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Hotelscombined Affiliate Program – Beginners’ Guide

Hotelscombined Affiliate is a reward to travel agents and tourists who want to make money from their hobbies.

Although there are other ways through which one can make money as a travel agent or being a tourist.

But Hotelscombined Affiliate is not exceptional in making one dream of making money come into a reality.

If you are wondering how well Hotelscombined can reward you with its affiliate program.

Then you have to stick with me in this ride as we go through what the Hotelscombined Affiliate is all about and many more.

Below Are The Things We Will Be Discussing In This Guide 


What is Hotelscombined?

Hotelscombined is a brand that is formed to become a journal for thousands and millions of hotels around the world.

Hotelscombined serves as a hotel search platform where travelers all around the world can come inside to compare several hotels rates, ratings, and comfortability.

So, if Hotelscombined has an affiliate program – it’s worth it because they need more people to know about their service.

Since they have the means to get access to a lot of hotels worldwide. It’s Important to promote them and make more money in reward.

Let us Immediately look at some of the details about Hotelscombined and its Affiliate Program below.


Details About Hotelscombined Affiliate

  • Brand Name: HotelsCombined
  • Founders: Founders: Brendon McQueen, Yury Shar, Michael Doubinski.
  • Partnership: 2 million+ and counting.
  • Country Founded: Sydney, Australia.
  • Company Purpose: For Travellers Ease.
  • Niche: Travel and Tourist
  • Product Type: Outsourcing
    Affiliate Program
  • Registration Link: Hotelscombined Affiliate Program
  • Affiliate Partner: Commission Junction Affiliate Network
  • Commission Rate: $0.50 – $2.00 Per Lead
  • Payment Process: Wire or PayPal
  • Cookie Duration: 120-day


Hotelscombined Affiliate Program Commission

Hotelscombined Affiliate Program is a top paying Affiliate program that rewards its affiliates graciously.

They have all it takes to keep paying their Affiliates since they have the information about millions of hotels at the palm of their hands.

The Hotelscombined is in partnership with commission junction for anyone that wants to promote its affiliate program.

Also, the commission reward for Hotelscombined Affiliate ranges from $0.50 to $2 per lead.

This means that when you bring a traveler or anyone interested in the Services of Hotelscombined as a lead.

You will be paid depending on the kind of service that such a lead subscribed to.

Also, you enjoy a 120 Days Cookie duration on any Affiliate referral that you bring to the platform.

What this means is that if someone clicks on your affiliate link but the person didn’t take immediate action.

If the person still takes action in the next 119 days…You will still earn your commission from that referral.

Although once that day elapse… you will not be entitled to such a person’s referral.

And I believe this is a long time Cookie duration among many other affiliate programs out there.

The majority are always 30 Days Cookie period… just 1 month. But Hotelscombined Affiliate is giving 4 months as a cookie Period.

This is a fantastic approach to the effort of their affiliates and maybe that’s why they have a good partnership with Affiliates…who knows.


How to Make Money with the Program

Below, we are going to discuss the ways through which you can easily make money with this program.

This will favor you very well if you are someone who has long enough have passion for any Travelling.

  1. Become a Tourist.
  2. Become A Traveling Adviser.
  3. Join Travelling Communities.


1. Become a Tourist:

The first thing you can do is to become a tourist who is well known for traveling around the world.

The reason why this will favor you is that a lot of people will keep noticing you and see you as an expert in that field.

They will portray you as the go-to person and you won’t even need to convince much when it comes to recommending Hotelscombined.

Although, this is not a necessity if you don’t plan to go this extra mile to pursue a dream.

But you just have to know that part of the ways that tourists make their money is through affiliate profits.

Also, they get endorsements from many other hotels and travel companies but affiliate is not exceptional.

So, you have to think in a way that will make money as someone interested in being a tourist.

And that is why Hotelscombined Affiliate is a great way to make that money which you have been longing for.

So, if you are still wishing and looking out for the first way to make enough money with this Affiliate program.

The first recommendation I give to you is to start by being a tourist and get more trust from people.


2. Become A Travelling Adviser (YouTube Channel):

Another way through which you can make money from the Hotelscombined affiliate program is by being a Travelling advisor.

And the best way you can easily do this without needing to rent an office space or pay for any overhead cost…

…is by opening a YouTube channel which you can easily be used to get in touch with a lot of people easily.

Just with a YouTube channel which we will still discuss more below. You can easily become a Travelling advisor.

