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B2B Instagram: How To Do B2B Instagram Marketing

B2B Instagram

Instagram marketing is a fast way of reaching other B2B businesses who will be interested in what you have to offer.

That is why creating valuable content on Instagram will help you to achieve a lot of things when it comes to growing a successful B2B business on Instagram.

Instagram is all about creating content that will appeal to an audience that will later crave your engagement.

This is how many people started – by creating valuable content on Instagram and having other businesses messaging them for a contract.

So, you as someone who is creating content on Instagram and growing your Instagram followers…

…you are into a business and the other business that is also contacting you for a purpose is also in a business.

The coming together of both businesses will lead to a profit that mutually benefits each other.

That is why in this guide – we will be talking about B2B Instagram Marketing and how it can benefit you.

But let me ask you a quick question, are you already into Instagram Marketing?

Because if you haven’t started leveraging Instagram as a source of building a business for yourself.

You need to start creating valuable content on Instagram which will belong to you.

To do that – all you need is to sign up for Instagram which will take you few minutes to set up.

Just provide your valid email address with your unique username and you will be good to go.

There are so many businesses on Instagram that are looking for other content creators who are into building a business empire for themselves.

So, if you can dedicate few months on Instagram to creating content – you will also start gaining conversion.

And once you start gaining conversions – the money will start rolling in when other brands want to do business with you.

But enough of all the Ted Talk, for now, let us go deeper into the tips you can use to start your B2B Instagram Marketing journey.

Below Is What Will Be Discussed In This Content;

I never thought to define what B2B Instagram means but in the case of those who are new to the Internet Marketing world.

Let us quickly look at what it means.

Tips For B2B Instagram Marketing

What is B2B Instagram Marketing?

B2B Instagram Marketing is a process of creating a big brand on Instagram and getting connections from other brands on that same platform called INSTAGRAM.

Just like I have stated from the beginning of this guide – you need to have something to show for you to build a business on Instagram.

And that something is having a lot of ENGAGING FOLLOWERS on Instagram.

No business will contact an Instagram person who claims to be an Instagram influencer but doesn’t have engaging followers.

I needed to add the word “ENGAGING” because you can easily BUY Instagram followers.

But the majority are crap and won’t engage in your content – so, you need to create valuable content and grow your followers organically.

That is how you can have a lot of followers and amazing content on your Instagram profile or page.

Let us quickly look at the tips that can help you in your B2B Instagram Marketing.

What is B2B Instagram Marketing?

Tips For B2B Instagram Marketing

These tips are what you should take note of when trying to do B2B Instagram Marketing.

  1. Have A Goal For Your B2B Approach 
  2. Design A Nice Instagram Bio 
  3. Always Engage With Your Content 
  4. Use Relevant Hashtags 
  5. Choose Quality Always 
  6. Follow More People 
  7. Develop a unique corporate identity 
  8. Find The Right Content Mix


1. Have A Goal For Your B2B Approach:

The first tip is that you must have a goal for your B2B Instagram Marketing approach because that is what will make you achieve success.

You need to have a plan that is already set up for how you want to achieve this goal.

What the majority of the people coming into internet marketing does is just keep doing something for a little time and just runoff.

If you aim to make a business out of Instagram – just make sure that you set down your goal.

Your goal can be to post 2 to 3 content every day or 12 pieces of content every week.

This is what will make you achieve your goal easily because you already have a plan that is set up.

So, if you are trying to come into Instagram Marketing for B2B purposes.

You just have to have a goal that you have designed for yourself because other businesses that will work with you are looking for a serious brand.

So, no matter what you are posting as content – even if you are a BAKER.

The way you plan your content and make everything go hand in hand is what will make people take you and your business seriously.

This is also what will set you aside from other Instagram users who have the same business as yours.

Also, for people to keep following what you have to say – you have to show them your goal in an indirect manner.

And that is from the way you schedule your content on Instagram.


2. Design A Nice Instagram Bio:

Another thing that you have to consider when trying to do your Instagram marketing is your Bio.

Your Instagram Bio has to be something of value and have a class that will drive followers.

An example of a very good Instagram Bio which you can replicate is the one below.

B2B instagram

The reason is that anyone who will follow you or do business with you will first engage with your bio.

