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Selling Products On Tiktok: TikTok Selling Strategies

Selling Products On Tiktok: TikTok Selling Strategies

Can you easily start selling products on TikTok and be making enough money that can make you live the life of your dreams?

Oh yes, it’s possible but you just have to do it the right way – which is what we will discuss in this guide.

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Selling Products on Tiktok requires a little bit of commitment from you since it’s a video creation platform.

This means that you need to drop a lot of video content for you to gain traction from TikTok and selling your products on TikTok.

Although, you don’t necessarily need to be camera savvy before you can shoot videos on Tiktok.

Just with a nice background in your home – you can easily start shooting videos selling products on this platform.

So, if you are someone who is selling e-commerce products and you are wondering how best to get a lot of views for your products.

TikTok is the right platform to make sales very easy for you to make.

Here Is What Will Be Desccussed In This Content;

Also, if you are doing affiliate marketing and you are promoting other people’s products as a source of earning money.

TikTok is also a platform you can consider to start making a lot of affiliate sales that can make you top your leaderboard.


How To Sell Products On TikTok

  1. Live Display.
  2. Entertainment.
  3. Posting Trends.
  4. Using Hashtags.
  5. Using Influencer Ads.

Sell Products On TikTok

1. Live Display:

The first way that you can promote your products on Tim took is through a live Display of your products.

You can display your products by yourself – by wearing or using the products and showing people how it’s being used.

This way, you are showing the live Display of how your product can be used and they will easily know how best to use it.

Since Tiktok is a video platform that you can use as a Marketing tool.

You don’t necessarily need to write down a lot of content but just keep displaying your content by yourself.

Although for someone who doesn’t have the mindset to create videos and might be video shy.

You don’t necessarily need to be shy in this because you need to market your products in a very devoted way.

The benefit that you are enjoying is that your video content will be shown to a lot of people on Tiktok.

Even those who are not your followers will see whatever you are doing and can easily become your customers.

If you are Tiktok and you use it a lot – you will realize that just by logging into your Tiktok account.

You will see a lot of video content from people who you don’t even follow or follow you.

So, it’s just a platform where you need to display your products and you will get a lot of visibility with your consistency on the platform.


2. Entertainment:

You have to always entertain your followers or audience that are about seeing more of your products.

Since your Tiktok channel or profile is for business purposes – you have to make it very entertaining.

This is not Facebook or Instagram where you have access to just an ordinary post that you can drop.

This is you shooting videos and trying to brand your videos in a very entertaining way.

You can easily have your particular into which you will be using to bring people into your page.

This is what will distinguish you from other people who are on the Tiktok platform.

People like entertainment a lot and the majority of the people on Tiktok are there because they want to catch a cruise.

They are not there to buy your products or pull out their credit card for you.

It is the way that you make them feel entertained that can compel them into turning your customer.

Social Media is primarily for us to have fun and catch a cruise with friends.

TikTok might not be for flowing with friends but the entertainment is just too much that you can’t go bored.

You will see a lot of entertainment from several aspects of life which are competing with you.

So, if you don’t entertain people and just going dull in your way of doing business.

You won’t get people who will be serious with you – they will easily go to your competitors.

Entertainment can be like you dancing with your fashion clothes or vibing to beats.

Or even creating some funny scenes with your products live on display.


3. Posting Trends:

You can also start posting about Current trends in your niche and get a lot of views.

Although this will not get you, customers, immediately but it will get you more followers.

since you are posting about something that interests people and it is also fun to watch among the trends.

You can be posting it and get views that will later turn to your followers and followers that will turn to customers.

To get trends that are happening – you can easily go to Google trends and you will get a lot of trends.

You will see what people are searching for and are dying to know more about it.

Sometimes, it can be a rumor about something happening or breaking news about Drake.

You will see a lot of people searching for Drake and if you post anything related to Drake at that time.

You will get a lot of views because this is something trending and people are so much interested in it.

This is something that you should be doing almost every week to get more views and subscribers that will help to promote your promotional content.

Just like I said, they won’t give you sales quickly but will get you a lot of views and followers which will help promote your other content.

So, when doing it – just be calm with the result and keep posting.

You can also use Twitter trends to get news about popular hashtags that people are searching for.

This way, you can easily start making quick money and waves from the Tiktok world.


4. Using Hashtags:

Using Hashtags is very important when doing Tiktok Marketing and using it to sell your products.

Because it is this hashtag that many people will search for to get in touch with your video content.

People on Tiktok search for something based on hashtags because that is the SEO basic on the platform.

So, if you are just posting your products and displaying or doing all the necessary things we have listed above.

And you didn’t include hashtags related to your product display in your content – you are going to miss out on the milk you should have extracted from some audience.

