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Tubebuddy Affiliate Program – Complete Review For Beginners

Tubebuddy Affiliate

One of the top Best recurring incomes that will keep giving you a lot of affiliate commission juice is Tubebuddy Affiliate.

This Affiliate program is one of the programs that are into paying affiliates a reasonable amount of commission.

If you are someone who is already into YouTube content creation. Then you might be aware of the feature that Tubebuddy possesses.

But in case you don’t know what Tubebuddy is being used for. Then you will know right away.

Tubebuddy is a Search Engine Optimization tool that is meant to research the best keywords to rank for on Google.

Also, this tool updates you on the activities going on inside your YouTube channel the moment you integrate your Channel into it.

Tubebuddy is an effective YouTube Channel tool that will bring you more rewards and progress.

Forget about any hype here – but Tubebuddy is just your number one tool in the YouTube search engine research.

It’s what many YouTube content creators have been using to increase their views and subscription rate.

It is also what I use for software review channels on YouTube.

So, I am not just writing about Tubebuddy here because I feel like it’s what it is. I am writing this because I believe it is worth it.

Below Are The Things We Will Be Discussing In This Guide;

Let us Immediately look at the details about Tubebuddy Affiliate below before we digress any further.


Details About Tubebuddy Affiliate

Tubebuddy Affiliate Program

  • Brand Name: Tubebuddy.
  • Founders: Phil Starkovich.
  • Partnership: 500,000 daily users and counting.
  • Country Founded: Headquarters Regions Greater San Diego Area, West Coast, Western US.
  • Company Purpose: Video Marketing.
  • Video Marketing
    Niche: SEO.
  • Product Type: For Profit
    Affiliate Program.
  • Registration Link: Hotelscombined Affiliate Program.
  • Affiliate Partner: Tubebuddy Affiliate Network.
  • Commission Rate: 50% Recurring.
  • Payment Process: PayPal.
  • Cookie Duration: 30 Days.


Tubebuddy Affiliate Program Commission

The Tubebuddy Affiliate program pays a reasonable amount recurring commission of 50% on your sales every month.

This means that, even if you don’t bring new customers to use Tubebuddy for a while.

You will still keep earning from Tubebuddy affiliates because you will keep earning whenever your previous referrals keep renewing their Tubebuddy subscription.

The service that Tubebuddy offers is surely exceptional because they have a lot of useful services.

So, it’s something that your referral will keep wanting to use because they will keep helping your subscribers to increase their YouTube subscribers and views.

Also, there are a lot of licenses that are included in the Tubebuddy affiliate program the moment you keep bringing more people.

They do increase the star progress of their affiliates by offering them more bonuses and incentives aside from the affiliate commissions.

Payment of commission on Tubebuddy Affiliate program is through PayPal.

This means that you need to have a PayPal account before you can receive commissions.

If you don’t have a PayPal account – then you need to start getting one for yourself and begin earning.

Also, note that Payment of affiliate commissions is from the 1st to 15th of each month.


How to Make Money with the Program

So, let us quickly look at the ways through which you can make money with the Tubebuddy affiliate program.

Below are the (3) ways through which I believe you can make enough money from joining this affiliate program.

And I am going to try as much as possible to give enough explanation to each one of them.

  1. Pitching New YouTube Channels.
  2. Upsell in YouTube Videos.
  3. Using Your Social Media Audience.


1. Pitching New YouTube Channels:

The first way through which you can make money with the Tubebuddy affiliate program is by pitching new YouTube channels.

The funny thing is that…the majority of the YouTube channels are unsuccessful.

And that is because these people don’t know much about how to do keyword research and rank for keywords.

They just get pitched that they can open a YouTube channel, upload a few videos and they will start ranking for better keywords.

They don’t even know that there are some underground works that even the successful YouTubers without thousand of subscribers are doing.

And that is the ability to do enough keyword research even before they can even think of shooting a video.

I am into software review on my YouTube channel…Even though I wish to talk more about Internet Marketing.

But I haven’t gotten the time to do that yet and so…I just decide to start a YouTube channel on what can be convenient enough for me.

But the fact is that… I still do enough competitive research on any keyword that I plan to write on.

This is very necessary because that is the only better way to quickly rank.

But the majority of these YouTubers don’t know it. And so, if you can easily pitch these people and inform them of what they are lacking.

They will give Glory to you even before thanking GOD because this is something they are not aware of.

And because Tubebuddy is free to start with… they can easily start for free and be upgrading later.

This is the first way I believe you can make money with the Tubebuddy affiliate program by pitching new YouTubers.


2. Upsell in YouTube Videos:

Another way you can also make money with Tubebuddy is still through the YouTube process.

But this way requires you to keep promoting it in every video that you are dropping on your YouTube.

Although, if you are not really into YouTube channel marketing and don’t have a YouTube account.

