Hyper Targeting: 10 Ways To Use It To Grow Your Busines

Hyper Targeting

The ability to always get enough conversion from every single money or time that you pay on a platform is the reason why Hyper Targeting is important.

These days, the majority of internet marketers don’t put too much focus on Hyper Targeting.

All they care about is the process of spamming and dropping all their adverts in different places.

You need to have the mindset of doing Hyper Targeting to get enough and outstanding conversion.

Here are the values you are going to get from this Guide:

Let us immediately look at the definition of Hyper Targeting and how you can go into it.


What is Hyper Targeting?

Hyper Targeting is the process of displaying your advert or promotions to the exact audience that needs what you are offering.

This is by far one of the best means to gain a lot of quick recognition and easily become an authority in your niche.

Many people are doing this wrong and that is why the “Gooroos” keep selling them irrelevant courses – claiming to have a secret inside which they don’t have any.

Although, in this guide – I will give you the first-class information that you need to start doing your Hyper Targeting correctly.


Ways to Hyper Target

There are several ways to do Hyper Targeting correctly and we will go into details on how you can do it.

Below are some of the ways through which you can do Hyper Targeting correctly.

  1. Forum Advertising.
  2. Retargeting.
  3. Build An Email List.
  4. Influencer Marketing.
  5. Social Media Community.


1. Forum Advertising:

Hyper target marketing

One of the best ways to do your hyper Targeting is the forum Advertising method.

This way, you will be able to get directly into the domain and community of people who are into what you want to promote.

The major reason why I like forums is the fact that one can reason with people who decide to always check out a platform that moves around their interests.

People always find it difficult to go to forums and prefer to just use social media because they know that they will see a lot of fun on social media.

But the ability to keep coming to the forum and checking out what people in a certain niche are doing is what interests me with the forum.

So, I like the forum a lot because my target audience is always there and is interested in whatever I am giving them.

A lot of marketers out there do spend thousands to millions of dollars on paid adverts on forums.

Because they know that they will have the ability to get first-class access to the people who are interested in what they are advertising.

Just imagine if you are someone promoting internet marketing products – you will know that your next juncture is Warriorforum.

Because you will see a lot of internet marketers there who are asking questions and wanting to know better.

This way makes it easy for anyone to easily start making money and seeing a lot of positive results just by Hyper Targeting.

So, are you interested in Hyper Targeting and you haven’t thought about using Forum Advertising?

Start making use of it by just typing “{Niche} Forum” on Google and you will see some suggestions related to your niche. That way, you are directly going straight to the audience that is best interested in what you are offering.


2. Social Media Retargeting:


How well are you running paid ads on Social Media? Well, maybe you are doing it quite often.

But have you started making use of Retargeting in your social media campaigns?

Because if you haven’t started making use of it – then you are missing out on a lot of goodies that ought to be yours.

Social Media Retargeting is a very important element for any marketer that is running paid adverts.

Because that is the best way to get in touch with the audience that is best interested in what you are offering.

That is why when you run the first set of the advert – social media will try to narrow your audience based on how well your targeting is.

But you have to stop the advert at a certain level and now run a Retargeting advert to target people who share the same interest with people who have interacted with your advert.

And the way to do this is by adding a Tracking Code (Pixel) on your website.

The Pixel will be given to you by the social media platform you are using to advertise.

Facebook for example has its Tracking code called the “Facebook Pixel“.

Google also has its pixel and it’s called “Google Pixel” which you will put on your landing page.

This is how you get details of those who have clicked on your advert – then you Retarget them to promote to them…

…also you can run an advert to those who share the same interest with them.


3. Build An Email List:

What is micro targeted advertising?

If you haven’t started building your email list – then you are missing out on the money you should be minting.

The question Is Email Marketing Dead? is still flowing on the internet and many people are missing out.

Smart marketers are busy working hard to build more of their email lists while inactive ones are still struggling with social media.

The truth is that you cannot control the work rate on social media because it doesn’t belong to you.

You can make a post on social media and know that such a post will not get to all your audience except you run paid advert.

But when you build your email list and have your community which you are the head of it.

You can easily send out promotion and be rest assured that such a promotion is going out to your target audience.

And that is by doing enough lead generation and building your email list with it.

You can put an opt-in form on your website that is promoting Dropshipping.

If there is anyone who shows interest to input his or her email address in that opt-in form.

You would have already known that such a person is interested in Dropshipping and you can easily start promoting Dropshipping offers to them.

They are Hyper-Targeted and belongs to you for them to be marketed to anytime and any day.


