Making over $10,000/Month With B2B Dropshipping

B2B Dropshipping

Dropshipping on its own is a very lucrative business that can give you a lot of positive returns.

While B2B Dropshipping is another part of Dropshipping that can multiply your earnings in as much as you follow the right procedures.

B2B Dropshipping is a way of selling and receiving products on behalf of other businesses.

Several new Dropshippers are looking for agents and suppliers to help them Dropship.

You can become their best plug to make things very easy for them by solving their problems and collecting your payment.

A lot of businesses have gone from broke to wealthy just from Dropshipping Business to Business.

Below Is What Will Be Discussed In This Content;

So, let us go deeper into what B2B Dropshipping is all about and how you can start doing it profitably.


What is B2B Dropshipping?

B2B Dropshipping is the act and process of doing product business with other Dropshipping companies and having other businesses as an ultimate consumer.

It means that you are serving as a middle between the company and its customers.

So, when a Dropshipping brand or company orders for a product – you help them receive the product from the manufacturer…

…and also help them send it to the final consumer.

That is how the work of Shopify, BigBuy, VidaXL and the rest of B2B Dropshipping brands keeps coming up and scaling high.

Dropshipping is what many people are always into – they are jumping into it because they know the benefit it gives.


How To Promote Your B2B Dropshipping Brand

Let us quickly look into how you can promote your B2B Dropshipping services and grow them into a highly profitable brand. 

  1. Be visible on Search Engines. 
  2. Pitch Dropshipping Brands. 
  3. Create Rapport With Product Suppliers.
  4. Add More Uniqueness To Your Expertise.
  5. Run SEM Ads.


1. Be visible on Search Engines:

B2B dropshipping UK

You have to be visible on the search engines for you to easily attain great success in the aspect of B2B Dropshipping.

Many new Dropshippers who want to enter into the business and need suppliers will come online to search on Google.

They will be searching for suppliers who can serve them right.

Also, some will come to look for more articles about how Dropshipping is profitable and how it can benefit them.

Your website must always be showing whenever they are searching for the keyword call “Dropshipping”.

This way, Google will promote you and you will start getting quick access to Dropshippers.

Look, many people will decide to tell you a secret that their cajole is working for them.

There is no specific secret to you promoting your B2B Dropshipping – you just have to put in the work.

This is how companies like BigBuy, Oberlo, Shopify, and the rest are easily making quick waves online.

Because they already have the visibility on Google and anytime some searches for Dropshipping…

…you will always see them showing at the top which is the reason why people are always using them.

So, you need to make your website to be visible by optimizing your page for SEO.

You won’t easily see quick result with this as you need to stay a little while and do some keyword research in the low aspect of Dropshipping.

But when your B2B Dropshipping website starts ranking at the first page of Google and visitors start coming in…

…you will start seeing results and new Dropshippers will start knowing about having an interest in what you are doing.

This way, you are easily catching them with your bait because you can easily put a “Register Here” button at the Header of your website.


2. Pitch Dropshipping Brands:

B2b dropshipping meaning

In pitching Dropshipping brands – you can easily build more ultimate rapport with Dropshipping websites.

Websites that are into Dropshipping and are also looking for a trustworthy supplier to help them serve their customers.

You can easily do this by Cold emailing them – going to their website and searching for their contact us.

Then go straight to pitch them about your Dropshipping service and how you can serve them right.

Ways through which you can get websites that are into Dropshipping and most especially new ones…

…is by going to YouTube and type “Dropshipping” at the search box.

Then once you type Dropshipping, you will see a lot of suggested videos on Dropshipping which you will click on each one of them.

Then click on each video and check the comment aspect – you will see a lot of newbies talking about what they need.

Some will also post links to their new Dropshipping website for the YouTube Influencer to help them out.

Those who don’t post theirs – go deep by checking out their profile and see what they’ve got.

Just make sure that you focus and channel your efforts into it and digging out their websites.

Then messaging them about how you can serve them right in Dropshipping is what will make you enough gain easily.


3. Create Rapport With Product Suppliers:

B2B dropshipping USA

Another fantastic way to gain solid ground in your Dropshipping with other businesses is by sorrounding yourself with like-minded people.

And that is building a good rapport with product suppliers who are following what you are doing.

You cannot be the one standing alone and expect to see good results in what you are doing.

It is going to be a little bit difficult be ayse there might be some new updates that you should know about.