This is just like the receptionist that you will first meet in an organization when trying to see the top officials.

So, the way the Bio talks about you and what you are capable of doing, and how you also design it is the way you will grow your followership.

This is what people will see and make the fast decision to follow you and become your die-hard fan.

Also, it is when you start having fans who are engaging that other top brands who want to do business with you will decide to message you on for the B2B partnership.

Once they see your BIO and see that you are capable of doing what is impossible for others.

And they scroll down a bit to your content and see the value you are providing to your followers.

They will give you a trial and do business with you – so, always make sure that your bio talks about you.

Design it in a way that makes people want to resonate with you and put a very niche picture in your profile.


3. Always Engage With Your Content:

Once you keep uploading and updating a lot of content on your Instagram page or profile.

You will start getting a lot of engagement from people who will be interested to know more about you.

They will want to feel from you and keep commenting on your content to resonate with you.

Now, the worst thing for you to do is not replying to these comments and not even showing care.

They will not bother to comment on your posts anymore even if they like your content.

The reason is that the last time they tried engaging with your content and showing concern.

You didn’t bother to reply to them back in your comment or even show a sign of care.

Although, it might get to a level where you already have a lot of engagement on your content which you will not be able to reply all.

That time, your followers will understand – but if you still have few followers.

You should always make sure to engage with them always because even those who will do business with you are from your comment section.

Oh yes, they might be the marketing manager of a certain brand or the owner of their brand and will show the engagement on your content.

So, it is when you start replying to them that you will know the importance and benefit of engagement.

That is when they will feel more connected to you and want to work with you the more because of your engagement rate.

But if you keep ignoring your comment section – you won’t grow and the more you keep engaging.

The more Instagram will keep boosting your content and the more others will keep feeling okay to comment.


4. Use Relevant Hashtags:

I am sure you already know about the importance of having hashtags on your content.

Because this is what will also make your content go far and grow wider to more Instagram users.

Hashtags are something very cool for Instagram because it’s one of the search engine terms for Instagram.

Some Instagram users go to Instagram to search base on hashtags for a certain keyword.

Like someone who is searching for “Human Hair” can just go to search “#humanhair” on search.

And Instagram will show them pages that have the hashtag #humanhair on their content.

So, let us say you are one of those who use the hashtag in your content – your post will get to them.

That is how you keep getting views from those who are not even your followers on Instagram.

Also, this way, other businesses can contact you from the Hashtags and do business with you once they see other content you have posted.


5. Choose Quality Always:

An essential aspect of every business out there is the ability to post quality content on Instagram.

The majority of the content on Instagram is not of good quality that can quickly grab the attention of its users.

So, if you can post quality content that can easily grab the attention of your followers – it will help you grow more Engagement.

And doing this is using tools like Canva for the creating and designing of quality images.

Videos on Instagram are something that you can easily shoot with Instagram Reels and live videos.

So, you necessarily don’t need any fancy app for your Instagram videos in creating content in as much as you have a very good camera.

But in case you want to add some editing that will be having some text in the video.

You can easily make use of tools like Inshot to easily edit your Instagram videos for content creation.

In everything you do on Instagram – just make sure that you are aiming for the best quality.

Don’t upload images or videos that have low quality because that will not attract enough viewers for you.

Even those following you might easily scroll past your content if it’s not eye-grabbing enough.

Also, those using hashtags to search will come in contact with your content and it must resonate with them before they can pay you their attention.

So, always make sure that you are aiming for the best


6. Follow More People:

Always try to follow as many people as possible because it will also help you gain more exposure quickly.

Although you must be careful with the way you handle this because if you abuse it.

Instagram will ban you temporarily and unexpectedly permanently if you keep repeating it.

They believe that if one should try to follow as many accounts as possible – it must be in a reasonable manner.

That is why you cannot just follow like you are using a bot since many accounts are using a bot for followership out there.

You can follow 5 at once and let it take a little bit of time before you follow another 5 accounts.

You can decide to have planned the following 30 accounts in a day to grow more exposure.

And if you have already set up your profile in a very catchy approach that looks professional.

You will have a lot of follow-backs since people also want to flow with someone classy in approach.

So, that is why you have to create a very good bio that grand people’s attention and not just stuff your profile with crap.

