Optavia Pyramid Scheme

Optavia Pyramid Scheme: Undiluted Truth About It

Optavia Pyramid Scheme

The Optavia Pyramid Scheme is owned by Medifast and founded in 2003 by Dr. Wayne Anderson.

Optavia started as Medifast as a brick-and-mortar weight loss brand before coming to the online space.

Oh yes, they didn’t just start in 2017 as a newbie. They might look like a newbie to the online world.

But they have been in existence for a long time.

Although, Optavia was formerly known as Take Shape For Life before getting a new name.

Optavia MLM Network

The Optavia Pyramid Scheme and Multi Level Marketing Network have a lot of registered members under its name.

The founder Dr. Wayne Scott Anderson has a New York Best Selling Author under his achievement.

Also, this man has been a professional for a long time.

And you know, once we humans hear that anything concerning health matters is being founded by a doctor.

We tend to quickly grab the opportunity and believe anything that comes out of it.

So, is the Optavia Pyramid Scheme a scam or legit business that you can also join and become a member of?

Well at the end of this guide, you will be able to decide for yourself. Whether or not to join the MLM Network.

Optavia Started In The United States under the top 5 Subsidiaries which are inside the manifest brand.

Namely: Jason Pharmaceutical, Jason Enterprise, Jason Properties, Seven Crondall and Take Shape For Life (Now Optavia).

The Optavia MLM brand has been in existence for at least 5 years now, which shows a little sign of authenticity.

They train coaches on how to eat, diet, and lose weight just from the meals they consume.

This means the members are not really put under the pressure of forceful exercise before they lose weight.

Members only have to consume certain types of meals for any weight loss effect to occur.

Optavia Meals

But to get access to this program. One has to pay for it and join.

Once you pay and join. You will be given the Optavia Fuelings/Meals.

Which you can consume and use for personal weight loss action.

Or resell and make money for yourself on the way.

Healthy Eating Meals for weight loss is the main reason for the Optavia Network Program in the first place.

They have several meals and foods in their shop which you can combine to your daily meal and enjoy a weight loss life.


Snacks From Their Website

They also have snacks which you can eat and won’t add much weight gain to your body.

The moment you join Optavia through any of their coaches. You also become a coach automatically.

Their members are called coaches which also recruit other coaches to join their team.

As you know in network marketing, it is very much normal to recruit people because that is how to make many gains.

The same is also applicable to Optavia Pyramid Scheme. You have to recruit for you to earn hugely like the big boys and girls.

You pay $199 to become a coach. Which includes your 12-month access to your backend office.

This is where your earnings and your unique Affiliate link is being stored and given to you.

Also, this is where you can make the purchase of Optavia Products at a discounted price unlike those who will be buying as a normal customer.


How To Make Money With Optavia Pyramid Scheme

Just like I have stated earlier during the aspect of this guide.

You have to either sell the Optavia products and get your own part of the money.

Or you recruit new members and turn them into coaches which they will also be under you.

What you have to know is that recruitment is what brings most of the money when it comes to Optavia.

The money you and your team earn when you bring someone new is more than the money you earn in reselling products.

Although, if you have what it takes to sell products. You can easily sell and make money.

Since the Optavia weight loss meal plans work very well and are very effective.

A lot of people and even members/coaches who are using it could testify to its effectiveness.

But when you bring new members to your team – you become an upline.

And when those members also bring new members.

Your team starts growing and you keep earning some percentage from their referrals.

This is how network marketing works in general and it is also applicable to the Optavia Pyramid Scheme. 

According to a statistics from Fundera, the MLM industry grossed $35.4 billion in 2018 alone

Which is huge! 

Let us buttress more on Optavia and some of its Benefits and Shortcomings.


Pros Of Optavia Pyramid Scheme

1. The health program works:

The health products of this network program work very well.

I won’t be surprised about this though – since they have been in existence for more than a decade as a brick and mortar business.

So, they already know what is working and what is not working.

Going online and from my research. I could see a lot of people talking about the usage of the weight loss plans.

They talked about losing weight without having any side or negative effects.

Also, looking at the percentage of the people in this program.

I get to find a lot of adults dominating a huge percentage of the program and they talk about losing weight.

Although, I get to know that a lot of those under a program like this like a lot.

But I find this to be trustworthy that their fuelings/meals are very active and work very well.

Review For Optavia Pyramid Scheme

They try to regulate what to eat and burn fats in the body and what to eat to prevent fat.


