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Legendary Marketer Affiliate Program Beginners’ Review

Legendary Marketer Affiliate Program

When it comes to one of the top affiliate programs that pay their affiliate a wholesome commission – the Legendary Marketer Affiliate Program is one of them.

But does that means that the program is one of the best affiliate programs out there? Well, maybe Yes, Or Maybe Not.

But I am certain that the purpose of this guide is to put you through how best this Affiliate program can either serve you right or wrong.

And that is why we will be discussing it today, so stick with me and let us go deep into the Legendary Marketer Affiliate Program.

Below are the things that will be covered in this guide which you can just skip to any part that best interests you the most;


What Is The Legendary Marketer Affiliate Program?

Legendary Marketer Affiliate Program is an Affiliate Marketing training and a program that takes its users from the point of being a student to the point of being a top marketer.

You can see me putting the word “Point” in that definition.

The reason is that, unlike other affiliate programs where you can just go straight to their website and register with your email and password and you will be given an affiliate link.

That is very different in the Legendary Marketer Affiliate Program.

You don’t just go to their platform and register an account and you will easily be approved.

First of all, the program comes with a series of training that you have to undergo before you can become an affiliate of their products.

You will first need to embark on this training and it is when you are in series 5 of the 15 series that are in the training that you will be eligible to become an affiliate.

Oh yes! So that tells you that you cannot just open an account and become a Registered Affiliate.

Because they want to be sure as to the type of affiliate marketer that will promote their product.


Approval Process Of Legendary Marketer Affiliate Program

Just like we might have known starting from when I started writing this guide. The Legendary Marketer Affiliate Program has its free version.

Which makes it easy for people to easily register for the program and go through a series of tutorials.

But it also has its pro version which costs $29.95/month to purchase for you to become a pro user.

The difference is that if you register for the free plan of being an affiliate of Legendary Marketer.

You will only have access to promote some low ticket offers that are of little commission.

Like, you will not have access to those kinds of products that are inside this program which can make you as high as $1000 commission per referral.

You will only have access to the low ticket offers on the program that will only be earning you $3.5 per referral.

So, that is why most affiliates prefer to go deep and pay for the pro version so that they can easily have access to those high ticket offers that will bring them a lot of commission.

Also, another thing that you have to take note of is that – to become a Registered affiliate on this platform.

You will go through some training which I have stated earlier in which you will be shortlisted in the level 5 of the training.

Now, you will request the approval process at that level and you might either be selected or not.

That depends on how well they see your application and note if you are eligible for the program or not.

But another strategy that David Sharpe (who is the founder of Legendary Marketer Affiliate Program) has is that they allowed anyone who can purchase the Business Blueprint to have quick access to the program.

This means that – if you can put that certain amount immediately. You will automatically and instantly be approved.

Also, you will be able to promote more offers and earn as high as $1000 from the affiliate system.

So, once you get to level 5 – you can pay for this plan and you will be able to earn more from the Affiliate program.

Even though the affiliate program is free to join just like it states.

It also has a lot of strategies that they use to maintain their brand and get more money from both affiliates and non-affiliates.

Although, if you have a good traffic source and good marketing skills – of course, you can easily make your money back from this affiliate marketing system.

Since there are a lot of products that one can purchase and you can always earn from it even while it has been long you referred the person.

You can click here to register for the affiliate program.

Let us quickly look at some of the ways through which you can promote this affiliate program.


How To Promote Legendary Marketer Affiliate Program

Below are the ways through which you can promote The Legendary Marketer Affiliate Program on its own and make a profit.

  1. YouTube Channel
  2. Blog Content
  3. Paid Ads.
  4. Email Marketing.
  5. Network Ads.


1. YouTube Channel:

The first way through which you can promote this affiliate program is to do a review video of it on your YouTube channel.

If you go on YouTube – you will see a few of some marketers who have done enough review on this affiliate program.

They know the benefit that comes from this and they also get everyday traffic to this affiliate system.

Also, YouTube is a free market channel that doesn’t charge you a dime for getting free traffic.

So, you don’t have to panic about getting people and views into your product with this method.

Because it becomes something profitable for you at the end of the day.

So, if you have a YouTube channel – you can easily go ahead and create a review video for this affiliate program.

But if you don’t have a YouTube channel… I wouldn’t assure you much on whether you can get traffic from this.

