Multi Store Online Shopping: Fun Facts About It

Multi Store Online Shopping

 It was just like a dream when a big brand like Amazon thought about launching a Multi-Store Online Shopping Platform without holding any product warehouse.

This way, it makes it very easy for online traders, retailers, and those who display their products easily and get sales.

Many online entrepreneurs believe that displaying their products on a Multi-Store Platform will bring more sales for them.

A platform like Amazon, AliExpress, Shopify, and the rest already have customers who come directly to the store.

They don’t necessarily need to rely on other sources to get visitors because they already have theirs.

So, online sellers have started using these platforms to display their products and get results in return.

Let us quickly go deep into what multi-store online shopping is all about. 

Below are the things you will learn from this guide:


What is a multi-store online shopping platform?

A multi-store online shopping platform is a website that gives room for many sellers to come to display their products and make sales in which a percentage of any sales made from selling a product goes to the website.

This is a fantastic way to make money online and grow a successful brand without needing to own a single product.

There are a lot of online sellers and manufacturers out there who have a lot of products at their storehouse.

If you can create a Multi-Store Shopping Platform for them where they can display their stuff – you have done them a huge favor and you will only charge them some percentage.

Instead of you trying to hold inventory of products – you are making money from other people’s products.

Also, you are the one in control of the details about the product, sales of the product, and also the distribution to customers.

So, it’s all handled by you – but you just have to know the basics about this.

There is some stuff that you have to know about Multi store or Multi-vendor online marketplace.

And that is what we are going to look at in the next aspects of this guide.


How to Manage Your Multiple Store Online Shopping Platform

  1. Create eCommerce content & SEO Strategies.
  2. Create a master inventory database.
  3. Specify niche and region for each store.
  4. Manage Content Effectively.


1. Create an eCommerce content & SEO Strategies:

To get a lot of people who are online sellers interested in what you have to offer.

Then you need to create a lot of eCommerce content and start optimizing your content for the Search engines to crawl it.

I tell people that the best way for them to get long-lasting results from their stress is by doing SEO.

Because it gives you the ability to keep increasing your revenue even without knowing where the source comes from.

You have to optimize your website and make it stay focused on anything eCommerce and online selling.

This is the way that many online sellers will get to know you and also create more close marking with your brand.

You have to know that the competition in this niche is tight and there are already a lot of big boys in this field.

Among them is a billionaire brand called “Amazon” which is owned by Jeff Bezos and is working hard daily to satisfy more of his audience.

Also, people are interested in getting sales – so, even if you promise them that they will make sales.

You have to deliver because it is very easy for them to register with your website without complaining.

So you need SEO to get real sellers who will display products on your store and also need buyers to find your website online.

Just imagine when you search for some products on Google – you will see Amazon at the top page.

That is the power of SEO and you will buy because you believe in Google.


2. Create a master inventory database:

You need to develop a quality database for your store because that is the way forward.

A lot of things will happen that might try to pull your down when you start getting the result on your platform.

There will be a lot of hackers trying to penetrate your website and you might even experience worse.

Sometimes even the hosting platform that you are using for your website can be an obstacle.

Because once they see that you have started developing and getting a lot of visitors – that is when they start charging your high.

Or start decreasing the loading capacity of the tour website and so many more which are not going to be revealed here in this guide.

But the best thing for you to do is to master your inventory database and make sure to secure your website.

Because you cannot afford to lose all the hard work that you have invested into your Multi-store platform.

When you have everything secured – it becomes easy for you to quickly move to another server.

If a server is not performing well, you can gladly move to another one which will save you the stress.

The sellers coming into your website are coming to load a lot of inventories on your website.

And you cannot afford to lose them – so, let your database be very solid to crack.


3. Specify niche and region for each store:

When you go on Amazon – you cannot see them jampack products all together in a scattered way.

They always have a niche and region for a separate types of products because this is what the sellers will follow.

Anytime they want to publish their products – they will have to select a category which the product falls to.

