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E Advertising: Beginners’ Guide To Internet Advertising

Advertising of products and services was majorly done with television, radio, and newspaper advertising before the inception of Electronic Advertising or E Advertising.

The use of online activities to create awareness for your products or services and get a lot of viewers is a great approach as an Entrepreneur.

Every successful business on this Earth is leveraging the use of the internet to commence great advertising.

Below Is What Will Be Disccussed In This Content;


Let us quickly go deep into some aspects of E Advertising which you should know about.

Online Advertising


What is E Advertising?

E Advertising is the ability to reach a wide number of people through the use of the internet and it can also be called Electronic Advertising.

Many brick-and-mortar businesses and even new internet businesses have made a lot of gain from using the internet.

The ability to easily reach many people from the comfort of your home is a great privilege for any entrepreneur.

Previously, you will have to go to a television, radio, or newspaper station to create gigs before your advert can be shown.

But with the use of E Advertising – creating awareness has now become extremely easy for everyone… more on these below.

Let us quickly discuss the benefits of E Advertising.

Internet Advertising


Benefits of E Advertising

  1. Inexpensiveness.
  2. Competitive Benefit.
  3. Cost-effectiveness.
  4. Measurability.
  5. Controllability.
  6. Penetrate Target Market.
  7. Ability To Reach Large Audience.
  8. Scalability.


1. Inexpensiveness:

E Advertising is inexpensive compared to other forms of advertising which are television, radio, and newspaper.

Just with a $200 Advert budget on E Advertising – you can easily reach a targeted audience that will buy what you have to offer.

But with other forms of Advertising – you will be needing a huge budget before your advertising gigs can be considered.

The reason is that they have a lot of audiences they will make your ads reach (both targeted and non-targeted).

But E Advertising is far from all that because your ads can be focused on those you want to target.

This is the reason why it is easy to quickly scale and make a lot of gains just with little money spent on Electronic ads.

You also can cap your budget in Electronic Ads.

You can decide to spend a particular amount of money on a specific ad in a day and cap it just the way you want it.

Compared to other forms of Advertising that you can’t cap – these are the main reason why E Advertising is what many entrepreneurs should know about.

Since you are Hale and Hearty in this century – then you should consider spending less and gaining high.

The electronic form of Advertising is a great way to promote your business even with a small capital budget.


2. Competitive Benefit:

A few months ago since the beginning of this year 2021 when I am writing this outstanding guide on E Advertising.

A lot of online marketers have started complaining about the high cost of running Facebook ads.

Facebook Advertising is another aspect of E Advertising which many entrepreneurs are using to reach a lot of their targeted audience.

But the amazing thing about this which I am trying to bring out is that – entrepreneurs have competitive benefits.

Immediately they realize that Facebook Ads is getting more costly – they shifted their budget to YouTube ads.

That is the power of Electronic Advertising – and because YouTube also realizes that Facebook Ads are getting more costly.

They also reduced their budget just to get more customers who will pay money to run ads on their platform.

This was also the strategy that Facebook used during its inception many years back.

When Facebook came into existence – many online and offline entrepreneurs were making use of Google to run their ads and reach a wide audience.

But later on, Google ads became expensive, and online high-budget brands were now making a lot of the gains.

Then Facebook came in and initiated their Advertising plans and costs and entrepreneurs move to the Facebook train.

Now that Facebook is also now increasing its budget – entrepreneurs are already moving to the YouTube train.

In a few years, If YouTube should also increase its advert cost.

Entrepreneurs will move to another train that will serve them right.

That’s the power that you will enjoy when you advertise online – compared to other forms of advertising that are fixed.

Once a television station sees that one has increased its advert cost – they will also increase theirs.

But it’s far from that in Electronic Advertising because you have a lot of outstanding benefits to gain from doing online ads.

Electronic Adverts

3. Cost-effectiveness:

Although we already talked about the inexpensiveness of E Advertising – it is also necessary for us to talk about cost-effectiveness.

When you have a low budget and you go straight to run an electronic advert.

