Google Ads Affiliate Marketing: 6 Secrets To Consider

Google Ads Affiliate Marketing

Google Ads is a very cool way to perform your affiliate marketing without any stress.

There are several ways that an affiliate marketer can use to sell a lot of affiliate products with Less Stress.

The major reason why Google ads are a good approach for any affiliate marketer is that it is a targeted ad.

SEM Marketing With Google Ads

This means that you are running adverts for those who are interested in what you have to sell.

You are not just running an advert on social media where almost everyone is your target audience.

In this type of advert, you are running ads to people who are searching for what you are searching for.

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As you know that Google is a search engine website, so – they know exactly what their audience is searching for.

And because they know what people are searching for – they will directly give their users what they are searching for.

So, if your advert has a keyword related to what they are searching for.

Your advert is going to show to them.

An example is something like this below – you can see that when I searched for “Affiliate Marketing” – I got some Google ads related to affiliate marketing.

That is how doing affiliate with google ads looks like and you can also use this for your reason.

So, we are going to be focusing fully on Google ads with affiliate marketing in this guide.

Below Is What Will Be Discussed In This Content;

So, you can just grab a cup of coffee and flow with me as we review some important aspects of this topic.

Essential Things To Consider In Doing Google Ads For Affiliate Marketing

  1. Your Ad Copy.
  2.  Your Targeting.
  3. Your Lead Capture.
  4. Your Landing Page.
  5. Your URL
  6. Your Competition.
  7. Ad Cost


1. Your Ad Copy:

The first thing you need to take note of when doing your Google ad is the copy of the advert that you want to do.

You have to know that the majority of the people the search on Google are always in good taste for raw content.

This means that they prefer to go straight to content and check out what the content has to say because they believe that Google will show them the best content.

So, if you are running a google paid advert for something – I will advise that you create a very catchy copy.

Something that once a prospect sees it – they will be curious to know what you have prepared on the inside.

Always make sure that you note this – what I like to do a lot is to replicate what is already working for others.

There are many top Google ads Marketers and brands out there that run Google ads all the time.

Also, several affiliate marketers are always making use of Google ads to highjack customers from competitors.

So, I will just look at what an already existing affiliate marketer is doing which is superb, and just tweak it into mine.

Let us say you are recommending SAAS PRODUCTS for example as an affiliate marketer.

You can just easily look at what other affiliate marketers who have run Google ads for a SAAS product have done.

Since the internet is open for everyone to know what works and what doesn’t work.

You can just look at the advert that these people are doing – but make sure that it’s from someone who runs adverts all the time.

Because this is what will allow you to take success from your effort.

So, put much effort into your ad copy.


2. Your Targeting:

The next very important aspect is your target market. Although, this will be an internal feature that you just cannot see.

But you can easily watch this video below to learn more on how to do your Google ads targeting correctly.

You need to do your targeting right so as for Google to run your advert directly to your audience.

Although being a professional in the aspect of running google ads takes some time and you should not expect to be a professional overnight.

Also, you should experience a little bit of frustration as your adverts might not easily be approved.

Although these are not the purpose for this aspect – but I just want you to know before we proceed.

So, you need to make your targeting very authentic and intact.

The cool way to do this is by running your advert to people who are from ages 30 and above.

Because these are the people that will be capable of easily buying your stuff.

Also, because these people are also hungry for success and are tired of their 9-5 time and energy-consuming jobs.

So, they are best for your affiliate Google advert.

Also, always try to target countries that will be capable of buying what you have to offer.

This can be Tier 1 countries and people that have a credit card to purchase anything online.

Also, countries that the audience can easily borrow money online to pay for anything that attracts them.

Once you are running your Google ads – you will see some other features. But for your affiliate marketing – this is important for your success.

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3. Your Lead Capture:

Now, you should always take note that when you are running your Google ads for affiliate marketing.

Your target should be to grab them as a lead before even sending them to the affiliate page.

This is important because you want to get access to them again without needing to pay another extra fee.

What many affiliate marketers out there do is just send their visitors directly to an affiliate link.

Affiliate Marketing With Google Ads

Instead of them grabbing the details of the visitor so that they can easily promote more affiliate products to them with running any other Google ad.

If you are promoting any product like a SAAS product for example – you always have to collect the email addresses of your visitors.

The reason is that they might not come back to search for other products that you will be recommending.