Your profile has to explain what you are doing exactly and if you are a BAKER for example and you describe yourself as a baker.

You only need to look for someone who is a BAKER like you but has a lot of followers on his or her page.

Look at the content on the page and check the engagement rates. Those who are engaging on the person’s page.

Follow them because that means they have an interest in baking – once they look at your Bio and the few contents you have posted.

They will surely follow you back since they are interested in what you will be creating content about.


7. Develop a unique corporate identity:

You need to design a unique corporate identity for your content so that you won’t look like others.

The fact is that people don’t want to follow those who are trying to duplicate what others are doing.

Don’t get me wrong – you have to look at what other people are doing or have done for you to progress.

But don’t duplicate what they have done and make it yours. The best thing is that you replicate what they have done and convert it to yours.

So, immediately you replicate what someone else has done and make it unique in a way that nobody can know.

You have immediately gained the trust of people and they will be more than eager to follow what you are posting.

The reason is that you are unique in your approach and people like the way you are doing your things.

It can be from the intro of your videos or it can be the way you use some nice background in your images.

It can even be the way you do structure your content and easily gain the mindset of people scrolling.

Some people always change the font in their text just to have another perfect look in the view of their readers.

These are the things that can help you build a corporate identity and make you stand out among other people.

Also, this is what other businesses will be looking out for to transact busing with you.

Mainly because you are unique in your business style and they enjoy your content.

So, they are ready to do business with you and impact their brand just as you have impacted yours.


8. Find The Right Content Mix:

Since there are many features available on Instagram – Video, Images & Text.

So, you already have a combination of many things to post and not just be limited to one kind of post.

So, you should have a combination of the way you mix your content so that your followers can be on the lookout for more of your content.

Remember that among your followers are other businesses who are watching you and looking at what you are doing.

They are just waiting for the perfect things that you will do and they will immediately conclude to do business with you.

The truth is that it becomes difficult to have a change when you keep repeating the same type of content.

You need to tweak and mix things up in your content plan so that other people and businesses can have something to watch.

Even if what you are doing is interesting but you keep repeating that particular type of content every time.

People will get bored and might start to skip over your posts and the moment engagement starts dropping.

That is the moment that you start losing your journey to sealing a lot of business deals you should have gotten.

Sometimes, you might even decide to focus on one type of content in your Instagram Marketing.

But always make sure that you tweak things up and get people to always flow with your content.

That’s how to win in this type of B2B marketing approach and process.

Instagram marketing

Strategies You Can Adopt For Your Success In B2B Instagram Marketing Approach

Here are some of the strategies that you can adopt to grow a successful B2B brand.

  1. Automate Your Posting
  2. ShoutOut Other Businesses
  3. Do Giveaway
  4. Show Results
  5. Use All The Instagram Features

1. Automate Your Posting:

Always make sure that you automate your postings on Instagram because you won’t always have the time to post by yourself.

Also, there will be some specific times that your audience will be online the most and you might not be changed at that time.

But when you automate your content and it keeps coming in when they are online. They will always engage with you.

Something like this can be done with a social media automation software like Hootsuite or Buffer.

They have free plans that you can make use of for a start just to automate all your content to post at the appropriate time.

Also, this shouldn’t stop you from going advance and upgrade to their paid plan to enjoy more amazing features.

So, always make sure that automation is not something that you are lacking in your B2B outreach.

Many businesses out there are always using the automation tool to automate their content just to stay active.

Life itself is something that you cannot justify – one or two things might just happen and hinder you from posting at the time you should.

But when you have everything automated – your posts can easily go through without needing to be available.

Also, you can even be making sales while you are not even available or doing the posting.

And nobody knows if you automate your postings – it’s part of your strategy and that’s what you are using to make them engage more.


2. ShoutOut Other Businesses:

Although doing this when starting is not going to quickly gain you much respect on your terms.

When you shout some businesses out and they see that you have fewer followers.

They might not pay you much attention but see you as someone who is just in the business today and away tomorrow.

So, when shouting them out from the onset of your B2B career – you are only doing it for them to notice you.

Not for them to pay you much attention – so that many years later once you have enough engagement on your page.

And you shout them out once again – they will easily know and recognize you.

By that time, they will pay you the attention that you need and easily connect and do business with you.


