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Best Male Blogs

How would I have thought about writing about the best male blogs on the net if not that some of my male readers are asking for it?

The men are looking for easy access to blogs that are focused and concentrated on them.

So, it is very much important that I research these blogs and write on them.

The major reason for this is not to say they are trying to isolate themselves from the ladies.

But some men might be looking for fashion blogs that are focused on men to improve their wardrobe sense.

Or they might also want to be in a team of men who are discussing how to become a better man.

These are some of the major reasons why men are also looking for The Best Male Blogs On The Internet.

 Below…We have reviewed some of the best Male Blogs for them to see.


List of Best Male Blogs

1. Mark’s Daily Apple:

Mark Sisson is the founder of Mark’s Daily Apple and it is a nutrition and wellness blog majorly focused on old men.

A lot of old men want to stay fit and well and don’t know the kinds of food that they should consume.

Also, they want some information that is detailed about the kinds of exercise that they should involve in.

That is why Mark who is a health and lifestyle advocate found this blog to educate men on staying fit.

It also gives them some educative guide on the kinds of workout that they should do and keep fit.

The purpose of the blog is to enable wellness among old men.

Also, middle-aged men are involved in this blog and the content that is being shared inside.


2. Talking About Men’s Health:


Another blog that is very much targeted to men is the Talking About Men’s Health blog which is very much about Fatherhood.

As a father, it is always good to see our children grow up and become better people in life.

Also, it is every father’s dream to see his children in sound health and living happily.

That is why this blog is also focused on the some and not only the father in a way that will improve the health status of males.

So, it is targeted to every male on how best they can live a happy life.

Many Males always put less attention to their health status because they are busy focused on the financial aspect.

And they fully forget about the health aspect of their lives – forgetting that it is only someone in a good health that can work for money.

So, as a man – or as a male… it is very important that we watch over our health and give good orientation to our sons about their very important well-being.


3. MenAlive:


MenAlive is also among the best male websites that are dedicated to men who are suffering from mental well-being.

And also cater for every man who is going through a lot of stress and health matters.

It helps them to reduce the way they stress themselves and also helps them to improve their state of mind.

Many men go through a lot and because of this – they can easily transfer aggression to those around them.

Most especially their family… they kinda misbehave to their Wife and children.

That is why this website is there to give tips and Fundamental knowledge to men concerning how they can handle stress.

Get enough exercise to stay fit in their early or old age.

Also, recommend some good meals for them to consume to maintain their system level.

And also curb the way they can transfer aggression and also give them enlightenment on how to maintain a good home.


4. The Good Men Project:


The Good Men Project is a very common website that is filled with content related to men’s wellbeing.

They have a lot of contributors who are writing specifically towards to safety of men from all over the world.

These contents are majorly targeted towards the well-being of men and also their relationship status.

They write content on how men can maintain a healthy family and understand their partners.

A lot of content that a value which you can consume on this website is just too much.

Since not only one writer is on this platform – they have a lot of contributors who are also investing their content in men’s well-being.

You will also get content that is for health and ways through which you can maintain a good body shape.

That is the work of The Good Men Project and these are part of the things that you will find helpful on this platform.


5. The Art of Manliness:


Since Men are those who are many in the top aspects in life.

Also, in the family – the man is also the head of the family and the one who is overseeing the affairs of the family.

Men must be also taught and brought up on the perfect way to become a great leaders.

That is why the Art of Manliness website is a perfect suit for men who want to increase their knowledgeability in life.

The aspect of being able to fully understand the things about life as a man is very important.

Art of Manliness website is a US website sited in Oklahoma.

And the content on this website is fully targeted at the interest of men in general.

It also has some aspects that are dedicated towards the enlightenment of men to be better fathers, husbands, and sons.


6. BroBible:


Anytime I am on the BroBible website – I always feel like a Bro because the name goes straight to what they are talking about.

The BroBible website is targeted towards the men who are fully Interested in improving their lifestyle.

