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5 Best Instagram Growth Agency That Never Disappoints

Instagram Growth Agency

Doing Instagram Growth for your business can be time-consuming – that is the reason why many brands run to Agencies to help them grow their Instagram pages.

Instagram Growth Agencies are many but only a small number of them can be trusted and we are going to be reviewing some of the trusted ones here in this guide.

Also, I will be giving you some top strategies that you can also implement to run a successful business on Instagram.

When you know these strategies, you can easily understand what any agency is doing.

Also, you can easily know if they are moving towards a profitable direction and doing good work for your brand or not.

Below Is What Will Be Discussed In This Content;

So, let us quickly look at some of the Top 5 Best Instagram Growth Agency That You Can Use.


Best Instagram Growth Agency

  1. The Fastnet Agency.
  2. Gramseed.
  3. AiGrow.
  4. Ampfluence.
  5. JumperMedia.


1. The Fastnet Agency:



The first attention-grabbing instinct I got with this brand was the simplicity of the website.

They made everything easy for their visitors to see what they are capable of doing and explain what Instagram Growth is all about.

Fastnet Agency is one of the best agencies that you can rely on when it comes to doing Instagram Growth.

They can easily help you grow your Instagram page from scratch and take it to thousands and millions of followers.

The Fastnet Agency understands what it means by doing Instagram Growth and so – they will guide you towards achieving the best result.

This Agency will not only help you in getting random people who will not be interested in what you are offering.

They will get you targeted audiences that will be willing and able to patronize your business and come back for more.

The Fastnet Agency’s aim is to help you promote your business more through the use of Instagram.

Also if you are not sure about how best to win customers – they can easily help you convert random followers into customers.

They will also help you build authority and trust on your Instagram page just for you to stand out among other brands.

Visit their website and give them a call to book an appointment with Fastnet Agency and scale your business high.

Their Pricing plan varies as they don’t have a fixed price until they speak directly with you.

So if they interest you – you can easily do business with them or scroll down to see other Instagram Growth Agency that we will discuss on.


2. Gramseed:

How do Instagram growth companies work?


Gramseed is more like an automated agency that works as a tool or software.

They are also an agency that helps to promote Businesses on Instagram and grow followership.

Gramseed helps to turn a small business into a larger brand with its expertise in Instagram growth
Gramseed has a lot of experience in growing and managing an Instagram account for a lot of brands.

They have managed Instagram pages for celebrities, Icons, brands, and influencers from several parts of the world.

So, they are not a newbie when it comes to doing Instagram growth for brands.

You can easily call them and do one consultation with them.

Although, you can easily click on get started on their website I advise that you give them a call to book a consultation with them.

You will also get a dedicated Instagram account manager that will control the activities of your Instagram page.

This Account manager will be the one doing the daily monitoring of your account and helping you boost more conversions.

Your support system is confirmed on Gramseed as they are top-notch when it comes to Instagram Growth.

This Instagram Growth Agency is your best bet and you should consider them in your dealings.

Their Instagram Growth Price ranges from $125 to $495. You are the one that will select the plan that best suits you.

Visit their website to see details and features that each price range carries to know the one your brand can work with.

You can start making life easy for yourself and keep seeing yourself attain enough growth on Instagram.


3. AiGrow:

What is the best Instagram growth company?

AiGrow has enough connections in majorly all the English countries of the world.

They are the top Instagram Growth Agency that has a lot of clients from top-top-tier countries of the world.

So, they have enough experience when it comes to doing Instagram Growth for their clients.

The expertise that this Agency carries is enough for any brand to easily start seeing results within few days.

Running an Instagram Growth business on your own can be difficult and so, it is more okay to have a dedicated Instagram Growth Agency like AiGrow.

AiGrow is an agency that helps you grow your Instagram followers organically without using any robotic system.

They have enough experience and understand how the Instagram algorithm works.

Always make sure that you use the Pro package of AiGrow as you will be given some dedicated team.

This team is an expert that will help you in the day-to-day operation of your Instagram account.

They will help you creating quality content for your Instagram page and also help in doing enough management of your page.

So upgrading to the Pro plan will help you a lot when using AiGrow Agency for your Instagram Growth.

The dedicated team given to you will also be the one helping you in replying, commenting, and engaging with followers.

It is just a finished package plan when you make use of AiGrow because they will fully help you handle your Instagram page even while you are not there.

Their price plan ranges from Free and starts from $150 per month.

They have a free plan for those that might want to test out their service or don’t have any money at hand.

Visit their website to learn more about what AiGrow Agency can do and what they are capable of turning your Instagram page into.


4. Ampfluence:

Instagram growth strategy

If you are looking for an expert in Instagram Growth. Ampfluence Instagram Growth Agency is part of number one.

Because they have provided thousands of clients with real Instagram followers that are grown organically.

This Agency will not just provide you with enough Instagram followers but real Instagram followers that will patronize your brand.