This makes it easy for buyers to just click on a category that wishes to get a product from and they will get recommendations of their target product.

Just imagine when searches for Shoe and start getting the chain saw as recommendations.

That is very bad and will only piss off your buyers which will make them bounce from the website.

That is why it is very important to segment your store and make it easy for each store to have its niches.

Don’t jampack products altogether- let there be niches where everyone can display what he or she has.


4. Manage Content Effectively:

Running a multi-store platform requires a lot of content on the website because a lot of sellers will be coming to display their products.

And selling these days requires a lot of detailed information for any buyer to decide on a purchase.

So, the need for effective content management is necessary which must be structured properly.

It is important to give a note for every product that is posted on the platform and handle it accordingly.

Also, an effective content structure must be made available in which you align the content in a way that will be easy for the customers to digest.

If you check out Amazon or AliExpress for example – you will see their content structure.

There is a place for customers to write reviews about what they experience with the purchase of the product.

There is an aspect for dropping questions and getting answers on a particular product.

There is an upsell and downsell aspect which makes it very profitable to earn more from a customer.

The review aspect is just very important because you cannot know how quality all the product is.

So, from the review – that is how you know products that should keep existing on your platform or the ones that should be banned.


How Multi-Store Online Shopping Benefits Your Customers

  1. They Provide an Easy Shopping Experience.
  2. Great communication.
  3. Maximize savings.
  4. Relating Details.
  5. It Builds Strong Relationships.
  6. Sincerity.

There are several ways through which a Multistore Online Shopping Platform benefits the customers

They have several benefits and that is what we will be reviewing in this guide below:


1. They Provide Easy shopping Experience:

The shopping experience is always easy and fun for customers in this type of store.

The reason is that it is just like a marketplace where people can easily buy from different kinds and types of sellers.

Just in a certain niche – there can be thousands of sellers who are displaying their wares.

So, buyers can keep navigating from one
Store to another just to search for the best to buy.

The majority are always in for the best product with a lesser price and that is why they always navigate a lot.

So, this reason is why shopping becomes fun for them and that is why anyone doing this type of business must create room for enough navigation.

There must be countless numbers of categories and niches in your platform where people can go to.

They can easily type out “iPhone” and they will see countless suggestions that will be in the aspect of iPhone.

Not typing “iPhone” and seeing “Ladies Bra” – that is why it is important to always create enough room in your Platform.

Because this is what will keep customers staying for a long time and not bouncing off from the platform.

Also, if you are doing affiliate approval and deal on the website… Affiliates can easily get a lot of products to promote.

This is why Amazon is winning big because there is enough room for navigation and sellers can display the way they wish.


2. Great communication:

Part of the reason why you must always manage your content effectively is to encourage great communication.

Sometimes, I enter some Multi-Store Shopping platforms and I won’t see any review space.

You must always encourage reviews from your customers because that is what will motivate future customers to buy and also leave their reviews.

Reviews are very important because it brings more communication between the customers and the company.

With multi-store shopping – there is better room for communication and dropping of the necessary information on the platform.

That is why buyers like this type of platform – they can navigate and see what people are saying from a different angle.

Unlike a single store where they are only limited to the reviews given on one store.

But here… there are a lot of stores to view from and if you don’t like the review from a certain store.

More rooms are available to go communicate and ask questions in another room or store where you can get an answer.

That is why a store like Amazon and AliExpress gives space for asking if questions about a product.

Where those who have used such a product will answer their thought about the product.

It is just to encourage more people to buy and also leave more thoughts about the product.

This is more like a Marketplace and so – it must be very friendly and communicating.


3. Maximize savings:

The moment customers start having the means to penetrate multi-stores and do their shopping.

They will have enough savings at hand because they can easily buy cheaply from several stores.

Unlike them just entering one store and they don’t have many alternatives because they are only limited to the things the online store owner presents them.