The BroBible always classify their readers and fans as Bro-to specify the type of people they are referring to.

This website is specially and originally for men who want to improve their mental state and wellbeing.

BroBible is founded in New York City in the United States and it was founded to speak specifically to men.

It is a platform where the latest news about men is shared and also men can come to seek advice on some issues that are confusing to them.

And the Bros will be ready to offer their mental support to them and also give them more encouragement click here to access their site.


7. The Aspiring Gentleman:


The Aspiring Gentleman is a blog that is aimed towards men who are so interested in improving their lifestyle.

As a man, it is also very essential to be current in some aspects relating to traveling, fashion, entertainment, and more.

Also, some men have the knowledge and fun at one while they lack interest and experience in the other.

That is why The Aspiring Gentleman website is aimed at giving out valuable content that is targeted towards the aspect of Traveling, Fashion, entertainment, and more.

So, this way – men can easily go to this website to check out and see more about anything related to this aspect from this blog.

It is a fantastic blog that you should try and check out to improve your fantasy in life.


8. PAUSE Online:


Any man here reading this and is awaiting me to just dip talk about the aspect of fashion in general.

Then it is needed that you check out this website to improve your fashion sense and improve your wardrobe.

PAUSE Online is a fashion blog that is aimed towards improving the fashion sense of every man in the US and all over the world.

The fashion sense that PAUSE carries is what makes it one of the top blogs dedicated to men.

So, there is much need for any man who wants to improve and build more fashion sense to check out this blog.

This way, they can easily know about what works and what doesn’t work.

Know about what suits and fits them and what doesn’t fit them.

It is part of what every man should put focus on.

Because it is the way we dress that we will be addressed.

So, you can get a lot of news about fashion on this blog and also see trending fashion shows that are too much to enlighten any man.


9. Guy Counseling:


Guy Counseling is a blog that is dedicated to the education of men on general life matters.

The world is filled with a lot of challenges that are burning each and everyone in our clothes.

So, it is a nice privilege for a guy to be in a blog where there is enough counseling that is dedicated for men.

Also, if any guy lacks a skill that is needed to make money or improve the standard of their work.

The Guy Counseling blog is a fantastic blog where they can get access to courses that can tush them.

This blog is a fantastic website that is fully focused on men’s matters and guys are checking it out for their progress.

Also, they give a little insight into the health and well-being of the men in the world.

Even though it is a US website, the blog is readily available for the generability of mankind.


10. The Rugged Male:


If you have a full interest in the aspect of style as a man and thinking of improving your style.

 blog is another fantastic blog that can bring out the best in whatever you are doing.

They find it very easy to give you enough knowledge you need in the aspect of living a very good lifestyle.

They also have content that can help improve your health status and make you live a healthy life.

The style of the company is much unique and you can also get more guides that are related to the aspect of Attires and men living in general.

Also, concerning improving the manner of Men in society.

This blog helps to boost male manners and live a happy lifestyle in their community.


11. Man Body Spirit:


Life is not just all about the worldly things that we are exposed to generally almost every day.

As a man, it is also good to read and listen to some motivational and spiritual thoughts and content.

That is why The Man Body Spirit Blog is fully focused on the aspect of inspirational quotes and words.

They focus on motivating the men to do more and become a better version of themselves every day.

The ability to get enough motivation is the genesis of progress in every human’s life.

So, living a better life with the content on this website is assured since you can develop your conscious mind.

The inspirational content that is being produced and given out on this website is of high quality.

When applied by any man – you will see a positive turnaround in your living.


12. Those Catholic Men:


Those Catholic Men is a blog that is fully dedicated to men who are in the spiritual realm.

This is a Catholic blog that focuses fully on the spiritual lifestyle of men and how they can go deep in Christianity.

The majority of the content here is derived from the word of God and how his words are working wonders.

Also, you will grow more enlightenment in the word of God and how best they are working wonders.