The majority of the Instagram Growth Agency out their aside from the ones listed here in this guide – are filled with the provision of bot followers.

They only provide bot followers for their clients and mix it with some real followers just to blend professionalism.

But Ampfluence is far more than that – they will provide your brand with real followers that are grown organically for your Instagram page.

They make use of dedicated human power who will monitor and improve the engagement on your Instagram page.

Once people see enough engagement on an Instagram page – they will be more focused and ready to follow the page.

This is the strategy that Ampfluence is using to win over other agencies and stay above new agencies.

Ampfluence has been featured on Forbes Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, and the rest.

So, they have proper knowledge of what it takes to handle Instagram accounts for many businesses.

Their price plan ranges from $249 to $999 – so, you can choose the plan that best suits you depending on your budget.

Visit their website and connect with their customer care before you decide to use them as your Instagram Growth agency.


5. JumperMedia:

Best Instagram growth service

JumperMedia is an Instagram Growth Agency that helps to support businesses with all types of online marketing skills.

And Instagram Growth is one of their expertise which they have enough experience in.

JumperMedia will help your business move from nothing to something when it comes to growing your Instagram page.

They have an experienced team that will help in every aspect concerning growing a successful Instagram page.

What I like about this Agency is that they will give every novice a clear understanding of how their service works.

Also, they won’t leave you hanging in your Instagram marketing or page growth.

They will always give you first-class information and idea on how Instagram is perfect for your business.

In short, they are one of the best and that is why I am recommending them in this guide for you.

You can easily grow your Instagram page by multiple within a short period when you make use of their service.

They provide real Instagram followers who will be interested in patronizing your business.

They understand how the Instagram algorithm and social media algorithm works at large.

So, they are professional in this aspect of Instagram page management.

You can visit their website and book a call with them to know how best they can help your business.

Instagram Growth will become easy for you when this agency starts handling your Instagram page.


Instagram Growth Strategies That Will Improve Your Agency Outreach

We will discuss some Instagram Growth Strategies which will help you attain success easily in business.

The reason why I have decided to share this with you is that if you make use of agency.

There are some important things that you need to take note of – so, that they won’t cheat you.

The moment you know all these things and take note of them as they are working for you…

…it will become easy for you to attain success even while making use of Instagram Growth Agency because you already know what should work.

  1. Design A Business Profile.
  2. Create A Captivating Instagram Bio.
  3. Simplicity Of Your Page.
  4. Improve Your Creativity.
  5. Instagram Reels Benefits.
  6. Give Long Term Value.
  7. Have A Content Calendar.
  8. Use Hashtags and GeoTags.
  9. Use Instagram Insight To Keep Tracks.
  10. Boost Your Best Performing Content With Ads.
  11. Maximize The Use Of Instagram Stories and IGTV.


1. Design A Business Profile:

The first thing you need to take note of is that you have to convert your Instagram account from personal to a business profile.

You cannot afford to keep a proper record of your account by leaving it in your profile.

Immediately you register an Instagram account – it will automatically be in the personal account.

Because Instagram sees you as a regular user who is only online to catch fun and consume online content.

The personal profile is meant for consumers of Instagram content and those who are fans of other celebrities and big brands.

But when you are in the business profile – it shows that you are a producer of content and you will have more advanced features than someone using a personal account.

You will be able to use more features on Instagram which include promotions, trackings, and other stuff to promote your business.

So, having all these things is necessary to keep track of everything going on in your account.

Although, an experienced agency is supposed to change your account to a business account.

But in case stuff like this arise and they keep making use of a personal account for you without any valid reason…

…you can easily know that there is something fishy there and quickly correct every mistake or find another agency.


2. Create A Captivating Instagram Bio:

Your Instagram Bio must be captivating and must explain what your brand is all about.

The first thing that visitors will see once they open your page is the Bio aspect of your account.

Just imagine if it’s dormant and nothing is there or if nothing professional or meaningful is written there.

They will quickly bounce off from your page and go to other pages that are closer to yours.

What you have to know is that Instagram cares a lot about the engagement that its users are experiencing.

They don’t want users to leave their platform because they want to keep dominating the social media platform.

So, you need to make sure that you create Engagement on your Instagram page before people will engage.

And this Engagement starts from your Instagram Bio – because before they will view your content…

…it is the Bio they will look at.

So, your Instagram Bio must contain what your business is all about and what you are capable of doing.

If you are a registered business – you must also state there that you are registered – so that people can trust you.

This is another important aspect that you should take note of when any agency is working on your account.

This will give you a proper idea of how your Instagram Bio is supposed to look like and if it’s professional enough after being done by the agency.


3. Simplicity Of Your Page:

Have you ever entered some Instagram pages and you find it very hard to do business with them.

Just because you don’t even know where to start on their page – everything just looks difficult.

Let us even say things don’t even look clumsy – you don’t know how to contact them for work.

