Influencer Marketing

7 Steps to a Successful Influencer Briefing W/Comprehensive Guide

I always hammer the use of Influencer Marketing to my readers and that is the major reason why Influencer Brief is what I will discuss in this guide.

The usage of an influence brief is very effective because not all influencers know the way to help you advertise or promote your business.

If you don’t lead them directly on how they should handle any campaign you pay them for or give to them.

They will just do it anyhow and you will later want to regret giving such an influencer a campaign to execute.

That is the major reason why you need to have an influencer brief to always lead an influencer on the right path to execute your campaign very well.

In This Guide, We Are Going To Take A Look At:

Roll up your sleeves and join me on this walk.


What Is An Influencer Briefing?

Influencer Brief is an instructional material that a firm or a brand will give to an influencer to direct and guide on how best to execute a campaign for them.

An Influencer brief is very Paramount for any brand using influencer marketing as their source of getting customers.

And also using influencers to get access to a wide number of audiences out there.

But there are so many briefs on how best an Influencer should shoot any campaign and make it perfect.

It might be an advert where an influencer will endorse their product and educate and encourage more people and their fans to also start buying the product.

The influencer didn’t just cook all these up and know how it should work out.

It is through the influencer brief given to them that made them know how they can present any advert perfectly.


How Do You Make An Influencer Briefing

The next aspect we have to take a look at is the ways through which you can make and prepare an influencer brief.

It involves some steps and aspects that you have to take note of when trying to start influencer Marketing.

So, let us quickly dive deeper into the steps and processes on how you can make an influencer brief.

  1. Create background information.
  2. Relay Your Expectations
  3. State Do’s and Don’t clearly
  4. Make use of visuals.
  5. Give product information.
  6. Address regulations & payment.
  7. Give deadlines.


1. Create background information:

Depending on how you want to make an influencer promote a campaign for you.

If you will need such an influencer in a particular location where you will meet. Then you need to create background information.

This means that before the influence gets there – you would have created all the necessary tools and equipment.

Some adverts will need the shooting of the influencer live and bring out the campaign in a more compelling manner.

This is very common and not new to you because you see it majorly all the time from your favorite influencers.

Whenever they are promoting a brand that is endorsing them – they do all these just to entice you to use the product.

So, enough background information is being related even before the influence comes to the location.

So, if you are doing this type of campaign – you have to brief your influencer on how the background will be.

How everything and everyone works together to have a fantastic result after the campaign.

So, a brief explanation of the background is a fantastic idea which you must take note of.

Remember that this is just important if you are doing a location shooting for an influencer you will be using.


2. Relay Your Expectations:

You have to tell the influencer your expectations for choosing them as a brand advocate for your firms’ product or service.

It is very important as this is what will lead to any successful campaign that they will create for your brand.

Doing successful influencer Marketing – you must have a goal that is clearly stated out.

And in stating out these goals – you must also endeavor to relay your expectations to the influencer you will be using.

Like, the revenue you expect to make from using them monthly and yearly is what is important to note.

They have to know that you will be spending more money now and you expect more positive results than ever.

Also, they have to know that their audience is your major goal and that you are striving hard to get more results from them.

You surely have a goal for your brand and you must state it very clear for the influencer to take note of.

So, always relay your expectations to them and get them on board to get a favorable result at the end.

So, if you are thinking of doing a Briefing – then you should start thinking of the result you aim to achieve.

Also, start jotting down the expectation that you aim to achieve from using them as your brand advocate.


3. State Do’s and Don’t clearly:

When there is a LAW – there will be no SIN and that is what you should also aim for when doing influencer marketing.

When you are trying to make an influencer your advocate and doing your briefing on the process.

You must also state out your Dos and Don’t for them – so that you both can be on a clear and safer side.

When doing your Influencer Briefing – if there is anything you would like the influencer to doc- clearly state it out.

And if there is anything you wouldn’t want the influencer to do at all – also state it out clearly.

This way, if there is anything that breaches what you both have already agreed on – you will have a say.

And this will also be backed up with some legal documents which will be signed by both parties.

It will always be in the terms and conditions which the influencer will also sign before he or she can be approved.

So, it is important that your influencer knows the Dos and Don’t before ever thinking of promoting or endorsing your campaign.


4. Make use of visuals:

You can also use visuals when doing your influencer briefing because it makes it look more explanatory.

With a visual being shown to an Influencer – he or she can quickly grab what you are trying to imply without any further fault.

Visuals are very good for also doing your briefing since it is trying to show examples or instances of what other people have done.

There must surely be something that you see that is making you decide to make use of an influencer for your promotion.

So, the instance that you saw is also what you will make use of to do your influencer briefing.

You will make it very much visual to the influencer to explain vividly how best to make it work.

So, visuals are very important and are very useful for the explanatory aspect of your influencer briefing.


5. Give product information:

It is very important to give product information to be able to give proper explanation to anybody.

Because your influencer is promoting and endorsing your campaign for you and your brand.