This is more than all that because they have several recommendations and can easily buy from cheaper brands.

When there are multiple stores to select and buy from – you can easily save a lot of money.

A product that should have cost you $100 can easily be bought at $80 from another store which you can easily keep the remaining change. 

Creating a multi-store platform is a stress for the Creator and CEO.

But it’s big savings and cruise for the buyers since they have a lot of alternatives to choose from.

So, savings are more encouraged for the buyer when products can be bought cheaper and easier.

Also, some bad products that should have been bought unknowingly would be executed.

The reason is that the buyers will be seeing reviews from other sellers who have bought it.

And because reviews are being controlled by the central unit – there is still less risk for the buyers.


4. Relating Details:

The information on a multi-store platform is always relevant and relating to what the customers are wanting.

The majority of the time – what they saw is even above their expectations.

Sometimes a buyer can only have plans to buy a certain product for a higher price than expected.

Then by the time he comes into the store – he will see another thing more superior to what he was expecting for a lesser price.

The reason is that there is a lot of relating content that is on the platform.

There are a lot of products and other recommendations that the buyers are seeing which is making them flex more.

Content on a particular category will always blend and make sense to the mind of the buyer.

This is just an experience we have all had as online buyers

You would have bought products from amazon or AliExpress before and you can see how well they structure stuff.

It’s something that even makes us buy more than what we budgeted sometimes when we see the quality and price the products are tagged.

That is why content must be very relevant when doing this kind of business.

Customers want something relevant and relating which will make them satisfied more.


5. It Builds Strong Relationship:

Multi-store online shopping builds strong relationships between customers and also with brands.

Whenever a purchase is made – customers are always eager to also come to relay their thoughts about the product.

Multi-store online shopping makes it very easy for a regular person to just build good relationships with several people.

Also, since a lot of people are navigating this store – they give out their best thoughts on why a product is good or bad.

Also, enough relationships do exist between the seller and the buyer because there is room for sincerity.

This gives more space for customers to engage more and also feel okay to ask more questions.

That is why you check out some comment sections – you will see some particular customers talking about the active rate of the seller.

They like a seller that is always active and ready to quickly reply.

And you will see them saying they will come back to always patronize the seller some other time.

This is the relationship that is being built on this platform because of the chat Interface between buyers and sellers.

And more room is available for continuity in case the buyer wants to buy.

So, a stronger relationship is being built between both parties because they are on a third-party platform.


6. Sincerity:

There is always adequate sincerity on multi-store online platforms because of the competition among sellers.

I was trying to buy a laptop recent from a platform where there are several sellers on it.

As I was asking them questions concerning what I needed in a laptop that I wish to buy – I can feel the sincerity from them.

They know that there is a lot of competition and if they should lie about what they have – it is going to backbite in their comment and review area.

So, it made them cere in what they are doing and always looking forward to more patronage from buyers.

This is the reason why as a buyer – I will always prefer to make use of multi-store platforms to make my purchase.

I was willing to buy the laptop for my sister who just gained admission into the college.

So, I needed some specifications that will suit her type and I was glad about the answers I was getting.

This is the major reason why many buyers like these kinds of a store because there room for many questions.

Also, looking at the aspect of sincerity – a seller knows that if he or she is not sincere enough.

The platform can ban his or her account and bounce him off from selling on that multi-store platform.

So, sincerity is always assured in this Platform.


Things To Take Note of When Launching Your Multi-Store Online Shopping Platform

  1. Offer Value-Added Services.
  2. Geographic Synchronization.
  3. Employ A Strict System.


There are some things that you have to take note of and jot down if you want to launch a successful multi-store eCommerce platform.

Since there will be a lot of traffic and it looks like you are creating a marketplace for many buyers and sellers.

Then you need to know that there are some things that you must put into consideration when setting things up.

There will be some minor things that you will take note of when trying to launch your platform.

But these few things stated here are very important so that you can have them in mind when doing things.

Let us dive deep into them right now!