You message them on Instagram and they don’t reply and there is no other way to get in touch with them.

These are the things that must be eradicated on your page because you might not be available to answer Direct Messages if you are using an Instagram Growth Agency.

Also, these agencies might have a representative to help you answer all your DMs.

But can they answer best like you – because they have zero knowledge about your business?

They will have to contact you for questioning before replying which is time-consuming and might make you lose customers.

So, the best thing is that there must be a clear call to action – like your personal contact info.

You can also make them include your email address so that people can contact you easily.

Also, it must be stated clearly – where they can or should contact you that you can best reply to them.

This way, you get rapid access to them because you have made doing business with them easier.

If you don’t implement this – using agencies for your business will be a little bit difficult since you are not around.

And another thing you have to know is that – you are not the only client these agencies work for.

So, you have to make things easy for yourself and them because you will be the one at the major loss.


4. Improve Your Creativity:

I was watching one of Miles Beckler Video and he made mention of a quote that fires me up daily.

He said and I quote:

“Even those who are already in the league are not ready to quit, and they are showing up and advancing daily”.

Now, what does this tells you? It means that you have to improve your creativity and the way you flow.

It means that you have to be unique in your dealings because those who are already successful in Instagram Growth are not ready to quit.

They are also there to keep giving out more creative posts and showing up like they have not even started.

It is those who have the best creativity that wins on Instagram because people are online to watch value.

To want to see what your brand is capable of doing and they are not ready to stay with a brand that is lagging

So, I am sure that it might be an agency that will be handling all your posting and creativity aspects.

But you have to monitor it to see how high and progressive they are taking your brand to.

Just like I stated earlier, you are not the only brand they are working for – so, you need to monitor your Instagram page.

And make sure that the creative aspect of it is very much working out well so that other brands in your niche don’t outshine you.

Keep this in mind and you will see your brand shinning at the top.


5. Instagram Reels Benefits:

If you have not started using Instagram Reels for your business – then you don’t know the amount of value that you are missing.

Instagram Reels is now very much popular these days because a lot of businesses are now using it.

Now, why is Instagram Reels a popular feature on Instagram that many Instagram users are using and taking benefit from?

It is because Instagram also wants to outshine the features that people are enjoying on Tiktok.

Now, enough marketers are doing Tiktok Marketing because every video they post on Tiktok will always reach those who are not following them.

That is why even if you are new on Tiktok – without even registering an account…

…you would have already seen a wide number of Tiktok videos shown on your news feed.

That is the power that Tiktok possesses because you don’t need followers to start getting views.

Which is something lacking on Instagram because you need to have followers before you can start getting views for your content.

Forget the crap on the net saying you need no followers to get views on Instagram – you sure need that.

But that was previously, because now – Instagram has now updated its algorithm just to battle with Tiktok and now keep showing video content to those who are not following you.

We all know how cunning Mark Zuckerberg can be because he doesn’t want his users to go to other platforms.

So he is finding more ways for people to keep using Instagram and not use TikTok instead.

So, it’s a perfect time for your business to make use of Instagram Reels because it’s a way of reaching people who are not even following you.

A feature that is not available previously but is now available on Instagram and which many brands are using to get new clients daily.


6. Give Long Term Value:

When providing content for your brand – always make sure that it is giving long-term value.

Either it is an agency that is helping you create content or you are doing it by yourself…

…you must make sure that it is providing long-term value because that is the way to keep winning.

Long-term value helps a lot because you are not doing Instagram Growth just for a short period, right?

You want to stay in the business and grow your followers and engagement to hundreds of thousands of views daily.

So, what you should know is that – your followers which will join your Instagram list in the next 10months or 2 years will inspect your page.

They will go down to see some of the previous things that you have posted on your wall.

So, the best way that they will be ready to do business with you is when your content is long-term.

When they are a value that is still valid even after several months or years of posting it.

By that time – you don’t need to bother yourself about trying to be the new person that will be trying to convince clients.

Because you already have what it takes to convince any new customer and make them yours.

So, providing long-term value and making sure that your Agency is giving its best in this aspect is important for your business growth.


7. Have A Content Calendar:

Having a content calendar for your page is very much important because that is the way to stay updated.

If you have an agency that you are using – they should have already created a content calendar for your page.

The reason why a content calendar is important for any Instagram page is because of procrastination and unforeseen circumstances.

Sometimes, you might find it very hard to think about what to post or finding yourself in a position where you cannot think properly.

The best way you can easily catch up with everything and know what exactly to post is with your content calendar.

You should have already structured out how your daily posting should be and what to post each day of the week.

Also, you should already have content readymade in your spreadsheet which you can easily post.

The use of Google doc and Google spreadsheet will help you to solve this aspect.

Your calendar can be made with the Google spreadsheet and the content can be saved in the Google doc.

I am sure you already have these applications on your phone but you don’t know their usefulness yet.