3. Do Giveaway:

One of the best strategies that you can include in your B2B marketing approach is doing a giveaway.

Giveaways are a cool way to attract more people to engage in your content and also turn raving fans.

Many people tend to overlook it but they don’t even know the benefit of using this type of STRATEGY.

It is just that what the majority of the people do on Instagram is to offer money as a giveaway.

That is a wrong approach to doing a giveaway if you are someone who is not financially buoyant.

Some people will have only $500 with them for the smooth running of their business and now spend $300 on a giveaway.

That is the wrong style of doing a giveaway as a person doing online business through Instagram.

What you should offer as a giveaway is something that would not hurt much when doing.

If you are someone who is a baker – you can decide to offer a free cupcake sent to someone’s location if they do ABC.

You have to make your selection to be limited and not to everyone who participated in the giveaway.

You can say you will choose a small number of people among those who participated in the giveaway.

This can be something like choosing 5 among 200 people who participated in the giveaway.

People will join because they see it as a risk that is less costly – after all, if they didn’t win the giveaway.

They have nothing to lose since it won’t be a costly task that will take them many minutes to do.

Although, this doesn’t mean that offering money as a giveaway is bad but you can only do that when you are buoyant enough.

Funny enough, most buoyant people still don’t offer money as a giveaway – so, why should you.

So, whatever you are doing and you know it is premium that people need to pay for.

You can easily offer it as a giveaway to your followers and because your followership is targeted.

You will get a lot of responses from them.


4. Show Results:

It is always good to show results to people for them to see what you are capable of and what you are doing.

People like to see success stories a lot because they like to tap from other people’s blessing even when they forgot that we all have a different phase of life to catch.

So, when you show your success stories – this will allow you to stand out and have more raving fans.

Since people want to follow those who are already getting success in their industry.

Also, the brands who will be doing business with you in the future will use this as a source of proof to relate with.

Once they can see more success stories from you and how you are growing. They will like you more.

Just make sure that you DON’T FAKE results because it is bad.

Faking stuff won’t take you far and you will be easily cast at when you didn’t even expect.

So, always make sure that you are real in the results that you are showing.

You can make it a video result of the sales you just made that got you “WOWED”.

Like, these things grab people’s attention a lot, and remember part of those following you are also going to do business with you.

So, once they see that you are progressing and working towards your goal in life.

They will be interested in clinging to you and following what you are saying even when it’s adverse.

I don’t know what people enjoy in seeing other people’s results – although some will criticize you if you are doing it too much.

But who cares! This is your content baby… do anyhow you like and ignore haters!!!


5. Use All The Instagram Features:

Always make sure that all the features on Instagram are getting used by you.

Don’t just limit yourself to a certain aspect of Instagram content because that won’t take you really far.

When you are settling for less – someone else is out there looking for more exposure and doing more.

So, why should you settle for a certain aspect on the Instagram platform?

You will see a lot of other businesses doing more and more stuff concerning content creation.

So, always make sure that when you are posting on the Instagram feed by uploading your post.

Make sure that you are also leveraging the Instagram story by formatting your posts to the sizes of each.

You can use Canva to format your image to the sizes for each section on Instagram.

Also, the IGTV is a cool feature that you can use to reach people who are not even following you.

You can also go live on Instagram to shoot live videos with your followers.

This is a cool way for them to feel your brand and see what you are doing live.

If you are a hairstylist – you can show them what you are doing live and make them feel it live.

Whatever you are doing, just make sure that you are doing exceptional, and going Live on Instagram is part of it.

So, always make sure that you are leveraging these areas to grow fast on Instagram and seal business deals.

Because there are a lot of people using it for their marketing techniques.

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Are you using Instagram for your B2B? Because if you are not yet using Instagram for your B2B – then you are leaving a lot of money on the table.

So, make sure that you read this guide and follow the tips and techniques listed to enlighten you more on B2B with Instagram.

A lot of businesses are on Instagram looking for brands like yours to collaborate with – so, what’s stopping you.

It’s yourself alone – so take that bold step and move forward in your career.

So, are you into B2B Instagram Marketing? Share your experience below with us in the comment section.

Also, don’t forget to share this guide with your friends on your social media account by clicking any of the social icons below.