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Leadpages Affiliate Program: Beginner To Expert Guide

Leadpages Affiliate

Not a lot of people are exposed to the aspect of building landing pages and that is where the services to Leadpages Affiliate are needed.

With the affiliate program of lead pages, a lot of people can be aware of the service that they are offering to people.

Leadpages is a landing page and sales page designing tool that helps to create a catchy website page that makes people buy.

Since the majority of those in the internet marketing space are not very good at designing landing pages from scratch.

That is why leadpages are in existence to create pre-built template pages can people can just load up, tweak and publish for marketing.

There are a lot of things that will be covered in this Leadpages Affiliate Program guide. Let us go deep into each one of them.

Below Are The Things We Will Be Discussing In This Guide


Details About Leadpages Affiliate

  • Brand Name: Leadpages.
  • Founders: Clay Collins and Tracy Simmons.
  • Now Owned By: Redbrick.
  • Number Of Users: 46,000+ and counting.
  • Country Founded: Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States.
  • Company Purpose: For Profit.
  • Niche: Internet Marketing.
  • Product Type: Software.
  • Affiliate Program Registration Link: Leadpages Affiliate Program.
  • Affiliate Partner: PartnerStack.
  • Commission Rate: 10% to 50% Commission.
  • Payment Process: PayPal, Bank Transfer.
  • Cookie Period: 90 Days.


Leadpages Affiliate Program Commission

The Leadpages Affiliate Program has 3 Tiers of commission basis. And the commission basis starts from 10% to 50%.

The Bronze, Silver, and Gold Tier. Although when you first start and the referral purchases and lower product less than $50.

You will only be earning a 10% commission on purchases less than $50 which is the Bronze Tier.

But the moment your customer purchase plan on your dashboard exceeds $50. You will be promoted to the Silver Plan where you will be Earning a 40% commission on all purchases.

While the final one is the Gold Tier where you will be compensated 50% commission once you have a total customer purchase of $3000 and above.

So, it’s more like a way through which Leadpages Affiliate keeps encouraging their affiliates to work more and earn more.

So, there is seniority in this affiliate program which brings more seriousness into how their affiliates promote their products.


How to Make Money with the Program

A lot of people have been asking how possible it is to make money with the lead pages affiliate program.

So, if you are also having this feeling of how you can easily make money with this affiliate program.

And not be like the majority who have not been earning a single penny from this Affiliate program.

Then you have to study this aspect thoroughly because a lot of people will join an affiliate program and find it difficult to make a single sale from it.

But today, you will be able to understand how you can make money from the Leadpages Affiliate in case you are new to internet marketing.

  1.  By Using The Product Personally.
  2. By Building Pages For People
  3. By Recommending To A Novice.


1. By Using The Product Personally:

The first way you can get to benefit graciously and make money with the lead pages affiliate program is by using the product personally.

There are a lot of people that make use of several landing pages and they will have the logo watermark of that landing page which their affiliate link is embedded just below their page.

When anyone clicks on that logo and decides to check out what’s up and running.

They have automatically passed through that person’s affiliate link and whenever any sales are made.

Such a person will earn his or her commission just from making use of that pattern of marketing.

Sometimes, you don’t have to shout much about Marketing if you are someone who doesn’t like selling like that.

You can just be using the templates of the lead pages software to create catchy and converting landing pages.

And just below the landing page – you can embed the lead pages watermark below it.

So, anyone who sees how amazing your landing page is can also click on the logo and join through your link.

An example of a landing page that also offers something like this is the Clickfunnels Affiliate.

The majority of those using Clickfunnels allow the Clickfunnels logo below their landing page which their affiliate link is already embedded.

And when anyone clicks on that link to purchase a Clickfunnels plan. They earn a commission.

You can easily replicate this for lead pages affiliate also and start seeing rewards.


2. By Building Pages For People:

You can also start building pages for people and be using the lead pages software to create their pages.

This can be very effective for those who are into freelancing and are in the landing page or website design niche.

If you are a freelancer who is in this niche or you are not yet in any. You can easily join a freelance platform like Upwork and register an account.

Once you register an account with them and upload your portfolio as a freelancer.

You can start getting gigs and working with several clients all over the world.