Just make sure that you commence the proper usage of it for your Instagram marketing growth purpose.


8. Use Hashtags and GeoTags:

Hashtags are very popular on Instagram and it’s the best way for anybody to reach you without knowing your brand.

You are supposed to be using Hashtags a lot in your Instagram posts because that is how people can get to you.

Although, using Hashtags doesn’t mean that you will be able to get a lot of followers quickly and easily.

But it will help you to easily get results on your Instagram page and you will easily be seeing results.

Another benefit of these tags is the use of GeoTags which will help you reach an audience that is within your locality.

GeoTags is very important because people within your geography that is searching for keywords related to your brand will easily get in contact with you.

People go to Instagram to also make searches – although not every Instagram users make use of it.

I wish that Instagram can make it easy for people to be using the hashtags and put them in a position where searching can be easy.

But for any brand adding hashtags and GeoTags to their content – is very easy and you can easily include them in the middle and at the end of your Caption.

You can also add them in the Comment section of your post to make your posts clean.

Always make sure that you don’t overdo this as you are supposed to include them in a reasonable manner.

You can include just 10 to 15 hashtags as Instagram can penalize you if the hashtags are too much.

You can also limit your hashtags to tags that don’t have high search volume because there will be a lot of brands already using that.

You can just use hashtags that have low searches as you can still easily rank for those searches when people search.


9. Use Instagram Insight To Keep Tracks:

Instagram Insight is a very popular tool that is available for every business that is using Instagram.

Instagram Insight is what will tell you the total number of visitors that check your Instagram page.

It will also give you the analysis of people that view your images or videos and how well they engage.

This way, you can easily know your top-performing posts on your Instagram page.

This tool is very important because if you are making use of an agency to work on your Instagram page.

You can easily know how well they are working when you look at the number of visits on your Instagram page in a week.

Also, you can easily check your posts and see the posts that are converting well and the ones that need more retouching.

You can easily retouch a post and upload it again on your Instagram page just to see how well it is converting.
Instagram Insight is just like Google analytics and it helps you build more content on the posts that are performing well.

This tool is already insight into every Instagram business account and that is the reason why you have to convert your Instagram page from personal to business.

This way, you can have access to this feature and keep track and record of how people interact on your page.


10. Boost Your Best Performing Content With Ads:

After you have kept track and you have seen the analytics of your Instagram page and how well it is performing.

It is also important for you to boost your best-performing content with paid adverts on Instagram.

If you upload a post or maybe your agency does that for you and it is very much marketable.

Let us say that post has already made you some cash on your page and it has enough engagement.

That tells you it is a better post for paid adverts because it will convert better when you promote it.

It is even more okay to first do enough organic marketing and get sales with content before using an advert for it.

Because it is not going to be easy for you as a newbie to easily know which paid advert will convert better.

So, you have to keep calm and see the best performing content on your page and run paid adverts to it.

This way, you easily get the best result from your paid adverts without needing to hire an expert.

You can know how best your content is performing with the sales you have made from it and the conversions you see from your Instagram Insight.

So, always make proper usage of this and promote your best-performing content.

You can easily tell your agency to help you promote the content – but just make sure that is marketable content that sells what your brand is offering.


11. Maximize The Use Of Instagram Stories and IGTV:

If you have not started making proper usage of Instagram stories and IGTV – then you need to begin.

There are some people that you can easily reach through this method and you will get clients from there.

You should always make sure that you inform your agent about using all these aspects of Instagram.

Although you don’t need to tell a professional Instagram Growth Agency about stuff like this.

But just in case you are doing your marketing yourself and you want to grow your Instagram page.

Or maybe you have an agency but they are not putting much concentration into this aspect of Instagram

Then you need to correct every mistake and pressure more heat into using the IGTV and stories.

A time will come that when you even reach enough followers – you can add the swipe up button to your Instagram stories.

You won’t necessarily need to keep telling them to DM or check Bio before you can post links.

People can easily click on your link and go straight to where ever you are sending them directly.

The Instagram Stories and IGTV is a very nice feature on Instagram that is favorable for Instagram lovers.

Most especially if you are someone very good at creating videos for your brand – you can easily start making good use of it.

So, commence the proper usage of IGTV because that is your best television brand. Hahahaha…



Making proper use of Instagram Growth Agency is what will guarantee your success rate.

I have given you 5 Instagram Growth Agencies which you can make use of for the success of your business.

I have also written out some in-depth and detailed Instagram strategies that the gurus sell as a course.

If you should implement what I have stated out in the strategies – you will see your business shinning at the top.

It is easy to make a lot of followers and increase your fan base on Instagram with all the features.

Also, if you are making use of an Instagram Growth Agency for your page boosting.

It is necessary to know all the things that I have written in this guide for your best success.

Don’t forget to share this guide with friends by clicking on any of the social media icons below.