You don’t necessarily need to spend all your budgets voraciously before you can start seeing results.

Just with a small budget – you can split your money into several budgets that will help you run your adverts for a short while.

I could remember when a client of mine messaged me for the first time to help her run Facebook ads.

She was a little bit skeptical since she doesn’t have a huge budget to run ads.

I told her that her budget is enough to kickstart the process and she kept upgrading with the results gotten from her adverts.

And just like I stated in the aspect of Inexpensiveness of advert costs – it’s easy to cap your ads.

You can always include in your electronic ads – the amount of money that you want to spend per day.

Also, you can state – the time you want your ads to be running in case you don’t want them to run all the time.

Some people don’t want their ads to keep running in the middle of the night when people are sleeping.

They only want early in the morning and during the day when people are fully awake.

These are the kinds of stuff that have been making E Advertising cost-effective for every entrepreneur and online marketer.

So, if you have not started leveraging it – you should know that you are missing a lot of goodies that are supposed to be yours.


4. Measurability:

Measurability is another great privilege that every online entrepreneur are enjoying when creating awareness through E Advertising.

The ability for you to measure what’s working from what is not working is what will make you attain success.

One problem with many marketer or entrepreneur who is trying to reach a wide number of targeted audience and make sales is that…

…they don’t bother to measure their progress and see exactly where they are in their journey.

This is something that you can do with E Advertising because you easily have the details and statistics of all your progress on your dashboard.

Compared to a Newspaper or television advert that you can’t even measure your results unless you start getting sales or responses.

It will even become very difficult for you to know exactly where the best sales conversion is coming from for your brand.

The ability to know exactly what is going right or wrong and measure your progress is a great privilege for you.

That is the major reason why Electronic Advertising is a nice approach to start making you many online sales.

You will find it very difficult to measure your progress in other forms of advertising.

But in the aspect of E Advertising – it becomes very easy to measure your progress and adapt.


5. Controllability:

Electronic Advertising has given many people the privilege to see exactly what is going on in their dashboard.

Just imagine if you are running a television or radio advert – how can you control your advert?

It is impossible because they are the one who has control over every activity going on with your advert.

So, you just have to sit back and watch whatever sales you are making and if there are no sales – you will have to cope and do other tweakings.

After all, you will see the advert yourself on TV or Radio or Newspaper – so, you cannot blame them for anything.

But all these are not very good for entrepreneurship because you need enough capital to scale up.

It is assumed that you will not easily get enough sales conversions from the first adverts that you create.

So, you really need to test things out and this will require you a lot of money in advance.

But E Advertising is easy to control because everything is on your dashboard.

You can decide to stop your advert and control whatever is not functioning right.

You can tweak and twerk until you start getting it right just with a little amount of money spent on your ads.

This is something very easy and the ability to control things just from your backend is a great privilege.

That is the reason why many online entrepreneurs are easily making wealth just within a short period.

Because just with little money spent on Electronic or Online advertising – they are getting a lot of positive results.


6. Penetrate Target Market:

The majority of the online advertising media which are indirectly the social media platforms that we use daily already know the behavioral approach of every user on their platform.

They know what someone likes and what someone doesn’t really show interest in.

Even though they don’t necessarily put much interest in what their users don’t necessarily like.

They put much pressure on what people like to serve their customers better and effectively.

The majority of online advertising networks can create awareness for your brand and send your adverts straight to those who will be interested in what you are offering.

This is something that you will find very difficult if you are doing television or radio Advertising.

Let us even say there is this program that you find interesting and you feel they have a lot of viewers or listeners from the people that call through this program.

It will become difficult for you to know if these people will be interested in your business.

Even the television or radio company cannot specifically tell you that they will be interested because they don’t know.

These people are only engaging with that specific program.

Except if for example you are in the sports business and you are advertising in a sports program.

But what about if you are in other businesses that is difficult to know your audience.

What if you are a baker who bakes or a person who sells ladies’ wigs.

Television or Radio Advertising cannot solve your problem and you might be running at loss on a high budget.

Electronic Advertising is your best bet to get enough customers who will be interested in what you are offering.

