Internet Marketing for plumbers

Internet Marketing For Plumbers: 8 Professional Strategies

Internet Marketing For Plumbers - 8 Professional Strategies

If you are a plumber thinking of doing internet marketing – then you are in the right place.

Internet Marketing For Plumbers is a nice way for anyone doing plumbing jobs to get a lot of clients.

There are a lot of people who need plumbing services in your locality but don’t know about your services.

And these people are going to call your competitors for jobs – jobs that should have been yours.

So, if you have not started using the internet or digital marketing to reach new audiences every day.

Then you are really missing a lot and now is the best time for you to start using the internet to get clients.

Let us go deep into how you can start making use of the internet to start getting a lot of clients easily.

You don’t have to keep relying on passersby before you can get a lot of clients when the internet is there.


Ways To Use Internet Marketing For Plumbers

  1. Register Your Google Business Listing.
  2. Use YouTube Algorithm.
  3. Setup a Social Media Page.
  4. Utilize Call-Only Online Ads.
  5. Collect Online Reviews.
  6. Design A Friendly Plumbing Website.
  7. Use Email Marketing.
  8. Build An Online Community.


1. Register Your Google My Business Listing:

Internet Marketing For Plumbing Services

When it comes to getting a lot of clients for your Plumbing services – the best thing for you to do is to register your business on Google.

The truth of the matter is that – if anyone wants or needs any plumber around their locality.

The best place they go to is Google to search for any nearby plumber around them.

And the truth of the matter is that they will get some other people who have registered their business with google and already get that job.

These people might not even be as professional as you are and might not even render a perfect job.

So, they might not get recommendations from that client.

Just imagine if you are the one – who is a professional in your plumbing service and you are staying idle in your shop.

While those who don’t even know up to what you can do are getting customers almost every blessed day.

That is why you must register your Plumbing service on Google and get yourself listed.

Once you get yourself listed on Google my Business – anytime some searches for any plumbing service around your locality.

Your Plumbing service will pop up among the recommended services and you will easily get the job.

And there are a lot of people that search Google daily – so this is a nice opportunity for you to get customers for free.

So, you can go now to register your Google My Business here and start getting a lot of customers.


2. Use YouTube Algorithm:

Internet Marketing Strategies For Plumbers

Another fantastic way to use Internet Marketing for Plumbing services is to start leveraging Youtube.

There are a lot of people to go to YouTube to search for plumbing services.

What I mean is that – they might have a little leak in their pipe and don’t want to call any plumber.

Maybe they want to do it by themselves – the best idea they will have is to go to YouTube to look for tutorials.

People go as far as searching for “How to boil water” on YouTube – so, that tells you that people are searching for anything.

And if you are trying to act greedy and saying you don’t want to teach people what you know.

Another person will teach them and they will see such a person as their idol while you stay unknown and uncelebrated.

So, you can easily be dropping some short tutorial videos on YouTube which are related to plumbing services.

Tutorials that you know are simple and things that people can easily fix when they have such a problem.

So that they won’t need to call any plumber around them before they can easily fix such a problem.

Now, the things there is that – people who are around your locality will always want to contact you for work.

Because they know that you are a professional in your field and you know about plumbing services.

You are on YouTube to show what you are capable of doing – but the interesting part is that there are a lot of people watching you who you don’t know.

Thousands of people in your locality will be watching you and you wouldn’t even know.

Just always make sure that you put your Telephone Number under your videos for people to contact you.

Also, you can add your office address so that those close to you will easily want to link up with you.

This way, you will overwrite your competitors and you will easily start getting a lot of clients just from your YouTube channel.


3. Setup a Social Media Page:

Plumbers Internet Marketing Strategies

As a plumber, it is necessary to set up a social media page for your service to grow more successfully.

Social Media pages are a fast way for people to see more about your business and some of the services that you have done.

With social media pages, a lot of businesses have gone from zero to hero just with the maximum usage of their social media.