Also, if you have any further questions or contributions concerning what we have discussed in this guide…

… don’t forget to hit the comment box below and let me feel what you have to inform us about.

Stay Blessed!

Social Media Marketing For Small Businesses: Beginners’ Guide

Social Media Marketing For Small Businesses

Running a social media marketing account for your business as a small business owner is never a bad idea for anyone.

Because social media is now the fastest way to reach the audience who are online to catch fun and learn more.

People are always on social media 24/7 – the moment they wake up from their slumber…

…majority will carry their mobile phone to check up on what is going on in their social media accounts.

Many people now even favor their Facebook or Instagram followers more than any other thing they plan to achieve in life.

Their main goal is just to get a lot of likes for their posts and start using them to build a celebrity lifestyle.

These are the goals that many people now desire these days. Also, some people who don’t even fancy posting are online to see what is going on around them.

What they can learn from the internet or what they can watch or read that can make them laugh.

These are the reasons why social media is a good place to meet all these people because social media is now everyone’s friend.

Someone can be indoor for a day and don’t even bother to check out what is going outside their abode.

Below Is What Will Be Discussed In This Content;

So, let us quickly check out what social media marketing means and more in-depth guide into why you should start leveraging it to market your products and services.

Social Media Management

What Is Social Media Marketing

Now, I know the next question you might be longing to ask is what social media marketing means.

Social Media Marketing is the act of reaching a wide number of people who are in your target market just with the use of a platform where people come to catch fun.

You can even be among those who also go to one of these social media platforms just to catch fun.

But because you are reading this guide today – you will start leveraging it to make money for yourself by marketing your brand.

Because we have been able to discuss what social media marketing means very briefly

Let us discuss the benefits that you will enjoy when you start leveraging social media as your source of generating a lot of sales through its marketing.

Doing Social Media Marketing As A Small Business


Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Below are the benefits that you will enjoy from using social media as your source of generating sales for your small business.


1. Build More Awareness:

One of the benefits, why it is essential to start using social media as your marketing technique of getting a customer, is the awareness it gives your brand.

People go on social media and are active all the time.

Over 1 billion people are always on the Facebook platform active every day.

People are there to see what is going on and if you can also become a producer of content surrounding your brand.

People will follow you and will be ready to buy what you have to offer for them.

The majority of those who are on social media is the consumer of content and products.

That is why it is also very important for you to start leveraging social media marketing and start building more awareness for your brand.

This is how you can gain global recognition because everyone from different parts of the world uses social media.

And you can reach them from the comfort of your home without commuting from one place to another.


2. Creates Good Authority:

Another reason why social media is beneficial to you as a small business is that it gives you authority over your competitors.

That is why it is very good to leverage social media because that is where people can feel from you all the time.

Your audience cannot be coming to your website every day except if you are bringing them in yourself.

Also, another thing you have to know is that the time they spend on social media will be more than the time they can spend on your website.

They can spend hours scrolling on social media but will barely spend 8 minutes on your website.

So, you have to know this to buy your brand and have an edge over your competitors who are not leveraging social media marketing.

Don’t be scared of the competition you found on social media – just focus on who you want to serve.


3. Serves As Brand Advocate:

Social Media marketing serves as a brand advocate for many small businesses out there.

You don’t even need to promote yourself for a long time – you will keep earning money from your previous efforts.

When starting out with social media marketing – it will be a little bit difficult at first and this can lead to quitting.

But those who don’t quit with social media marketing and keep doing it will always earn from their previous efforts.

This happens in a way that some content they have created previously in their career will keep selling for them.

It is this content that will keep serving as an advocate for them and keep making them a lot of money from sales.

That’s why those who are doing social media marketing and are already to top brands online do see many tractions from their previous content.

Some content can be only 20 comments when you post it but a few years later – you will see it has 200 Comments.

That’s because social media serves as a brand advocate that sells your product for you.


4. Tells Brand Story:

Social Media helps in telling the story of a brand – just from your copy – you can easily tell people your story.

Most of the time – this is more effective than your website.

Although you can easily tell your brand story at the about section of your blog this is majorly once-in-a-lifetime stuff.

But social media is something that you can keep writing about the story of your brand for a whole week.

Also, the day of your getting low engagement to the days of your getting high engagement is a story on its own.

You don’t even have to tell much about yourself because when you become successful – people will go to dig out your old stuff.

They will now use it as a motivation towards their success story.

This is what achieving greatness is and social media is always there to help a brand tell its story.


5. Serves As Customer Support:

Social Media is also a platform that can be used to interact one on one with your customers.

That’s why many top brands make use of social media to interact directly with their customers.

Most times, customers prefer to work directly and ask for support through social media than email.

They prefer to ask what bothers them and expect the brand to be available to give them an answer.

So social media is a good place to serve as customer support to many small businesses out there.

And as a small business that wants to attain a high level. Customer support is very important for you to grow big.