Because you have to know that some are just coming online to go straight to do some basic searches.

While TikTok itself cannot show your content to all its users at once.

So, you should be making use of hashtags in your content to reach a lot of people who are searching.

You can make use of up to 6 Hashtags in your content that has high search volume.

Also, sometimes because these high-volume hashtags will have also have a lot of people searching and using them.

You can decide to narrow further down on some hashtags with few hundred searches in a day.

The reason is that the majority of the content creators on Tiktok will not want to use the low search hashtags because they have low searches.

But if you make use of it – your competition will be less and your videos can quickly get to the top of the suggestions.

But if you use hashtags with a lot of searches – the competition will be much and you might be ranking at the 100 suggestions.

The reason because you are new and there are a lot of top Influencers using that particular hashtags.

So, they will want to rank their content before yours and might dumb you to number 105 below.

But with low search – you can still be at the top 10 suggestions which is what you want to aim for.

I just hope you understand the ideology behind what I just explained now and maximize the use of it.


5. Using Influencer Ads:

It is not also bad to be doing influencer advert on Tiktok to reach more people in a short period.

Influencer adverts will help you reach your targeted audience and also build more of your followers.

You can do this in a cheap or free way by building rapport with an influencer that is related to your products.

If for example, you are selling content marketing software on Tiktok… You can look for an influencer who gives content marketing value.

That way, you know that such people will have an Audience who are interested in doing more content marketing.

So, you can easily get in touch with them and build rapport with them to gain their trust.

Although this method will take you a little while as you shouldn’t just go direct to start pitching them.

You need to work for them for months or a few years depending on how patient you can be in building trust.

Or you can just directly message them and pay them for an advert to display on their channel.

This way is very fast but money is involved and it will cost you a little to get it done which is okay.

After all, you are not just wasting a lot of time waiting for months or years to start making sales.

This is a faster approach to making money selling your products on Tiktok with less time spent.

Sell Products On TikTok

Requirements to sell your products on TikTok

Below are the following requirements that you will need to start selling your products easily on Tiktok.

  1. Create An Account.
  2. Switch to Business.
  3. Design Your Bio.
  4. Commence Content
  5. Creation.
  6. Grow Engagement.


1. Create An Account:

The first requirement of every successful business is to register for an account on a particular platform.

And that is why you also have to register an account on the Tiktok platform by easily downloading their app on your phone.

You can click here to download the Tiktok application on your mobile phone and start enjoying the benefit.

As a business owner who wants to be using the platform to sell products that you have.

You should use the original application and not the Tiktok Lite because there are some features that you will lack from not using the original application.

Features like scheduling your posts and some other amazing features will not be available for you and this can delay you.

So, you should make use of the normal Tiktok application for your day-to-day activity on the platform.

You should register with your email address and include your username which you want to make use of.

Registration is very easy on this platform as you don’t need many ideas before you can sign-up.

Just download the Tiktok application and do some requirements and you are up and running.


2. Switch to Business:

When you open your Tiktok account – you will be opening it as a normal account that also wants to consume content.

So, you have to change the personal account to a business or a pro account for you to start uploading valuable content.

This doesn’t mean that you cannot also upload content with the normal account.

But some upgraded features are Free that are already included in the pro or business account.

And this is something you can’t find in the personal account because it is just designed for content consumers.

These platforms already know that a lot of we business people will come to take part in their audience.

So, they are prepared for us and ready to do anything possible to satisfy users who are on their platform for business purposes.

Also, once you start getting to a level and getting a lot of followers – you will keep enjoying more amazing benefits.


3. Design Your Bio:

You have to design your Bio like a pro for you to start getting recognition and followers.

Although once people search for a Hashtag or just stumble on your video – they will not easily see your Bio.

But once they click on your profile to see more about what you have offered in the past.

Your bio is the first thing they will see – so that is like the receptionist of your website which will easily convert them.

If you don’t have a catchy bio that can convert them into following you and watching more of your videos – it’s just like wasting time.

You have to write your Bio in a way that resonates with whatever you are offering.

If you sell Amazon products or do dropship… you have to state it professionally in your bio.

This is how you will get people to follow you without having to tell them because they want to see more from you.

Also, aside from consumers looking for you and following you – what about big brands in your niche or other niches?

They can decide to give you a huge contract that can change your life just by doing one TikTok B2B with you.

But the only way they can know what you are capable of doing and how specialist you are in your aspect is from your Bio.

It is when they read your Bio that they will know exactly what you are good at and what you are offering.

This is how you can win more people into doing small and large-scale business with you that will make you pop.


4. Commence Content Creation:

The next thing is to commence content creation and start uploading value-packed content on your Tiktok.

Without content – no one will know you and no one will ever think of coming across your channel except you share your channel link with anyone.