The best advice I like to give to anyone who is reading my content and is also under me is that you should start with a platform.

There are so many social media platforms on the net which you can start with but you should not start with a lot of them.

If you are someone who is already used to using Instagram in your day-to-day online life.

Then just start with Instagram and dominate Instagram for a while to get a lot of audience before thinking of maybe moving to Facebook and the rest.

Don’t just start with opening a lot of social media pages and trying to post at all of them at once.

It will get too overwhelming for you and you will not be able to continue because you don’t have any focus.

So, you must be focused on anything that you are doing so that it can be easy for you to achieve success.

So, go and open a social media account on a platform now for your plumbing service and start dominating the platform.

There are a lot of your clients that are there and make sure that you join groups that are in your neighborhood.

That way, you can easily connect with people in your area to like your page and also patronize your service.


4. Utilize Online Ads:

Plumbing Services Internet Marketing

Have you ever thought about running online adverts for your plumbing services?

Then you are missing out on a lot of goodies that should have been yours and yours alone.

The truth is that – plumbing services are not something that you can keep running on every part of the internet.

The best platform to run online adverts for your plumbing services is on platforms where people are searching for what you can offer.

And the best place is on search engine platforms like Google, YouTube, and Pinterest.

Oh yes, you don’t want to run online adverts for your plumbing services on Facebook or Instagram.

Is there any bad side to running ads on those types of platforms? Yes! And that is because you will get a lot of unserious people.

There is a big difference between someone who goes to Google and searches for “Plumbing Services Near Me” and someone who is scrolling on Facebook and saw your advert and now starts thinking he or she needs plumbing service.

The former who goes to Google is in urgent need of your service and is serious about it.

But someone who is scrolling on Facebook and sees your ad has a higher chance of not being serious.

They might book an appointment with you and don’t even acknowledge the appointment.

So, you will keep getting a lot of unserious people because you are the one who took your service to their view.

And had it been it’s something that you can quickly do on the spot – it would have been better.

But you will still need to get on the call with them and wasting more of your precious time which you should have spent on other important matters.

So, search engine adverts are the best way for you to run online adverts and you should always make it a call advert.

Where they can easily call your line and book a time with you when you will come to do the work for them.

Moreover, it’s easier to close clients on a call than chatting – because they won’t have much time to chat with you.


5. Collect Online Reviews:

Internet Marketing Ideas For Plumbers

Online reviews are very important if you want to grow a successful plumbing service with internet marketing.

Many people are now interested in knowing what other people have experienced with giving you works.

They don’t know much about you and they need to really know if you are very good at your plumbing works.

So, what you should do is to ask them for feedback and review immediately after you are done working for them.

And these can even be done through the usage of your social media to get their feedback data.

You can also pose with the job you just finished completing and the clients and post on your social media.

These might look like a little bit of time wastage to so many people out there who are in the plumbing services.

But for someone desperate to make it on the net – you are supposed to do what your competitors find it hard to do.

And that is collecting a lot of positive feedback from your customers and displaying them on your social media walls.

This way, you have to win the heart of some clients just to contact you and wait for you to come to fix their sink or any other plumbing works.

Many customers have been disappointed by other plumbers and you have to prove yourself unique to stay successful.


6. Design A Friendly Plumbing Website:

Plumbing marketing services

If you have never thought about it, well now is the best time for you to start thinking about it.

The truth is that you cannot keep leveraging on other people’s platforms and stay complacent.

If you are to rely only on Facebook, Instagram, and the rest – that is just like – you rent space on other people’s land.

Although it is fine because there are a lot of people there who will later become your customers and you even need to drive people from somewhere to your land.

But you must have your domain where people can come to see more about you.

Your website is like your domain and office where people can come in contact with you and know more about you.

That is where they will know your physical office address and some of the things you have done.

Everything that you are posting on social media should be reduplicated to your website where people can see more of you.