Social Media

Determining Your Social Media Marketing Goals

Every marketing journey without a specific goal is certain to fail.

So, you should always have a goal when doing social media marketing.

But what you have to know is that your goal must be something that you can control and not a goal that you cannot control.

Some people will be aiming for 1,000 Likes on their posts in the first month of starting their social media marketing.

That is not something you can control because you are not in charge of the distribution process.

Each platform knows how they distribute their users’ posts across their platform.

So, you are not in control. You should only have a goal for stuff you can control because it is that goal that will lead to the goal of stuff that you cannot control.

And I like to call my social media marketing goal the ENVELOPE GOAL.

The Envelope Goal is something that you can easily control and they are just Four Goals that will lead to the achievement of the goal that you can’t control.


1. Knowing Your Target Audience:

The first of the goals is to know who your target audience is. Because this is something that you can determine yourself.

When you know your target audience – it will be easy for you to know who your message is going to.

When you know your target audience and you are specific to them in the content that you are posting.

Your ENVELOPE GOAL is sure to be achieved because you are not just marketing to everybody.

You are marketing to a specific segment of a marketplace and not everybody.

So, you have to know your target audience and that should be your first goal before doing anything else.


2. Problems You Want To Solve:

The next in your ENVELOPE GOAL should be the problem you want to solve for this target audience.

What is the reason why you want to serve them and also make them see you as their savior?

You need to solve a problem for them or many problems for them.

You need to take them from the point of pain to their point of satisfaction and make them throw rocks at their enemy.

You can help them solve their financial problems by teaching them how to make more money.

Or you can help them eradicate their shame by teaching them how to stay fit or how to stay away from debt.

This is another goal among your ENVELOPE GOAL which you must have in mind when doing your social media marketing.


3. Determining The Platform Use:

The 3rd Goal in your ENVELOPE is the platform that you want to use in doing your social media marketing.

Each social media platform has what they are focused on and the content that you can post on their page.

A platform like Tiktok only focuses on video content and the creation of short and precise video content.

A platform like Twitter focuses on short written content that will be short and straight to the point.

A platform like Facebook focuses on both video and written content but more on the written content on the platform.

And so many other social media platforms like that. So, you only have to choose the one that best suits your purpose.

You will go with the one that can help you market your products and services the best because it is what you are good at.


4. Having A Timely Estimated Post Number:

Having a daily challenge is very important when it comes to achieving your goal.

And that is why a monthly post number is important when applying the ENVELOPE GOAL.

You need to have a timely estimation of the number of posts that you want to make daily and monthly.

You need to focus and be consistent with the timeframe at which you post your content on social media.

Because it is this ENVELOPE GOAL that will help you quickly achieve what you plan on achieving in a year.

If you are just posting without any Time frame of when you are to be posting.

You will get discouraged along the way once you see that you are not quickly getting engagements.

Social Media Accounts and Platforms for Marketing Small Businesses

Creating a Social Media Marketing Strategy

Since we are done with the Goal that you should set for yourself when trying to achieve good social media marketing success for your small business.

You now have to derive a strategy that you should have in mind when trying to achieve this goal.

This is like a plan which you will be setting for yourself to achieve your goal.

This strategy is called the LONG TAIL STRATEGY which you can make use of in growing a successful social media marketing brand.


1. How Many Times Do You Want To Post Daily?

The first strategy that you should attain is the times that you want to post daily.

Just like I made mention of in the first aspect of goals that you should achieve.

You need to have a strategy that will help you to be posting daily.

It now depends on the number of days in a week that you want to post your content.

It can be twice a week or almost every day of the week.

Anyhow you desire to do your posting – you just have to derive a means of achieving that goal.

That is why your first strategy should be on how you can achieve your daily posting.

You can make use of some automated tools that can help you schedule your content and publish it on your behalf.


2. How Many Followers Do You Want To Get Daily?

Although, the number of followers you can have daily is not something you can control.

You can control how many posts you want to be publishing – but you can’t control the number of followers you desire to be having.

The reason is that if you want to be too pushy with it – the platform can penalize you and ban you.

So, you need to be careful. But with the LONG TAIK STRATEGY at your hand.

You can easily follow a certain number of people daily to also get a follow back.

Since it is social media – there are other people like you who are desiring to also have a lot of followers.

So you can easily engage with them and make them follow you. Also, you can post on some groups to get follow back.

Following for following back is not a bad idea – just make sure that you are careful with the way you are doing it.

Don’t overdo it or else you will get penalized for doing it.


3. Which Type of Content Do You Want To Channel Most?

Although, if you are on a platform that focuses fully on a certain type of content.

You have no choice but to focus fully on the content that is being posted on the platform.

But because you are using the LONG TAIL STRATEGY – You need to have your signature and create a type of content for your brand.

A type of content that you don’t have to tell people that you are the one before they know who is posting.

You have to derive your signature in a way that they haven’t looked at your name but they already know what’s up.