They need to have detailed information about your product because of people who will ask about the product.

Also, when doing the product explanation – only an influencer who knows about the product can explain well.

If an influencer doesn’t have enough explanation of how the product works – then it will be a little bit difficult.

So, part of the briefing is the explanation of the product and the information it entails.

The majority of the influencers don’t have any idea of how the product works – that’s why the majority are now promoting crappy products.

Although, that is not our main concern since we are only endorsing them to promote our brand.

So, giving detailed information will go a long way from them doing “Erm…Erm!!” In your campaign.

So, always make sure that you give enough explanation and detailed information about your brand and its product to the influencer.

This way, the Influencer briefing will come out perfect and you can gladly say that you have achieved something.


6. Address regulations & payment:

You need to address your regulation and payment process which will be agreed to by the influencer.

Enough details must be given about the payment and how much and when the influencer will be paid.

Although, this greatly depends on how the influencer is promoting the brand.

If it is just through a normal advert on their page or the influencer is endorsed to come to a location.

If the influencer is not endorsed by only promoting the brand just from their social media page.

Then the payment will be less than an influencer who is fully endorsed for maybe a year or more.

Just to keep promoting the brand and keep working hard to make sure that more of his or her audience sees the brand products.

So, part of the campaign in the Influencer briefing is the Payment process that will be revealed to the influencer.

So, always make sure to state out the payment and rules clearly to the influencer and let him or her know.

This way, there won’t be any cause for alarm and everyone will be on a safer side.


7. Give deadlines.

There must always be a deadline for every campaign that you are creating with your influencer.

It is very much important that you give a deadline to the influencer concerning when your campaign must be executed.

The majority of these influencers are always busy and they are fully involved in several things taking their time.

Some even have other brands who have already endorsed them and fully paying them well also.

They might not only be working with you or you being the first brand that will ever want to endorse them.

So, you always have to give them a deadline of when they must surely create the campaign and execute it.

With this deadline, they will work towards making sure that they execute the plan and flow along the path you want them to follow.

I like deadlines a lot because I believe that once a deadline is being given to someone.

Such a person will strive towards making sure that they meet that particular deadline in time.

Unlike you do not have any deadline for an influencer and you expect them to just work it out.

You will keep complaining and they will keep apologizing. So, always make sure that a deadline is among your Influencer Brief.

To be on the safer side and quickly get your project or campaign executed.


Types of Influencers

So, if you conclude that you want to use an influencer to kickstart or improve your business and gain access to more audience.

Then it is also important to know that there are different types of influencers and we will briefly talk about them here.

  1. Influencers Based on Content or Niche
  2. Influencers by Follower Count


1. Influencers Based on Content or Niche:

And influencers based on content or niche are those influencers who are professionals in their field.

They might not necessarily have millions of followers or fans but the little they have to respect them for their knowledge and dignity.

You know some people are not popular with the fan base kinds of stuff.

They don’t have that million fans who are following them and flowing with whatever is going on.

But they have quality people who are following them and will always appreciate whatever they are recommending.

People like this are thought leaders in their field – who have people’s respect based on the content that they put out.

They already have a mass reply of followers and their followers are quality who give them maximum regard and respect.

So, using this type of people for your business is not also bad because you will attract quality people.

Although it depends on how well their audience will suit your business if it does – then you have no reason not to use them.

Because they have audiences who are quality and not the audience who is quantity.

Their audience might just be 400,000 Followers compared to others who have 10miilion followers.

But trust me, that their 400,000 followers are worth more than other influencer’s millions of followers.


2. Influencers by Follower Count:

Yup! This is where many brands fall and these are the influencers that do get brand advocacy.

They have a lot of followers on their social media pages and they control their flow of traffic.

Now, the thing about these types of influencers is that they might not necessarily be an experienced person.

Or should I put it as a knowledgeable person because the majority of them only got fame just from worldly stuff?

Some might be musicians who just release new music and just pop because people love the song.

Some might involve in some explicit programs but because people love X-rated stuff – they quickly got fame and have millions of followers.

So, their followers are not really from the experience they have but just because people like the stuff they are doing.

They are the kind of influencers that show off online and show people their new whip and their new designers.

So, these people always gain a lot of endorsement because of the fame that they have got.

You can also make use of influencers like this but always make sure that you understand your audience.

You must know if your audience will be among their followers – it’s normal for you to get a good result.

But how well are you getting the result and how best are the result going to flow into your income stream.

They always have millions of followers and they will surely flow with your endorsement to help you promote your brand.

So, this is another type of influencer which you can use and be ready to create your Influencer briefing for.


Characteristics Of A Good Influencer

Let us immediately look through the characteristics of a good influencer.

There are some characteristics an influencer must flow through before you must ever think of doing business with them.

And that is what we are going to talk about in this aspect.

  1. Relatable.
  2. Responsive.
  3. Tech Savvy.
  4. Creative.
  5. Consistent.


1. Relatable:

A good influencer must be relatable which means he or she must be someone that anyone can flow with.