Because they already have the data of those who have bought cakes or bought ladies’ wigs previously.

So, they will use that data to also serve you and send your adverts straight to those kinds of people.


7. Ability To Reach Large Audience:

Even though this is possible in almost every form of Advertising.

You have to know that the audience rate of social media or online advertising is very much higher than that of other forms of Advertising.

You will meet everyone online and with their mobile devices 24/7.

People are always online to catch fun and also look for solutions to their problems.

People don’t really spend much time with Radio, Newspapers, or TV anymore because their new radio, tv, and newspaper are now FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, YOUTUBE, AND BLOGS.

So, it becomes a little difficult for anyone to just conclude that they want to start leveraging other forms of advertising as a newbie.

Because they know that online marketing is now the new way to reach a wide number of people.

You are online reading this guide and very soon you will immediately go to check your social media newsfeed or your email.

This is the power of social media because billions of people are browsing the internet daily.

But billions of people CANNOT be watching your favorite program monthly.

So, reaching a wide audience is very easy when it comes to online advertising.

That is the reason why many
entrepreneurs and online marketers and going to run online advertising.


8. Scalability:

The ability to scale and quickly move from low to a high level in advertising is possible in E Advertising.

You don’t have to stress yourself with whether you should make things work or not.

Normally, it is advised that when doing E Advertising – you should start low from the scratch.

You can start with a low budget just to test things out and easily see what is working and what is not working.

So, Immediately you test things out – you can start moving further to see and check out other things that are not functioning.

This is how to use the internet to run a lot of advertising works and start seeing a lot of results.

So, it becomes very easy to scale higher and move to a higher level in advertising.

You can easily see and notice what is working from what is not working because it’s clearly stated on your dashboard.

I could remember when I was running an advert for a smartwatch which I was selling a few years back.

That time was my first idea in selling watches – so, it became difficult to know my exact audience.

But just from tweaking and scaling my ad budget – I was able to find my target audience.

So, you can continue to scale things till you get it right with E Advertising.

Internet Marketing Advertising


Types of E-Advertising

Let us quickly review some types of electronic advertising which you can leverage to start promoting your business.

Just like other forms of advertising like TV, radio, and newspapers advertising.

There are several aspects of online which you can use to reach new people every day just to create more awareness.

Let us quickly jump into each one of them and explain how best you can use them to start earning online.

  1. SEM Advertising.
  2. Social Media Advertising.
  3. Native Advertising.
  4. Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising.
  5. Video Advertising.
  6. Solo Ads.


Types of Electronic Advertising

1. SEM Advertising:

Search Engine Marketing Advertising also known as SEM Advertising is a part of Electronic Advertising which involves the usage of the search engine to reach new people.

An example of advertisements like these is Google Ads, Bings Ads, and YouTube Ad.

Anytime you search for some keywords on Google – you will see some recommendations that will be shown to you.

They will be the first shown to you and at the top is written as Ads. An example is the one below.

Search Engine Marketing E Advertising

An Ad example by Moreniche

Those are advertising which is run by Google and it’s some marketers that are running the advert.

People have made a lot of money just from these types of ads and they get a lot of sales every day.

Bing Advertising and YouTube Advertising is another type of these ads which will also show to people.

Sometimes if you search for some keywords on YouTube, you will see some recommended keywords at the top before the Suggested Videos.

Those are search engine ads that are shown to people and also before you watch some YouTube videos – you will see some recommended videos.

Those are Search Engine Marketing Advertising which you can leverage and start creating more awareness.

Any type of Advertising where people search for keywords and get suggestions is a search engine network.

And when you run an advert on that type of platform – you are assured to be penetrating straight to your target audience.

This type of advertising is good to penetrate the hot market – people who will be interested and knows about the problem that your business is trying to solve.


2. Social Media Advertising:

The next type of Advertising in the electronic marketplace is social media Advertising.

These types of advertising are Facebook Advertising, Instagram Advertising, Twitter Advertising, and so on.

They are advertisements that show anytime you are scrolling on your news feed and you keep seeing them pop up.