It can be from the way you put gaps in your content.

Or the way you add humor to your posts on social media.

Or the intro of your videos and how catchy it keeps looking.

These are the signature that you must have to differentiate you from other people who are also posting content in your niche.

The LONG TAIL STRATEGY is what can help you easily achieve a fast result in your social media marketing.

Small Businesses In Social Media

Social Media Marketing Budget

Running social media adverts is also a nice strategy that can make you reach a wide range of people within the shortest period.

Unlike the days when our founding marketers who have a small business have to reply on radio, tv, and post adverts.

They have to do that before they can reach a very wide range of people for them to start making sales.

Just with a paid advert that is boosted on any social media platform you are leveraging – you can reach a wide number of people.

And the amazing thing is that you can easily achieve this without spending a lot of money.

Although, having a high budget is also a very good way for you to quickly make money from your business.

But you can easily start with as low as $100 to run your advert.

Your ad spent depends on the timeframe and the objective of your advert which you are using.

It also depends on the location you are targeting in your advert.

No one can specifically tell you the amount you can spend on social media ads because it depends.

But just know that you can start as low as $10 depending on what you aim to achieve with ads.


Best Social Media Marketing Platforms for Small Business

Although, there are many social media platforms out there that you can join – but it is very okay to join the ones that are hot and engaging.

You don’t want to join a social media platform that you will need to be the founding member of the platform.

You will need to join an ocean that is blue and has big fish you can catch to make money for yourself.

Below are the few social media platforms that you can join and start using to promote your business.

1. Facebook:

The first one on the list of social media with the highest number of daily users is FACEBOOK.

I am sure you already know about this platform or you have heard about Facebook somewhere.

This platform is good and useful for anyone who wants to grow his or her business to a high-income business.

You can decide to share both video and text content on this platform.

It is available for anyone who is good at any type of content and can be consistent with posting.

So, you can easily join the Facebook platform and start using it to promote your business.


2. YouTube:

Another platform that is very effective for small business to promote their business is YouTube.

YouTube is a video-sharing platform where you can express yourself in video format.

If you are someone who is not camera shy and can share videos of yourself online for people to see.

Also, if you are someone who is vocal and can speak your language fluently – you might not necessarily need to shoot a video of yourself.

You can just share your screen and provide value to people.

Also, some don’t even share their face nor use their voice but only make use of bot voice or typing.

And they are making a lot of sales and money from their YouTube channel.

So, you can open your YouTube and start using YouTube for your small business.


3. TikTok:

TikTok is another platform that is also a video platform like YouTube.

The only difference between the two is just that duration matters a lot when trying to use the platform for marketing.

Unlike YouTube where you can post a 5minutes long video while starting to post.

Even some can post 10minutes long videos just to give value or promote your business as a small business owner.

You will only be limited to 59seconds long video on TikTok for a start before you can start posting 5 minutes video.

But Tiktok is also a platform that had turned many small business people into TikTok influencers.

They have been making a lot of money and promoting their small business easily just by using TikTok for marketing.

So, Tiktok is a platform that you can also leverage if you are someone cool with video displays.


4. Instagram:

Instagram is another platform that is very effective for small business owners.

Instagram is a part of the Facebook brand that works hand in hand together since they are owned by one person.

So, running paid adverts and doing some internal marketing can be done correspondingly on both platforms.

You can make use of several features like Instagram Reels, IGTV, Hashtags, Instagram Live, and some other features on this platform.

You can use this platform for almost anything you want that is relating to creating content.

You can turn your advert into an Image carousel that people can keep scrolling to read or just shoot videos on IG reels.

So, many amazing features that will make you become a big brand and promote your small brand.


5. Twitter:

Twitter is also social media platform that small businesses can leverage to start booming their businesses.

It’s a short text content platform that calls its content “Tweets”.

You can easily post your tweets on Twitter and start generating traffic to your business.

Twitter is a fun place that if you leverage perfectly – you can easily boost your business and gain authority.

Many people are on Twitter who can serve as your brand advocate and help you make enough money.

They will help retweet your posts which will get shared with their audience and get more engagements.

You can start leveraging Twitter by signing an account and start using it to promote your small business.


6. Clubhouse:

The clubhouse is a new social media marketing platform that came into the limelight in the late last year 2020.

Many internet marketers have started leveraging this platform to grow more audiences and promoting their business.

It is an audio room platform where many people are gathered in a room to discuss business.

Although, it is presently available for iPhone devices alone and hopefully gets access on Android very soon.

You can create an account on clubhouse on iOS and start leveraging it to boom your business.

It is one of the new and trending social media platforms that you can use to promote your business since its algorithm is easy to handle.


Can You Outsource Your Social Media Marketing?

A major question that many people ask all the time is the possibility of outsourcing their social media marketing.

Oh yes, you can decide to outsource your social media marketing to several freelancers or ordinary social media managers out there.