Although, I always advise that you have a little bit of video editing when trying to create content for engagement.

Although, you can keep going live on TikTok and keep shooting your videos with your live Display.

But sometimes, you might want to cut away some parts which you want to keep private to your audience.

Or maybe some mistakes happen and you want to cut them out – you must cut and edit your short videos.

Also, because Tiktok will only allow you 59 seconds videos when you are first starting.

It will be difficult to get the aggregate time that you can shoot a video and the only way you can get to that time frame is through editing your videos.

So, you can make use of any third-party apps to do this, and apps that can do this for you include Inshot, Capcut, and the rest.

You can go to Google to search for an application that can help you edit videos very easily.

But I prefer to make use of those two because they are perfect for anything I want to edit.

Also, they are very easy to make use of that even a beginner can easily make use of them and get started.

You should always try to edit your content so that it can be professional enough and can bring out the best in you.

You cannot be perfectly accurate in your creation – so, it’s the editing that will save you.


5. Grow Engagement:

The last thing you should take note of is your engagement with your audience because this is what will take you far in your business.

Always make sure that you create Engagement on your videos and always grow these Engagements.

Some people find it very hard to comment on a post and the only way they will do it is if they see others commenting and liking your content.

So, don’t just leave people to do things – if you want them to comment nicely on your videos.

Tell them to comment below the video for what they like best about your content and which aspect resonates with them.

This way, they can easily know what and what works on your Tiktok channel and this will also motivate other people to comment and like your content.

Also, this will help you sell more of your products on Tiktok because other people will see you as a guru and trustworthy person.

Some people will naturally comment well on your content even without telling them.

But the majority of the people will not engage even if they like your content and the only way they will engage is if you ask them to engage.

While some people will only engage after you many people have been engaging on your content.

So, this is how online marketing works and this is how people behave heavily on social media.

So you should have this at the back of your mind to create engaging content on your Tiktok channel.

TikTok Selling Strategies


Selling your products on Tiktok is very easy if you are doing it the right way that suits the algorithm.

Always make sure that you also read the Tiktok terms and conditions before trying to post your content.

And don’t just decide to use any harmful third-party tools to automate your channel to grow followers or do some other stuff.

This can lead to your TikTok channel getting blocked permanently or temporarily.

If it’s temporary – you can still get it back but you will need to Lodge a lot of complaints and plead.

In which this is also time-wasting and consuming for anyone thinking of running a successful online business.

While if it is permanently banned or blocked – you won’t be able to get it back but will have to open another account.

And you might have already uploaded some content on your Tiktok account already – now imagine the stress.

So, you should make sure to keep things simple and easy for yourself when doing your Tiktok Marketing and selling your products on Tiktok.

Are you a Tiktok user who makes use of Tiktok all the time? Tell us your experience with TikTok through the comment section below.

Also, are you new to the TikTok world – what’s your takeaway from this guide?

Hit the comment box below and share your thoughts.


TikTok As A Marketing Tool For 10 Mouthbreaking Niches

TikTok As A Marketing Tool For 10 Mouthbreaking Niches

Using TikTok as your marketing tool is a way to make enough money online since it’s a trending platform.

TikTok now has billions of daily users who now come to the platform to start getting more exposure.

Some also come to the platform to learn new things and gain more ideas on their line of business.

So, using this platform as a source of gaining more exposure and getting more prospects to view your offer is a nice approach.

And since the algorithm is still cool to flow with and not as strict as top social media platforms like Facebook.

You can easily still become a high sensation and start gaining a lot of exposure that will rank your business high.

Let us go deeper into the aspect of Tiktok Marketing and using this platform as your marketing tool.


What is TikTok Marketing and Why Should You Use It For Marketing Purpose?

TikTok Marketing is a way of reaching prospects who are fully interested in the consumption of video content.

Everything on Tiktok is majorly video content and using this platform for your marketing purpose is a nice way to connect with a lot of new customers.


Several Marketing Purposes Where Tiktok Can Come Effective

Tiktok As A Tool For Affiliate Marketing.

• Tiktok As A Tool For Email Marketing.

• Tiktok As A Tool For E-commerce.

• Tiktok As A Tool For Digital Products Marketing.

• Tiktok As A Tool For Social Media Marketing.

• Tiktok As A Tool For Brick And Mortar Marketing.

• Tiktok As A Tool For Content Marketing.

• Tiktok As A Tool For Search Engine Marketing.

• Tiktok As A Tool For Freelance Marketing.

• Tiktok As A Tool For CPA Marketing.


Tiktok As A Tool For Affiliate Marketing

Tiktok As A Tool For Affiliate Marketing

The first way through which Tiktok can be very effective for your marketing purpose is in the aspect of affiliate marketing.