Because your channel might be new and it might take a while for YouTube to consider ranking your video.

But Who Cares! Just open and channel, record a video to do a review video for the Affiliate Program.

Input your affiliate link in the description of the video which you will redirect people to click in the video.

And upload it on YouTube and with time… you can also enjoy the favor of the YouTube algorithm.

Although, if you are new to the YouTube channel… you can do this but make sure you try out more processes below.


2. Blog Content:

Another way you can promote the Legendary Marketer Affiliate Program is to write blog content on Google.

You don’t necessarily need to have a website for you to write blog content on Google.

There are a lot of free article publishing websites on Google where you can upload your content on and you can easily have the chance of ranking on Google for the keyword.

You can make use of the medium to rank the keyword for the affiliate program.

Although, the medium doesn’t allow affiliate links on their platform these days – ever since they realized that a lot of people are coming to their platform just to spam affiliate links in it.

So, because of this – they have decided to be shutting down stories (posts) with affiliate links in them.

But what you can do is that you can use a link Cloaker like Thirsty Affiliates to cloak the link.

This way, it will cover up for the affiliate link and that is what people will first click on before getting redirected automatically to the Affiliate program.

I believe you understand?

Thirsty Affiliates will help you cover your affiliate link and generate a normal link or URL for you to paste.

Then, once you paste it – the medium won’t know that it’s an affiliate link. So, once viewers click on the link… they will be redirected to your affiliate link and land in the affiliate program.

This way, you are safe from any algorithm shutting down your posts after you have uploaded them.

You can also use some other platforms like Quora by answering questions and linking your medium article to your answers.

Just don’t send people directly to a landing page or a sales page when using Quora for a traffic source.

Quora doesn’t allow sending to landing pages or sales pages.

They only allow links to other blog posts that are buttressing the answer that you have provided.

That’s the secret to Quora and medium and I hope this can help you greatly.

You can also read more on how to promote affiliate links on Facebook here 


3. Paid Ads:

Running paid ads is another way through which you can promote the LMA Program effectively.

Although, for you to successfully run a paid advert – you need to have a budget that can go through the successful running of an advert.

A few years ago, Facebook ads is said to be the cheapest means to easily get access to a lot of people.

But these days, it is now getting costlier compared to the previous time when it started popping.

Nevertheless, it should stop you from using other platforms to run your paid adverts and get traffic to your affiliate link.

Also, you can even run Youtube adverts to get access to a lot of people.

A lot of marketers are now trying to penetrate the YouTube system to get access to their audience.

The reason why YouTube is said to be much better is that it has audiences that are much targeted.

Those who go to YouTube are there to look for a solution to their problems and they click on a video to watch.

So, let us say you are promoting an affiliate program for example.

You can run an advert for specific posts on a YouTube channel.

You can decide to make your advert show a certain video about “Affiliate Marketing” and they will first see your video before watching the video.

This way, you can easily control the movement and get access straight to your target audience.


4. Email Marketing:

If you have an email list, then this will be a fantastic method to use.

Since there is always money in the list and they are people whom you own and do not rent.

You can recommend the Legendary Marketer Affiliate Program to them and get them to click on your affiliate link.

Just be careful with the way you use the affiliate link in your email campaigns if you are not making use of Autoresponders like Aweber or GetResponse.

But email is by far one of the best ways that you can promote this offer and get people on board.

If you haven’t started building your email list – then you need to consider building it because it is very important.

When you build your email list – they belong to you alone and nobody can collect the list from you.

Also, because they are already feeling from you through emails – you can easily convert them.

Also, they can ask you more questions to which you can easily provide answers.

Email Marketing is one of the best ways to promote this affiliate program and you shouldn’t slack on it.


5. Network Ads:

Are you a fan of Network Ads? If you are not a fan or you don’t know about it – then you might be missing a lot.

The reason why network ads are very much fantastic is that they are coming from a website with a lot of traffic.

For example, if you run network adverts on a platform like “outbrain.com” and they make your advert show on a platform like Forbes.com or Entreprener.com.

These platforms have an audience who trusts whatever they are placing on their website.

So, if your advert shows there – the visitors Automatically believe that anything from Forbes is authentic.

They would not put their mind into whether it is truly an advert – only a few will notice that.

Also, even those who notice will still believe that Forbes is promoting the right thing.