They are shown on your Facebook feed, Instagram feed and Twitter feeds and they might serve as a disturbance.

But they are making money and creating more awareness for other companies and brands.

Social media marketing or SMM Advertising is a very good way to reach a cold audience.

People who don’t know about what your service is offering or anything about the problem your product is trying to solve.

Just like SEM Advertising is for reaching a hot audience – this is for reaching a cold and warm audience.

Some people know about the problem that your business is solving but don’t know how to get the solution.

While some don’t even know that such a problem exists and don’t even know if they should look for the solution.

This type of advertising will help you reach these audiences and will make you have the upper hand.

You can easily gain their trust and turn them into a huge fan that will be glad to follow any of your recommendations.

That’s why many marketers are making use of social media advertisements every day to get newbies in online knowledge.

An example of Social Media Advertising is the one below which you can see from a Facebook news feed.

Social Media Electronic Advertising

Dan Henry’s Facebook Ads Example


3. Native Advertising:

Native Advertising is another form of Advertising for those who want to reach any time of the audience.

The major reason why many marketers run to Native Advertising is the stress they pass through with Social Media Marketing Advertising.

If you are doing Social Media Marketing Advertising – you have to be prepared for a lot of bans.

They will ban your ad account and also some advert disapprovals which can lead to a lot of frustrations.

But with native ads – you have fewer frustrations because you will be able to run adverts easily.

Native Advertising is the adverts that you see on blog pages of big brands magazines like Forbes, Entrepreneur, and the rest.

When you scroll down a bit to their suggested articles, you will see some adverts.

Also, not only in big magazines will you see Native adverts – but you can also see them on normal blogs.

When you visit some blogs or websites – you will see a lot of native ads in form of banners.

They are good to reach a new audience for both cold, warm and hot audiences.

The reason is that any type of person can come to that website and even though they are not searching for the keyword related to the advert.

They will see your ad and can click to check what is inside because they feel it can solve their problem.

So, it’s a proper way to reach any type of Audience irrespective of what type of stuff they are interested in.

Just like Forbes magazine – they cover a lot of topics on that website. So, if your native advert gets shown on the website.

You should know that you will be reaching a lot of people.

An example of a native advert is the picture below which you can see.

Native Advertising

Jobs In UK Example

To run a native advert, you will have to join some advert networks like, Outbrain, Revcontent, etc.

You can type on Google to see other recommendations of native advert networks which you can join as an advertiser.


4. Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising:

PPC Advertising is another type of E Advertising that is in form of several aspects.

The majority of the other types of advertising will always charge you base on clicks – that is when someone clicks on your advert.

But some other types of PPC Advertising which we will talk about in this aspect is the type of Advertising like Google AdSense, Google Admob.

These are the type of Advertising that you will see on blogs that are in form of text or graphics.

Some can be when you click on a button and you will be redirected to another website.

Also, if you are using an application and you see some banner ads below the application.

They are various types of pay-per-click advertising which you can also make use of.

Sometimes, you will see some adverts on a mobile application and also see that same advert on your Facebook or any other social media.

And you will be like whether the person is following you about and tabbing on you.

It’s not like that – it is because they are making use of all these types of advertising to reach their audience.

So, these Pay Per Click advert is also another type of advert that you can leverage to reach new people.

Pay Per Click Adverts

A PPC Ad Example

You can use it to reach a lot of people and the majority of the big brands like Walmart make use of these ads.

They know that their customers are everywhere and they are always ready to reach people every day with it.

So, that means that even if their customers are not on social media – they can still teach their audience.

Electronic Advertising Meaning

5. Video Advertising:

Video advertising is not something new to you because you have been seeing something related to Television Advertising.

But video advertising is available on Electronic Advertising because videos are said to be more converting than other aspects of Advertising.

With video advertising – you can easily demonstrate and explain what your business is all about.

This makes it possible for your audience to easily get interested in whatever you are trying to pass across to them.

So, this is the benefit that you enjoy for doing Video Advertising and platforms where this type of advertising is effective and YouTube.