If you are someone who does Affiliate Marketing and you have been thinking of how before to get affiliate sales.

Then Tiktok is your best bet because this platform has a lot of users who will be interested in what you are offering.

All you have to do is just to give them enough value and teach them things they don’t know.

If you are someone who promotes a lot of SAAS products or marketing softwares or even promote courses.

You can always make sure that you first give out premium values that will make them hungry for more in internet marketing.

If you don’t make your prospects to be hungry for success – they won’t put any serious attention to you.

You always have to make them feel your capability and build a niche in tour line of expertise.

This way you can keep promoting more affiliate products to them.

This is telling you that you don’t even need to have your product produced by you before you can start earning money from Tiktok.

Just start recommending products of other people to your followers and start raking money from Tiktok.

And because this platform is a video platform – you can easily demonstrate how the product works in a few minutes.

It is not news that videos are now converting very well. So, don’t slack on it.


Tiktok As A Tool For Email Marketing

Tiktok As A Tool For Email Marketing

Tiktok as a tool for email marketing is another aspect that you can purely use to be making money online.

It is no news also that Email Marketing is the best way to get in touch with your audience directly.
It becomes difficult for someone to just see all your posts on social media.

But with email marketing – you can get direct access to them and keep generating a lot of money.

When you have an email marketing system – you can keep making money anytime you like from your subscribers.

But the truth is that you need to have quality leads before you can start making money from email marketing.

That is where Tiktok comes in as your best Marketing purpose because it can easily help you build more leads.

You can easily place your squeeze page link in your Tiktok bio and direct people there to sign up.

But if you want this to be very effective – try to offer them something as a freebie and have them opt-in with their email before they can get access.

This way, you start killing two birds with one stone easily.

Just from those who are following you and those who are not following you on Tiktok but just stumble on your video content.

You can easily start building your email marketing community that you can control anytime.

You don’t have to keep thinking about whether your account can get banned and you will lose access to people.

Once you start building an email audience – you start controlling the audience by yourself and minting money.


Tiktok As A Tool For E-commerce

Tiktok As A Tool For E-commerce

If you are into e-commerce or you are an expert in the aspect of e-commerce – then nothing should stop you from doing your E-commerce on Tiktok.

There are even some marketers on WhatsApp that showcase their products on their status.

TikTok gives you the privilege to showcase what you are promoting and not just type it in words.

You can easily display your products like a video and let people see how fantastic the product is.

Also, in case you are into dropshipping and you don’t have the products with you.

You can just download the display version of the product on Amazon or AliExpress.

Oh yes, the majority of the companies who produce the dropshipping products do have marketing plans.

And part of it is doing video advert that shows the display of their product for their customers.

So, all you have to do is to go search for the videos on AliExpress or Amazon and edit it to your taste with apps like inshot.

So, this way, you don’t have enough any excuse as to why you cannot display your products Tiktok.

TikTok is a platform that serves as a fantastic tool for your E-commerce products.

There are a lot of my Tiktokers who are displaying products and showcasing them on Tiktok.

And because this platform shows your videos to several people who are not even your followers.

It’s a nice strategy to reach new people daily and let them see the live display of your products.


Tiktok As A Tool For Digital Products Marketing

Tiktok As A Tool For Digital Products Marketing

Who is a coach here? Are you an online coach who tutor people a lot?

If you are into tutoring and you have been thinking of how best you can get more people into your tutoring.

Then Tiktok is a platform that you shouldn’t miss out on because it’s still a hot cake on the internet.

TikTok will show your students or mentees how best to follow your guides and implement them.

Just start leveraging the use of TikTok and use it to reach new audiences who will be interested in what you have.

A lot of people are on Tiktok to look for someone they can follow and see as a leader in a field.

So, if you are someone who is a fitness coach for example – you can just be posting short clips of your yoga videos.

A lot of people who want to burn fats will contact you and get in touch with you by turning your followers.

Also, you can easily display your digital products or courses on your Tiktok bio.

Now because you will only be limited to one link and not many links like Facebook and other platforms.

It is best to use a tool like Linktree to align a lot of your links in a folder and just place that folder link on your BiO.

So, this way – if anyone clicks on the Linktree link in your bio – they will be redirected to a folder that contains all your links.

Then they can click on the one that suits them which they want to make use of.


Tiktok As A Tool For Social Media Marketing

Tiktok As A Tool For Social Media Marketing

I am sure that social media marketing is not just what you are hearing for the first time.

Many people have been selling several courses on getting organic traffic with social media.

But even though that is among what Tiktok can achieve for you as a social media platform.

You can also see a lot of social media management jobs just from using TikTok as your primary platform.

There are a lot of people who are marketing managers in their firms and they don’t look well in their profile.

They have this coded identity that you wouldn’t even know that they are monitoring every of your movement.

