Track And Measure Customers Leads, Revenue, And More:

One other feature that is in the pro plan is the ability to measure the performance of your leads.

You can easily do the estimation of your revenue and profit all in a visual way that will be obvious.

This makes it easy to multiply and 2× on every investment that we are making on our funnels.

So, you enjoy this because you are using the pro plan among the Funnelytics Pricing.


4. Track Any Customer Action On Your Pages (clicks, video views, etc):

I didn’t know it is very much possible to track customers’ actions like video views until I started using Funnelytics.

Like, Funnelytics made it easy for anyone who is into internet marketing and funnel building to know exactly what any visitor is doing.

Also, this makes you know if your funnel or a part of your funnel is converting as it should.

For example, if a majority of your visitors are clicking on your video to view what you have in it.

And they also spend a lot of time watching the content that is inside the video.

Then that automatically tells you that such a video is performing well and you might have to just draw your attention to other things.

But if they are not spending much time buying quickly just bounce from it without any hesitation.

Then you know that you still have to spend more time to recreate your video to something that will draw them closer.

Also, you can even know how well they are clicking on your links.

If they are not clicking on the link much… that will tell you such a link needs more changing.

Maybe you should change it to a button link instead of a text link. Or maybe you should change the call to action.

These are the things that you have to consider when you are doing your funnels.

And Funnelytics Pro Pricing has made it available to be watching your visitors on a TV.

Just from your canvases…Everything is made available for you.


Benefits of Funnelytics

Let us quickly look at some of the benefits that you stand to enjoy when you are using Funnelytics.

It’s no news that you have to use Funnels to make more than the amount you invest in any advertisement.

That is why we will take a little time to explain the benefits of Funnelytics right away:

  1. Track Customers’ Activities.
  2. Check Behavioral Patterns.
  3. Track Several Domains.


1. Track Customers’ Activities:

Whatever type of product that you might be selling in your funnel. Either a product created by you or an affiliate program.

You can easily keep track of all records with the Funnelytics scripts.

It has already been programmed which you just have to input in your landing pages and all activities will be tracked.

Wherever your customers are navigating on your website or whatever they might be doing…

…it becomes very easy for you to easily see whatever that they are doing on your landing pages.

All activities are already being tracked and everything starts being at the palm of your hands.


2. Check Behavioral Patterns:

Another benefit that you enjoy with the Funnelytics script is that you can easily check Behavioral Patterns.

You can easily know what a customer love and what a customer doesn’t love easily.

Also, you can see the type of thing that functions well on your funnel and the one that doesn’t function well that much.

This makes it very easy for anyone to easily know that such a particular section on my funnel is performing better than the other.

And if you are using the Marketers or the pro plan which you have enough Funnel Vaults or templates readily available for you.

You can easily test out several funnels and know which part of a funnel performs better.

I believe marketing and sales to be a form of testing before one can get it right. Without testing and failing, success will be difficult.


3. Track Several Domains:

You can easily use this tool to track several Domains.

Like, if you have a website that is focused on digital products and another is focused on maybe Dropshipping.

You can easily use the Funnelytics tool to track several Domains that you have just from a single dashboard.

It becomes very easy because you have canvases that you can easily integrate into your workspace to know what’s going on in your funnel.

In recap, Funnelytics Pricing is something affordable for anyone willing to run a successful funnel.

You can continue to keep building any product either luxury, Low ticket, or even affiliate product…

…Without even knowing how well it’s performing. You shouldn’t be funnel blind.

Try and examine your funnels with Funnelytics and see how it’s performing.

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To Your Success,
I Love You.