Then this might not be the go-to solution for you. You might just stick with the first and third methods.

But if you have a YouTube channel that you upload a lot of content on it on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Then this is something spectacular and you can easily make use of this opportunity for your gain.

So, that means on every YouTube post that you drop. You will always promote Tubebuddy on it.

This way is said to be very effective and so you shouldn’t slack on it.

The main reason is that… a lot of your viewers might have bounced from your channel even before talking about it or checking your description.

But some will wait a little bit to subscribe to your channel and look at more of what you have to offer.

Also, you can easily talk about Tubebuddy in your videos and direct them to your description or comment section.

Immediately before you even publish…You should have added your affiliate link to your description.

Also, Don’t slack in adding the Tubebuddy affiliate link in your comment box as that is very important.

A lot of viewers will want to comment and also don’t who don’t comment always love to read comments.

So, once they see 1 comment on your video/s – they will want to check out what’s going on.

And they can automatically click on your affiliate link and start using Tubebuddy through your affiliate link.

It’s as simple as that. I believe this is also great, right?.


3. Using Your Social Media Audience:

Another fantastic way that many people have been promoting Tubebuddy is through the use of social media.

I have to be very frank with you that this cannot be as effective compared to youtube directly.

It is normal in marketing to get more conversion on a platform where a tool is majorly or normally being used than on other platforms.

But that shouldn’t hinder you or me from promoting on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and others.

The reason is that… some people are scrolling on social media to also look for financial breakthroughs.

Many people want to make enough money online and also have a community of their own.

They have been hearing about a lot of people making money online and they have been seeing success stories.

The set of these people are the cold market who are the majority of people who are novice.

And that is why using social media for this type of purpose is also a good idea because you can easily start pitching them.

But you have to know that before you can do this… you need to also enlighten them on what a YouTube channel is all about.

I wouldn’t even advise that you just promote your affiliate link directly.

The best thing to do in this scenario is to first teach them how to start a YouTube channel and explain what it is to them.

You can make it a free course that you will run a paid advert to or use any form of free promotion method.

Anyway, you are using… just make sure that you don’t just put your Tubebuddy affiliate link directly.

Make sure that you are sending them to a freebie that they can easily consume and now use Tubebuddy as the tool to help them.

That is where your Tubebuddy affiliate link will come in…And this way, you won’t look aggressive in your marketing.


Having A Better Structure

When you’re trying to promote any affiliate program. It is always important for you to have a better structure.

Having a better structure in the sense that you should always be unique and have a separate way through which you promote.

Most of the time – it is always better to offer bonuses in your Affiliate promotions as many people are also promoting Tubebuddy.

But another thing about this is that…Even though many people are promoting it.

Not everyone knows the right way to promote it for them to easily be making enough gains daily.

When you offer bonuses to an affiliate program like Tubebuddy – you will gain a lot of money.

The reason is that you are giving them something that they can easily rely on to get a good result.

Also, you can be unique in your approach by doing a comparison with another related tool.

And a tool that you can use in this case is the VidIQ YouTube research tool.

It also does the same work just like what Tubebuddy is doing and is the best-related tool you can use.

Also, I will advise that you join the VidIQ affiliate program. The reason because some might not like what Tubebuddy is doing.

And they might prefer that what VidIQ is doing. So, I have been if they prefer VidIQ instead of Tubebuddy.

You can also earn from VidIQ because you have also planted your VidIQ affiliate link in the comparison guide.

This is the kind of structure that you should have. And if you also have other kinds of structure.

It will also be good because it makes you unique in your doings and easily minting money.


How To Promote Tubebuddy Affiliate

Since we are done with the above guides… let us Immediately look at how you can promote the Tubebuddy affiliate program.

So that you can start making money and have a unique method that will bring you money all the time.

Let us Immediately go through them together. So, sit back and relax.

Below are the (2) ways I will explain to promote your Affiliate links.

  1. Cold Emailing and Cold YouTubing.
  2. Blogging.


1. Cold Emailing and Cold YouTubing:

One of the best ways that you can promote Tubebuddy Affiliate program is by Cold emailing.

Now, this cold email is not just a normal cold emailing where you just plug any email address on the internet and start emailing random people.

The best way for you to do this is by emailing those who have YouTube channels but don’t have a good result.

I already discussed this in the ways through which you can make money with Tubebuddy.

Where I discussed you pitching YouTubers who have low subscribers.

But I didn’t teach you how you can do it to make them aware of what you’re offering them.

And I know you might be having that thought in mind. Like “How exactly can I get in contact with them”.

It is by Cold emailing them. Although, this might require manual work from you.

You will need to scrap out their email address from the channel.

Many of the YouTubers do put their email address in their about section of the YouTube channel

Also, those who don’t put it. You can easily comment on one of their videos and input your Tubebuddy Affiliate link.

Youtube will notify them that they have got a new comment on their video which they will check out.