But if you don’t know about it – you will just keep merry-go-rounding in the same position and thinking that you are moving.

There are a lot of new updates that are flowing on the internet and new tools can come out.

Which you might have not known about – and you will keep thinking you know the best.

Also, there might be some advanced Strategies that can help you attain and win over Dropshippers.

When you are in a circle of like-minded people who also are into what you are doing and even more than what you’re doing.

You will attain success – because a quote has stated that…

Your Network Is Your Net-Worth.

So, try and have a circle of close minds and make sure that those in that circle are ahead of you already.


4. Add More Uniqueness To Your Expertise:

Big Buy store

Another marketing strategy to promote your expertise effectively is the uniqueness of your Dropshipping brand.

And that is by adding more of this uniqueness to your expertise.

There are a lot of B2B Dropshipping brands out there but only a few are unique in doing more things.

A feature like Printing for Private Label Dropshippers is a nice feature that you can include in your B2B Dropshipping.

As a supplier – you can be doing this and also encourage new Dropshippers to add this to their business.

Who doesn’t like to be delivering products in their brand name? They do! And they will be glad to grab the opportunity.

You only need to convince them and show them the ways through which this can help boom their business.

And the amazing thing is that this is also another source of earning money for you just because of this added feature.

You will easily be charge $3 – $4 per printing of their brand logo on each product before being sent to their customers.

You only have to upgrade yourself and learn this feature and this is another way to promote yourself.

Because you will even get referrals from these people – telling other Dropshippers about this feature that you have.

So, while other suppliers are just receiving and sending products straight to the customers.

You are receiving, printing, and sending to the customer which is another added feature you have in your expertise.


5. Run SEM Ads:

Dropshipping suppliers

Running search engine adverts is something that you shouldn’t joke with at all.

If you type “Dropshipping” on Google – you will see a lot of ads popping up on your screen even before the normal content.

That is to tell you that a lot of other brands are also trying to get more and more visibilities every day.

So you shouldn’t also rely on free methods – try and combine it with paid methods so that you can get visibility.

Many B2B suppliers and Dropshippers are working daily to meet and see new brands that they will work for.

So, even if you try to be unique but not trying to get more visibility – you will keep struggling and finding it hard to reach your yearly goal.

Although, if you are on a low budget thinking that it might be a little bit difficult for you to run search engine adverts like Google Ads.

You can just keep making use of the organic and free strategies that I have listed above.

But with time, as soon as you keep seeing a lot of conversions from your Dropshipping supply.

You should always enrich your goal by promoting your brand and trying as much as possible to reach more audiences.

Let new Dropshippers see you and make sure that your name is the household name for all.

Just like the way Shopify is being called all the time – let your name also be mentioned in the household of Dropshipping.

So that progressing, succeeding, and reaching your yearly target will always be possible.


How To Do B2B Dropshipping

Doing Dropshipping is easy and profitable and that is the reason for the wide effort in it – but do you know how you can go about it?

It might be a little bit difficult and that is why I must discuss it very quickly in this aspect.

  1. Establish a Great Relationship With Dropshipping Suppliers and Companies.
  2. Get Access To Product Manufacturers.
  3. Get A Good Logistics.
  4. SetUp A Beautiful B2B website.


1. Establish a Great Relationship With Dropshipping Suppliers and Companies:

Is dropshipping B2B or B2C

You need to establish a good relationships with Dropshipping suppliers and other companies.

Just like I have stated in the marketing aspect – you cannot afford to be working alone in your field.

There are a lot of companies and brands who are already in this business before you and they are not relenting.

They are working tirelessly every day and night to just look for the best strategy that can make their business succeed.

So, working and creating more authentic rapport with these brands will take your business high.

You can easily feel relaxed in your B2B Dropshipping and gain more knowledge from them.

Because the truth is that even if you have just enrolled for a course and learn how to do B2B Dropshipping.

Or you finish reading this guide and learn how to do B2B Dropshipping – you will need to create a good rapport with other companies.

This is the way you keep building connections and start having brands that you can Dropship for even before entering the business.

So, don’t take this for granted and start making sure that you build your connections.

You can do this by checking them out on YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn and also going directly to their blogs.

There are also a lot of YouTubers who are into Dropshipping – so, making them mention you in their videos is important.