There are so many social media managers out there who help small and big businesses to manage their social media account.

This will also help you to have more time to focus on other things that are moving the money needle.

All you have to do is to designate several tasks for a whole week by batch producing them for the social media manager.

Then they will help you to keep posting them one by one over a week or two weeks.

Another way you can do this is by making use of social media management tools.

That will help you to automate things and make it very easy for you to focus on other things.

This is what I will advise any small business to involve in and we will discuss that below.

Social Media Marketing

Best Social Media Management Tools

  1. Hootsuite
  2. Buffer
  3. Sprout Social
  4. TweetDeck
  5. Social Pilot


1. Hootsuite:

Hootsuite is a social media management tool that you can use to automate your social media content.

You can schedule and publish your content from a single dashboard of your account.

You can enjoy their 30 days free trial period to see whether it’s a nice platform that you can use.

The Hootsuite free plan gives its users the ability to schedule 5 posts per day.

This means you can schedule 5 posts in a day – but only 5 posts.

Once you go beyond that – you won’t be allowed to post.

They also have some paid plans that you will get charged for which ranges from $19 and above base on the plan you want to use.

You will enjoy more unlimited features with the paid plan of Hootsuite.

Check out the Hootsuite platform and start using them to promote your small business with their automated sequence.


2. Buffer:

Buffer is your engagement tool for a wide range of social media management features just like Hootsuite.

You can enjoy a 14-day free trial to enjoy all their features and use it to test out whether it is a nice tool to use.

All your activities will also be controlled from one dashboard and you can schedule posts for many social media accounts from just a single dashboard.

You can add 10 schedule posts when using the buffer’s free plan and can also connect 3 social media accounts.

They also have a paid plan that ranges from $15 per month.

You can try out Buffer to see if it’s a better alternative to solving your social media marketing.


3. Sprout Social:

Sprout Social is an all-in-one social media management tool that also helps you to automate your posts like the ones discussed above.

Just that Sprout Social has a different feature than the ones that are listed above.

They have their free trial which you can make use of when trying to see what suits your need.

You will enjoy 30 days of free trial without a credit card required.

Its lowest plan starts with as high as 10 scheduled posts per day.

You will also enjoy some more unlimited features which will allow you to grow successfully in your social media journey.

You can always automate your content in a calendar that helps you get things done easily.

Just go straight to the Sprout Social website and register with an account to start using.


4. TweetDeck:

The TweetDeck is a mobile application that you can use to manage your Twitter accounts.

If you are someone who makes use of Twitter for the marketing of your small business.

Then you have to consider using this application because it is worth it in every way.

You can use it to track your engagement and know your statistics rate on Twitter.

TweetDeck was owned by an independent person before Twitter purchased it officially.

You can download the TweetDeck application and start using it to automate your Twitter accounts.

Make life easy for yourself on Twitter by using this application to handle your Twitter accounts.


5. Social Pilot:

The last product that we will review in this guide is Social Pilot.

You can use this platform to perform the features that the majority of the managers listed above can do.

But you can always try Social Pilot out to see if it can also suit your needs.

Since trying to publish posts all the time can be very strenuous and time-consuming.

You can easily automate things with this tool and use it to control a wide range of social media accounts.

Social Pilot also has a free trial which you can test out but their services start from $50/month.

Although you will be handle to use it to handle many social media profiles like you to 25 accounts.

So, you can try them out and use them for your social media marketing purpose.


Start Marketing on Social Media Now

The best time for you to start your social media marketing is now because many marketers are using it to scale their brands.

So, if you are a small business owner or an independent marketer that is thinking of doing social media marketing.

Just start right away because the best time for you to do that is now and there is no right time.

The right time doesn’t exist – because if it exists – it would have been easy for everyone to know when to involve in something.

Everyone would have started at the right time and quickly engage in a lot of success stories.

But because the right time will never show itself to anyone – that is the main reason why your right time to start social media marketing is now.

So, are you a small business owner? Start social media marketing now!!!


Social Media Marketing for Small Business

This brings us to the end of this guide.

You and I have been able to discuss what social media marketing means.

The benefits with some goals and strategies that you can use to achieve a good social media marketing result.

Also, we look at some platforms that you can leverage with the tools that you can use to make life easy for your social media marketing.

So, if this is something that you enjoy and find very valuable – don’t hesitate to share this guide with your friends on social media.

Because there are a lot of small businesses out there that are just scrolling aimlessly on their social media.

They haven’t thought about using it to promote their businesses – so, if they can read this guide.

They can know exactly what to do and what they are missing out on.



So, are you making use of social media for your business?

If social media is what you make use of every day to get a lot of sales for your business.

Kindly hit the comment box and tell us your experience with social media marketing and why you will recommend it for other small businesses to use.

Also, if you haven’t started using social media for the marketing of your small business.

Tell us your reason why you haven’t started using it.