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How to Promote Affiliate Links on Facebook the Best Way

How to Promote Affiliate Links on Facebook the Best Way

Many new Affiliate Marketers have been considering and curiously searching for the best way on how to promote affiliate links on Facebook.

The question you might be asking yourself right now is that – is it possible at all?

Oh yes, it is very possible and people have been using this platform to get a lot of Affiliate sales that earn them money.

Even though there are some other new social media platforms like TikTok coming out and quickly ranking multi-million users.

It still doesn’t affect the usage of Facebook as a source of traffic because billions of users sign in every day to engage.

So, you can still sell your products because a lot of your affiliate sales are among these millions of people.

Even though Facebook has a lot of users – its algorithm is very strict and not nice at all.

Gone are the days where you can easily add links to your post and get it approved.

Or when you can just easily post affiliate links of any group you see and go free without any ban.

It is no more like that on Facebook.

Even top Influencers who have been on Facebook for a while will only tell you to click on the link in their bio.

Or click on the link in the first comment – that is what you are going to see because Facebook doesn’t even allow a link in a normal post.

So, due to all these restrictions – how can you post a link even inside all these difficulties.

Also, how can you make affiliate sales from your Facebook account without being blocked from Facebook?

These are the things that we will look at in this aspect of making money and selling affiliate products on Facebook.

Promoting Your Affiliate Links On Facebook

Promoting Your Affiliate Links On Facebook

  1. Your Facebook Profile.
  2. Other Facebook Group.
  3. Other Facebook Pages.
  4. Facebook Direct Message.

Note: Before we proceed, you are not supposed to drop an affiliate link in your Facebook – that will lead to Facebook blocking your account.

But in the Facebook best practices section of this guide – I will teach you how you can disguise your Affiliate links in a way that you won’t get caught.

But for now, let us look at the places where you can post your links.


#1. Your Facebook Profile:

The first place you are entitled to post any link on your Facebook page is your Facebook profile.

Many people don’t know about this because all they do is just update their profile to reveal their location, country, school, and hobbies.

But you don’t have to limit yourself to all that – you should also add your links to your profile because that is where your viewers will get to see your link.

The first place is the bio area where you can update your link anytime you have a new affiliate offer that you want to sell.

The reason why I like the bio area is that – it is what people will first see when they glance at your profile.

And if any of your visitors are operating their Facebook through a computer or laptop – the link will be clickable.

But if they are operating on mobile or some mobiles – it will not be clickable. But if they are serious about getting access to it…

…also, if the name you gave the link is something that is customized to make them understand what they will get –

and not just a link filled with numbers. They will assimilate the link and write it on their browser.

It is something I have done before on another person’s page when I see that the link indicates something I had an interest in.

So, I put it in my head and quickly went to my browser to check out what is inside.

So you can use this method and paste your link in your BIO and give a short explanation of what is inside the link like the image above.

Also, in the About section of your profile where you list education and all details about you.

There is a place to add your website link – input your link in that aspect, so that people can click on the link.

The reason is that – the more you engage and interact on this platform to grow more audience.

People will be coming into your Facebook profile every day and come to check out what you have to offer.

And in most cases, you can easily get Sales just from them viewing your profile before even sending or accepting your request.


#2. Facebook Group:

You can also promote your links on Facebook groups. Although, this strategy will kinda make you a spammer.

This means you will have to keep spamming your links on several public groups in your niche.

Remember, I made mention of “PUBLIC” in the sentence above. The reason is that most of the private groups always have strict policies.

So, it will be difficult or even impossible for you to post links on those kinds of groups.

Also, some groups have few admins that control the platform.

If you check their admin and you see that they are just 2 or 3 admins. You can still manage and paste your link in the comment section.

Take note of the comment section – the reason is to be at these admins will only focus much on the post-approval.

They won’t have the time to monitor what is going on in the comment – so you can comment on any post related to your Affiliate product.

Or make a post related to your affiliate product and after getting approved.

You will post your link in the comment box and get people to click on it easily without any problem.

But if you look at the admin area and see many admins like 6 and above. Just flee and move to other groups.

I will prefer to be in a group that has only 2 admins or 3 admins at most and check previous posts to see if people are posting links in the comment.

That is a good sign that you can also post your links.

Just like I said, this method will kind of make you a spammer because you will be sending a link to several groups.

So, you can open a separate Facebook account for this kind of task – so that your privacy will be secured.

Also, don’t post the same link to many groups too much because the Facebook algorithm will notice it and flag your account.

Although to be able to post your link to several groups – you can check the “Facebook Best Practices” section of this page which I explained below.


#3. Facebook Pages:

Facebook pages are also a very good go-to area when trying to get sales for your affiliate products.

It also involves you spamming links – so, try and use the demo account that I told you to create earlier.

This process involves you commenting on top influencers in your niche pages and dropping your links in the post.