Test things are that doing a lot of social media activity on Tiktok can immediately skyrocket your social media marketing.

Immediately, you will get other brands messaging you to do more business with you.

They will want to know more about what you are capable of and pay you a lot of money to work for them.

So you see how Tiktok is improving your social media marketing and making you have a lot of buzz on the internet.

Just with social media, many big brands look for who to help them manage their social media accounts.

And doing Tiktok can help you achieve this – this tool called TikTok is very good for online marketing.

It’s what you should always make use of if you are considering doing it for marketing purposes.


Tiktok As A Tool For Brick And Mortar Marketing

Tiktok As A Tool For Brick And Mortar Marketing

If you are someone doing the regular offline business and not an Internet Marketing Business.

Then you are slacking because Tiktok can help you promote your brick and mortar business the more.

You can display your store on Tiktok and let people feel what is inside.

Since Tiktok is a Video Marketing platform that promotes a lot of video content for marketers.

You don’t necessarily need to have a lot of technical experience before you can be able to promote your brick and mortar business on Tiktok.

TikTok has taken many people’s offline business over the fence and given them a lot of visibility.

You can easily be dropping updates about your new goods or services through your short videos.

Just take them along your business journey and let them keep seeing your progress every day.

You might feel like because you are into offline business – you only need to keep things private.

But it doesn’t favor that way, because you always need to show yourself to survive in the brick and mortar world.

You will see a lot of offline businesses that will keep thriving around their locality and keep progressing.

And you will be wondering how well they are surviving and getting a lot of orders.

It’s through the usage of social media and Tiktok is the best platform you can get into to get a lot of visibility.

This is the power that Tiktok has which you should immediately start taking advantage of as a business owner.


Tiktok As A Tool For Content Marketing

Tiktok As A Tool For Content Marketing

We are not supposed to discuss any further on the ability for content creators to start using TikTok as a marketing tool.

Because this is the primary way in which many people on Tiktok are making a lot of money.

But in case you don’t know, social media is the primary way to start doing content marketing and quickly gain a lot of audiences.

If you are not doing content marketing on social media – you will find it hard to survive on other platforms.

That is why Tiktok is the best platform that can easily help you promote your content marketing.

You can easily start gaining a lot of traction and get watch time for your content very easily.

You don’t have to keep thinking about the distribution process of taking your content to a lot of other platforms.

Just start with Tiktok and stay very consistent with it and see yourself turning the top influencers in your niche.

Whatever you are creating content on – you can easily become the best in your content Marketing industry just with Tiktok.

If you are someone who is doing a lot of video comedy or you even twerk a lot.

There are a lot of people who twerk their life outta themselves and are already a celebrity on Tiktok.

Brands are contacting them to do business with them and make them their brand ambassador.

So, you don’t also have to slack on this are start creating content on whatever thing you find as a hobby.

Some people are already top Influencer with something that doesn’t make sense – but they are making money just with their Tiktok account.


Tiktok As A Tool For Search Engine Marketing

Tiktok As A Tool For Search Engine Marketing

Another way to make use of Tiktok as a marketing tool is to boost your search engine visibility.

Aside from SEO helping people get a lot of views to their content through their platform.

They also quickly respect those who took the time to work on their website or channel.

It’s just like launching a new website and thinking it will quickly start ranking on Google.

That’s a blatant lie because that person is going to stay far for a long time thinking it will quickly rank.

Also, thinking they your YouTube channel will quickly start getting a lot of views and subscribers.

You have to work first on your search engine marketing before they can start to consider ranking you high.

And the best way to do this is by working more through Tiktok and using it as your marketing tool.

You can easily start promoting your website or YouTube channel on your Tiktok channel.

The fast way to do this is by showing a preview of whatever you have uploaded on your YouTube or website on Tiktok.

Then you can easily start getting more people to view your YouTube channel or website.

This way, Google will start promoting your channel or website very rapid because of your effort.

You can see how Tiktok is serving as a lot of marketing tool since you only need to post part of your content.

Just make sure not to post the full content on TikTok and let them become hungry to watch more on your YouTube or website.


Tiktok As A Tool For Freelance Marketing

Tiktok As A Tool For Freelance Marketing

If you are someone who does freelancing and it’s your number way of earning a lot of money online.

Or maybe you are just new to the freelancing world and you are thinking of ways to easily scale hirer.

The majority of the freelance platform also want you to bring more people into their platform.

That is why they reward those who bring more visitors into their platform through their gigs.

So, if you are someone who does social media marketing or graphics designing for people.

You can easily bring people into your freelance network and let them serve as a visitor to this platform.

But how can you do this if you are new to the online world? You can easily start posting on Tiktok and send people to your freelance network.