1. Offer Value-Added Services:

You have to offer some value-added services to your multi-store platform to entice buyers to buy more and sellers to sell well.

You Major goal to launch a multi-store platform should be to protect the right and secure the safety of your customers.

Failure to secure the safety of your customers – then you will start experiencing some scammers and uncalled-for activities going on inside your platform.

You have to know that sellers will only keep coming ago into your platform only when buyers are buying.

But it is among the sellers that will want to ruin your goals if you are not careful.

Although they will be the ones to be listing out the products – they will also be the ones ruining the reputation of the brand.

So, value-added services like money-back guarantee, exchange of goods, delivery, customer protection rights are all included.

And every seller must be aware of all these – to be able to maintain a quality website.

The value that you are providing here is for the safety of your buyers just like I have stated earlier.

Your buyers are the ones who will be the Payoneer of the brand – they are just like the ones lifting the brand high.

So, always take proper accuracy of the way that you handle your website and make sure that all the Value-Added features are taken seriously.


2. Geographic Synchronization:

Another important feature that you have to take note of is the fact that there will be many sellers from different geographic locations.

If you are operating an international multi-store platform for example. If you are only operating locally – you don’t need this.

But if you are doing it internationally and need a lot of sellers coming and selling from different countries.

Then you need to take note of their timezone and take adequate measures on that.

A lot of sellers will be coming from several spheres of life and you have to make sure that their orders flow with their time.

Also, there must be focused emphasis made on buyers who come from their countries so that delivery can be easy.

You have to structure your platform in a way that, if a buyer comes from a particular country…

…the recommendations that should be shown to him or her should be from sellers who are from that same country.

This way, enough engagement can occur and they can both talk and close any deal they want to exchange.

But just imagine if a buyer is coming from another time zone and the seller is also in another time zone.

Most times, it might be when the seller is sleeping that the buyer will decide to place an order.

Or it might be that time that the buyer will want to ask some questions before buying.

And if the seller is sleeping – this will lead to a break in communication and the buyer might decide to leave and never come back.

So, you have to make sure that the time one of your buyers is directly related to that of the seller.


3. Employ A Strict System:

When you look at some top multi-store platforms out there – you will see that they employ a strict service.

Which makes it easy for them to control their platform and not make encounter rumor problems.

If you don’t try as much as possible to protect your platform – you will see experience internal problems with your platform.

That is why in one of the aspects of this guide above – I talked about the reason why you must make sure to keep your buyers as the priority.

This is something that platforms like Amazon are inculcating because they don’t joke with their customers.

And if there is any seller that misbehaves – he or she will be blocked from selling on the platform.

The truth about this is that you will be tagged some names that are bad by the sellers because of your strict system.

But this is important because – sellers who will uplift the dignity of the brand in the view of the buyers will stay.

And this way you will be able to maintain. A high standard in anything that you are doing concerning your brand.

It’s just a matter of trying hard to maintain a good reputation for your multi-store platform.

That way, you keep progressing with whatever you are doing.



As a buyer and lover of Multi-Store Online Shopping – I like the fact that there is enough competition and the ability to select among multitudes.

Unlike a single store where I am only limited to the products and activities on the store.

That is why the Multi-Store Online platform is also a nice business for anyone thinking of just doing a business online.

You can easily be doing this without holding any inventory of goods since all the products will be posted by other sellers.

So, this is a very nice business to launch and I wish you the best of luck in it if you decide to launch it.

Also, make sure you take note of the quality information given in this guide to work well with your plan.

If you like this guide – don’t forget to share it with your friends on social media.

Drop Surfing: Is Drop Surfing Different From Dropshipping?

Drop Surfing

The internet Exchanging Gooroos have thought about another cool tactic to sell their courses and they introduced Drop Surfing.

It is just another internet marketing keyword that is related to Dropshipping and we will discuss it in this guide.

I have been asked about what Drop Surfing is all about and whether it’s a profitable business.