There is some certain aspect of Christianity that needs to be fully focused on.

And this aspect is also kinda Men related which they have to put many minds into.

So, it is very important that you also check out this website if you are a spiritual person looking for more enlightenment from the world of God.


13. That shoe guy:


This website is fully focused on men who love shoes and are always interested in anything footwear.

That shoe guy blog is a functioning website that talks about the aspect of improving your fashion sense.

A way through which you can keep improving and producing great shoes for yourself.

Also, you get theories and stories about previous footwear that have been in existence.

That Shoe Guy Blog is your go-to blog if you are interested in gaining enough knowledge in footwear.

So, if you haven’t thought much of improving your footwear sense…Then you have to start reading content from That Show Guy.

Because you will easily get stories and facts about how some top brand shoe factories came into existence and all.


14. Primer:


Just from the name of the blog… you can see that they are trying to talk to people who are in their prime ages.

So, their target audience is men who are in their prime age like in their 20s.

You can easily get access to some helpful tips on this blog if you are still in your prime age as a man.

There are some facts about life that young men have to know to elevate their lifestyle.

Tips about becoming a better person in life and also quitting some bad habits which can be caused by peer pressure.

They are the things that a man must take note of as a young person in his prime age.


15. Men In This Town:


The Men in Town blog is a website brand that is in Sydney Australia and they are fully focused on men’s wear.

So, if you are someone thinking of trying to make more impact in society with your fashion trends.

Then you need to learn more and the perfect way for this to be possible is by reading blog posts on Men In This Town blog.

It is a blog that is fully targeted to men who would love to improve their fashion sense and grow.

It talks about trending fashion wears on the street and also trending fashion wear that is expensive for some classes.

But these wears are fully focused on men and they have content that is always updated to trending news.


16. Por Homme:


Por Homme is another blog that is specially designed and is operated for all the men in the world.

The name “Por Homme” is a French word that means “For Men” and that is why everything on the website is strictly for men.

The Por Homme blog talks and discuss gadgets and car on their blog.

They discuss the latest news in gadgets which men can use to improve their standard of living.

They also give content on cars that are trending and which men can also buy to cruise and have fun.

The Por Pourme blog is a website that you should check out for yourself as a man and see what’s popping on the blog.

Get all the latest news you need in this aspect of living a very good life as a man and enjoy more about life.


17. EyeBallin’ Blog:


EyeBallin’ is a blog which is also a magazine that is focused on information news about fashion, style, technology and, more.

They have everything it needs to share cool stuff about the technical aspects of life in general.

Also, they are fully dedicated to the aspect of styles that they have in mind to give out to other men.

The majority of the men don’t know much about style and fashion and that is why it is important to build oneself as a man.

When it comes to doing of style and knowing cool colors that relate with each other or one another.

It won’t be that easy for a man to join together because it is not a man’s thing.

So, head to the EyeBallin’ Blog to get this straight.


18. Lifestyle For Men Magazine:


Some men’s lifestyles can be a little bit boring because they work and work throughout just to become a better person.

But there is also a need to be focused on puke and the aspect of getting a good woman to marry.

Also, the aspect of a career and how someone can become a better person is an important aspect.

That is why this magazine is very effective for you as a man to enjoy life and also learn more about life.

When you learn more about life and you understand how life works – then it will be easy for you to enjoy a good lifestyle.

Enjoying a good lifestyle with the content on this website.
This is another blog that you should enjoy and derive joy from.


19. AskMen:

One thing Askmen does that make them very unique and make their content to be more compelling is that they focus on the physical attribute of men’s love life.

They make sure that the love life of men is very must good and authentic.

You can easily go to this blog to learn more about dating, friendship with ladies, and some other dating tips.

This blog is much comprehensive and detailed that it becomes very easy for any man to easily involve in a relationship.

So, Askmen is another awesome platform to become a stable man who is also very much fantastic in the world.


I believe this guide has been very helpful? Let me know your thoughts in the comment below.