A lot of people are traveling daily and majorly are coming online to look more at their destinations.

They don’t know much about where they are heading to and the best place they go to see what’s up is YouTube and Google.

They can also go to social media to see people who are living in that location but the place to go first is through SEO.

And YouTube is a search engine optimization where people go to check this out and this is a great opportunity for you.

You can easily be dropping videos on YouTube that will enlighten people on the best place to go.

Also, enlighten them on the best hotel to Lodge and easily recommend Hotelscombined to them as a solution to make things easy for them.

This is just the plain way of doing this to make money – although we will still discuss more Using YouTube to promote the Hotelscombined Affiliate Program below.


3. Join Travelling Communities:

There are a lot of traveling communities online which you can join and easily be promoting the Hotelscombined affiliate on them.

Although I wouldn’t recommend this much as it might lead to your trying to spam these communities.

Professionally, spamming is not cool. But I know what’s in your mind now is that “But Maverick If it’s not cool…Then why to recommend it?”.

The plain truth is just that…Even though this might not be cool when it comes to spamming.

It is also another way of you getting more people to click on your affiliate link and probably use the Hotelscombined service.

And the best way that you can do this is not by just joining a community or group today and deciding to start spamming tomorrow.

Oh no! That won’t work out well because you will quickly be reported and kicked out from that community.

The best is to familiarize yourself with the community and get yourself active to make friends.

You flow with them and give answers to questions asked in the community by the members.

This way, you will start to get noticed and before you even spend up to a month in the community.

You will see your name being mentioned the majority of the time and you even begin to get enough recognition even from the admin.

Sometimes, you can also ask some conflicting questions that will cause a lot of arguments in the community.

It’s a way of getting more eyeballs… doing this…and helping the community stay active.

You can flow with the admin to give you access for promotion and if the admin declines…

…you can just easily private message the people and inform them of the opportunity you see with your Hotelscombined affiliate link in line.

It’s easier this way.


Having A Better Structure

Always make sure that you are unique when doing things that are related to the selling of affiliate marketing products.

You should know that you are not the only one who is into the promotion of these see ices as there are a lot of affiliate marketers out there.

Also, there are a lot of affiliate programs which are also synonymous with what Hotelscombined affiliate is doing.

So you have to make sure that you are doing what is right and trying to be unique is very important.

And how can you be unique? It is by offering a little bonus in a way that you believe will suit your referrals.


How To Promote Hotelscombined Affiliate

Before we digress further a little into some of the benefits of the Hotelscombined affiliate program.

Let us discuss a little bit about how you can promote this affiliate program to start making money just like we have discussed earlier.

It is equally very important to be making money and at the same time having fun along the way.

But you need to promote whatever you are doing before the money goal can ever be achieved.

And how can you promote the affiliate link that Hotelscombined Affiliate has given to you?

I will only be discussing two ways which I believe will help you a lot in this guide and which you must put in mind.

  1. YouTube Channel.
  2. Blog Content.


1. YouTube Channel:

The first way which I believe is very much outstanding is through the YouTube channel.

You can equally start promoting your affiliate links through a YouTube channel which I made mention of in the other aspect of this guide.

And that is by offering tourist advice and also helping travelers to know much about where they are heading to.

If you go to the airport – then you will know that a lot of people are traveling daily from one country to the other.

And this is even very high and the increasing rate is quite much if it’s during the festive period.

Let us take the Christmas period for example – the majority of those in America will want to go home and greet their family from other parts of the world.

While some will want to take their family out for vacation during Christmas and their first bet is to start researching starting from January.

Now, you don’t necessarily have to be in that place before you can shoot a video on it.

All you have to do is to go online and look for more means to get data on those locations and get your fingers dirty.

Ways to do this is by learning a little about video editing and voice-over if you don’t want to use your voice.

Then start using the images and videos of tourist places in this country in your video and get people entertained.

All you need to do is to learn more about how to design video and with a tool like doodly.

You can easily be designing quality videos that are even animation just within a few minutes.

It’s a done-for-you tool that will make video animation very easy for you to do.

With their pre-built templates – you are good to achieve anything that you want.

After doing all these…You can easily be recommending Hotelscombined service to them.

And letting them know of how Hotelscombined will make them pay less of where they will lodge and their traveling if they use the service.


2. Blog Content:

Another way that you can easily promote yourself and get decent clicks on your Affiliate Link is through blogging.

Blogging is very effective for anybody who is very good at writing and can create a lot of content.