But it just makes me wonder that – is there anything special about this that my readers shouldn’t know about.

Drop Surfing is not something difficult to do and you are going to learn the majority of the basics about it here.

Although, it’s a perfect strategy that every Dropshippers should know about – it doesn’t worth it to spend thousands of dollars on any Gooroos course just to learn it.

Let us, deep-dive, into what Drop Surfing is all about.

Here are the things  you will learn from this guide below “

Now, grab a cup of coffee with me and let us roll.


What is drop surfing?

Drop Surfing is an aspect of online B2B purchase where a Dropshipper doesn’t make use of a single supplier in his purchase.

A Dropshippers makes use of several suppliers bases on the one that suits his price budget.

That means that if a Dropshippers wants to purchase 10 shoes to send to his customers.

He won’t just go with a single supplier who is selling those shoes… he will go to different suppliers to look for several shoes.

He can purchase one shoe from supplier A, purchase another from supplier B, purchase another one from supplier C, and like that till he completes his purchase.

Is this kind of purchase and online business strategy good? Well, this is something we do in our daily lives.

Kindly know that majority of the Dropshipping suppliers now have their logistics and store.

They have started making life easy for Dropshippers – so when I talk about a purchase.

You should know what I mean about Suppliers that are both doing eCommerce for Business to Business.

And also doing the delivery for their Dropshippers who are making use of their services.

Let us immediately look at what Drop Surfing is about and how it is different from Dropshipping.


Drop surfing VS Dropshipping

Even though Drop Surfing is derived from Dropshipping – it has a little bit of difference which made the coaches differentiate it to sell their courses.

So, let us quickly look into the first one which is Dropshipping – since you already know what Drop Surfing is…

We can easily explain why Dropshipping is different from it and why people are falling into buying courses for Drop Surfing.


Dropshipping E-commerce Products

  1. Pre-set Prices By Suppliers.
  2. One Supplier.
  3. Lack of Variety Of Suppliers.
  4. Minimum profit maximization.


1. Pre-set Prices By Suppliers

In Dropshipping, the prices are pre-setup by the supplier which means that you just have to go with anything that you see.

This is major. After all, you are only entitled to a supplier because you don’t want to get scammed.

The major reason why people focus on single Dropshipping and not Drop Surfing is their timidity about getting scammed.

This is good because you cannot afford to keep moving from one supplier to the other and get scammed by one of them.

So, because of this – you will only be entitled to a supplier who would have set up everything as one.

This means you can’t even negotiate on the price or decide to buy cheap because it’s already set up.

Dropshipping is this way, you cannot do things the way you wish that much because it’s set up for you.

The major reason why this is been done by suppliers is to eliminate time wastage.

So, a certain price tag is always placed on their products, shipping, and logistics.

And you just have to flow with it since you don’t have much experience with Dropshipping and you are new to it.

So, once you see the prices fixed – you go with the supplier’s recommendation in Dropshipping.


2. One Supplier:

In Dropshipping, you are mostly fixed with one supplier as the seller and distributor for your products.

That means – you are just focused on using one supplier even though you are paying a high price or not even buying quality products.

Just as for a newbie – this is something that you will experience because you don’t want to lose your money.

This is cool for a start because this is what will motivate you towards taking other steps in your Dropshipping business.

Most of the time, your supplier might even be the one who sold you a course and teach you about Dropshipping.

So, you wouldn’t want to change such a supplier and just flow with him or her because he or she is your mentor.

This is what Dropshipping is about – because you get stocked with a mentor.

I like to call it a single-line Dropshipping which means you are just moving along a single line.

You didn’t bother to research about any other cheaper and more qualified supplier than the one you are using.

So, is this enticing enough for you or not? It depends on your stage in the B2B eCommerce niche.

Everything is about stages – so, you can still stay fixed with one supplier when you are starting.

But this is not how Drop Surfing work! How does it work? Roll up your sleeves and let’s flow along.