So, if you start getting clients – you can also help them register their lead page account through your affiliate link.

And the moment they join and buy a plan – you can easily be helping them to use it to create more pages.

You will just let them know the impact of using the lead pages software and how it can benefit them if they are using it.

Although, the downside of this is that they might later be doing it all by themselves and just leave you hanging.

But it’s more like another way through which you can get more affiliate sales for your affiliate commission.

You’re not necessarily doing that to be a full-time freelancer but just to get people that will order your gig and you can recommend a permanent solution.

Sounds interesting right? Because a lot of people are doing this and are making money just from using freelance platforms.

You can even research on more freelance platforms which you can register on and upload your portfolio to get more clients.


3. By Recommending To A Novice:

There is a lot of novice in the Internet Marketing world who doesn’t know anything about building of landing page.

And these are the people who are many in the Internet Marketing world and so if you can get your affiliate link to them – you will profit a lot.

Now, how can you easily get your affiliate link to these people and get them to buy a plan of leadpages through your affiliate link?

The best way to do this is by giving them a freebie. You can do a live webinar, or create a pre-recorded video.

Or you can just write an Ebook where you will teach them how they can use landing and sales pages to sell their products.

Some people go the extra mile to even teach people how they can build landing pages.

Now, this will involve you buying a plan from lead pages and using it to design a proper landing page to teach them.

You will be using the lead pages software as the exact tool that you will be using to build the pages for them.

So, this will show how authentic you are in doing things.

That is why I highly suggest that you make use of a webinar for this type of stuff or a pre-recorded video if you cannot work with webinars.

When you have everything ready and set up – you can now start recommending Leadpages software to them.

You can start telling them the benefits that they will derive when they start making use of lead pages.

And since you are the first person to deflower them in internet marketing and get them to see the benefits they have been lacking from not using sale pages of funnels for the products.

They will immediately concur with whatever you say and buy lead pages all through your Affiliate Link.

This is another way you can make money with the lead pages affiliate program and easily start raking money.


Having A Better Structure

When doing your affiliate marketing and promoting any affiliate program just like lead pages.

You have to be careful with the way you operate and you must make sure that you promote separately as the others do.

Even if you are running sponsored advert to your landing page which you will be using to promote the lead pages Affiliate.

You should always desire to be unique in your doings and not promote as many others do.

A typical example of developing your strategy plan which a few affiliate marketers use – is by offering a lot of bonuses.

They will offer a lot of bonuses and incentives just to get their prospects to make that final purchase.

So you can also decide to have another action plan that will make someone Hit the Big BUY BUTTON.

Don’t be like many others – develop an action plan and make sure that you come out the best on the leaderboard.


Join Leadpages Affiliate Program Alternatives

Aside from joining the lead pages affiliate program and promoting lead pages as a tool.

It is also very important to have some other tools that serve the same purpose as Leadpages which you can also promote on your landing page.

Let us say you are writing a blog post about why someone should buy lead pages Through your link.

Some people might still feel awkward about buying and still have the feeling that there are still some others that can do better than lead pages.

So, you can also decide to recommend them in that promo and even do some comparisons.

Other examples of landing page tools that also have affiliate program like Leadpages affiliate is Clickfunnels, Elementor, Thrive Affiliates.

They are all landing page design tools and also have affiliate programs like leadpages affiliate.

And you can easily compare the features of lead pages with them and make sure that you input your affiliate link in them in case someone wants to buy them.

So, don’t spread all your belief on leadpages because some still won’t buy because they have a diverting mindset.

Once you give them enough alternatives – they will be ready to click on the other and buy the other through your affiliate link.


How To Promote Leadpages Affiliates

So, to make money on Leadpages Affiliate – it is also important that you learn how you can promote this tool.

Because it is only when you know how to promote that you can easily start making money from it even while you are sleeping.

And I am going to discuss just 4 fantastic ways I believe you can use to promote this affiliate program and tool.

And they are;

  1. Blog Content.
  2. Video Content.
  3. Email.
  4. Social Media.


1. Blog Content:

One of the recurring ways that you can be getting affiliate commissions from the Leadpages Affiliate program is by using blog content as your source of promotion.