2. Get Access To Product Manufacturers:

B2B dropshipping Europe

You are going to be Dropshipping on behalf of your clients who are the ones sending you orders to Dropship.

But another thing that you have to know is that the majority of these people might not know which way to go.

Or where they can purchase the best types of products for a specific niche or brand.

So, you also need to make connections with manufacturers of products.

If you can even build a good connection in China where goods are very cheap – that will be fantastic.

There are a lot of people who have not been to a place or don’t even have a relative in a place and build a good rapport.

So, you can do this and I will quickly teach you how you can build a good relationship with a Chinese so that you can easily be doing business in China.

You have to make sure that the person you will have as a link in China is also into internet Marketing or have authority online.

That way, it will be difficult for him or her to scam you or trying to run away with your money.

So, you can easily go on YouTube and you will see some Chinese Influencers who also have their channels and producing content.

Then find a way to get into one, two, or five of them through private mail or if they expose their WeChat number.

Then message to offer them a free service – just try and study what they do best and look at any weak point.

Try to find a weakness that they have and explain yourself to them on how best you can help them.

In doing this, you can find a weakness in their YouTube channel or their website and offer a solution.

Or if it’s like a service you can be doing – you can decide to be helping them post on social media as their social media manager.

This is just a way of offering them something FREE because many people don’t offer them free things.

Many people only try to collect from them – so, once you build that rapport with them…

…you can start introducing what you plan on doing with them and they might even introduce you to a trusted person that can be helping you do your purchase in China.

You will only have to keep tipping the person some small change – so, this way … you are making enough money.

And since you already have a connection in China – you already have a connection to their manufacturers.


3. Get Good Logistics:

Dropshipping websites

Oh wow! Like do we need to stress this any further? Because you must have your logistic company.

You need to have a trusted logistics that can supply products very fast and won’t need much calling.

There are some trusted logistics agents that you can contact and choose as your logistic company.

Companies like DHL are very good and recommended because they have been doing deliveries for a long time.

So, try and choose a very good delivery agent or logistics brand because you don’t want your clients to keep bombarding you with calls.

And where this kind of problem arises is when people are looking for cheap Dropshipping companies.

That won’t favor you in the long run because they will keep delaying your deliverability.

Although, if you have anyone that is trusted and you have seen someone use them before – it is also cool.

Another way you can get a very good and trusted delivery company is when you build rapport with others.

They will easily inform you about the best delivery agents out there and the good ones.

Also, they will introduce you to the one they are using and you can easily be good to kickstart.


4. SetUp A Beautiful B2B website:

B2b dropshipping meaning

You need to kickstart the setting up of your website because I always talk about this in every content relating to Dropshipping on my website.

Setting up a beautiful and captivating Dropshipping website is important because that is what will give you the upper hand.

You need to have a responsive website where Dropshippers can come to sign up and register for an account.

This is where they will place their orders and also get details about the processing of their orders.

I will advise that you go to outsource this and explain what you want to the website designer – if you are not tech-savvy.

But if you know a little about website designing or you don’t know but wish to learn.

You can easily go to YouTube  and you will see a lot of videos that will teach you how to build a B2B dropshipping website.


5. Deliver Within Your Country For A Start:

Always make sure that you are delivering within your country when you are first starting.

The major reason is that you need to gain some ground within your locality before other places.

Also, you can easily control your delivery and see how fast and reliable your logistics company is.

There are a lot of big B2B brands today that only Dropship within their continent and don’t move beyond them.

So, if you as a beginner in this niche just decide to keep Dropshipping your client’s products to other countries.

You will find yourself struggling a lot because you are not that confident about your delivery company.

Even if you must deliver much – Don’t let it pass your continent which you are located.

A B2B brand like BigBuy  only do their Dropshipping and deliveries within the European Countries.

They already have countries to which they distribute their products and don’t just distribute to everywhere.

So, always make sure that you are careful of this – so that there will be a minimal complaint rate.

Later on, once you gain solid ground… you can keep dabbing to other continents.



Getting started with B2B Dropshipping will be challenging and you will face a lot because you are starting.

But it is always juicy along the process because you will easily become an authority in whatever you are doing.

B2B Dropshipping is profitable and that is why I have given you the Ingredients that you need to prepare a palatable meal in this niche.

So, don’t just read and move. Read, Re-read, Understand it and Start Implementing immediately.

I will be glad to see your thoughts and suggestions below in the comment box.

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