3. Lack of Variety Of Suppliers:

Just like I have stated above – you are only stocked with one supplier who will be doing all your purchases and deliveries.

So, you won’t have the chance to price several products just the way you like.

Even if there is free shipping in a product which the gain should have come to your pocket.

You will just buy it from your supplier or have your supplier help you buy it because you are scared.

“OMG! I don’t wanna lose my mooonnnney!!!”

This is where the supplier keeps getting rich and making money because they know how timid new Dropshippers are.

Is it not cool this way, Maverick?

Oh yes, it is but once it gets to a level where you have to understand the logic and basics of Dropshipping.

You need to upgrade to Drop Surfing!!! Because you are also in this business to win!

But for now, you don’t have any choice or varieties of products and services to check from.

Everything is focused on just a single supplier who keeps giving you a fixed price on point.


4. Minimum profit maximization:

Well, you would have already known that your profit cannot be compared to that of a drop surfer.

Because the person doing Drop Surfing will easily buy a $70 product you got from another supplier for $40.

The $30 difference is what makes their profit keeps booming while you don’t have a lot of positive returns.

So, Dropshipping is in the range of not truly maximizing your profit a lot – just the way you planned it.

Although, you will be seeing some results from your paid adverts and your organic reach.

But a majority of the glory will keep going to your supplier who is making use of your sweat to earn more.

The only way this can maximize your profit is if you got a single supplier who is also selling very cheaply.

And maybe even other suppliers are coming to buy from them – and this is very rare because the suppliers who sell cheaply don’t have time for deliveries.

So, you will still need another supplier who will still be raking money from you.

Also, can a single supplier produce all types of goods? Nope!

So, in the aspect of clearing and delivering – you will still be stocked with a single supplier who will still give you a fixed price.

Because you are in Dropshipping and you won’t have the chance to test out other suppliers who can deliver cheaply in their services.

So, Drop Surfing is not like this and it’s purely different which we will quickly talk about below.

But just know that your profit maximization with a single supplier will be low since you don’t have many price choices.


Drop Surfing eCommerce Products

  1. Various available suppliers.
  2. Find the supplier with a minimum price range among other Suppliers.
  3. You can include your preferred price.
  4. Great possibility of profit maximization.


1. Various available suppliers:

In Drop Surfing – there are a lot of suppliers to select and buy from without just sticking with one.

You will see a lot of products in a different market that suits what you are truly looking for.

Also, you can easily compare suppliers to the one that is the cheapest that will flow with your budget.

This is the major reason why Drop surfing is cool because you can select from multitudes.

It is more like you go to your local market to buy some Products and you keep buying from one seller to another.

This way, you are not just sticking with one supplier like you are doing in Dropshipping.

You are making use of a lot of suppliers who will help you in the purchase and delivery of your products to your customer.

Drop Surfing is not limited to only one supplier but multiple suppliers.

That is why it is different from Dropshipping and that is why it keeps a majority of the successful Dropshippers prefer Drop Surfing.


2. Find the supplier with a minimum price range among other Suppliers:

In Drop Surfing – you keep looking for the supplier that can sell at a cheaper price for you and not the one that will be fixed.

It’s just like moving along the market and looking for a seller that can sell at a cheaper price for you.

There are a lot of suppliers all over the world and you shouldn’t decide to settle for less.

That is the theory that Drop Surfing is trying to prove to us and that is why it is effective.

This is something different because you can keep moving from one supplier to another just to get the lowest price

This is why Drop Surfing is different from Dropshipping because the latter only needs you to stay fixed with a supplier.

Although, there are some risks associated with doing Drop Surfing than just relying on one supplier.

But it is important to know that Drop Surfing tries to minimize cost and the money you should have been spending on suppliers.

You can easily look at the best cheap product from a wide range of suppliers and select from them.

Also, because it is very competitive out there – you can easily negotiate with the suppliers and get them to solve your problem.