If you are someone who can write a very great or and catchy blog content for any topic.

Then you shouldn’t procrastinate to writing about what you are serving as an affiliate for.

Although, some people don’t know how to write blog content mainly because they have not written one before.

But it’s all fine and good – if you have not written blog content before and you want to promote the Leadpages Affiliate through your website.

You can easily hire a writer on peopleperhour.com and get yourself ready for the new milestone.

Just make sure you check well so as not to be a plagiarize content from another website.

Although you should be able to see the rating of the writer and what they are capable of doing.

Doing this can make your post be captured by the Google crawler and make it start to rank on Google.

There are a lot of goodies in getting your content on rank on the 1st page of Google because you will just be enjoying steady traffic into your website.


2. Video Content:

Another way you can promote the Leadpages product is by making use of video content.

Video content also will give you enough visibility and also make you get your videos ranking even while you’re sleeping.

A typical example of a Google platform where you should upload or shoot your videos live is “YoutTube“.

There are a lot of people that are still earning a lot of commission just from a video they recorded 6 years ago.

So, the power of video content on YouTube is very much powerful and builds more trust in the process.

Also, many other social media video platforms like Tiktok are not growing rapidly.

And so, you should also partake and benefit from what others are benefiting a lot from.

This is another way through which you can promote the Leadpages Affiliate Program and expect to make money.


3. Email:

Email is another way through which you can easily make money from the Leadpages Affiliate Program.

A lot of marketers have gone from zero to hero just with the use of Email Marketing for their Affiliate Marketing

Email is said to always convert almost all the time because even if a referral doesn’t buy Now…They can buy LATER.

The truth is that not everyone who sees your recommendation will decide to buy from the start – in fact… the majority will not buy.

Now, think about if you don’t have any direct means to get back in touch with such a person.

You lose out on that person for life, right? Like, you just run an advert to your landing page and send them to your affiliate link.

But they still didn’t buy a plan of lead pages and what happens… you still have to incur another cost to get them back into your Affiliate Link.

Now, how much do you plan to keep continuing spending like this if you are doing your affiliate marketing?

You need to find a way through which you can get them onboard almost all the time – whenever you wish.

And not just thinking about how you can bring new eyeballs to your affiliate links alone.

Even though bringing new eyeballs to your content is important. You also have to find a means to bring back previous eyeballs to your Affiliate Link.

And that is where email marketing become a great strategy that many successful affiliate marketers have been using to crush every affiliate promotion.


4. Social Media:

It’s no news that social media is now the new television show, hangout party, comedy nights, and all others.

Many people are now on one or two social media where they interact with one another and also meet strangers.

A lot of people have been able to build wealth just from the benefit that social media is offering them.

Social Media is also another great tool and process which you can start making use of to get Affiliate sales.

Although, you now have to stay unique on social media and develop a strategy for yourself just like I stated in the previous section of this guide.

You always have to give value out and get people to trust and like you all the time.

It is in doing this that you will have a lot of followers. So, it depends on whichever platform you want to penetrate and dominate.

There are all text platforms like Twitter or All Video platforms like TikTok which you can easily dominate.

So, the choice is yours and where you decide to dominate and use to get traffic to your affiliate link depends on you.

Just make sure that you first dominate a social media platform before thinking of joining another one.

Don’t just be moving from one place to another thinking and wondering why you are not succeeding.

You must focus on one platform and dominate it before another platform.


Should You Join the Leadpages Affiliate Program?

Whether or not to join the Leadpages Affiliate Program all depends on you as no one can decide for you.

But landing and sales pages are now what many people are using to crush the marketplace.

Also, sales funnels are now getting more popular these days where people keep up-selling and down-selling products.

Although, you have to know that you are not the only one promoting the Leadpages Affiliate Program.

And also, another downside is that if you plan to use YourTube for this kind of promotion.

You will have to purchase the product to show a live Display of how you are using it and how they should also use it either.

So, you shouldn’t just sit back and relax – go ye and dominate the leaderboard.

It’s not much of a problem because if you care about your followers – you should always first buy and test a product before recommending it.

So, I hope this guide helps you in one way or the other.

Let me have your thoughts concerning how well you perceive the Leadpages Affiliate Program.

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