Although you are not promoting the wrong thing here I am just letting you know the value that network ads also possess.

So, you might not need much convincing as you already are getting traffic from a reputable platform.

So, Network ads are also a very fantastic way that you can get traffic to this affiliate program.


Advantages Of Legendary Marketer Affiliate Program

Let us quickly look at the advantages that one gets to derive from the legendary Marketer Affiliate Program.

These are benefits that are beneficial to the human and they are working wonders.

  1. Enough Commission From A Single Referral.
  2. More In-depth Information About Affiliate Marketing.
  3. Ability To Be In A Close Tribe.
  4. Ease Of Getting Rich Online
  5. Protected Network From Spammers.


1. Enough Commission From A Single Referral:

For joining the LMA Program – you can get enough Commission just from a single referral.

Oh yes, it is possible! A lot of affiliates of this program sometimes don’t promote that much before they get their first $1000 or $5000 with this affiliate program

And the reason is that – there are a lot of products in this affiliate program that people can buy.

There is software that people can buy and also use to boost their online marketing journey.

Also, A Live Event For Legendary Marketer Affiliates is another important summit that is being anchored by the Legendary Marketer Affiliate Program Team.

This is a way of awarding top affiliates and also teaching them more about affiliate marketing in general.

And this involves a fee that will be paid by anyone interested in joining this summit.

So, if your referral decides to join this show – it is another way to make money for you.

This is something phenomenal which you can easily enjoy from and you shouldn’t slack from it.

So, the LMA Program will give you an adequate return on every investment in your affiliate promotion.


2. More In-depth Information About Affiliate Marketing:

This affiliate program makes it very easy for any internet marketer to get in-depth information about Affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is broad and you can easily learn a tactic or another from one Affiliate marketer to another.

This is also another nice privilege that you get from joining this affiliate program.

Because before you can promote their products – they will take you through a series of training.

You will register for free and first join some thorough training that will take you from beginner to intermediate.

Although if you want to become an expert – you might need to pay another extra fee for all that.

But the reason why they have gone extra mile for all these is that they want their affiliate program to be marketed effectively.

They know that if they can teach people how to become an affiliate marketer – then their products will be promoted effectively.

Unlike them just allowing every Jack and Harry to promote their products and keep spamming their links on several platforms.

That is the problem you will experience even if you start an affiliate program.

You will see your affiliates just spamming and littering the internet with your link id.

And this will keep causing a bad reputation for that Affiliate Program Domain because it’s just being littered everywhere.

But when a level of steps is being taken through – it becomes easy for them to promote more efficiently.

So, this is a great benefit for anyone new to Affiliate marketing to easily learn it even without spending money from the start.


3. Ability To Be In A Close Tribe:

Oh yes, you can easily have the ability to be in a close tribe of people that will support you

The Legendary Marketer Affiliate Program has a group and community where all affiliates discuss and interact.

Like, if you have any questions concerning something related to affiliate marketing – you can easily ask.

Also, if you have questions that are related to the program itself – you can easily ask and you will get answers from top affiliates of the program.

The reason why I love Affiliate Marketing groups is that you will always get answers to tour questions.

So, even if you are a newbie just thinking of how to promote this program – you will surely get answers from their group.

Also, when you become top in the industry – you will be able to also answer questions from newbies.

So, this is another advantage that you can derive from joining this affiliate program.


4. Ease Of Getting Rich Online:

When you have enough opportunity to make thousands of dollars just with less effort – your chances of getting rich are high.

That is why you see a lot of marketers preferring to promote high to key offers rather than low ticket offers.

You might be wondering why but the truth is that – just a single sale from a high ticket offer can skyrocket your monthly revenue.

You might be surprised because you want to keep making daily affiliate sales but what about making more than that?

That is the power the high ticket affiliate gives because you can easily promote a $5000 product and get a $2000 commission.

But in this type of affiliate program called Legendary Marketer…

…the program consists of several affiliate products ranging from Low ticket products to High ticket products.

So, they have a means of first cajoling people into buying the front-end offer that is less.

Then, now start Upselling them with more products, tutorials, and events that will make them pay more.

This is what you enjoy from this affiliate program to also make you grow rich on the platform.


5. Protected Network From Spammers:

I guess we talked a little about this earlier – but the truth remains that the platform will be protected from spammers.

The majority of the affiliate marketers that are Registering new accounts every day on the affiliate platform are spammers.