Just as the way YouTube is effective in the aspect of Search Engine Marketing Advertising is also the same way it is effective in Video Advertising.

You can go to YouTube now and try to watch a video and you will see that before you will watch that video – some adverts will show.

You will first watch a video advert from another business which will first show before showing you the exact video you clicked on.

Those are video adverts and they are part of E Advertising which helps to explain better about a brand and its products or services.

It is now only available in television advertising but also available in E Advertising where many people click to watch.

I am also very certain that video advertising will start getting popular in TikTok Marketing.

Because Tiktok is a video platform where people post videos.


6. Audio Advertising:

Another type of advertising which is not only popular on the radio but also available on the internet is Audio Advertising.

This is popular among people who do podcasts and brands that are going to get more people from podcasts.

Although if you are not familiar with internet marketing that much – you might not know much about podcasts.

But I tell you that podcasts are a very cool way to reach an audience and advertise your products more.

A lot of marketers have gained a lot of money just from doing podcasts and they are still earning money up till today.

So, if you have not started making use of audio advertising as your source of reaching new people.

You really need to commence that and start promoting your business with podcasts.

Many brands are making use of the Apple Music Podcasts and so on to reach new people every day.

Although, the majority of brands that make use of the audio form of advertising are musical brands.

If you are also someone who makes use of Audio Player Mobile Applications like BoomPlay…

… you will see some Musical Artists on their platform and they get paid for displaying those artists.

The reason why many musical brands and contacting these audio firms to display their artists is because of their audience.

If you go on your app store – you will see that BoomPlay alone has millions of active downloads.

So, the Audio form of Advertising is also very effective in E Advertising but it’s just that many firms don’t know much about it.

But now that you have heard about it – you should also consider using it if you are in the musical firm.

Also, if you have any podcasters that are in your niche and have enough audience – you can run audio adverts with them.


7. Influencer Advertising:

Influencer Advertising is another type of E Advertising that I cherish a lot and I have been using it for my brand.

With Influencer Advertising – you can easily reach a target audience of Hot people that will be interested in your brand.

Influencer Advertising is a type of Electronic Advertising that someone will message an influencer who already has the audience that one needs.

The Influencer already has the people who will be interested in what you are offering.

All you have to do is to contact the influencer and you pay for the advert and you get access to those audiences.

Many brands are making use of this technique to reach a lot of people and get new sales every day.

Also, there are some online shows where people go to engage and have fun when they are back from work.

These shows have a lot of viewers who are always available to watch them 24/7.

The amazing thing is that these shows have a lot of sponsors who support them with money.

The reason why these sponsors are supporting them the more is to reach the audience of these shows.

Just to get more watch views and also have access to the fan base of these shows.

These are a part of influencer Marketing and Advertising which you might not know about yet but you have known it now.

Also, if you look at the majority of your favorite musical artist, movie actors, and actresses –

You will see that they are ambassadors to some brands – the reason is that the brand wants to get access to their audience.


8. Solo Advertising:

The last type of electronic Advertising which we will discuss in this guide is Solo Advertising.

Solo Advertising is a part of E Advertising which applies to those who are doing email marketing.

If you are someone who has heard about email marketing or you have not heard of it – this is another opportunity to know better.

Many online gurus have been making use of email marketing to reach an audience and make money from it.

But the fastest way they get to gain enough traction with email marketing is to do solo Advertising.

In email marketing, you need to build your email list because you will have to be sending emails to people.

And without the building of your email list – how will you be able to see people who will be interested in what you are saying.

So, some online vendors have a huge list of people that are interested in whatever one has to say.

And they are ready to sell their email list to anyone and charge money for it.

It is another form of E Advertising that is common in the aspect of Email Marketing.

Solo ads are a fast way to build an email list and start gaining a lot of email subscribers that will buy your products and services.



Have you started making use of E Advertising over other forms of Advertising?

Many brands are now taking their business to the upper level by leveraging the use of Electronic Advertising.

If you have any further questions or suggestions on Electronic Advertising

…kindly hit the comment box below and let’s flow together.

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