But when they are on your email list – you can easily get access to them and promote more offers to them.

This is through the use of email marketing or using Facebook Chatbot for your Affiliate Marketing.

Although, email marketing is more preferred than Chatbot when it comes to promoting affiliate products.

Because you can input your affiliate link in your email and send them directly to the affiliate offer.

Since you already have their details – you can send them directly to an affiliate offer.

So, to collect leads – just make use of email marketing by offering them a freebie.

When you offer them a freebie – you will be able to get access to them easily because people like FREE things.

You can go to any PLR Website by just typing “PLR” on Google and offer them any free resource.

So, once they grab the resource – they will join your email list and be redirected to the affiliate offer.

So, either they buy the product or not – you can still get access to them again and promote other products to them.

Also, if they didn’t buy quickly – you can just remind them about why they should buy with your follow-up.


4. Your Landing Page:

Once you have loaded down the freebie you want to offer people and the email automation software you want to use to grab their email lead.

The next thing for you is to design your landing page where you will send your visitors to.

Anyone who clicks on your advert on Google will land on a page where they will see the freebie you are offering.

Just make sure that the way you design and write copy on your landing page follows the Google Guideline.

You can try to read the Google terms of service here. It will tell you the things you should know about how your landing page should look.

Also, make sure that you input at the footer of your landing page that the website is not a part of Google but it’s only running ads on Google.

Also, I know you might be wondering what kind of tool you can use to create a landing page.

There are several tools online which you can use to build a landing page.

Even Google site is manageable for you to create a landing page for your affiliate marketing promotion.

But if you want more advanced features that you can enjoy without needing to have a website.

You can just make use of Clickfunnels to create catchy landing pages that will be so converting.

The reason why Clickfunnels is a perfect solution for you is that it has all the ready-made templates for affiliate promotion.

So, you don’t have to keep brainstorming on what to design. They already have everything set up for you.

You just need to edit the template and use it to rock your affiliate marketing.

You will get templates for freebie and templates for a product review.

You can decide to make the page a funnel that goes directly from one page to another.

Also, using Clickfunnels will be easy for you because they already know what Google wants.

They have tested and see what is working on Google – so, you will be less responsible for any ads disapproval.


5. Your URL:

When trying to use Google ads for your affiliate marketing campaigns – you need to take note of one thing.

That is your URL – Don’t ever try to post your affiliate link directly on Google ads.

This will ways get your adverts disapproved because they won’t be accepted by the Google algorithm.

Your URL must just be a plain link that leads to a landing page that I’d reviewing your affiliate product…

…or link to a squeeze page that is trying to grab your visitors’ email list.

Search Engine Marketing: Affiliate Marketing With Google Ads

But what many of the new affiliates who are running ads on Google do wrong is to be inputting affiliate links in Google ads.

This will lead to your ads getting disapproved all the time and there is even a tendency that your ads account can be blocked.

So, don’t ever try to link to an affiliate link in your ads because Google will never approve that.

Also, when fetching a URL for your affiliate marketing – try to make it very short and precise.

The reason is so that people can easily remember it if they want to recommend it to others.

Instead of writing “”.

You can just shorten it into something like “”

This will make it easy for them to understand and remember in case they want to recommend.

It will also be easy for you to type when trying to inform other people about your stuff.


6. Your Competition:

You are required to overdeliver the doing your affiliate marketing and trying to sell other people’s products.

The reason is that you have a lot of competitors – most especially if you are just promoting a product that just went LIVE.

There is a higher tendency that over 100 affiliate marketers are out there who are promoting the same product.

So, if you are trying to make a lot of sales just from running google advert or Search Engine Marketing.

You are supposed to provide a lot of value by overdelivering more than what your competitors are doing.

And the way you can do this is by providing a lot of bonuses which are quality.

But always make sure that when you are providing value and giving out bonuses to make more sales.

Always make sure that they complement what you are promoting to your audience.

Don’t be promoting a product that is saving the problem of Ranking on YouTube and be giving our bonuses on stuff relating to a podcast.

It won’t work because they are of different niches and so your prospects won’t acknowledge that offer.

So, to make your offer to be irresistible and make them buy through your affiliate link.

You have to make your Bonuses to complement the product you are promoting.

That is how you can overpower your competitors and make sales more than them.

Because the majority of those who even offer bonuses don’t make it compliment the product.