Now, there is a saying that you can’t truly know the real attitude or color of a person until they have money.

Fame is also part of it. When someone becomes famous – there is this inner drive that will get into someone’s head.

But it is now left for the person to control his or her attitude or just make it engulf him or her.

So, you need to know if the person you want to endorse is relatable and understands how to speak with someone.

And it starts from how the influencers flow with their subscribers or followers on their social media pages.

That is where your promotion will be flowing and you should look at how they respond to followers.

If they are someone who doesn’t have a good attitude or behavior – it is going to be very difficult for you to see enough revenue.

That is why you will see some people who are good in their skill and talent but don’t have enough followers and endorsement.

That is because other brands will be thinking about what the outcome will be if they decide to promote and do business with this person.

So, you need to make sure that you look at whether the influencer is relatable or not.

Because if such an influencer is not very relatable – it is going to be very difficult and it’s better one if careful before even briefing anything with them.


2. Responsive:

How responsive is the influencer when it comes to responding to inquiries from other brands?

Sometimes, the majority of these influencers don’t have much time to answer Messages on their DM.

So, concerning this – I also think it is better to find a way to get through to them without their personal social media Direct message.

Because the high chance of them replying through that way will be very slim.

So, you should always make sure that you get through to them either through email or direct calling their assistant.

But let us even say you can get access to them – how well are they responding.

Is the influencer very active and response at the necessary time when you gave him or her a call.

When he or she says “I will call you back” – did he or she even flow and keep to his or her promise.

This responsiveness is what you need to take note of before you should even consider making use of such an Influencer.

Doing business with someone who is not very responsive is a very difficult thing and won’t lead to something productive.

You need an influencer who picks calls all the time and replies to emails almost within 24 hours.

That is the type of Influencer that will acknowledge your Influencer briefing and even put more energy into working with your brand.

So whether you are a marketer for your brand or you are the owner of your brand.

Responsiveness is what you should put more energy and time into because it is very important.


3. Tech Savvy:

I can’t even imagine an influencer in this century that won’t know about the use of the internet.

Like, being Influencers these days requires you to be tech-savvy. I mean even if not everything – one must know how to post on social media.

So, it is very important that the influencer that you will be using is tech-savvy and knows how to use the internet.

If such an influencer doesn’t know how to use the internet and how to use technology moderately.

Then I would not consider such a person an influencer and it is better you just flow with another influencer.

Because being an influencer requires a lot of technical knowledge.

Like, such an influencer must be able to scroll freely on your social media page and see new updates.

He or she must have even known about any update before you or your brand will contact him or her concerning it.

An influencer that will easily pull out his or her phone and just give an update about your brand easily.

I do watch some influencers online that might just be chilling in the beach or their living room and just go live.

They will go Live on Instagram and just promote their brand the more just to encourage their followers.

That way is more sellable than even shooting a whole location and still needs the presence of the team.

So, you must choose an influencer that is tech-savvy and can control the activities of the internet.


4. Creative:

How creative is this influencer that you want to be used to promote your brand?

There is some level of reasoning that you need to look towards when you are trying to have a better brand.

Because in this world that we live in – we are in a creative world where people only fall in love with a unique thing.

So, if you are not creative in anything you are doing – then your competitors will surpass whatever you plan for.

So, you also need to focus and look at the creativity of the influencer that you want to be using.

There are so many Influencers all over the world now because social media has made it possible for anyone to just shoot a video and upload it from their comfort.

So, enough time should be put on the creative aspect of the content that an influencer is always uploading to attract more people.

So, you need to have enough time to look at the creative side of the influencer and see if it match what you need.

How clean are the videos he or she posts and does he or she has a unique selling point that people will use to portray your brand very well?

These are the things you must take note of when trying to use an Influencer.

Some influencers are not that creative and it might hurt your brands’ results.

So, creativity is very important when it comes to choosing an influencer – make sure to put it in your Briefing.


5. Consistent:

How consistent is this influencer? A good influencer must always be consistent in his or her place of work.

Oh yes! The fact that such a person is an authority in the field should also denote that such place is his or her place of work.

A few days ago, my sister and I were talking about one of our favorite actors that we always watch his film.

But my sister talks down on him not being consistent on Instagram or even social media at large.

She said other actors are always coming online to post and create fun on their social media pages.

But he doesn’t come that much and even if he posts – it’s just to tell fans about his new film that will be coming out soon.

She said she doesn’t like it and she just had to ignore every one of her posts because he only comes to tell them his new movie.

Now, this is something that a brand should take note of because just the way my sister detests seeing his posts…

…that is also how other parts of his followers will also be ignoring his posts just because his page is always boring.

Now, this actor has millions of followers on Instagram but the majority of his followers don’t even flow with his content.

Mainly because his posts are always boring and it’s only his movies that interest his followers.

So, if you are to be using a type of Influencer like this who is not consistent with his followers.

You will find it hard to scale more than the amount you are paying because the return will not be that booming.