You can be giving people free guide about the aspect of your business and let them see enough of you.

So, if you are into graphics designing – you can keep posting and giving guides on graphics design.

Doing this will make you start building followers on TikTok – then you can tell them to help you view your gig on your freelance platform.

They only have to view and you should also know that some of them will offer you a job in exchange.

Since it’s what they see you specialize in and they also want to work with you.


Tiktok As A Tool For CPA Marketing

Tiktok As A Tool For CPA Marketing

If you are into the cost per action marketing where people have to view and perform a task before you get paid – then you can make use of Tiktok.

But one thing is supposed to be certain for you when doing CPA Marketing on Tiktok.

You should not just post your CPA Marketing offer directly to your TikTok channel as this can get your TikTok banned.

The best way to do this is by using a landing page and some other strategies shared in this guide.

You can read the guide which is linked to reading more about CPA Marketing and how you can use social media to become a CPA Marketing superstar.

So you should always make sure you perform the best practice to market CPA offers on TikTok.

But if you do this very well and know how to market yourself very well – you will make a lot of money from Tiktok.

And the majority of these CPA offers do give many incentives for their offers.

Some can be a free $50 Walmart Gift card for sign up and stuff like that.

Although they won’t give it to everybody and it’s just a way to get the details of many people.

But you can easily tell your followers this to join and enjoy more time by winning a gift card for them to shop online.

And you will get enough views and people who will look up to more of what you are doing to join.



Is TikTok a platform that you are using almost all the time and you are thinking of making money from it?

The TikTok platform is the best marketing tool that you can use to make enough money from other online Businesses.

The truth is that in any business – you need enough traffic for you to run a successful online business.

If you don’t have enough traffic and people to view whatever you are doing – you will find it hard to evolve.

And the traffic on Tiktok is enough for you to grow a successful business empire that can make you dominate your marketplace.

Just with a short minutes videos every day can take you high and skyrocket your online or offline marketing business.

So, start using TikTok as a Marketing Tool for your online business and begin to see a positive impact immediately.

Are you already using TikTok as a marketing tool for your online business?

If yes, kindly share your experience with us below through the comment box.

If you are yet to start making use of Tiktok as a Marketing tool, kindly tell us your best aspect of this guide which you believe can change your life for the best.


TikTok B2B: Why Your B2B Brand Should Use Tiktok

Tiktok B2B

Although if you have started doing TikTok B2B – something like a few years back before this guide.

You won’t be seeing a lot of success or progress because the majority of the influencers and users of the platform are filled with teenagers.

So, doing business with a teenager who has teenagers as follows can be time-wasting for a brand aiming to sell a product.

The only thing you can enjoy will be Exposure which is not enough to cater for your needs and wants.

But these days as at the time of writing this guide and till many years to come.

There are now a few percentages of adult Influencers and users on Tiktok who can pay for your brand.

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Since people are seeing how easy the algorithm is and how easy it is to get followers on Tiktok.

Many businesses have started running to TikTok to get customers for these products and services.

Let us immediately look at some key points that will be discussed in this content


Basic things you need in place when doing B2B

  1. Influencer Age.
  2. Business Agreement.
  3. Location.
  4. Timely Feedback.
  5. Content Display.


Business To Business On TikTok

1. Influencer Age:

Even though there are now adults on Tiktok who are also displaying themselves on the platform.

It still doesn’t stop the fact that at the time of writing this guide – there are a lot of young influencers.

So, because they are young – they attract young users to also follow them and like their content.

In doing this, you need to make sure that you have a way to only focus your energy on adult Influencers.

The reason is that you might see a young influencer with a lot of followers like millions of followers.

And also see a lot of likes and comment on all her videos and feel moved into doing business with this type of influencer.

Just because there is a lot of followers and engagement doesn’t mean that your audience is there.

You have to move with the quality of the audience and not the quantity of audience that you’re seeing.

So, you need to be careful because what is the benefit of doing business with an influencer with followers who cannot buy from you.

The problem is because they are young and only relying on their parents and elderly ones to sponsor them.

So, even if they have an interest in your brand – they cannot buy it because they are not entitled to money yet.

And you have already paid the influencer who has done business with you – so, you just have to be watchful.

If you see an influencer with a few thousand followers and likes and have followers who will be interested and capable of paying for what you are offering – just go with that.


2.  Business Agreement:

Always make sure that the person or influencer with who you are doing business creates an agreement with you.

Depending on the type of rapport that you create with the Influencer.

You should know how many times that your brand will be introduced to their audience and your response rate assurance.

It is necessary to have enough assurance rate of your brand before you can do business with an influencer.

The main reason for doing business with any influencer is to get access to their audience and make gains.

So, you have to be assured that your brand will be publicized to their audience a certain number of times.