If you are someone like me who also enjoys writing and can write thousands of words on a particular topic.

Then what is holding you back from starting that WordPress website of yours?

Even some people have a successful blog and they don’t even have a dime spent on it.

All they do is to go out and outsource for writers who will help them post on their blog for money.

They don’t have the time and because of this .. they hire writers to write out content for them.

The major reason why this is very effective is that… a lot of people go on Google to look for information.

They are there to look for the next solution to their traveling problems and the moment Google starts ranking your keywords.

Then forget it – because you have started minting money that will sustain you financially for a long time.

So, having a WordPress website should be your next goal if you want to start promoting your affiliate link.

You can easily get a lot of people who are interested in traveling and start writing about locations.

Things to expect in certain countries and things not to expect in some other countries.

These are the things you will write about and also writing about the tourist centers in this country.

You can write a whole lot for people and easily be embedding your affiliate links in your content.


Benefits of Hotelscombined Affiliate

Since we are done with the ways through which you can promote your Hotelscombined Affiliate Program link.

Let us quickly look at the benefits that you will derive from this affiliate program and how it helps you more.

Everything will always have its benefits and below are some of them which I talk about in this guide.

  1. You Earn More.
  2. You Get More Exposure About Other Life.
  3. More Interest-Earning From What You Enjoy.


1. You Earn More:

One of the best things about this type of affiliate program is that you earn more money as a traveler or a tourist.

And even if you are someone who doesn’t travel a lot but you desire to travel to a lot of countries.

You can easily start saving up with the Hotelscombined affiliate program to fund your trip.

Easy way of making money is sure and possible for anyone and this is the Genesis of it.

Hotelscombined affiliate program has made it possible for those who always have a passion for traveling to make more money.

This means that you can easily fund the money for your traveling by doing affiliate marketing.

Although not so many brands out there are directly performing services like what Hotelscombined is offering.

So, this is another opportunity because not many people are aware that they can even pay less for their traveling.

And who doesn’t love to pay less in anything that they are doing? No one.

Because when you realize that you should have paid $900 instead of paying $1200 to Lodge in a hotel.

You will probably prefer to stay with what Hotelscombined can offer.


2. You Get More Exposure About Other Life:

Another reason why this affiliate program is fantastic is that you easily get more exposure to things in other parts of the world.

You can easily see more hotels and also what they are capable of doing.

And because you need to be a tourist reviewer and also a Travelling expert for you to promote Hotelscombined Affiliate.

You need to see more even if it’s virtually for you to teach and tell people what they should expect from where they are heading.

This is what will increase the morale that you are putting into making more research on these places.

So, promoting Hotelscombined is another great advantage for you because you have a more open eye.

You see more than what others around you don’t even know about.

You can easily explore the world just from your research and also have fun along the way.

I just couldn’t overemphasize this – but this is just another great advantage that you have and enjoy.


3. More Interest-Earning From What You Enjoy:

Oh yes, there is nothing as interesting as earning from what you enjoy doing the most.

I enjoy writing content and I see myself earning from writing and also building more fans from it.

What happens? I just have to continue doing it because this is something that is making me reach more people.

So if you can explore the world and also inform people what they should expect from where they are going.

You have the upper hand and you also have more chances of connecting with more and more people around you.

And this way, you keep earning more money and getting more interest in what you love doing the most.

A lot of people have traveled and are traveling around the world – just from a free trip by a company.

Even when you start reviewing some hotels in a company and the owner of the marketing manager sees your content.

They can easily invite you over and give you an all-expenses-paid for your trip which you enjoy and explore more.

A lot of benefits are just in this type of promoting both directly and indirectly which you will realize once you start exploring.

Just make sure that you enjoy the process while doing it because that is what will keep the momentum going.


Should You Join Hotelscombined Affiliate

Joining the Hotelscombined Affiliate Program is a choice that you have to make all by yourself.

But what you just need to know is that it takes a little bit of time for you to start seeing results in this.

If you start a YouTube channel now…You don’t expect your videos to start showing up the following day.

Also, you don’t expect to start having thousands of views the next day.

Likewise, if you have a blog that you just launched – you should expect the blog to start ranking the next day.

So, you need to give it time and continue showing up daily for you to start seeing results in your doings.

It might not be easy at first – but you just have to keep pushing and also try and be unique.

Make use of some bonuses in your Hotelscombined affiliate doings and you will see yourself at the top.

If this is something that interests you…Then you might want to check some of the other affiliate programs which can also make you enough money.

I love you.