Just imagine if the social media page that you are using erases your date or even blocks your access to your account.

You cannot afford to stay stagnant – because your website is where you can drive people to.

So, you need to have a website because that is your portfolio where people can easily contact you and ask for your service.

If you are not techy enough and don’t know much about website development.

There is a lot of websites you can go to hire website designers who will design a catchy website for your plumbing service.

You can go to Fiverr or Upwork and you will see some professional website designers.

Just flow with the ones that have enough reviews on their dashboard and not those who don’t have reviews.

That way, you can easily get yourself ready to start your website and commence getting more customers from the internet.


7. Use Email Marketing:

How do I get clients for my plumbing business

Email Marketing is another way to market your plumbing services which is not common among many people.

Many people do wonder if it’s possible to use email marketing for their plumbing services.

The answer is that it is possible and no business cannot be promoted through the usage of email marketing.

Email marketing has been in existence for a long time and it will continue to exist in as much as a lot of people are making use of email.

Your current and prospective customers have an email address and they receive emails from other companies.

They receive emails from friends and families and also get emails from brands that are charging them for their bills.

So, why should you not start making use of email when your customers are making use of email and have email addresses.

Now, how can you make use of email marketing to promote your plumbing business?

I won’t be able to go into thorough detail on how you can do email marketing because there are a lot of tutorials on it online.

But the way you can make use of email marketing to promote your business is to stay in touch with your existing clients.

And also turn prospective clients into returning and recurring clients.

Also, if people should come to your website as a visitor – you should know that they won’t stay there for a long time.

They will surely leave within spending few minutes on your website.

So, the best way you can get in touch with anyone that comes into your website is to give them something for free on your website to get their email address.

This way, you can easily get more in touch with them and later getting jobs from them.

The free thing you will give them on your website is called a lead magnet and it’s what they will receive to give you their email address.

So, email marketing is an effective way to get in touch with those who have come to your plumbing website.

You cannot just leave them to go – so, start making use of email marketing to close more plumbing services.


8. Build An Online Community:

Internet Marketing

Building an online community is a way to easily make a lot of waves and start controlling people.

There are a lot of communities online that are being controlled by some people who are not that intelligent as you.

All they did was to take any action and it later became a perfected work which they became an authority in their niche.

One thing you have to know is that controlling a community is not easy as the leader.

Because if you don’t take action on your community – it will keep getting dry and nothing will show.

Also, you will see a lot of spammers and scammers who will want to keep penetrating and exploiting your members negatively.

So, you have to know that owning and community is not easy but it’s a perfect decision.

There are so many ways through which you can create a community of your own for your plumbing service.

You can go use the free method by going to Facebook to create a Facebook Group where you will see a lot of close minds.

You just have to promote your community from scratch and show Facebook how eager you are for your group to succeed.

And you will see the algorithm later promoting your group the best way possible to people who will be interested in your flow.

You can also decide to launch a website community that involving plumbing services where you can have a lot of plumbers.

But this will involve you spending more money on promoting the website before people can be interested.

Also, you need to have the technical know-how on the best use of controlling a website.

So, I advise you just make use of Facebook groups that are straightforward.

So, launching your community is a perfect decision for you as a plumber.

You can launch your plumbing service group and get other plumbers to join.

Just make sure that you are engaged in the group so that others can also engage and Facebook can keep promoting your group.



Internet Marketing for plumbers is a good unsaturated niche for any plumber who wants more jobs.

Not many plumbers know about the privilege that the internet can offer them up till now.

So, if you are fast to start using the internet for your plumbing works – you will easily skyrocket your business.

Also, you will start getting jobs all the time just with your plumbing job and even turn it into a big company.

This guide has explained everything you need to start getting a lot of plumbing jobs online.

If you have any questions concerning what we have discussed in this guide – kindly hit the comment below and let’s flow.

Also, don’t forget to share this guide with your friend and family on social media by clicking any of the icons below.