4. Influencer Marketing:

Hyper target marketing

If you can get access to the Head of a tribe – you already have access to the people in that tribe.

That is the power that influencer Marketing has and that is why you must not just overlook it in your Hyper Targeting approach.

Just with influencers of a particular niche and has a lot of followers who believe in what he or she is endorsing…

… a lot of the followers and fans will follow whatever such an influencer is promoting with immediate effect.

That is why being an influencer is a powerful tool that can easily turn someone from broke to rich.

Because you can easily start controlling wealth and sell anything that you wish to sell to anyone.

But since you are not even an influencer but you have what it takes to hire an influencer to endorse your offer.

Then, what is stopping you from doing influencer adverts to start promoting your offer?

This is a solid Hyper Targeting because you are making use of the owner and leader of a tribe.

And the people believe in their leader and follows anything he or she says.

So, just flow along and endorse them or rent their page for few days.

I don’t have to teach you much about how you can get an influencer to help promote your offer.

If you go to YouTube – type your keyword and you will see a lot of suggested videos.

Look at the channel that has a lot of subscribers and message them.

Or you easily make use of Facebook and Instagram and look for an influencer in your niche and pitch them.

It doesn’t get easier than this.

Just be careful with the kind of influencer you pitch and try to have a solid confirmation.


5. Search Engine Marketing:

What is hyper targeting in marketing?

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is another aspect of Hyper Targeting that portrays a good way to get in touch with your real audience.

With SEM – you can do your targeting in a way that will bring out the best of the audience that you should promote to.

Search Engine Marketing is the types of Google adverts that you see anytime you search for a keyword online.

So, the moment someone searches for a keyword that is related to what you are promoting – your advert showcase.

This is the major reason why many marketers are making use of Google adverts and Bing adverts…

…Because they know that once someone searches for their keyword – their advert will pop up.

It’s just like if you type “Affiliate Marketing” on Google. Google will show your advert because such a person is looking for your “Affiliate Marketing“.

With SEM – you are directly targeting the people that will be interested in whatever you are offering.

Those who will buy whatever you are promoting or grab whatever you are giving because that is exactly what they are looking for.

They are the hot audience that wants a solution to that specific problem and they will pull out their credit card to pay any matter what.

Your Hyper Targeting is achievable with SEM because your audience is already looking for you.

You don’t have to bother yourself with trying to explain what your offer is to them before they can easily understand.


6. Social Media Community:

Micro targeting

Social Media Community like Facebook Groups is another fantastic location to get people who are interested in your offer.

Although, the level of restrictions with the social media community is quite difficult a little this day.

Because if you should decide to start targeting and making use of Public Facebook communities…

…you will find yourself only promoting to a lot of spammers and scammers – who are only there to rip people off their money.

So, it is always better to make use of private groups when you are doing your Search Engine Marketing.

Because this way, you will be able to see people who are interested and are looking for solutions.

But you will need to make a lot because of rapport with the group admin or one of the admins.

But I will prefer you make rapport with the head admin – so that you can get access to the members.

What majority of the Gooroos and other information you will get on the internet is that you should create content on the group.

You should keep engaging and posting valuable content on the group.

That is also cool but the reward takes a long while and also, even if you create Engagement – you still won’t be given the chance to post links.

Am I a fan of the fast methods? Not!

But if a see a better and more easy way… I will prefer to make use of it.

To make rapport with the admin… you will start by engaging on every post on their group.

Then after that, you will now start thinking of a solution that you can bring to them with the problem.

Make sure it is something that is closer to them and solve it for them and that is how you get access to them.

This way, you can easily get access to the people of that private group by offering your product.

Just talk with the admin about it… I am sure he or she will be interested to promote since it’s a good offer.

This can take you 3 months to execute but that of posting content can take you 1-2 years and the reward of the former is very much higher than the latter.


Criteria For Hyper Targeting

Some criteria should be put in place for you to Hyper-Targeted properly.

Let us quickly review it and see how it can help you to take your business or your clients’ business to the next level.

  1.  Know Your Target Audience.
  2. Know Your Data Source For Targeting.
  3.  Your Target Platform.
  4. What’s Your Media Type?
  5. Know The Ways Through Which You Measure Success.


1. Know Your Target Audience:

hyper-targeted marketing strategies

The first thing you have to know is your target audience and the people that you are serving.

If you don’t know who you are serving then you need to go back to the drawing board.

Because that is the only way for you to talk directly to who you are serving and make them feel secured.

Just imagine when you are reading this guide and I am typing in another language.