And I can’t even blame them – they don’t know much about what affiliate marketing is all about.

So, by the time they go to YouTube to learn how to do affiliate marketing and make money.

Or how they can get traffic to their affiliate link without spending any money on an advert.

They will jump on a number of those that will keep telling them about doing email blasting to they should be posting on Facebook groups.

In which it was all a lie, I was also like that when I started my online marketing journey.

I always thought I can spam groups and make a lot of money from affiliate marketing.

It doesn’t work like that – and this is what David Sharpe sees that makes him decide to first train his Affiliates.

Once they train their affiliates on how they can promote the affiliate program – it will be easy to make money by both parties.

Also, the rate at which their domain reputation will be listed on the internet will be minimal.

It will only be mentioned in a respected article and a sensemaking platform.


Disadvantages Of Legendary Marketer Affiliate Program

Let us quickly look at some of the disadvantages of the legendary Marketer Affiliate program – which you should also take note of.

Below are a few among them, so let us review some:

  1. Too Many Upsell.
  2. Not Suitable For A Low Budget Beginner.
  3. Can Also Lead To Fan Mistrust From Referrals.


1. Too Many Upsell:

One of the main disadvantages of The Legendary Marketer Affiliate Program is that there is a lot of upselling.

And this can lead to mistrust for any person who doesn’t have much money to spend on courses and tools.

These days, online buyers are now getting wiser – if you look at paid adverts very well.

You will see a lot of people asking if there is no further upsell on the product.

They already know that the first aspect is the free resource just to get them inside the system and they will get pitched eventually.

Although, this problem doesn’t come from pitching because we all love to buy things.

Oh yes, that is the gist! People love to buy – but when they don’t have up to the budget…They will complain.

That is why when there are too many upsells – it can lead to mistrust and low budget will begin to complain.

Well, does this affect you that much as an affiliate!? Maybe Not!

But every customer counts and your main aim as a marketer should be to get customers that keep coming back for more of your recommendations.

So, if you promote an affiliate program like this because of the money – you should be ready for the consequences from some customers.


2. Not Suitable For A Low Budget Beginner:

Oh yes! I think I already talked about this earlier – but this program is not suitable for low-budget beginner affiliates.

What I am trying to portray here is that – the purpose of the course of the program is to breed new affiliates into the affiliate marketing system.

To get more people to join and learn what affiliate marketing truly means – so that they also can eventually start promoting the Legendary Marketer Affiliate Program.

But sometimes, that might not be so because when there are just too many things to buy upfront.

What is the assurance that one will be able to reach the required destination that one was promised?

Sometimes, some things ought to have been revealed in the series one of the programs.

But just because of making more affiliate commissions – one will still need to pay extra money for that information.

This can be tiring a little bit as low-budget affiliates won’t have the opportunity that the big affiliates are already realizing.

Also, those who might have not been into affiliate marketing previously but have enough money can still cope.

But what if someone doesn’t even have any source of living and is just starting afresh? This might not be a great aspect.


3. Can Also Lead To Fan Mistrust From Referrals:

When you are doing affiliate marketing – you already know that a lot of people will be willing to get through your affiliate link.

So, if you are promoting a program like this – there can be a little bit of mistrust among your fans.

They might feel like you don’t care about their safety and you are only about the money.

So, this is another thing that might serve as a disadvantage and this will come majorly from those who are low budget referrals.

And mind you, just because someone is low budget today – doesn’t mean that they will be low budget tomorrow.

But the fact they don’t have much but they trusted you to get the program and they are later being introduced to more upsells will get them tiring.

So, this is kinda another disadvantage of this and it can lead to mistrust among fans.



In this guide, we are been able to make a little bit of justice to the aspect of The Legendary Marketer Affiliate Program.

If you are fully interested in joining this program – you can go all-in into it and start promoting it.

Learn More on the basics of Affiliate Marketing before joining.

Also, you can pay the Business Blueprint Plan so that you can be able to get access to get commissions from high ticket products.

And start seeing yourself at the top.

It’s a fantastic Affiliate Program… but just be plain with your followers concerning it and don’t manipulate them into clicking your links.

If you have been in this affiliate program – you can share your thoughts about it below.

Also, if you enjoy this guide – kindly don’t forget to share it with your friends on social media by clicking any of the social media icons below.

I Love You.