Also, there are some other things that you should keep in mind when doing business on Tiktok with another influencer.

The agreement depends on you but if you are even doing business with a young fellow.

Even if he or she has enough adult audience – you should be able to do well with him or her.

Because of the way the young people behave – once they get fame… this can get into their head.

And they will forget about any agreement and start misbehaving just all of a sudden.

So this is another tip that you have to keep in mind in order to do successful TikTok B2B.


3. Location:

Another important requirement that must be put into adequate consideration before you ever think of doing business with any other business is the location.

You need to look at the location of this influencer or brand see where the majority of their audience comes from.

You rarely want to do business with any Tiktok Influencer who is from the Tier 2 or Tier 3 country when you are from the Tier 1 country.

This is not going to give you any positive benefit except if you are targeting those audiences specifically.

So, you have to create a business partnership that will be specific to your location.

Part of what many people do wrong is not even to look at the location at which the audience of another brand comes from.

Although, doing this yourself might take time -but you can easily invest in that if you have the time.

Or better still, you can easily designate that to a freelancer to help you check that out.

Also, you can just request the location statistics from the Influencer directly provided the correct stats are delivered.

Just be on the lookout and flow with influencers who will give you the correct statistics.

Because there is no benefit of doing business with someone who doesn’t have an Audience coming from your country of a target.


4. Timely Feedback:

The timely feedback between the influencer and his or her audience is an important aspect that you must take note of.

If an influencer doesn’t reply to the audience – I wouldn’t want to do business with that kind of influencer.

Although, sometimes there might be a lot of followers and such an influencer might not be able to reply at all.

But even if there is no direct reply – there should be some form of engagement that flows between the influencer and the audience from the content provided.

This way, you can easily know that such an influencer is worth doing business with and can easily find ways to deliver your brand to his audience.

Doing business on Tiktok is not just about logging into the application and just doing business with anyone of them.

Because some are only privilege to have the followers they have due to the content they are posting.

If you are someone in a business and you see an influencer who only twerks on her profile.

What engagement does such a person want to create with her audience which is filled with only admirers?

So, there has to be some value given and not just erecting d*cks for you to know that such influencer is engaging with his or her audience.

So, try and check out the engagement rate, and if you see an influencer dedicate a particular content to his or her audience…

…you know that such an influencer has a very good engagement rate because more followers will want to engage more


5. Content Display:

The way an influencer will display your advert within their platform is another requirement you should try to consider.

I have noticed that the majority of the influencers don’t go deep down into bringing enough conversion for other brands.

And this has been my priority ever since when I have been watching comedy videos on YouTube and see the way influencers promote brand products.

Some influencers will keep calm to write the details of the brand on the video they are producing.

Some won’t even bother to write the details but just mention it on the platform without any proper explanation.

Some will just mention the website address and mobile number of the brand within 5 seconds and close that.

Some can still try to say one should check the comment to see the details of their sponsor.

Those are not cool because human beings don’t have the time to keep going to check the first comment.

That’s why I prefer influencers who will always write out the details of the brand clearly on their screen.

This way, they can easily note what the influencer is saying and check out the brand.

But I still see a lot of brands still doing business with influencers who don’t bother to write out the details.

I wonder what they feel though but I am sure their conversion will never be enough compared to using influencers who type out the details.

Business should do TikTok Marketing

Becoming A Top Influencer That Other Businesses Want To Flow With

Aside from you hiring other businesses on Tiktok and doing business in that little way.

You can also become an influencer on Tiktok and let other businesses start hiring you for business to business.

It is not also bad if you are getting paid some moolah that also sustains you for a life purpose.

And since Tiktok is still a hotcake among social media platforms – you should consider becoming an influencer and growing a brand on it.

Steps In Becoming An Influencer

  1. Create Quality Content.
  2. Consistency.
  3. Engage With Followers.
  4. Create a Brand Hashtag.
  5. Make Friend With Other Influencers .


1. Create Quality Content:

One of the first things you need to have in mind is the creation of quality content that will make people come back to watch.

One thing about Tiktok is that – it is more like an SEO platform where people can search base on hashtags.

Also, immediately people log in to view their news feed – they get video recommendations from influencers who they are not following.

So, you don’t necessarily need to have followers before your video content can be watched on Tiktok.

My friend who started Tiktok influencing never had any followers when he started and got a lot of views from his second video.

So, they will always show your content to a lot of people even if you are new to the platform.

You just have to make sure that you provide contents that have a good quality in terms of impact.

You need to impact the audience positively for you to start getting other brands to contact you for business.

So, doing B2B on Tiktok is a nice idea and approach but you just need to provide a cool strategy to impact your audience.

You should also strive to make your videos come out nice with perfect quality.

Once your video is clean and bright enough – it will make people stay glue to watching more from you.