3. You can include your preferred price:

It is very easy for you to just include your preferred price when you are doing 

Reason being that the gain is much for you and be rest assured on whichever price you are using.

When you are buying cheaply – selling higher and using any price that you want it becomes very easy for you.

Because you know that you are not relying on just one supplier who you don’t know whether is extorting you or not.

Some product you should have bought for $20 per piece is what you are buying for $70 just from using a single supplier.

Which is burning you out and taking a lot of money from you and because of that – you will want to be careful with the price that you are tagging.

You will want to make things easy and not want to charge much so that you can get the customer.

But if you are buying at the lowest price possible with drop surfing…

…You will comfortably and easily select the price that you want to fix conveniently.

Sales will be easy to make and you wouldn’t need to keep biting your finger on which price to set.

Even if you set little for your preferred product price – you still know that you’ve got double gain.


4. Great possibility of profit maximization:

Wowza!!! You will see your profit just maximizing and you keep growing and progressing more.

With Drop Surfing – profit maximization will skyrocket and you will experience a high rate of return on investment.

Although, does this means that you won’t get the same with Dropshipping – no….

…but the profit maximization for those doing drop Surfing is more than those doing normal Dropshipping.

If you are making use of just a single supplier – you won’t even know if you are truly on the right or wrong path.

So you just have to keep enjoying the process of the same result almost every month end.

Which is not what you want – you want something different that can bring you more sales.

That’s why Drop Surfing is making a lot of money for the successful Dropshippers.

But instead of them just giving it a simple name like Multiple Usage of Dropshipping suppliers…

…they name it Drop Surfing just to get people to buy their courses and they make money from that.

Well, who doesn’t like to make money – but it’s not worth it for you to still invest any money on a course for this.


Best Benefits of Drop Surfing

Everything will always have its benefits and the way Dropshipping has its advantage – so also does Drop Surfing has its Benefits.

So, it is always advantageous to take note of the benefits so that you can use it as a benchmark towards getting success with it.

Although everything always comes with its shortcomings – you can easily see what the benefits are here.

So, let us quickly discuss what the benefits of Drop Surfing are and how it can boom your E-commerce B2B business.

  1. Low capital is required to startup
  2. Expand the business with low cost
  3. Less product distribution stress
  4. It makes you stick to the trend
  5. Different variety of products
  6. Zero overhead cost

1. Low capital is required to startup:

Dropshipping itself generally and anything business-to-business eCommerce requires a low budget.

You can easily start Drop Surfing with a minimum amount without needing to have high investment capital.

Since all the products you are promoting are not yours as a retailer – you only need to have a website.

The only capital that you will be needing is the capital to build a website and buy a hosting and domain.

If you are even someone who makes use of BigBuy Dropshipping as your supplier and agent.

They already have a store that is prebuilt for their Dropshippers – although, it is not free and you will need to pay something around $750 for it.

It’s not on the low side though but if you can afford it – you can easily go for it and get yourself started.

But it is always worth it because everything is already made for you and you don’t have to keep installing plugins and themes to use.

Also, the BigBuy products are already in it and you will only need a dedicated ID that will be given to you.

But if you don’t have much – you can easily install WordPress and build an eCommerce website with the WoCommerce Plugin.

Also, the remaining can be used to run paid adverts that will bring customers to your store.

So… you don’t need a lot of capital to do Drop Surfing… With as little as $100 – you can kick start Drop Surfing.


2. Expand The Business With Low Cost:

When you don’t have any store rent that you have to pay for OR any tax from the government.

Why wouldn’t the business boom? It will because you are doing everything from the comfort of your home without holding any inventory.

All the products are stores at your supplier’s warehouse and you as a Dropshipping retailer only need to promote.

So, once sales are coming in – it becomes easy for you to keep expanding the business.

You will start expanding and penetrating other niches which you have not considered before.

You can start running ads on several platforms that are not part of your plans before.

I tell my readers that their audience will always be on any platform no matter what.