How To Get The Right Influencer

For Your Influencer Briefing

In this aspect, we are going to look at the best way to get the right influencer for your Briefing.

This is also an important part of this guide and that is what we are going to look at last in this guide.

Because when you know how to select the right influencer for your briefing or your brand at large.

Your profit and revenue will keep going up and you will never lack or complain of not having funds to continue your business.

So, let us dive deeper into how you can select the right influencer and we call it an end for this guide.

  1. Audience Match.
    Authenticity, Passion, and Knowledge.
  2. Goal Match.
  3. Platform.
  4. Reach.
  5. Quality.


1. Audience Match:

Now the first thing that you have to take a look at is the type of audience that is following this influencer.

Are they in any way relatable to your brands’ goal and view?

Are they people that can show interest in what you are offering and will they even buy your offer?

This is the first thing that you should look at before even thinking of using an Influencer as your brand advocate.

Let us take, for example, you are trying to promote your digital course and you are using a musician as your brand influencer and advocate.

Do you think such an influence who has musical fans will be able to give you enough turn up that will bring back the amount you have paid him?

I doubt that! Because the majority of his or her audience is interested in worldly things.

If you are shooting new music and you find another musical influencer who is already a big boy in the industry.

Such a type of matching still flows – compared to a course creator who is using a musical influencer.

And the fact is that you will always get an influencer in your field who will be able to endorse your product and business.

So, you need to take your survey and do enough research on the type of audience that is following this influencer.

Look at what they are also interested in aside from following the influencer and see if it relates to your business.

If it does – then you know that you hit the nail because they will show an interest in your offer and buy.

But if it doesn’t – you are only pouring water inside the ocean which wouldn’t reflect anything.


2. Authenticity, Passion, and Knowledge:

The influencer you must use for any brand advocacy must be passionate and have authenticity with his or her work.

The moment an influencer starts endorsing and promoting your brand – then such an influencer is part of your brand.

So, if you are not in a real business with someone passionate about what he or she is doing…

…your brand will keep shrinking and you will just see that things are not truly moving the way you have planned it.

The truth is that not all influencers are truly passionate about the way you might be portraying them.

Some of them are just opportune to get into the limelight maybe with something people fall in love with.

Some of them didn’t strive hard towards becoming who they are but are just opportune to get the chance.

So, if you are using such an influencer – then you must make sure to use enough time to talk business with him or her.

Ask about an influencer’s dedication before you will ever think of adding them to your business or product brand.

This is something that will also be in your contract agreement before you will even sign such an influencer.

A lot of influencers are out there but not all of them are truly passionate about whatever business they find themselves in.

That is why your brand must be promoted by someone passionate and knowledgeable about your business.

When the knowledge is there and the hard work is flowing well within the influencer – it is starting to become easy to improve the performance of the business.


3. Goal Match:

Is the goal of your company also related to the goal of the influencer?

Hope it is not an influencer that wouldn’t care much about the progress of the company and all its objectives.

There are ways through which you can know the goal match and see if your business goal is kinda the same as the Influencer’s goal.

And that is when you are using an influencer that is in the same niche as what you are promoting.

If you are someone who is in the Refreshment industry and you have a club that you handle.

You will need some influencers to also help you talk more about your club and get more people to show up.

Or if you have a company that produces hot drinks that are alcoholic in substance and need more buyers.

You will know that in such two instances – your best influencers should be hip hop artists.

Because whenever they are rapping and singing – they will keep mentioning your club name in their tracks.

Also, you can endorse them to always hold your drink when they are shooting a music video.

This is how companies like Ciroc are booming and making use of Influencers whose goals match theirs.

Because they know that such people have an interest in stuff like that and their followers also will be interested in kinds of stuff like that.

So, they are booming and progressing with the influencers who have a goal match with them.


4. Platform:

Which platform are these people booming and making a lot of progress on?

Different Influencers have a different fan in different platforms that follows them and enjoy what they do.

Some have a lot of followers on Facebook, while some have a lot of followers on Instagram, while some have a lot of subscribers on YouTube.

Some even have millions of followers on all these platforms and they are making a lot of waves from them.

But you are the one who will select the platform you know that your audience is best available.

If I am someone who is into a kind of business that people will still need to search for my keyword before they will get an answer.

I will prefer to use influencers who have build authority in the SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION platform.

A platform like a blog that gets thousands of visitors daily and millions of visitors yearly.

Or I can decide to make use of an influencer that has a lot of subscribers on YouTube and they keep following him or her.

Now, this is something that you have to take note of when you are doing your influencer searching.

Although, there is more idea and knowledge related to this aspect of reasoning which I also believe you should have comprehended.

But I just hope you understand the aspect of the platform in using to get an influencer for your business.

Just with an influencer on a certain platform – you can easily get people who will surely be buyers of your product.

That is why you have to look at the platform that best suits where your influencer should come from.


5. Reach:

What’s the reach of the influencer and how many views does he or she get monthly?