Now, you see me say “Top Influencers in your niche” – that is the best way for you to get a conversion.

What many people do wrong is to keep commenting on pages that are not relevant and close to their niche.

I am a football fan and I support Chelsea football club and one day I was at the official Facebook page of Chelsea.

And I saw someone commenting on people’s comments and posting a Cryptocurrency link.

And I was like, is this relevant to what you are selling?

It is Not! You cannot go about spamming links where your customers are not congregating.

You will only be wasting your time on Invaluable activities.  That is why I suggest you comment on pages that are in your niche.

Imagine if that kind of person was to be posting things related to sports Betting.

Wow! It would have been a fantastic idea because there will be millions of people who will be in sports Betting and are on that page.

He can even decide to leverage not only Chelsea’s official page but even other clubs that are also football brands.

So, this is what you should try to study and not just keep spamming your links on every page you see.

Only post them on relevant pages and in your niche. If you are wondering how you can know pages that you should post…

…just go to your search bar and type your niche and tap on pages.

You will see several suggestions of pages – then select the pages that have “Blue Tickmark“.

It means those pages are verified by Facebook and will have a lot of engaging followers.

Then you can follow the page and keep posting your links with your demo Facebook account.


#4. Facebook Direct Message:

Is the Facebook Direct Message also relevant? Oh yes, it is very relevant.

It is even very relevant when you already have a written text that you can send into people’s dm.

I have once received a message from someone who messaged me to join his group immediately after joining a certain Facebook group.

He saw that I was new in the group and immediately messaged me about how I am going to like his group.

And I joined the group because I feel like it can also work well for me.

Although, if you are direct messaging someone – I wouldn’t advise that you pitch them directly.

You will only be wasting your time with that and you won’t make any affiliate sale with that method.

Except if you can message over 5000 strange people though… hahaha… which is not possible because Facebook won’t allow you.

So, you should only invite them into being your friend or joining your Facebook group.

That is what you should do when direct messaging people – because even pitching can lead them to report your profile as a scam.

This will make matters worst for you – so, do it in a simple manner that will make them still look at you as a human and not a bot.

After they might have joined your group or be your friend on Facebook.

You can start to pitch them about your product which you believe can help solve their problems.

Although, more on how you can make them fall in love with buying your Affiliate products in the next section of this guide.

Facebook Affiliate Link Promotion Best Practices

Facebook Affiliate Link Promotion Best Practices

Since we are done with the ways through which you can promote your affiliate links on Facebook.

This guide will never be complete if I don’t show you some of the best Facebook marketing practices that you can jumpstart on.

These practices are very effective and will contribute to your success and existence in doing affiliate marketing on Facebook.

If you should do your Facebook Affiliate marketing the way newbies and a majority are doing it and don’t implement these practices.

You will find it difficult to succeed because your account will get flagged the first day of doing it.

So, follow the practices below and use them to sustain yourself throughout and jump all the hurdles.


#1.Creating a bridge page:

Creating a bridge page is the first thing that you should have in mind when it comes to doing Affiliate Marketing on Facebook.

Even doing Affiliate Marketing without having a bridge page on any platform these days is very difficult – not to talk of on Facebook.

But what is a bridge page and how can you create one for yourself. A bridge page can also be called a Landing page.

Just a one-page website page that explains a little about the affiliate product that you want to promote which is occupied with your Affiliate link.

The reason why you will be needing a bridge page is that Facebook will never allow you to share your Affiliate link on their platform.

If you try it the first instance and you are not banned on the platform. You must be very lucky and shouldn’t consider doing it again.

So, you cannot just see Affiliate links on Facebook and I believe it’s because Mark Zuckerberg is just not fair to Internet Marketers.

Even running an advert on his platform without getting ads restricted is very rare as an internet marketer.

That is why many marketers are now shifting to YouTube for paid adverts.

So, you posting Affiliate links on his platform will never be allowed.

The best way is to create a landing page further explaining the product and put your Affiliate links on that landing page.

So, it is the link to a landing page that you will be promoting on Facebook.

Having a bridge page is also very cool because it will help you increase the sales conversion of your affiliate sales.


#2. Creating a Facebook group:

Another best way to promote your Affiliate link on Facebook is to create a Facebook group for your brand.

Although this takes time a little bit – but it is always worth it and the more you keep trying to promote your group.

The more Facebook will also help you to be recommending your group to others and they will keep joining and increasing.

The thing about this practice is that it gives you full control over your audience and you can keep promoting to them anytime you like.

The way you can get people into joining your group is through DMing people to join your Facebook group.

When it comes to sending people into your Facebook group. You might be wondering – won’t Facebook block my account if I send it to too many people.

The truth is that – Facebook doesn’t put the harsh mind into sharing of your Facebook group to people because they know that you are still sharing a link in their Platform.