But if you don’t produce clear content – you chase away those supposed to do business with you.


2. Consistency:

In whatever you are doing, you have to know that you cannot make money very fast.

It will take time for you to start gaining enough recognition and having many followers.

Forget all the shiny objects online telling you to quickly get millions of TikTok followers within 1 week.

You need to clear your path and strive for the best before you can ever start getting a business proposal from other businesses.

This means that you have to be posting content daily for you to become a superhero of Tiktok.

You need to have a strategy that you will be using to drop content on Tiktok every day.

What some people do is schedule their content and plan it easily so that it can post at the necessary time.

You can decide to be posting video content every day at 10 am EST with your schedule.

And you already have this inbuilt tool on Tiktok which you don’t need to bother using third-party tools about.

Although, it depends on how rapid you want your result on Tiktok.

If you are a little bit occupied and won’t be able to post daily – you can decide to be making it 3 times a week.

But just know that Tiktok is a social media and not a full SEO platform like Google – which means they will only be promoting the content of Influencers who are posting daily.

This is the way to make them keep showing your content to more relevant people – since you are not the only one dropping content on Tiktok.


3. Engage With Followers:

Always try to engage with your followers – no matter what the case may be. Because this is what will give you the result that you deserve.

When you engage with your followers – they will keep following what you are posting and keep engaging with you.

They will be inspired to comment more and like your content and recommend any content that you post.

This is what distinguishes top influencers from influencers who are still struggling in life.

You won’t see those who are having a lot of followers on Tiktok not engage when they are first starting.

They might just reduce the engagement when they now have a lot of followers because they can’t reply to all of them.

But if you are just starting and you are not even appreciating those commenting on your TikTok content.

Then you won’t see them engaging more with your content because they will feel like you won’t reply.

And all these replies and engagement will make Tiktok keep promoting your content to more audiences.

Because they believe that since people are liking it and engaging – then more people will be inspired to engage.

The Tiktok algorithm wants to serve its users right anytime they create more engagement.

They want people to stay more on their platform – so if you can make that possible. The better for you.


4. Create a Brand Hashtag:

It is also good that you have a branded hashtag for yourself and not just limit yourself to other people’s hashtags.

Let’s say your username is “Skoloreals” – you can always hashtag #skoloreals in your video content.

This way, people can easily detect you on the platform and also use that opportunity to promote you.

Once you have your hashtag and you are consistent with your doings on Tiktok.

You will have a lot of followers who will be ready to support you and also promote you more.

And the best and easy way for them to promote and support you is when you have a separate hashtag.

When you have brandable Hashtags for yourself – people will be easy to notice you and promote you.

Although this can only be possible with your consistency and the way you flow with your followers.

If you don’t have any consistency and flow well with your Tiktok followers – you won’t see enough results.

So, creating a brandable hashtag for yourself and including it in all your content is a way of becoming more popular and having other businesses locate you.

With time, you will start noticing some changes and keep getting a lot of results from your hashtags.

Brands will start messaging you to do business partnerships with you and you will be wondering where they are coming from.

They are coming directly from your hashtags and because many people have promoted you already.


5. Make Friend With Other Influencers:

Making friends with people who share the same mind as yours is never a bad idea to commence seeing positive results.

You just have to create the mindset to start connecting with people who are also Tiktok influencers.

This way, you can know the new trends that are happening on Tiktok and any current updates that you can implement.

But if you don’t make friends with other influences or Tiktok marketers – you will keep finding it difficult to survive.

Doing this can also give you an edge over other people who are just starting in your field.

What most online marketers don’t inform people is the benefit of joining a caucus of like-minded people

There is a lot of power in it because this will always make you stay ahead of someone who is just standing alone.

Also, mention from other Tiktok Influencers can make you have more rank and get views.

That is something like exchanging views and getting people to rank more of your Tiktok content.

You just have to build a relationship in anything you are doing which is about marketing.

It might not only be in the line of TikTok but every aspect of your life.

Another fantastic thing is that brands will easily notice you – just a mention from another person can make you get a business deal.



Another important note to this is to always make sure that you build connectivity.

TikTok Marketing is a nice way to connect with other businesses and start making money online.

Many brands have started leveraging Tiktok to build a lot of connections and reaching new people daily.

There are buyers on Tiktok who will purchase anything you want to buy – but you just need to derive a perfect strategy to get to them.

I believe this guide is impactful and has enlightened you on some fundamental parts of Tiktok B2B.

Doing business to business on Tiktok is possible and can take you above – just do it the right way.

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Are you into Tiktok B2B and using this as a source of income or your company’s income?

Or maybe you are just thinking of starting Tiktok B2B Marketing as a fresher?

Drop your thoughts below in the comment box and let us have you.