This is another important aspect since many people are now fond of buying fake followers online.

There are some fake engagement and followers detector tools these days like Influencermarketinghub that will easily notice whether an account is filled with real followers.

So, you must take note of these things and not just do business with an influencer with a fake follower count.

The reason why I believe I need to state this aspect is that a lot of my readers might not be that buoyant to do business with top Influencers.

So, if you are someone who can’t afford the top influencer money but wish to flow with an influencer at a moderate level.

You need to look at the way their follower count is coming and see if it’s not just filled with bot followers.

The majority of people out there are now doing anything possible just to get into the limelight and make money.

So, you don’t want to play with your chance and employ someone with a fake follower count as your brand advocate.

So, this is another important thing you should take note of and know how well the reaches are.

Is their reach real and how many people are viewing their content daily and the total monthly content view is important for you to know.


6. Quality:

How well is the quality of the audience? Are they an audience that will always engage with your posts?

Whenever the influencer post something from your brand – will they even show interest to take any action on it?

This is also among the things we have already stated here but I feel it is also more important that I lay enough emphasis on it.

Because you need to know how well the followers of the influencers are.

And that is even part of knowing where the followers are coming from.

Are the real people that click on the follow button because they love what the influencer is doing and want more?

Or they are people who don’t even know they are following someone because it’s some bot tool that added them there?

You need to check the quality of the followers of an influencer before you should ever think of doing business.

These are important things to take note of even before doing any briefing with an influencer.



This guide has been very comprehensive enough in the aspect of Influencer briefing and we have discussed some of the things you have to take note of.

Also, I am a fan of Influencer Marketing and I always stress it in my content for my readers.

Because with an influencer who is targeted to your niche – you can be able to get quick results within a short period.

The reason is that these people are hearing about your brand from the person whom they cherish and trust a lot.

So, they won’t care to give it a trial and patronize whatever you are promoting.

But always make sure that your Influencer briefing is intact and you are good in Your Copywriting

With Copywriting – your influencer will give out the best on whatever you give to him or her.

Don’t forget to share this guide with your friends on social media by clicking on any of the social media icons below.

Also, if you have any thoughts… hit the comment box below and share your thoughts.

TikTok Influencer Marketing: How To Become A TikTok Influencer

TikTok Influencer Marketing: How To Become A TikTok Influencer

Being a Tiktok influencer is now a new Achievement that has taken many young people from their youthful age to grow fame.

Just by recording a 60 seconds video or less on TikTok – people have started getting millions of followers all around the globe.

If you’re still wondering and thinking about how you can reach thousands of audiences within a short period.

Then you should start to consider creating content on TikTok and start using it as the new source of marketing your products.

Below are the 2 topics we will cover in this guide. Go ahead and click on any of these links, and you’ll be taken to that specific section.

My friend uploaded his first video on TikTok a few days ago and I’m mediately got 700+ views even without having any followers.

Isn’t that amazing?

Which platform does that among all the social media platforms out there?

Even YouTube that is a video platform requires that you know a little and rank for their SEO.

Instagram that does “Reels” will only start promoting your videos very well not until you also start to get enough followers on your Instagram profile or page.

But TikTok is far better than all that – even if you don’t have any followers and you are just starting afresh.

You will get views on your videos because it works like a public platform where your videos can get straight to anybody.

Even without having followers yet.

This is the reason why it becomes very easy to become a Tiktok Influencer without thousands to millions of followers within 1 year.

If your content is engaging, entertaining, and informative enough to captivate people’s hearts.

You will get a lot of followers and become an influencer very easily and rapidly.

But if you don’t have enough followers yet and you would like to promote your products…

…how can you go about getting the best influencers that can help you promote your product.

Or if you’re trying to grow your TikTok profile – how can you start your Tiktok Influencer Marketing Agency or Brand and start earning money from your videos.

That is what we will discuss in this guide.

You can also watch the video below to see the mistakes that you should avoid when choosing influencers.

So, stay with me as I walk you through the fundamentals of TikTok Influencer Marketing and its parts.

How To Get Influencers That Will Promote Your Product

How To Get Influencers That Will Promote Your Product

As an online brand or a marketer – your next idea will be how to get traffic with little ad spends.

Many people are already glued to the idea that traffic can only come from social media pages like Facebook.

That is why Facebook keeps banning people’s accounts the way they like and people still stay glued to it.

Why not just do influencer marketing and start paying less to reach a wide number of people.

Something like that is using TikTok as your source of generating an outstanding number of traffic.

So, if you are thinking of doing TikTok Influencer Marketing – let us look at some of the things that you have to study before you contact an influencer to do paid promoting on their page.

Below are the things that you should look out for:

  1. Niche.
  3. Location.
  4. Age Range.
  5. Consistency.
  6. Previous Statistics.


#1. Niche:

The first thing you have to look out for when trying to promote your product with an influencer on TikTok is the niche.

The niche is where you know who to message and determine the kind of result you will get from promoting your product with that influencer.