2. Makes Progress Easy For People:

One thing that people love to see is the result. Without result, you just have to forget anything networking.

Because when people see that the plans are working and people are really losing weight.

They will surely join because they also want to lose weight in the process without doing anything hard.

Among the Optavia plan, you will even find the “Chocolate Snacks” kinda food in their shop.

Optavia Shop

Shop In Optavia Website

A lot of people fall under this category, where they want to still consume chocolate and lose weight.

It’s more like knowing something is impossible but wanting a way to make it possible.

I really do not know how effective that can or will be though.

But the coaches have all these to promote for someone to join their team and also buy their products.

After all, weight loss is among the top Best selling niches that rakes billions of $ in monthly revenue.


Cons of Optavia Pyramid Scheme

As you know that whatever has its pros must have its cons. So, let us look at some of the cons.


1. Recruiting Is Hectic:

Although, you will be told that you do not need to refer people to be able to earn in Optavia.

The feeling of selling only the product will be the main anthem that will be ringed to your ear always.

But this is MLM and in anything network marketing, you always have to recruit and bring new members to earn more.

It is not just about selling their products that will bring you much money or even make you be among the top coaches.

And the thing about networking and recruiting is that it is not for everyone.

Not everyone can recruit new people to business just because they are not just good at this.

And even if you want to have the zeal and mindset towards making it happen.

It is all good, but you need to know that recruitment is hectic.

Every work is though. But your earnings depend on how well you will bring new people to join this program.

So, can you spend hours, days, or even months to convert someone and make them join your team?

This is a great skill one has to possess in a pyramid scheme that all the coaches won’t tell you.

Their aim is for you to join and once you join. They forget/Pay less attention to you and focus on another new person to join.


2. Expensive products:

The products on Optavia are a bit expensive for any member to survive.

I mean, if you are a member/coach. You will even be subjected to always make purchase plan of products ranging from $300 to $400.

That is a little bit on the high side to me because not everyone has this uniqueness of selling.

Just from recruiting new people to the business. You can surely achieve the purchase plan.

But if you are not recruiting new people. That means you have to either be selling their products.

Or you just have to keep buying the products yourself to flow with the pattern and stay in the business.

This is how network marketing works though. They want you to always bring more sales to the business.

And if you cannot bring sales, they find a way by enforcing you to buy plans monthly.

This is not only applicable to the Optavia Pyramid Scheme. It applies to almost every other network marketing program.


3. The Products’ Effect Can Hardly Last Long:

Even though the Optavia products are working well and very effective.

What happens when someone decides to stop using these recommended plans?

Because sometimes, one thing can happen that you will have to stop consuming a set of meals.

It might also be from another medical issue which your doctor told you to consume a type of meal.

Will you now continue to rely on the Optavia Plans and because of that and hurt yourself.

So, sometimes – maybe exercise will still always be the best form of losing weight.

Because one cannot just rely only on what one is eating to conclude on losing weight.

And once a stop is being made to the Optavia plan. Maybe it might even be a money issue.

Where one could not even afford to buy the plans for several months just because of some unforeseen circumstances.

Then, one has to be subjected to going back to the previous form of weight.

That’s why I do not 100% believe in this type of weight loss plan.


4. The Fuelings are Things Which Can be Bought and Prepared:

Going online and doing more research about what the Optavia plans are being made of.

Also, looking at more suggestions from other people who also have some experience with what weight loss meal is all about.

I get to see that the Optavia Fuelings or meals are something that one can do locally.

Optavia are just made with ingredients and recipes that can be found in the mall and done by oneself.

But the attitude of being lazy and not being able to work on things is what is affecting many people.

Although, it is recommended that if you have the money to purchase things. Go for it.

But Optavia is said to just be using cheap ingredients to make money from people.

But is this truly what Optavia is all about?

Like, using cheap ingredients and making meals from it and getting other people to sell it on their behalf?

Well, maybe Yes! But I know for sure that network marketing is just a way of selling more of a company’s products.


Final Thought On Optavia MLM Program

Now, I know your final question might be, Maverick – should I join this Pyramid Scheme.

I will say this depends on your zeal and personal commitments to anything.

After all, those earning much and topping the leaderboard are also human beings who started as a novice.

So, if you know you can recruit more people and bring enough people to your team.

Then you can go ahead and join the Optavia MLM as a coach.

You can also join by reselling their products if you have a platform in the health Niche.

Optavia Pyramid Scheme has good products in their store to promote.

So, the choice is yours my Friend.

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