Or I am not speaking directly to you – you will feel lost easily and don’t even wish to continue.

That is why you have to know your audience and people who you are truly serving because that is how to win.

When you are Hyper Targeting with either of the ways I have discussed with you above.

You must be going directly to the people who you will be serving.

Even if you are to be running google or Bing ads…They will ask you for some related keywords.

Because they believe that is what can make them serve you better and show your advert to relevant and related people.

So, you must know your audience because that is how they can also know you.

If you don’t know your audience – it will be difficult for them to know and find you. So, know and understand them.


2. Know Your Data Source For Targeting:

What do you mean by micro marketing?

Even though you understand who your customers or target audiences are.

You must know where you are going to the data that will be used to hold and key this audience.

A lot of data are online but the necessary things are to know where to get these data.

An example of this is when you are writing a blog post that is trying to target your ideal audience.

You have to know the kinds of keywords that you will use when doing your targeting because it is these keywords that will be used to get in touch with your audience.

When you have your data source and you know exactly what your audience is looking for…

…you can easily get in touch with your audience and hyper-target them.

Sometimes, the keyword or normal word that you feel your target audience will use when searching for your offer might not be what they will use.

That is why many Copywriters and marketers make use of the forum and Google Auto Suggestions to look for what their target audience is searching for.

This is how they majorly get their day just to go deep into what their target audience is looking for – so that they can be the first to be shown.


3. Your Target Platform:

What are quality leads

Which platform are you aiming to use to get in touch with your target audience?

You cannot just decide to be doing  Hyper Targeting without knowing where these people are agglomeration.

They all have a place where they gather up to share and talk about what is bothering them always.

They all have a particular place they go to anytime they are looking for a solution to their problems.

They all have an idol or influencer that they look up to and follow anything he or she is recommending.

They are always on the internet but because the internet is too wide – it becomes difficult to know where to see them.

Although, it is not difficult you only need to funnel down your experiment and research into knowing where they are always coming together.

That is why some marketers always focus on Facebook Marketing at the strategy Of their Hyper Targeting.

Some will focus on forums to get in touch with their target audience.

Some will focus much on Google by uploading valuable content that will be recommended when people are searching.

Some will shoot themselves live and upload on YouTube because they know their target audience is there.

These are just several ways that they are using to Hyper Target and get in touch with their audience.

That is why you must know yours… it might not be on any of the platforms I have stated.

But they are surely somewhere… it might be LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, or anywhere. Just make sure you know WHERE.


4. What’s Your Media Type?

Hyper-targeting examples

How are you explaining your offer to your target audience?

A lot of marketers make use of several media types to explaining and disseminate information to their audience.

Some make use of images with just a plain photo to explain whatever they are advertising to a Hyper-Targeted market.

Some people make use of GIF images that just explains with a bit of video graphics.

Some make use of Videos to explain what they are offering their audience and get their attention.

Everything is just for the audience to understand whatever they are promoting to their target audience.

So, you must know the media type to make use of when doing your Hyper Targeting.

Also, each Platform that you will be using to promote an offer has different media type that best work on them.

Some who even have the features of every type of media to use – has their separate aspect of the platform that best works for each media.

So, you have to be careful with the ways you use any media type on whichever platform that you are using.

So, this is another requirement that is important when trying to choose a media type for your promotions.


5. Know The Ways Through Which You Measure Success:

What is hyper marketing

Are you tracking all your data? Because you are missing a lot if you are not tracking it.

You need to keep track of your data – so that you can know if you are progressing in your promotions and business or not.

And the way to do this is by using the pixel data to keep track and know how well you are performing.

Also, on each platform you are using to promote yourself – there is always a dashboard where you will see all your data.

So, do you have the things that are needed in place for you to measure your success rate?

Whichever platform that you are even using – there must be something that will help you keep track of your progress on it.

Because if there is none and you are not able to keep track – you will miss out on a lot.

You won’t even know if you are progressing or you are regressing.

You will feel stuck and keep thinking of how to make progress more than your competitors.

In which the best way to progress is by competing with yourself because that is the best way to meet and beat your competitors.

So, how well are you measuring your success and keeping track of your target audience?

This is another important aspect that you need to look at.



The Hyper Targeting approach is a very important technique for any marketer or any brand advertising online.

If you are not Hyper-Targeting – then you are not doing promotion and your online advertising will be poor.

Even conversion will be very bad and that is why you should try and follow the guidelines given in this guide.

Because I have taken you from novice to an intermediate in this guide and the moment you implement what is written…

…you automatically become an expert and that’s how to win.

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