Let us say, for example, you are in the digital marketing niche and you want to promote your new course to an audience.

It is better to look for influencers who talk about marketing and most of their followers are people who are interested in digital marketing.

Most especially those whose followers have a business that they also handle and are business-wise.

The difficulty here is that you have to do your due diligence and look for influencers who are direct to yours.

Because the truth of the matter is that most of the influencers on TikTok are those that just post funny memes and acting.

That is why actors are making it big and quickly growing their followers on TikTok.

Since the highest numbers of those who have high followers on TikTok are young people.

Some are even young and not up to 20 years old. So, you see that you need to do well in your promotion.

Don’t just go to promote your digital course with an influencer who only does acting and rhymes on audios.

Because most of their followers might not be interested in what you’re promoting since it is not what they have an interest in.

So, make sure you are careful and check very well to see that the person that will be promoting your product is an Influencer in your niche.



Another thing you have to look out for is the number of followers that the influencer has.

As for me, if I want to promote any product using an influencer – I will like to promote with an influencer who has millions of followers.

Oh yes, that is the fact – because these people have higher chances of growing their followers rapidly.

You don’t necessarily need to follow other people like you can do on Facebook before you can get followers.

It is just like an organic reach where you don’t need any SEO to grow your Tiktok channel.

So, if the influencer is consistent enough – then he or she should be able to grow his or her TikTok channel rapidly.

Well, I don’t know how you might feel about this but I will prefer to promote with an influencer with millions of followers.

Through that means, I can know that my product will be reaching thousands of people and I can make hundreds of sales.

Although, the charges might be a little different based on followers count.

So, make sure to look at the number of followers that the influencer has before you ever think of contacting them to promote your offer.


#3. Location:

Is location also compulsory in this requirement? Well, to you maybe not but to me.

It is an absolute Yes!

You need to look at the location of the Influencer because this website called TikTok also looks at the location to determine where they will promote a video to.

You need to look out and see if the influencer is from a country that you will want your customers and conversions to come from.

If they are not from that country – try to dig deeper and look for influencers who can fit in this requirement.

Also, what I like to do is that I will ask the influencer to show me some records of his stats.

Those who are commenting on his page – where are the majority of them coming from.

Are they from a so-so country or another country?

Are they majorly from Tier 1 country or other thereof country?

These are the things that you have to look out for because they are very important.

You don’t want to spend a lot of money on influencer ads and the only thing you get to see after running the ad is views.

Imagine just getting only views on your product but the people viewing it cannot buy your offer.

Sometimes, when this happens – even if the influencer has a lot of followers.

Whatever you are promoting will find it very difficult to convert and you will end up regretting it.

So, make sure that you do your research on the location requirement of the influencer and where his or her followers are majorly at.

This is very important most especially if you are from a Tier 1 country and you are majorly looking for Tier 1 clients or customers.


#4.Age Range:

The age range of the followers of this Influencer is also very important when you are trying to promote a product.

You and I know that you don’t want to promote your product with an Influencer who has a lot of teenagers.

Oh boy! That is gonna be a baaaaahd idea!

Promoting your product to an influencer who has millions of followers but the majority of them are children.

Those who cannot even decide to buy your product but only find willingness and passion in it.

The only reason where this kind of conversion is favorable is if you are doing CPA.

Where you don’t necessarily need to make sales but just get clicks and people to input their details.

That is the only way I can decide to do any promotion with such type of TikTok influencer.

But if I am doing promotion and trying to sell my product – I will first look at the influence and see if he or she is matured.

Then, I will look at the comment box and see the people who are commenting.

Are they filled with young people or adults who are already having control of money in their accounts?

This is what you should make sure to look out for because it is important and one of the requirements you should look out for in any influencer’s channel or page.



Consistency is important in everything that we do – because that is the only way we can achieve that which we are aiming for.

So, check out the TikTok influencer that you want to promote with. When last have they come online.

Have they posted for the past days? Also, how do they post? Is it once a week?

These are the things that you have to look out for before you should ever consider promoting your product on an influencer’s channel.

If you go to promote your advert on a page of someone who hasn’t posted for over 6 months.

You should be ready to face the consequences because such an influencer might have lost a lot of engagement.

Just because an influencer has millions of followers should not only be your priority.

Try to look at their last seen and the last post and see if they are posting every day.

If you check an influence and see that he or she posted the day before you check his or her channel.

You will know that such an influencer will give you a lot of fresh engagement and views because he or she posts every day.

He or she has dedicated enough energy to post on his or her TikTok channel every day.

So, that kind of influencer is a considerable influencer to work with


#6. Previous Statistics:

Have you considered checking their previous Stats with clients? Oh! I forgot this will be your first time.

But seriously – you need to make sure that they send you their statistics with previous clients.

Aside from telling an influencer to send you the statistics of the location of his or her followers.

You also need to ask the statistics of previous clients and how many views he or she was able to deliver.

What are the default and average views that are guaranteed for someone to get whenever someone runs ads on their page?