Although, this might not be part of the email. But it’s also cold pitching.

Just make sure that your copy is very good. You can read this guide on how to write a good sales copy.

Also, make sure that it’s not too long and boring to read. Just make it short and precise.

This is the first way through which you can do this. You can either open a new YouTube channel for this or make use of your normal youtube channel if you already have enough subscribers.

“Maverick, But will they feel me if I don’t have enough subscribers?”

If you’re asking me that… funny thing is that the majority won’t even click on your channel to check.

They are more concerned about their growth.


2. Blogging:

Blogging is another fantastic way that a lot of people have been using to do affiliate marketing.

Someone like me is not exceptional as I enjoy writing and can easily type down thousands of keywords.

I can easily jump on my computer and open my Microsoft word to start typing everything I know about Tubebuddy.

And I can easily write what will make Google rank my keyword for people to see and enjoy what I have written.

If you are also someone who can write content and type down something that will interest people

Then you shouldn’t slack in this and start your blogging career.

Although if You are new to blogging and you might just be having the idea of starting a new blog for this.

Then I have to disappoint you because you are not going to see the Immediate result which you planned for.

It takes several months to a year for a blog to start ranking on Google and you might have been very broke by then.

So, I will suggest you guest post on big platforms like and post your content there.

Although, I heard recently that medium doesn’t allow affiliate promotions on their channel anymore.

But what you can do is embed your affiliate link in another normal link.

And you can use tools like to do this.

This way, you will not be noticed as someone promoting an affiliate product.

There is still a high assurance of ranking with the medium on the front page of Google quickly within a few days.

The reason is that medium has a high domain authority of 90+ DR compared to a new blog you will be starting with 0 DR.

You can see the reason why the medium is cool and you can also be posting content on by answering questions.

I am sure a lot of questions will be about Tubebuddy on Quora. You can easily provide answers to them with your embedded Tubebuddy affiliate link.


Benefits of Tubebuddy Affiliate

Let us Immediately look at the benefits that you can derive from joining the Tubebuddy affiliate program.

I will only be listing and explaining 2 benefits here and I can keep updating these benefits later the more experience I get with Tubebuddy Affiliate Program.

Let’s get to work quickly before we round this guide up. Below are a few of the benefits:

  1. More Financial Freedom.
  2. Another way to monetize a YouTube Channel.


1. More Financial Freedom:

One of the top advantages that you will enjoy from being a Tubebuddy affiliate is that you enjoy more financial freedom.

Just imagine you making money almost all the time even while you are on vacation with friends or family.

A lot of marketers out there have used the Tubebuddy affiliate program to create more financial stability for themselves.

Now, they can boast of also earning from the internet even with a little number effort spent on promotion.

All the ways to make money and promote the Tubebuddy affiliate program which I have listed above are what many people are doing.

So, if you can just take advantage of them and also use them to keep minting digital money all the time.

Then you are already turning into a winner which you have always dreamed of becoming.

So, this is the first advantage that I see Tubebuddy give to many people out there.

The ability to make money and live a financially free life.


2. Another way to monetize a YouTube Channel:

This is another way to monetize your YouTube channel aside from the YouTube Adsense.

If you are someone who is yet to monetize your YouTube channel and you have been thinking of one way to monetize it.

Then the Tubebuddy Affiliate program is one of them. Because you’re even promoting it on a platform where it’s being used the most.

The thing about this is that…This will even motivate you to make more dedication to your youtube channel.

Most especially for starters who are yet to start making money with their YouTube channel.

It might be tiring seeing that you are not yet in 1000 Subscribers with 4000 watch hours which is required to monetize your YouTube channel at this time of writing this guide.

But when you have another way for you to monetize even when you don’t have the requirements for youtube to start making you money.

Just make use of this method to start monetizing your YouTube channel with the Tubebuddy Affiliate Program.


Should You Join Tubebuddy Affiliate

To wrap this up, I know you now have all the knowledge you need to become a Tubebuddy affiliate.

But you might still be having the mindset of whether you should join the Tubebuddy affiliate program or not.

The truth is that – Tubebuddy is a very good tool that you will be proud of promoting.

Because it is what I am specifically using to promote my YouTube channel and I am also an affiliate of Tubebuddy.

So, I know when I say that this affiliate program is a very trustworthy Affiliate program that won’t disappoint.

As a content creator who is willing to create a good reputation online. Our major mindset is to promote something that won’t damage our reputation.

And Tubebuddy is among those tools that you can promote without damaging your reputation on the internet.

Go straight now to join the Tubebuddy Affiliate program and let me know if you have any questions below in the comment box.

Also, don’t forget to read this guide on luxury affiliate programs that will pay you a high amount of affiliate commission.

You don’t want to miss it as a lot of readers have been private Messaging me and thanking me for it.

Take Care.
I Love You.