If you only started with Facebook adverts to be getting customers – once you start seeing good revenue.

You need to start expanding to other platforms like YouTube or Google to get customers.

This is the ability that Drop Surfing gives you because you don’t hold any inventory.

You only have to get a sale before you purchase which you would have already made a profit from it.


3. Less Product Distribution Stress:

There is less product distribution stress in Dropshipping and so is it also available in Drop Surfing.

You are only doing everything online and not holding any inventory – so no distribution from your end.

Every distribution and clearing will be done by your supplier who will be your logistics brand.

Also, your delivery cost would have already been charged alongside the price of the product.

So, there is less cause for needing to do deliveries all by yourself.

And since you will be operating Pay Before Delivery on your eCommerce retailing and Dropshipping brand.

You don’t need to bother about any panic about whether your customers will show up to collect their offers.

Because it is very much assured that they will come to collect the product that you are selling.

Just always make sure that you are making use of Blind Dropshipping in your drop surfing business.

More details about Blind Dropshipping and everything it entails is explained in this guide 

When you add this with Drop Surfing – it becomes authentic that the products are yours.

Many Dropshipping Retailers don’t quickly get this because everything written on the product package must clearly show that it is from you.

So, your Dropshipping supplier must edit the package with your details to show that it comes from you.

More details about Blind Dropshipping once again can be found here 


4. It Makes You Stick To The Trend:

The ability to stick to the trends that are going on will give you a fast result in the Drop Surfing strategy.

Drop Surfing makes it very easy for anyone to quickly make success and this alone will make one stick with it.

Just imagine seeing a lot of results just from doing something and you have no choice but to stick with it.

That is the power that Drop Surfing has because how won’t you want to continue when you are seeing enough results.

Things are going cheaply and acting fastly because you are buying products and retailing cheaply.

You are not sticking with just one supplier who will only be charging you a specific amount and you won’t have any choice to bargain.

But in this, you are having a lot of suppliers to work with and a lot of brands to patronize.

You can easily decide that you want to choose a product and not choose the other product.

So, tell me why you wouldn’t stick with the trend of drop Surfing with all these amazing benefits.

Life would have been hard if we go to the market and there is only one seller of a product.

But when there are several brands – it becomes easy for us to decide whether to buy a product or not.


5. Different Variety Of Products:

There are a lot of products for you to buy in drop surfing because competition is everywhere.

A supplier or a brand will always give out a quality product for a lesser price than you would be surprised about it.

Different varieties of products are available for you to buy and you don’t have to stay with one brand.

Except if you see that such product is quality that is coming from a brand and your customers are liking it.

That is the only way you can decide that you only want to stay with a certain brand but aside from that – there is enough room for choice.

You have several choices which you can flow with and stick with the trend of anyone that is working properly.

The room for many products in drop surfing will make you easily move to another niche if you want to expand.

You can easily open a new website and start Dropshipping about it and start earning extra income from it.


6. Zero Overhead Cost:

Overhead cost in Drop Surfing is ZERO because you are doing all your activity virtually.

Also because you are not even holding inventory and you are keeping your stocks at the suppliers’ warehouse…

…you have no overhead cost to pay because you are easily doing things from your computer.

Your website is your store where all your activities are flowing and customers are making a purchase.

You are not in any way paying for anything physical or paying for any tax.

That is the melody and advantage you get for being a Drop Surfer.

These are the few things that you should know about drop Surfing that should make you take immediate action on it.

Although it is kinda like Dropshipping and the only difference is that you are not sticking with a single supplier.



A cool way to earn money online is through eCommerce and part of it is Drop Surfing which is from Dropshipping.

So, if you haven’t started considering doing Drop Surfing – you have to start it.

By not sticking with just one supplier or product vendor and start penetrating several suppliers and vendors.

This way, you can start buying at the lowest price possible.

And also consider using Blind Dropshipping in your Drop Surfing business and you will see a lot of benefits.

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