You need to ask these questions and request statistics because that is how you can get enough information about whether what you want to do will work or not.

Sometimes, before you can get a good conversion of 1% – you might need to reach 100 people.

So, you are sure that you need to reach millions of people and get thousands of views to get hundreds to thousands of sales.

So, do your maths and see if it is worth it.

Things To Note To Grow Your Tiktok Channel & Become A Top TikTok Influencer Marketing Expert

Things To Note To Grow Your Tiktok Channel & Become A Top TikTok Influencer Marketing Expert

Growing a Tiktok channel involves some things to note before ever thinking of making waves and becoming an influencer.

Since we are done with the things that you should take note of you want to promote your product with a Tiktok influencer.

Is there anything that should stop you from becoming a Tiktok influencer yourself?

Absolution not! You can also become a Tiktok Influencer and start promoting other people’s products while you promote your product.

And with the necessary things which we will be revealed in the section of this article.

You can quickly start to make waves and within a few months – your content can start to rank and you can be making money from your Tiktok channel.

Below are the necessary things that you need to have in mind when creating Content on TikTok to become a top influencer.

  1. Hashtag.
  2. Producing Content.
  3. Stable Niche.
  4. Micro Niche.
  5. Into (hook) & Call-To-Action.
  6. Consistency.
  7. Playlist.
  8. Thumbnail.


#1. Hashtag:

The use of hashtag is a very necessary ingredient whenever you are preparing your palatable TikTok channel.

It is just like a link that connects viewers to their desired videos.

Just like you might have known or maybe you don’t know. Tiktok is also more of a search engine social media website.

Because people don’t necessarily need to watch videos from who they follow – just logging into their TikTok and they already have tons of videos on their page.

I remember my first day of opening TikTok – my aim was that the page will look empty.

I already saw hundreds of videos displaying on my page. I haven’t even opened an account.

That is the power of this channel and whenever people want to search for content related to your video.

They will type the hashtag that is related to your video on the search box.

So, you need to be using hashtags whenever you are doing your Tiktok marketing.

One of the best and popular hashtags to make use of in this aspect is #4U #foryou

You should also try to research more popular hashtags – but using this will also get you more views on your videos.

Just like I said – do more hashtag research and stay updated with the new Trends.


#2. Producing Content:

You cannot just think that by logging into TikTok and watching videos – then you will also grow your TikTok channel.

At all, it doesn’t work like that. Aside from being a consumer of content – you also have to be a producer of content.

If you are very serious with TikTok and even make it your number one channel of socializing.

You will learn a lot on TikTok because many only coaches and tutors are going there to give out values.

So, when you are on this platform – you will consume content to the extent that you will forget about creating Content.

You will be loaded with too many pieces of information because the moment you finish watching a certain video…

…you will be bombarded with another video which will teach you more on other things.

Even if you are there to watch funny videos and actings. It is enough to take your time and forget about producing your content.

So, always make sure that you are a content producer and also give out the value in whichever way you find it fit.

Before you should ever think of joining – it is even good to first look at some aspects that you believe you are good at.

That way, you can easily know your area of specialty where you can be producing more content on.


#3. Stable Niche:

It is very good to produce content and not only be a consumer of content because that will help you to become famous.

But another thing is trying to be stable and focus on a niche in your content creation as a Tiktok Influencer.

Don’t try to be smartly overloaded by thinking that you can just produce content on anything that you like.

That will only cost you a lot of views and the algorithm will not know how best to promote your videos.

Although, when you are starting and you don’t have a lot of videos. You might not feel the impact.

But immediately you start having over 20+ videos on our TikTok channel. That is when you will know the relevance of trying to stay in a stable Niche.

Because imagine someone saw a content you created on a story about your life or real fact about women.

Then, the person goes to your channel to watch more videos on that and they start seeing videos in other niches.

This will make them bounce from your channel and go to other channels.

They won’t even find it fit to follow you even if they love the content they watched – because they don’t see you as an authority in it.

But if they watch more on your videos and see that you produce more content in that specific niche.

They will follow you because they will expect more from you and will be ready to always watch your videos.

That is how those influencers who have millions of followers on TikTok are gaining more.

Because they have focused their time and energy on a specific niche without thinking of trying other niches.

So, people already know them in that niche and even if brands should search for that niche.

They will be the ones to show up at the top page and get brand promotion since they are focused on that niche.


#4. Micro Niche:

It is very good and important to focus on a specific niche – but it is also important for you to focus on a specific niche with less competition.

This is the reason why those who take their time to research more on their niche will always get quick results unlike those who wouldn’t.

When you are starting on TikTok – make sure that your niche is a micro Niche.

A niche that doesn’t have too much competition and a niche that can quickly rank your content at the top.

The best way to do this is to search on TikTok and look at the results given to you.

Look at the influencers page and see those who are common in that niche. Are they putting that niche in their bio?

That is how you can know if there are many influencers and not many influencers in that niche.

When the niche is micro and not having a lot of Influencers. Your videos will quickly get views within a short period.