Also, you can offer an ebook, video courses, softwares as bonuses and you can easily visit any PLR website to get them.


7. Ad Cost:

You also have to consider your ad cost when doing your Search Engine Marketing called Google ads.

You need to study your bid cap because Google will show ads based on the bid price you put.

If your targeting is so unique that you are targeting the people who are searching for your keyword.

You have to know that others are also running the same ad as you and might even have a bid cap higher than yours.

So, you can see that if your bid cap is lower than theirs – their ads will still rank at the top of yours.

Does this mean that you need to always add a lot of money into running your Google ads?

No! You don’t necessarily need all that because it’s not a matter of whether their ads rank at the top of yours.

It’s about your call to action and your ad copy and how catchy it looks when creating your advert.

So, you should always make sure that you create a very good offer in the form of your ad copy.

Because many affiliates will also be running an advert for a certain product most especially during the competitive period.

So, you have to look unique in your ad and create a lot of expertise in a very good ad copy.

But just know that your bid cap will determine how your advert will display on the search engine and how your ads will keep showing to searchers.

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Advantage of Google Ads

Google ads have their advantage which is the reason why many affiliates are trying to use them for a traffic source.

We will briefly discuss some of the advantages that Google ad has as a Search Engine Marketing tool.

  1. You quickly gain exposure 
  2. You are pitching your exact audience 
  3. Over Power Competition

you can always rely on and leverage all the time to grow a successful affiliate marketing business.


1. You quickly gain exposure:

One of the main reasons and advantages of affiliate marketing is the exposure you gain from doing Search Engine Marketing.

You will quickly see a lot of people that will keep entering your website for a particular solution.

You will gain exposure and can quickly build your target audience list within a short period.

Although It is said that organic marketing will help you build your exposure for long-term benefit.

But Paid adverts will also go a long way in helping you reach a wide number of people easily.

Organic marketing takes a little bit of time and won’t easily get engagement.

So, if you are relying on Organic Marketing – you have to be patient enough to follow the flow of the Google algorithm.

So, if you are thinking of growing quick engagement and exposure – just leverage the Google ad.

Also, if you should take a look at the way this affects your affiliate marketing.

This means that even if you are new to Affiliate Marketing and you quickly leverage the use of Google ads.

You will see a quick exposure in your leaderboard ranking on every affiliate stats page.

Because you have a lot of people coming into your affiliate funnel which will count as sales for you.

So, if you are considering doing Google ads for affiliate marketing – just go ahead.

Because you will be dominating your leaderboard very soon with the exposure that you gain from Google ads.


2. You are pitching your exact audience:

One of the main advantages of Google ads is that you are sending your adverts directly to your audience.

People who are searching on the website for the exact keyword that you are targeting.

This is something that social media adverts cannot offer you because they will only run adverts to people who are likely to click.

But Search Engine Marketing will run ads to people who will click because it is what they are searching for.

That is why your main focus should just be primarily on trying to compose a good copy for your advert.

Because once they see your advert and see that the ad copy resonates with what they want.

They will give you an audience and click on your advert and even ignore your competitor’s advert.

So, this is a feature you get to enjoy on Search engine marketing which is also called pay-per-click marketing.

Normally, social media marketing is not also bad but a very good advert strategy.

But because affiliate marketing is something targeted at a product – you need to use the search engine.

Because no customer will want to search for an affiliate product and go to Facebook or Twitter.

Their first destination is always Google because they know that – that is where they will see an answer to their questions.

So, to do Google ads – kindly know that you are pitching the correct audience and you should feel free to use it.


3. Over Power Competition:

The competition rate on search engines and social media is a little bit too much.

For example, if you want to decide to write content on a broad topic related to a particular niche.

As a beginner in that field who just founded his website – you will find it difficult to rank for the first few years.

Because there are thousands of top Marketers in your niche who have written content on that keyword.

Also, their website is old, and have been writing about that niche for the past 10 years or so (Just a rough estimation though).

So if you just decide to be writing on that keyword also and want to rank at the top page.

You are only wasting your time which you should have invested in LONG TAIL KEYWORDS.

But when you start using ads for that type of broad keyword – you will easily rank at the top.

Although you are paying money you will rank above the big guys in your niche and easily tap from the market.

This way will keep you to make money from Google ads and tap from your Competition prospects.


Now, let us have you – how well are you progressing with affiliate marketing through Google Ads? Also, what’s your greater experience thus far?