Any link that links inside Facebook is still less restricted – but if you are posting links to another website outside Facebook.

That is the only time that they will restrict you harshly and can block your account if you message too many people.

But if it’s inside Facebook – it is still cool to message a lot of people.

But you should be careful of how many people you message in just a few minutes.

Always make sure that there is an interval – so that you don’t behave like a robot.

So, start to build your Facebook Group ASAP.


#3. Cloak Your Links:

Another thing you can do is to always cloak your links. You can use several tools on the internet to cloak your links.

Link Cloakers like Pretty Links is a very good tool that will help you put a redirection on your link.

What this means is that – you will encode your affiliate link in your website link or any link that you can use on the Cloaker.

So, it is that cloaked link that you will share on your Facebook page and other places you want to share your link.

So, once they click on the cloaked link – they will be automatically redirected to tour the Affiliate link and go to the Affiliate product.

This way, you are bypassing the rule of not sharing affiliate links on Facebook by Cloaking it.

It is as simple as something like this:

Affiliate Link=>

Cloacked Link=>

Link shared on Facebook=>

Once they click on:

They will be redirected to:


#3. Duplicate several bridge pages:

Another thing you should also make sure to do is to always duplicate your affiliate bridge pages.

What this means is that – you should always share links to different pages leading to the same Affiliate product.

Just like I said earlier – when it comes to promoting your Affiliate links organically on Facebook.

Since it is leading to another website and not your Facebook group or page. You cannot share to many groups in a day.

You cannot keep sending the same group to 10 groups and pages or more in a day.

The best way for you to be able to do this sharing is by duplicating your affiliate bridge page to several pages.

The one you created – just duplicate it and create another bridge page with another link on your website.

That is how you should do it when you plan on sharing several links on Facebook in a day.

Also, do not overdo it – remember it is having the same domain name.

Unless if you have other link Cloakers that can help you do redirections from many domains.

Or you can use several link shorteners like, TinyUrl,, and others.

But even sharing Bitly links on Facebook is something you should be careful about because it is too common.

So, you can use other link shorteners. Just go on Google to search and you will see a whole lot of them.


#4. Open A Demo Account:

I talked about opening a demo account in the first aspect of this guide – oh! Yes, it is important.

You need to open a separate account for this type of business because it involves you spamming.

I wish I wouldn’t call it that but it is just what it is – it is spamming. Because anything that makes you keep distributing links on pages and groups is spamming.

But did you kill anyone? No!

Why are you doing it – it’s to make money because people are doing it and are making money.

So, it’s not a sin. And if there is any group that doesn’t accept you doing that.

Leave the group and move to another group that has thousands of members that will view your offer.

But to do this safe and secure – it is important that you create a separate account for this.

So that your privacy will be secured. Many intermediate Affiliate marketers do this a lot.

But you wouldn’t know because they keep their privacy secured and just use a dummy account.


#5. Aim For Admin On Other Groups:

Another way to secure enough victory in your Affiliate promotion on Facebook is to strive towards becoming an admin on other groups.

To do this, you can use your normal Facebook profile because they will want to verify that you are human.

The thing is that most top admin on groups also want someone who can help them monitor their group.

So, for example – if you are on a group where you see that they don’t have a lot of admins.

You can message the admin and offer to render assistance in an aspect you feel he or she might need your service which you know.

As you can see – I didn’t say you should go ahead and say you want to become an admin because it will sound fishy and look like you have an ulterior motive.

So, the best thing to do in this aspect is not to just message looking for a favor.

But messaging them and trying to assist them with something.

So, once you have build rapport with them and you have gained their trust.

You can then go ahead and tell the admin that you want to become an admin also just to help them.

So, you can start approving other people’s posts on the group after this method.

Although, that shouldn’t warrant that you keep spamming your Affiliate link on the group because you are an admin.

Just do it once in a while and you will see yourself make sales.

Also, try to build a good rapport with the group so that members can recognize you as an admin.


#6. Post links 2-3 times daily:

To round this guide up – always make sure that you don’t post many links in a day.

Although, I talked about creating several links to be able to post several links in a day.

But the Facebook algorithm can decide to change anytime – so, always keep it limited to 2 to 3 times daily on groups.

You can just select 2 to 3 groups that have a lot of members and keep posting on those groups.

Just make sure that you are careful and safe when promoting your affiliate links.



How to Promote Affiliate link on Facebook is not difficult if you follow the practices listed ahead.

You just have to be careful and watchful when trying to do your promotion and know how you will be distributing your links.

It’s not hard – you only need to follow the normal principle.

If you are promoting your affiliate link on Facebook. Hit the comment box below and tell us how you have been promoting your Affiliate link on Facebook.

If you enjoy this guide, comment below the best practice that you like best and will implement immediately.

Also, don’t forget to share this guide with your friends on your social media pages by clicking on any of the social media buttons below.