But if it has a lot of competition – The TikTok algorithm will still later help you push it through but it will take a lot of time.

It might take a year or close to a year of creating content consistently before you will see a good result.

That is why you will check on some content Creator’s channel on TikTok and you will only be seeing 10 views or 20 views on each of their videos.

And these people already have many videos – while someone who is new and just dropped only 4 videos is already having thousands of views.

It is because of the niche and you need to choose a micro Niche when starting your Tiktok influencer channel.


#5. Into (hook) & Call-To-Action:

So, when you are editing and uploading your videos on TikTok – it is important that you need to have an intro.

In TikTok – it is called hook and it is very effective for your video promotion and capture.

The intro is what will introduce you to your audience and make them fall in love with reading more of your content.

What many people do is just to start their video without any hook – although for people who just post for fun…

…this might not be relevant since you are only posting for fun and not serious about using it for business.

But if you are the kind that uploads marketing-related kinds of stuff that teach people things on TikTok.

Then you need to put a hook so that your viewers can also know your videos separately.

Normally, it will be difficult for someone to easily remember your username and memorize it.

But anytime they see your hook – that will make them quickly remember that you are the one.

Also, this is what will prompt them into remembering your username and knowing exactly who you are.

So, always make sure that you use a hook in your videos because that is what will display your brand name.

Also, that is what will distinguish you from other influencers who post videos on TikTok.


#6. Consistency:

Consistency is the king of all success stories. Have you heard of any influencer in any industry who is not consistent enough?

I have not heard of such a person. You must be very much consistent before you can ever think of growing your follower base.

When I talk about consistency – it doesn’t even necessarily need to be posting every day.

No! If you are busy and have other things that you are doing aside from trying to become a Tiktok influencer.

That will burn you out and you will easily quit and find it very hard to continue after a few times.

But the best consistency you can have is setting aside a particular day/s of the week to post your content.

You can decide to post twice every week Or you can decide to post once every week.

It depends on how best you can post and if you have every day to yourself.

What’s stopping you from posting every day – since you don’t have anything keeping you busy.

Just go ahead and post every blessed day. But make sure that you are consistent with it.

If you cannot be consistent – then cut it into several days in a week.

Also, always specify your time of posting and let the algorithm know when you post your videos.

If it is twice every week – you can make it every Monday and Friday or whichever day at (10 Am).

Always schedule your videos ahead so that they can post at that particular time.

This way, TikTok will be ready to show your videos to your audience at that time because they know that you are consistent with it.


#7. Playlist:

Just like creating a YouTube channel and having a playlist for your videos.

It is also applicable to TikTok influencing. You must create a playlist for all your videos.

If you don’t know what a playlist means – it is the act of segmentize the base of your video on respective topics.

Let us say you talk about relationship tips in your Tiktok channel.

You cannot always talk about the same topic in that specific niche. You will always talk about a different topic.

In some videos – you might talk about “How to care for your Woman” and another video for “How to care for your man”.

Those are the same kind of topics that can be in the same niche.

But there will be another topic that you might talk about like “The Best Sex Position For Couples”.

That is another type of topic that needs another playlist because it talks about another aspect.

So, in each playlist, you will keep updating videos that are related to each segment in it.

This way, your viewers will be enjoying your content and can keep navigating from one aspect to another.

This will boost your watch time and will also give you an edge over other influencers who are creating TikTok video content in your niche.


#8. Thumbnail:

The thumbnail is also a very good aspect that will help you a lot in your Tiktok Influencing.

A thumbnail is that graphic that you first see anytime you are searching for a video and it’s the first thing that will grab your readers’ attention.

Your thumbnail alone can boost your watch views and make people click on your videos.

This helped my friend a lot when he was starting his TikTok channel.

He decided to create a catchy thumbnail and luckily for him – the thumbnail gave him a lot of clicks and I advised him not to change it…

…I told him to keep continuing using that type of design for his thumbnail but might just decide to apply some little changes to see what works.

And it keeps giving him a lot of views. It is very effective and it is also part of what you should consider.

Final Thought On TikTok Influencer Marketing

Final Thought On TikTok Influencer Marketing

TikTok Influencer Marketing is the next traffic-generating source that is very effective for anyone trying to promote his product.

Traffic is said to be the lifeblood of every business and without it – the business will surely fail.

So, if you have a means of reaching millions of people with little money spent on an advert.

Why not give it a try since the algorithm of TikTok is still fresh.

Also, with the tips given above – I have discussed the best practices to involve in when you want to hire an influencer to promote on his or her page.

Also, I have tried to explain some tips and secrets that can help you kickstart your Tiktok Influencing journey…

…and get brands to start endorsing you for promotion.

Are you a brand looking to hire a Tiktok Influencer Or are you an influencer trying to learn more about TikTok Influencing?

Hit the comment below and type what you find very effective in this guide – I will be glad to reply.

Also, don’t forget to share this guide with your friends on social media. You gain by giving.